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from there, ky

"i love Edger Allen Poe, i remember the first thing i read of his... my role model! his and miss recluse, E. Dickenson..."

signed 08 Feb 2010 8:17pm 



from Canada, Earth

"This is an awesome site! Its just what I was lookin for!! haahaa!! I love this site! Ive always been looking around on google for something like this.. it gives so much info and Im glad I found it in time, I have a huge project due on him and at first I had no idea who he was! Now My brain is full!"

signed 08 Feb 2010 4:34pm 


samantha leyva

from stocton,CA

"i love his poem the raven every time i tell it to my little cousin he get scared and to me thats funny."

signed 08 Feb 2010 2:53pm 



from munstaaa, indiana

"i really liked this website. im doing a report on poe for school and this website was extremely helpful and i honestly thought it was just amazing. i am a huge fan of poe and this site! thanks! (:"

signed 07 Feb 2010 10:03pm 



from Earth

"I enjoy this site a lot! My favorite quote by him , happens to be on my diary. '' All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. ''"

signed 07 Feb 2010 1:14am 


Ashley c

from cookeville,tn

"love this site"

signed 06 Feb 2010 9:39pm 


Raymund Endrinal

from somewher btn earth and hell

"i'm a poeian. his stories aren't good, they're the best"

signed 06 Feb 2010 8:55am 



from U.S.A

"Impossible to choose a favorite; However, I continually return to "The Raven." Somehow that seems to administer a sense of peace onto me. Disturbing?..."

signed 06 Feb 2010 7:40am 



from wonderland

"this is awesome i love poe and hes everything that makes my world turn"

signed 06 Feb 2010 1:48am 



from illinois

"love the genius, yet amazing Poe"

signed 06 Feb 2010 1:41am 



from Michigan, United States

"I am using some of Alan Poe's dark, eerie, and intriguing stories to write a short story myself. (For my english class.)"

signed 05 Feb 2010 6:26pm 


Dsnielle Pallia

from Lower Slower Delaware


signed 05 Feb 2010 4:20pm 



from La La Land

"poetry project"

signed 05 Feb 2010 2:30pm 


Michael S.

from Miami, FL

"I find myself reading Edgar Allan Poe's short stories more and more, thanks to this site. Great job, and thanks for such a wondeful site!"

signed 04 Feb 2010 12:00pm 



from Azeitao,portugal


signed 04 Feb 2010 4:15am 


Morgan Brown

from Oklahoma

"Poe's poetry is absolutely beautiful, one of my favorites is: "It was raining; falling it was rain, but having fallen it was blood." -Edgar Allen Poe I think it has a hidden meaning, i just can't put my finger on it?"

signed 03 Feb 2010 11:50pm 



from lithia springa,Ga

"i am a big fan of eap and he really inspires me to write poetry"

signed 03 Feb 2010 9:39pm 



from japan, okinawa

"I love him he is mad and crazy genius!!! i dont think anyone could ever replace his mind or soul. Your words will live forever."

signed 03 Feb 2010 8:41pm 



from Louisiana

"The Tell Tale Heart....chills!"

signed 03 Feb 2010 2:33pm 



from PA, USA

"Wonderful site-- thank you! I needed to do some quick research but the family Poe books are halfway across the country at the moment."

signed 03 Feb 2010 1:47pm 



from U.S.A texas,houston,earth

"I love the Raven and the Tell Tale Heart. It just really caught my attention and the poetry is amazing!!!!!!"

signed 03 Feb 2010 12:33pm 



from U.S. Florida

"Really good site :)"

signed 03 Feb 2010 12:02pm 



from My own little Underworld

"Poe is a God in his own right. My hero and inspiration. Yea, it's dark but it's all true, in it's own light. This site truly shows his masterpieces and intelligence. Others are scared of it all, I EMBRACE it all. Poe is life, his words/works don't and won't falter. LONG LIVE POE!"

