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Bronwen West

from Apopka, Florida

"I teach 9th grade English and creative writing, and this is a great resource. Thanks for putting it together. As a side note, I also had my junior prom in high school at Westminster Church, which has now been converted into a hall. All of us got to take prom pictures by Poe's grave."

signed 22 Oct 2009 8:37am 


marlena kennedy

from united states


signed 22 Oct 2009 8:14am 


Ashley(h0ttEsT gIrL oN eArTh)

from Cali.

"Hey peeps:) What up? This website is bomb... like me:) Anyways Edgar Allan Poe is tight and so are his poems. So i'm gonna go now because i have nothing else to say so... BBYYEE!!!!!! Ashley is AwEs0mE"

signed 21 Oct 2009 8:39pm 



from usa

"edgar was sometimes said to be crazy... but he was a good man... i would know... i was there"

signed 21 Oct 2009 7:46pm 



from Hicksville, Oh

"i have loved the works of Edgar Allan Poe, And I am very glad to have found this site!!!"

signed 21 Oct 2009 7:00pm 



from Hell, Arizona

"its cool"

signed 21 Oct 2009 4:15pm 


mallory doughty

from earth untied states ohio


signed 21 Oct 2009 2:54pm 


Brittany Woody

from United States

"I flipping love Edgar Allan Poe!"

signed 21 Oct 2009 2:46pm 


Anne Thomas

from Missouri, USA

"My favorite story of Poe's is Tell Tell Heart. I love the suspense it creates and darkness included. I loved it so much I used it for my dramatic speech last year! p.s. I'm writing an English paper on Poe and you're the best site so far! thanks!"

signed 21 Oct 2009 2:39pm 


Joy Desautels

from Southaven,Mississippi earth

"It's good"

signed 21 Oct 2009 2:34pm 



from Hawaii

"I lOVE POE!!!! He is my inspiration and i enjoy reading his work."

signed 21 Oct 2009 2:08pm 


Seth Mike Begay

from Lukachukai,AZ,EARTH

"I really like the short story the tell-tale heart. It shows a murderer's point of view. It shows the guilt that he goes through."

signed 21 Oct 2009 12:49pm 


Ranesha Liggens

from Ohio

"I think Edgar Allan Poe is a great person. I wish that he didn't have such a bad life with his family in his childhood. Basically he had no family because they all passed away. He soon then got adopted which was a good thing for him so that he wouldn't be alone."

signed 21 Oct 2009 11:44am 



from earth

"whats up people"

signed 21 Oct 2009 10:46am 


edger allen poe

from boston

"i like it"

signed 21 Oct 2009 10:09am 


Olivia Kitchen

from Planet gloop gloop

"haha im a alien from the planet gloop gloop, no fear i come in peace, now take me to your leader"

signed 21 Oct 2009 10:08am 



from michigan

"hi : )"

signed 21 Oct 2009 9:06am 


Jennifer Burwell

from The United States


signed 21 Oct 2009 8:09am 


tania van ommen

from australia,nsw,earth

"edgar allen poe is a legend!"

signed 21 Oct 2009 3:05am 



from Earth, USA, Maryland

"I'm just starting to read Poe's works and i have already found that he is an amazing poet. My favorite piece so far is "The Raven." It is such a well written piece. Poe's life story is out of this world. He must have been a very extraordinary person to be around. I sure hope he'll never be forgotten"

signed 20 Oct 2009 11:34pm 


Stephen Novack

from U.S.A. Whitinsville,MA 01588

"The more I read about Edgar Allan Poe I find him more amazing. The things he did, about his drug and alcohol problems. Different articles and lectures. Thank you for this site. I would say more but there is more for me to read."

signed 20 Oct 2009 11:08pm 


amelia y hughes

from michigan

"I just told my daughter how amazing Mr. Poe was."

signed 20 Oct 2009 10:21pm 


Jake Litton

from U.S. N.C. Earth

"Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore.""

