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Carrie Hsu

from Fremont CA

"My favorite story was The Tell-Tale Heart because it was explaining that he was not a crazy person. This kinda reminds me of people who always assume something first without knowing it's true."

signed 15 Oct 2009 7:36pm 


morgan parkhurst

from bacliff tx

"I found your site while doing a research project in my english class. I found this to be the best site on Poe. I am also glad that I have found it that way I can look at for leisure as I have always been a Poe fan since I read "The Raven""

signed 15 Oct 2009 4:25pm 


Mishelle Bernard

from New York, Earth(for now)

"ok, I absolutely love this website. Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite poet"

signed 15 Oct 2009 3:42pm 



from California

"Absolutely the BEST Poe site I've came across bar none! I can tell a lot of time went into it... Thank You!"

signed 15 Oct 2009 2:57pm 



from Kentucky

"I Love Edgar Allan Poe's poetry.."

signed 15 Oct 2009 1:35pm 


Katie Manthe

from Kansas City, Missouri

"I LOVE EDGAR ALLAN POE!!!! He is the GREATEST EVER! I love this website!"

signed 15 Oct 2009 1:13pm 


dylan garwood

from arkansas

"edgar allan poe had problems"

signed 15 Oct 2009 1:01pm 


rachael and elijah

from kentucky

"this site helped us with school work. thanks."

signed 15 Oct 2009 12:59pm 



from cal

"i hate this guy he scares the sh** out of me"

signed 15 Oct 2009 12:20pm 



from mars

"poe was a great poet and a good man who fell off his path and made some mistakes"

signed 15 Oct 2009 12:11pm 


Abby Wells

from Coldwater, MS

"I'm doing Edgar for an English project on American authors."

signed 15 Oct 2009 11:41am 



from arkansas

"the raven is a kewl book read it"

signed 15 Oct 2009 11:32am 


Digital Fortress

from Codex

"I am an avid fan of Poe! I love his 'A Tell-Tale Heart', 'Murders in the Rue Morgue', The Cask of Amontillado', 'The Gold Bug' and a lot more! I wish I could turn back time and be his apprentice. I will be as stunning as he in the future."

signed 15 Oct 2009 4:56am 


Tori Billy

from texas

"I love to read and listen to Edgar Allen Poe's poems and stories. Although I'm only 12 I love this work. Especially The Raven and The Tell Tale Heart"

signed 14 Oct 2009 8:08pm 


Kiouty yyffi

from Zorgazium

"I come in peace. :)"

signed 14 Oct 2009 6:44pm 


shelby birdwell

from newsummerfield TX

"edgar allen poe is very extraordinary i love his dark and mysterious work!!!!!!"

signed 14 Oct 2009 1:47pm 



from richmond,va,earth

"hi jus wanna say hey!"

signed 14 Oct 2009 1:04pm 



from arkansas


signed 14 Oct 2009 11:27am 



from Illinois

"what up!"

signed 14 Oct 2009 11:17am 



from North America on Earth

"My teachers made me do this."

signed 14 Oct 2009 9:09am 



from USA, North America, Earth

"Go POE!!!"

signed 14 Oct 2009 7:52am 


Jasmine tewawina

from earth

"P0e is the best poem writer his poems are the b0mb"

signed 13 Oct 2009 10:24pm 


Hailey Lucas

from USA North carolina, Earth

"I think he was mentally disturbed or possessed or both i cant decide"

signed 13 Oct 2009 9:52pm 


Vivian L.

from U.S.

"I began reading Edgar Allen Poe in high school in an english literature class. My introduction was "The Raven". His work is classic, I still enjoy reading his body of work today."

signed 13 Oct 2009 2:23pm 



from northern montana

"yoyo homedog"

signed 13 Oct 2009 10:12am 


Sam Werts

from Tipp City, Oh


signed 13 Oct 2009 7:58am 


Annie Rose Watkins

from Kansas City, Kansas

"Poe is by far my favorite writer, poet, etc. of all time. Every literature-related project I've ever done has something to do with his writings. His works are fantastic, and I continue to re-read them daily. Personal Favorite work of his- "The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether". Much Love, Annie"

signed 13 Oct 2009 12:24am 



from Cali

"i love poe, he is the only poet i will read. he is my inspiration :). so, is it alright if i use this info for a powerpoint? :)"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Yes, as long as you credit this site and your presentation is for your own personal use. =)

signed 13 Oct 2009 12:05am 


Andres Lara

from Usa Texas Houston

"Well You know i was Explaining to this Girl today about who Edgar Allan Poe was. And then it made me want to you know look up on some of his stuff. My Favorite poem is Alone while my Favorite short story is The Tell-Tale Heart :D and if you wanna talk about him email me"

signed 12 Oct 2009 11:38pm 


Norman R. Wyne

from USA, FL, BigBlue,

"I am eager to search your site. Thank you"

signed 12 Oct 2009 9:15pm 



from pish-posh. who knows.

