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Francisco Torres


"Thank you for this site."

signed 19 Dec 2023 9:41am | 23910


Venice Malagueno

from Camarines Sur

"i love edgar allan poe"

signed 19 Dec 2023 9:03am | 23909




"My favorite poem is Alone. This is my favorite because I don't have many friends and i did not grow up with all these nice things that others did."

signed 17 Dec 2023 10:51pm | 23908


esau godoy

from united states


signed 15 Dec 2023 4:14pm | 23907


bruce moschella

from Florida

"Edgar Allan Poe, a literary maestro of the macabre, your pen wove tales that transcend time, captivating readers with the beauty found in darkness."

signed 15 Dec 2023 2:40pm | 23906


Fiona Croghan

from Kilkenny Ireland

"I have just discovered the very talented Poe, where have I been all these years!!"

signed 13 Dec 2023 6:35am | 23904


Reiley G Hinton

from United States

"Its a cool site !"

signed 11 Dec 2023 5:41pm | 23903



from Lenoir, NC

"My message to Edgar, he's a great person on what he does and how he tones the book .."

signed 08 Dec 2023 11:24am | 23902



from USA, California, Earth

"Thank you for making all of Poe's wonderful pieces easily accessible! I originally found this site while working on a school project and I can't stop coming back! My personal favorite stories are "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Raven". Thank you again, I hope this site stays up for the rest of time so that future generations can enjoy Poe's work as much as the rest of us have!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I love reading comments like this! You're welcome!!

signed 06 Dec 2023 8:03pm | 23901



from Earth, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Quilmes

"This is definitely me when I'm driving"

signed 06 Dec 2023 4:41pm | 23900


David Ivanov

from Russia

"Forever haunted by the black cat"

signed 06 Dec 2023 11:57am | 23899



from Florida

"I hope he is peaceful."

signed 05 Dec 2023 12:40pm | 23898



from Florida

"I find this website to be highly informative about the life and achievements of Allan Poe. I am quite fond of it."

signed 04 Dec 2023 10:39am | 23897


Aaron Navarrete

from U.S.A., Florida, Earth.

"Poe was an amazing writer, his poetical literature full of satires and even that empirical and transcendental emphasis in some of his works such as "The Fall of the House Usher", reflects that prominence in realism, one of the key factors by which it is said that he has altered the course of modern literature. An eccentric man surrounded by a couple of mysteries and uncertainty that, in fact, boosted those sensitive and hidden meanings due to the diffusion of his social context. A master."

signed 03 Dec 2023 10:03pm | 23896


Shelley Sims

from Kentucky

"Your site is lovely! For any Poe fan, this is a dream and as a fan, and an educator, I'm doubly excited about coming across this. Thank you, for the time and effort you put into this wonderful tribute to Poe."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thank you so much for the compliments!!

signed 03 Dec 2023 4:21pm | 23895


Alejandra Palacio

from Florida

""Edgar Allan Poe was the ultimate storyteller of spookiness and mystery. His awesome poems and crazy tales still hook readers today, as me. Poe rocked at exploring our minds with his cool stories. He's like the king of dark tales, and his legacy lives on in the world of awesome storytelling!""

signed 30 Nov 2023 10:32pm | 23894



from Florida

"I'm very fond of Edgar Allen Poe and his work. Poe's work truly inspires me to write my own poetry."

signed 30 Nov 2023 9:06am | 23893


natalie corado

from FL

"Edgar allen Poe is really one of the most inspirational authors to me just because of everything he has gone through even in an early age he has come through it and became one of the most famous authors of his time and even now,"

signed 29 Nov 2023 11:08pm | 23892


Ella Taylor

from Earth

"Thank you for making this site. It informed me on many things that I did not know about Edgar Alan Poe. It made me think about a lot of different things that he talks about."

signed 29 Nov 2023 1:03pm | 23891



from Florida

"edgar allan poe was an amazing writer who inspired many and still does to this day."

signed 29 Nov 2023 12:08pm | 23890



from Home

"One night we lost power because of a bad hurricane that was passing through. My mother lit candles and gathered the family around for a story. She ended up reading the tell tale heart and it stuck with me for so many years. Thanks for the site, such a treat!"

