"Favorite Poe Story?"

by Robert Giordano, updated 10 Mar 2006 4:15pm


Please tell us which one of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories you like the best. Since this is a discussion, please explain why its your favorite. Did it make you think? Did it frighten you? Did you see any parallels to your own life?


The Fall of the House of Usher

11 Mar 2006 4:49am, esthu246

"I loved this story because of the way Poe describes the characters and their surroundings. You can imagine you are there in that house."


The Tell-Tale Heart

11 Mar 2006 2:03pm, kalyiel

"It is my favorite out of many reasons, out of which the most important is the way it made me feel. It gave me the impression of a hallucinating world, restrained to the obsessive-compulsive outlook of a man who may or may not be mad. The homodiegetical narrator gets the lecturer so deeply implied in the narrative that he/she ends up asking himself/herself what madness is and if generaly accepted conceptions truly apply to each and every one of us, or to the world itself, for that matter. Another element that keeps me true to this story, is the circumstances in which I came to read it. It was the first story by E.A. Poe I ever read, and I read it on the date of his death, having no idea about it, and out of sheer necessity. Yes, I felt the need of reading this particular story on the date of E.A. Poe's death, without knowing what had happened that day, years ago. So there are strange circumstances linking me to it, as well."


The Black Cat

23 Mar 2006 8:32pm, katfish1990

"The Black Cat is my favorite because of the many theories about the second cat. The story stated that the cat had a white spot. Could this be the plaster from the wall? It is possible that the cat was not dead despite being hanged. The ironic justice that befalls the narrator and the loose ends left over make for an exciting experience."


Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether

31 Mar 2006 10:52am, shawneebud

"I particularly enjoyed this story, it makes you wonder who's mad and who isn't. This story requires you to think and it describes everything clearly and plainly. This is a logical work of art."


The Premature Burial

10 Jul 2006 6:21pm, gdfreak_1

"I love this story, probably because of the way he wrote it. The details of how the people felt made me feel like Iwas right there with them. I read on another website that being buried alive was one of Poe's greatest fears, so I guess that's what drew me to the story in the first place."



07 Aug 2006 11:41am, harrypotter_h19

"The Tell-Tale Heart is my favorite story"


All of 'em

18 Oct 2006 2:50pm, silviu_1502

"I think all of them are quite interesting and unique in their own way. I can't really decide which one is my favorite.."



19 Oct 2006 9:32pm, izzy_isbourne

"Personally, I enjoyed Hop-Frog. It had a pity taste to it, and it showed the cruelty of some people. I also liked the burning part. That was particularly my favorite."



13 Nov 2006 5:56pm, ksumccoy

"I can't really justify this choice as it is probably not one of his best technical or deepest works, but I always love to read it. It seems so bright at first sight, but there is only one character that is not dark or disgusting and even she is in on the brutal murder of those that beat her and Hop-Frog. Also, I love to read this story with my biographical analysis glasses on. Hop-Frog=Poe. Tripetta=1st Cousin/Wife. 12 Fat Men=Editors? Creditors?. Crowds=Reading Audience. Reaction to Alcohol=Reaction to Alcohol. Etcetera."


The Raven, though it is a poem.

17 Nov 2006 9:25am, mmcilroga

"I love "The Raven." To this day, it still stands the test of time, and it's really a horrifying story. It is a poem, but it feels more like a story, in my opinion. I just love it. Now "The Black Cat" is my favorite STORY, because it's also terrifying. Poe's work is so imaginative."


The Masque of The Red Death

05 Dec 2006 3:21am, nirmalmonkey

"This story feeds my interest in an actual, current time, virus called ebola. The allegorical interpretation, characters that challenge the traditional 'plot graph', and the demise of Prince Prospero are all very intriguing. Imagery is excellent, it would looks and flow fantastically as a short film (ah, one day)."


The Purloined Letter

03 Jan 2007 3:17am, aluxeterna

"This story surprised me with its depth and insight into human psychology as well as the modern world's easy worship of that eminently slippery concept we like to think of as 'pure reason'."


The Pit and the Pendulum

05 Mar 2007 7:19pm, lokirs

"I loved "The Pit and the Pendulum" because of the way he describes it. I love the suspense in it and the way the story progresses."


