Poetry by Edgar Allan Poe

While the focus of this site is Poe's short stories, I wanted to include a few of his poems because of their beauty and significance. I may include more of them in the future. If you want to browse all of Poe's poetry, there are several resources on the links page.

Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Poe used a lot of great words. Most poems have linked words you can click or tap, and a definition or more information will appear. If you use the "print this page" link, all words and definitions are listed at the end.


"Alone" (1875)

"Annabel Lee" (1849)

"The Bells" (1849)

"The City in the Sea" (1831)

"The Conqueror Worm" (1843)

"Dream-Land" (1844)

"A Dream Within A Dream" (1850)

"Eldorado" (1849)

"For Annie" (1849)

"The Haunted Palace" (1839)

"Lenore" (1845)

"The Raven" (1845)

"The Sleeper" (1831)

"Sonnet - To Science" (1845)

"Spirits of the Dead" (1829)

"To The River" (1829)

"A Valentine" (1850)

"The Valley of Unrest" (1845)