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from tha hood

"hey this really helped me with my project thanks!"

signed 09 Nov 2009 12:55pm 


Victoria I. Serna

from A diffrent dimenson

"hello other poe reader the raven has always been my all time favorite this will definitely help me with my english research paper on what literature ,etc. has changed america so my topic is "How did Edgar Allan Poe change American Literature?"thank the person who made this"Qouth the Raven, Nevermore""

signed 09 Nov 2009 12:44pm 


Tanasha Oakley


"egar allen poe waz great"

signed 09 Nov 2009 12:36pm 



from farmtown

"hello everyone wow i love this guys work"

signed 09 Nov 2009 11:11am 


Erin Cacciatore

from Glendale, Arizona

"This is an excellent resource site for all things Poe. A masterful and timeless author."

signed 09 Nov 2009 12:51am 


Nell Henry

from New Orleans La.

"hey i love this website. its a wonderfully site i just love poe he is every thing to me if he comes back i would love to meet him love always Joann later Poe!..."

signed 08 Nov 2009 11:27pm 



from Columbia, SC

"just visited Poe's grave....totally connected.."

signed 08 Nov 2009 10:59pm 



from new york

"poe is awesome"

signed 08 Nov 2009 10:03pm 


Christopher Kowalsky

from United States, Pennsylvania

"Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft are the ones who invented the horror genre. They set the stage for the likes of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Peter Straub, Clive Barker, etc. Poe's work has stood the test of time and his stories continue to inspire people today."

signed 08 Nov 2009 8:24pm 


estefany t.

from new york

"i wanna know more about poe's stories so i'm going to investigate more about of this"

signed 08 Nov 2009 8:19pm 


Elizabeth Phillips

from Tennessee

"I have always loved the poems of poe."

signed 08 Nov 2009 7:23pm 


cori crouch

from texas

"im in love with a dead man..."

signed 08 Nov 2009 6:54pm 



from Texas

"I had to learn about Poe for school and my teacher gave me this website I have read most of his short stories and all his poems.My favorite story is the Masque of Red Death."

signed 08 Nov 2009 4:35pm 


kristin hargett

from havelock, NC

"my favorite story is the pit and the pendulum. not only is it horrifying, it is the best story by him I have ever read!"

signed 08 Nov 2009 4:12pm 


Bren C Burke

from New York USA

"Edgar is a really good poet and author"

signed 08 Nov 2009 3:23pm 


sdf cvlk

from turkey

"I'm an english learner now.poe's stories helped me so much in learning this language."

signed 08 Nov 2009 7:16am 


Yannick Longolius

from New York

"This is an interesting website. I found great information about Poe."

signed 07 Nov 2009 6:03pm 



from usa oklahoma

"this is a really awesome site?"

signed 07 Nov 2009 2:48pm 



from Holland, Nord Holland, Earth

"This site is awesome! I love Poe's short stories and being able to read them on line is great. I wish more classics were available in this way."

signed 07 Nov 2009 2:11pm 




"As I read the stories of Mr.Poe, I feel as if I was living in the story itself.I think, they are quite interesting and ones of the best stories I've ever read..Also this site is wonderful..:))"

signed 07 Nov 2009 9:24am 



from planet leave me alone

"yolah poke/tag you're it"

signed 06 Nov 2009 8:22pm 



from new york

"poe was cool love his stories...kinda freaky but i can digg it"

signed 06 Nov 2009 7:30pm 


angelie albritton

from us,florida,earth

"i love poes stories and life story. the writing of death and more grabs my attention and interest. i dont read much but, when i heard of poes novels and more, i was drawn. out of a lot of authors, poe beats alot in my reading. i love him! he will always be remembered in my heart."

signed 06 Nov 2009 6:23pm 


ur momma

from jupiter

"i like chocolate milk"

signed 06 Nov 2009 4:15pm 



from Earth

"This totally worked with my family's school projects about poetry!"