Premature Burial

12 Mar 2007 11:48pm, Rebdeb54

"This scared me so badly when I was in Junior High that I decided right then and there I would be cremated when I died and, to this day, 40 years later, it is well known that I will be cremated and not buried! Poe has a way that makes your heart beat faster and your hair stand on end and still you read him over and over again. His work will continue to freak people out for many generations to come. My absolute favorite author of all times! I also need to mention the last poem that Poe wrote, Annabel Lee. Even though it is a poem, it also is a favorite of mine and definately deserves mention on this wonderful site. Thank you for providing it for all us Poe lovers out here!"


The Cask Of Amontillado

07 Apr 2007 9:25pm, pollatorenator

"My favourite Poe story. I enjoyed it very much, I think it's almost humorous the way the main character behaves."



12 Jun 2007 4:25am, craigtuckwell

"My like fav story is gotta be The Black Cat because it's like wtf... that is seriously one freaky cat.. innit. Also the whole resurrection thing when the 2nd cat comes along with 1 eye. I could really feel the cat wanted revenge. x"


Eleonora is the one I love

18 Aug 2007 10:57am, bcg_ivy10

"I love it. It was best read while listening to what matters most by Kenny Rankin. thanks to the maker of this site"


Tale-Tell Heart

05 Sep 2007 8:43pm, kate315109

"I will always have a place in my heart for this story. It was the first story of Poe's that I have ever read so it is and always will be my favorite. I didn't believe it to be scary but I loved the way that Poe reflected a lesson out of it. "You do something bad and you'll get caught" or "Your guilt will drive you mad unless you confess" is basically the moral of the story. I also loved in the beginning when he made the character try to explain that he wasn't crazy while he was talking about a crazy murder plan. It almost seemed humorous in a way."



11 Sep 2007 7:21pm, dumasfan01

"I love this story, and I've never known why. It thrills me i suppose, but i fell in love with it and i read it over and over so much i have it known by heart. If you have never read it then you must!!! And if you have never read anything by Edgar Allan Poe, well do it cause i promise it will chill you to the bone or make you wonder how many sane people have truly lost their minds!!"


But his Evil Eye

29 Sep 2007 2:13am, Silhouette_Son

"Tell-Tale Heart speaks so loudly above all that I have read. The first time I read it I couldn't fathom it. It was hard to understand some things at a young age. But I made sure to re-read it, taking notes in my head. Picturing it perfectly to every detail. Understanding it to my highest knowledge. I can say I loved it even, for the story is re-readable, and always gives you a different feeling every time, unlike any other. It ties into my life only in my mind, in the deepest corners. To whom I dislike, every time I look upon them, its like the eye. But I sense no fear- I feel anger, rage, emotions that can't be handled with a simple mistake of murder. There the ones I have to heal, which the character, placed behind because he was the smart ass and a foolish madman. Once something is over, it can never really be. I can ramble on about the meanings of my thoughts to it. But my characters and shrinking into fewer, and my body is tired. Thank you for listening. -Roman"


none like it

30 Sep 2007 11:19am, missmelancholy_merupur

"I love the poem Annabel Lee. It is soft and melancholy. It proves that children love just like adults."



05 Oct 2007 1:19pm, redrockprisoner

"I have to say that all of Poe's stories are wonderful. In each of his stories that I have read it seems to emanate a sort of air that is mysterious and it just makes me think. Also, I feel a sort of thrill, like a roller coaster ride, yah know? I have sort of a morbid curiosity and his stories fit well with that. He is my favorite author!!!"


The Imp Of Perverse

14 Oct 2007 12:21pm, bethany_jf

"This one is my favourite, because its written so beautifully, and i fully understand whats is happening to that man. It also has in it one of the most moving paragraphs i have ever read, "We stand upon the brink of a precipice..." it really makes you think."



