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from USA,Houston Tx

"Poe's ghost knows where I am. Thank You Lorenzo M."

signed 07 Oct 2009 1:18am 



from Santa Clarita, CA

"Great info for my students during the month of Oct-POE-ber!"

signed 06 Oct 2009 11:28pm 



from Oklahoma

"Wow is all I can say. He married a thirteen yr old girl (same age as me), died in the streets (pretty much), and wrote stories about death, murder, and girls. Amazing."

signed 06 Oct 2009 8:02pm 



from bronx new york

"edgar allan poe will never die he lives on in our hearts and mind"

signed 06 Oct 2009 6:04pm 



from Portland, Oregon

"Thanks for the site. I'll definitely have to make my way back here and read some more."

signed 06 Oct 2009 5:58pm 



from Florida

"Wonderful Website! I have a project due on Edgar Allan Poe tomorrow. My teacher chose for us to read about him. We just read "the Raven" today. Anyway Love the website! It gave me GREAT help on my project!"

signed 06 Oct 2009 5:55pm 



from Florida

"I have yet to finish reading his poems and short stories, but this site is amazing in that it not only provides most of his work, but that it provides just about anything you'd want to know about Poe!"

signed 06 Oct 2009 5:39pm 


Dwayne Wilson

from Providenciales, TCI

"One of the finer writers/poets of anytime... I just love "The Raven". Truly a great work!!!"

signed 06 Oct 2009 4:34pm 


Melissa MN

from Orange CA USA

"I would read Poe to my young daughter... at age 16 she has written thousands or poems and 2 or 3 books. My 8 year old just started to read Poe. Being dyslexic, we do not read the stories, we feel them."

signed 06 Oct 2009 4:05pm 


RoseMary Ochoa

from Napa, California

"This is a cool website! Feeds my hunger for the strange...."

signed 06 Oct 2009 3:37pm 



from america,nc,earth

"this site is awesome i will recommend this site to all my friends on pluto"

signed 06 Oct 2009 3:14pm 



from boston

"we share the same BDAY & my grandfather died the same day his wife [virginia] did =/ creeepy"

signed 06 Oct 2009 2:01pm 



from Earth

"poe was a pretty tortured, genius guy!"

signed 06 Oct 2009 1:59pm 


Celia Chen

from Belize, Central America

"Long live Mr. Edgar Allan Poe!!"

signed 06 Oct 2009 1:25pm 



from USA

"This site is cool and gives cool info about Poe and this man was crazy and is not going to be my idol"

signed 06 Oct 2009 12:34pm 



from Pompano Beach, FL

"This Site Is Amazing Edgar Is One Of The Ones I Will Never Get Bored Of He's My Favorite Emo (LOL!!!)"

signed 06 Oct 2009 11:57am 


Kemily Monroe

from Nicaragua

"I totally love this website! It is one of the few places where I can read Poe's works and enjoy every morbid detail in them. Poe is definitely a legend, and his works will forever live on through the words of his works."

signed 06 Oct 2009 11:40am 


Tiffany Porter

from Gold Hill, NC

"I love Poe's stories even though he was a very disturbed man."

signed 06 Oct 2009 10:19am 



from School

"I love the eerie feeling of this place, you actually feel like you're sort of in one of Poe's stories. Nicely done."

signed 06 Oct 2009 10:10am 



from Indiana

"This is a phenomenal source! What creepy classics. Also, the site is really easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Props to the designer. Thanks for helping me finish my homework!"

signed 05 Oct 2009 10:51pm 


Halle Hinkle

from Pennsylvania, United States

"I love Edgar Allan Poe and all of his work. :)"

signed 05 Oct 2009 10:22pm 




"Thank you so much, I found this site while doing a poetry report and i chose Edger Allan Poe, and this site was perfect. But, i love Edger's poems and stories so much, i kept coming back. Thank you so much! - Sam"

signed 05 Oct 2009 10:16pm 



from texas

"i luv edgar allan poe!!"

signed 05 Oct 2009 9:48pm 



from Greenville, SC

"Mrs. Reynolds 8th Grade English 1 class"

signed 05 Oct 2009 8:48pm 


Ann Marie

from Louisiana

"I love Edgar Allen Poe's works. I am a high school student and I'm doing a paper on Poe's life story. There are so many things that supposedly happened in his life and I had no idea which sites to trust, but I have a very good feeling about this one..."

