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from Jupiter

"Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite poet of all times. He is such a real man and you can really feel his emotion as you read each of his different works. I am so fortunate to be able to read each and every piece. Thank you, thank you."

signed 2011.02.22 6:30pm 


markia johnikin

from la earth

"heyy how yall doing my name is markia i live in louisiana my teacher ms.snyder is teaching us about Edgar Allen Poe and how he lived his life and more important stuff!!"

signed 2011.02.22 4:46pm 



from mars

"I think edgar allan poe was good and creepy at the same time"

signed 2011.02.22 4:38pm 


Robert Russell

from USA, TN, Earth

"Poe is very weird but has amazing stories that captivate me. I love Poe"

signed 2011.02.22 4:33pm 


billie m taylor

from usa, tn, earth

"i love poe"

signed 2011.02.22 4:32pm 



from Bethel Springs TN Mars

"good stories"

signed 2011.02.22 12:40pm 


james griswell

from selmer, tn.


signed 2011.02.22 12:39pm 



from Pennsylvania

"My favorite piece of work by Poe is the Tell-Tale Heart. I like it because it's full of mystery."

signed 2011.02.22 12:20pm 



from skeleton creek

"Poe is the father of horror no one in history can be compared to his work. Edgar Allen Poe rest in peace your hard work on earth is at an end"

signed 2011.02.22 12:13pm 


Beau Case

from My House, Kentucky


signed 2011.02.22 9:52am 


Wayne Yates

from Jacksonville, NC

"Yay Poe!!!"

signed 2011.02.21 6:48pm 


Danny B.Troxel


"This is a terrific site. It's a site for sore eyes (and vulture ones). Glad to be on board! Long live Poe!!! Danny T."

signed 2011.02.21 12:27pm 


Deniz Akay

from Turkey

"the black cat is cool"

signed 2011.02.20 8:18am 



from U.S.A

"this site is the best ive seen. Of any Poe stories and poems and my favorite poem is the raven"

signed 2011.02.19 12:32pm 



from Thailand

"I love The Bells that Edgar Allan Poe wrote. In my school RAIS, we were practicing this. It is the speech, it has dark, light, and medium. Edgar was a very good writer I have ever seen before! His life was sad though..... But I still love what he had done!!! :)"

signed 2011.02.19 7:15am 


Carlee Angelo

from North Carolina

"i love Edgar Allan Poe. He had such a troubled life and I respect him very much, His poems are so deep they're the best :)"

signed 2011.02.18 7:19pm 



from florida

"I am doing a research paper on poe because i am very interested in his works. i have to do a critical analysis on annabell lee. any help would be appreciated. thank you."

signed 2011.02.18 12:06am 


daisy mendoza

from US, cali, planet Earth? haha

"interesting. Poe was a mysterious man."

signed 2011.02.17 11:17pm 


karina hernandez

from planet Eath

"this is creeping me out but IM IN!"

signed 2011.02.17 11:14pm 



from Earth, USA, Ohio, Gallipolis

"this man is and always will be one of the top 20 best writers of all time"

signed 2011.02.17 8:40pm 


cyrus mazzola

from usa NC earth

"O.M.G poe is cool i love the raven"

signed 2011.02.17 6:34pm 



from Mars

"Edgar Allan Poe was the most amazing man."

signed 2011.02.17 3:11pm 


Marsadee Flowers

from Manheim PA, Lancaster County

"I love this site, it has almost all the stories, summaries, and even a wordlist to help understand. My favorite story by him is The Masque of the Red Death. I love all of the detail, the moral of the story, and all the description in it. I am an avid reader of Poe, and of others also so thank you!"

signed 2011.02.17 3:08pm 


tamara r

from Ontario, Canada

"Thanks for including so many of Poe's stories on your site! I am doing a study on some of Poe's writing in school and I think that your website will really help!"

