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katrina Sowers

from United States,Ohio

"I think that this site is a great idea and is a great way to learn about Edgar Allan Poe and read what made him so famous."

signed 01 Oct 2009 9:41am 


Meg Zammit

from Dartmouth, MA

"This site has been invaluable for me and my 8th grade ELA students. I especially like that you have included the definitions for the obscure vocabulary terms. It is a fabulous resource."

signed 01 Oct 2009 8:46am 



from Mesa, AZ

"LOVE me some Poe! This is an awesome site; so glad I found it!"

signed 30 Sep 2009 5:59pm 


doris d. calvert

from Morgan Co., Indiana USA

"I had heard of E.A. Poe from English classes in H/S. many moons ago but i did not know the details of his life until one of my sons decided to write a screenplay about his life with Virginia, his affair (alleged) with Fanny and the events that happened because of his notoriety and because of his young wife."

signed 30 Sep 2009 4:14pm 


Irilis Diaz

from Dominican Republic

"I loved the Site! Awesome!"

signed 30 Sep 2009 3:25pm 


Matthew J.

from South Carolina

"Now reading Poe info."

signed 30 Sep 2009 1:34pm 


Nicole Dake

from United States, Ohio, Earth

"i love the poem "The Raven""

signed 30 Sep 2009 1:22pm 


anndi farley

from ohio

"his stories are great!! they really make you think and can creep you out even though they were written so long ago when the simplest were considered scary. his works will definately be read for many years to come."

signed 30 Sep 2009 11:57am 



from ohio

"i love Poe and think he is an awesome writer"

signed 30 Sep 2009 11:56am 


shelby lambert

from EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I WAS HERE!!!!!HHHHHHEEEEEEELLLLLLOOOOOO people of earth!!!!hola amigos que pasa?"

signed 30 Sep 2009 10:01am 


Sean A. Ellis

from Wyoming


signed 30 Sep 2009 1:09am 


Charles Smith

from California, U.S.A, Earth

"I think this is a great website. I especially appreciate the hyperlinks to the words in the poems and stories. I have saved this site in my favorites at work and at home. Tank you very much."

signed 29 Sep 2009 10:12pm 


Bola Shica

from shica, bola

"add the ransom of red chief and the dinner party."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Ransom of Red Chief is a short story by O. Henry, not Edgar Allan Poe.

signed 29 Sep 2009 9:49pm 



from new milford,ct

"i love all his writings he is truly a genius"

signed 29 Sep 2009 7:58pm 



from USA

"This place is awesome! I'm glad I found it."

signed 29 Sep 2009 4:13pm 



from Missouri

"I LOVE his stories!"

signed 29 Sep 2009 3:27pm 


fred flintstone

from some randon island in hawaii

"wtf dude"

signed 29 Sep 2009 11:28am 


Harriet Axson

from Orangeburg SC

"a wonderful writer-- It's great to see so many movie themes come from his stories"

signed 29 Sep 2009 10:03am 



from manila

"hi im mark i want to read more story from mr. edgar allan poe"

signed 29 Sep 2009 2:35am 


Sheena G. Flores

from Teresa, Maco, Compostela, Valley

"i love it cause i Learn so much on the stories and Poems you have... it really open my eyes through the right direction"

signed 29 Sep 2009 2:29am 


Sarah Elizabeth

from U.S.A,Oklahoma, Earth

"I love this site! My favorite of his poems is "Annabel Lee". He is such a creative man and very interesting."

signed 29 Sep 2009 1:56am 


babar noor sirohey

from pakistan

"allan stories r amazing and lessonable, i gained a a lot from it."

signed 29 Sep 2009 1:56am 


Sahara Johnson

from Kokomo Indiana, USA, Earth

"Poe expresses how you feel, in words no one sane could put together."

signed 28 Sep 2009 9:07pm 


kiki brown

from USA, Texas, Earth

"I love his poetry, it's dark yet very artistic. its no wonder he is so famous!"

signed 28 Sep 2009 9:07pm 


susan gomes

from USA FL Earth 33464

"I'm a big fan of edgar allan poe! he's my favorite author =3"

signed 28 Sep 2009 8:31pm 



from Copa AZ

"I love Poe! I think he was a brilliant writer. I am in love with all of his writings. I hope that someday I can be as wonderful as he was. My favorites are Annabel Lee and The Raven. Masterpieces. He inspires my writing. Poe is immortal in the world of stories and poetry. No one can ever forget him."

