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Ruth Hernandez

from Las Cruces, NM USA EARTH

"my fav story is the black cat, the raven, I hope Poe comes and visits me at home."

signed 04 Dec 2008 1:18pm 


Mark Mazhnyy

from from Fresno, California, USA

"Hey pplz! i think this website is tite cuz it has all of Edgar Allan Poe's stories!"

signed 03 Dec 2008 10:53pm 


Annette Rae Ashlyn

from Somewhere over the rainbow....

"website rocks I positively love it keep up the good work! And love the Poe stories and poetry too!"

signed 03 Dec 2008 10:08pm 


Desire'e Patrice Tolliver

from Pattison, MS 39144

"My favorite poem is "Annabel Lee". I like the poem because it seems to be singing a song, and I like music."

signed 03 Dec 2008 9:51pm 


Reann vaughn

from Usa, Iowa, Earth?

"Lol planet? well, this place is very cool, i needed to write a gothic story and i researched how poe did it so i got some ideas, (im not gonna steal his stuff) thanks!"

signed 03 Dec 2008 6:32pm 


Nathan G.

from Omaha Nebraska,U.S.a

"Cool Site"

signed 03 Dec 2008 5:24pm 



from Spain

"thank you very much for a great site really helped with my homework on great writers"

signed 03 Dec 2008 11:53am 



from USA,GA,EARTH(i think)

"This is great. it helped me with my National History Day project. Edgar Allan Poe is the BEST!!!!"

signed 03 Dec 2008 11:28am 


Jana Smith

from Kentucky

"I love Edgar Allen Poe. he's a great author when it comes to the twisted. I especially love "The pit and the pendulum". Thanks to this web site :)"

signed 03 Dec 2008 9:31am 


Lynn Ramos

from USA, GA

"He was a great author!"

signed 03 Dec 2008 9:01am 


tracee and evelyn=)

from arizona

"we love the old man with the vulture eye!!!!!!!!! Mwa ha ha edgar is the bomb!!!"

signed 02 Dec 2008 10:34pm 



from USA

"LOVE the site!!"

signed 02 Dec 2008 10:09pm 



from South Carolina, U.S.

"Poe is an author of exquisite capacity. His works are a great contribution to literature and human culture. The Fall of the House of Usher is one of my favorite stories. Its stature is of a magnificent nature."

signed 02 Dec 2008 9:44pm 


don vitale

from colesville maryland

"happily anticipating this year's celebration of poe with baltimore. when will the schedule be available?"

signed 02 Dec 2008 9:43pm 


Austin W.

from Earth U.S. WI Sheboygan

"This is a great site for my forensics reports and etc.! Thank you very much!"

signed 02 Dec 2008 8:43pm 



from Arizona

"I have recently found my love for poetry. The darker side, black poetry. And the best niche I have found is Poe's. I have come to love his poems and stories. I have written a handful of poems dedicated to my biggest influences, like Poe."

signed 02 Dec 2008 7:34pm 



from Usa

"Edgar Allan Poe is an amazing author and i;m glad to be doing my research paper over his short story "The Black Cat"... I love horror's and hes great at writing them."

signed 02 Dec 2008 7:33pm 



from Phoenixville, PA, Earth, 19460

"I wish I had a favorite of Mr. Edgar Allen Poe but honestly every single on of his works, poems, or stories is amazing to my soul. I love his work. My mother doesn't but I think what he writes about was so odd and outta the blue, but smart and amazing. I love it all. You rock Edgar Allen Poe. <3"

signed 02 Dec 2008 7:14pm 


Jeri K

from Indiana, USA

"I will be getting in contact with whomever runs this site. Mousy"

signed 02 Dec 2008 4:57pm 


some one

from 4th from the sun

"ha ha ha"

signed 02 Dec 2008 2:50pm 



from Soria

"I have been interested in Edgar Allan Poe because i started dreaming about him a couple years ago. I saw him and i could see him in every day life before i really knew who he was. So when i read about him I was able to connect the two.. Weird huh.."

signed 02 Dec 2008 2:30pm 



from El Salvador

"thanks for giving a super page !! its what i was looking for... i love poe's stories since the first time i read one of them keep it like that ..everybody haaaas to know about him because he was more than a writer like some people think ... thanks you all have made this page ..ok bye god bless you !"

signed 02 Dec 2008 12:28am 


Megan Rae

from GR, Michigan

"I have recently become a fan of Edgar Allan Poe and this is the best website for all things Poe!"

signed 01 Dec 2008 5:54pm 



from MARS

"i love your poems,and short stories"

signed 01 Dec 2008 5:53pm 


Michelle Daniels

from Illinois

"Very informative website."

signed 01 Dec 2008 2:12pm 



from Angola


signed 01 Dec 2008 10:19am 



from Canada

"i myself am a great spiritual and dark poet and short story writer like Poe i have written short stories like the raven mine is the murderer."

signed 01 Dec 2008 9:15am 


callista fuller

from Reno, Nevada, u.s.a.

