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from Los Angeles, California

"It's so wonderful to see an entire community of Poe admirers. Not only did I get a clearer understanding of some works, I also discovered the genius that is Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 21 Apr 2010 2:38am 



from LakeVeiw

"i like this site"

signed 21 Apr 2010 2:07am 



from America,Florida,Earth

"Edgar was a true artist. Many mistake art as just what is shown on canvas. But I, as a musician know that art is the parchment used to pen a story, the audience you play for. I hope that many more enjoy his works."

signed 20 Apr 2010 10:23pm 


Colin Moore

from Imperial City, Cyrodil

"Poe is so amazing. I love all of the writings of death."

signed 20 Apr 2010 10:20pm 


edwina francois

from florida

"i really like this site and i like all the stories of edgar allan poe"

signed 20 Apr 2010 5:41pm 



from Mississippi

"C/O 2011"

signed 20 Apr 2010 4:03pm 


Strawberry Shortcake!

from Earth

"Got A LOT of info on this website ! Thanks !"

signed 20 Apr 2010 1:35pm 



from United States

"This website is really nice and its really cute."

signed 20 Apr 2010 11:43am 



from us,mo,earth,senath

"poe is the best"

signed 20 Apr 2010 11:09am 


Aurelio Velasco

from USA, Arizona, Rio Rico, Earth

"This Guy was amazing"

signed 19 Apr 2010 11:03pm 



from Somewhere on Earth

"I love this site! Poe is a wonderfully morbid author. This helped me with a school project, and now I have it bookmarked. Remember: You can't spell poem without Poe! Oh PS it's great to see the other comments people have made :)"

signed 19 Apr 2010 10:16pm 


Mason Carr

from Mars

"I love Poe! His works are great!"

signed 19 Apr 2010 9:38pm 


Andrea Long

from gautier, mississippi

"this site has a lot of good information that helped me on my web quest !"

signed 19 Apr 2010 4:51pm 


Ryan Fitzwater

from endless world of darkness

"Poe is my god, if i were to believe in a divine entity. I'm a 16yo boy trapped in a living hell with no way 2 change any aspect of my life so i am forced 2 try and deal with it. I have attempted suicide many times but somethings always stopped me. Poe's lit. is one thing that still brings me joy in life"

signed 19 Apr 2010 3:54pm 


Chelsie .Z.

from The Windy City

"Poe has some of the most creepiest yet thrilling stories ever written!!!!!!"

signed 19 Apr 2010 11:49am 


lara melissa anaviso

from philippines

"i love his gothic stories that made him very unique"

signed 19 Apr 2010 9:27am 



from mars

"i love poes poems. my favourite is the raven and i love his stories!!!"

signed 19 Apr 2010 12:00am 



from Washington

"Great information and graphics. Very well done."

signed 18 Apr 2010 11:21pm 



from Earth

"Thank you for this website. I found a lot of interesting facts on Poe and it has really helped me on my research paper on Poe."

signed 18 Apr 2010 10:08pm 


Brieanne D.

from California, USA, Earth

"This is probably the best site I have ever seen based on classical works. I love Poe, and all those old-fashioned works like Lord of the Rings. Thank you to this site."

signed 18 Apr 2010 6:59pm 



from Earth

"Thanks :) I love Edgar Allan Poe's works and I'm glad to see that someone else shows appreciation for it as well. I love this site."

signed 18 Apr 2010 5:28pm 


mark christian

from philippines

"this website is exciting!"

signed 18 Apr 2010 5:05am 


Colt Horton

from Littleton, Colorado

""filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before""

signed 17 Apr 2010 12:42am 



from Earth

"This is a cool website:) Edgar A. Poe is a good writer:)"

signed 16 Apr 2010 2:43pm 



from united states, florida, earth

"he is the best writer ever!!!"

signed 16 Apr 2010 11:57am 



from mars

"i adore Edgar Allan Poe, for he made me see things and life in a different way. His stories and poems make a difference to me. Which makes me what i am today and i always thank him for that. Thank you once again Edgar Allan Poe may you be happy where you stand for you will never be forgotten.. nevermore..."