signed 29 Nov 2023 6:30am | 23889


Mae Mae

from Sanctuary Hills, The Commonwealth

"Poe is an amazing writer, gotta love him- right- Also where are my BSD fans at- haha no ik I like the OG Poe and his works too :D RIP"

signed 28 Nov 2023 5:12pm | 23888


Jackie Silva

from San Bernardino

"He inspired people like the NFL with amazing words . His poets were beautiful and had deep meaning to them . He is a known poet i wish i heard about before ."

signed 28 Nov 2023 2:08pm | 23887



from ukraine,chernobel,earth

"hello im in school right now"

signed 28 Nov 2023 10:54am | 23886



from West Virginia

"Love Poe and these short stories!"

signed 26 Nov 2023 8:45pm | 23885


Jadon Sevilla

from Hesperia, CA

"Hi, it was nice learning about Edgar Allen Poe."

signed 25 Nov 2023 10:21pm | 23884


Jose soto

from USA

""Enthralled by the haunting beauty of Poe's prose and the macabre allure of his tales. His mastery of language and ability to delve into the darkest corners of the human psyche leave an indelible mark on literature. A literary journey through the shadows, guided by the poetic brilliance of Edgar Allan Poe.""

signed 25 Nov 2023 1:10am | 23883



from America

"This site was a very good idea, it puts together Poe's literature together in one place so that people could see them."

signed 21 Nov 2023 1:11pm | 23882


Adel galokas

from Malaybalay city

"Stay home and I really like the past"

signed 21 Nov 2023 10:31am | 23881


Kianna Marin

from United States

"You can find all about Poes early life and about his books. i really liked reading about and learning about him."

signed 20 Nov 2023 10:24pm | 23880



from united states, NC

"even if he was a little weird there is no doubt that he was one of the best authors during his time and had a lot of influence in literature."

signed 20 Nov 2023 10:17pm | 23879




"Edgar Allen Poe is a phenomenal writer who wrote many very interesting stories."

signed 20 Nov 2023 10:06pm | 23878


Lisa Kivach

from USA Wisconsin on planet Gaia

"I gifted you a bag of divination bones you tonight during our writing game at the School of Heaven Earth in Sibyls Cave."

signed 20 Nov 2023 10:03pm | 23877


shae banks

from lenoir NC

"I love this website! It provides facts about Poe and a bunch of his work, as well as its easy to get to what section you want to read."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thanks! I'm really happy you like it!

signed 20 Nov 2023 5:57pm | 23876


Cayden Crump

from u.s. Lenoir

"love the website"

signed 20 Nov 2023 2:46pm | 23875


Cayden Pearson

from U.S.A, North Carolina, Earth

"Wonderful website, thank you!"

signed 20 Nov 2023 2:11pm | 23874



from ohio usa earth

"hi people i love poe!!!!!"

signed 20 Nov 2023 1:20pm | 23873


Shalynn Kreefer

from ohio

"I loved learning about Poe and I think he is very cool!"

signed 20 Nov 2023 12:56pm | 23872



from Usa

"I think your life was very odd but i love the stories that were written"

signed 20 Nov 2023 11:02am | 23871



from Ohio, USA, Earth

"We are studying Poe Edgar Allan Poe jest pisarzem"

signed 20 Nov 2023 9:55am | 23870


Kallie McKeegan

from America, Ohio, Earth

"Hi. thanks for the info."

signed 20 Nov 2023 9:49am | 23869


Scott Vreeland

from Royalton, Illinois U.S.A.

"I am a student and will often use this site to read Poe's stories to glean and learn from."

signed 18 Nov 2023 8:48pm | 23868




"very interesting."

signed 17 Nov 2023 2:33pm | 23867


Sydney Newburn

from United states, Ohio, Earth

"He is a cool dude"

signed 17 Nov 2023 2:32pm | 23866


Mari of Pluto

from Pluto

"Hello Earthlings,

I myself enjoy Edgar Allen Poe as well as you do. He is a very important role in our day to day life, so seeing you guys honor him in such a way is inspiring. The human race is clearly more intelligent than we suspected. Stay safe, and keep reading Edgar Allen Poe stories.