"It is all good"

signed 29 Nov 2008 4:28am 


Brendan Gates

from Canada

"great web site it really helped me with my edgar allen poe project"

signed 29 Nov 2008 12:18am 



from china shaan xi xi 'an

"Love poe very much! Thanks to this website!"

signed 28 Nov 2008 8:56pm 



from earth


signed 28 Nov 2008 3:02pm 



from Canada,Ontario

"Poe is a genius, and inspired me into journalism"

signed 28 Nov 2008 12:59pm 


Esla I. Gonzalez

from Sebring, Florida U.S.A.

"You are missing my favorite Poem by Edgar Allan Poe. I came to your site looking for How Do I Love Thee and to my surprise it was not there."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
How Do I Love Thee is a poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 1806-1861. The last line of the poems reads...

I shall but love thee better after death.

signed 28 Nov 2008 10:14am 



from philippines

"this poetry inspires me so much"

signed 27 Nov 2008 9:07am 


Levi S.

from U.S.A. Illinois

"this is a great website and i like the explanation of the highlighted words!"

signed 27 Nov 2008 3:03am 


Black Rose

from argentina, mendoza, san rafael

"I love Poe. He's a great writer!!! My favourite poem is "The Raven". The site is wonderful! I love it!!"

signed 26 Nov 2008 10:35pm 


Lola Crayola

from orange county

"i like the tell tale heart its very intriguing but at the same time i love the way the narrator is the mad man.. its very horrific too..."

signed 26 Nov 2008 7:45pm 


HOlly M.

from East Dubuque,Il.

"Poe is the best inspiration of any writers I have met and read their stories! Hope no one will ever forget his writing!"

signed 26 Nov 2008 3:01pm 


Kaori Evans

from Japan

"I adore him. Really that is it. One of the greatest storytellers / poets."

signed 26 Nov 2008 12:50pm 



from egg harbor nj

"hi guys"

signed 26 Nov 2008 10:45am 


william huston

from tucson,AZ USA

"halla to the man of the world"

signed 25 Nov 2008 12:48pm 



from United States AZ Mars

"HE ROCKKKS hes awesome"

signed 25 Nov 2008 11:21am 



from Mars

"I love Annabell Lee it was one of his best poems ever!"

signed 25 Nov 2008 10:39am 


Jennifer Sutton

from Texarkana, AR

"I loved your site!! It has helped me out a ton on a research paper for my college English class this semester. Thanks PS I'm glad you added the MLA citing to show people how to cite the works."

signed 24 Nov 2008 8:33pm 



from Missouri- US

"Edgar Allan Poe, is an absolute amazing writer. I enjoy reading his somewhat depressing/gruesome poems. [:"

signed 24 Nov 2008 8:32pm 



from Connecticut

"Thank you so much this site is perfect for my research paper! Thanks a bunch!"

signed 24 Nov 2008 4:10pm 



from west Virginia

"Poe was a Pimp"

signed 24 Nov 2008 2:14pm 


brittany cannaday

from savannah,ga.

"i love the poems that he writes. they are amazzing. [="

signed 24 Nov 2008 12:08pm 


joshua keppers

from usa,minnesota,earth

"dark gloomy good"

signed 24 Nov 2008 10:53am 


Samanthat B.

from Texas

"the cask of amontillado (i think i spelled that right) is my favorite because revenge is always sweet and i love the way he wrote it"

signed 23 Nov 2008 8:04pm 


Savanna Brazik

from Vermilion,Ohio

"ok..well we've been learning about Edgar Allan Poe in school and ive just been amazed with his poetry. Being a writer myself, in my opinion he would have to be my favorite writer at the moment"

signed 23 Nov 2008 12:22am 



from us,nj

"this site is absolutely the perfect place to check out poe."

signed 23 Nov 2008 12:06am 



from OH! IO! in the milky way!