signed 05 Oct 2009 7:49pm 



from North Carolina

"This site is wonderful! I've been looking for a good source of Poe's work and this is fantastic!"

signed 05 Oct 2009 7:31pm 


Lucinda Atman

from California

"Wonderful website!!!! Thank you! It is great to see Poe's 'less morbid' works. I haven't read many of them. Thanks for the annotations as well."

signed 05 Oct 2009 6:44pm 



from USA

"This place is awesome and yet just a tad bit creepy... I guess this is befitting for a website dedicated to the master of horror/suspense."

signed 05 Oct 2009 6:39pm 



from Los Angeles,Planet Earth

"Capital! simply Capital! Well Done! The Cask was my first Introduction to Poe as a 14 year old. This way i can share it with my 14 year old now!"

signed 05 Oct 2009 5:51pm 


vampire princess (ceara)

from i live in the earth

"i have every story and poem of edgar allan poe he is my hero!!!"

signed 05 Oct 2009 5:26pm 


Sara Miller

from Jackson, Ohio

"My favorite poem of Edgar Allan Poe's is "Alone". I think it's one of his best. I love this site."

signed 05 Oct 2009 12:37pm 


Mason G. 4chan FTW

from florida. FLC

"Nice site.. im using some info.. in my own words of course to write my essay.. thanks!"

signed 05 Oct 2009 11:49am 


McKenzi Johnson

from Tacoma, Washington, Earth

"this was a very exciting site to see"

signed 05 Oct 2009 11:24am 


alli sackett

from michigian

"i love the site but i also loved a poem by Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 05 Oct 2009 10:26am 



from clarksville,tn

"I love it."

signed 05 Oct 2009 10:26am 


Joshua Frazier

from Pineville, Louisiana

"Great site my favorite poem is The Raven I am a 9th grade student at Tioga High School"

signed 05 Oct 2009 12:28am 



from Montana

"Alone the poem is my favorite I just love Edgar's imagery."

signed 04 Oct 2009 11:57pm 


Chase Beeson

from Louisiana

"never read "The Murders of the Rue Morgue", but i'm going to, RIGHT NOW. Sorry Web Soup, mabye some other day."

signed 04 Oct 2009 11:28pm 


Megan Sanders

from Ohio

"interested in poe"

signed 04 Oct 2009 9:36pm 


john wilson

from louisiana

"poe wrote some very interesting poems and stories."

signed 04 Oct 2009 9:11pm 


Sarah S.

from South Carolina

"Edgar Allan Poe's work is chilling!"

signed 04 Oct 2009 9:06pm 


Shelby McGlothlan

from United States, Louisiana

"My name is Shelby McGlothlan, I think the site is Great, it is very helpful for all of the information that i need to answer questions. My favorite stort by Poe is "The Fall of the House of Usher", because of how descriptive and in detail he goes into it."

signed 04 Oct 2009 9:01pm 


Thomas Trembly

from U.S.A. - Mars

"Go Poe!"

signed 04 Oct 2009 8:33pm 



from California, U.S.A.

"I just wanted to say that this is a beautiful site. The wordlist was VERY helpful. When I looked on another site i saw the word Porphyrogene and i thought it was a typo because it wasn't in the dictionary, but then i found this site while double checking and it told me the definition. Thanks much!"

signed 04 Oct 2009 8:08pm 


J S Dunn

from South Carolina

"Poe is such an amazing writer. I get some of my inspiration from him."

signed 04 Oct 2009 8:08pm 


Dylan Roy

from 425 Donna Drive, Pineville, LA

"Poe is a great writer. He writes great short stories and I love to read them!!"

signed 04 Oct 2009 7:48pm 


Maria Parrini

from Greenville, SC

"LOOOOOOOVE Pit and the Pendulum. Great imagination! :)"

signed 04 Oct 2009 7:47pm 


Trent Stuckey

from USA. NM

"Thank you for this interesting website on Edgar Allen Poe. It helped when I was writing my paper my sophomore year"

signed 04 Oct 2009 7:29pm 



from Bridgeport, Connecticut

"I <3 this site!! Poe = Awesomeness!"

signed 04 Oct 2009 7:06pm 


Minley Bell

from Lousiana

"Edgar Allen Poe is an amazing author and poet. I love poetry and his is some of my favorite."