signed 28 Sep 2009 7:23pm 


Jessica Gonzalez

from USA California Plant Earth

"my english teacher got me into Mr Poe's poetry and stories... His writings are AMAZING!!"

signed 28 Sep 2009 6:01pm 



from Nor Cal

"Personally out of the ones I read my 3 favorite are "Black Cat", "Tell Tale Heart" and "Cask Of Amontillado"! Me and my friend made a "Black Cat" movie as a project for our English class! I loved the suspense! "Black Cat" is definitely my favorite! We plan to make movies from some of his others too!"

signed 28 Sep 2009 12:07pm 



from United States

"The Raven. (:"

signed 28 Sep 2009 12:02pm 



from Hobart

"Your respect for Mr. Poe is fantastic, you are truly dedicated. I am sure he would be very proud, I would certainly be."

signed 28 Sep 2009 2:00am 


Sharon and Israel

from Living Free

""sick and twisted like our love""

signed 27 Sep 2009 9:04pm 



from Pennsylvania

"Poe was the greatest man to ever live. I worship at his feet! I utterly and completely LOVE HIM!"

signed 27 Sep 2009 7:38pm 


Richard Fitzgerald

from USE Ohio Earth

"I have enjoyed E.A.P's. stories since first reading my first one in High School in 1950."

signed 27 Sep 2009 7:04pm 



from Macedonia

"amazing mind i can say i like to read what he left behind !"

signed 27 Sep 2009 5:18pm 


Aubrey Marinaccio

from Havre de Grace maryland 21078

"I think this site is drawn out very good. Its easy to find what your looking for."

signed 27 Sep 2009 2:09pm 



from parkersburg,west virginia

"Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite artist of poetry. his words, speak to me and many other. he has the greatest poetry i have seen my whole, grateful life. my favorite poem by him would have to be "The Tell-Tale Heart" oh,oh,oh that poem was wonderous. i'll live on Edgar's poems my whole life."

signed 27 Sep 2009 9:20am 



from New Zealand

"Science has not yet taught us if madness is or is not the sublimity of the intelligence."

signed 27 Sep 2009 7:23am 


Jon Koons

from NJ, Earth

"Impressive site. Everything I need to prepare my scary Poe readings for this year's Halloween season events and parties!"

signed 26 Sep 2009 10:12pm 


Keven Simmons

from Sherburne,NY

"Thanks! Was searching for the full text of a couple of EAP stories to be used in a "readers theater" production."

signed 26 Sep 2009 9:40pm 


Stephen F. Novack

from U.S.A. Whitinsville,MA. 01588

"Thank you for putting up this site. I like all of his writings, I guess Tale Tell Heart is my favorite and the first story I read from him. I have his first paper back with all short stories (Great Tales of Horror) copyright in 1964 by Bantam Books, Inc. (He's the BEST)"

signed 26 Sep 2009 1:53pm 



from USA Earth

"Doing a school paper. Wish me luck!!"

signed 26 Sep 2009 1:09pm 



from Newark NJ

"my favorite story is silence -a fable. im not really sure why but i cant really forget it and it makes me think. i would love to see an illus. on it one day. i also like "never bet the devil your head" and the works of professor tarr and doctor fether. i like to read about insanity. buried alive is cool 2."

signed 25 Sep 2009 2:20pm 


keith mrchell s albay

from philippines

"hi!?! I'm making my project in english please can i"

signed 25 Sep 2009 6:13am 


Cody Redman

from Searcy, Arkansas, USA, Earth

"Love the weirdness in his stories =S =O"

signed 24 Sep 2009 4:41pm 



from Dumfries, Va

"I am inspired by his poetry. The students at school thinks he's creepy, but I think that his poetry is incredible."

signed 24 Sep 2009 4:11pm 



from arkansas

"i love all of edgar allens work. if i could go back in time id love to meet him and c what exactly he was thinking, how he got inspired and helped him out as much as i could to help him produce more famous masterpieces so that he could inspire me more to become the poet ive dreamed to be. the bells."

signed 23 Sep 2009 6:34pm 



from New York

"I love Poe. He is so inspiring and unique. He has such a wonderful, free-flowing style. I hope everyone enjoys him as much as I do. :)"

signed 23 Sep 2009 3:21pm 



from united states kansas

"this was a very cool site it helped me get an a+ on a paper Thanks"

signed 23 Sep 2009 2:19pm 


Niki Lehmann

from Fredericksburg

"Theyre awesome. Hes my favvy."

signed 23 Sep 2009 2:19pm 


Bob A Virginia

from Pluto

"He has a problem!"

signed 23 Sep 2009 10:23am 



from Moon.