signed 16 Apr 2010 11:45am 


jose moura

from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

"Guys, Thanks for this wonderful site. We need to read more of Poe's stories they're amazing. Jose Moura"

signed 15 Apr 2010 9:12pm 



from denver CO,

"i like the art of edgar allan poe"

signed 15 Apr 2010 5:32pm 


Kelly Garcia

from shiocton, wi, earth

"helllloooo this is kelly.. and vanessa :)"

signed 15 Apr 2010 4:18pm 


marissa jeter

from dade city

"i love his poems"

signed 15 Apr 2010 3:09pm 


Kira Artemis Ga'Hoole

from sherburn Minnesota

"I have all of edgar allen poe books. the only one i dont have is book three. The Raven is the best story. thats one of my favorite story."

signed 15 Apr 2010 2:36pm 


shaquina charles

from belleville il

"hes awesome"

signed 15 Apr 2010 2:28pm 


lauralee marie

from somerset PA


signed 15 Apr 2010 12:51pm 



from mars

"thank you"

signed 15 Apr 2010 12:46pm 


CÚsar Wee

from Santiago, Chile

"I prepared my thesis project on Poe's only novel the Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. I love Poe's sense of horror and the wide depth of interpretation that he evokes from his works. He is my favourite writer and I really liked this site for Poeholics. I hope you can contact me ASAP. Bye"

signed 14 Apr 2010 9:16pm 



from geirgia

"Edgar Allan POE exposed human dark side and indicated their fate, but he never forgot to write supreme histories impressive with love and dream... All that we see or seem, It but a dream within a dream..."

signed 14 Apr 2010 3:40pm 



from Madison,IN USA

"I love this site. I love all of Poes work and being able to visit this site and read them is nice. This site also helped me on my Engl Research paper."

signed 14 Apr 2010 3:37pm 


Brandon Herling

from belleville Il, Saturn

"HAHA i just signed the guest book and Edgar Poe u are awesome!!!!"

signed 14 Apr 2010 2:47pm 



from P.A.

"I Found out a lot about him on this site it was really cool ill come back to this site a lot in my life to keep learning about him!"

signed 14 Apr 2010 11:50am 



from pennsuvannia

"this is a good web site i like it this told me more then what i needed to know thank you for all your help and all your time making this web site"

signed 14 Apr 2010 11:09am 



from maryland

"hi i like this dude cause there's a lot of weird things going on with him so he is not predictable and he is a weird guy"

signed 14 Apr 2010 11:09am 


makaila summers

from wonder land

"i admire poe a lot and want to be a poet just like he was!! :X"

signed 13 Apr 2010 10:33pm 



from New York Yonkers

"I recently found myself drawn to Mr Poes art i dont know maybe its my age but his work captivates me"

signed 13 Apr 2010 8:46pm 


Kittielee Faircloth

from USA, Planet Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is my muse, my inspiration, my hero, etc. He is the one author I fell in love with in high school. I still read and quote his work today in college, life, everywhere. lol He is simply amazing. I wish I had more movies and books of his so I can enjoy his work even more. Thank you."

signed 13 Apr 2010 7:22pm 


Mitzell Maldonado

from U.S., Florida, Miami

"twas an honor to have come upon this site"

signed 13 Apr 2010 5:50pm 



from Kelly Mill Middle School

"this site gave me valid information for my research project. i like it, and i would recommend it to anyone"

signed 13 Apr 2010 5:18pm 



from bakersfield, ca, united states

"my favorite piece of work by edgar is The Raven and i really like this website"

signed 13 Apr 2010 4:19pm 


Meha Alston

from Ahseboro, North Carolina

"Great site, Poe was a phenomenal man. I'm in 11th grade studying him now, I have read his stuff before, but its always fun to go back over awesome literary works"

signed 13 Apr 2010 3:30pm 


Dominic Thuis

from United states,

"Very good horror writer. His story the black cat had some discombobulating parts yet ended intriguing"

signed 13 Apr 2010 2:26pm 


christopher lewis

from usa

"This site helped me so much on my research paper i knew there where many sites about Poe and very much information i just wanted to find it all in one spot and this was the site to do that. lol i just love this site and it was my number 1 resource in my paper and the site is very much professional!!"

signed 13 Apr 2010 12:28pm 



from Virginia

"He is the one who inspired me to study literature."