signed 20 Oct 2009 9:58pm 



from Toledo, Ohio

"I read his story ''The Tell Tale Heart'', and it was very good to me. I read it my 8th grade year and it's crazy, and mysterious in a way. I really like the story."

signed 20 Oct 2009 9:05pm 



from Texas

"Edgar Allan Poe is the best poet that has walked the earth and will always be my favorite. E.A.P is my love I <3 death"

signed 20 Oct 2009 8:17pm 



from USA! EARTH!!! Louisiana

"Edgar Allan Poe is the most interesting person that evwe lived!!&lt;br />(in my opinion at least) :D!!"

signed 20 Oct 2009 7:28pm 


Don Vitale

from Maryland USA

"Baltimore should be commended for this excellent year long celebration of Mr. Poe and his fantastic body of work."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I agree!

signed 20 Oct 2009 7:11pm 


Hunter Reynold

from Botetourt Virginia


signed 20 Oct 2009 5:33pm 


Michael Garner

from United States

"I love Poe"

signed 20 Oct 2009 4:56pm 


Teesa R. Tso

from Chinle, Az., Earth

"its pretty cool like the stories a lot..."

signed 20 Oct 2009 4:43pm 


Angelica Martinez

from Toledo,ohio

"Stories are creepy but yet pretty cool"

signed 20 Oct 2009 4:29pm 



from Howell, MI

"Edgar Allen Poe Is The Most Amazing Poet Nobody Can Ever Compare To Him."

signed 20 Oct 2009 4:11pm 


Mackenzie Legarth

from home


signed 20 Oct 2009 4:09pm 


nikki linn

from the amazing planet Earth

"love edgar allan's work its amazing"

signed 20 Oct 2009 3:55pm 


jefferson rivas

from san diego california

"i love the website"

signed 20 Oct 2009 3:44pm 



from Jonesboro Ar

"the Raven is my favorite poem but i love the work of Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 20 Oct 2009 3:30pm 


Timmi Mitchell

from United States,Califorina,Earth

"Hi. I like Edgar Allen Poe's Work."

signed 20 Oct 2009 2:16pm 


Patrick Callaway

from West Virginia, United States,


signed 20 Oct 2009 2:09pm 



from Chinle, AZ, Earth

"i like the work of Edgar Allen Poe. I read the Tell Tale Heart and i' am continuing reading stories... :) :)"

signed 20 Oct 2009 12:49pm 



from Pennsylvania


signed 20 Oct 2009 11:36am 



from Place

"This is funny / disturbing / creepy / awesome"

signed 20 Oct 2009 11:25am 



from U.S.A,Rhode Island, Earth

"I love how this site is up! You can't really get a site that has his biography and short stories. In fact, some of them scattered!"

signed 20 Oct 2009 11:10am 


Rachel Moyer

from Westover, Pennsylvania USA

"Nice... Edgar Allan Poe Is The Bomb!"

signed 20 Oct 2009 11:06am 


Becca Grimes

from school


signed 20 Oct 2009 10:44am 



from curry

"this was a really interesting site for all readers that are interested in Poe."

signed 20 Oct 2009 10:10am 



from U.S.ofA

"This Site Was Really Helpful!!! :D"

signed 20 Oct 2009 10:08am 


terry kiriakakis

from Manlius, New York, USA, Earth


signed 20 Oct 2009 10:02am 


phil harmonic

from ft. fred

"i love poe so much i have his eyes tattooed on my back"

signed 20 Oct 2009 9:52am 


Katie and Alexis

from USA, KS

"Edgar Allan Poe has some interesting yet elegant work that he has done in the past. -Katie idc -Alexis"

signed 20 Oct 2009 9:45am 



from virginia

"I love Edgar Allen Poe's stories! They are all so interesting and keep me on edge. They are creepily entertaining and they are a true joy to read."

signed 20 Oct 2009 8:53am 


Julie Venick

from USA, PA, Earth, Fayettenam

"Cool Site"

signed 20 Oct 2009 8:12am 



from USA

"Great site, love the work."

