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from Grover

"Its soooooooooo Awsome"

signed 06 Apr 2006 12:00pm | 216



from Imperial Beach, California

"omg i love this site.......i am a huge fan of edgar allan poe's work it's just so dark and mysterious! I LOVE IT!"

signed 03 Apr 2006 10:08pm | 215



from UndeR YouR BeD

"Hey, I love Poe, and its good to see a nice fansite. I like the quotes. [especially "They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." , because I've made a hobby of daydreaming]"

signed 03 Apr 2006 1:13pm | 214



from USA DE.

"Thank you."

signed 02 Apr 2006 8:28pm | 212



from US, TX


signed 31 Mar 2006 2:39pm | 211



from Clifton

"hey, what up"

signed 29 Mar 2006 3:05pm | 209



from USA

"truly good site.. not only as one dedicated to Poe.. but the look and layout.. gfj-dude. one feels good looking at it. "Ride, boldly ride," The shade replied - "If you seek for Eldorado!" life must be a bold ride.. Poe is trying to tell us this. he tried, but could not make it. his etermal soul rests. thx"

signed 27 Mar 2006 9:36pm | 208


alexander salvo

from chile-santiago

"porfavor mandar u cuestionario completo de el libro narraciones extraordinarias de Edgar Allan Poe; para especificar cuestionario de los capitulos: el retrato ovalado, el escarabajo de oro, el pozo y el pendulo, el gato negro, manuscrito hallado en una botella y los crimenes de la calle morgue"

signed 25 Mar 2006 5:15pm | 207



from Los Angeles Ca Earth

"I love your poems Edgar may you rest in peace also I love your books and everything else u made."

signed 22 Mar 2006 10:16pm | 205


tyler nail

from usa, nc., earth?

"i love edgar allan poe and respect you for honoring this great author by putting this information here for others to learn."

signed 20 Mar 2006 7:43pm | 204



from Huntington, WV, Hellsville

"My favorite poems in the world!"

signed 14 Mar 2006 1:46pm | 202



from North Carolina

""The Raven" is a chilling read and fun to analyze with my students. They finally "get" Poe when they read it."

signed 13 Mar 2006 12:57pm | 201



from Montana

"I am very glad I found this site. It helped me a lot when my mom assigned me to read one of his stories and I know it will help me in the future for other assigned work or recreation. keep up the good work Robert!"

signed 10 Mar 2006 2:42pm | 197



from Calgary, Canada

"nice piece of work you have here, thank you"

signed 05 Mar 2006 4:29pm | 192


aashish vora

from mumbai, india

"the most intellectual writer of nineteenth century - Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 01 Mar 2006 12:19pm | 191



from CNMI - Tinian

"Wow! This site is AMAZING! Very Informational and interesting...Wonderful Resource...."

signed 27 Feb 2006 3:04am | 189




"I love this very page."

signed 24 Feb 2006 8:54am | 188


Erin M

from Wisconsin, USA

"Hey there!"

signed 15 Feb 2006 10:26pm | 184



from USA

"Great site."

signed 12 Feb 2006 11:12pm | 183



from Earth

"This site is awesome. I used to think Poe was just some creepy dead guy who wrote weird stroies, but after exploring your site I have come to love his stories. The Black Cat and Annabell Lee are my favs."

signed 12 Feb 2006 8:34pm | 182



from United States

"This is a great site!"

signed 08 Feb 2006 4:14pm | 180



from aledo,texas

"allison says "hi." edgar allan poe is a master of rhythm and rhyme and i envy his natural ability to produce such entrancing short stories and poems. he is dearly missed."

signed 08 Feb 2006 1:10pm | 179



from los angeles

"Thanks so much for creating this wonderful site. It's a great resource and quite well-done. The Raven and The Tell-Tale Heart are my faves. Brilliant use of language and the psychological intensity of each is extraordinary. (okay that's true of Poe in any case, but these are stand-outs, I think.)"

signed 06 Feb 2006 12:41am | 178


John Harrison

from San Antonio, Texas

"My very favorite poem is the raven. I am entranced by its rhyme and meter. Second favorite is the bells."

signed 02 Feb 2006 2:23pm | 175


crunchy bacon

from Florida

"Dear Poe. The Best story I read was The Raven."

signed 02 Feb 2006 9:57am | 174


Ayah Abdul-Samad

from IL, USA

"i think that this site is very informational and interesting. my favorite story is the masque of the red death. thank you!"

