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Shaw Gibbons

from Alabama

"I love Poe. We just wrote and performed skits for The Cask of Amontillado and The Black Cat in school. We also did an improvised silent performance as one student read The Raven."

signed 12 Sep 2009 11:52pm 



from america

"I love The Raven"

signed 12 Sep 2009 12:32pm 


A. Igmahar Sakmet Bennet-Pease

from London

"Poe's prolific prose is so empathetic to the human condition, that there is not a man who reads it that cannot feel his most personal sensations described in every morpheme of Poe's works. It manages to transcend the chasm between common and celestial, and serve as a suspension between the two."

signed 12 Sep 2009 3:23am 


Jaime Pilco Vargas

from Perú

"Thanks for this page... I really love Poe's stories..."

signed 11 Sep 2009 1:48pm 


sarah mcaeay

from malverm ohio

"sup- hoies edger rock out on ice now whoop whoop dead people rock"

signed 11 Sep 2009 1:43pm 


Sydne Kate Worley

from Kansas City, Kansas

"i think edgar is hott!"

signed 11 Sep 2009 12:28pm 



from Jacksonville, NC

"I think this site is fantastic. I love Poe and I'm doing my senior project on him and his writing. I cited the source (of course) but this site's been a great deal of help! Awesome site!"

signed 10 Sep 2009 10:09pm 



from oklahoma

"a Tell Tale Heart is my favorite story i read it first in the 7th grade and i have loves his storyies every since"

signed 10 Sep 2009 6:42pm 


christina ferraro

from new jerdey


signed 10 Sep 2009 12:33pm 



from Earth

"I think that even though Poe had a bad childhood he had a lot of potential in the writing industries."

signed 09 Sep 2009 8:56pm 


Matthew Curry

from USA,New jersey,mayslanding

"i think this site is very nice because it has a lot of things about Edgar Allen Poe and it has a photo gallery and everything... this is a very nice site!!!"

signed 09 Sep 2009 12:56pm 



from hendersonville, tn

"I love the story Tell Tale Heart it gives me chills every time I heard it being read."

signed 09 Sep 2009 12:39pm 



from new jersey

"the site is great!"

signed 09 Sep 2009 10:47am 


Nick Teague

from Freebird, Tennessee, Mexico


signed 09 Sep 2009 10:29am 


Holly Henson

from Selmer,TN

"English class project on Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 09 Sep 2009 10:26am 



from earth

"hey hey hey"

signed 09 Sep 2009 10:20am 


Tierra Lusk

from Selmer,TN 38375. Planet Earth.


signed 09 Sep 2009 10:19am 


Alex Hutson

from Selmer Tennessee

"Great Website!! (:"

signed 09 Sep 2009 10:07am 


sarah ann martin

from selmer, tn


signed 09 Sep 2009 9:58am 


christian ann yarbrough

from bethel springs,TN

"edgar allen poe is my abtab fav."

signed 09 Sep 2009 9:57am 


chloe morales

from New Jersey

"I thought edgar allen poe was a great author. although they were dark they were meaningful and about his life!"

signed 09 Sep 2009 9:14am 



from philippines


signed 09 Sep 2009 8:32am 



from Australia

"Nice website, always been a fan of Poe since primary school. The Raven ;)"

signed 09 Sep 2009 1:02am 


ZAch Hardin

from Waxahachie,TX

"His works are amazing"

signed 08 Sep 2009 4:00pm 


emily kennedy

from homerville ga

"poe is horrible, he is insane"

signed 08 Sep 2009 10:41am 


anaya pollard

from sc, bluffton

"love all his stories"

signed 08 Sep 2009 9:33am 


Jessica Miller

from Louisiana, USA, Earth

"i like everything by poe. But if i had to pick, my favorite poem is the raven and my favorite story is the masque of the red death, and the tell tale heart.."

signed 07 Sep 2009 11:22pm 



from pakistan

"poe's stories captures ur mind... and reminds u the thunders, stormy nights and dark castles"

signed 07 Sep 2009 7:10am 



from korea

"Wow, I really love ur site ~~ ^^"

signed 07 Sep 2009 7:00am 



from Southern Illinois

"I believe the Tale Tale Heart has always been one of my favorite readings of Poe."