signed 03 Feb 2010 12:00pm 


Kedisha Walters

from Queens. NY


signed 02 Feb 2010 9:20pm 



from killa kali

"who the **** marries one of their family member and when the age is that different"

signed 02 Feb 2010 2:17pm 



from Indiana

"Hi I Am A Fan Of His Poems And I Would Like To Know If He had A famous Poem That He Liked The Best?! Ha,Wow!!(: If You Know This Answer Could You Please Contact Me At Myspace Under Hailey.!? HA! JK But I Wonder Does He Like A Certain Poem Of His?.If You Know PLease Find A Way To Tell Me!(:Heather.Bf"

signed 02 Feb 2010 2:16pm 


Katie garn

from United states

"hey edgar was a famous writer that had class for what he was explaining, and he got through life even though his life was hard."

signed 02 Feb 2010 1:58pm 


Jasmine Purdie

from United States

"This site is pretty interesting"

signed 02 Feb 2010 12:42pm 



from lol duh where all we all from.

"hey mrs.meyer im doing my work lol"

signed 02 Feb 2010 12:21pm 


Chloe Whitaker

from Atlanta GA

"im writing a research paper this was the only website i had to use!!thanks so much for making it!!!IM a freshman in highschool!"

signed 02 Feb 2010 11:31am 



from Newnan,georgia

"This site is cool"

signed 02 Feb 2010 11:18am 


Ashanti Monique Cain

from philadelphia

"I love Edgar Allen Poe....."

signed 02 Feb 2010 10:59am 


gabriella eldridge

from philadelphia,pa

"love ya stories"

signed 02 Feb 2010 10:47am 


english ten project

from dirty stallis

"I like this site. All the info i need for my project for english"

signed 01 Feb 2010 10:49pm 



from Colorado USA planet Mars

"This is a pretty awesome site!"

signed 01 Feb 2010 6:50pm 



from Chicago, IL

"one of the best writers ever. creepy but the best"

signed 01 Feb 2010 6:16pm 



from USA

"this is awesome!"

signed 01 Feb 2010 5:14pm 



from USA, Missouri

"I think this site is great. It shows how truly amazing Edgar Allan Poe really was. But what I dont really lyk is that this site doesnt have all of his poems on it. Theres his main ones, but not all of them. Each poem has its own unique value to it. So I feel there should be more of them on this site"

signed 01 Feb 2010 5:03pm 


Maria Fyraia

from the shadows beyond

"shadows are the hidden truths beyond the knowing of others..."

signed 01 Feb 2010 4:08pm 


Mitch Dobner

from England

"Amazing site, so much to read. I'll be coming back for more, thank you!"

signed 01 Feb 2010 9:40am 


emma bolasco

from philippines

"i really love his works...."

signed 01 Feb 2010 12:48am 


Harrison Wynn

from Mulvane, KS U.S.ofA.

""The Pit and the Pendulum" I liked how at first the narrator is blind because it slowly gives a detailed description of the cell. Then he can see and BAM! A scary pit he almost fell in. When he sees the walls of the cell the picture of time with a pendulum seem just creepy. But then its moving."

signed 31 Jan 2010 6:07pm 


Carl Ruf

from Williamsburg, Va

"At last, a wonderful site honoring a true, and my favorite, master of literature."

signed 31 Jan 2010 9:37am 



from new york

"nice site =]]]"

signed 30 Jan 2010 8:20pm 


Le Davenport

from Enterprise, AL

"Great website!"

signed 30 Jan 2010 7:11pm 


mikayla habiniak

from bristol, virginia

"Poe has to be the best there ever was. I got into a quote fight with my boyfriend, used Poe, and got an automatic win.(:"

signed 30 Jan 2010 10:20am 



from Long Beach

"A friend mentioned Poe a couple days ago and I stumbled along this page from google to find some wonderful poems which I now love!!"

signed 29 Jan 2010 11:29pm 



from USA

"E.A.P is the best writer I have ever seen in my lifetime!"

