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Carol Barrera

from United States

"Just the name, Edgar Allan Poe, is enough to send shivers up my spine. A totally brilliant, yet obviously tortured, soul. I can't pick a favorite piece of writing, I love them all!"

signed 09 Mar 2009 8:59am 



from berrien springs mi

"im studying mr. poe in high school english and he is a very interesting man"

signed 08 Mar 2009 1:57pm 



from Lowe

"Edgar allen poe is one of the best writers of his time.... there is just something about the way he writes, the way that the characters come to life.... it's like he is the character. His writings are the best."

signed 06 Mar 2009 4:18pm 


Bryan Cooley

from South Dakota

"Edgar allan poe is awesome.. greatest poet ever!!!"

signed 06 Mar 2009 3:28pm 


Heather Rollen

from USA Florida Earth

"Poe was a maniac master of poetry and mystery stories. wish he didn't die!"

signed 06 Mar 2009 12:00pm 



from Iowa, USA

"This helped so much with my college thesis."

signed 05 Mar 2009 3:57pm 


Nick Gall

from united states, Ohio, earth

"I love this site it gives me all the info i need to know about Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 05 Mar 2009 12:16pm 


Chase Sieting

from Peoria, IL

"Reading these amazing pieces of art makes me envious. . . I wish I had just a portion of the passion Poe possessed."

signed 05 Mar 2009 5:53am 



from North Carolina

"Edgar Allan Poe is a wonderful writer. We are reading a lot of his stories and poems in English and everyone loves them!"

signed 04 Mar 2009 10:15pm 



from Georgia

"we're doing project and studying him in school! he's an amazing writer! i admire ALL his work! xoxo"

signed 04 Mar 2009 9:25pm 


Tasha Smith

from Florida

"Love your poems and short stories!"

signed 04 Mar 2009 8:12pm 


samantha krzton

from uniontown pa

"omg i love edgar allan poe... i love his stories poetry everything!!! he is the greatest poet ever!!"

signed 04 Mar 2009 7:05pm 


Anna V

from Tennessee

"i like the crow."

signed 04 Mar 2009 12:47pm 


stacie ferguson

from Los Angeles, California

"Edgar Allan Poe is like one of the greatest writers of all time! He probably could write better songs than me!"

signed 04 Mar 2009 12:43pm 


Destinee Richard

from thibodaux, louisiana

"The fall of the house of usher"

signed 04 Mar 2009 10:36am 


Jason Palisoc

from Guam

"Our class is having lessons on him."

signed 04 Mar 2009 2:52am 


Daniel Leitzke

from Wisconsin, United States

"This is a great site! We read "the Raven" and "the Fall of the House of Usher" in my American Lit. class and I am now visiting this site to read some other amazing Poe stories. Also, we are required to write a paper concerning Romantic authors, so I will be using the collection of stories a lot."

signed 03 Mar 2009 6:03pm 


Brooklynn Johnson

from Winfield MO.

"O~M~G I freakin love Edgar Allan Poes poems they totally freakin rock!! He is a very smart and sexy man!! please have me as a guest I am his BIGGEST FAN!!!! I read ALL of his poems and EVERYTHING I need to know about him! I LOVE YOU EDGAR ALLAN POE you are favorite!! LOVE ALWAYS Brooklynn Johnson!!"

signed 03 Mar 2009 1:39pm 


evan cunningham

from United states,Tennessee,Earth

"Edgar Allen Poe is the shiz"

signed 03 Mar 2009 1:37pm 



from uranus

"this site is great and amazing..... i will use it for the rest of my life........ thank you!!!!! i used it for a research paper!!!!!"

signed 03 Mar 2009 12:45pm 


Matt Tubo

from California

"Poe kicks ass he's my fav of all writers i have all his works and also im doing a project on him cause he is like so f**king awesome >.< no one can beat his knowledge of the mind of horror and macabre xP"

signed 03 Mar 2009 12:26pm 



from Virginia, US

"allan was the name of poe's stepfather, whom he hated. it is truly unjust that he should have to carry that name with him throughout history. any true poe fan would be wont to include the "allan" in his name."

signed 02 Mar 2009 9:14pm 



from Florida, USA


signed 02 Mar 2009 2:13pm 



from nonewhere

"watz up homie you need to come to richwood some time from da dead homie see yeazz later"

signed 02 Mar 2009 10:55am 



from California

"I planned on reading only one of Poe's short stories for a project but before I knew it, I'd spent 2 hours reading all of his works. They are truly amazing. His creations are the most insightful and original that I have ever seen."

