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from USA, Maricopa, Az

"I love Annabel Lee & The Raven!!! They're my favorite. Edgar Allan Poe is one of the best authors of all time."

signed 06 May 2008 11:59pm 



from america auburn, ca


signed 06 May 2008 12:40pm 



from TEXAS

"THis is a very good site, I like how you summarized edgar Allan Poes' Life. That was very good. Ya'll (yeah, i'm from TEXAS) did a terrific job. Keep up the good Work..."

signed 06 May 2008 12:33pm 



from United States

"I read the story Cask of the Amontillado. It was very interesting and hard to understand."

signed 05 May 2008 4:02pm 



from Nikole Land

"Poe is my absolute favorite. I love that I was born on his birthday =)"

signed 05 May 2008 3:20am 


Simon Wicks

from Wiltshire, UK

"Poe is great, he was an inspiration to me. I particularly like 'The Black Cat', having written a dark story about a cat myself (if anyone is interested in reading my own dark stories, you can find them at"

signed 04 May 2008 8:48pm 



from roseto, pa

"enjoy reading poe"

signed 04 May 2008 3:17pm 



from Hobe sound,Florida,Earth

"Poe is a genius. If only I could talk to him, and ask him how to write a good poem..."

signed 02 May 2008 8:17pm 



from usa

"strange things in the world i have a rock with poes perfect picture on it who knows whats in the next life"

signed 02 May 2008 2:34pm 




"i just wanted 2 say that i love reading the STORIES they're great and they have meaning to them. when he was writing them he was telling the truth and i love the way he writes and explains himself!!"

signed 02 May 2008 1:00pm 


Karen Johnson

from Canada

"Very much enjoyed"

signed 02 May 2008 11:55am 


Marina anaya

from odessa texas

"I like the black cat, the raven and a dream within a dream. To me the raven and the black cat sound so cool, and the dream within a dream sounds just like me and my poems."

signed 01 May 2008 4:40pm 




"Poe will live on forever in his work. As he once said "What we call 'death' is but the painful metamorphsis" as so it is. For generations to come they shall know the name of edgar allen poe"

signed 01 May 2008 4:02pm 



from columbus GA

"hey wat up wit u me nun chillin at school readin some poems on u but i really dont like u so stay dead and never come back bye lol lol lol lol u dead hahaha"

signed 01 May 2008 9:55am 


Tamsin Clement

from Austin, Texas, US. Umm... Earth?!

"I just like signing the guest books. Don't mind me. Proceed... ROAR! tootah!"

signed 01 May 2008 9:36am 


Kaitlin Briner

from Arkansas

"great stories"

signed 30 Apr 2008 7:36pm 



from the darkest corner of my room

"once upon a midnight dreary, while i pondered weak and weary..."

signed 30 Apr 2008 6:12pm 



from Delaware

"my favorite poem is "the Raven" this is the best site i've ever visited"

signed 30 Apr 2008 5:48pm 


Daniel Ward

from U.S.A., R.I., Mars

"This Website Is Great! I love Poe and is the site that is my favorite."

signed 30 Apr 2008 4:30pm 


Jo G.

from USA

"First of all, this is a great site! I love it, but I must say to everyone who signs the guest book that Poe is dead, and the messages in the G.B. should be for the author of the site... Anyway, I'm really glad I can find Poe in full-text online along w/ Poe facts all in one awesome site. Love It!! ;)"

signed 30 Apr 2008 1:29pm 


Jo Belcastro

from Florida

"I love Edgar Allan Poe. He is one of the most amazing writers in our history."

signed 30 Apr 2008 1:21pm 



from Ohio

"I love all of Poe's writings. They are so incredible. Although my favorite is the Cask of Amontillado, mostly because it is so insightful, and it gives Poe that creepy side to him that i love so much."

signed 30 Apr 2008 10:44am 


Jerry Gough

from USA Newport News VA

"i started reading poe after i did a project in 3rd grade. I loved it ever since!! I love The cask of amontillado, The Tell Tale heart, The Raven, and Hop-frog. if only he was still alive..."

signed 30 Apr 2008 10:18am 


Sara Stroh

from USA

"You're the best author ever!!! :)"

signed 29 Apr 2008 8:50pm 


Meghan Holford

from Lander, WY

"ENJOYED THIS A BUNCH!!! edgar allan poe was an amazing author, far too creative for most minds. thank you for creating this website"

signed 29 Apr 2008 6:22pm 


Jazmynn Carriaga

from United States

"I Love this site. It has helped me to know more about Poe."