signed 29 Jan 2010 11:09pm 



from USA

"There is a very interesting story on the geological ihistory of the USA. It is presented in a little known ebook entitled The Impact And Exit Event. I've downloaded it and I couldn't believe what I have come across. Neither will you, I guess, but what it says was very credible when I looked further."

signed 29 Jan 2010 6:24pm 


vicky hutton

from england hampshire earth

"this site is the best i love edgar allan poe's stories are they all true?"

signed 29 Jan 2010 2:14pm 


Audrey Chrystal and Jacob

from Palestine High School,Illinois

"Hey! We love Edgar Allen Poe!"

signed 29 Jan 2010 2:01pm 



from Cloud 9

"nice site:) helped me a lot for my English project: an expository essay on Poe he's a very fascinating topicXD haha thx"

signed 29 Jan 2010 11:51am 



from Usa,AZ,Earth,Milky way,Pegas

"“and my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor shall be lifted? Nevermore…” Love the site. its perfect in every way...Poe is not dead...hes hiding from the world"

signed 29 Jan 2010 11:47am 



from usa, nc, earth,

"i fell in love with the Poe's great works in school. and it hasnt ended yet."

signed 29 Jan 2010 11:26am 



from that one place

"awesome site. must show the girlfriend."

signed 29 Jan 2010 8:37am 



from Pluto

"Annabell Lee. =]"

signed 28 Jan 2010 1:43pm 



from united states EARTH

"you're the reason i write poetry"

signed 28 Jan 2010 12:56pm 


Mallory Chambers

from Fallston, MD

"I am an English teacher at Fallston High School. I went to a reading of Poe's in Baltimore to celebrate his 201st birthday. This inspired me to learn all that I can about Poe."

signed 28 Jan 2010 12:24pm 



from CT, USA

"I am currently doing my highschool english paper on Edgar allen Poe and i feel much like him where the world looks at you cockeyed for having different views and opinions! thank you for allowing me to read what those in my school cannot understand..thank you"

signed 28 Jan 2010 12:15pm 


Barrack Obama

from Washington D.C., Mars

""Edgar Allen Poe is by far the most intimate, detailed thoughtful and depressing writer ever to have lived" by the way did anyone see my fabulous state of the union last night?"

signed 28 Jan 2010 11:30am 



from shelbyville,tm

"he was the best dark art writer ever,he rox i love his work."

signed 28 Jan 2010 10:50am 



from planet earth

"i just loveee poe with everything that i have. he has inspired me to be the person that i am today. POE IS DA MAN!"

signed 28 Jan 2010 9:57am 


kristen butcher

from us,ky,lexington, earth,40505

"kristen butcher"

signed 28 Jan 2010 9:28am 


bayley weaver

from united states, mi


signed 27 Jan 2010 11:53am 


Ivy Momochi

from us, colorado, planet x

"i love this site!!!!"

signed 27 Jan 2010 11:23am 



from maryland

"awesome site!"

signed 27 Jan 2010 10:29am 


Sarah Caszatt

from Omahell, NE

"my favorite author!"

signed 27 Jan 2010 9:51am 


Kierstyn Puffinbarger

from Ottumwa, Iowa United States

"Hi! I am Edgar's relative and I just found out about him! I have a whole lot to explore in this world about my life. I love reading and writing poems, so I can see why he's related to me!"

signed 26 Jan 2010 2:42pm 


Ryan Menard

from Lafayette,Louisiana

"It is very helpful after I played Midnight Mysteries and Warnings at Waverly Academy,computer games, involving Poe I wanted to read his stories and I really like them especially Tell Tale Heart and The Pit and the Pendulum.Edgar is now one of my favorite authors and I love his work.So thanks so much"

signed 26 Jan 2010 2:09pm 



from Norwich, NY

"Great site!!! :o)"

signed 26 Jan 2010 12:44pm 



from philippines

",. love the stories"

signed 25 Jan 2010 11:26pm 


kc perry

from SO. Cal.