signed 01 Mar 2009 5:46pm 



from Ontario

"I really appreciate someone posting all these works online, it makes getting quotes a lot easier. The extra info is also good for research. This is one of the best resources I've found. Thnx"

signed 01 Mar 2009 5:46pm 


Phil Leibfried

from New York, NY

"Poe was a true American original - no one else comes close. I have all his works in a single volume - one of my favorite books."

signed 28 Feb 2009 10:34pm 


Desiree Peters

from from NC

"I fell in love with Edgar Allen Poe poetry when I first heard Annabel Lee in sixth grade. And I love many more of his genius work."

signed 28 Feb 2009 9:12pm 


Jim Addison

from Michigan

"Excellent data source of POE!! Love it. However, I am still looking for one of his first ( if not his first ) poems. Titled, " O, Tempora! O, Mores! ". Can anyone out there help me find it?"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:

signed 28 Feb 2009 10:54am 


amy whaley

from athens,ohio usa

"i fell in love with edgar allen poe when i was in 7th grade. a lot of his poems and short stories i could relate too."

signed 28 Feb 2009 1:24am 


Rachel Stewart

from Enterprise Al.

"THIS SITE RULES!!!!!!!!!"

signed 27 Feb 2009 7:07pm 



from Memphis

"Edgar Allan actually wrote a short story about some relatives of mine. My very distant cousin was having an affair, and her lover killed a man, and was to be hanged. Because of it she tried to kill herself the night before. I havent seen it in years and I cant remember what its called. help?"

signed 27 Feb 2009 5:22pm 



from earth

"ewww y would he marry his cousin? 13? damm"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
It appears that Edgar married his cousin more to take care of her than for any other reason. He loved her very much, that much is certain. No one knows if they had any kind of sexual relationship. They had definitely had no children. Edgar was always struggling to make enough money to feed himself, Virginia, and his Aunt Clemm.

signed 27 Feb 2009 1:58pm 



from United States

"Love the stories of edgar allen poe very imaginative"

signed 27 Feb 2009 12:51pm 


Draco Allen

from Kingsport TN

"Edgar Is an inspiring author!"

signed 27 Feb 2009 12:25pm 


Cynthia Shay

from Washington, GA

"ily!!! poe!!!"

signed 27 Feb 2009 11:33am 



from fl,usa,earth


signed 27 Feb 2009 10:47am 



from philippines

"i like your stories"

signed 26 Feb 2009 10:34pm 


jessica craig

from kentucky

"poe's work is amazing i love it, he's a genius"

signed 26 Feb 2009 10:17pm 



from This Town That Don't Exsist

"Brilliant mind with an even more brilliant mind."

signed 26 Feb 2009 8:09pm 



from Mars

"heyy! i'm doing a school project on poe and he is just a very interesting person! a little disturbing... but very fascinating!!"

signed 26 Feb 2009 2:49pm 



from usa, kentucky, earth, milkyway

"i think ur stories r scary! and i love them their freakin awesome!!! hahahahahahahahah just jokin!!"

signed 26 Feb 2009 8:29am 


Ruth Butler

from America

"I'm a huge fan of poe, I am also depressive like poe and understand so much of his life's pain and misery."

signed 24 Feb 2009 11:35pm 


Brittney Blair

from Planet Earth

"I am currently doing a project on Poe, and in all my years of essays and projects, I have never stumbled across a site as informative and helpful as this. Simply wonderful."

signed 24 Feb 2009 11:26pm 


Gail Deleski

from New Jersey

"ever since I was young I have loved reading his stories and poems."

signed 24 Feb 2009 8:30pm 


Kaycie Lee

from tennessee

"i think poe is a great writer. we are reading about him in my english class."

signed 24 Feb 2009 6:07pm 



from ellijay

"i love edger allen poes stories and poems. i am a big fan!"

signed 24 Feb 2009 6:03pm 


Shane Kreller

from Sweet Valley, PA

"Poe's stories are truly awesome. He was a truly an intelligent man, and will always be known as a master of writing. Go Poe!"

