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James Haun

from USA, TN, Sometimes Earth, but a bit ashamed

"I love this, and I am so excited to have found this site. Poe has always been a favorite. Thank you for the great content."

signed 01 Nov 2023 10:20am | 23707



from Illinois

"Hello, I like this site. Poe is a great author i really like how he is set on a specific genre of poetry and how he writes is story."

signed 01 Nov 2023 9:50am | 23706


Colby Swansen

from USA, New Jersey, Earth

"I thought it was cool, there are better websites out there but it was a good website otherwise."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I'm happy you thought it was cool but who has a better Poe website?

signed 01 Nov 2023 9:41am | 23705


Harper Hall

from Illinois

"Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing writer who sadly did not live to see his fame. I am so glad this museum was created to carry on his legacy."

signed 01 Nov 2023 9:13am | 23704


Tip Holden

from America, pennsylvania, earth

"I feel as though Poe's work is one of genius though his background is a little mysterious I still respect him as an author."

signed 01 Nov 2023 8:38am | 23703


Madelyn Edwards

from Illinois

"I think Poe is an amazing author and very talented."

signed 01 Nov 2023 8:29am | 23702


Edward Perry

from NSW

"Great site"

signed 01 Nov 2023 3:12am | 23701


Ameenah Hall

from New Jersey

"Edgar Allan Poe was a profound writer and poet, transforming literature forever. He will always be the most influential writers of all time."

signed 31 Oct 2023 11:15pm | 23700


Gabe Clark

from United jr high school Illinois

"I think Edgar Allan Poe is a weird author because most authors use happy and bright descriptive words and Poe used depressing and dark descriptive words. He also writes about sad things and is also a emo or goth person unlike most authors I know because they are normally happy and write about good things that happen or if there is a problem it normally had a good outcome unlike Poe it is dark things."

signed 31 Oct 2023 10:20pm | 23699



from Illinois

"I think that Edgar Allan Poe is a pretty cool guy. He makes good pomes and other things. I have enjoyed learning about him so far."

signed 31 Oct 2023 10:18pm | 23698


Valerie Yerrick

from Inman South Carolina

"Poe's stories and poetry is fascinating"

signed 31 Oct 2023 6:06pm | 23697


Izabelle Keith

from Little york

"I like that he wrote horror stories/poems. And I think that It is a little cool his death is a mystery."

signed 31 Oct 2023 5:38pm | 23696


Abigail Kendall

from Illinois

"I think Poe was an author with a unique writing style, and he changed the world. Although he didn't live to see his fame it is still good to remember his work."

signed 31 Oct 2023 5:11pm | 23695


Dashawn Rushton

from USA, Pennsylvania, Earth

"I love this site because it tells me all about Edgar Poe. I don't have a favorite. I just love his stories."

signed 31 Oct 2023 4:39pm | 23694


Isaiah Costic

from planet 193848beta, usa, glogldebork

"hi guys"

signed 31 Oct 2023 4:04pm | 23693



from Usa iliionis earth

"What up!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I'm having lunch!

signed 31 Oct 2023 3:58pm | 23692


Duncan A McDaniel

from United States, Mississippi, Earth

"Poe is a writer that inspires those who wish to enter the horror genre and expand upon its boundaries. For he has made literary works of art that stand the test of time. Not many can leave there mark like Poe did, but they certainly help to bring more writers to push what can be created."

signed 31 Oct 2023 2:49pm | 23691


Joslynn frick

from America ,IL, earth

"This was a really cool thing to learn about"

signed 31 Oct 2023 2:29pm | 23690


Stacey Bland

from Paris Texas

"Thank for creating spooky and fun stories."

signed 31 Oct 2023 2:24pm | 23689



from Ohio

"go poe!"

signed 31 Oct 2023 1:33pm | 23688



from California

"I think he has some very good stories and poems and i just might start reading his works."

signed 31 Oct 2023 1:17pm | 23687



from MD

"He was very creative with his literary devices and he used a lot of details which gave the story more suspense."

signed 31 Oct 2023 12:17pm | 23686


Connor McLaughlin


"Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing poet and he wrote many interesting stories."

signed 31 Oct 2023 11:45am | 23685


Izzy Feehan

from Illinois

"Poe is a very interesting author. With a very interesting background. I really enjoyed using this website to learn more about him."

signed 31 Oct 2023 11:36am | 23684


Lindley Burns

from Illinois

"I think this is a very thought-out and nice site. I enjoyed reading about Poe. Poe is a very talented author."