signed 06 Nov 2009 1:40pm 



from united sates,dayton,ohio

"I find the work of poe an erotic dread of misery and woe the death of his love made him think of unquestionable things."

signed 06 Nov 2009 1:12pm 


Britttney Elizabeth

from Indiana, United States

"Edgar Allen Poe is a freak...."

signed 06 Nov 2009 11:32am 


Jimmy Taylor

from USA, in Weirton, WV

"Hello. My name is Jim. I was always a Poe fan, but more so my late wife was. I was never really familiar with "Anabelle Lee," but my wife had always told me that it was her favorite poem of all. And now that I've come & read it, I think I feel the same... RIP Jessie... My own Anabelle Lee. T.T"

signed 06 Nov 2009 10:53am 



from Lake Linden Michigan


signed 06 Nov 2009 10:34am 


Casey Simmons

from Wynne junior high

"I love this site for helping me write an english paper on this guy. Wow he was weird but it helped me. THANKS :))"

signed 06 Nov 2009 10:20am 



from buffalo ny

"i love him his stuff is so so so so so so so good"

signed 06 Nov 2009 10:01am 



from Earth

"I love Allen Poe! I even have a book of all of his works. This is an awesome site, good work!"

signed 06 Nov 2009 8:32am 


justin peters

from mentor ohio

"this **** was crazy tho"

signed 06 Nov 2009 8:08am 


Cody Santello

from Raleigh, North Carolina

"Poe is awesome!"

signed 05 Nov 2009 9:49pm 


Nigel Ajaghanna

from U.S.A., New Jersey,


signed 05 Nov 2009 9:02pm 


Miss Haylie Horror

from new orleans ,louisiana, saturn

"I love reading about poe and i love reading his stories and poems even though i have a 1026 page book with all his stories and poems in it i still like to look around the internet =]"

signed 05 Nov 2009 7:01pm 



from Point Pleasant,West Virginia

"He is awesome...."

signed 05 Nov 2009 4:00pm 



from Haystack, CA

"My favorite story by Edgar Allan Poe is The Tell Tale Heart!! Its spooky, weird, and very descriptive and i just love it. Im doing my English report on him because his poems always have a meaning but sometimes it just isnt caught by the regualar people like us!!!! Anyways he is awesome and u go poe!"

signed 05 Nov 2009 3:34pm 


Niko Yagami

from Chicago

"I love this web site! i was in love with Poe's stories ever since i was 7 years old. Hes the best. I still read his stories. And this web site helps me with my report on him! THIS SITE ROCKS MY SOCKZ!!!"

signed 05 Nov 2009 3:04pm 


donovan scott bruns

from U.S.A.,iowa,earth

"when and where did Eldorado originate? and what gave edgar allen poe the idea to write the story?"

signed 05 Nov 2009 2:20pm 


Teshim Hall

from home,USA,ny,earth

"Edgar Allen poe is weird"

signed 05 Nov 2009 2:17pm 


josh moylan

from Texas

"Hello everyone i am doing a research on edgar allan poe and thought i would check out this web site."

signed 05 Nov 2009 1:58pm 


haley t.

from canada

"wow, this place is great, he was an amazing writer!"

signed 05 Nov 2009 1:11pm 


james hill

from georgia


signed 05 Nov 2009 11:34am 



from Arkansas

"Thaaaanks:) this is helping a lot with my English paper.. I didnt know anything about this dude, but now, Im pretty smart :) haa"

signed 05 Nov 2009 9:48am 


mina hazem

from cairo,egypt

"edgar allen poe is very interesting. first time our teacher told us the story it was AMAZINGGGGGG."

signed 05 Nov 2009 3:10am 


Nicole Dolan

from united states,oregon

"This website had lots of details about Edgar Allan Poe. I really like it."

signed 05 Nov 2009 1:18am 


Drew Helser

from Salem Oregon

"I think Edgar was a brilliant artist, but it was a different kind of art. It was poetry of course, but it was dark and spooky. I don't understand how someone so young could have a mind like that."

