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Ricardo Bahena

from USA

"Spirits of The Dead is my favorite poem. That one just gets to my inner soul somehow. I am in food service and a mechanic and have a son that is 15 months old. I love this site for its info and for Poe's stories and poems. I have been a fan of Edgar A Poe since I was in JR High - Rock on Edgar."

signed 11 Feb 2008 4:59pm 



from no where

"This website is amazing - I love to come on here in my free time and read stories by Poe. I love his works, especially his stories. There's nothing better than reading a story by him late at night by yourself while enjoying a cup of diet coke. :D"

signed 11 Feb 2008 1:05am 


September Bush

from IL, usa

"First this site is great and I love how you really put into this site, it looks great. Edgar would be proud. I have always loved Mr. Poe's Poems and I can relate to them, he is the great master of poems. I love The Fall of the House of Usher, how it has to do with premature burial. I'm his biggest fan"

signed 10 Feb 2008 5:57pm 


Greg Parker

from Perry Florida

"Poe is a genius. he is the only writer that i can truly understand what he was thinking when i read his works"

signed 10 Feb 2008 5:01pm 


Rijk Christmann

from Vienna, Austria

"Wow!!! This website is awesome! I'm doing a research paper on Poe and this site is sooooooo helpful! Thanks for putting it up and maintaining it!"

signed 10 Feb 2008 1:33pm 



from ohio

"i really like the story 'The Masque of the Red Death'. we read it in our 10th grade english class. i thought it was really neat and i decided to look up Edgar Allan Poe. he has really interesting stories and poems. i'm trying to convince my english teacher to take us to the museum in Virginia."

signed 09 Feb 2008 9:35pm 



from Miller Place, NY

"This is an amazing website! The time and care you put into maintaining this site must be extraordinary. I am a high school teacher and huge Poe fan. This website is a wonderful resource. Thank you!"

signed 09 Feb 2008 5:31pm 



from u.s.a colorado Earth

"i think he rocks"

signed 08 Feb 2008 11:35pm 


Skye Highland

from Minnesota USA

"I started reading Poe's works in 10th grade (last year) and I can honestly say, as a 17-year-old girl, that I LOVE his stories. My favorite story by far is The Tell-Tale Heart. It's so informative about how he cannot keep his insanity under control. I love this site very, very much. -Skye-"

signed 08 Feb 2008 3:53pm 


Amanda V.

from chatsworth, IL

"Edgar Allan Poe was an Amazing Poet and short story writer. I LOVE reading his work. i am currently working on a presentation about Edgar Allan Poe for my English III class. this site is a lot of help for finding information! thank you."

signed 08 Feb 2008 11:36am 



from usa

"i've just started reading his books and poems, and they rock!!!"

signed 08 Feb 2008 10:22am 


Snoop Dogg

from Tha Ghetto!

"Yo dog! I love yo site fa sho! Poe da best."

signed 07 Feb 2008 1:54pm 


Amanda Savoy

from Venus

"Poe is an excellent writer, and we just read the Raven, and Black Cat in junior English. Some words are difficult, but you get used to them. I do personally feel sorry for this man that lost all the women he loved of TB. This site is wonderful."

signed 07 Feb 2008 1:47pm 


Holly H

from Earth, Kansas

"OMG! This man is sexy!"

signed 07 Feb 2008 11:13am 


caitlin miller

from scary school

"hey yo wuz up. i am like poe. we have both had a horrid life. we r both writers of poetry. we have both lost loved ones. my mom didnt die but i wuz taken away 4rm her i really wish i could meet him. he is the fine line between genius and insanity. i really luv his poems. if he wuz alive i would xob cuz he iz cool"

signed 06 Feb 2008 11:42am 


Desiree Romero

from chino hills,ca 91709

"Edgar Allan Poe is the man! he is also my hero an i love his work... he is my all time fav poet!! if i was alive in his time i would like party! hahaha but for real he's the coolest poet i know..."