signed 31 Oct 2023 11:26am | 23683


Jack Seiberlich

from Earth

"It is so sad that Edgar Allan Poe will never know how amazing his stories really are and it's such a shame that not many people in his time took notice of them. At least now we see his works every year in English class."

signed 31 Oct 2023 11:21am | 23682



from Maryland

"Edgar Allan Poe is a very interesting person. I like reading his stories. It helps me get an idea of how his brain works. I am a huge fan of good horror stories, so his writings all interest me."

signed 31 Oct 2023 10:49am | 23680


Gavin Nicholas

from Pennsylvania

"Edgar Allan Poe was a very charismatic and mysterious man. His work also inspired a lot of people. Edgar Allen Poe had a big impact in the writing industry."

signed 31 Oct 2023 10:38am | 23679



from Louisville Kentucky

"Edgar Allen Poe one of the greatest poets of all time"

signed 31 Oct 2023 10:19am | 23678



from Louisville, Kentucky

"My favorite poem is to the river because it shows how beautiful nature can be"

signed 31 Oct 2023 10:02am | 23677


Sean Caceres

from United States

"Poe had an interesting life that we surprisingly know so much of even thought were supposed to not know so much."

signed 31 Oct 2023 9:45am | 23676


Madison Maloney


"Hello please put summary and analysis on the site."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I'm not going to do ALL of your work for you =)

signed 31 Oct 2023 9:23am | 23675



from jupiter

"rut roh raggie"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Scooby Doo doesn't actually say "Rut roh", that was Astro from the Jetsons =)

signed 31 Oct 2023 9:22am | 23674



from philadelphia

"Poe sounded like he was such a good person and i am so sorry for all the things he had to go through and his rough childhood."

signed 31 Oct 2023 9:04am | 23673


emily garcia

from florida

"For the plot :0"

signed 31 Oct 2023 8:38am | 23672


Habi Boube

from Maryland

"Hello! For my school assignment, I was told to leave a kind message about Edgar Allan Poe. He has written such incredible stories and poems, he is definitely really talented. I've read Annabel Lee and Alone so far. It's so interesting to read his poems because you can tell they have a deep meaning."

signed 31 Oct 2023 8:32am | 23671



from arcadia, gallifrey

"i love this site so much! you can really see how much passion and work went into this. i'm particularly fond of the word explanations since i'm not a native speaker. my favourite poems are the city in the sea (descriptive! haunting!!), the bells (the rhythm is fascinating) and a dream within a dream (just speaks to me for some reason). haven't read enough short stories yet imo, but the black cat and the tell-tale heart have been haunting me ever since i read them. thanks so much for making this site!! it's a great jumping off point but it's also a joy to return now and again"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thank you for the compliments! I think I see a Doctor Who reference in your location =)

signed 31 Oct 2023 5:14am | 23670




"I enjoy how creative and descriptive Poe's writing is. I also like how he expresses himself in his writing."

signed 30 Oct 2023 11:57pm | 23669



from New Jersey

"Edgar Allen Poe was a unique poet, when he wrote a poem he was not just writing it down but also putting it in a perspective where he made sure we feel what he was writing down."

signed 30 Oct 2023 10:34pm | 23668


Steve Keener

from Mars*

"Poe was an interesting author and person. He wrote awesome poems, but he also married his 13-year-old cousin."

signed 30 Oct 2023 9:59pm | 23667



from USA,Pennsylvania,Earth

"I really liked Edgar Allan Poe as an author because he had a way of bringing his poetry to life. My favorite story is "The Tell-Tale heart"."

signed 30 Oct 2023 9:25pm | 23666


Payden s

from Earth texas usa

"Mrs sons HI"

signed 30 Oct 2023 8:53pm | 23665



from United States, New jersey, Earth

"I think Poe was a great author. The way he demonstrates a brilliant language and way of explaining things is amazing and so original. His imagination too, when you read a poem you never think of it being like Poe's poems."

signed 30 Oct 2023 8:24pm | 23664


Gabriel James

from New York

"Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing Writer who had an untimely death at the age of 40 years old, may he rest in peace."

signed 30 Oct 2023 7:50pm | 23663



from PA

"I really love these poems they are so fluent and soothing. thanks for making a great website for me to get evidence for my wok at school."

signed 30 Oct 2023 6:44pm | 23662



from NJ

"I like his work"

signed 30 Oct 2023 6:40pm | 23661


Tanner Turner

from Earth

"how was ur day"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
It was good! I had a grilled cheese sandwich

signed 30 Oct 2023 5:48pm | 23660


Lilly Radermacher

from Minnesota

"I think Poe was a great author even though he had a tough life he still kept strong through it."