signed 01 Feb 2006 12:54pm | 173



from Spring Hill, Fl

"I love this site"

signed 31 Jan 2006 8:12pm | 172



from Prague, Czech Republic

"i really liked this site. i am doing a report and i know a lot now. WOOT WOOT!!"

signed 31 Jan 2006 1:52pm | 171



from Frisco,Texas

"Edgar Allan Poe remains my favorite author. My Birthday is the same as his father's. Yayeah-s. People say I write like E-Poe, when I'm not typing all "internet" style and stuff like that... Thanks for bein' cool, whoever you are."

signed 28 Jan 2006 7:22pm | 170


Ty Salsbery

from Dickinson ND (US)

"i really enjoyed your site. it helped me in making my lesson plan relating to Poe. Good work!"

signed 26 Jan 2006 3:15pm | 167



from Juárez-Chihuahua-México

"Great site dedicated to a great author. Thanx for being so devoted to Poe's work. Best Wishes."

signed 22 Jan 2006 4:12pm | 166



from Somewhere Tx Pluto

"I love the way the site is set up so that many of his stories can be easily accessed."

signed 19 Jan 2006 10:37am | 165



from west springfield ma

"Poe is the man and dont you forget it. he will forever be the master of short stories.poems. you name it!!!"

signed 18 Jan 2006 12:16am | 164



from earth

"what insired him the most?"

signed 13 Jan 2006 11:35am | 163



from united statesRhode Island

"You have the most intriguing stories. I really do enjoy reading them."

signed 12 Jan 2006 8:15pm | 162




"looking for a story for my grade 10 student"

signed 10 Jan 2006 1:29pm | 161



from Utah- United States

"This site really helped me out on my school report. Thank you so much, it's amazing."

signed 06 Jan 2006 1:22am | 160



from Washington USA

"I really like this site. It's now in my favorites! -Kimber"

signed 04 Jan 2006 7:31pm | 159



from United States of America

"Edgar Allan Poe is beginning to be one of my favorite authors. His talent is mysterious, and well known to be fantastic! He makes me shiver... wondering at night what his life was like, and if it ever was like what he writes in his books. Is his life really mysterious to the unknown?"

signed 12 Dec 2005 6:07pm | 158



from Georgia

"I love your site! The colors and the graphics tell so much about Poe! My favorite story of all time is the Oval Portrait!"

signed 07 Dec 2005 3:40pm | 157


Mr. Bojangles

from Shannon Ireland

"This is an awesome site! You should get all of Poes work and spread it through the site though. My favorite poem is Annabelle Lee. My cousin read it to me as a child and now its my fave."

signed 06 Dec 2005 12:42pm | 156


erica whitecrow

from oklahoma


signed 30 Nov 2005 10:00am | 155



from Canada

"I started reading Poe in grade 9 for a L.A. project, and now im in grade 10 and i still read him. I've read a tell-tale heart like 100 times and the black cat 200 times :P.. Edgar Allan Poe is amazing. Im glad his work still lives on in this day and age! Just wanna shout that Edgar Allan Poe is the sh__!!"

signed 29 Nov 2005 1:37am | 154



from manila philippines

"i found edgar allan poe's life very interesting, now i found this site, and gave more infos about him... i just love his work. long live the great artist! long live Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 25 Nov 2005 9:59pm | 153



from MA.

"I just wanted to let you know i love Poe's poem "Spirits of the Dead" but i'm having a little bit of trouble to find out the meaning of this poem. Keep up with making Poe's work come back to life."

signed 24 Nov 2005 8:29pm | 152



from Canada

"I love this site. Its very well done and the word list is super useful. Thank you for making Poe's work come alive for me in a new way."

signed 15 Nov 2005 10:18pm | 120



from texas

"I think Poe was a wonderful writer and I'm sorry he had to die that way but all good people die."

signed 15 Nov 2005 5:49pm | 119


rachael and amanda

from uranus

"hey hey hey hey hey hey hey.. umm. wow that was cool wasn't it?!?!?! anyways... i will talk to you guys soon.. ok? and uh yea.. well.. yup by the way poe is awesome.. : ) ~rachael and amanda"

signed 15 Nov 2005 10:39am | 118


Kyleigh Threatte

from Claxton Ga

"This is an amazing website and I enjoyed it very much."

signed 14 Nov 2005 3:56pm | 100



from Texas

"I favor the Masque of the Red Death. But Poe's works express the thoughts of a troubled soul, and I think that anyone can identify with his work in one way or another."

signed 10 Nov 2005 3:40pm | 99



from usa kentucky

"hey i really like your books"

signed 09 Nov 2005 12:34pm | 98


Kimberly Brewer

from USA

"I don't really have a favorite. It changes depending on my mood and Poe has something for every one of my moods and personalities."