signed 2011.02.17 12:44pm 


Dante Hall

from United States, Georgia, Earth

"I love the works of Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 2011.02.17 9:19am 



from Mars


signed 2011.02.17 8:32am 


Sem Mulvihill

from United States

"Great and useful website"

signed 2011.02.17 7:59am 



from Virginia

"Poe is my favorite writer because his work keeps you interested and wanting to read the next line. While you're reading his work you're mesmerized by his feelings, descriptions, and just his life all together. He's the best!!"

signed 2011.02.16 11:52pm 


Leigh Ann

from United Oklahoma

"We're doing a paper over The Spectacles in my English class and this site has helped me do my paper(: Kudos to the web master(: Poe is a very interesting writer. Starting to get interested in his works(:"

signed 2011.02.16 11:17pm 


Isabel Hernandez

from Charlotte North Carolina, USA

"I love him, I hate gothic things... But love him!"

signed 2011.02.16 8:11pm 



from ohio,united states

"much influence on poetry for me never have i been uninterested with one of his stories ever."

signed 2011.02.16 4:23pm 



from mars

"this website helped so much with my research paper! thanks so much. i love poe <3"

signed 2011.02.16 1:53pm 


jess roberts

from waynsville missouri u.s.a.

"my favorite story is a tell-tale heart. cause i find it dark with a twist at the end. favorite poem?... i would have to say that there is a tie. between annabell lee and the raven. one is a little depressing but about love which im totally into. and the raven is dark and i love that."

signed 2011.02.16 12:20pm 


George Paterson

from Australia

"I love the website! I am doing a year 8 project on Allen and found the website to be a great resource. I especially liked the Raven and having read most of the other stories I find it to be the best."

signed 2011.02.16 4:39am 


Cain C.

from Higley

"I like A Dream Within A Dream"

signed 2011.02.15 4:53pm 


Lainey Swanson

from U.S IL Earth

"this is a total baller website. My teacher says hi... shes kinda in a bad mood but she'll get over it. :)"

signed 2011.02.15 3:31pm 


siani shayla aarionna

from philadelphia

"we think the site is ok"

signed 2011.02.15 12:14pm 


jacob nicholls

from wisconsin

"i love the story Ligeia and the tell tale heart poe is a master of horror stories"

signed 2011.02.15 9:48am 


jose pena

from bronx, n.y.

"i love poes style of writing and as an aspiring poet has been a great influence for me. also the house which he once lived in here in the bronx is not too far from where i live, which is quite an honor to be so close to the dwelling of such a famous writer/poet."

signed 2011.02.14 11:46pm 


Lyndon Hypolite

from Columbia MD 21044

"Dark and wonderful. Art in words. I love this work for sure. Nevermore."

signed 2011.02.14 10:41pm 


Janet Ibarra

from Greenfield, CA

"My favorite story is The Cask of Amontillado, it's a really great story. I love the irony it has."

signed 2011.02.14 9:19pm 


Dylan Risner

from Virginia Beach, VA

"Hi, My name is Dylan Risner. I'm a junior at Salem high. I found this site informative."

signed 2011.02.14 12:36pm 


tom gosselin

from north kingstown, ri, usa

"The first poem i had to learn by heart was 'the raven' (my choice)."

signed 2011.02.14 9:17am 



from milford maine

"i love poe since i was 2 he is my hero nevermore"

signed 2011.02.14 9:03am 



from ohio earth


signed 2011.02.13 2:19pm 



from germany

"Hello I just want to thank those who made this website. I am going to write a class test about Edgar A. Poe and this site is a great preparation to it, so thank you a lot"

signed 2011.02.13 5:57am 



from Maryland

"Edgar Allan Poe, you are my most favorite poet. Your work helped me through my moms death and I thank you. Your poem Annabel Lee made death less scary and strangely beautiful. Thanks."

signed 2011.02.11 9:40pm 


Kristal Frogosa

from Virginia


signed 2011.02.11 11:00am 



from midkiff

"he was really weird for marrying"

signed 2011.02.11 9:58am 


Monica A Cianci

from Cranston Rhode Island

"I feel a connection with him. I never really understood why. I now am in the world of the all knowing internet and have the access to be able to answer those questions. I've only just begun!!!"

signed 2011.02.10 9:26pm 


monica perez

from greenfield,ca

"i haven't really read much about poe, but i'm just signing in because it says so in an extra credit assignment i'm yeahh ;)lol"

signed 2011.02.10 8:31pm 



from pocatello, idaho

"hahaha hola peeps it is the 9 of february and i am at school, looking up poets so hi."

signed 2011.02.10 5:17pm 


bethany singh

from mars.

