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Thomas k. Rooney

from u.s.a Indiana

"I have always respected Poe and his work One of a kind writer exceptional!!"

signed 08 Dec 2009 10:59pm 



from Earth ??

"I love A Tell-Tale Heart. And He does visit this site, Tell him to visit me ok ?? :) lol"

signed 08 Dec 2009 9:37pm 



from Rochester, Pennsylvania, Mars

"Edgar Allen Poe is one of my all time favorite writers. Along with William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Robert Frost, and many more.!(:"

signed 08 Dec 2009 9:06pm 



from Marion, Louisiana, U.S.

"Poe was and still is the greatest author of all time. I don't think anyone will beat his poems or stories!!"

signed 08 Dec 2009 11:59am 



from sydney,ky

"The Raven is my favorite poem you wrote"

signed 08 Dec 2009 11:42am 


the fall

from uhiohiu


signed 08 Dec 2009 10:40am 



from mars

"his stories are interesting :):)"

signed 08 Dec 2009 8:56am 


Samuel Aruasa

from Kenya, Nyanza

"I have loved Poe's stories and poems. Thanks."

signed 08 Dec 2009 7:34am 


april westbrook

from pennsylvania

"Great site, thanks for all the information!"

signed 07 Dec 2009 10:23pm 



from Lawrence, Ma

"Poe is one of the greatest! Love his work!!"

signed 07 Dec 2009 5:18pm 



from Greenville sc


signed 07 Dec 2009 4:46pm 



from indiana

"hello poe viewers!!! ily!"

signed 07 Dec 2009 2:25pm 


vincenzo continanza

from italy

"many thanks"

signed 07 Dec 2009 12:45pm 



from united states

"It's a nice website."

signed 07 Dec 2009 10:42am 



from Indiana, US, Earth

"Awesome site. I've been wanting to read more of his works since I'm writing a paper on him."

signed 06 Dec 2009 9:52pm 


Steph S

from St.Louis

""All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.""

signed 06 Dec 2009 9:29pm 



from McAllen, Texas, Earth..

"I love the stories.. to have a mind like his would be nice... I def need to get with my writing , Perhaps on day my stuff will be published and read by many... -DenDen21"

signed 06 Dec 2009 9:13pm 



from USA

"I love Poe's stories! He is a genius! My favorite stories are The Cask of Amontillado, The Mask Of the Red Death, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Black Cat, The Raven, and The Tell-Tale Heart."

signed 06 Dec 2009 7:45pm 


Noor Aboul Enain

from Egypt

"I really admire Poe's writing. to me, he is very talented. what inspired me to start reading his stories and poems is my English teacher, Ms. Haley. We had to read " The Tell Tale Heart ", then the next day i found myself reading more of his stories. I wish he was alive ! =D"

signed 06 Dec 2009 3:31pm 



from egypt

"im new to the stories of edgar allen poe, but im enjoying them a lot. this site has almost all the information i needed about him :D"

signed 06 Dec 2009 3:22pm 


alia'a khalifa

from egypt

"Its A Great Site For pple tht wanna know more stories by: Edgar Allen Poe!"

signed 06 Dec 2009 3:13pm 


Esmorellda Ella-rei Amora

from unknown

"As I sit alone in my coffin-like chamber, I feel like… his presence is over me, some how…"

signed 06 Dec 2009 11:32am 


Justine sarah lee

from manila, philippines

"hello to everyone!! enjoy reading"

signed 06 Dec 2009 3:28am 



from Planet Earth and Beyond

"Poe is a talented poet. I look forward to reading his delightful works."

signed 05 Dec 2009 12:13pm 



from Uk, Birmingham

"Man love this guy sooo much. I remember in english class when we did 'the tell tale heart' i was the only person who knew who he was ^_^. Pity hes so ugly!"