signed 07 Nov 2005 4:43pm | 97


chanice williams

from jacksonms earth

"My favorite story is The Tell Tale Heart. I just like it because the man sounds insane."

signed 04 Nov 2005 3:43pm | 87



from america

"Well I really like the work that poe writes because I can relate to a lot of it."

signed 04 Nov 2005 3:24pm | 86



from U.S.A.Oklahoma

"I like this web site. Poe rocks! he's a freak like me! lol. Masque of the Red Death is an awesome story!"

signed 01 Nov 2005 3:39pm | 85




"My favorite stories? The black cat as I'm a cat fan..."

signed 31 Oct 2005 8:01am | 84


A P Bailey

from Greenville SC USA

"I love it"

signed 26 Oct 2005 9:18pm | 83



from Canada

"This is an amazing site. Very beautiful visually and of course featuring one of my favorite authors. -Maria"

signed 26 Oct 2005 2:39pm | 82



from Chesapeake VA

"What a great Poe resource Well organized and thorough The Murders at the Rue Morgue and Cask of Amontillado are my favorites They are the stories that got me hooked"

signed 25 Oct 2005 5:57pm | 81



from Sydney Australia

"Good website well planned"

signed 23 Oct 2005 9:50pm | 80


Patrick Couch

from morganton nc pluto

"I love POE"

signed 19 Oct 2005 10:19pm | 79



from tenn

"The Raven is so sad but happy- my heart fills with mixed feelings. Poe is a writer past and present, future, other worlds. I may be in middle school, but it doesn't mean I don't know good poetry when I see it. GO GO GO GO GO GO EDGAR ALLAN POE !!!!!!!!!! Read his stories today!!!!!!!!!!"

signed 19 Oct 2005 9:55pm | 78


Tyler Saunders

from maine


signed 18 Oct 2005 10:49am | 77



from Usa

"I love Edgar Allan's work! It's brilliant. He does it so well and in such a way to make you feel like you were there. He gives u this chill It's amazing! He's my favorite and truly is an amazing writer. I'd have to say this web site has done a fantastic job with the bios and stories and summaries."

signed 17 Oct 2005 11:31pm | 76



from OHIO

"This has a lot of good info on edgar allan poe"

signed 17 Oct 2005 9:39am | 75



from california

"dude poe is the sickest poem writer ever if only he were alive to show me how to write like that...=["

signed 15 Oct 2005 12:31am | 74



from guatemala

"Hi, I`m an english teacher, I was looking for a good website to encourage my students to read in English. This is an excellent page, specially because I love Poe`s stories and his way of writing."

signed 14 Oct 2005 2:12pm | 73



from Spokane. Washington. The Sun.

"Poe... He is Nihilistic, And Twisted. Just Like ME!"

signed 13 Oct 2005 3:25am | 72


miklos halmos

from New Orleans

"I have to memorize the Raven for school, Poe was a disturbed man!"

signed 12 Oct 2005 9:41pm | 71



from Oklahoma USA

"I am a fan of Poe, I like the darkness of his poetry."

signed 12 Oct 2005 2:39pm | 70


Kyleigh Threatte

from Georgia USA

"I think Poe's stories are very good. They tell of his life which gives readers a perspective of what he lived through."

signed 05 Oct 2005 9:07pm | 69


Mary Fran

from Minneapolis Minnesota

"I'm a high school teacher and this is a great resource for my students!"

signed 02 Oct 2005 12:49pm | 68


T J Wilson

from Backwoods Alaska

"Please apply poe like barrier for the geeks who will think this is witchcraft. Send them on Quantum leap goose chase. Good luck. TJ"

signed 01 Oct 2005 2:24am | 67



from Kansas

"We had to do an assignment for school over E.A. Poe and this site was very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to make it!!!!"

signed 28 Sep 2005 6:08pm | 66


tim lackhouse

from saturn

"awesome, rob. what a deserving dedication to Poe."

signed 22 Sep 2005 2:24am | 65


Lori D.

from Florida

"Rob, Amazing like everything you do. Love, Lori"

signed 11 Sep 2005 11:12am | 63


Not Noticed

from Mars

"How come he couldn't stay alive? It's not fair. Tell Tale Heart rocks!"

signed 24 Aug 2005 4:52pm | 55


anabel reyes

from long beach california u. s.