signed 24 Feb 2009 4:52pm 


Linzie Wolgast

from Michigan

"This is the best thing i have ever seen... (NOT) lol just kidding lol so how are you guys doing well write to u guys later... (NOT) TTYL"

signed 24 Feb 2009 12:53pm 



from alabama

"edgar is the best"

signed 24 Feb 2009 11:59am 



from Indonesia

"Poe is a legend."

signed 24 Feb 2009 1:28am 



from sheboygan wisconsin, earth

"the site is awesome and i love how you give so much info on poe."

signed 23 Feb 2009 6:09pm 



from the moon

"the tell tale heart is creepy and poe had a lot of issues"

signed 23 Feb 2009 3:13pm 


Bonnie O'Brian

from Cali

"Taking a Detective Novel course"

signed 23 Feb 2009 12:41pm 



from Illinois, United States

"I just wanted to sign this so I could tell you how phenomenal this site is. It is absolutely fantastic in the whole interface and content. Very helpful!"

signed 23 Feb 2009 12:14am 


tamara sopher

from california

"edgar allan poe is awesome im doing a project on him"

signed 22 Feb 2009 8:21pm 


jonathan Cooper

from Royeersford, PA

"Poe is a genius. He was despised for this, and therefore he despised the world. I must say thank god or else he wouldn't have written such great stuff."

signed 21 Feb 2009 5:21pm 


Domino Jones

from Indianapolis

"I'm only 8 years old and think Poe is always going to be popular. My dad lets me read his books by Poe and about Poe so I can see where other writers got their influence to become writers. I like that he enjoyed the company of cats (I do, too) but didn't like "The Black Cat." I like "The Raven" too."

signed 21 Feb 2009 1:54pm 





signed 21 Feb 2009 9:32am 


Conny Pipper

from Kärntn in AUSTRIA

"Edgar was a real genius! I just read a few of his stories and also some poetries; I find them just amazing!"

signed 21 Feb 2009 7:43am 



from Colorado

"In language arts, we read the Tell-Tale Heart. And I absolutely loved it. So I decided to look up some more of his writing. I love this site, thank you :D"

signed 20 Feb 2009 11:31pm 



from usa, china spring, texas, earth

"edgar i love him people say nasty stuff about him but hes was and forever more will remain the greatest writer of all time i wish he still lived and i love him"

signed 20 Feb 2009 10:43pm 



from the other side of the mirror

"the pit and the pendulum is my favorite story, but the first edgar allan poe story i read was the tell tale heart and i've been fascinated by his writing ever since."

signed 20 Feb 2009 3:21pm 



from Canada

"yeah i was just wondering if all his storys are based on his life and what happened during his life time that he have experienced."

signed 20 Feb 2009 1:53pm 



from united state

"edgar allen poe was a really good author i love his story a tell tale heart but he was a drunk"

signed 20 Feb 2009 10:56am 



from Bradford

"omg, im doing a comparative essay about some of his stories, they're great.."

signed 20 Feb 2009 8:35am 



from carine senior high school WA

"edgar allan poe's writing is significant in relation to short stories"

signed 20 Feb 2009 1:47am 



from Virginia

"Edgar Allen Poe was a great short story writer. I have a few favorites. :]"

signed 19 Feb 2009 9:20pm 



from turkey

"it's marvelous site.. Poe always embarrasses me with his genius, detailed, scary stories"

signed 19 Feb 2009 7:19pm 


Elsa Flores

from Texas

"Interested in reading what this website has to offer in literature... Thanks"

signed 18 Feb 2009 10:57pm 



from Georgia

"hi i just want to say that i love poe's works i am in 8th grade and we have been studying his works."

signed 18 Feb 2009 6:47pm 



from usa, lousiana, earth

"o my g i love these stories especially the one tell tale heart i just love it. that story is in my 7th grade social s. book omg its not the actual story but it gives a rap up about it and that is a real honor to be in a history book but my teacher called him really freaky son thats not cool. l8r"

signed 18 Feb 2009 6:01pm 



from California

"Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite writer out of everyone else"

signed 18 Feb 2009 3:07pm 


Melodi Ataoz

from Turkey

"I love Poe! :)"

signed 18 Feb 2009 9:10am 



from earth


signed 18 Feb 2009 8:43am 



from Indiana

"Thanks for the website. I'm doing a research paper over Edgar Allan Poe and this gives me a good idea of what to look for. I'm glad I found this."

signed 17 Feb 2009 6:13pm 



from Indiana

"I love these stories as disturbing as they may be."