Ciao, Mari of Pluto"

signed 17 Nov 2023 11:07am | 23865



from virginia

"It is nice to have history on a cool website"

signed 17 Nov 2023 11:06am | 23864


Tristan Newcomb

from North Carolina

"To The River was my favorite poem, it has a good theme and is relatable"

signed 17 Nov 2023 9:18am | 23863


angel lanham

from pluto

"Poe was murdered I think and I have to do this for class because thank you for this easy access for you and you the best teacher ever Mrs. Pote Thank you."

signed 17 Nov 2023 8:36am | 23862


Grace Venezia

from California, Earth

"I love Edgar Allan Poe! My dog (a Great Pyrenees) is named Edgar. One of my favorite poems is Lenore and a favorite story of mine is The Black Cat. This site is wonderful!! Thank you :)"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Give Edgar a treat for me!

signed 16 Nov 2023 11:29pm | 23861


Eva Castle

from California

"This website is great and provides worthy information."

signed 16 Nov 2023 3:41pm | 23860


Ronnie White

from Ohio

"Edgar was supper cool fr fr no cappity on god."

signed 16 Nov 2023 2:35pm | 23859


The Real Slim Shady

from Jail

"I like grass a lot."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
touching grass is important!

signed 16 Nov 2023 1:42pm | 23858


Kasey Bond

from Florida

"Edgar Allan poe continued to explore and analyze both deep and hopeful themes throughout his career. Considering his rough childhood. He wrote about deep psychological themes, as well as dark, sinister, and gothic stories. It is inspiring how he was able to become such a prominent name in literature's history."

signed 16 Nov 2023 11:02am | 23857



from lalaland .0.

"i was forced to do this for english. i wanna go home. pls help me."

signed 15 Nov 2023 2:47pm | 23856


Eric Carothers

from Ohio

"#72 EHS, Go wildcats"

signed 15 Nov 2023 2:45pm | 23855


Steve Vahalik

from Your moms house

"What up my boy"

signed 15 Nov 2023 2:44pm | 23854


Chase Shell

from My mom's house.

"Hi pookie."

signed 15 Nov 2023 2:43pm | 23853


Bryson cunningham

from America,Ohio,Earth

"I think Mr Poe well a good man and when we used to go sled riding it was the best times of my life"

signed 15 Nov 2023 2:42pm | 23852


Dylan Long

from America Ohio Earth

"I believe Edgar Allen Poe was a very smart man and he should have gotten more credit for what he did and he had a challenging childhood and he still did impressive things in his life and he is very inspiring to many people."

signed 15 Nov 2023 2:41pm | 23851


Peyton Haught


"Hello all, Sir, Mr. Edgar Allan Poe was a great man"

signed 15 Nov 2023 2:38pm | 23850



from Ohio,America,Earth


signed 15 Nov 2023 2:31pm | 23849


Thomas Falla

from Earth

"Some pretty cool stories"

signed 15 Nov 2023 2:24pm | 23848


Knox Fowler

from United States, Ohio, Earth

"I will start to read about Edgar Allan Poe after this."

signed 15 Nov 2023 2:18pm | 23847



from Somewhere on Earth

"I love Edgar Allan Poe's stories and hope to be able to read more in class someday."

signed 15 Nov 2023 2:16pm | 23846



from America, Virginia, Earth

"Hey there!

You and your team made an awesome website! I definitely will be using it to choose new Poe books to read in the future.


REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thanks! I was just me though. I built this website by myself =)

signed 14 Nov 2023 10:29pm | 23845


lovey phillips

from united states

"My favorite story from Edgar Allan Poe is The Tale Tell Heart. I like that story because it is very interesting!"

signed 14 Nov 2023 9:38pm | 23844



from florida

"I like the stories he made."

signed 14 Nov 2023 8:59pm | 23843


Sam Colbert

from Earth

"i came here because i needed it for school. thank you."

signed 14 Nov 2023 6:30pm | 23842




"i love this website because i am a very big fan of edgar allan poe and i love to read his stories."

signed 14 Nov 2023 3:01pm | 23841


Alexandria Bannon

from WA

"This is one of the BEST sites - such thorough information on top of supporting people with vocabulary. Even going through the timeline and being able to read his works in the order he wrote them was SO phenomenal. Thank you for putting in the effort to make this site so accessible and well-designed."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thank you so much for the compliments!

signed 14 Nov 2023 2:52pm | 23840


Sophia Gomez

from California

"The site is good"

signed 14 Nov 2023 2:22pm | 23839


Thiago Delgado

from CA OAk hills high school

"I am here to write the message that is on this websites for Oak hills high school for a project."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Good job!