signed 05 Nov 2009 1:05am 


navneet kaur

from Oregon

"kool wesite learned new stories and words"

signed 04 Nov 2009 11:45pm 



from Los Angeles California

"I just read my first Poe story today at school and it was really a great story. It was The Cask of Amontillado. This site really helped me learn the words in the story that it didn't know. It really helped me in english class too. Thank You. Cody [:)"

signed 04 Nov 2009 11:39pm 



from Florida

"I love this site!"

signed 04 Nov 2009 8:48pm 



from earth

"I love Edgar Allan Poe "poems", I'm glad to see them being reunited we people. ELLA T"

signed 04 Nov 2009 8:44pm 



from neptune


signed 04 Nov 2009 5:06pm 


Danielle Bautista

from Florida

"Edgar Allan Poe is a captivating poet. His unerring mind can fashion a masterpiece, with the most powerful response. Truly an artist to simply be discovered in death, like so many others. He will never die as long as his memory, and his work, lives on. -Luv a poetic admirer"

signed 04 Nov 2009 5:06pm 



from GA, Augusta

"Hey, do you have the story the monkey's paw?"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Sorry, that story was not written by Poe. "The Monkey's Paw" is a short horror story by W. W. Jacobs.

signed 04 Nov 2009 4:19pm 


corey sibley

from earth

"i thought this site was awesome. definitely going to use it in the future. it really helped me with my english. love all the things i learned about his life. he was definitely a very very interesting man."

signed 04 Nov 2009 3:11pm 



from Maryland

"i think Poe is a good writer."

signed 04 Nov 2009 3:11pm 


Chuck Norris

from right behind you

"Don't look now, but I am right behind you and you aren't going to be able to finish reading this because I just killed you using a roundhouse kick."

signed 04 Nov 2009 2:40pm 



from Cleveland, Ohio

"Hi! how are you?"

signed 04 Nov 2009 2:31pm 


Grant Rolon

from Planet Mars

"It's a really helpful website, I can find all of my favorite Poe stories and I can get my research for English class done."

signed 04 Nov 2009 2:02pm 



from ohio

"R.I.P. Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 04 Nov 2009 1:55pm 



from 2 by 4

"Thanks you help on english problems"

signed 04 Nov 2009 1:54pm 



from usa

"This website is awesome. It holds so much information about Edgar Allen Poe, its amazing how much you can learn about a person through their works. though he may be strange he is also great and had many dreams."

signed 04 Nov 2009 1:39pm 



from nevada

"how old is he now"

signed 04 Nov 2009 12:40pm 



from newark nj

"i love his stories because they're scary my favorite book is the house of usher"

signed 04 Nov 2009 12:16pm 



from jamaica

"kewl stuf dis iz awsum."

signed 04 Nov 2009 11:18am 



from United States

"He was an amazing writer. His stories are scary, but also interesting."

signed 04 Nov 2009 11:07am 


jamie hatorn

from Jupiter, 560 vebnioca road

"Hello earthlings. my name is Jamie in the human world. But my real name is EReagffhgt500III. i am from the planet Jupiter. at least the one you know. send me a note at 560 vebnicona road! -EReagffhgt500III"

signed 04 Nov 2009 10:33am 



from Jupiter


signed 04 Nov 2009 10:05am 


sckler scott smith

from west covina california

"Poe was and is the greatest writer of all time he thrilled our minds"

signed 04 Nov 2009 9:53am 


andrew dodson

from Maryland

"ello govner"

signed 04 Nov 2009 9:20am 





signed 04 Nov 2009 9:03am 



from clarion,PA

"cool site....."

signed 04 Nov 2009 8:22am 


Tanasha Philpot

from east orange, New Jersey

"Edgar Allan Poe stories are humorous and life filling."

signed 04 Nov 2009 8:16am 


naysha angelucci

from newark, New Jersey

"i think that the site is very helpful. kids that are interested in Poe's life story should come here. i enjoyed learning about Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 03 Nov 2009 9:35pm 


