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brooke violando

from pittsburgh pa

"I love all of his poetry i really don't have just a favorite. i love how its dark and scary. i love this stuff. hoping to get his books of poetry."

signed 09 Apr 2020 7:50pm 



from Colorado, USA

"Hello! My name is Hailey! I am a seventh grader from Colorado and really enjoy studying for classes on this site. I would say my favorite poem is Annabel Lee because of the emotions expressed and because I am a beginner here! I think the way he uses his past experiences really shows how much his life was directed by emotions. He also must have had a huge emotional intelligence to be able to write about what he had gone through without becoming a complete and total blob of sadness in society. Thank you for creating this site, it has been a huge help! Hi Edgar's ghost!!! :D"

signed 09 Apr 2020 5:22pm 



from California

"Edgar Allen Poe was a very emotion-filled writer and addresses thing in his poems that not everyone would address."

signed 09 Apr 2020 5:00pm 



from Planet Earth

"I am excited to see what your website has."

signed 09 Apr 2020 1:15pm 



from somewhere in the solar system

"whats good"

signed 09 Apr 2020 12:13pm 



from Earth

"Always smile and be happy!!!"

signed 09 Apr 2020 10:55am 



from California

"I really like this site, its easy to get around. Poe has some very interesting work, one of my favorites is his poem "Alone""

signed 08 Apr 2020 6:22pm 


Elle Pink

from Earth

"Poe's poems are great and the fact he never gave up writing even though so much had happened to him is pretty cool."

signed 08 Apr 2020 5:52pm 


Seereen Marabeh

from United States California Earth

"I enjoyed going through this website and learning more about one of my favorite authors/poets. This was a great experience."

signed 08 Apr 2020 5:15pm 


Kamryn Cox

from Earth

"Edgar Allen Poe was an amazing poet who lost the chance of seeing how great he was. His life was taken too soon and he was not rightfully recognized."

signed 08 Apr 2020 3:19pm 


Rylee Salgado

from California

"Edgar Poe had so many deep discussions he wanted to get out. No one fully understood the meaning behinds his words or why he would write certain things. He had a lot of feelings that just came out best on paper. He deserved more recognition and fame for his work than he received but hopefully now everyone understand the meaning behind every hidden and descriptive word Edgar Poe wrote."

signed 08 Apr 2020 3:05pm 



from Cali

"Poe as an author amazes me, he is one of a kind and someone who went through more than anything to get where he wanted to be."

signed 08 Apr 2020 2:44pm 


samira jahshan

from murrieta

"i would like to say, as an author, i think Poe was a cool writer because not many people at all write things like him, that are deep and creepy but yet so meaningful with every word."

signed 08 Apr 2020 2:32pm 


Aleksandr Sitar

from CA, USA, Earth, Sol, Milky Way

"His writing scares me. I love it."

signed 08 Apr 2020 2:13pm 


cooper dyet

from colorado

"my favorite story was just about his life and how it went"

signed 08 Apr 2020 2:07pm 



from California

"I really enjoy reading his stories and poems. They always leave me thinking and make me want to read more."

signed 08 Apr 2020 2:01pm 


falyn stone

from Colorado


signed 08 Apr 2020 1:49pm 



from USA

"Edgar Allen Poe is a fantastic, talented, emotional,and amazing poet. His works are unique and mysterious. Edgar created some memorable pieces in the Art of Poetry. This site is a really awesome way of displaying Poe and his greatest works."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thanks! =)

signed 08 Apr 2020 1:45pm 



from California

"I think Poe is an amazing poet and is so creative. He writes in really good detail and has perfect imagery and pathos."

signed 08 Apr 2020 1:15pm 


Alyssa Mendoza

from California

"Edgar Allan Poe was one of the most unique writers out there and has also inspired others which proves what a good writer he was."

signed 08 Apr 2020 12:46pm 



from Earth


signed 08 Apr 2020 11:08am 



from USA

"I Think Edgar Allan Poe is an amazing artist his poems have a lot of deeper meaning depending on the reader. He has a lot of good ideas to poems and quotes to sciences."

signed 07 Apr 2020 6:07pm 



from colorado

"I learned so much about edgar allan poe from this one website"

signed 07 Apr 2020 11:01am 


Olivia Bull

from Grand Junction Colorado

"Hello, I don't really know what to say. Bye."

signed 07 Apr 2020 1:48am 



from colorado

"People don't come to see the tigers; they come to see me"

signed 06 Apr 2020 11:30pm 



from USA,California,Los Angeles

"I love reading, art among many things. Thank You for thinking of this idea."