signed 30 Oct 2023 5:37pm | 23659


Maya Garnett

from Maryland, United States

"I think Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing writer and artistic mind who made a huge impact on writing today. He had a very interesting life which I feel affected his stories and creativity as a writer. His stories and poems are one-of-a-kind masterpieces."

signed 30 Oct 2023 4:42pm | 23658


Magdalene Fass

from NJ

"I really enjoyed learning more about Edgar Allan Poe because I didn't know that much about him. It was very interesting to learn about his early life and more of his poems. My favorite poem has to be either The Tell-Tale Heart or The Raven."

signed 30 Oct 2023 4:24pm | 23657



from Maryland

"The stories are fascinating and fun to read, regardless of genre."

signed 30 Oct 2023 4:03pm | 23656


Collin Feliciano

from pennslyvania,america

"Poe is the best poet ever. I like his poems The Raven and The tell Tale Heart."

signed 30 Oct 2023 3:52pm | 23655


Autumn (Cyrus) Gantt

from USA, Texas, Earth

"i like poe :)"

signed 30 Oct 2023 3:19pm | 23654



from MN

"my favorite poem is city by the sea i like the way everything lines up and the rhyme"

signed 30 Oct 2023 3:09pm | 23653


Marlie Ann Schlangen

from USA MN

"Edgar Allan Poe was and is a very unique author. He isn't normal and that's what i like about him and his work. A lot of his work is true and some II can even relate to. He was unappreciated at the time of his writing and it would be awesome if he was more appreciated before the time of his death. He will always be a loved author."

signed 30 Oct 2023 3:05pm | 23652


Lydia Deters

from USA

"I think the site is good and it tells you a lot of information on poe."

signed 30 Oct 2023 2:59pm | 23651


Lydia primus


"I liked seeing his poems."

signed 30 Oct 2023 2:47pm | 23650



from U.S.A

"I think that Edgar Alan Poe was very creative, and he also made it feel like you were right there. He often used eerie themes however he did it right. He was a wonderful poet and an amazing writer."

signed 30 Oct 2023 2:45pm | 23649



from USA

"Although he didnt have the best childhood he became one of the most well know poets."

signed 30 Oct 2023 2:04pm | 23648



from mars

"I like his poems because i like horror and i like the way he thinks as well."

signed 30 Oct 2023 1:55pm | 23647



from Minnesota

"he was A very good poet"

signed 30 Oct 2023 1:50pm | 23646



from Brooten Minnesota Jupiter

"hello edgar I am a big fan of your paper and support it"

signed 30 Oct 2023 1:49pm | 23645



from Minnesota

"He is a good author and went through a lot in his younger years but he tried hard and worked through it all which makes him the author he is."

signed 30 Oct 2023 1:46pm | 23644


grayson rooney

from minnesota

"I think this site is pretty cool."

signed 30 Oct 2023 1:46pm | 23643



from mn

"it doesn't always happen the first time keep trying"

signed 30 Oct 2023 1:42pm | 23642



from California

"I really enjoy him as an author and from learning about him i want to read more of his work"

signed 30 Oct 2023 1:39pm | 23641



from california


signed 30 Oct 2023 1:25pm | 23640



from Earth

"This website is cool and it teaches me a lot about Edgar Allen Poe"

signed 30 Oct 2023 12:55pm | 23639



from Philadelphia, Pa

"The website is very informational about Poe's life and the poems and quotes that have been done and said by him. Poe is very important in the history of literature. He has a very different outlook and taste in ways he wrote his books. He looked into the minds of people and wrote off what he saw."

signed 30 Oct 2023 12:39pm | 23638


Emmanuel Charlton

from United States Of America, Pennsylvania, Earth

"This man has absolutely amazing poetry and so many good journal pieces."

signed 30 Oct 2023 12:27pm | 23637



from New Jersey

"This website was really nice and I liked how it had Poe's poems so I could see what poems he made and read them."

signed 30 Oct 2023 12:26pm | 23636



from nj

"I believe poe is a talented author and its really cool to learn about him."

signed 30 Oct 2023 12:15pm | 23635


Sierra Scatliffe

from Florida

"Edgar Allan Poe was pretty cool :)"

signed 30 Oct 2023 11:55am | 23634


luis gonzalez

from earth, florida, usa

"he's a good writer"

signed 30 Oct 2023 11:54am | 23633


Alexander C

from Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, USA Earth

"Poe as an author is very creative of him, all of his stories set up the mood and tone, and his creepy/eerie stories are amazing."

