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from phil


signed 04 Aug 2009 4:10pm 


Elizabeth White

from meyer,iowa us

"Poe has been and will always be the great influence in my art."

signed 04 Aug 2009 12:44pm 



from China

"This brilliantly made website gives readers an insight into the mind of one of the greatest authors ever. Thanks to everyone who helped to build the site."

signed 04 Aug 2009 5:29am 



from Arizona

"E.A.P. is my hero. He inspires me to write epic tales of various sorts."

signed 02 Aug 2009 6:42pm 


Brenda Wasco

from Portland, Oregon

"Great site, if Poe's ghost does show up give him my address also. I bet we could come up with some dark ghostly love affair to write about. The last time I read Poe was in college. Your site has opened up his great works for me again. Thank You"

signed 30 Jul 2009 6:18pm 


Douglas Kennedy

from Hastings, Nebraska

"What can I say...I love the Raven. It's a Classic (To say the least). Thanks for letting me visit your site and think you have done the poet and story teller proud. Keep up the good work, Poe is gone but should never be forgotten.. he was one of a kind."

signed 28 Jul 2009 6:55am 



from USA

"All I can say is he was "a mad genius" that I wish I could've met! I'm in awe of this man from before my time!! I hope one day people will know "my work" as I do his! Although dead - Mr. Poe you have made an impression on me and continue to influence me!!"

signed 28 Jul 2009 1:01am 



from El Paso

"It's a real pleasure to read such great poetry on the net. Congratulations! Regards"

signed 27 Jul 2009 10:07pm 


Rachel Slaton

from Rentz, Georgia United States

"I love to read these poems and short stories. Have loved reading Edgar Allan Poe's stories since high school. Will visit here more often."

signed 26 Jul 2009 11:23pm 


Denean Lamphear

from US, Hillsboro, OH

"I really enjoyed this site. I was introduced to Edgar Allen Poe in high school and I fell for his writings insistently."

signed 26 Jul 2009 2:02pm 


Joyce Adams

from Planet Other Wordly

"I have enjoyed my visit immensely Thank You"

signed 26 Jul 2009 8:58am 



from Phoenix, AZ

"Very nice website, wonderful content!"

signed 23 Jul 2009 6:01pm 


Daniel Brown

from Tucson, AZ

"I love this site. Keep up the good work for all of us Poe lovers."

signed 22 Jul 2009 5:02pm 


christopher dunn

from butler tn usa

"Poe scared the living daylights out of me as a kid like no one else. Yikes!"

signed 22 Jul 2009 12:40am 



from earth

"what are the shortest stories by poe?"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
The shortest story I have on the site is The Oval Portrait

signed 21 Jul 2009 5:36pm 


Maria Selene Gonzalez

from USA,California,Earth

"Not only has this site helped me with research papers, but it helped me understand that although Edgar did have a hard time putting his work out there, he never gave up and he held on to his dream. We should do the same and NEVER GIVE UP!!!"

signed 16 Jul 2009 3:52pm 


jet night

from co

"marry me poe let me be your annabelee"

signed 15 Jul 2009 6:21pm 



from USA,Georgia,EARTH,home

"i love his poetry this website is awesome"

signed 14 Jul 2009 10:05pm 



from California

"Poe is a man who can be properly known as a human man and a Poet"

signed 14 Jul 2009 1:18am 


Lisa Eglinton

from Orefield, Pa usa earth

"edgar allen poe was a very great artist and his poems were dark but they were great."

signed 12 Jul 2009 12:35am 


adalah wilson

from kenya,nairobi,earth,cyberyike

"Poe will always be the best writer that has ever lived. I not only wish his ghost meets me on the site but also ask him to show me as evidence in his will he wrote in my presence that i am the right heir of his inspiration to write. This is because so many a critic are after my work you inspire most."

signed 11 Jul 2009 4:47am 



from USA

"in my life alone is what i feel sometimes therefore its my favorite one written by Edgar Allen Poe!"

