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Lucas Daneil

from ....

"Edgar Allan Poe- He was a great man! If you've yet to read any of his works..... You're not worthy!!"

signed 08 Jun 2010 9:55am 


Mick St. Kiryuu

from Georgia U.S.A

"I love all of Mister Poe's Poems. they are so beautiful and creepy all at the same time. The Raven and Annabel Lee are my favorites."

signed 08 Jun 2010 1:38am 


Alice Destler

from Austalia

"Jeez this stuff is so fluent and smooth! I think he just earned himself a fan..."

signed 07 Jun 2010 11:01pm 


JP Fairchild

from New York

"I am a high school student who loves the work of Poe, your web site has allowed me to get in touch with my true love of literature. Thank you."

signed 07 Jun 2010 2:40pm 


Antonio Fabrizi

from Liverpool NY


signed 07 Jun 2010 1:43pm 



from Nashville, TN

"Edgar is my favorite author of all time, hence I love this site. And I would like to point out that Lindell spelled his name wrong."

signed 07 Jun 2010 11:25am 



from Huntington, Indiana

"I felt in a 'Poe' kind of mood, you know... where it is more of an insatiable craving for his words and style and intellect, than it is a mood. So very glad I stumbled upon your site devoted to everything Poe. Very insightful, informative and enjoyable to read YOUR words (Robert Giordano) as well."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thanks, I really appreciate that! =)

signed 07 Jun 2010 8:06am 


Regine Ylaya

from nirvana

"I love all of his literary pieces!!! <3"

signed 07 Jun 2010 2:22am 



from Yakima,WA

"I love this guys work... definitely my fav poet."

signed 06 Jun 2010 9:32pm 


Jonathan Lord

from Canada

"I'm only 17 and have been reading Poe for years and was inspired to begin exploring my own mind and writing the stories I come up with down. I am now specializing in writing in my courses to go off to university all thanks to Poe."

signed 06 Jun 2010 9:11pm 


K. D.

from USA

"Thank you SO much for putting these together. The graphics are wonderful, and of course, so are the stories and poems ;)"

signed 06 Jun 2010 4:56pm 


Shawn-Joseph Brown

from Jacksonville, AR.

"Love It"

signed 04 Jun 2010 11:35pm 


Kevin Hill

from Corona, Ca. U.S.A.

"I love this site. It gives a reader a chance to actually get a good idea of who and what he was really like. How much he had an influence on not only other writers but the influence on culture."

signed 04 Jun 2010 1:37pm 


zoe weisgerber

from flordia

"research project"

signed 04 Jun 2010 10:30am 




"Mr. poe is one of my favorite writers and he will continue to be one of the few that i recommend to my friends!"

signed 03 Jun 2010 9:27pm 



from rochester, NY

"Love this site so much! I love they layout especially. There's a lot of info on Poe as well. So this site is very helpful. I love how the poems and stories are supplied right here on the site."

signed 03 Jun 2010 9:14pm 


Steve Martin

from Highgate, VT, USA

"Such an inspirational website, truly expresses his works and his life. By all means this is to date the best compilation of his works I have found."

signed 03 Jun 2010 3:21pm 



from school

"I love the site. It helped me finish my project."

signed 03 Jun 2010 2:28pm 



from Australia

"Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude to your generous effort in making this site for Poe fanatics."

signed 03 Jun 2010 11:13am 



from Madeira, Portugal

"There are many writers in this world but none of them compares to Edgar Poe, his complicated and uncommon mind can't be compared to the other mediocre minds"

signed 03 Jun 2010 10:50am 



from Sector zz plural z alpha

"I read it"

signed 03 Jun 2010 9:30am 


Daniel Galan

from Chicago, IL

"Great site. The content is awesome and very interesting."

signed 02 Jun 2010 7:08pm 


Zoe Weisgeber

from Flordia

"love the Raven"

signed 02 Jun 2010 1:32pm 


mikel cunningham

from Windsor Ontario


signed 02 Jun 2010 11:32am 



from planet earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is the best! My favorite is The Cask of Amontillado!"

signed 01 Jun 2010 9:28pm 


Robin Grosch

from Wisconsin

"I am fully ashamed of saying this, but until now, I had only read one of Poe's works....The Raven. I'm 35 yrs old and so thankful that my lit and comp class has many readings of different varieties of his works... amazing, deep and in awe"

signed 31 May 2010 8:12pm 


Aki Kaze

from Malaysia

"i love reading short stories, especially horror! and who writes dark tales of the human mind better than poe? love your site, thanks a billion!!!"

signed 31 May 2010 7:00am 


Oscar Conejo

from Costa Rica

"Hi! I'm an English teacher and I'm so content to count on this site. I really congratulate the ones who made this dream come true. Thanks from the very bottom of my heart, I love Poe's stuff, my favorite ones are The Tell-tale Heart and The Pit and the Pendulum. This is just the greatest site ever."

signed 30 May 2010 6:36pm 


julie r

from loganville, ga, usa

"Edgar Allan Poe's work has a timeless appeal. As a teenager, I was fascinated by his stories. Now I am much older and somewhat wiser and I still enjoy reading his words."