"this didnt have what i needed.. but overall a good site."

signed 2011.02.10 5:14pm 



from Michigan

"Poe was an absolute genius. I think that his reputation then was tarnished by society simply because they weren't ready for his views on the world. Tough luck I suppose, but thank you for this wonderful website. Poe now has a chance to live on where his work can be fully appreciated. =]"

signed 2011.02.10 4:03pm 


Geoffrey Outlaw

from Virginia

"He has some good quotes to think about"

signed 2011.02.10 2:48pm 


Erin White

from Virginia Beach, Va

"Your poems are awesome and Mrs. Ripoll I singed this because you told me to!"

signed 2011.02.10 2:19pm 


alexus c.

from United states of america

"i love edgar allan poe's work it almost inspires you to to live life being in insane and loving with a dark reality. he was amazing and should be recognized more"

signed 2011.02.10 11:06am 


Jessica Miller

from United States

"This site was very useful and helpful about learning more about Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 2011.02.10 12:16am 



from chicago IL

"Hi Edgar, We are never tired of your stories. Evermore"

signed 2011.02.09 9:19pm 


savannah alcon

from Asheboro,North Carolina

"greattt website!"

signed 2011.02.09 11:27am 


ganae cox

from virginia beach virginia

"very interesting"

signed 2011.02.09 9:10am 



from virgina


signed 2011.02.08 1:56pm 


cydnee mcintyre

from ishpeming,MI,USA,planet earth


signed 2011.02.08 1:17pm 



from Fargo, ND Earth

"This was perfect for writing my literary analysis on The Masque of the Red Death. The citation in the credits was a nice touch."

signed 2011.02.08 12:49pm 


Nick McNeill

from USA, NC, Asheboro, Earth

"This is for English Class"

signed 2011.02.08 11:44am 



from Bermuda


signed 2011.02.08 9:31am 


Kayleigh Verrell-Peters

from USA, Maine, Earth...

"EAP has to be on of my all time favorite authors. His writing is absolutely amazing."

signed 2011.02.08 8:46am 



from virginia

"good job (;"

signed 2011.02.08 8:43am 


John Horton

from Seattle, WA

"This website is absolutely awesome. I'v been a Poe fan for a long time and its great to see such a thorough website dedicated to him. I especially love the wordlist. Keep it up!"

signed 2011.02.08 1:39am 



from USA

"I Love this site, it's just perfect."

signed 2011.02.07 9:50pm 



from Canada

"I love all of Edgar Allan Poe's stories! My favourite story is "The Tell-Tale Heart" Soooo fun to read"

signed 2011.02.07 5:10pm 


Zachary Kechter

from Earth

"The mystery of Edgar Allan Poe is very interesting and after studying him and "The Raven" with my English class makes me want to visit the Poe Museum."

signed 2011.02.07 2:13pm 


Mike, Michael, Kala

from North Carolina

"Great Website"

signed 2011.02.07 1:56pm 


Carmen G

from Virginia

"i loved 'tell tale heart""

signed 2011.02.07 8:36am 


verenice sainz

from arizona

"great organization!"

signed 2011.02.07 12:01am 



from North Carolina

"The Poem 'A Valentine' is very profound and has taken me a while to figure out, although i looked at his notes on another site its a very complex thing to solve and i am still trying to find the way her name fits in to that poem which by the way i very much admire."