signed 13 Apr 2010 11:24am 


Chrystal Merrill

from Maine

"I love this site. I have used it plenty of times for school projects and just for entertainment. I love all of Poe's work, but I like his stories better. My favorite would be The Murders in the Rue Morgue. I don't know why. It is just cool."

signed 13 Apr 2010 11:16am 


Laura Felix

from Lykens, Pennsylvania

"I love Poe, so I finally have a site where I can read all of his works. Yessss!"

signed 13 Apr 2010 9:57am 


Nicoletti Ramos

from Waco

"I like this."

signed 12 Apr 2010 6:12pm 



from DenverColorado

"these books are good"

signed 12 Apr 2010 5:53pm 



from earth

"^_^ i love his writingz"

signed 12 Apr 2010 4:47pm 



from Mexico

"what a way of raising the hairs at the back of your neck, a perfect conjunction between terror and amusement!"

signed 12 Apr 2010 4:30pm 



from United States, Texas, Earth

"i love edgar allan poe. he is one of the best poetic people that i read for poetry. :) i'm "different" and think just like e.a.p. i love his work. i can't wait to do a project on him that's coming up soon in my school life. :)"

signed 12 Apr 2010 12:45pm 


jodi sharar

from pennsylvania, williamsport

"i like the fall of the house of usher cause it is different and scary all at the same time and i like that type of stuff. I like the scary stories that you have they are amazing and i like to read them. because of your poems i have started reading a lot of different stories, scary ones the most."

signed 12 Apr 2010 11:14am 


Cassandra Sexton

from Michigan

"This site is really cool!"

signed 11 Apr 2010 11:50pm 



from Memphis, TN, USA

"This is a GREAT site! Poe never has received the acclaim he should have in my opinion, but your site helps. He should have been the Stephen King / Dean Koontz of his era but of course they didn't have the modern luxuries we are so accustomed to in this modern world. Love Murders in the Rue Morgue."

signed 11 Apr 2010 12:15am 



from Mars

"Who doesn't love Edgar Allan Poe? Crazy people. That's who. :) My 2 favorites are Annabel Lee and The Tell Tale Heart. :)"

signed 09 Apr 2010 7:28pm 



from CA, US

"This place is great. I love how you guys have all of my favorite stories and poems written by Poe!!!!"

signed 09 Apr 2010 5:28pm 



from west virginia

"I love scary stories!!! Edgar is an awesome writer! and i would love to sign the book!!!!! <3"

signed 09 Apr 2010 3:14pm 


Kristina Griffin!

from Earth! U.S. Alabama, Millbrook

"I'm an 8th grader looking for information on Poe. We're doing a 1,000 word essay and the topic i chose was Poe."

signed 09 Apr 2010 1:55pm 



from maryland

"came across your site looking for The Black Cat and other short stories by Poe for my daughter to read and study for home school. Love your set up and all your information!! Thx. :)"

signed 09 Apr 2010 1:42pm 



from North Carolina

"this site is awesome its helping me with the tribute research paper im writing. Hop Frog is my fav story cuz its morbidly funny."

signed 09 Apr 2010 11:56am 


Hillary Riley

from United States Ga.

"Great site :) it helped me out a lot."

signed 08 Apr 2010 11:40pm 



from sedalia mo usa

":] great website for searches"

signed 08 Apr 2010 9:19pm 



from jupiter...

"I am poe-crazy!"

signed 08 Apr 2010 9:18pm 



from Charlotte, NC

"Edgar Allen Poe is my all time favorite author and he was an extremely brilliant man. hope they make a movie about him"

signed 08 Apr 2010 8:54pm 


Dancing Star

from Chihuahua Mexico


signed 08 Apr 2010 7:24pm 


dixie normous

from BPHS

"Edgar allan poe is da shyt"

signed 08 Apr 2010 11:49am 


michael fuehne

from belleville illinois

"hi there"

signed 07 Apr 2010 11:03pm 



from minnesota, brooklyn park, earth

"edgar allan poe was a great writer and on my free time i read his poems and stories. they fascinate me. i think that he is the best poet ever. we read his stories in ila (or integrated language arts) and its astounding. i love all you poets! keep on writing!"