"hi. i like ur timeline! we have to do a timeline in my honors english class about poe. u need more pix!"

signed 22 Nov 2008 8:24pm 


Derek Young

from United States, North Carolina

"I have always thought Edgar Allan Poe was a fantastic writer and poet. If only he was alive today to see all the people that appreciate his great works of literature."

signed 22 Nov 2008 5:13pm 


fatma abd elsalam

from Egypt

"i study cinema, my 2nd yr project was poe's .. the tell tale heart, i'm a big fan .. thx 4 the site."

signed 22 Nov 2008 3:48pm 


Samantha =)

from Earth

"E. A. P. ROCKS!!!!!!!"

signed 22 Nov 2008 9:40am 


tegan ricker

from earth

"he may be a little dark and gloomy but for some odd reason that attracts me more to his poetry and stories!!!!"

signed 21 Nov 2008 7:23pm 



from united states, lousiana

"this is a very good site to do research on this person"

signed 21 Nov 2008 3:05pm 


Hailey Jenkins

from DeWitt Arkansas

"I think that edgar allen poe is the greatest writer ever. When I want to read something that will scare me, I read some of his work and my need is fulfilled."

signed 21 Nov 2008 1:53pm 


Ana Arreola

from Phoenix, Az

"lUv HiS sToRiES!!! No OnE cAn BeAt HiM"

signed 21 Nov 2008 11:35am 


keshia saroop

from trinidad and tobago

"A true inspiration."

signed 21 Nov 2008 10:04am 


jessica b

from nevada

"omg like woah!!!!!"

signed 21 Nov 2008 1:10am 



from North Yarmouth, Maine

"i love his poetry, especially annabel lee and eldorado. he is a great writer!"

signed 20 Nov 2008 9:08pm 



from Indianapolis,indiana

"I am very surprised to find that there is an award after him. But kind of not in the same way. I have talked to some of my teachers about Edgar Allan Poe, I used some of the vocabulary he used in his poems. I am surprised to know that high school teachers do not even know what they mean!!! ^_^"

signed 20 Nov 2008 7:10pm 



from USA, FL

"Poe is genius!"

signed 19 Nov 2008 7:25pm 



from langhorne

"Edgar Allen Poe is my fav. writer and he inspired me to write and to use my imagination and that its cool to write about scary things and his stories are amazing"

signed 19 Nov 2008 6:33pm 



from Earth

"I love Edgar Allan Poe. I have a complete series of all his stories and poems in a book. He is a poetry and writing genius. He writes certain things that people think, but are to afraid to say them. I will love his work forever!!!! I have been reading his work for such a long time. Poe Fans Rule!!!"

signed 19 Nov 2008 5:45pm 



from from Mars

"Edgar Allan Poe is a very interesting writer. And like some people say he should have an award named after him. He is pure genius. If i could i would love to meet him in person, but we all know that's impossible at the present time."

signed 19 Nov 2008 5:15pm 



from Indianapolis,Indiana

"Edgar Allan Poe is like my idol. Although some would say he was crazy or insane I think he was pure genius. Anybody who can write like that should be given some kind of an award. It should be called something like "The Poe Award". i don't know but something like that."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Hi Destiny, The Mystery Writers of America have an award called The Edgars.

signed 19 Nov 2008 12:56pm 



from us, fl earth

"he is my fav poet and writer i love it"

signed 19 Nov 2008 11:59am 



from Citronelle A.L

"Edgar Allan Poe was a literary genius, and a seer beyond his time. :DDD"

signed 19 Nov 2008 11:58am 


kaitlyn g

from jamestown,ri

"i think that poe is a great descriptive writer. i love the way he writes. he's a sick but intelligent writer."

signed 19 Nov 2008 8:29am 


Kelly Le

from Lake Charles, LA

"Been reading Poe's work since 8th grade. Awesome author."

signed 19 Nov 2008 4:46am 



from U.S

"The site is great, very well written and you have all my favorites on here. Annabel Lee etc etc... :D Poe should be proud <3"

signed 18 Nov 2008 11:58pm 



from Tally ho

"a great site... thanks for showcasing a wonderful collection of great works of art"

signed 18 Nov 2008 9:52pm 


chloe bennett

from texas

"poe has so many poems and stories, that go beyond the basic comprehension of the world.. he was and still is an absolute amazing poet! :)"

signed 18 Nov 2008 8:18pm 


Kristen Blalack

from Earth

"My favorite Short story would have to be the red death. The way he explains in detail the odd enstranged man and the prince in his grand palace with his very vigilant people is odd. Especially when the prince takes a turn for the worse. He dies from this odd man with the red death. Very Ironic!!!"