signed 29 Apr 2008 4:58pm 



from earth

"Oh my goodness!!! I really love his stories and poems! I even put one on my myspace! He is an awesome and creative writer=] !!!"

signed 29 Apr 2008 4:50pm 


ali f

from susanville ca


signed 29 Apr 2008 4:21pm 


Peter Nagy

from Hungary, Pécs

"Dear Robert Giordano! This is the most exigent site (which was owned by only one person) I have ever seen in my life. Really. I knew Poe well, but the thing that shocked me, it was the system of the site. You brilliantly constructed it! Congratulations from Hungary, excellent site! Peter Nagy 17yrs"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thank you so much!!

signed 29 Apr 2008 1:40pm 



from Arkansas

"You are so awesome!!!!!!!"

signed 28 Apr 2008 7:34pm 


Jonathon Gilliam

from USA California CSUN

"I love the word List!"

signed 28 Apr 2008 4:47pm 




"I loved the Cask of Amontillado it was a good story. You are a great writer and this web site is good."

signed 28 Apr 2008 2:25pm 



from Atlanta Georgia

"This is a wonderful site. It was easy to read and full of great information."

signed 27 Apr 2008 6:33pm 


Dylan Hyde

from Star, Idaho

"This is one of the best websites i have ever been to. Poe is truly a genius."

signed 26 Apr 2008 4:59pm 


John Benson

from Colorado


signed 26 Apr 2008 2:08pm 



from Cincinnati,OH

"My dearest Poe... You f$$$ing rock! And, this website is magnificent! Great poems and stories by the greatest writer ever!"

signed 25 Apr 2008 2:13pm 



from Rockport, T USA

"I love POE!"

signed 24 Apr 2008 9:53pm 


Whitney Wakjer

from Sierra Blanca TX, near el paso

"I really like your Poems and Stories. As a matter of fact right now my class and I are studying your work. We are supposed to write a report including your life and work, then give an example of one of your poems or stories. I really enjoy reading about you."

signed 24 Apr 2008 2:09pm 



from Orangeville, Ontario, Earth.

"I love edgar allan poe"

signed 24 Apr 2008 12:43pm 



from Hiram, Goergia

"I am a huge fan of Edgar. I am a young poet myself. Edgar died on my birthday. Which is Oct. 7. He had Such a tragic life though.. it's horrible to think about. I have read all his poems, but not yet all his books."

signed 24 Apr 2008 12:37pm 


Ashley Renee

from Pandora, Ohio

"I love these dark poems from Edgar Allan Poe. They are so dark and emotional."

signed 22 Apr 2008 2:17pm 



from school

"i have to research poe for a project in school and he is turning out to be more interesting than i thought. It seems he had a pretty hard life!!! he is a kewl poet!"

signed 22 Apr 2008 1:42pm 



from greenville


signed 22 Apr 2008 12:41pm 


Christopher Helka

from Adrian, Michigan

"Poe was an incredible poet and short story writer. Even though he hardly made any money, he's still good. I love "The Raven" the best!"

signed 22 Apr 2008 9:02am 



from from planet earth

"a high school teacher has a daughter that is my teacher and she came over today and read us Annabelle Lee, i was surprised at how weird but amazing these poems were amazing and i hope to read more of them."

signed 21 Apr 2008 6:52pm 



from wonderland

"love. love. love. poe is one of my favorite writers... i could sit for hours at a time reading his work truly an uh-may-zing web site. :]"

signed 21 Apr 2008 2:48pm 



from world of darkness

"although i love all of poe's poems and stories and everything about him my favorite poem is annabel lee, if a guy every read me that poem i would marry him on the spot... ahhh dead love is beautiful"

signed 19 Apr 2008 9:16pm 



from Florida

"I love the way his stories are mysterious at the beginning and how it doesn't directly tell if the story is about love, comedy, or horror."

signed 19 Apr 2008 7:23pm 


Stewart Geworsky

from Saskatoon, SK. CANADA

"As an Author and avid fan of Poe's stories and poetry, it's nice to see another attractive and informative web page honoring one of the great masters of horror."

signed 18 Apr 2008 11:26pm 



from EARTH, usa

"hey rob! wut up?"

signed 18 Apr 2008 10:50am 



from Cali

"Poe is a true genius of writing, my fav poets of all time. Can't get enough of this amazing writer!"

signed 16 Apr 2008 10:41pm 



from the darkest corner of my room

"I have always admired Poe for his outstanding literature. He is clearly a poetic mastermind. My favorite poem would be "Spirits of the Dead", although "The Raven" is brilliant. My favorite short-story would be "The Tell-Tale Heart"."