23 Oct 2007 10:24am, i_love_you

"ELEONORA is so romantic i think there should be more stories like this in our world of poetry. i think i could fall in love with this story :)"


The Masque of the Red Death

24 Oct 2007 8:53pm, cmoe22

"I loved the symbolism of the ebony clock and how the plague quickly spread from room to room. Chuck"


The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar

03 Nov 2007 6:27pm, robert.page.jones

"My favorite Poe story is "The Facts in the Case Of M. Valdemar", because it seems to me that there you may find a kind of "hideous intelligence" which is not so easily found in any other of his works, especially in the details of description, certainly among those of the best Poe could ever achieve in his writings. Valdemar and the way he ended up are as strange and as likely to disturb as the circumstances surrounding the very death of Poe, and the particular touch it has so, at least for me, and this sort of web connection, a web of a dangerous spider, make its being the narrative by his pen I enjoy the most a natural thing."


The Oval Portrait

09 Nov 2007 7:50pm, concretehearts

"I love this story. Its worded very well and it has one of Poe's famous twists at the end. Plus its beautiful how much the young woman in the story was so in love with her husband. The Oval Portrait is definitely one of Poe's greatest stories!!"


Tele Tell Heart

14 Nov 2007 10:26am, mylove4counrty

"I think that The Tale Tell Heart is the best of the Poe Short Stories!!!"


The Masque of the Red Death

14 Nov 2007 7:52pm, lawsons818stuff

"I must definitely say that the "Masque of the Red Death" is my favorite short story. It proves a very good point that no matter what you do, it is impossible to escape the clutches of death. As a Christian I also say that it supports the verse that quotes "the last enemy to be defeated is death""



29 Nov 2007 12:12pm, awesomemegan

"I really liked The Fall of the House Of Usher and The Tell-Tale Heart. The Tell-Tale Heart is really good. It makes you think how a mad-man would really act. The murder drove him mad. Edgar Allan Poe is a great writer. Some things are a little strange and disturbing, but all in all they're all really good."


The Black Cat

05 Dec 2007 5:49am, annicka_aries089

"Wow, this is a gory tale! I haven't read all his stories yet but this is good! What are other really cool stories by E. A. Poe?"


The Tale-Tell Heart

10 Dec 2007 12:36pm, desi_93mustang

"I love this story, it is by far my favorite of all Poe Stories!!!!!!!!!!"


The Pit and the Pendulum

14 Dec 2007 5:14am, bojceva

"This is the story I like the most. It is full of horror, feelings and misery. I love the way Poe is managing the events to bring us a story with so many terrifying moments. Poe has inspired me to write horror short stories. I admire him."


Meredith Beckham

03 Jan 2008 4:24pm, mereallybeck

"I love Hop Frog! I have always loved and adored this short story. Most people read and enjoy EAP's more frightening and horrific short stories but I really enjoy his more revengeful and sarcastic pieces, such as Hop Frog."


The Cask of Amontillado

08 Jan 2008 5:47pm, jujuwuzhere44

"I loved this story for many reasons but the main reason is that from the beginning the main character tries to act innocent and pure, while in actuality he is a cold blooded murderer. He is trying to declare why he killed and why he was the victim, and how he tries to trick the reader. I love the suprising ending (although I had a feeling that would happen) also. The characters were so well thought out and described."


The Masque of the Red Death

09 Jan 2008 11:34pm, Spidermans_girl55

"this story had an interesting tale about the prince, but it is still one om my favorite stories as is The Black Cat, but i will never forget this one for i have told it to my fellow class mates in school. i still wish he were alive."


Poe in Horseshoe lounge, Baltimore

18 Jan 2008 4:07am, dillonroch

"circa feb, 1962, Eddie was seen in a dying cocktail lounge adjacent to Trailways bus station, downtown baltimore. He gave me an antique coke bottle stopped with a cork in the men's room, and invited me to share with him a "true nectar of the gods-- " "this is bell's 12 year old scotch", said he!!!! That whiskey was the most delicious i have ever tasted, and i will never forget that wonderful moment when his eyes locked onto mine, and I realized by his dress, and proper manner of speech, just who it was i was talking to. Eventually when all money had run out between us, he shook my hand, bundled himself in his worn and dirty black and grey colored raiment, snugged his large brimmed hat on his head, glided through the room, opened the door, turned right, in the direction of amity street. He disappeared from my view through the barren window, into the freezing rain of that night."


So hard to pick...