signed 05 Feb 2008 10:15pm 


~jherome Vargas~

from Philippines

"he is a great writer!! he is one of my idols in literature!!"

signed 05 Feb 2008 8:51pm 


mioke sills

from port charlotte floridia

"it helped me with a report on mr. poe"

signed 05 Feb 2008 2:58pm 



from USA, Ca, Earth, California

"Truly amazing website."

signed 05 Feb 2008 2:05pm 



from hollywood

"my name is kimberly. my favorite story of edgar allan poe is the tell tale heart. it is my favorite because it is so descriptive. i would also say that my favorite poem is the raven."

signed 05 Feb 2008 12:33pm 



from Butler, G.A.

"i love all of Edgar Allan Poe's poems some more than others but this web site really helped me on a High School Poetry Portfolio which i was very thrilled to be assigned. Thank you for the helpful information"

signed 05 Feb 2008 11:18am 



from chicago

"This is a very great site for information on Poe. This site has everything you need if you wanted to do a class paper on him. One day would like to take a trip there with my best friend. We are big fans and thank you for a great site."

signed 04 Feb 2008 7:45pm 


Brandon Radich

from Gloucester, NJ

"Edgar Allan Poe is so gruesome, yet inspiring. He should have had a much better life. This site helped me soooo much writing a biography about him for my college English class. Thanks!"

signed 04 Feb 2008 6:00pm 


Adrienne Ross

from Savannah

"hello, my class is reading the story THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO. I LIKE IT... ITS A REALLY GOOD STORY..."

signed 04 Feb 2008 5:09pm 


Tadaria Perkins

from Forrest City, Arkansas

"Edgar Allan Poe Is A Wonderful Author!!!!!"

signed 04 Feb 2008 3:01pm 



from Rhode Island

"i really like the poem "Alone" it was really deep and i just like his poems in total!!! :):)"

signed 03 Feb 2008 6:08pm 


Chelsea I. Hart

from Usa, Sc

"Poe is a god!"

signed 03 Feb 2008 4:02pm 



from The Jersey Shore, USA

"I read Poe 30 years ago. Now, I am enjoying it again as I read it with my son. Thank you for this wonderful web site."

signed 02 Feb 2008 10:29pm 


Efkan OGUZ

from Turkey

"This site is perfect for an Edgar reader. I just began to read Edgar and the imagination he gave is very deep and detailed... Good Days"

signed 02 Feb 2008 12:02pm 





signed 01 Feb 2008 8:16pm 


Dakota Pleasant

from Many Louisiana

"I most enjoyed the story entitled The Masque of the Red Death because it had heart to it and it had some extremely clear points put in about everyday life and death."

signed 01 Feb 2008 3:38pm 



from Washington, USA

"Mr. Poe has been an inspiration to me since i was little. his writing can really relate to the world around you. i just wish more people would take the time to appreciate poetry."

signed 01 Feb 2008 5:47am 


Sava Ard

from Earth, Milky Way, The Universe

"I love Poe, he uses great emotion in his work. He died and left some of the greatest stories behind."

signed 31 Jan 2008 9:04pm 



from Chicago

"I love Edgar Allen Poe. He writes the best short stories. I love The Raven, The Fall of the House of Usher, and more."

signed 31 Jan 2008 10:42am 




"I Love Edgar Allen Poe. He is a fantastic writer. His stories and poems are so great. I wish he could have written more."

signed 31 Jan 2008 8:58am 


Michael Smith

from Georgia, United States

"I came here to use as a reference for my English Comp II class and I was very impressed by your flawless website all about Poe. Everything you've done here is virtually seamless and very helpful for anyone here for school, work, or free time."

signed 30 Jan 2008 12:35pm 



from New hampshire

"awesome. I wanna refer it"

signed 30 Jan 2008 6:39am 



from The Abyss

"I've just recently started reading some of Poe's work, and I love it! More of the poetry than stories, but all of them are amazing works of literature. I'm doing a report for school on him anyway, so this site helps so much. Glad to know there are other Poe fans out there!"