"Poe was a ladies' man, and a ghostly shaman clipped inside a black-buttoned windbreaker. We're all in love with him, and he deserves wine over his grave every full moon. Love love love and eternal damnation in the kingdom of Fury-Muses, in Literati Heaven!"

signed 12 Oct 2009 8:08pm 



from Earth

"I like the fact that this site shows the meaning of unknown words that we as people may not comprehen. Oops I spelled that wrong."

signed 12 Oct 2009 5:19pm 


joey jackson

from Mt.Holly Arkansas

"i was doing a report on Poe and found out i actually like his poems they inspire me as a young poet. i havnt yet read any poems but im going to my library to check out a few of his books asap. thank you for putting up this site its helped a lot... good-bye"

signed 12 Oct 2009 4:19pm 


Jennifer Hershberger

from Blackfoot, Id

"He is the most amazing poet to ever walk this earth. I truly enjoy reading his masterpieces and works of art!"

signed 12 Oct 2009 3:28pm 



from South Carolina

"This site is really useful... and i do indeed have a favorite poe story... The Tell-Tale Heart, because he is so mysterious and the story enhances that!!"

signed 12 Oct 2009 2:21pm 



from U.S.A

"Edgar Allan Poe is creepy, but some of his stories are pretty cool :)"

signed 12 Oct 2009 2:06pm 


Bridgitt Johnson

from United States,NM,Venus

"My favorite poem is Alone. I like the way Poe portrays every aspect of being alone. I like the dark sense of humor."

signed 12 Oct 2009 12:10pm 


Mac Grigsby

from TN USA

"Hi Robert, in your wordlist under balm in Gilead, I believe it was not rhetorical question but metaphorical one, is there relief in death?, look at the context of that verse and the adjoining one about embracing Lenore in Aidenn(heaven). Else why so plaintive a cry for answer to rhetorical question"

signed 12 Oct 2009 9:38am 


Kelly Whybrew

from dayton, ohio.

"this website rocks! really, I love it!"

signed 12 Oct 2009 8:15am 


Adam B

from Muskegon

"Excellent comprehensive website. Nothing better to honor Poe than to provide extensive details about his work. -well done."

signed 12 Oct 2009 1:49am 


Miss. Brandy

from Denver CO.

"Wonderful Site, Excellent Work, Genuine Design"

signed 12 Oct 2009 1:32am 



from india

"a real good site.....i am fan of Poe and always loved reading his works... A real horror genius... :)"

signed 11 Oct 2009 10:40pm 



from mars

"i love his poetry i wish i could do anything soo much as awesome as he did"

signed 11 Oct 2009 10:33pm 



from florida

"I absolutely LOVE Edgar Allen Poe's works. My favorite is "Come Little Children". This site is perfect for a girl like me!!! Being almost a goth is awesome!!!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Although some web sites credit "Come Little Children" to Edgar Allan Poe, I cannot find proof of this in any of my reference materials or books. The poem was made into a song in the movie Hocus Pocus and was sung by Sarah Jessica Parker. I believe the poem was written by John Debney, who was the composer for Hocus Pocus.

signed 11 Oct 2009 9:22pm 


Angela R. Herron

from Los Angeles, CA - USA, Earth

"He is one of my favorite authors. I read the Tell Tale Heart in the 9th grade and I continued to read his pieces since. I didn't know about the comedies so I am looking forward to reading them."

signed 11 Oct 2009 1:18pm 



from colorado

"Love the site! I was glad to find a VERY convenient and organized place to find all of Poe's work. I thank you deeply for this compilation. It is my intent to spread word of this site by all means possible. The annotations are helpful, and the library is so easy to navigate. Thank you!"

signed 10 Oct 2009 10:01pm 



from Montana

"This is a very helpful site. I am doing a report on him and this gives strong details on Poe. Thank you, and I just love the poem "Annabelle Lee," it's so heartfelt."

signed 10 Oct 2009 8:52pm 


mark winslade

from folly beach sc

"what a great site, the internet should have a working website like this for every great writer..."