Rebekah Nelson

from Earth

"thank you so much for this website... i am a huge fan of poe... i love his short story The Tell-Tale Heart.. it really gets me.. lol but thanks again"

signed 03 Nov 2009 8:55pm 


eldred bennett

from essex, new jersey, earth

"yo this is mad cool"

signed 03 Nov 2009 8:53pm 


Caitlin Nobles

from Del Rio,Tx

"I love Edgar Poe's stories and I wish I can soon become as great as a writer as he. Oh how romantic The Raven is!"

signed 03 Nov 2009 8:48pm 


orane jacobs

from new york

"i like poe's stories."

signed 03 Nov 2009 8:33pm 


Allison Belliard

from USA, Nj

"uhhh; okay"

signed 03 Nov 2009 8:22pm 


Apryl Skies

from Sherman Oaks CA Planet Earth

"I love this site! Well done! PoeT (For Poe) This is your voice cutting diamonds, piercingly soft, sublime... This is your song jar-trapped, lock-clasped and buried... These are your words bleeding, shed of soul, wickedly pure, beautiful-immortal... Apryl Skies 2009"

signed 03 Nov 2009 8:03pm 



from Arkansas


signed 03 Nov 2009 7:44pm 


Alexander Salgado

from USA

"Very informative!"

signed 03 Nov 2009 7:21pm 



from THAT N.J.

"I think he made some cool stories and this website is great"

signed 03 Nov 2009 7:11pm 


Dixon Cordero

from newark, new jersey, uSA

"He was a great author, who was blessed by his talent but cursed by fate. This website is a great way to honor Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 03 Nov 2009 5:31pm 


chris storer

from with the worms

"nothing beats reading a book, and i am sure Poe would agree with me, i don't think you can capture the true essence of what he was trying to accomplish with his writing unless you hold the very book in your hands, other than that good site, i enjoyed the quotes section a lot."

signed 03 Nov 2009 4:51pm 


Brittany West

from San Antoni, Texas

"I absolutely love this website! Its great! I love Poe and all of his works of wonder:) they are just fantastic and to put them in a way that most people can understand is wonderful... this is just... great. even my nine year old brother has been reading and understanding! great job!"

signed 03 Nov 2009 3:50pm 


helen morgan

from usa,columbus,ohio,43211

"he was a dark person i write similar to this it's my inspiration the dark side of life i love his work"

signed 03 Nov 2009 3:48pm 



from Texas

"Great site!"

signed 03 Nov 2009 2:22pm 


ashley english

from las vegas,nevada united states

"hahahaha hellowwwwww my name is ashley and im happy to say im 12 and i go to escobedo ms in las vegas nevada. i think poe has many great stories and is an awfully great author."

signed 03 Nov 2009 1:57pm 


tyler wolfert

from las vegas, nevada

"edgar allan poe is cool. i like this guy a lot and i think his writing is very cool :) i just started learning about this guy not too long ago and i already love him :)"

signed 03 Nov 2009 1:47pm 



from America


signed 03 Nov 2009 1:21pm 



from nevada

"did he enjoy his life when he was growing up?"

signed 03 Nov 2009 12:59pm 



from dallas


signed 03 Nov 2009 12:55pm 


michelle remaley

from allentown pa earth

"hi i love u"

signed 03 Nov 2009 12:54pm 


Max C

from Oregon


signed 03 Nov 2009 12:24pm 


Ryan Snow

from Oregon , West Coast

"Extra Credit!"

signed 03 Nov 2009 12:22pm 


lady evil

from california

"I luv this site bcuz of all the quotes and stories it provides me to read. In my opinion i think Edgar Allan Poe is the best poet that ever lived..."

signed 03 Nov 2009 11:43am 


Ky Marie

from U.S.A

"I think Poe was misunderstood, he was an extremely gifted writer who started a whole new way of writing in America. This website is amazing! a great place for Poe fans!"

signed 03 Nov 2009 11:34am 



from London

"Great site! Lots of information to help me with my research paper. Cheers!"

signed 03 Nov 2009 11:11am 


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