signed 29 Jan 2008 5:40pm 



from michigan

"I remember reading poe in 7th grade and not really understanding it so not liking it. now that i'm older i have come to love him and i think this is the best website i have found."

signed 29 Jan 2008 10:24am 


Kara Leroux

from New Orleans, LA

"I love this site and Poe. I'm writing a story based on him, and this page really helped. Thank you!"

signed 28 Jan 2008 11:34pm 


Hanna Mills

from Kentucky

"i love this dude and im happy to sign this guest book i love this man and his work!"

signed 27 Jan 2008 6:49pm 



from somewhere over the rainbow

"I love Poe's works and I'm definitely bookmarking this page!"

signed 27 Jan 2008 6:49pm 



from Oklahoma

"Edgar Allan Poe has got to be one of the most amazing authors EVER, if not the greatest! His poems are incredible, and his shorts stories are great! I love all his work! R.I.P. Edgar Allan Poe!"

signed 27 Jan 2008 6:17pm 


Andy Kelleher

from San Rafael, CA

"I am a retired high school asst. principal currently volunteering and conducting a Junior Great Books program for 6th, 7th, & 8th graders at Mission San Raphael School. I am finding this site invaluable, esp. the printable poetry texts and vocab."

signed 27 Jan 2008 5:49pm 



from U.S.A, Kansas, Earth

"I think The Raven is a very good poem. It has great rhyming. I think it's a good story. Yes it's an opinion."

signed 25 Jan 2008 10:26pm 



from Serbia

"True genius knows no borders. I'm from Serbia and I have loved Poe since I was 14... All the biographies and all the works that I have read still make me want to know more. Thank you for this site."

signed 25 Jan 2008 8:34pm 



from St.Cloud. Fl

"i like this site... i love edgar allan poe and his poems... i cant choose which one is my favorite... i love them all. he is such an amazing poet and author."

signed 25 Jan 2008 10:05am 



from phillipines

"the horrifying short stories of edgar allan poe"

signed 25 Jan 2008 7:27am 


Lucia Jimenez

from chicago IL

"edgar allan poe is one of my favorite authors and poets. His work is like no other, and when I read one of his poems or stories it makes me think a lot. His work is classic and very unforgettable. i truly admire him in so many ways. He is the very best!..."

signed 24 Jan 2008 5:44pm 


Paul Tromba

from LaGrange, Kentucky

"Love his work, yayayay. xP"

signed 23 Jan 2008 6:43pm 



from Alabama

"This is an awesome site!!!"

signed 22 Jan 2008 3:25pm 


andrea lemon

from louisiana, new orleans u.s.

"i love poe's dark writing style, it's interesting and i enjoy figuring his work out."

signed 22 Jan 2008 2:04pm 


junior free

from vardaman ms.

"i liked it very much and some of them were sad but i loved the stories and poems and everything to do with the poet."

signed 22 Jan 2008 11:17am 



from USA, Florida, Earth

"You guys are helping me in a really big term paper im writing! Thank you SOOOO much! Just edit the bio a little, its really accurate, but the zodiac signs are throwing me off. Maybe add an extension or something =)"

signed 22 Jan 2008 10:42am 



from us, fl, mars, pensacola

"i heart these poems"

signed 21 Jan 2008 6:39pm 



from Lima, PerĂº

"I love Edgar Allan Poe. He changed my life when I was a kid, when I read The Tell-Tale Heart and The Raven. He is the biggest that has existed in this world. Thanks to this site for help me to know more about him. And thank you, E.A.Poe."