signed 18 Nov 2008 7:53pm 


Tess Caxcio

from usa south carolina earth

"i love edgar allen poe i've even been to his mothers grave site."

signed 18 Nov 2008 5:11pm 


Amenra Rathena

from United States

"very impressive site. i really like having a site with this much information in one place. And the vocabulary is very extensive. Brilliant."

signed 18 Nov 2008 1:56pm 


tt baby lol

from columbia

"this thing the suff"

signed 18 Nov 2008 1:45pm 


Ariel K!

from US,Earth

"Crazy yo :]"

signed 18 Nov 2008 9:49am 




"This site was fantastic in helping me in my poetry exploration. I now am starting to understand his life, style, and why he has that style. it has been very difficult to find his pieces of work, and here it was easy. PS, I will be citing many pages in this website!!!"

signed 17 Nov 2008 11:35pm 


hu flong pu

from usa

"Hes cool =] Poe is the most genius writer of all time, thank you for this great website devoted to spreading his works to the near generations Love Poe... he's such an inspiration, even though he's morbid. Sometimes I think that he saw more beauty in everything than most people do today"

signed 17 Nov 2008 7:21pm 



from Pennsylvania, USA

"Poe was such an amazing writer, no doubt. Not only were his words inspiring, they shed malevolence across the eyes of readers everywhere. Thank you for dedicating this site to him!"

signed 17 Nov 2008 7:05pm 



from USA, GA, eARTH DUH!!!

"i LUV POE HES SO FREKIN awesome!!!"

signed 17 Nov 2008 3:19pm 


Asia Jackson

from aberdeen, md 21001

"This site is hilarious. I love how you joked around with half of the information. I learned a lot about Edgar Allan Poe.. and you tended to point out really important details on his tombstone and when his wife/cousin was born... LOL...=]"

signed 17 Nov 2008 2:12pm 


Lisa Forgotch

from jonestown pennsylvania

"Edgar Allan Poe is cool. He writes a lot of good things!"

signed 17 Nov 2008 1:36pm 


Diana Nabulsi

from Gurovitchinia, Betelgeuse

"Hi, this is my first visit to earth, so I think this is fascinating! Especially the fact that the sky is blue. ??!! My planet's sky is gurple."

signed 17 Nov 2008 12:54pm 



from Ashland WI

"Poe Rox My Sox :D Kool site Love it <3"

signed 17 Nov 2008 11:50am 


Chrsitna Plum

from montana

"i love poe a lot... and it seems like so do a lot of young people... hes an amazing and descriptive writer and knows how to keeps a kid wanting to read!"

signed 15 Nov 2008 10:58pm 



from New Mexico

"Great site! Writing a research paper on Poe and this definitely helps understand him. Good Job!"

signed 15 Nov 2008 4:09pm 



from USA

"OMG! I love hiss stories like OOO Deee man ! I nedda buy one ! .... So GREAT! SO MYSTERIOUS!"

signed 14 Nov 2008 2:06pm 



from earth, USA, aptos, CA

"he wrote everything so eloquently, everything was a poem to him. and he's funny as hell..."

signed 14 Nov 2008 12:55pm 



from maars

"ur awesome !"

signed 14 Nov 2008 12:39pm 



from Fairfield, California

"I'm really glad i came across this site. I've loved Poe's works ever since i was first introduced to "The Raven" and "Annabel Lee" in the eighth grade. Kudos on the site, it really gives people a chance to experience Poe's works."

signed 14 Nov 2008 4:09am 


emz luzon

from philippines

"When i was in high school, our class discussed the short story, The Tell-Tale Heart. It was great discussion with my teacher and classmates. Edgar Allan Poe is a great writer and poetry. This site is really cool..."

signed 14 Nov 2008 12:09am 


Laura C.

from F'ton NB Canada

"Poe is such a talented writer! I wish I could write like him! If our english teacher didn't get our class hooked on him, I would have never read his work (with the exception of Mitch) Thanks so much for this site!"

signed 13 Nov 2008 8:09pm 


Megan Holt

from earth yourmomsville

"Hes cool =]"

signed 13 Nov 2008 4:53pm 



from USA, Wisconsin

"Poe is the most genius writer of all time, thank you for this great website devoted to spreading his works to the near generations."

signed 13 Nov 2008 2:36pm 


Hanna Marckit

from A lovely place in Maine

"The Tell-Tale Heart is my favorite of Poe's great works. This site rocks! I was looking for a place to find all of Poe's works and finally I found a place!"

signed 13 Nov 2008 11:57am 


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100 signatures per page - 14,598 total