signed 10 Jul 2009 6:08am 


Lisamarie Osorio

from Usa

"This site is very informative but doesn't have of all Poe's stories. I can't find William Wilson. A Tale."

signed 09 Jul 2009 8:14pm 



from Earth

"I have Edgar A. Poe's book of all of his work, and it's basically my bible! by the way, awesome site :)"

signed 09 Jul 2009 1:35am 


Nistress Arc

from Romania

"T'was a joy to read Poe."

signed 07 Jul 2009 11:11pm 



from USA

"Thank you for this website! You have helped me out so much in writing my research paper on Poe and his short story "The Fall of the House of Usher." Good job! =)"

signed 07 Jul 2009 8:21pm 


Maryu Joy CHristine Logon

from philippines,cebu,earth

"my favorite among his stories is the Cask of Amontillado... it is sooo cool... thnx for the info and fun"

signed 07 Jul 2009 9:18am 



from Zimbabwe

"Really have a passion for reading"

signed 07 Jul 2009 7:23am 



from Mongolia

"I think he wrote his part of life."

signed 04 Jul 2009 10:14am 


Linda Wright

from United States of America

"LOVE your site!! There is none better than 'The Pit and the Pendulum' for sheer terror!!"

signed 01 Jul 2009 8:39pm 



from mars

"i can take his words and use them to fit any occasion"

signed 01 Jul 2009 10:05am 


Sweet Sall

from usa.nevada

"this is the best kind of creepy."

signed 30 Jun 2009 8:14pm 


Rachel B.

from USA, Ohio

"This is one of the best websites I have ever visited!"

signed 30 Jun 2009 4:39pm 


miss wahida

from malaysia, earth

"i love annabelle lee"

signed 29 Jun 2009 10:13am 



from egypt

"growing up i read most of edgar allan poe's stories. years passed and i remembered a few stories and decided to search the net for his short stories and read them once again. this site is very amazing by visiting it i learned more about poe and his life and now i love him more as a person and poet."

signed 27 Jun 2009 1:58am 



from tallahassee

"last night i watched an episode of ace of cakes and they did a Edgar Allan Poe cake it looked amazing and during the entire thing they had one person recite a poem by him in parts during the show... it was a moving moment just hearing his work"

signed 26 Jun 2009 6:44pm 



from Orange County, CA

"Great job with the site! It's absolutely beautiful and so full of wonderful material. Thank you for taking the time to put this together and share your passion with the rest of us!"

signed 26 Jun 2009 6:20pm 


joey madden

from arizona

"cool website dude."

signed 25 Jun 2009 4:34pm 


Stephanie r.w.

from Michigan

"This website sparked my interest of Poe even more. It aroused a new passion and respect for what he had written. I am very glad I got to read his poetry again."

signed 25 Jun 2009 3:46pm 



from philippines


signed 25 Jun 2009 7:35am 



from 405 spot

"the dude is crazy suuwoop"

signed 24 Jun 2009 11:12am 


mr Scotty Pierce

from big island HI USA ON Earth

"Aloha! I was looking for a couple of items, a poem Annabelle Lee and a short story, the tell tale heart which I found. Mahalo and take care, ok?"

signed 24 Jun 2009 1:34am 


Vina Anggraini

from Indonesia

"I think this website is cool. But I'm not a fan of Edgar Allan Poe, coz I dont like poem :("

signed 23 Jun 2009 11:01pm 


Diocelan buenconsejo

from Cebu City Philippines

"I'm not really into literature but when I read one of Poe's short stories I felt awe... It's really strange and scary... That short story is The Raven."

signed 20 Jun 2009 5:19pm 



from Conneaut Lake PA 16316

"I Love You page i am a huge Poe Fan"

signed 19 Jun 2009 5:35pm 


edgar allen poe

from Austria

"Cheers to all Edgar Allen Poe fans! Greetings from Austria. We have to sign the guestbook. the anonyms"

signed 19 Jun 2009 1:53am 


Chinnari Ponari

from Malasia

"I am."