signed 06 Apr 2020 9:28pm 


Emily Smith

from United States, Colorado, Earth


signed 06 Apr 2020 7:25pm 



from united states

"i think the site is ok and that my favorate story is tell tale heart"

signed 06 Apr 2020 6:26pm 



from mars

"thanks bye"

signed 06 Apr 2020 3:55pm 



from EARTH

"CO-VID 19"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Reminds me of Masque of the Red Death

signed 06 Apr 2020 3:16pm 


River Westcott

from Colorado

"I think that edgar a poe was a great man and that he deserved to be called allan because he was so great"

signed 06 Apr 2020 2:58pm 



from Earth, USA, Colorado

"This was a very useful website and thank you for putting it up on the internet. Also you have been much help on the assignment that I have been given."

signed 06 Apr 2020 1:56pm 


Nyla Lonergan

from colorado U.S.A. Earth

"I think this website is very useful and helped me with a lot I need to know"

signed 06 Apr 2020 1:56pm 


khylind b.

from the fridge

"I love his type of books, so dark and scary!"

signed 06 Apr 2020 12:44pm 



from Anartica

"I had to do this for school"

signed 06 Apr 2020 12:31pm 



from Colorado

"I really like this site and how it is organized."

signed 06 Apr 2020 12:18pm 


Jack Phelps

from Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

"This is really cool!"

signed 06 Apr 2020 12:10pm 


Joshua vigil

from colorado

"I am doing this for a school project"

signed 06 Apr 2020 11:55am 



from Earth

"Hi gHOsTiE"

signed 06 Apr 2020 11:39am 



from Unites States,Colorado,Earth

"My favorite football team is the Ravens and they were named after his famous poem "The Raven""

signed 05 Apr 2020 3:05pm 



from United States, Colorado, Earth

"I think this was a good site and it helped a lot with the questions in the webquest i had to complete."

signed 05 Apr 2020 2:35pm 


Noah harris

from Grand junction Colorado earth

"This is cool?"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Is that a rhetorical question?

signed 04 Apr 2020 10:08am 



from virginia

"My fav story by Edgar A Poe is The Tell-Tale Heart"

signed 03 Apr 2020 8:59pm 


Ethan HOLt

from grand junction co usa


signed 03 Apr 2020 5:02pm 


Ryan Pomeroy

from USA

""I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity""

signed 03 Apr 2020 4:04pm 


Cassidy Finkbeiner

from USA, Virginia

"One theory will never be quite true. You must be smart enough to mix the minds of others to reveal what is really there."

signed 03 Apr 2020 4:01pm 


Taylor Williams

from Colorado

"Loved the website! I liked the Raven as it told about feelings and what he felt when he saw the raven."

signed 03 Apr 2020 2:38pm 


Sadie G.

from Planet Earth

"This website is very insightful about E.A.P"

signed 03 Apr 2020 2:26pm 


Jasmine Dodd

from United States Colorado Earth

"I think Poe is a great writer and feel that everything happened for a reason."

signed 03 Apr 2020 1:51pm 



from colorado

"I love the Poe stories."

signed 03 Apr 2020 1:33pm 


kaylyn mason

from united states, colorado,earth

"there is lots of very interesting information on this web site."

signed 03 Apr 2020 12:53pm 


Freya Blues

from Virginia

"I love this author. My favorite story of his has to be Tell-Tale Heart. Its just the raw utter madness of it all makes it so interesting to read."

signed 03 Apr 2020 12:02pm 


Josie Mintken

from Wheat Ridge CO, United States

"This thing is really cool. Also, you should read the Angel of the Odd by Edgar Allen Poe. It is very good. :)"

signed 03 Apr 2020 11:51am 


Maddy Woodson

from Colorado, United States, Earth

"Why do i have to sign a message"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I have no idea

signed 02 Apr 2020 7:39pm 



from Virginia


signed 02 Apr 2020 7:23pm 


Lizzy S.

from Redlands Colorado U.S Earth


signed 02 Apr 2020 4:04pm 



from U.S.A, Colorado, Jupiter

"I liked the pictures. It was pretty interesting."

signed 02 Apr 2020 3:34pm 


Elizabeth Haifley

from Mars

"Learning about Edgar Allan Poe was super fun and interesting, I still think that he is kind of a (really creepy) guy but very interesting. Thank the internet for for all the help on my English Assignment."

signed 02 Apr 2020 2:15pm 



from GJ colorado

"My favorite poem was "Alone" i liked it because it has two different points of view as do a lot of kids but they never express their feelings to anyone."

signed 02 Apr 2020 2:11pm 



from Grand Junction, Colorado

"hi :)"

signed 02 Apr 2020 1:55pm 


Karissa Lynch

from Grand Junction, Colorado

"I love this site! It has so many varieties of ways to learn about Edgar Allan Poe! It's helpful for school and for interest. I'll definitely be using this site more than once!"

signed 02 Apr 2020 1:51pm 


Lana Garcia

from Colorado

"My favorite story by Edgar Allan Poe is "The Black Cat" I find this story horrifying yet entertaining. It catches my interest."