signed 04 Dec 2009 7:57pm 


Jeff Wadsworth

from Texas

"Your webpage is amazing. I am doing a research paper of Poe for my graduate english course, and found EVERYTHING i could possibly need from your website. Have an awesome day!!"

signed 04 Dec 2009 6:28pm 


Diana Espinoza Rojas

from California

"Edgar Allen Poe has a twisted and demented way of telling and writing stories. Looking at his past and background it explains a lot, no matter how twisted or disturbing his stories might be, Edgar Allen Poe is a magnificent writer and poet. His stories and poems will always be remembered."

signed 04 Dec 2009 5:51pm 


Gabriel Hernandez

from El Paso, Texas

"He is my HERO!!!!!!! I love his horror stories! I hope someone makes a good R rated film about The Fall of the House of Usher!"

signed 04 Dec 2009 3:33pm 


Savannah Prather

from Mississippi, Earth

"If you think there is good in don't know me. You see what you want to see, you see what you want me to be...take off the sheath. Now what do you see beneath?"

signed 04 Dec 2009 3:24pm 


Katie Shoemaker

from Portland, OR

"love the site - really interesting!"

signed 04 Dec 2009 12:04pm 



from China

"Like A Black Cat."

signed 04 Dec 2009 11:05am 



from east hartford

"cool i did read it?"

signed 04 Dec 2009 10:46am 



from Egypt

"have a good death"

signed 04 Dec 2009 5:22am 


josh N

from mobile alabama usa

"my favorite poem is the raven and my favorite story is the pit and the pendelum those are the first poe writings i ever read so thats why"

signed 04 Dec 2009 4:14am 



from california


signed 03 Dec 2009 11:34pm 


miguel h.

from greenfield,california

"it was a good story"

signed 03 Dec 2009 11:21pm 



from United States, Tx


signed 03 Dec 2009 11:03pm 


ana greenwood***

from ut @ brownsville

"creepy but interesting,, i cant stop reading :)"

signed 03 Dec 2009 3:13pm 


Louisa Tafuto

from Lodi, N.J.

"Great collection of information for Poe enthusiasts!~"

signed 02 Dec 2009 11:38pm 


Maria Escalera

from United States CA

""Edgar Allan Poe" is awesome =]"

signed 02 Dec 2009 9:28pm 



from USA

"I just wanted to say that this website helped loads on my paper! thanks Robert!"

signed 02 Dec 2009 8:59pm 



from Greenfield,Ca


signed 02 Dec 2009 7:05pm 


Amber S.

from Andrews,SC

"This site is a good way to information about Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 02 Dec 2009 11:24am 



from greenfield ca

"hey i would like to know more about your poems."

signed 02 Dec 2009 1:27am 



from Etwon Massachusetts.SkaterTown

"I love Edgar allan Poe. I actually did a project on him. This site was useful too. I got most of my information from this site. I am also doing a project on one of his famous story. "The tell-tale heart." I got my whole school to read that story and they thought it was good. He is the best author eva"

signed 01 Dec 2009 4:01pm 


alan garcia

from the nilky way

"he is what the best writer that this teacher has talked about"

signed 01 Dec 2009 12:55pm 


Flavio Flores

from San Pedro Sula Honduras

"Awesome Website, A must for every Poe's fan. My Students love it!"

signed 01 Dec 2009 12:19pm 


Kristin Bickers

from United States, Kansas, Earth

"It's good to know that there are others out there that share a strange but strong love for Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 01 Dec 2009 12:00pm 


Brittney White

from united states

"I love his books"

signed 30 Nov 2009 7:32pm 



from Volterra,Italy

"Making a board game for English about the Gold Bug. Really helpful site!"

signed 30 Nov 2009 5:43pm 


Bailey Pattinson

from Robert Pattinson land


signed 30 Nov 2009 11:18am 



from usa


signed 30 Nov 2009 10:57am 



from virginia

"Doing an essay on mr.poe and this website is helpful. He wsa a confused genius,misled by death."

