Guestbook Status

Hi, I'm trying to keep the guestbook updated! I LOVE when people sign it and leave messages. I love to see messages from both students and teachers, and I love to see people from all over the world list their country and city. When you sign the guestbook, your message goes into a folder so I can look at it and make sure its not spam, or anything improper for this site. As long as it doesn't say anything bad, I add it to the site.

I read every single message and you can see that I post almost all of them, even when people don't like Poe or complain about having to write a paper for school. Sometimes people make jokes and I post most of those too. But I'd rather hear which Poe story or poem is your favorite.

Sometimes I fall behind because I have A LOT of other things going on like work, other projects, and travel. Sometimes there are technical problems. I made this page in case anyone is curious about these things.

- Robert Giordano

06 May 2024

Okay! I believe the Guestbook is MOSTLY up to date!! And, I just added a new feature!! Every post now has its own link for sharing or reference. For example, here's a post where I added a reply:

Are you wondering why that post is number 24,110 while the guestbook says there are 17,887 total signatures? Well, that's because I don't approve every post! Some are spam and some just aren't appropriate for this site. Still, that's about a 75% approval rate, which I think is PRETTY GOOD!!

04 May 2024

OMG I'm so sorry!! Although I HAVE done some updates, I REALLY need to catch up!! I'm on it...

09 Dec 2022

Oh! It looks like its that time of year again, when I need to get caught up with the Guestbook entries!! Sorry about that. I've been really busy with a number of projects. Thanks for your patience!!

06 Nov 2021

Yeah, I'm a little behind with the Guestbook again. Give me a few days and I'll get caught up! Thanks!!

25 Mar 2021

I just finished reading through all of the Guestbook messages in the Pending folder. The current Guestbook now has 16,246 signatures!! Thanks everyone!!

The world map has also been updated with 443 new pins!!

08 Mar 2021

Looks like I got a bit behind with the Guestbook entries again. Don't worry, I'll get caught up!! Thanks for signing the Guestbook!!

21 Mar 2020

Just finished updating all of the Guestbook entries up to today. Thank you all for signing the Guestbook!!

26 Aug 2019

I just finished processing the Pending folder. The current Guestbook now has 12,438 signatures!! Thanks everyone!!

The guestbook is still missing a large block of signatures from October 2014 to July 2017. I have recovered some of that data but its not in its original format. At some point I will try to salvage some of it. For now, I will just keep the current Guestbook updated as new visitors sign it.

17 Aug 2019

I have processed the Pending folder down to 1609 items. The current Guestbook now has 10,913 signatures. Slowly but surely, I'm getting caught up!

15 Aug 2019

The Pending folder is down to 1860 items. The current Guestbook now has 10,580 approved signatures. =)

14 Aug 2019

So this is my second update on the guestbook, mainly so I can keep track of my own progress. I doubt many people will actually read this page.

Currently there are 9,680 guestbook entries, in 3 sections:
1) 23 Jun 2005 - 31 Oct 2012
2) 06 Feb 2014 - 20 Oct 2014
3) 10 Jul 2017 - present day

There are still 2,759 in the pending folder for me to read and post.

I just added some code so any time someone names a story or poem in the guestbook, it automatically links to that story or poem's page! This is now working on all of the previous entries.

06 Aug 2019

First, I'll admit that I neglected the guestbook for too long. About a week ago, I started putting serious effort into rebuilding the site and this includes updating the guestbook.

Last week, I started with the latest posts from 2019 and worked backwards. As of tonight, I made it back to July 2017.

But, there are big chunks of the guestbook missing. In June 2017 the site was hacked and although I was able to restore the site quickly from backups, guestbook entries from October 2014 to July 2017 were corrupted. Now you might say, "who cares about entries from years ago?" and I'll reply that I care about ALL of the entries since I launched the site in 2005!

So I have that data, I just need to go through it, fix it, and then read through all of the entries again in order to put them on the site.