"very nice page =D"

signed 22 Sep 2009 11:29pm 



from USA

"I really like this site. The Poe site I was using previously was very poorly arranged, and it was hard to find things. But this site is very well put together. Nice job."

signed 22 Sep 2009 8:29pm 



from universe quibec

"I love the raven and Annabel Lee. I also love how he writes about death that happens a lot in my universe"

signed 22 Sep 2009 6:56pm 


Jon Wieskamp

from Oostburg, WI

"This is a great site, Used it for my American Lit. class and loved it."

signed 22 Sep 2009 3:00pm 



from Eden.North carolina

"love the stories love them love love them"

signed 22 Sep 2009 9:55am 


Brandon Edmonds

from Nova Scotia Canada

"Vary Scary Looking Guy O_o"

signed 22 Sep 2009 9:19am 



from usa

"Love his stories so dark and different wish he had made more!!!!"

signed 21 Sep 2009 6:59pm 


Jonathan Bauer

from United states, TN, Earth

"My favorite story by Poe is "The Pit and the Pendulum." Its my favorite cause of the twist caught me by surprise."

signed 21 Sep 2009 6:51pm 



from Dont worry about it


signed 21 Sep 2009 5:42pm 


matt brown

from mars

"i love his stories"

signed 21 Sep 2009 5:22pm 


Sarah and Brooke

from Earth

"hey... well we are doing a report on Edgar Allen Poe.. It is so kool!!!"

signed 21 Sep 2009 11:41am 



from mission, texas, earth, 15 yrs.

"Man, I love his poems they are what inspired me to become a poet, i hope one day i become as good as him"

signed 21 Sep 2009 10:48am 



from 29301

"hello world!!!"

signed 21 Sep 2009 10:04am 



from Ohio

"Poe is definitely one of my all time favorite authors. I always get excited when I'm able to teach his works in the classroom. Last year we were able to turn "The Bells" into a rap without changing a word. The students loved it. GREAT site, I wish I had found it earlier!"

signed 21 Sep 2009 1:31am 



from Iceland

"This website is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for putting these stories and poems up here for everyone to read :) Edgar Allan Poe is and will always be one of my favorite writers!"

signed 20 Sep 2009 9:14pm 


cassie r. smith



signed 20 Sep 2009 7:47pm 



from Redmond Oregon

"ive loved poe's work for as long as i can remember and now im sharing it with my children"

signed 20 Sep 2009 2:27am 


gena brammer

from texas

"I love the site! Glad to see people appreciating genuis when they see it and recognizing the importance of sharing it with others. The site is put together very nice- master poe would approve! Brilliant! Lifetime fan of the master of horror & intrigue. <br /><br />Gena Brammer- Texas"

signed 20 Sep 2009 2:20am 


alexandra van kervin

from rhode island

"edgar stories to see ideas bounce off of me what a delight dim but surely light lines to read late at night hoping to ignite some fright"

signed 19 Sep 2009 2:04pm 


Caise Jones


"waz up peepers?"

signed 18 Sep 2009 11:47am 



from usa shreveport louisiana

"this is a very great and a site that i can really use information to do my research paper not that i will plagurize but that i summarize and paraphrase some of the information that is provided on this site."

signed 18 Sep 2009 10:41am 



from Prosperity, SC

"Edgar was very inspiring to me, he wrote many books and poems in his forty years of life. I'm studying him in my ELA class so for I've learned a good little bit about him. To me Poe was an excellent writer and wrote many great poems in his life, even though I've never met him i will miss him."