signed 17 Jun 2009 2:56pm 


angie stone

from north carolina usa

"I wish I could go back in time and talk face to face to Mr. Poe. I would love to know just what made him tick. What Beethoven was to music, Mr. Poe was to words. 'Nevermore'"

signed 13 Jun 2009 11:05pm 


Brittany Williams

from Pensacola, FL

"This site is truly great! I am actually related to Edgar Allen Poe and its nice to know that there is a place where you can find out more about him"

signed 13 Jun 2009 8:21pm 



from Planet Mars

"I love this website Its great to see that POE'S work still inspires so many people. Goes to show legends never die"

signed 13 Jun 2009 3:23pm 



from USA West Virginia, Earth

"Very nice site thanks for all the info"

signed 13 Jun 2009 11:49am 



from usa, california, earth

"this website is awsum... i really love edgar allen poes poems...."

signed 12 Jun 2009 1:32am 


Charles Smith

from California, USA, Earth for now

"Like millions of others I really enjoy the Raven and I just wish I could do it justice."

signed 11 Jun 2009 7:57pm 



from holland

"hes a brilliant writer and i like his books very much :D"

signed 10 Jun 2009 6:11am 



from Arizona

"It's good to see so many young people still reading and loving Poe's work. He inspired me as a teen years ago and looks like he is still at work. Great site!!"

signed 09 Jun 2009 8:00pm 



from North Carolina

"Oh my goodness, this site is amazing. I love Poe's work. I wish I was as good as him but the farthest I can get is really obvious boring poems."

signed 09 Jun 2009 3:31pm 


50 Rude Boyz

from On The Wirral

"Poe makes this site - Without his work this would not be a site"

signed 08 Jun 2009 8:28am 


Denise Neace

from North America,Kentucky,Earth h

"this website is amazing i am a poe fanatic!!!!!!"

signed 08 Jun 2009 6:55am 



from U.S

"I am so, so glad that you keep this site updated. I love reading and understanding Poe with every poem, story and/or quote of his. => He's an inspiration."

signed 07 Jun 2009 11:48pm 



from New Jersey , U.S.

"wow. this site is amazingg. Im doing a report for school & this site specifically helped me out a lot with the timeline. thankss ! //"

signed 07 Jun 2009 7:14pm 


Joel E. Hobson

from Hiram, Ohio, U.S.A

"Its because of writers like Poe that I discovered my love for the written word and even struggle to write something memorable myself. Such a shame he couldnt see the impact he made on the literary world and imagine the profits he would have gained from it. A legend after his time."

signed 07 Jun 2009 12:29pm 



from USA, GA

"what a creepy story! he is really scary."

signed 05 Jun 2009 7:28pm 


Victor Conaway

from Midland, TX. Earth

"Great writer!!"

signed 05 Jun 2009 8:48am 



from canada

"this will be a favorite site! am a big fan of poes stories..."

signed 04 Jun 2009 10:28am 




"I heart chicken!!!!"

signed 03 Jun 2009 1:49pm 


Ahmad Kheradju

from Iran

"This site is terrific; in fact, the best site I have ever visited. I love it because I can find Poe's works completely. I have added the site to my favorite."

signed 03 Jun 2009 8:37am 


hernan montoya

from USA

"i like his stories!!!"

signed 03 Jun 2009 8:25am 


Simon and Lisa

from Austria, Europe (mars)


signed 03 Jun 2009 3:48am 



from Syria, Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is the mystery man of all times"

signed 03 Jun 2009 2:51am 


Lisa Barnet

from California

"This website is AWESOME ! edgar allan poe is truly an artist, dont you think !?:)"

signed 03 Jun 2009 12:43am 



from Flugerdaba, Motam, Mars. xD

"I am addicted to Poe. He's wonderful. :D"

signed 02 Jun 2009 8:10pm 



from USA Nevada Neptune

"I love ittt"

signed 02 Jun 2009 5:33pm 



from Rio Grande, RS, Brazil

"I entered only to check if there was any short story by Poe that I could pick for my English work at college... Now I'll read more than just one. Thank you so much, I already liked Poe before, but now I've become his fan."