signed 2011.02.06 3:49pm 



from Planet Earth

"EAP! Heyyy. My favorite has always been The Tell-Tale Heart... We're studying your stuff in English III right now. It's definitely the most fun I've had this year thus far. (: Thanks for the awesome gothic-ness!"

signed 2011.02.05 8:19pm 



from U.S.A

"I was doing a research report on Edgar Allan Poe, and this site really helped me. He had a very sad life and I really enjoyed learning about him. My favorite poem is a dream within a dream(:"

signed 2011.02.05 2:45am 


Sharlon D Edwards

from United States

"I enjoyed this website"

signed 2011.02.05 12:22am 



from Niagara Falls

"I really like some of his stories and poems. I think this site will really help me with my project."

signed 2011.02.03 9:55pm 


Lauren Galusha

from U.S.

"My soul's idol, my inspiration."

signed 2011.02.03 5:13pm 


Agirlthatuprobably nevermeet

from mars

"so hey i read this book or should i say i'm reading this book called Nevermore and stumbled on to this website (if u don't know, or haven't read the book it's about Edgar Allan Poe) and i just wanted to say Poe was an awesome creep, with wicked yet lovely and somewhat crazy poems and stories i loved."

signed 2011.02.03 4:32pm 



from NJ, U.S.

"i really love edgar allan poe, he's my favorite author, this site is great!"

signed 2011.02.02 8:36pm 



from Phoenix

"I think Poe is a GENIUS!! All of his poems are both horrific and beautiful!!!"

signed 2011.02.02 8:11pm 


hope smith

from earth...sometimes

"I am extremely fascinated with the works of fact, I am doing my term paper on him--which is why I am visiting this site..."

signed 2011.02.02 3:12pm 



from ohio, united states

"edgar allan poe is the most inspiring horror poet on the planet. he has made my life more interesting by writing what he did in the past"

signed 2011.02.02 9:53am 



from USA,Florida, MARS(lol)

"i luv this site its the perfect solution for students struggling with Poe projects. nice job!"

signed 2011.02.01 1:50pm 



from United Sates

"awesome site helped with a paper. I like how you did the MLA form on the credits i needed that."

signed 2011.01.31 7:54pm 


Rebecca Jones

from United States

"Im working on a school project and your site really helped me, thank you!!!"

signed 2011.01.31 2:44pm 


bobbie carter

from texas

"i love this site im about in love with edgar allen poe's work"

signed 2011.01.31 12:45pm 


Sydney Garavalia

from Viroqua, WI USA

"My favorite story is the raven."

signed 2011.01.31 12:02pm 


Charlie Counterman

from Erie,MI

"I think the site is pretty cool. There are some spelling errors. I've been reading his short stories off the site and Poe thinks like a genius on most of his works.<br /><br /><b>[Reply from Robert Giordano]</b><br />There shouldn't be any spelling errors. Sometimes Poe spelled words differently than we do today. Its possible I may have made a typo in one of my summaries or in the forum so please contact me if that is the case. Thanks."

signed 2011.01.31 11:10am 



from Earth

"I love Poe. He's the chiz."

signed 2011.01.31 9:52am 


William Hans

from Colorado USA

"Mad? If I am mad then you too are mad for it is all in the point of view."

signed 2011.01.31 12:40am 


Joe Crawford

from Medford, OR

"A great site! Thanks for all you do to make it happen!"

signed 2011.01.30 10:53pm 



from earth, north america, colorado

"I'm impressed by the reality Edgar Allan Poe expresses in his works. His characters live out the darkness and the beauty only humankind lives and has lived."

signed 2011.01.29 1:24pm 



from Planet Earth


signed 2011.01.29 11:55am 


Rudi Wilson

from Bandung, Indonesia


signed 2011.01.29 12:32am 



from Ontario, Canada

"This site obviously took a lot of work to create and it is very informative. Awesome! Great work! :)"

signed 2011.01.28 9:48pm 


johnathon sutton

from mclean county

"great artist."

signed 2011.01.28 4:10pm 


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