signed 10 Oct 2009 10:10am 


Deanna Dyer

from Kentucky

"have always been interested in Poe's works. Enjoy readings his works"

signed 10 Oct 2009 6:17am 


Veera Capel

from Earth

"Wonderful site, though less morbid then I would expect from Poe... My 9th grade English class read the Cask when I was 14, my first introduction to Poe and I have loved his work ever since."

signed 09 Oct 2009 10:02pm 



from USA, LA, Earth

"I absolutely LOVE ALL of Poe's work. Who cares if it's mostly morbid??? That's what makes is so illustrious!"

signed 09 Oct 2009 6:14pm 


McKenzee Mitchell

from texas, us, earth

"I'm not gonna lie, this site is pretty awesome. Phahah."

signed 09 Oct 2009 2:30pm 



from Floirda

"Looking for source material of Poe quote: "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.""

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
That would be the poem, A Dream Within a Dream.

signed 09 Oct 2009 2:27pm 



from Delta,Co

"I love this site. it feeds my daily need of Poe. i do like how a lot of the words that most wouldnt understand are highlighted and explained to bring out the meaning and significance of the poems and stories"

signed 09 Oct 2009 1:01pm 


Mani Stubbs

from Pluto

"i <3 all the stories ive read by him, especially The Tell tale heart"

signed 09 Oct 2009 1:01pm 



from Saturn


signed 09 Oct 2009 11:57am 



from mars

"hola im from mars im an alien"

signed 09 Oct 2009 10:28am 


Lindsay Smythe

from Simpsonville, South Carolina

"Poe is AWESOME! Him and Shakespeare are definitely waaay up there on my list of favorite writers. I loooove Pit and Pendulum, and the Masque of the Red Death, the latter being my fav ;P"

signed 08 Oct 2009 9:52pm 


Harrison Stall

from Greenville, South Carolina

"STERLING SCHOOL! Fantastic Website for my school and my English class in which we are studying Poe. Gosh he's creepy."

signed 08 Oct 2009 8:55pm 



from greenville sc

"the pics look so real like if you were actually there to take them!"

signed 08 Oct 2009 8:33pm 



from mami fl

"i love edgar allan poes book"

signed 08 Oct 2009 8:21pm 



from Ohio

"Thank you for this wonderful site. Poe's work should be read by everyone."

signed 08 Oct 2009 7:36pm 



from michigan

"cool website"

signed 08 Oct 2009 6:48pm 



from South Carolina, USA

"Read Hop-Frog, chilling and hilarious."

signed 08 Oct 2009 6:08pm 


neiko alexandrenko

from Louisiana, united states mars

"hey im neiko and i really like this website. it really helped me on a book report I had to do in english class. thanks poe stories"

signed 08 Oct 2009 5:22pm 



from united states

"poe rules"

signed 08 Oct 2009 4:23pm 


Jeff Gattuso

from Zephyrhills,FL

"A very informative website."

signed 08 Oct 2009 2:59pm 


Alexandra James

from Michigan, U.S.A

"This was my first time on this website... i learned a lot at Edgar Allan Poe!"

signed 08 Oct 2009 1:19pm 


Kristen Newman

from United States

"Omg I love this website.... I have it saved to every favorite list I could find ^^ and this is late but for those who know yesterday was a grim day in poet history... 160 years."

signed 08 Oct 2009 1:15pm 



from USA

"Fantastic website, well formatted, easy to read, the wordlist is just plain ingenious and I can't thank you enough for the credits screen, made it very easy for me to cite your work in my thesis paper. Thank you, thank you!"

signed 08 Oct 2009 1:09pm 



from california

"hey i love your books"

signed 08 Oct 2009 1:00pm 


Paige Precour

from United States Michigan

"I thought that the site is absolutely awesome. I'll definitely recommend it for any Poe fans. I'll come back to this site again, surely."

signed 08 Oct 2009 11:32am 



from usa

"This is a helpful website, but its a bit freaky. but this guy was an awesome writer."

signed 08 Oct 2009 10:24am 


kimyottia Little

from Wadesboro N.C. Mars

"love this website it is really cool~"

signed 08 Oct 2009 9:59am 



from Mars

"yo yo yo...I want this site FOREVER"

signed 08 Oct 2009 9:36am 



from port huron mi.

"poe is a really good man he writes so many good poems and books"

signed 08 Oct 2009 9:20am 



from california

"i hate this D:"

signed 08 Oct 2009 8:40am 


Bridgit McCarthy

from Asheville, NC.