signed 02 Jun 2009 4:56pm 



from Greenfield Ca

"Edgar Allen Poe books, and stories are very interesting stories."

signed 02 Jun 2009 2:28am 


leonardo elizondo

from greenfield, california

"my homework for Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 02 Jun 2009 1:28am 



from USA

"Edgar allen poe is cool. he has some cool stories"

signed 02 Jun 2009 12:20am 



from California

"Hi, im a student in High School and what I think of the site is that it is really cool to look at."

signed 02 Jun 2009 12:06am 



from Monterey, California, Earth.

"Wow. Dont know what to say to tell you the truth."

signed 01 Jun 2009 11:40pm 



from california

"i love the tell-tale heart. Best book."

signed 01 Jun 2009 11:28pm 


jose guillen

from greenfield,california

"this website is cool"

signed 01 Jun 2009 9:51pm 



from USA, Nevada, Neptune, o.O

"I loveee Poe so muchh! This website is the bomb baby!"

signed 01 Jun 2009 4:57pm 



from Asia

"i love this website very much, and i like that there is so many explanation for some difficult words. i also like the design of this website with the Raven, because it's so "Poe"!"

signed 01 Jun 2009 1:51pm 


joseph cambiaso

from USA tx some would call it eart

"A tisket a tasket poseys in a basket upside down all people frown with blood red lined caskets"

signed 01 Jun 2009 3:40am 


James Michael Nagy

from United States of America, Ohio

"holy crap, I just found the holy grail of Edgar Allan Poe websites, SCREW WIKIPEDIA I'M USING THIS SITE FOR MY PAPER!!!!!"

signed 31 May 2009 6:49pm 


Lily Garcia

from Greenfield, CA United States

"I am a freshman at Greenfield High School. My favorite story by Edgar Allan Poe is Tell Tale Heart because it was cool"

signed 31 May 2009 5:01pm 



from california

"i think this site is very interesting my favorite story is the tell tale heart i love it!"

signed 30 May 2009 12:13am 


Nhung Le

from Viet Nam

"Awesome! Many thanks!!!"

signed 29 May 2009 9:20pm 



from Planet Earth, Mexico

"A great site for a breathtaking writer :)"

signed 29 May 2009 7:32pm 



from California

"i love this site =]"

signed 29 May 2009 2:18pm 



from A.C.M.E

"MMMmmmm edgar"

signed 29 May 2009 1:32pm 



from Canada,home, Earth

"i love this site! poe had a wonderful imagination!"

signed 29 May 2009 12:40pm 


S. Donovan

from Wheaton, IL

"Edgar Allan Poe webquest in Sophomore English today-- bonus points to the first one who finds this! -Mrs. Donovan"

signed 29 May 2009 12:16pm 



from U.S.

"Sweet! Thanks for the info!"

signed 28 May 2009 8:11pm 


Salina Perez

from Greenfield, California

"Many different stories but somehow to me they are all the same meaning"

signed 28 May 2009 8:01pm 


Gabriel Marquez

from California, U.S.

"Masque of the Red Death"

signed 28 May 2009 1:15am 



from Springfield,Ohio

"I'm glad I found this site it helped with my project for school!!!! Great Site"

signed 27 May 2009 11:21pm 



from U.S.A, Ca, Greenfield


signed 27 May 2009 8:19pm 



from maryland

"I learned of poe when i was in high school but never really read any of his works until now. i didn't know what i was missing."

signed 27 May 2009 5:34pm 



from United Stated Virginia Earth

"Edgar Allen Poe is the most amazing poet that ever lived. I love "The lake""

signed 27 May 2009 12:41pm 



from US CA

"I am a person who enjoys reading and expressing poems. I read a poem and then create a painting to show other people that dont really understand the poem. I am a really big fan of Edgar Allen Poe, because he's strait out and doesn't care what anybody else thinks. This site is pretty good to me."

signed 26 May 2009 11:33pm 


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