18 Jan 2008 12:03pm, deatheater24601

"I personally loved the Tell-Tale Heart, the Black Cat, and the Raven--I think they're all wonderfully told...you can actually picture being there in your mind, and you actually feel what the narrator is feeling, part of the time. I also liked Spirits of the Dead, though out of all his work...I would have to say the Raven and the Tell-Tale Heart are my favorites."


cask of amontilado

22 Jan 2008 8:43pm, mattduh24

"i like this story because it leaves u wondering if Fortunato was really there... or if it was a metaphor for closing off a part of him... or his wife or everyone else that died around him"


The Angel of the Odd

08 Feb 2008 3:34am, indie_last

"A story that i could relate to :D"


premature burial

17 Feb 2008 10:25am, sireneangel

"i got interested in this story, because of the events that he cited on those people that were buried alive... creepy... just imagine yourself in their place..."


The Angel of the Odd

20 Mar 2008 12:33pm, Oddangel

"Angel of the Odd, The Oval Portrait, Mesmeric Revelation, Eureka!, The predicament, The Power of Words, Descent into the Maelstrom, The Island of the Fay... how do you truly choose? The depth of his visions and literary descriptions go far beyond his tales and to merely choose one of those is impossible. "De Angel ov de odd" is fantastically whimsical and as ironic as the Angel himself. To understand his fiction is to know him, and to know him is to love him... Every tale is a trip into his minds eye."


TaleTell Heart. Pit and Pendulum

25 Mar 2008 4:38pm, xx.tainted.lover.xx

"These two stories capture the darkest part of the mind and seem to set it free. Both fill you with terror, sorrow and even a guilt of your own. I love the way that Poe writes his stories, he is among my favorites to read. His skill and the emotion that seeps from each and every line fascinates me to constantly. I chose these stories for that reason. I believe that of all the great stories Poe had written, these two are among the best. If only the writers of today had the skill of the greatest writers of yesterday."



31 Mar 2008 5:16pm, misstooghetto

"i like it because it makes him seem so mad and many shows have alluded this and its just so funny"


The black cat

31 Mar 2008 8:32pm, theo

"RAAAAWr i enjoy the story the black cat. because i dont like cats."


The Cask of Amontillado!

01 Apr 2008 6:12pm,

"I <3 this one sooooo much! It's one of the best stories he's ever written. This quote always makes me laugh... "Luchresi cannot tell Amontillado from Sherry!" :P"


The Tell-Tale Heart

02 Apr 2008 8:25am, adamhusted33

"This story always gives me quivers up my spine. My favorite part is when he kills the old man. Makes me giggle every time."


The Pit and the Pendulum

16 Apr 2008 10:54pm, Anonymou

"Poe does such a great job of describing the entire torture chamber, and really explains parts of the Spanish Inquisition really well. At the same time he is able to establish a mood like no other. Hopelessness, dread, etc. Plus he is able to write this entire story with only one character, who is facing an ominous pendulum. Though "The Tell-Tale Heart" is also amazing, I still think that "The Pit and the Pendulum" is Poe at his best."


The tell-tale heart

22 Apr 2008 5:13pm, katieinfinity

"oh man, tell tale heart owns all. i really think it might be his best story. then again it's hard to compare to masque of the red death, but it's an amazing piece of work nonetheless; and will always be loved."


The Tell-Tale Heart

25 Apr 2008 4:08pm, ironmaidensweetheart

"I love this story because it was the first story that i've read about him and that one made me keep reading his literature."


The Masque Of The Red Death

29 Apr 2008 1:47pm, iloveyoudeary143 at aim.co

"i am in love with this story. its detailed description of every moment leaves you clutching the story begging for more. it makes you feel as though you were there. i draw many inspirations for my stories from Poe's works and this is a huge one."


The Tell Tale Heart

09 May 2008 7:07pm, naya_591

"It has almost become a cliche liking this AMAZING short story."


The Masque of the Red Death

09 May 2008 8:44pm, ilic500

"I love this short story because it shows that no matter how much people try to escape their destiny, ultimately they cannot. The Prince and his courtiers walled themselves up from all of reality and tried to block everything undesirable out, but life cannot be controlled that way. In the end, the vicious plague wins."