signed 19 Oct 2009 11:00pm 



from Virginia

"Coolness... nice website"

signed 19 Oct 2009 7:09pm 




"I love the legacy you left even though you can not see this I like how you did what you wanted through all the tragedies"

signed 19 Oct 2009 5:27pm 


devin shroyer

from usa, pa

"i like the raven"

signed 19 Oct 2009 5:00pm 



from school

"i heart poe"

signed 19 Oct 2009 4:00pm 


Sheri Highberger

from Cherry Hill, NJ - USA

"My students enjoy Poe's stories, especially this time of year - Halloween."

signed 19 Oct 2009 3:46pm 



from ok, dibble

"I love Edgar Allan Poe!!!!!!!!!!:) This website helped A LOT! Thanks a Lot!!"

signed 19 Oct 2009 3:40pm 


jeff baird

from Earth


signed 19 Oct 2009 10:48am 



from Decatur, Alabama

"i love edgar allen poe he is like my favorite poet ever!!"

signed 19 Oct 2009 9:56am 



from pennsylvania

"I love Edgar Allen Poe!!"

signed 19 Oct 2009 8:50am 



from USA

"I haven't read too many of his works, but the ones I HAVE read, I've noticed that his characters become obsessed with something that irritates them or scares them and it leads them to killings or other horrible events, seems pretty human to me - poe really should've been a detective! The new "SH" ^_^"

signed 19 Oct 2009 12:21am 


Justin Brush

from Virginia

"I love Poe"

signed 18 Oct 2009 10:18pm 



from Australia

"Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing writer, and I'm so glad I found this site. I haven't read anything of his that I haven't fallen in love with. My favourite story is probably 'Berenice'. This site is great when my local library has absolutely NO information about Poe at all. Thanks =]"

signed 18 Oct 2009 10:16pm 


Sara L. Thake

from United States, Michigan

"I love edgar's poems and short stories they are really intriguing and some have a haunting feeling to them, when i was in high school is where i got intrigued by him and fell in love w/ his writings. I am an extreme fan of his and always will be."

signed 18 Oct 2009 9:36pm 



from Fincastle, Va

"I think this website is very educational and it gives people a chance to read and learn about Edgar Allen Poe."

signed 18 Oct 2009 8:33pm 



from mars

"poe's stories confuse me."

signed 18 Oct 2009 8:29pm 


Tessa Ellis

from U.S.A., CA , lol, earth

"poe is one of my favorite authors and im glad that i can read him without having to buy the book =)"

signed 18 Oct 2009 8:04pm 



from hawaii

"interesting site helps a lot with projects :)"

signed 18 Oct 2009 7:40pm 



from Earth

"I thoroughly enjoy Edgar Allen Poe's work! His stories are very intellectual and enjoyable!"

signed 18 Oct 2009 6:37pm 



from virginia in the usa on earth

"Poe is an amazing story and poetry writer. His talent to put normal day things in the scariest position possible was brilliant."

signed 18 Oct 2009 5:26pm 


Michael Mnich

from USA VIrginia...Earth

"In my opinion this is one of the best sites for finding information out about Poe. My favorite story by Poe is the Tell-Tale Heart because this was the first story I had ever read by Poe and I really liked it."

signed 18 Oct 2009 4:56pm 


Papa Fritos

from Patatoes

"I had to do a report on him and i was amazed on how his life was and his work... hes a very interesting man... This site helped me a lot cause i hated having to read over 4000 pages when i just need a simple 5 paragraph report... love this site!"

signed 18 Oct 2009 3:32pm 


maritza skinner

from georgia

"he was a wonderful story writer i remember hearing his story the tell tale heart for the first time in 4th grade since then i could not get him out of my head i read almost all his books and all his words... RIP MR. EDGAR ALLAN POE"

signed 18 Oct 2009 10:33am 



from earth

"poe has many interesting stories"

signed 17 Oct 2009 8:25pm I'm not sure...