"favorite poem - For Annie. Favorite story - The Cask of Amontillado... i dont think i need to explain why..."

signed 16 Aug 2005 2:53pm | 54


Carol Helmke

from Iowa

"great info!!"

signed 16 Aug 2005 2:26pm | 53



from Alberta

"Poe was truly an incredible writer, twould' have been an amazing oppurtunity to have met the man in person. One thing that piques my interest however, is the possibility that Poe might have had a few writings which never saw the light of day. Poe's Lost Excerpts are out there..."

signed 14 Aug 2005 2:30am | 52



from Kentucky

"Poe is an amazing author and one of my favortites. I love the fact you have a site based solely on him. Keep up the good work. P.S. This site is now on my favorites."

signed 11 Aug 2005 5:23pm | 51



from California

"It's wonderful! You've done an amazing job. Keep up the great work. Poe~"

signed 09 Aug 2005 4:53am | 50



from israel

"great great web! thank you."

signed 29 Jul 2005 3:28pm | 49


Barry Webster

from South Florida

"Robert this is a very interesting site- will talk to you about it when I see you -Barry"

signed 27 Jul 2005 9:05am | 48



from Iowa

"My high school english teacher introduced me to Edgar Allan Poe.. We read the House of Usher in class.. very interesting.."

signed 25 Jul 2005 8:05pm | 47



from Freeport Illinois

"Hello there dear. Wow, this is a very intricate site. I love the summaries page, because it is so often that people have no idea what Poe is talking about, and that makes it all the more easier for them. Good work. Kisses, Natalie"

signed 23 Jul 2005 8:57pm | 46


Seth Nenninger

from USA

"Very good work, nice webpage."

signed 11 Jul 2005 5:05pm | 44


Joseph Cerroni

from South Austin TX

"Great site man. My favorite Poe story is "The Masque of the Red Death""

signed 08 Jul 2005 11:44pm | 29


Professor Fether

from The Asylum

"Most excellent site, one of the best on Poe I've come across. And I've checked out hundreds. As you can see from my "name" I am a huge Poe fan. We are adding a Poe section to our website, We will have a link to your site. Come check us out. Sign our Guestbook, too."

signed 08 Jul 2005 2:39pm | 28


Weatherburn Mancinelli

from USA

signed 06 Jul 2005 7:23pm | 27



from Slough UK

"Thanks, I was looking for a transcript of the Raven to read my kids (age 6) and found a link to your site...and soooo much more. Great stuff!!"

signed 06 Jul 2005 4:08pm | 26



from mvd uruguay

"Thanks, this page helps me a lot. I am a professor and need to know more and better each day. As you can see english is not my first language. excuse my mistakes. -ali"

signed 04 Jul 2005 5:25am | 25


melody martin

from florida unfortunately

"I think you've thought this out quite well and are going to have lots of success in helping others to better understand Poe and his writings... I'm impressed! and by the way, I think that antique book on the homepage is beautiful! ha ha I'm glad you were able to use it. xo melody"

signed 03 Jul 2005 9:25pm | 24


Jack Morefield

from Boston MA

"This is an all inclusive, awesome site. bookmarked"

signed 01 Jul 2005 3:19pm | 22



from Close 2 Chicago

"I think you've done a wonderful job, Rob! Congrats on such an awesome website!! I'm sure I'll be coming here for all my research papers on Poe in college! Love yaaa!"

signed 30 Jun 2005 1:00am | 21



from Florida

"Babe, this blew my mind! I continue to learn more and more about the wonders of what you do! Great Job sweet, I'm so proud of you and I applaud your efforts. Love."

signed 29 Jun 2005 6:03pm | 20


Heather Shrewsbury

from United States Virginia

"Hey Rob!!!! Nice website!!!!"

signed 28 Jun 2005 11:46pm | 19


alicia nicole

from earth

"Very beautiful work you've done here. The site looks fantastic:) and I love Edgar Allan Poe :) <3 good job robert."

signed 24 Jun 2005 1:13am | 3



from Florida

"Rob, I think this website was a fantastic idea, and I'm really proud of you for getting it up and running. I only hope that people enjoy it half as much as you do. You worked really hard on this, and it's really come along nicely. You did an awesome job. <3"

signed 23 Jun 2005 11:53pm | 2


Robert Giordano

from "The City in the Sea"

"Okay this is just me testing the guestbook, v2... This is my Edgar Allan Poe site. I work on it at 4am when I can't sleep (which is quite often). Part of my personal struggle is figuring out where Poe went wrong. When he wrote "The Raven" in 1845, he was working 14-hour days and still couldn't make enough money to support himself and his wife."

signed 23 Jun 2005 11:36pm | 1


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