The 1002 Tale of Schecherazade

19 May 2008 4:32am, aldis_puce

"On the contrary to the idea of Poe popular with the general public being that of 'horror writer' I find his irony ingenious. Because it takes even greater genius to create SUBTLE IRONY, requiring from the reader a similar level of ability to reason. Actually there are more stories of this kind, but I find "Schecherazade" one of the finest examples of it (if not the single best)!"


The Tell Tale Heart

07 Jun 2008 10:57am, emily.rose5

"The tell tale Heart is exquisite and it is incredible what the value of guilt can have on a man."


the raven

08 Jun 2008 8:40pm, scene_kid_2

"the raven is such a great read haha i love it although i found it mildly racist against the chinese i love everyone thank u"


Tell-Tale Heart

25 Jun 2008 1:45am, makasha95

"i first heard it in my language arts class. i love it"


The Raven

11 Jul 2008 7:22pm, dj_pinto

"I've forever been a Tim Burton fan and I know that Burton's favourite poet was Edgar A. Poe. So I searched some poems of Edgar A. Poe and the very first poem that I read was 'The Raven'. I've also seen a video on YouTube, which has Vincent Price (another Burton 'hero') reciting this particular poem of Poe. It's something... don't have the words to explain... My only... how should I say this... Sorrow, is that I'm Portuguese and the books of Allan Poe are rare being sold here and of course... Poe uses an 'Ancient English' that makes it more difficult for me to understand the true meaning of the poem/story. Well... that's my comment. By the way, excellent site this one."


The Premature Burial -Anon.

14 Jul 2008 1:13am, cashpare

"The Premature Burial is my favorite for many reasons. The topic it is based on is not only real but scary and thrilling. The way Poe writes about it is bone-chilling. Combine such a scary idea with one of the world's best writers, a classic is guaranteed."


I'm so predictable

31 Jul 2008 8:48pm, tol0006

"Ok, call me predictable, but my favorite was one of his later works, The Tell-Tale Heart. I just died after reading it!"


Three Way Tie...

21 Aug 2008 1:18am, plumberxangie

"I really love all of Poe's short horror stories, but my favorite is between three, "The Black Cat", "The Premature Burial" and "The Tell-Tale Heart". They're all just so twisted, yet logical. Imagine being in situations like any of those? Being any of the characters? They make you think about life and how the human body works, be it mind or heart... or any other organ, joint, muscle, follicle etc. I mean, think about it... in both The Telltale Heart and The Black Cat, something random and obscure drives the man to insanity and homicide. The Premature Burial just all around scared me, I shutter to think about that happening to me."


The Tell Tale Heart

22 Aug 2008 2:05pm, MUNIRA_OMARI86

"this story was the first story i enjoyed so it has a very special place in my heart."



09 Sep 2008 2:33am, emmathejademoon

"Among Poe's stories titled with female names, say Berenice, Eleonora, Ligeia etc, Morella is my most favorite. It is hard to tell whether it's a story of love or revenge. Maybe it combined both? I love it cuz the ending is really fabulous. Pretty powerful and impressive. And that is Poe's style. Isn't it?"



21 Sep 2008 3:49pm, Robert Giordan

"I'll have to add the story, "Morella". Thanks for your comment."


Annabel Lee -story within a poem

21 Sep 2008 11:13pm, briarrose72

""Annabel Lee" is lovely due to both its literary genius and the pathos of its storyline. Poe's gorgeous use of poetic device underlines the tragedy of the lovers' situation. And I guess the hopelessness of the situation appeals to something in me. It is beautiful."



24 Sep 2008 6:16pm, maycangirl1

"The stories in which Dupin stars are my favorites. I love Dupin because he apparently was an inspiration for Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, and I love Sherlock too. I really enjoy the way Poe discusses Dupin's psychological observance and 'ratiocination'."


Tell-Tale Heart

01 Oct 2008 9:59am, Skittelsb123

"I'm a high school student and i read the story last year. Ever since then i have become a Poe fan. i am completely in love with the opening in this story. it is my life. please, feel free to converse with me about this story."