from Milky Way

"I am in 8th grade, but I have been obsessed with edgar allan poe since 6th. i have read a lot of his stories and poems, and he inspires me. &lt;br />&lt;br />Hey maggie from florida, "come little children" doesnt really fit his way of writing. its too modern and isn't as good as how Poe usually writes. I like it too."

signed 17 Oct 2009 4:37pm 


Leah Michele M

from Wisconsin

"I absolutely adore Poe's work. It is all truly enchanting."

signed 17 Oct 2009 12:29am 


adarin jacobs

from cordele,ga

"i love the poem a dream within a dream its so beautiful"

signed 16 Oct 2009 11:11pm 


Cassidy Jackson

from Daleville, Va

"Hello, Enjoyed the website, very informative."

signed 16 Oct 2009 8:51pm 



from California

"Edgar Allen Poe was brilliant. All of his work is incredible, and will live on forever. He was a genius in his own profession."

signed 16 Oct 2009 8:13pm 



from united states

"edgar allan poe rocks"

signed 16 Oct 2009 5:30pm 



from Iran

"this website is perfect"

signed 16 Oct 2009 5:20pm 


Jason aldene

from North Dakota

"the best!!!!!"

signed 16 Oct 2009 4:53pm 


Ellayna Mae Penalosa

from sierra Blanca, T.X.

"Edgar Allan Poe was one of the greatest writers of all time. His short stories and poems tangled themselves into my heart and into my fear and love of thrill. He was truly amazing. My Favorite Short story is Tell-Tale Heart and my Favorite poem is Annabel Lee. Thank you Edgar."

signed 16 Oct 2009 4:41pm 


Lilith Flynn

from Poisonville Vermont

"I love Poe.. He has to be one of the most inspiring poets off all time!"

signed 16 Oct 2009 3:58pm 


Lisa Dokken

from Usa, Colorado

"Site is very good :)"

signed 16 Oct 2009 3:19pm 


Hannah Turner

from arkansas


signed 16 Oct 2009 3:12pm 


Rebecca Keefer Julie Barth

from Uniontown Pa

"The raven is a very good story."

signed 16 Oct 2009 2:40pm 



from New York

"I'm in english researching about this guy. cooool!"

signed 16 Oct 2009 2:34pm 



from California

"I think this site is awesome i love the poems especially "alone" that one rocks!!"

signed 16 Oct 2009 2:28pm 


Joe L.

from Ohio

"This is the most amazing site ever! Edgar Allan Poe is like the most amazing writer of ALL time. This just makes all of his writings a lot easier to find"

signed 16 Oct 2009 1:39pm 


Keyerah Young

from U.S.

"Poe is different"

signed 16 Oct 2009 12:51pm 



from United states

"this web site is very informative."

signed 16 Oct 2009 12:35pm 


Cyriah Y

from Arizona

"barely starting to read all Poe stories and so far they are good"

signed 16 Oct 2009 12:27pm 


hunter santos

from united states, VA , earth

"All of his stories i have read interest me."

signed 16 Oct 2009 12:08pm 


Santanna noland

from mars


signed 16 Oct 2009 11:48am 



from Uniontown, PA, Earth

"I love Edgar Allan Poes' books!"

signed 16 Oct 2009 8:59am 



from PA

"interesting man"

signed 16 Oct 2009 8:45am 


Declan O'Mahony

from Dublin

"Wonderful and informative site. Poe was a genius, his command of language and the art of Gothic writing is amazing. Thanks Trinity College Dublin Student"

signed 16 Oct 2009 5:24am 


Cindy Morawski

from San Antonio, TX

"I just finished a novel called THE POE SHADOW by Matthew Pearl which explores the mystery of Poe's death. I read it for my Book Club for the month of Oct-Poe-ber! I'd recommend it if you're a fan of Poe."

signed 15 Oct 2009 8:45pm 


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