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from argentina

"I'm learning english, and this site it's very useful for me.. and I love Poe's stories... thanks a lot!"

signed 15 Oct 2008 1:41pm 



from Mars

"poe is awesome! i love him <3"

signed 15 Oct 2008 11:41am 



from rayville

"how sad???? :("

signed 15 Oct 2008 10:39am 



from Paris

"Study up on poe he is awesome if you like dark and dreary"

signed 14 Oct 2008 6:42pm 


kyle rosenlund

from mars

"yo what up?"

signed 14 Oct 2008 5:31pm 



from Amsterdam

"Thanks for this, it's evident a lot of work went into development of this site. Very good of you to share Poe with the world."

signed 14 Oct 2008 4:35pm 



from pluto

"omg good stories he has! TRiiSHA"

signed 14 Oct 2008 4:13pm 



from indiana

"Me > u"

signed 14 Oct 2008 3:47pm 


turtle frog

from myrtle beach sc earth

"i really like his gallery!"

signed 14 Oct 2008 2:34pm 




"This is a really cool website to look at stuff about poe"

signed 14 Oct 2008 12:06pm 


robbie mikels

from mitchell college

"he had to be one of the gods of scary ,creepy ,disturbing poems and stories."

signed 14 Oct 2008 9:02am 


eddie prescott

from tulsa


signed 13 Oct 2008 3:11pm 



from usa, long

"love poe"

signed 13 Oct 2008 11:56am 


Ariel LaFleur

from USA, MA, Earth

"I love Edgar Allan Poe's short stories. They are so amazing. I love that they are full of mystery and suspicion. I have read three of his books and would like to read more."

signed 13 Oct 2008 9:31am 


Torben Carlsen

from Copenhagen, Denmark

"What a great site! I am 60 years and have been a fan of Edgar since my boyhood. If there was a time machine, my first thought would be to travel back to the 1840's and meet Poe. I am the founder of a Danish Edgar Allan Poe Society - We are 6 members. Poe is in our hearts."

signed 11 Oct 2008 6:41pm 



from Japan

"Edgar Allan Poe writes great stories... the only story i can never get is the raven. the words are too hard for me. this site was really useful for my poe project. Thanks! :)"

signed 11 Oct 2008 4:27pm 



from Winterwonderland

"I am having nightmares about premature burial thanks to Edgar Allan "Woe". I do NOT appreciate them."

signed 11 Oct 2008 1:25pm 



from milky way galaxy, u.s. ,nc

"Poe is definitely my favorite writer of all time. He is a huge inspiration to me. I have all of his works and they are all genius. Poe, you kick ass..."

signed 11 Oct 2008 1:02pm 


Chas Weber

from Glendale Arizona

"Favorite poem, Annabel Lee. Great website, Love it!"

signed 10 Oct 2008 10:55pm 


dillon o

from louisiana

"yes we can read down here thank you very much... Edgar was born in the wrong time"

signed 10 Oct 2008 8:57pm 


Zachary New

from St. Albans West Virginia

"Edgar Allen poe is truly one of the greatest poets ever."

signed 10 Oct 2008 11:54am 


Joey Wine-Waybright

from USA, WV,Earth

"Poe is AWESOME! Yes he creepy but that keeps us guessing when reading his poems and stories."

signed 09 Oct 2008 10:46pm 



from Earth

"I really admire Poe's work it was absolutely brilliant!! The Raven is one of my favorites!!"

signed 09 Oct 2008 2:59pm 



from United States, Florida, Earth

"i like this website it is really cool and my favorite story of Edgar Allen Poe is the "Tell-Tale heart" it is soooo spoooky and fascinating"

signed 09 Oct 2008 1:45pm 


michelle bryan

from maryland usa

"use the site for college level writing"

signed 09 Oct 2008 12:30pm 



from The Falklands

"This is a website!"