signed 17 Feb 2009 8:53am 



from Canada

"I love Poe! His work is so complex and AMAZING! I'm taking a course on Poe in college. It's so awesome! My favorite story is Ligeia. The Raven is such a great poem. I wrote an essay on it last term-so much fun!The best thing about his stories is his ability to create eerie and haunting atmospheres."

signed 16 Feb 2009 3:48pm 



from hell

"Edgar Allan Poe is the best poet ever!!! he brings horror into your mind as easily as seeing it happen right in front of you!! long live Edgar Allan Poe!! -Dana"

signed 16 Feb 2009 3:05pm 



from 84660

"This is an awesome website!!! Edgar allan poe is my Hero!"

signed 16 Feb 2009 2:47pm 


Catarina O'Malley

from Osage Beach MO.

"Edgar Allan Poe was very interesting. He was loved, and always wrote from the heart. He knew how to keep the readers interested. His feelings and experations are so much like mine. I admire him and can relate to him on so many levels. Rest in peace Poe... you are amazing."

signed 16 Feb 2009 2:24pm 



from Slovakia (Central Europe)

"Great website! I found here many interesting connections between Poe's life and his writings!"

signed 16 Feb 2009 12:45pm 



from Saturns rings

"Hey I just wanted to say that Robert did a REALLY good job on this website it is completely amazing so once again thanks.. I adore the works of Edgar Allan Poe his words are written so beautifully he is my all time fave poet and I adore "the Raven" I will always love his work! xx"

signed 16 Feb 2009 10:21am 



from Georgia

"Poe had such a dark and mysterious mind, and I praise him for that. This man was simply amazing."

signed 15 Feb 2009 4:56pm 


Morgan Randall

from Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite poet, but my heart, for another author of stories, it beats for another."

signed 14 Feb 2009 8:54pm 



from The Moon,The Dark Side,Earth

"Edgar was a the original dark prince ozzy has been since 1979 but Edgar was the first."

signed 13 Feb 2009 7:10pm 


emily hoag

from USA NM

"The best site i have been to. Best place to get info for my report."

signed 13 Feb 2009 4:23pm 


Charee Flynt

from untied states

"i love his story a tell tale heart."

signed 13 Feb 2009 3:50pm 



from jasper, Al Earth

"This site was awesome!!!!!"

signed 13 Feb 2009 12:17pm 


Aissa T. Perez

from bacolod city philippines

"hi im a lover of Poe's writings! im glad they have this site!"

signed 13 Feb 2009 2:22am 


Stacey Thurston

from Arizona

"i love his quote "all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." GO EDGAR ALLAN POE! <3"

signed 12 Feb 2009 9:19pm 



from Idaho

"I am in love with a dead man. Edgar Allan Poe is my inspiration and my hero. He is no doubt the best man to ever see the light of day. My only hope is that i shall meet him someday in Writers heaven"

signed 12 Feb 2009 2:10pm 


pat mcgroin

from pensacola florida


signed 12 Feb 2009 2:06pm 



from Houston

"Poe Is the Best! "Alone" Is my Favorite poem from his works. It is SO... (I dont Know how to describe the feeling). Lonely, Just like me."

signed 12 Feb 2009 1:02pm 


J. Chris Stephens

from Providence, RI

"Best website for the best writer, his works are simply brilliant"

signed 12 Feb 2009 11:15am 


Kristin Harriger

from englewood co

"wow this is a great site"

signed 11 Feb 2009 10:39pm 



from United States,

"Edgar Allen Poe's stories and poem's are astounding"

signed 11 Feb 2009 10:40am 


Jackie van voorhis

from Quincy, mas

"Edgar allan poe is the best of them all. I love his poems,the ones i love by him is A Dream within a dream,and the Raven. i love them, I want to be poet just like him. Edgar allan poe is the best"

signed 11 Feb 2009 9:37am 


Leannah Pena

from Ingleside,Texas

"Edgar Allen Poe Is My Most Favorite writer Ever!!!(: <33"

signed 10 Feb 2009 3:46pm 


Mary Secrest

from Pandaville

"Edgar Poe was such an amazing artist. I call him an "artist" for the fact that poetry is beautiful words strung together to form a lullaby of poetry. In Edgar's case, the words were Macabre and Dark. &lt;!-- Myspace me? -->"

signed 10 Feb 2009 10:24am 


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