signed 16 Apr 2008 6:17pm 



from Morgantown,WV

"Your website is great and easy use --by far one the best websites that I have seen related to Poe."

signed 16 Apr 2008 1:16am 


Terah Primous

from Chicago, USA

""The Raven" and "The Cask of Amontillado" really show the exquisite and somewhat morbid taste of Poe. Both are very good... Riposarsi nella pace... :)"

signed 15 Apr 2008 10:22pm 


mike b

from louisiana

"I really enjoyed looking through your site. I view it on my iPhone as well. I never knew that Poe was so interesting. I am almost sad for him having endured so many hardships during his life. He was obviously very intelligent. I am very much looking forward to reading many of his stories. Thanks!!!"

signed 15 Apr 2008 4:18pm 



from drakanar 45solar

"poe is great i like his poems dont know if this came out right these tranzsolar translators stink"

signed 14 Apr 2008 4:20pm 



from pekin, IL

"poe is my favorite writer ever. most of my own stories and poetry are strongly related to poe's work. my favorite story is the black cat. it is so sick and amazing at once. i love poe!"

signed 14 Apr 2008 3:53pm 


joshua davis

from U.S.A.

"my favorite story of poe's is the fall of the house of usher because it is unique and i like the mystery and horror of it."

signed 14 Apr 2008 10:55am 


Maria Sughrue

from California

"Thank you so much for this site! It has been a huge help on my paper, plus the easy access to the stories let me explore more. Thank you Thank you Thank you!"

signed 13 Apr 2008 2:23pm 



from Haroulakis

"I have been a huge fan of Edgar Allen Poe since I first read his work in junior high school. I read all of the time and he is by far my favorite poet and writer."

signed 12 Apr 2008 3:51pm 



from Punta gorda Florida

""Alone" is my all time most favorite. People can say that Poe was crazy but everyone can relate to that poem."

signed 11 Apr 2008 9:30pm 



from Greece

"I don't think i could choose between Poe's work for they are all unique! He was a brilliant mind... This site is fantastic, i think Poe would approve. I wish you the best!!!"

signed 11 Apr 2008 6:04pm 


Bobby Silverthorne

from USA Virginia Earth

"I like Edgar Allan Poe's stories and poems. He writes with great heart."

signed 11 Apr 2008 4:29pm 



from earth

"It amazes me that these stories have been around for almost 200 years and are still so popular!"

signed 10 Apr 2008 7:31pm 


bailey juneamn

from polk county, MO

"i am a big poe fan. i have read all of his stories and his life story."

signed 10 Apr 2008 3:59pm 



from Pa, Mars

"omg omg omg omg omg omg omg idk wtf yowwwcchhh!!!"

signed 10 Apr 2008 10:04am 



from kansas

"edgar allan poe is one of my favorite scary storytellers."

signed 09 Apr 2008 7:09pm 


my sanera

from USA.NJ.Earth.

"A dream."

signed 09 Apr 2008 4:44pm 



from Canada

"Great website, pretty comprehensive"

signed 08 Apr 2008 10:21pm 



from the planet of my imagination

"my most prized poem of this artist (Edgar Allan Poe) is "Annabel Lee" the despair he has in his heart in this poem is so dramatic and so brilliant. i wish to be as edgar when i get older as i am only 13. his work just inspires me to carry on as an artist in my own way even if i don't become famous!!!!!"

signed 08 Apr 2008 7:54pm 


Mrs. Hendricks

from Arizona, USA

"This is the second year I have used your site with my 7th grade Gifted/Honors students as we study Poe. I find it "user friendly" and your summaries and comments help my students comprehend Poe's more complex works. Thank you for providing a great site! Mrs. H. :0)"

signed 08 Apr 2008 6:11pm 


Max Van Dyke

from U.S.A, Ohio, Nelsonville

"i love this site it is so cool! Poe is my favorite poet! well got to go but keep it up! bye!"

signed 07 Apr 2008 9:49pm 



from Maryland

"My favorite poem is a tie between The Raven & Evening Star. My favorite story is The Cask of Amontillado because it's so well done. Poe is my favorite author!"

signed 07 Apr 2008 9:33pm 


Zach Brown

from Waitsburg, Washington, America

"Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorite poets and author of short stories. Right now I'm presently remembering A Valentine by him. My favorite story is the, "The Fall of the House of Usher" The Man of horror himself is the the king of short story Horror Mysteries!!!"

signed 07 Apr 2008 2:16pm 



from Ohio.