signed 04 Oct 2009 5:11pm 



from Cairo, egypt


signed 04 Oct 2009 4:24pm 


Trey Garza

from Pineville,LA United States

"My favorite story by Edgar Allen Poe is "Tell-Tale Heart" because it was one of the first stories I read by him and I just liked the way the story was made."

signed 04 Oct 2009 4:23pm 


Haley Shank

from United States, Ohio

"I thought this website was the best to learn more about Poe."

signed 04 Oct 2009 3:32pm 



from Florida on Mars

"i love Edgar Allan Poe!!!!!!!!!"

signed 04 Oct 2009 3:31pm 


Holly Henn

from Norwood, NC

"I am a middle-school teacher and we have read Annabel Lee and The Tell Tale Heart. I like reading both with my students... they are intrigued by them!"

signed 04 Oct 2009 3:14pm 


Brittany Gaskill

from Hopwood,PA

"Edgar allan Poe was an amazing author. i've always loved his work."

signed 04 Oct 2009 1:22pm 


Michaela Tremont

from Texas, United States

"edgar allan poe was a genius of his time"

signed 04 Oct 2009 11:55am 



from No so down to Earth

"Awesome! He was an awesome writer!"

signed 04 Oct 2009 3:09am 



from Oakhurst, California, USA

"Thank you for this lovely site I had forgotten the poem "alone" and was thrilled you had it"

signed 03 Oct 2009 10:26pm 


tyshanna hayes

from alexandria,lusiana

"well i think this site is very great because if you need to know more about the house of usher you can use his websites because they are very great"

signed 03 Oct 2009 8:52pm 


Caleb Wug

from Alexandria, LA

"I really like this site. It has a lot of information on Edgar Allen Poe. I learned so many new things about him that I did not know."

signed 03 Oct 2009 8:46pm 



from Tioga LA

"Poe has made some awesome stuff!"

signed 03 Oct 2009 8:24pm 


dashaunique roland

from louisiana

"I'm Dashaunique Roland,this site is a good place for you to find a lot of things you need to now about Poe. I really dont have a favorite poem thats by Edgar Allen Poe."

signed 03 Oct 2009 8:11pm 


breanna kelly

from usa,louisiana, and earth

"well i still dont understand most of your work but i do understand some to know you had too much death around you and so you wrote about death and the mysterious."

signed 03 Oct 2009 1:51pm 


roshni malde

from in a galaxy far far away...

"I'm an aspiring writer and Poe is definitely one of the most inspiring people anyone has ever been for me; alive or dead. I'm glad this website exists so people can learn about him and his amazing awesomeness!"

signed 03 Oct 2009 12:17pm 


Dede Dunn

from Lompoc, CA

"Wonderful website!"

signed 03 Oct 2009 5:01am 


Janicka Paragdos

from Philippines

"I love your site, Im 14, and i appreciate Edgar Allan Poe greatly.... i am a member of the school publication team, thanks to this site and Edgar Poe... I owe my writing career to you both..."

signed 03 Oct 2009 3:47am 



from earth, United States, WV

"LOVE The Cask of Amontillado it was actually the first story that I ever read of Poe except for his poetry. :-)"

signed 02 Oct 2009 10:42pm 


Alaina Sermersheim

from Indiana

"I have to say, Edgar's poems are the best I've ever read. I'm only 13, but I've read them over and over again. I'm hoping to present them in speech competitions. I adore them! Hope you guys do, too!"

signed 02 Oct 2009 8:35pm 


Blorsashtuibeuuu vcm

from sookralt, slaortok, pluto

"this place is cool"

signed 02 Oct 2009 6:02pm 


Zeena Davis

from michigan. Auburn Hills

"omg i love Edger Allen Poe. he is the most amazing poet that has ever lived."

signed 02 Oct 2009 5:03pm 


your mother

from your mother usa


signed 02 Oct 2009 4:22pm 


ashley hall

from Alexandria, Louisiana

"My name is Ashley and I really love this web site. My favorite stories are The tell-tale heart and the mask of the red death. I really love Edgar Allan Poe his stories are amazing."

signed 02 Oct 2009 3:40pm 


jonah mcdivitt

from u.s.a tenesee earth

"i really really think i love you and edgar allen poe for making this site and poe for all his screwed up writings i love it!!!!"

signed 02 Oct 2009 3:39pm 


Jess Harlow

from USA,Indiana, earth

"I love Poe's poems and stories they inspire me to write my poems. I love how they're full of mystery and pain."

signed 02 Oct 2009 2:41pm 


Sarah Cochran

from Princeton,Indiana,Planet X

"I absolutly love Edgar Allan Poe, and this site lets me read his works whenever I want to! Whoever came up with this is a great person; I wish everyone would take the time to read this talented writers works."

signed 02 Oct 2009 2:34pm 



from EARTH

"this website is ok."

signed 02 Oct 2009 1:46pm 


jordan memory

from cancun

"this site is crazyyyyy"

signed 02 Oct 2009 12:16pm 



from sacramento, CA. Earth!