signed 30 Oct 2023 11:52am | 23632


Hayden Wilkerson


"Edgar Allan Poe is an interesting person, and an amazing poet"

signed 30 Oct 2023 11:40am | 23631



from Hasbrouck heights, NJ

"Edgar Allan Poe's stories are interesting and kind of spooky. Thanks for sharing them with us!"

signed 30 Oct 2023 11:30am | 23630



from Earth

"It would certainly be interesting to see into his mind and discover what lurked there to make him such an author."

signed 30 Oct 2023 11:13am | 23629



from United States

"Edgar, though a talented writer, he was kind of messed up in the head."

signed 30 Oct 2023 10:59am | 23628



from texas

"Question 15"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
What was Question 14?

signed 30 Oct 2023 10:57am | 23627


Mason Kelley

from Texas

"This site is a bit odd, makes me wonder if Poe would even appreciate all the people who love him."

signed 30 Oct 2023 10:09am | 23626



from Maryland, Earth

"Hello! I hope you are doing well (you know, despite being dead). From what I've heard, you've made some pretty good poems, and I will admit, the one I've heard is pretty good. So um, yea, hope you see this, or something, goodbye!."

signed 30 Oct 2023 10:01am | 23625



from Kentucky

"I think this website is very educational and fun to read. Poe I think is very cool and creates a good character."

signed 30 Oct 2023 9:56am | 23624



from Fl, USA

"I found all this information so interesting, thank you for sharing facts about Edgar Allan Poe. People like me that didn't know him founded it amazing."

signed 30 Oct 2023 9:53am | 23623


Janelle Capin

from United States

"Hi I really enjoyed this assignment :)"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I'm really happy to hear that!

signed 30 Oct 2023 9:32am | 23622



from Florida

"Poe is an incredible writer and poet and I'm glad his archives and information are kept somewhere to look at. His story is so interesting and he should be taught and remembered for years."

signed 30 Oct 2023 8:51am | 23621


fri r

from usa

"Overall, the site is nice and well-made. Although I never read his stories, by reading the poem Alone, I can tell he was a great writer."

signed 29 Oct 2023 10:12pm | 23620



from united states

"I think Poe is a great poet. He has written stories that I feel like many could not. His stories are very interesting and continue to be loved today."

signed 29 Oct 2023 9:53pm | 23619


Santino Penales


"I'm Santino and after doing Research about Edgar Poe, I'm pleased with how good he is in literature and that he is one of the most Influential authors in literature."

signed 29 Oct 2023 7:37pm | 23618


Ephraim Polanco


"Poe was an incredible author and his books mad me feel like I was in the story. The only thing that I could hope for is that he was still alive today so that he could write more books."

signed 29 Oct 2023 5:00pm | 23617


Andrew Nicol

from Chicago Illinois

"Poe was a very talented and gifted writer that used precise description in his poems and stories. I really enjoy listening and reading his stories because of how interesting and well written they are. My favorite story by Poe is the Tell-Tale Heart. I really enjoy the creepy build up of the plot."

signed 29 Oct 2023 1:57pm | 23616



from Canada,Alberta,Edmonton

"Big Poe fan"

signed 28 Oct 2023 9:40pm | 23615


nathaniel waltemath

from north america,south carolina,earth

"I really like the way poe makes so many poems and stories in a tight amount of time compared to how long it takes others in that time to publish their books and poems and the amount of techniques that poe uses like foreshadowing and alliteration and just the assortment of poe's vocabulary as well for example the raven has so many words most wouldn't be able to the definition of right off the top of their head."

signed 28 Oct 2023 4:50pm | 23614


Joshua Trosclair

from LA

"Was going over references for the Netflix show and stumbled upon the site. I chose Poe many times while given a writing or reference assignment in school. My favorite was Tell-tale heart because it really got my wheels spinning."

signed 28 Oct 2023 4:30am | 23613



from New Jersey

"Edgar Allan Poe has amazing descriptive language in his writing and really paints a picture in your mind."

signed 27 Oct 2023 10:19pm | 23612


Zar O

from United States

"I don't know what to write here."

signed 27 Oct 2023 3:51pm | 23611



from Earth

"Loneliness is the best success at peace."

signed 27 Oct 2023 1:44pm | 23610


la t

from venus

"I think Edgar Allen Poe was a very smart and imaginative person and I think it would be cool to meet him and ask him why he became a writer."

signed 27 Oct 2023 1:15pm | 23609



from New Jersey

"Everything is creepy and weird but interesting."

signed 27 Oct 2023 12:34pm | 23608


Rocco Pantiliano

from united states new jersey earth

"i like his work"

signed 27 Oct 2023 12:22pm | 23607


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