signed 09 Oct 2008 11:05am 



from mars


signed 09 Oct 2008 9:56am 


Makayla Lavigne

from this place I called home

"I love Edgar Allen Poe! I write a lot of poems inspired by him =)"

signed 09 Oct 2008 4:47am 



from USA

"I love poe. i think his spirit led me to find inspiration from him the day after his death. he was a genius"

signed 08 Oct 2008 7:54pm 



from U.S.A

"An amazing website. Everyone who adores his work will be amazed. Sincerely, Bella C."

signed 08 Oct 2008 7:42pm 


daniel sevillano

from the milky way galixy

"this guy is the funniest and the creepiest guy on the earth and i love it. i would totally do him if i were a girl."

signed 08 Oct 2008 6:07pm 


katen is my beezy

from california

"ok katen likes edgar"

signed 08 Oct 2008 5:50pm 



from Nevada

"OMG ! Edgar Allen Poe is the frickin' BOMB !"

signed 08 Oct 2008 4:36pm 


dylan justus

from earth

"i love the poem the raven because it is suspenseful"

signed 08 Oct 2008 4:20pm 


your mom

from Mars

"i want your brains"

signed 08 Oct 2008 3:04pm 


Daniel Brown

from U.S.

"Sweet website! The Raven is one of the best poems ever."

signed 08 Oct 2008 11:12am 


yo momma

from boston'mass

"suck my poe"

signed 08 Oct 2008 9:57am 



from KCK

"Great website i've been trying to brush up on my E.A.P. b/c i work at a haunted house about his stories and poems this has really helped me get into charcter thx"

signed 08 Oct 2008 2:01am 


bella cullen

from forks

"poe rox. i luv his storis. halloween rox"

signed 07 Oct 2008 10:43pm 



from Tusa, Ok.

"this place is pretty cool... and thats a compliment coming from someone who hates his morbid stories. helped me with a school project. check out GOD!!! he's AMAZING!!!!"

signed 07 Oct 2008 6:39pm 


vv valerie con valerie conwa

from london england

"I came across this site by accident, I shall come back by design, Poe IS the master, there IS no other."

signed 07 Oct 2008 4:47pm 


KAtelyn Hunter

from Earth

"this place is So creepy it rocks... Okay.. can you guys have like weird FREAKY movies I mean come on I want to FREAk out like be scared to go to bed ya no? Ok Maybe not HAHA Bye"

signed 07 Oct 2008 1:12pm 


Daniel Heather

from My School

"Hi, I love Edgar Poe, He is awesome and funny. I would have tea and truffles with him."

signed 07 Oct 2008 9:30am 


jasey wu

from california

"This is an amazing site. I have a feeling I'll be spending way too much time here. It's Halloween month, so oh well!"

signed 06 Oct 2008 10:10pm 


Janelle S.

from U.S.A

"website has a great look and has a great selection of his writings."

signed 06 Oct 2008 9:05pm 



from North Carolina

"My favorite story of Poe's is all of them!"

signed 06 Oct 2008 8:46pm 


insert name here =)

from candyland

"surely, he is probably the best writer since Shakespeare. his stories are really twisted, which makes them interesting."

signed 06 Oct 2008 7:50pm 


Cynthia de Llano

from united states

"love Poe!!"

signed 06 Oct 2008 6:26pm 



from Bohemia

"Thank you for this fabulous website in honor of Poe. It is well put together and a very useful tool for those who want to learn more about his amazing life."

signed 06 Oct 2008 4:09pm 



from k-town

"love this site"

signed 06 Oct 2008 10:25am 



from The island of North America

"I'm taking part in a school play that tells annotated versions of Poe's stories. I have the good fortune of playing Montresor from the Cask of Amontillado. For the characterization of a truly cruel man, I give Poe my thanks. In pace requiescat."

signed 06 Oct 2008 12:56am 


Erika Serna

from Somewhere in universe

"Poe was a misunderstood author at his time but now we have the chance to learn and get inspired from his work. He is my favorite writer, absolutely!"

signed 04 Oct 2008 5:53pm 



from Iran, Arak

"hi ... this site is fabulous, it rocks. yep! I agree with J.L. the settin' of Poe's stories is what makes me attracted. I'm so grateful to you."