"beautiful website!!! Kudos and thank you for building this, it's absolutely wonderful; the perfect place for Poe fans and students to come to. =] keep up the great work!"

signed 02 Oct 2009 11:46am 


Zacharie Rachal

from USA, louisiana, earth,

"Edgar Allan Poe seems to have been a very unique man. I would have enjoyed meeting him, if i got the chance."

signed 02 Oct 2009 11:34am 



from Minnesota

"I really liked some of Poe's stories and poems.... he had a hard life, because all the women he loved and cared about in his life died..."

signed 02 Oct 2009 11:02am 



from i live in the hood J-T

"yo my name be shanaynay i love me some poems kbye"

signed 02 Oct 2009 10:10am 


joe mcnelly

from a desolate cave in house

"i like the poe stories of cake"

signed 02 Oct 2009 9:42am 


Dalex Doque

from Jupiter

"edgar allan poe is a great author. his stories are awesomely eerie"

signed 02 Oct 2009 9:17am 


Karen Hambright

from Brunswick, GA 31520

"Fan of Poe since childhood, now active in Big Read at College of Coastal Georgia, Dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences"

signed 02 Oct 2009 9:04am 


Mary Ripps

from US, TX, Earth

"Super coolio website @_@"

signed 02 Oct 2009 8:35am 


Patty Duran

from twilight

"whats up people"

signed 02 Oct 2009 1:45am 


melody mckinney

from maryland

"'Spirits of the Dead' is one of my favorite poems! Since I was very young, Poe has been number one on my list of great authors. So very glad to find this site! Great job! (and thank you)"

signed 02 Oct 2009 12:12am 


Josh Doell

from Earth

"I am a high school student who happened upon this site by accident. I'm not much of an english buff but I think Edgar Allan Poe is a straight up genius every word is carefully chosen especially Anna Belle Lee and The Raven they really leave you with something once you're done reading."

signed 02 Oct 2009 12:05am 



from US, Ny, Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is amazing. I can't wait to read more of his stories."

signed 01 Oct 2009 10:25pm 


Austin Corley



signed 01 Oct 2009 9:47pm 


Miranda Mckee

from USA Kentucky

"Poe is very interesting"

signed 01 Oct 2009 9:11pm 


Keltric Williams

from united states,Louisiana

"I think "The Fall of the House of Usher" was the best book ever."

signed 01 Oct 2009 8:06pm 


Makenna Rae Williams

from University of Toledo, Ohio

"i love that i can read all of E.A. Poes' stories on one website and i dont have to go looking for them. I enjoy this website and i will definitely read almost all of these stories that are here. Have a nice gory day!"

signed 01 Oct 2009 7:47pm 


Kevin Swenson

from Yuba City,Ca

"Poe is certainly one of the greatest authors of our time. From his opiate overtures to his breathtaking, heart-pounding endings, it is hard not to enjoy and admire his work!"

signed 01 Oct 2009 7:19pm 


Brandon Colson

from USA, Louisiana, Mars,

"Well I think Poe is a very interesting author. I enjoy the suspense, horror, and irony in his works of literature. I also enjoy the way he expresses himself through his art. Poe's literature is something that will live on for like ever. :)"

signed 01 Oct 2009 7:02pm 



from Louisiana, United States

"Edgar Allan Poe was quite the genius of an author. :) kinda creepy though."

signed 01 Oct 2009 5:06pm 


Jordan Elliott

from U.S. Ohio, Earth

"This is a great site for finding information about Poe."

signed 01 Oct 2009 1:07pm 


Xavier Perez

from Earth

"Excellent passages. your work continues to influence my life. regards"

signed 01 Oct 2009 12:32pm 


dontrell johnson

from alexandria,louisiana earth

"this guy edgar allen poe was a good author. his stories were kind of scary and kind of crazy, and creepy to me"

signed 01 Oct 2009 11:57am 


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