signed 06 Sep 2009 2:52pm 


Elise Harris

from Tennessee

""Deep in earth my love is lying and I must weep alone." my absolute favorite of Poe's work."

signed 06 Sep 2009 1:50pm 


Annemarie G

from Scotland

"Just recently got into Poe after studying an extract. I can see myself becoming a fan of his work! It's excellent. Well done with the site. I think my favourite story is the one to do with the 'Devil's Head'."

signed 05 Sep 2009 7:57am 


Deise ribeiro

from London

"well done, the site is amazing"

signed 04 Sep 2009 6:26am 




"Love his works!!! Big fan"

signed 04 Sep 2009 3:29am 



from japan

"i heard of poe stories when i was in 8th grade and have been into his writings since, now that im 20. i love the poem Alone"

signed 03 Sep 2009 7:00pm 


Brittney Ortiz

from Albuquerque,new mexico

"i love ur web site and my fav story by poe is the tell-tale heart. i really dont know why. the first time i read it i was just stunned and amazed by it i really liked it a lot almost as if it connected with the way i think."

signed 03 Sep 2009 12:22am 



from Florida

"Nice site, doing a research paper on poe."

signed 02 Sep 2009 10:53pm 



from USA

"This is a great website. I'm in the middle of a book about a modern serial killer with a passion for EAP and his "Premature Burial". I figured I might as well read it to get a better understanding of the book, now I can't stop reading Poe's stories. Poe taps into our most primal fear incredibly."

signed 02 Sep 2009 10:34pm 



from USA Texas

"I have been into Edgar Allan Poe's work for a while now. I was 13 when i started understanding his work and ever since i read his poem: (Spirits of the Dead) i have read every poem, story, and quotes i can get my hands on!!! I might be young but i love reading this guy's stuff!!!!"

signed 02 Sep 2009 9:36pm 



from North Dakota

"Poe has to be one of my most favorite writers ever. His stories and poems actually seem to keep me interested all the time. I also find them easier to understand than most authors."

signed 02 Sep 2009 8:26pm 


allen 'icehound' yocum

from indiana

"The Black Cat is the best!!!!"

signed 02 Sep 2009 1:52pm 


megan and kayla

from earth

"we love poe!"

signed 02 Sep 2009 11:28am 


Petra Schnebergerová

from Czech Republick

"It scares me sometimes how Poe's stories are able to touch the dark and perverted side within me, which I´m trying to fight back and deny but which, as I believe, each and every living person possess."

signed 02 Sep 2009 5:28am 



from philippines

"may my knowing of poe as among the literary masters become better after i shall have checked this site"

signed 02 Sep 2009 2:09am 



from U K

"i love this site. i keep coming back again and again, theres so much in it. x"

signed 01 Sep 2009 6:42pm 



from USA

"I am a student who is required to write a research paper on Poe. I decided I would start by reading some of his work. I think that this site is the best one I have looked at so far."

signed 01 Sep 2009 6:40pm 


Sydney crews

from school

"ok soo like im in school and very bored...."

signed 01 Sep 2009 11:02am 



from New Zealand

"wow!!! awesome site... totally enjoyed exploring around in here. like many others I can't help but feel some kind of admiration towards EAP. very grateful for his contributions to literature!! cheers"

signed 01 Sep 2009 12:42am 



from Under your bed, in your closet

"Words have gone unspoken from people who have read your creations. You are a master of the art of gruesome poetry. people who do not understand you must turn the other shoulder and not even bother reading your fine works. I wish so much you were here to write us more poetry love :)"

signed 31 Aug 2009 6:21pm 


Ashley Bowen

from Ojai, California, USA

"I am ever so happy to find someone as interested in Poe as I am. He's by far my favorite poet and author. I do almost every English project I can on his work. He's simply fascinating, and I just can't seem to ever get tired of reading and analyzing his work. If you adore Poe as I do, you are great."

signed 30 Aug 2009 10:45pm 



from Salzburg, Austria

"This site is great!! I adore Poe and his work!"

signed 29 Aug 2009 6:46pm 



from USA

"I love Edgar's stories!!"

signed 26 Aug 2009 9:40pm 



from US, MO, Earth.