signed 21 Jan 2008 12:50pm 


Jackie Ecerach

from Helsinki, Finland

"Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite author. I have read nearly everything he has written. He is my inspiration. -Jackie"

signed 20 Jan 2008 10:57pm 



from Deltona, Florida

"thanks for the site. love e.a.p"

signed 20 Jan 2008 10:20pm 


L. Jodeph Davis

from Decatur, IN

"I read Poe as a child in school (early 70's forward) and loved all i read. This site is a great find for me, thank you."

signed 19 Jan 2008 6:59am 


Addam Knowlson

from New Jersey, United States

"Edgar Allan Poe kicks ass! his quotes are funny and he died exactly 145 years before my birthday!!!"

signed 18 Jan 2008 9:02pm 



from The Phoenix Nebula

"Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing poet and author. I love his work and thank you very much for creating this wonderful site!"

signed 18 Jan 2008 12:12pm 


courtney oglesby

from america fla mars

"Edgar Allan Poe's stories are inspirational and thrilling. he is one of the best writers of all time"

signed 18 Jan 2008 8:55am 


toni schmitt

from texas

"love it"

signed 17 Jan 2008 1:24pm 


d bird

from ks, topeka, us

"he is awesome"

signed 17 Jan 2008 12:11pm 


caitlin annette miller

from livingston, TX

"i think fall of the house of usher was really cool. hop frog was devilishly fun. the black cat was really creepy. i love reading poe stories. isn't he just an absolute genius? poe really rocks, i wish he were still alive. it would be so cool i could tell him this. his life should have been more fun."

signed 17 Jan 2008 12:07pm 



from Milky Way

"I'm doing a term paper on him and this website is AWESOME!"

signed 16 Jan 2008 7:36pm 


katie Michelle Reid

from U.S.A. California Earth

"Hi Edgar you were a great man."

signed 16 Jan 2008 6:52pm 


samantha eadler

from US, TN, Earth

"{my dearest beloved} I am grateful that one has put together this collection of Poe. He's a wonderful man and writer and I'm glad that with this he can be remembered. Thank you-"

signed 15 Jan 2008 11:26am 


allen stanford

from U.S.A Indiana

"Poe's stories amaze me with all the gruesome details he puts into the stories"

signed 15 Jan 2008 8:39am 



from IN, US

"I really love this website! I find it easy to use and it has many of Poe's works. I absolutely love Edgar Allan Poe's works and would love to read them all (I just need to find the time!) thank you for having such a wonderful site!"

signed 14 Jan 2008 9:18pm 



from Hungary, Earth, Milky Way

"I like his stories (P&P) And this is my first delegate on this site. Dracula, from Transylvania (home of Elizabeth Bathory) I'd like ? letters with you, sorry for my poor English."

signed 14 Jan 2008 7:40pm 


Demi P.

from Texas, USA, Earth

"Hey, I love this site! I'm a huge Edgar Allan Poe fan and this site has just about everything! I love the idea of giving the definition of words in Poe's stories and poems. Thanks for creating this site. I will be using it for my english project. I hope that's ok. Love, Demi"

signed 13 Jan 2008 6:37pm 



from USA

"This site help me immensely in studying for my exams. Thanks A lot."

signed 13 Jan 2008 5:39pm 



from Earth

"Edger Allan Poe is the best! This is a wonderful site thank you."

signed 13 Jan 2008 9:28am 


Mary Helen Moore

from Nashville, North Carolina

"This is a wonderful site, and was a great help with a school project! I just wish that you had included all of Poe's short stories and poems. Thanks!!"

signed 12 Jan 2008 8:45pm 


lydia vader

from manhattan new york

"edgar allan poe rocks my freakin socks off."

signed 11 Jan 2008 11:45am 



from earth

"Hey... I love all of Poe's work. I am only 13 but I think the "Tell Tale Heart" poem is amazing. I had no idea that Allen was actually spelled "Allan" I guess you learn something new every day. Thanks A lot"

signed 11 Jan 2008 10:58am 


Laarni Venus Marie Giango

from Cebu City, Philippines

"I find Edgar Allan Poe's pieces not only interesting but a complete outpouring of the writer/ poet's emotions."