signed 04 Oct 2008 8:12am 



from Berlin, Germany

"My, name is Isabelle, and I really found this site helpful for my project on dear Mr. Poe. I always enjoy old English literature and he is among my favorite poets to date. Better than Ernest Hemingway in my humble opinion. I'm sorry if my English was not proper! :) -Isa"

signed 03 Oct 2008 10:02pm 



from Detroit

"My mom's name is in one of his poem's her name is Irene. When i read it i cried. i miss her i was 16 when she died. she was 37. I love his poetry. he is cool and deep i love it."

signed 03 Oct 2008 3:23pm 



from h0UST0N Tx

"Ma FAV3 ST0Ry Ba hiM iS TH3 PiT Nd dA P3NdALuM!!!!:D"

signed 03 Oct 2008 3:01pm 



from earth


signed 03 Oct 2008 2:30pm 



from denton

"i like your stories"

signed 03 Oct 2008 12:37pm 



from Anchorage, Alaska, Usa, Earth


signed 02 Oct 2008 10:56pm 


robynn mcneil

from hey africa

"anybody wanna move to africa with me"

signed 02 Oct 2008 1:47pm 




"i love poe's stories! he is such an amazing writer. his extensive grammar is almost troublesome to read! TYVM for site!!!!!!"

signed 02 Oct 2008 10:06am 



from Phil

"Awesome site! *puts bookmark here*"

signed 02 Oct 2008 2:59am 


mike quaas

from nebraska

"hello poe"

signed 01 Oct 2008 3:56pm 



from Williston U.S. S.C. Pluto

"Death comes to all but save me a seat in Hell!!!!!!"

signed 01 Oct 2008 2:58pm 


Breanna and Michaela

from Petersburg, IN 47567

"Hi. We used your website to research information on Edgar Allan Poe for our Honors English class. Thanks a lot!!"

signed 01 Oct 2008 1:29pm 



from a stray innertube

"Poe is one of the best poets and short-story writers. I love all his works. His use of words that vividly describe the character's emotions and setting are truly enjoyable. Thank you for this wonderful site."

signed 01 Oct 2008 3:08am 


ethel faith flores

from poblacion malita, davao del su

"may i read your short stories"

signed 30 Sep 2008 10:48pm 



from the Moon

"I love Edgar Allen Poe he is my favorite author ever!!!"

signed 30 Sep 2008 4:18pm 



from dwarf planet Pluto

"edgar is creepy! i don't like him"

signed 30 Sep 2008 3:03pm 



from Canada, Valleyfield, Quebec

"!!!!!OMG!!!!! I love this site!!!! I can read all of his poems and stories!! There freakin awesome!!!"

signed 30 Sep 2008 2:59pm 


Jennifer De Leon

from Bronx, NY

"I love Edgar Allan Poe. He is one of my favorite poets and i love all his work. My favorite story is The Tell-Tale Heart."

signed 30 Sep 2008 1:11pm 


Taylor Sinisterra

from Divide, CO

"i absolutely love poe, my favorite story by him so far is the Purloined Letter. i just like all things mystery and detective like."

signed 30 Sep 2008 1:30am 



from Earth--SD

"i love this site. ever since my freshman year i've been hooked. its great and has the best information. i love you poe! my favorite story is "the tell-tale heart"! <33"

signed 29 Sep 2008 6:43pm 


Mariah Bobbs

from Belle Vernon Pa.

"Very well put together site. I'll Be visiting a lot more."

signed 29 Sep 2008 3:23pm 



from valdosta georgia

"i read the oval portrait and it was the best ever romantic story"

signed 29 Sep 2008 3:19pm 



from houston


signed 29 Sep 2008 8:34am 


kiersten hayes

from monticello florida

"edgar allen poe is the best writer of all time:) i just read his short story....the cask of amontillado with my lit/comp cp class and we all thought it was FABULOUS :)"

signed 28 Sep 2008 10:32pm 


Kelsey Cameron

from Moline, Illinois

"Wonderful site! An instant favorite. Thank you!"