"Edgar Allan Poe is an amazing poetry person, my favorite is Annabell Lee!"

signed 26 Aug 2009 7:35pm 


Bridgett Ford

from Raleigh NC

"Quite helpful site. I thank you."

signed 26 Aug 2009 5:10pm 


Sara Hood

from Clarksdale,MS

"I just started reading Poe's stories at school and I love them all. I am now a huge fan. I wish Poe had a better life but I guess then we wouldnt have all these great stories."

signed 26 Aug 2009 5:09pm 



from USA, California

"Thank you for bringing all these resources together!"

signed 26 Aug 2009 3:34pm 


Cassandra Walker

from Florida

"i love poe and i love this website! thanks so much!"

signed 26 Aug 2009 8:56am 


Jessica Craig

from Kentucky, Usa

"I love Poe's writing, he's an inspiration to me."

signed 25 Aug 2009 10:32pm 



from Washington.

"Though this sounds really lame, I don't care. I just figured out that I have the same birthday as Poe."

signed 25 Aug 2009 9:42pm 


Madison Btown

from NJ, USA, Earth

"In the Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, Usher II was so brilliantly written with how it included so many of Poe's short stories. Poe's short stories are fascinating."

signed 25 Aug 2009 5:19pm 


Irene Dalton

from New York, NY

"We Write What We Know"

signed 25 Aug 2009 12:16pm 



from Hazelhurst,GA 31539

"i love his work. its Awesome"

signed 25 Aug 2009 9:45am 


Luke Wright

from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Earth

"Awesome site great stories. Poe was an awesome author. he was a little dark but I think thats what made him amazing."

signed 25 Aug 2009 12:20am 



from San carlos, arizona

"Poe will always and forever be the greatest poet that will ever live. he'll never let his fans down. not till we all extinguish together forever. i love you poe!!!..."

signed 25 Aug 2009 12:15am 


Maggie Brazell

from USA, Kentucky

"Edgar A. Poe was an amazing poet. He wrote some real good stories, I read them every once and awhile. :)"

signed 24 Aug 2009 11:26pm 



from Bryant AL

"i love the tell tale heart"

signed 24 Aug 2009 12:16pm 


Courtney Mason

from USA, SC, cowpens

"i love this site!!! ...its awesome.... R.I.P Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 24 Aug 2009 8:40am 


zain zahid

from iraq

"poe is a master of story telling. my favorite is his "the tale tell heart"."

signed 24 Aug 2009 7:40am 


Jasmine tewawina

from Arizona

"I lov 2 read about anastasia she was one of da grand duchess born in russia"

signed 24 Aug 2009 1:30am 


james Cox

from Auburn, Alabama

"It has been 40 years since I read anything by Poe. I look forward to striking up an old acquaintance."

signed 23 Aug 2009 8:25pm 



from chicago

"to simply like someone as brilliant as he was, it wouldn't be much of a burden but more of a power. To behold such a way with words and to speak a language not many may understand. Poe might have been crazy to someone without this reading ability, but to us readers, he is only one of us, a master :)"

signed 23 Aug 2009 3:23pm 


Denise Alcala

from Portland, Maine Earth

"edgar allan poe fan for 45 years.."

signed 23 Aug 2009 2:47pm 



from USA,CA Earth!

"poe, the master of darkness & insight for people like him!"

signed 23 Aug 2009 2:17pm 



from Germany

"Truly amazing site! The hypertexts you included in the stories are really helpful. There are several obscure expressions I personally wouldn't have understood even if I had looked them up in a dictionary. My all-time favourite is "The Raven", it's delightful just to listen to the music of it!!!"

signed 22 Aug 2009 3:10pm 


Edgar Rayo

from Philippines

"thanks for the beautiful and complete collections of Edgar Allan Poe poems. A great help for the students in the Philippines who are studying Literature"

signed 22 Aug 2009 4:09am 


Samantha Creamer

from Neptune

"To the best and the greatest poet and writer of all time, you are my idol and i will forever look up to you as the true master of terror and darkness!"

signed 21 Aug 2009 4:45pm 



from philippines

"am so proud of you... mr. edgar allan poe..."