The Tell-Tale Heart

06 Oct 2008 10:06pm, jaseywu

"This is a story I will remember for the rest of my life. Not only because this was the first Poe short story I read, but also this was something so completely absurd and terrifying that it can not be erased from my mind. It's great that the story is not extremely long, so I can suggest it to my friends, and most likely, they will take a few minutes to read it. Even though the descriptions in the story are not lengthy, I can see exactly what is going on, through my mind's eye. To me, that's the important thing about an amazing short story."


poe stories

07 Oct 2008 10:47pm, carly.roitz

"i would have to say my fav is the Tell Tale Heart or The Black Cat"


Murders in the Rue Morgue

21 Oct 2008 6:22pm, babyjo11d

"This has got to be my fav cuz i mean that monkey jumped outta no where it wuz like WTH WTF is dat."


Tell Tale Heart

22 Oct 2008 9:49pm, zman254

"Tell Tale Heart is my favorite it is so emotional and also creepy."


The Tell-Tale Heart

27 Oct 2008 1:46pm, rainfire93

"Wow, this story was one of the best I have read. I mean, I am only in the 9th grade and for school we HAD to read one and I was searching for the best one to read. I am so glad I found this one! It makes me think, and it gets you wondering what he is going to do next. I just love when things do that, because it makes me want to keep reading. I say, I think i'm going to read it again to get a better feel for it. But I know for a fact, this is a really good story!"



31 Oct 2008 10:25am, kgdmdunn

"Annabel lee... my fav poe"


Oval Portrait

01 Nov 2008 7:54pm, torica

"I enjoyed reading this story because it is such a simple story yet its still interesting and very detailed"


Tell-Tale Heart

01 Nov 2008 10:56pm, kristy_fake

"By far my favorite Poe story is "Tell-Tale Heart". In this story Poe makes the readers feel as if they are a part of these events of which are happening inside of his story... With every mention of the man's heart beat, you hear the pounding in your ears and feel it inside of your own head. As the story progresses you feel the guilt of the murder along-side the narrator. Every last one of Poe's stories and poems are pure art. He has a unique talent of making his readers feel the emotions being protrayed in his stories. I must admit that I am exponentially jealous of his talents because I, too, wish to be a journalist/writer some day and can't help but envy his natural-born gift. --Kristy K"


John Doe

04 Nov 2008 12:19pm, tromboneboy

"My Favorite would have to be The Raven because it's one of the stories that is like a horror story but not scary."


The Tell-Tale Heart

12 Nov 2008 11:18pm, regantang

"I really love this story, because of all of the action the narrator is expressing, and causes tension in my body."


The Fall of the House of Usher

02 Dec 2008 1:24pm, forthread12

"The Fall of the House of Usher is excellent and is currently probably my favorite Poe story. I have not read all his stories yet though. Masque of the Red Death and Cask of Amontillado are interesting also. The Raven is a great poem too."


the oval portrait

06 Dec 2008 7:38am, xrosseu_impx

"i love this story because it awakened my 7th sense."


Favorite Poe Stories

10 Dec 2008 1:04pm, Shawnte15

"I love The Tell Tale Heart. It was a masterpiece!"


The Tell-Tale Heart

08 Jan 2009 3:28pm, tacobell193

"I think that all of his stories are great and well written, but The Tell-Tale Heart just stands out. In today's society there is some element of truth to the story."



09 Jan 2009 2:21pm, searover44

"It's always been "The Raven""


Some words with a mummy

19 Jan 2009 9:43am, charmoprh

"This along with the tell tale heart and the premature burial are my favorite tales. Edgar Allan Poes pure genius in creating stories that, even today, still can chill the bones and excite you. The tell tale heart sends chills down my spine every time i read it. The way everything is so vividly described, the way you can "hear" the heart beating, as if you were in the same room. Some Words with a Mummy is one of my favorites because of the humor. While reading it i hadn't read much but his tales of terror, and stumbling upon something (although morbidly) humorous completely surprised me! I found the tale wonderful and and have since been reading through all of his tales to find something just as funny. The Premature Burial was amazing. The way in which each account of a premature burial was described made my heart race. Some points in the story were funny while others were dark. Unfortunately i'm running out of letters so i cannot say more."


Annabel Lee

25 Jan 2009 7:53pm, hey.look.a.chicken

"Annabel Lee is not really a short story, it's a poem, but it's by far my favorite. I am 13 years old and have loved Edgar Allan Poe since I have been 9 or 10, thanks to my dad!"


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