signed 14 Nov 2023 1:54pm | 23838


Audrianna McConnell

from Ohio

"Nothing is impossible, in fact, the word itself says "I'm Possible"

signed 14 Nov 2023 1:50pm | 23837


Viviana A

from califonia, united states

"this is for ohhs"

signed 14 Nov 2023 1:25pm | 23836


Hazion Terry AKA HazionTheGoat

from U.S California Oak Hills

"Hello to whoever sees this i'm a student at a school in california called Oak Hills High School. And we are studying mr Allan Poe's books for an assignment. Also i'm gonna make it big one day so if i were you i wouldn't forget the name Hazion Terry"

signed 14 Nov 2023 1:07pm | 23835



from New Jersey

"I had a very good time looking at this website"

signed 14 Nov 2023 12:46pm | 23834



from mars

"Give orange me give eat orange me eat orange give me eat orange give me you."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
"Give Me Orange Give Orange Me Give Eat Orange Me Eat Orange Give Me Eat Orange Give Me You" said in sign language by the chimpanzee Nim, is recognized as the longest phrase communicated by a non-human. The phrase, said in an attempt to be given food, became a meme for its nonsensical nature and length, with the phrase itself being used on TikTok as an audio clip.

signed 14 Nov 2023 11:59am | 23833



from california


signed 14 Nov 2023 11:09am | 23832


Joseph R Healing

from Florida

""The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe has got to be his best works due to its masterful use of language, vivid imagery, and its exploration of themes such as loss and mourning. The poem's melodic qualities, coupled with its mysterious atmosphere, contribute to its enduring appeal, making it a classic example of Poe's prowess in creating haunting and evocative poetry."

signed 13 Nov 2023 9:38pm | 23831


Sofia J


"Poe is a very good writer and author."

signed 13 Nov 2023 7:15pm | 23830



from Florida

"Amazing Website!! Great information! Helped me get a better understanding of Edgar Allan Poe and who he was as a writer."

signed 13 Nov 2023 6:23pm | 23829



from USA,New Jersey, Earth

"Pretty interesting site mainly just using it for a school assignment, but cool i guess."

signed 13 Nov 2023 12:32pm | 23828


paul fenn

from nj

"i like it"

signed 13 Nov 2023 12:20pm | 23827


Senai Kinney

from America,New Jersey,Earth

"Hi. My name is senai."

signed 13 Nov 2023 11:17am | 23826


Payden Janicki

from New Jersey,USA

"thanks for letting me use this website."

signed 13 Nov 2023 11:00am | 23825



from ny

"i liked the poem alone by poe"

signed 12 Nov 2023 11:51pm | 23824


Robert Rose

from Virginia

"Hi, Needed to do this for an assignment"

signed 12 Nov 2023 8:03pm | 23823




"Its cool"

signed 12 Nov 2023 4:26pm | 23822




"this is for a school project"

signed 11 Nov 2023 6:08pm | 23821



from earth, usa, virginia

"someone who totally exists"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
We are happy you exist!

signed 11 Nov 2023 10:43am | 23820



from Florida, USA

"Sites like these that allow me to view stories and texts that I would have never found are great! Thanks for running this site."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You're welcome! Comments like yours make me happy =)

signed 10 Nov 2023 2:14pm | 23819



from Florida

"Edgar Allen Poe was an amazing author he knew what words to use to make the story feel all gloomy and dark . That's my favorite part about his writing how dark it is because not a lot of people like that type of writing and in his own way he made it have some type of bright side but it was all still dark."

signed 10 Nov 2023 8:56am | 23818


megan lowe

from Phelan, CA

"What type of message do I have to write?"

signed 09 Nov 2023 11:55pm | 23817



from New York

"It's funny how someone who was around so long ago gets me. Love the poem the raven"

signed 09 Nov 2023 6:45pm | 23816


Alex M

from Earth

"Hello!! I didn't know Poe wrote horror stories, and after reading The Cask of Amontillado I kind of want to read more."

signed 09 Nov 2023 5:54pm | 23815



from Akkaya

"i think the site is cool it tells us all about him"

signed 09 Nov 2023 3:44pm | 23814



from New York

"hello Poe you were a decent author :)"

signed 09 Nov 2023 1:03pm | 23813



from Florida

"Poe is a very good poet and his poems are good and suspenseful."

signed 09 Nov 2023 12:22pm | 23812



from Albemarle

"I like your books"

signed 09 Nov 2023 11:06am | 23811


Sierra Amber Sky Sumrall

from TX

"he was an intelligent writer and his written was so different"

signed 09 Nov 2023 10:47am | 23810


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