"Edgar Allen Poe is my hero. and my idol."

signed 07 Apr 2008 11:09am 



from New Zealand

"My god. Where would the world be without The Godfather of macabre? I'm absolutely blown away by every piece of work I read. High fives for a literary genius!"

signed 07 Apr 2008 5:47am 



from Planet Earth

"i am absolutely blown away by Poe's master of words!! RIP slightly alluring.... ever fantastic :)"

signed 06 Apr 2008 1:21pm 



from Neptune

"I just wanted to say the best poem written by Poe in my opinion is Fairy-Land. I just love it. <33"

signed 06 Apr 2008 12:00am 


Dawnielle Coles

from united states, ohio, earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorite short story and poem writers... He rox my sox lol... this website helped me to get complete information on him not only because i love him but because of a project... so thanks...."

signed 04 Apr 2008 10:16am 



from from pluto

"Edgar A. Poe is a very great man. He wrote many poems and if only his poems were famous back then he would have earned way more money. R.I.P Edgar Allen Poe"

signed 03 Apr 2008 7:52pm 



from conway sc

"Edgar Allen Poe was an amazing writer. The thoughts that he has most people couldn't even begin to comprehend. you have to be open minded and want to know and learn something that isn't stuck out. Interpreting things such as his poems and stories is a great example. [:"

signed 03 Apr 2008 4:44pm 



from san antonio texas

"great website! this website helped me out a lot on writing my essay on edgar allan poe. the pics were also cool. poe is my favorite, he always has been. my favorite story he wrote was the masque of the red death and favorite poem is the raven"

signed 03 Apr 2008 1:12pm 



from usa

"He writes the BEST SHORT STORIES EVER!!! I absolutely love him and his work. Hundreds of years later, styles, life and writing has changed and I still find him the absolute best."

signed 03 Apr 2008 4:11am 



from lehigh acres florida

"i love this site... i've learned so much from this site."

signed 02 Apr 2008 11:57am 


Jessi Roos

from Idaho

"i love poe sooooo much! he is an amazing writer! well was... cause now he's dead. buuuuut. i think he was soooo great!!!!!!! if i could, i would read allllllllll his stuff allllllll day long!!! i love him. even if he was super crazy/creepy! love always, Jessi"

signed 02 Apr 2008 9:41am 


Adam Husted

from Alpharetta, Georgia

""The Tell-Tale Heart" is my favorite story. Just because i will always remember that old man's eye."

signed 02 Apr 2008 8:39am 



from Georgia, US

"Great site. I looked all over for The Cask Of Amontillado. I found it here but I wasn't satisfied just reading it... I've re-read The Tell-Tale Heart and The Masque Of The Red Death as well."

signed 01 Apr 2008 2:08pm 



from marz

"i <3 this website it has helped me out in finding more info on him, he is so awesome!!! but i also had to do a project on him too, so yeah!!"

signed 01 Apr 2008 2:05pm 



from dtown IN USA

"WOW!!! there is a poem about me!!! me and him live in the sea!!! yay I am A poet and I dont Know IT!!!"

signed 01 Apr 2008 9:21am 



from Australia, Melbourne

"This is a great site! I love Edgar Allan Poe and love reading his poetry. It's so much fun coming on here!"

signed 31 Mar 2008 11:08pm 



from United States

"this site helped me with my school project. i love this site! it has great info on my fav poet!"

signed 31 Mar 2008 2:06pm 


melanis meers

from mars

"z tell tale heart is z bess story he hazzz wrote:: we are watchin you"

signed 30 Mar 2008 7:28pm 



from Greece

"He speaks of joy and sorrow. His words come from the heart. His work is like no others it reaches to my heart."

signed 30 Mar 2008 12:57pm 



from Bangladesh, Dhaka, Mohammadpur

"All poem And Story is Most of Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeet"

signed 30 Mar 2008 8:21am 



from Chesapeake Va

"I love all of poe's stories"

signed 29 Mar 2008 9:21pm 



from usa, west viginia, earth

"thnx 4 poviding the info on poe that u did... it helped me a lot with my multi genre for school. thanks"

signed 28 Mar 2008 11:05am 



from Peru

"I love Poe!!!!!------> this website is wonderful!! Poe es el mejor! su creatividad y su gran talento son incomparables... [!]"

signed 28 Mar 2008 12:01am 



from Texas

"Best web site ever!"

signed 27 Mar 2008 8:48pm 



from earth, usa

"I love this site its so evil :-)"

signed 26 Mar 2008 4:39pm 


shawn grim

from york Pa

"i love the story "The Black Cat""

signed 26 Mar 2008 10:23am 


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100 signatures per page - 13,901 total