signed 30 May 2010 8:05am 



from United States

"This website is great. It has inspired me to read more Poe stories."

signed 29 May 2010 9:10pm 


Randy Sexton

from Kentucky, USA

"Best Poe website I have found! I love what you have done with this website, but why don't you mention that the disease which took his mother, step-mother, and wife was Tuberculosis? I'm pretty sure that is correct. Also, you should create a link to the youtube Simpson's version of The Raven. :)"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Here's a link to the Simpson's version of The Raven.

signed 29 May 2010 4:42pm 


The Raven

from Poe's imagination


signed 28 May 2010 10:43am 



from U.S. Tennesse

"love edgar allan poe he is so mysterious my favs are the raven and tell tale heart"

signed 28 May 2010 12:24am 


Chrissy Wire

from Thayer,Kansas, United States

"Love his poems and stories"

signed 27 May 2010 3:19pm 


chris heimes

from Wisconsin, Two Rivers

"helped with english project a lot"

signed 27 May 2010 11:16am 



from Louisiana

"I love all the short stories and i am so glad i found it.. Edgar was a very talented man.."

signed 27 May 2010 3:11am 



from Washington

"Edgar Allen Poe has a very interesting way of expressing things. My family is related to him and I have always found it interesting to see that certain things in life get passed down through the generations. This is a very good site. Thanks!"

signed 27 May 2010 1:02am 


Nikki Yale

from USA

"I absolutely love "The Raven"!"

signed 26 May 2010 8:38pm 



from Chattanooga, TN

"Love this site..."

signed 26 May 2010 6:49pm 



from alanta

"this guy is f**ked up in the head woww like he needed a life"

signed 26 May 2010 10:10am 



from USA

"I am doing research on Poe because I have to do a big project on The Raven, since I picked the poem, for my high school English class. This site is really helpful!"

signed 25 May 2010 1:14pm 



from earth


signed 25 May 2010 9:56am 


kacie ayre

from usa, maryland, elkridge

"omg i luv his house in b-more"

signed 25 May 2010 8:45am 


korey souza

from united states

"hi people"

signed 24 May 2010 1:51pm 


Torben Carlsen

from Copenhagen, Denmark

"Edgar Allan Poe is simply the greatest! A true literary marksman. And what a site for his memory!"

signed 24 May 2010 6:44am 


Sarah C. Eaton

from Plano, Texas, USA

"Poe is the greatest Author of ALL TIME!!!!! I LOVE ALL OF HIS STORIES! Yes, I am a Poe fan. "Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore.'" (E.A.P., The Raven). Ich liebe Edgar Allen Poe!= I love Edgar Allen Poe!"

signed 23 May 2010 7:38pm 


billy napier

from stanford, ky

"These stories bring back such memories of being in high school. reading the raven or the bells was great."

signed 21 May 2010 9:37pm 


Austin R. Hicks

from America, North Carolina, Mars

"This is a wonderful web-site and I really enjoyed it."

signed 21 May 2010 7:53pm 


Hannah Murray

from eustis,fl

"i love all of his stories ~Hannah~"

signed 21 May 2010 2:40pm 


Sami Scott

from Albert Lea, Minnesota

"Edgar Allen Poe was very wise and his tell tale heart was amazing"

signed 20 May 2010 6:25pm 


Mitchell Lemons

from Saukville, WI, USA, Earth

"I found a lot of info on Edgar Allan Poe for my High School Communications project. Thanks =]"

signed 20 May 2010 12:13pm 


susie d. hernandez

from mcfarland CA, earth

"heeeeey ommg i have always been a fan of edgar allan poe's poems. they are always inspiring me into life and i thank him for writing these and expressing his feelings like i would as well."

signed 19 May 2010 3:24pm 



from Idaho

"i love Edgar Allan Poe!"

signed 19 May 2010 2:16pm 


Rachel Ormiston

from Pennsylvania

"Used this site for a school project, thanks for the help!"

signed 19 May 2010 12:49pm 


Merlita S. Acoritay

from Philippines

"Edgar Allan Poe's stories are still the best, and are great source of writers' lessons. Wonderful pieces of literature not to be neglected in any literary classes. Thanks for putting up web page for his stories. God bless and more power."

signed 19 May 2010 4:15am 



from United States, Earth

"I am doing a report on Poe for my English class, thank you for such a great site!!!"

signed 19 May 2010 1:58am 



from usa

"poe is great"

signed 18 May 2010 8:14pm 


vidalia rangel

from texas

"why did he marry his 13 year old cousin"

signed 18 May 2010 3:21pm 


maggie mathis

from Metter Ga. U.S.A

"i like edgar's stories a lot!!!"

signed 18 May 2010 9:46am 


Alycea A. l

from toledo ohio

"I love the stories of Edgar Allan Poe I am in high school about to graduate and my teacher wanted us to look up our fav story teller and i did so thank you for helping me"

signed 18 May 2010 8:51am 


Rachelle Holyfield

from America, Alabama, Earth

"I really enjoy reading Edgar Allan Poe's stories! "The Raven," is one of my favorites."