"your site is so helpful. could not have done it with out you.!!!"

signed 25 Jan 2010 10:41pm 



from USA

"Great site! used it with help on my research paper topic, and it had all the information I needed! Great choice of words, page design, and service! Thanks for all the help! Greatly Recommended!"

signed 25 Jan 2010 7:26pm 


parker breu

from mesa,arizona


signed 25 Jan 2010 6:51pm 



from abbeville,la

"i love his work"

signed 25 Jan 2010 6:20pm 


Taylor Hathcer

from Phenix City, Al


signed 25 Jan 2010 3:55pm 



from caliiii

"hi mrs.hudson. heres proof i signed the guest book. poe is a cool author. (:"

signed 25 Jan 2010 2:19pm 


Matthew D., Tyler N.

from Acton, CA

"Well..... Here ya go....... Again...."

signed 25 Jan 2010 2:15pm 



from planet earth

"e.a.p i the best!!!!!!he's soooooo awesome!!!!but he kinda reminds me of an emo kid.......but he's cool...i would be his friend...."

signed 25 Jan 2010 10:47am 



from acton california

"my favorite story is the raven because i think its his best work"

signed 24 Jan 2010 9:49pm 


Joanne Howie

from USA, MA

"thank you"

signed 24 Jan 2010 7:50pm 


Crystal Ivery

from Texas

"What a great site. This site is full of information. I am working on a research paper about Poe and I am really glad to have found this site. Thanks!"

signed 24 Jan 2010 7:49pm 



from planet Earth... or is it?

"Edgar Allen Poe is the one I run to when life is too happy or bright for my dark-loving eyes. Thank you for this wonderful gothic escape from the garish sunshine that is my existence! Brownie points to Montressor, Ligeia, and Pluto the cat."

signed 24 Jan 2010 6:18pm 


angela burgueno

from california acton

"edgar allan or allen poe is awsome i love "The Tell Tale Heart" to me its one one of his best works of art;]"

signed 24 Jan 2010 5:59pm 



from Nova Scotia

"I just read the story about the teeth. Eww."

signed 24 Jan 2010 5:06pm 



from New Jersey

"I love Poe's stories. They're all so deep and meaningful."

signed 24 Jan 2010 5:00pm 



from swansea, MA

"love his poems they are the best! i have a question. how are his poems and short stories the same? i have to do a project on him."

signed 24 Jan 2010 4:11pm 


Rachael Revel

from Grays harbor WA

"Edgar Allen Poe is the best author yet."

signed 24 Jan 2010 2:16pm 


isaac baez

from usa cali earth


signed 23 Jan 2010 3:42pm 


Kay San

from The Moon

"This was a great help for my research report.Now all I need a a good grade :P"

signed 23 Jan 2010 2:49pm 



from california

"my favorite poem is the Raven poem because i like the way he expresses him self and it was a good poem."

signed 22 Jan 2010 5:23pm 


maddie risser

from california

"poes stories are great! maddie risser"

signed 22 Jan 2010 5:20pm 


Ben Chapman

from acton

"i like your stories and poems"

signed 22 Jan 2010 3:21pm 


david l. o'donnell

from tillsonburg, ontario, canada

"Are audio books of Poe's works available ?"

signed 22 Jan 2010 11:16am 



from GA, USA

"thanks for helping me choose a story for schooool. it was cooooool."

signed 22 Jan 2010 9:46am 


Chad Robinson

from California, USA

"Love Edgar Allan Poe. I really like his dark side."

signed 22 Jan 2010 2:47am 


Matthew Morgan

from Milky way,Earth,USA,California

"Hello Mrs. Hudson!!!! And hello to Poe's ghost!!!...?"

signed 22 Jan 2010 2:21am 


Ashley Walberg

from California

""English 9, 6 period.""

signed 22 Jan 2010 12:50am 


Tara Georgelos

from california.

"edgar allan poe was a good author."

signed 22 Jan 2010 12:41am 


brandi beltran

from acton,ca

"love the site!"

signed 21 Jan 2010 11:54pm 


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