signed 18 Sep 2009 8:46am 



from Pluto

"His stories were amazing!!! They were creative and inspiring and i hope to become a writer"

signed 17 Sep 2009 6:29pm 


Joe swaney

from Naples Florida

"Well my favorite poem by poe is the Raven. Poe is a genius. And i have been into his poems for 10 years. I started reading them when i was 14 years old. His poems will live forever : )"

signed 17 Sep 2009 8:05am 


jyra acebes

from batanes

"elow.. thank's for the stories.. dz inspires lots of students.. :)"

signed 17 Sep 2009 5:22am 



from usa

"people often tell me poe was mad but i say hes a genius the way he captured the guilt of a murderer in tell tale heart was extraordinary he is truly one of the great american writers"

signed 16 Sep 2009 8:28pm 


Tiffany Quinter

from Whiteriver, Az

"I love his books and poetry and all he does."

signed 16 Sep 2009 7:55pm 


Sara Nichols

from Kansas City, MO, USA, Earth

"I love Edgar Allen Poe!"

signed 16 Sep 2009 7:11pm 


Katelyn Downer

from Webb,Alabama,Earth(stupid)!!!

"Edgar Allen Poe is weird. Thats just my opinion. I have read "The Tell-Tale Heart" and it was probably the weirdest story I have EVER heard!!! No kidding!! lol!!! =) =D"

signed 16 Sep 2009 6:23pm 


marilyn miranda

from philadelphia pa 19124

"i truly love edgar allen poe i was inspired by him for my work"

signed 16 Sep 2009 6:19pm 


saranda wilson

from US, AL, EARTH

"I love his short story The Tell-Tale Heart. It is very interesting to me."

signed 16 Sep 2009 5:13pm 



from Mount Airy, NC 27030

"I Love Edgar Allan Poe's Poems and his quotes i love everything about Edgar Allan Poe and i am even doing one of his poems for school"

signed 16 Sep 2009 4:53pm 


Eva Marie

from Camuy, Puerto Rico

"This is a very interesting site and it was much useful for my English project about Edgar Allan Poe... thank you!"

signed 16 Sep 2009 12:50pm 



from USA

"I'm studing Edgar Allan Poe in my English class and I think he is interesting and creepy."

signed 15 Sep 2009 10:26pm 



from USA Georgia Earth?

"i have always liked Edgar Allan Poe and i also love his poems and stories. And this website makes it lots better for me to learn more and most importantly READ MORE!!!"

signed 15 Sep 2009 7:34pm 



from florida

"i have never read any of his poems but i think this site is cool."

signed 15 Sep 2009 4:15pm 


Corina Salvatierra Böttger

from Surco, Lima, Perú, Earth

"Poe is one of my favourite writers. This site of yours is really well done... tons to learn."

signed 15 Sep 2009 4:11pm 



from Iowa

"I love the Cask of Amontillado"

signed 15 Sep 2009 12:36pm 



from Earth


signed 15 Sep 2009 12:35pm 


Dustin Reagan

from alabama

"poe is psycho"

signed 15 Sep 2009 10:46am 



from Florida

"I love Edgar Allen Poe. He is the best poet to me, I promise ... Some of his poems are so wrong but others are pretty good. I especially like The Black Cat. It really made sense to me for some reason, and as myself, as a younger child of the age 14, not many things make sense to me except Edgar A. Poe."

signed 15 Sep 2009 8:30am 


bla bla bla bla bla

from kazakhistan

"i am not a fan of poe he is a super weird psychotic freak and so are you guys for liking him WEIRDOS WEIRDOS WEIRDOS WEIRDOS"

signed 14 Sep 2009 6:30pm 



from earth

"great site !!"

signed 14 Sep 2009 5:14pm 



from greensburg,IN

"i live your poems"

signed 14 Sep 2009 1:17pm 


Joseph Dal Santo

from USA

"This site has an abundance of information on Poe, and is set up very nicely. Well done!"

signed 14 Sep 2009 9:09am 


marivic tambis

from philippines

"research for the writings of edgar allan poe"

signed 13 Sep 2009 10:36pm 



from Poland

"There should be more sites like this it is great!"

signed 13 Sep 2009 4:26pm 


danti darundi

from indonesia

"nice site. i've read "the oval potrait", show the power of men, and love, sacrifice, faithful."

signed 13 Sep 2009 2:45pm 


hayley g

from georgia,USA

"Hi im Hayley and im in high school and doing a project on poe. Your web site has helped me out tremendously! Only thing i suggest is more photos. Thanks a lot!"

signed 13 Sep 2009 2:07pm 


John Sexton

from Texas

"this web site rocks!!!! i would have to say this is my second most favorite site ever. i would have to tell my teacher about this site."

signed 13 Sep 2009 10:21am 


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