signed 30 Nov 2009 9:03am 


Russell Romero


"Best site for Edgar Allan Poe lovers... Thank you for this site..."

signed 30 Nov 2009 4:09am 



from FL, USA

"I'm currently writing my American History term paper on Poe! It's going quite well :) Poe's an interesting guy. He was even in the Army! Did ya know that? ;)"

signed 29 Nov 2009 10:26pm 


Tony Flaugher

from Richmond, VA

"Thanks, I am exposing my 10 year old to good literature"

signed 29 Nov 2009 7:41pm 


Farah Nashed

from Cairo, Egypt

"i think that poe rocks and his stories are amazing!!"

signed 29 Nov 2009 6:40am 


travis bergman

from ohio

"loved the site was great, just loved it"

signed 29 Nov 2009 3:32am 


Sarah R.

from USA, Earth, the Milkey Way

"the first stories i read that were by Edgar Allen Poe were "the tell-tale heart", "the fall of the house of usher", "the cask of admontialldo" (sp?), and "the gold bug". i really enjoy his creepy stories."

signed 28 Nov 2009 5:30pm 


trennissa anderson

from new jersey

"y dosent any1 know what killed him?"

signed 28 Nov 2009 2:16pm 


leigh ann

from pluto


signed 28 Nov 2009 10:55am 


megan bryan

from newcomerstown, ohio

"i liked this website and it had a lot of good information about edgar allan poe!"

signed 27 Nov 2009 5:55pm 


Johanna Thomas

from Canada, ON. Earth.

"Amazing. Gotta love morbid classics."

signed 27 Nov 2009 5:15pm 


Daniel Ferreira

from Coimbra (Portugal)

"Poe and Lovecraft are my favorite writers. This site is beautiful in both design and contents. The wordlist is great. Congratulations to all the people involved. Your work is truly appreciated."

signed 27 Nov 2009 1:03pm 


nabil ess

from morocco

"This man is one of my favorite poets, I like most his "Annabel lee"."

signed 27 Nov 2009 7:22am 



from hockely,

"Theres nothing 2 say...."

signed 26 Nov 2009 12:31pm 


Joshua M. Smith

from Pinckney MI, Planet Earth

"Edgar, you have taught me about my own alcoholism and your poetry has touched me very deeply. You have shown me I am not alone from beyond the grave. Let me tell you in spirit that your works have sparked the minds of millions. You have not been mistaken and may your soul find the peace you cherish."

signed 25 Nov 2009 4:51am 



from Nichols

"This is a truly great site"

signed 24 Nov 2009 7:12pm 


Amalya Schurgin

from USA, Ma, Earth

"I love Poe's work! I am a writer myself, and I absolutely adore his odd works."

signed 24 Nov 2009 6:27pm 


Katherine A.

from New ZeaLand, Waiarapa

"I've very much enjoyed this website, thank you for all of your hard work into this. My favorite poem is "The Raven" and my favorite story is "The Tall-tale Heart." As I read his work I can almost heard his voice. I myself am a writer and see Mr. Poe as my hero in the art of literature."

signed 24 Nov 2009 4:45pm 


Bianca Dunn

from Edina MO 63537

"I freakin' love Edgar Allen Poe, me and my bf's fave poem is "Annabell Lee" he reads it to me all the time!!! I love his short stories and quotes and everything!!!!!"

signed 24 Nov 2009 2:40pm 



from Houston


signed 24 Nov 2009 2:29pm 


Flavio Flores

from Honduras, San Pedro Sula

"amazingly good site congratulations"

signed 24 Nov 2009 2:06pm 



from Uranus, Iowa

"Love the website...helped me on my thanks... :)"

signed 24 Nov 2009 1:15pm 


Peynado Nelson

from Wichita,Kansas,USA,Earth

"OMG I hope this site helps me out"

signed 24 Nov 2009 9:43am 


jason kopulos

from texas

"chilling and killing my annabell lee"

signed 23 Nov 2009 9:39pm 


zachary baltzegar

from south carolina

"whats good"

signed 23 Nov 2009 8:42pm 


kelly angevine

from cordova SC

"i love all the poe stories they are awesome"

signed 23 Nov 2009 8:35pm 



from orangburg south carolina

"hey how are you doing my name is daquan guess i go to carver middle school."