signed 10 Jan 2008 10:05pm 



from Alabama

"This site was very helpful for my school project on Edgar Allen Poe. Wow that Black Cat story was sooo weird. I can't imagine knowing that many words for a "short" story!!!! Your site totalllllllllllly ROCKS!!!! Thanks soooooooo much for being there"

signed 10 Jan 2008 6:58pm 



from US,CO,Earth

"love the poems and stories, including the Raven, the Black Cat, The Bells, Spirits of the Dead, and the Fall of the House of Usher. damn i wish he were alive. he's very talented."

signed 09 Jan 2008 11:15pm 


I love Poe

from baltimore maryland

"I love Poe. <3"

signed 09 Jan 2008 7:46pm 



from Sweden

"This site was very well organized, helped me much. I've learned to see Edgar Allan Poe in a different way. Thank you!"

signed 09 Jan 2008 4:58am 



from Arkansas

"I love Edgar Allan Poe's work just as much as I love Jane Austen. He was an amazing author who died before his time. I love his story 'The Cask of Amontillado' greatly because Poe describes his characters in great detail and describes a very eerie mood that lasts the whole story. I recommend it."

signed 08 Jan 2008 5:53pm 



from ohio

"this site was very helpful and it has great poems too!!"

signed 07 Jan 2008 2:54pm 


John Conte

from Troy, Michigan

"Hello, I am John Conte. I love because it is amazingly organized and very interesting."

signed 07 Jan 2008 9:57am 


Amy Spence

from Texas

"This site helped me pass my English project. Thank you very much"

signed 06 Jan 2008 8:13pm 


Alana Woods

from White City, Kansas

"I love all of Poe's works that I've read. He has inspired me to write macabre stories and poems."

signed 05 Jan 2008 11:13am 



from Fayetteville, NC

"very talented writer"

signed 05 Jan 2008 8:51am 


Sir BlopalapaShobalapaDingDong

from United States

"Edgar Allan Poe ROCKS!"

signed 04 Jan 2008 3:48pm 



from Canada, Ontario

"Edgar Allen Poe is an amazing writer. My words simply don't come close to explaining how much i envy his ability for writing."

signed 04 Jan 2008 1:25am 



from the United States of America

"I admire Edgar Allan for for his wonderful stories. All his stories are filled with irony, suspense, and a bit of twisted humor. He truly is the father of horror."

signed 03 Jan 2008 7:27pm 




"what a wonderful tribute to edgar! happy 199 birthday 19 jan 2008"

signed 03 Jan 2008 1:57pm 



from earth

"I don't like the story The Black Cat. It was creepy and disgusting. Poe was seriously disturbed and needed an exorcism."

signed 03 Jan 2008 11:50am 



from philippines

"I really like his short story The Tell-Tale Heart because the story is close to his personality."

signed 03 Jan 2008 8:00am 



from zimbobway

"you can't spell poetry without poe!"

signed 29 Dec 2007 6:06pm 


Renetta Henry

from Sioux City IA USA

"EAP was thought to be insane because of his great ability to be honest in all his work even in his era. He set the ground work for all of us!"

signed 28 Dec 2007 1:17am 



from earth


signed 27 Dec 2007 8:24pm 



from philippiones

"..wEll,, i like mOst iS thE cAsk of amontiLlado and thE tEll-tAle hEart.. bEcause im still doin r reSearch pAper....."

signed 25 Dec 2007 11:33pm 



from my mind

"these stories and poems are written with words designed to keep you up at night thinking, words shaped to draw you back to ponder them again and again. this site is a wonderful place, easily accessible and well organized. well done!"

signed 25 Dec 2007 7:50pm 



from mexico

"thank you for such a site"

signed 23 Dec 2007 6:51pm 


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100 signatures per page - 14,598 total