"What a gorgeous site! Thanks for the art photos. I wasn't expecting a bonus when I came hunting for short stories. The annotated definitions for more difficult words are just what my 6th graders need to make Poe accessible. Our Octstudy of suspense & characterization will be more powerful now!"

signed 08 Oct 2009 7:49am 


victoria paton

from walnut

"i love edgarrrrr"

signed 07 Oct 2009 10:58pm 


dewey fischer

from usa

"fav is "the raven""

signed 07 Oct 2009 10:10pm 



from Tokyo,Japan

"A perfect site dedicated to one of the greatest authors and poets, his works are just amazing, no one can compare to Poe."

signed 07 Oct 2009 9:52pm 



from America

"i luv the raven and it was soooo amusing"

signed 07 Oct 2009 9:39pm 



from Corot-7b

"Cool! Used it for my homework!"

signed 07 Oct 2009 8:17pm 


Anna C.

from SC, Earth

"This site has a lot of information and opinions on Poe. It is interesting to read how others perceive him. I enjoyed having his work and biography on the same page, and not having to flip between two websites. Poe is a very complex writer."

signed 07 Oct 2009 7:34pm 


vampire mel

from ohio

"at 14 in 8th grade i am told the story of The Cask of Amontillado it was great but in 6th grade i was introduced to Poe with The Fall of the House of Usher it was sweet. I now love Poe and want to read more. We are celebrating his funeral soon so R.I.P Poe"

signed 07 Oct 2009 6:28pm 



from idaho, USA

"Excellent site. The layout and artwork just Poe's dark sense to a T. This is a great place to really become familiar with Poe and his works. The timeline, wordlist, and other parts are genius. Only thing I've found missing is the poem "Romance." Such a good poem deserves to be on this site. Thanks!"

signed 07 Oct 2009 5:46pm 



from u.s. baton rouge lousiana hehe

"i love ur stories (:"

signed 07 Oct 2009 5:10pm 



from Macedonia

"I think that Edgar Allan Poe is simply a genius, he was, he is and he will stay a living monument in the world literature history!!! He is an outstanding writer and an honoured member of the world romanticism! :-)"

signed 07 Oct 2009 3:00pm 


Jeremy Bell

from USA, SC, Earth.


signed 07 Oct 2009 1:50pm 


illissa timms

from georgia

"l love the site i love the poem Annabel Lee my all time fav"

signed 07 Oct 2009 1:27pm 



from EARTH

"My favorite poem by Edgar allen Poe is 'to the River---'. It's very short and endearing. Story? The Pit and the Pendulum. Curse my horrible dreams- for I have dreamt the dreams no man should dream."

signed 07 Oct 2009 1:19pm 


Caprice Anderson

from United Kingdom

"Yo books are amazing i love tell tale hearts"

signed 07 Oct 2009 1:19pm 


Kelvenisha Hope

from United States

"wat it do its yo gurl nu-nu"

signed 07 Oct 2009 1:16pm 


alexis z

from florida vero beach flc

"im using some info too for an essay which i hate but edgar allan poe is cool so its alright! :)"

signed 07 Oct 2009 12:43pm 


Kathy Morrison

from Kansas City, Mo USA

"I have read and loved Poe since grade school. So many great thriller/horror novel writers learned valuable lessons from Poe. He was a genius!"

signed 07 Oct 2009 11:10am 


jacquelyn dibley

from country

"my father used to tell me about the little boy that used to kill birds in his boy hood, until he shot a mother bird that had a nest of babies. I would like to know the full story so that i can tell my great grand children"

signed 07 Oct 2009 11:08am 


Scarlet Raine

from Mars

"I love Edgar Allen Poe he is my inspiration"

signed 07 Oct 2009 11:03am 


Andrew M. (PAT) Neville


"Finally a collected site of information about a great writer. Thanks"

signed 07 Oct 2009 9:34am 



from Torquay

"I would very much like to learn more about Edgar Allan Poe and start reading his books."

signed 07 Oct 2009 8:35am 



from center of the universe, NYC

"My intro to the great EDGAR ALLAN POE was THE RAVEN. I tried to learn it by heart. Then another great gentleman - perhaps you have heard of him - Mr. VINCENT PRICE, film star, brought to life many of POE'S characters and made me a life-long admirer of the celebrated POE. Thank you for a great site."

signed 07 Oct 2009 5:37am 


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