signed 23 Nov 2009 7:56pm 



from Ft. Benning, Ga

"Currently doing a Chpabook on Poe for a Lit class. Your site has saved my life! So much information. I am very thankful!"

signed 23 Nov 2009 7:41pm 


scott heaton

from school usa sc earth

"do u believe in god"

signed 23 Nov 2009 2:35pm 


Rusty Shackleford

from Arlen, Texas.

"Edger Allan Poe was abducted by aliens, A.K.A Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. He was taken from his house in the dead of night and taken away in a great spaceship made of wood. Also JKF Killed Kurt Cobain. and Jim Morrison Killed Elvis."

signed 23 Nov 2009 2:31pm 


Paula Garey

from philadelphia, pa,19143

"this website was very helpful!"

signed 23 Nov 2009 2:09pm 


desrah charbonneaux

from stronghurst il, 61480, usa.

"This website is FANTASTIC! i would have to say that my favorite poem by E.A.P. would have to be, "the raven" and "annabel lee". i love how he really gets deep into all of his work with emotion."

signed 23 Nov 2009 1:12pm 


Michelle D. Mitchell

from Aston, Pa

"NU stopping by and showing so love."

signed 23 Nov 2009 11:19am 


Hussein El-sedawy

from Cairo, Egypt


signed 23 Nov 2009 8:40am 



from maryland

"I think his stories are unique, and can be really creepy."

signed 22 Nov 2009 10:31pm 


vanesa vallery salasar

from longisland new york earth

"i love edgar allan poee poems"

signed 22 Nov 2009 8:34pm 



from California

"I love to read EAP late at night...."

signed 22 Nov 2009 3:21am 



from hickory,nc

"Nice website! major props to whoever summarized all of Poe's stories! God bless!"

signed 21 Nov 2009 10:25pm 


Mitch Cavestany

from Manila, Philippines

"Thank you for bringing back Poe to life"

signed 21 Nov 2009 4:42pm 



from benson, North Carolina

"this is a amazing website. it fills me deeply with poe and i love it cant wait till u add more stuff on it. poe rules~!! "VILLANS! Dissemble no more. I admit the deed. Tear up the planks. Here here! Lies the beating of his hideous heart!" the sad part is i can quote the whole story. the tale-tell heart"

signed 21 Nov 2009 10:52am 


Michael Simpson

from Australia

"Thank you so much for this website, it is wonderful to be able to read all of poe's writings in one place."

signed 21 Nov 2009 2:47am 


Samuel singleton III

from Home

"just stopping by to say hello"

signed 20 Nov 2009 9:33pm 



from califorina,mars

"the scary stories and poems on this website rock!"

signed 20 Nov 2009 3:35pm 


Rani hollinger

from Usa,Zooland

"I luv Edgar allan poe. He is such a strong writer and a lot of his stories creep me out!! Rani!"

signed 20 Nov 2009 12:52pm 


dottie perrone

from henderson,Ky

"I really dont like poe just because his writing is to creepy and hard to comprehend!"

signed 20 Nov 2009 11:43am 


Miguel Vargas

from earth

"Wuts up?"

signed 20 Nov 2009 11:03am 


Erma Hinton

from Alabama

"I am a high school English teacher who loves Poe and his works. On behalf of my students I thank you for this wonderful website!"

signed 19 Nov 2009 10:39pm 



from Nebraska, America

"I have his complete collection, I too am a poet and idolize Sir Allan Poe."

signed 19 Nov 2009 3:49pm 


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100 signatures per page - 13,901 total