signed 02 Apr 2020 1:42pm 



from Earth,USA,Colorado


signed 02 Apr 2020 1:07pm 


Triston Rogers

from USA, Colorado, Earth

"I love to play sports and video games"

signed 02 Apr 2020 12:45pm 


Madison Monroe

from Colorado


signed 02 Apr 2020 11:25am 


Madison Bailey

from CO,U.S

""All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." - Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 02 Apr 2020 10:53am 


james nieves

from America, Colorado, Earth

"Eat a potato - James Nieves."

signed 02 Apr 2020 10:30am 


Kimberly De La Torre

from Grand Junction,Colorado, USA

"Edgar Allan Poe had an interesting life."

signed 02 Apr 2020 6:08am 





signed 01 Apr 2020 9:43pm 


Jack Mawdsley

from USA Colorado Earth

"My name is Jack"

signed 01 Apr 2020 6:55pm 


Maya Hall

from United States, Colorado

"The site was very helpful while I was doing a project in my Literature class."

signed 01 Apr 2020 5:50pm 


Tessa Wilson

from U.S., Colorado, Saturn

"I think that this site has a lot of great information and it is very well organized. I really like it because it is easy to find very interesting information about Poe."

signed 01 Apr 2020 5:45pm 


Kate Grossman

from Colorado

"This website was very helpful."

signed 01 Apr 2020 5:43pm 


Tyler Peterson

from Grand Junction, CO

"Tyler Peterson"

signed 01 Apr 2020 5:09pm 


Hailey Himes

from United States, Colorado Earth

":) My favorite poem is "The Raven""

signed 01 Apr 2020 4:43pm 



from Alabama

"Edgar Allen Poe is cool"

signed 01 Apr 2020 3:53pm 



from Alabama

"I think the site is good"

signed 01 Apr 2020 2:58pm 


madilyn jones

from USA alabama earth

"learning about his life and all that happened is really cool."

signed 01 Apr 2020 2:56pm 



from Earth... Colorado


signed 01 Apr 2020 2:54pm 


Blake Larson

from USA, Colorado, Earth

"The works of Poe are gloomy, thrilling, and terrifying. This makes them perfect if you don't want to sleep at night."

signed 01 Apr 2020 1:52pm 


Christian trotter

from Alabama

"Its a good website"

signed 01 Apr 2020 12:49pm 


Zadie Burgans

from Alabama

"Loved to read about Poes life!"

signed 01 Apr 2020 12:43pm 



from Colorado

"I think it is cool to be able to see these photos, but I also think that some are frightening."

signed 01 Apr 2020 11:37am 



from The closet (it sucks)

"I found this website because I was trapped inside my house. You know, quarantine and all. It's an awesome website and I learned a lot about him. My favorite poem is probably Annabelle Lee. Okay, maybe that's influenced by a certain book series *cough* shadowhunters *cough*, but it's good anyway."

signed 01 Apr 2020 11:30am 


Daniel Lawrence


"I wonder who the next person to read this is going to be"

signed 01 Apr 2020 11:02am 


Gracie Tignor

from Virginia


signed 01 Apr 2020 9:57am 


Abbie Ferracci

from Virginia

"Loved reading the stories!"

signed 31 Mar 2020 9:48pm 


ashton the young g

from mars

"what is good"

signed 31 Mar 2020 8:08pm 


Addie Boss

from Grand Junction, Colorado

"I think the site is pretty cool and there are pretty cool pictures."

signed 31 Mar 2020 7:32pm 



from tijuana, mexico earth

"one creepy website"

signed 31 Mar 2020 4:08pm 



from colorado

"very very helpful thank you"

signed 31 Mar 2020 3:42pm 


Lindsay Gammon

from Grand Junction Colorado

"Thank you so much for teaching me more about the amazing author that is Edgar Allan Poe!"

signed 31 Mar 2020 2:33pm 


Sage Hoover

from Colorado, US

"I love this website!!!"

signed 31 Mar 2020 2:29pm 


Beck Seaton

from Co. United States, Jupiter

"I think that the website is very easy to use and has very credible information."

signed 31 Mar 2020 1:55pm 


Abigale Pike

from United States,Colorado

"I like the site and its my favorite because he sounds like a good writer and i would love to read his books."

signed 31 Mar 2020 1:53pm 



from colorado

"hi Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

signed 31 Mar 2020 1:52pm 


Kyler Korte

from United States, Colorado, World

"hi im signing this becasue i was told to"

signed 31 Mar 2020 1:34pm 


Aubri Carriger

from Colorado

"I am so excited to be learning about Edgar Allan Poe!!"

signed 31 Mar 2020 1:27pm 



from US. Colorado

"hi bro wyd"

signed 31 Mar 2020 1:20pm 


Alex Stephen

from Colorado, US, Earth

"Alex was here."

signed 31 Mar 2020 12:38pm 


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