signed 07 Apr 2010 9:29pm 



from wisconsin

"I think he was a great writer who knew how to draw people's interests."

signed 07 Apr 2010 6:08pm 


Nick Drath

from US of A, WI, URANUS

"i like your stories"

signed 07 Apr 2010 3:23pm 


Destiny Nicole Mitchell

from Franklin Ohio

"I love this site and Edgar Allan Poe's poems because they make me see it and feel it. I really like Annabell Lee and The Fall of The House Of Usher and The Tell-Tale Heart. Gotta go teacher needs me!!!!!"

signed 07 Apr 2010 2:47pm 



from somewhwere

"I love poe, his work is timeless and his life was sad. I feel bad for the literary genius"

signed 07 Apr 2010 9:58am 


Lee S.

from Hades

"I love this site! I mainly like all of the different words and phrases given. My favorite poem would be "The Raven" most definitely. I love the dark feeling, and when translated in a way, I can really relate!"

signed 07 Apr 2010 9:18am 



from planet earth

"Poe is an excellent author."

signed 06 Apr 2010 9:44pm 


Dan Noyes

from Ma, USA

"I love all of Edgar Allan Poe's work and now I can look at all of his work on one site. Thank you and this is a amazing site. wish i found this earlier."

signed 06 Apr 2010 4:46pm 


Destiny Mitchell

from franklin ohio united states

"I LOVE Edgar Allen Poe's poems so much!!!!! My fave poem is Annabell Lee because it's such a beautiful poem!!!!!"

signed 06 Apr 2010 3:17pm 



from United states, Missouri

"The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge. I loved the site very well put together!!!"

signed 06 Apr 2010 3:12pm 


Denise Schmidt

from Prescott, AZ

"I am looking for a poem written by Edgar Allen Poe about Mothers. I have to recite it for a Mother's Day Celebration. Thank you"

signed 06 Apr 2010 12:00pm 


Jas Falcon

from KS, USA

"This was a helpful site for my research paper :)"

signed 06 Apr 2010 9:21am 



from columbus ohio

"great site i even bookmarked it thank you so much"

signed 06 Apr 2010 12:23am 



from USA

"Well done. Excellent source of info on one of America's greatest authors. I have been reading Poe for thirty years and still cannot decide on a favorite."

signed 03 Apr 2010 9:25pm 



from Melbourne, Australia

"Excellent site. Thank you for putting this together."

signed 03 Apr 2010 6:53pm 


Breqlynn Minton

from Pacific, WA

"I am in love with Edgar Allan Poe's stories. I am only fourteen and I got a leather-bound book with all of Mr. Poe's stories and poems in it, and I must say that I am hooked. I love Annabel Lee, The Spectacles, and The Black Cat. I am so moved that after all this time people still honor him. Thank you."

signed 02 Apr 2010 11:45am 




"I liked the "The Raven" cause it really freaks you out."

signed 02 Apr 2010 8:03am 


Sury Escalona

from Hesperia California

"Two of my favorite stories by Edgar Allan Poe are "The Raven" and "The Fall of the House of Usher"."

signed 01 Apr 2010 11:36pm 



from united states

"this is a fantastic site i love it..."

signed 01 Apr 2010 9:40pm 



from salem orgeon

"this is a great site i have all of poe's stories and poems and for a goth it makes sense even got a teenager like myself his stories are the best!!!"

signed 01 Apr 2010 9:07pm 


Benton VanHuss

from South Carolina


signed 01 Apr 2010 8:04pm 



from ummmm you would't belive me

"I LOVE Edgar his poetry/stories are so dark!!! I love it..... oh right great site its black and glowish XD"

signed 01 Apr 2010 4:21pm 


Corben Y.

from United States

"Thanks to all those involved in the creation of this site. Absolutely great!"

signed 01 Apr 2010 2:01pm 


Jerry Lew Patterson

from Albion, Mi USA Earth

"Great site! It seems that Poe's work is just as chilling today as the day it was written. Timeless!..."

signed 01 Apr 2010 1:59pm 


lacey cote

from USA


signed 01 Apr 2010 12:51pm 


Janel Wilson

from Victorville,California

"You are an amazing writer"

signed 01 Apr 2010 12:37pm 


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