signed 21 Aug 2009 7:51am 



from philippines

"for me i think he wrote of some part of his life. beautiful indeed"

signed 21 Aug 2009 2:45am 


Mariana Woods

from El Paso TX

"i really enjoy Edgar's poetry ... it some how gets me ... i can feel what he's writing about and i can feel what he's trying to express ... i just really enjoy reading about him i will always have a special place for Edgar Allen Poe .... he has inspired me in so many ways ..."

signed 21 Aug 2009 1:37am 


Linda T. Coltes

from USA, NC

"I have enjoyed some of Poe's stories, especially Premature Burial. It's very scary to think of such a thing, but actually has occurred many times in the days of old. However, thank goodness it doesn't occur, at least legally, at this time."

signed 20 Aug 2009 8:55pm 



from Glendale AZ


signed 20 Aug 2009 2:02pm 


morgan brown

from oklahoma

"i'm still a teen but Edgar has enlightened me in the darkness of the world. You really showed the world. You are amazing!!!!"

signed 20 Aug 2009 12:32pm 



from Earth

"Today was my first day back to school and I picked up "Tales of Edgar Allan Poe" and the only time i've put it down has been to write this. He was a twisted man, is for certain but the horror and even some of the realities of his stories, in a way, give you a deeper meaning to the way the world works."

signed 19 Aug 2009 10:04pm 





signed 18 Aug 2009 7:28pm 


Tabitha Rhodes

from michie, TN

"Annabell Lee, i will have to say that is the best short story. The poem to Annabell Lee is just amazing."

signed 17 Aug 2009 12:12pm 


Drake Christie

from TN, Michie

"I read the "Tell-Tale Heart," in *th grade as a class, it was freaky... but awesome!!"

signed 17 Aug 2009 12:12pm 


Stephanie Trevino

from Rio Grande city, Tx

"Ive always loved u poe... ever since i read the raven when i was young. I write my own poetry and always wish it will get anywhere near ur intelligence and enthusiasm... well thank u for making this site!!!.."

signed 17 Aug 2009 1:32am 



from Iceland

"Hi, a great site! :) Just discovered Edgar Allan Poe - never read a single thing after him except when my friend added a quote by E.A.P. on Facebook... haha. I like Poe's style very much. Going straight to the library tomorrow and borrowing E.A.P. books :D"

signed 15 Aug 2009 3:02pm 



from Myanmar

"I can understand him for he and I both share sensitivity to certain limits. However, he intimidated me projecting where his sensitivity had conveyed him-- such as in "The Black Cat"."

signed 15 Aug 2009 1:53am 



from liverpool ny

"lol the annie poem with my name in it. 4 real my mom named me after the poem."

signed 14 Aug 2009 7:43pm 


Carrie Harrelson

from Nashville Georgia

"this site is awesome and Edgar Allan Poe is the best!!"

signed 13 Aug 2009 1:06pm 


mariana Romero


"i love "ALONE" my favorite! <3"

signed 13 Aug 2009 2:04am 


Wei Rung

from Kaohsiumg, Taiwan

"Whenever I read Poe's works, my passion for his works keeps developing. Great thanks for this site to you."

signed 12 Aug 2009 10:56pm 


elzer sabillon

from honduras centro america

"I will die for you poe...? you are a master of darkness.."

signed 11 Aug 2009 5:56am 



from USA

"I fell in love with Poe when I read the Tell Tale Heart in the 8th grade. Thanks so much for this site, it's amazing."

signed 11 Aug 2009 1:59am 


Michael P. Hott

from Romney W.Va

"I am a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe's Work."

signed 07 Aug 2009 10:56pm 




"Eddie: Meet me in the "kingdom by the sea""

signed 06 Aug 2009 4:48pm 


Kasinda Karras

from USA, California, Earth

"When I was a teen, I learned of Edgar. I soon became obsessed with his work. Not only because he goes to the dark side of Poetry, but for the fact that he is so into his work that you feel as you sit there beside him as he writes it."

signed 06 Aug 2009 4:31pm 


Dustin Gould

from Toronto, Ontario

"Poe's passion for the written word, and his inability to relinquish such despite the poverty and heartbreak it often came with, is what makes him my literary hero."

signed 06 Aug 2009 3:11am 


rajesh kannan

from india, tamilnadu. madurai

"i want improve my english"

signed 05 Aug 2009 3:31am 


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