signed 28 Sep 2008 8:25pm 


August baby

from Somewhere In Maryland

"I think Poe is one of the best people that have ever lived, he is a genius! The raven is my favorite and everything else is amazing. I just wish he lived longer to write more.... still amazing though!!"

signed 28 Sep 2008 2:49pm 



from U.S.A,Wauwatosa, WI, Pluto

"omg! my teacher loves this site, now i c y, and it helps us to understand what stories we read by him 4 Homework. this site rox my sox!"

signed 28 Sep 2008 1:30pm 


Ice Elf

from Romania

"I read a fragment of "The black cat" in my English textbook during the ninth grade and it was love at first reading ;)). I love Poe's way of hiding the meaning thus forcing you to think: "Hey,what does he mean by that?". I'm looking forward to reading the other stories. Btw, the site is great . :)"

signed 27 Sep 2008 7:28am 


Brian Keith O'Hara

from Atlanta Georgia

"For the only time in his life, Sherlock Holmes was wrong: C. Auguste Dupin was the first and best among detectives and his creator, Edgar Allan Poe an even greater genius. Sherlock you owe all you are and were to Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 26 Sep 2008 10:31pm 



from lakeland, fl

"it rly helps when doing an essay :D"

signed 26 Sep 2008 12:54pm 


chris rodgers

from glasgow, scotland

"Fantastic site! A welcome distraction while stuck in work!!! thank you!!!"

signed 26 Sep 2008 3:55am 


michael Pham

from earth

"poes stories r scary, depressing, and everything concerned with evil in this world-- THEY'RE GREAT!"

signed 25 Sep 2008 8:18pm 


Andre' Tyrone Minor

from Gaiea

"my favorite poet... excellent website"

signed 25 Sep 2008 5:32pm 


jessica timberlake

from earth

"yeah. the picture of him in a coffin was kinda freaky."

signed 25 Sep 2008 1:22pm 



from Earth

"Poe rox"

signed 24 Sep 2008 7:44pm 


Becca M.

from Earth

"I just recently discovered how awesome Poe's poetry and stories are. His stories of Dupin are admirable, no wonder he inspired Doyle to write about Sherlock Holmes! And his 'City in the Sea' is hauntingly beautiful. Kudos to this site."

signed 24 Sep 2008 6:02pm 


Lilith Hades

from Switzerland

"I swear... Poe's writing is the best EVER! I love his work... especially the dark and goth touch to it!"

signed 24 Sep 2008 4:06pm 



from earth

"what a talented author"

signed 24 Sep 2008 2:16pm 



from usa kentucky earth


signed 24 Sep 2008 1:37pm 


zarah mae lauron

from philippines

"thanks for this very informative website :-)"

signed 24 Sep 2008 6:17am 



from philippines


signed 24 Sep 2008 3:19am 


Dennis A. Diaz

from Siguatepeque, Honduras

"OMG this website is out of this world! Poe is the thing!"

signed 24 Sep 2008 1:56am 


Julie Anglin

from San Jose, California USA

"I loved to read Poe even as a young child... now, even in my 40's I appreciate his writings even more. I have collected many books throughout my searches at old book stores and antique stores (even yard sales) and enjoy and treasure each book. It is great to see others enjoy and respect the same. J"

signed 23 Sep 2008 11:46pm 



from us

"his stories are great"

signed 23 Sep 2008 9:43pm 


Endesha Logsn

from Chicago, IL, USA, Earth

"poe totally embodies what i would want to see in a brilliant writer. he is everything and so much more! i love poe. this website is really fabulous, however you should add "lionizing" because that story is one of my personal favorites! thankz..."

signed 23 Sep 2008 7:53pm 


Greg Oliver Bodine

from New York, NY

"This is an amazing site - very well done! I'm an actor who does one-man stage adaptations of THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO and THE BLACK CAT &lt;br />&lt;br />Regards, Greg Oliver Bodine"

signed 23 Sep 2008 6:40pm 


Jessica E. Liddell

from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"This man is the greatest, when I say he is my fav I mean above all writers."

signed 23 Sep 2008 5:58pm 


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