signed 17 May 2010 10:15pm 


Maria Stephenson

from Philadelphia, PA

"Thanks for the great site, I now have it bookmarked ... I love Poe!"

signed 17 May 2010 9:54pm 


John Tacker

from usa,arkansas,mars

"Love the Site!!"

signed 17 May 2010 1:19pm 



from New Jersey

"Poe was mad but wise... I respect him for this."

signed 17 May 2010 12:29pm 


Pam Elliott

from West Palm Beach, FL

"I'm an English teacher looking for more Poe info for a Special Ed. class. Your site looks interesting so far."

signed 17 May 2010 11:10am 


Krizza Angela Grebialde

from Philippines

"I don't care how dark some of his works can be, I still read them, when I have the time, even at midnight."

signed 17 May 2010 5:08am 


Zeng Chen

from China

"I'm a junior student in China. Your website has helped me a lot on my study of Allan Poe. Thank you very much."

signed 17 May 2010 5:00am 



from Needham Alabama UNited States


signed 16 May 2010 11:38pm 


Gloria Wilson

from United States, Alabama

"The Raven is my favorite piece there is no special reason just the rhymes."

signed 16 May 2010 10:54pm 


R. A. Jones

from South Africa

"Allan Poe is the old master from whom we have all learned something."

signed 16 May 2010 6:39am 


Aaron Larson

from Los Cruces, NM, Earth

"Thank you so much! I had to do an essay on Poe's writing style in my freshman English class and this website gave me everything I needed. Thank you!!"

signed 15 May 2010 8:47pm 


Billy Bob Joe

from Country

"great website, with a lot of info! helped a lot!! thanks!"

signed 15 May 2010 8:09pm 


Neil Strandberg

from Nome, AK

"I have enjoyed Poe's short stories since my youth. Thank you for your work on this site assembling the treasures of his work. My favorite Poe'm is Eldorado. The poem reminds us to boldly pursue the dreams of discovery (e.g. gold) we have in our life."

signed 15 May 2010 6:06pm 


Brittney Kay

from Florida

"A beauty, a dark beauty; Art In Itself. I adore every piece that he wrote, and someday, I wish to be Just as good. My Idol."

signed 15 May 2010 9:21am 



from beacon new york

"thanks i've loved poe for a while and i needed a good site to help me with my tattoo design cause my book is really distracting... i can go through it without reading every storyy. <3"

signed 14 May 2010 10:11pm 



from Florida

"I love Poe's stories especially the Raven and The Black Cat"

signed 14 May 2010 6:09pm 


Richard G

from Millry, AL

"This site wasn't half bad, even though I don't prefer Poe."

signed 14 May 2010 11:21am 


Aleja Alfaro

from St. Augustine, FL

"I've always appreciated a good site with so much of Poe to offer and is by far my favorite!"

signed 14 May 2010 11:17am 


Jordyn Nicole Faver

from Daswsonville, Georgia

"I must say, this website has entertained me for hours upon hours, Amazing how I can re-read all of Poe's stories and never get sick of them. Thank you so much for this website."

signed 14 May 2010 10:45am 


Brianna B

from Pennslyvania

"Poe Stories is a great resource. It helped me so much with my research!!!! :)"

signed 13 May 2010 1:45pm 




"This web site is fantastic, out of all Edgar Allan Poe's stories William Wilson "moved" me, I can't stop reading the story. Truly speaking Edgar Allan Poe is amazing."

signed 13 May 2010 12:08pm 


Austin Casto

from Naples Florida


signed 13 May 2010 11:20am 



from New York

"i <3 all of his stories :) Tale-Tell heart is one of my personal favorites ^_^"

signed 12 May 2010 11:20am 


hilary skipper

from millry, al

"this website has been very helpful in my Poe Web Quest :) Thanks!"

signed 12 May 2010 10:53am 


Cole Ebel

from Iowa

"Go Poe!! :)"

signed 12 May 2010 10:47am 



from usa

"we have the same name lol"

signed 12 May 2010 8:47am 



from erath

"i really love edgar alan poe's works i'm a huge fan of him... i really like his works"

signed 12 May 2010 6:40am 


Katlyan Becton

from USA, Millry, Alabama

"Thank You so much, Your website helped me immensely on a Internet Research Report on Edgar Allan Poe for English class... It really is a pleasure to have such a excellent Website to do research, wish there were more like this one... thanks Again!"

signed 12 May 2010 2:23am 


Ashley Nicolle Carreon

from South El Monte,CA

"This site is a organized so perfectly! Thank you for this!"

signed 11 May 2010 8:04pm 


Constance Sullivan

from Millry, Alabama

"I have found out a lot of info on Edgar Allan POe for school."

signed 11 May 2010 7:53pm 



from iowa

"I am possibly the biggest Edgar Allan Poe fan EVER!"

signed 11 May 2010 3:03pm 


akua agyemang

from ga,usa,earth,in ur pants

"i love these poems"

signed 11 May 2010 2:24pm 


Hunter Bryars

from united states


signed 11 May 2010 11:02am 



from West Virgina

"Cheyenne was here (:"

signed 10 May 2010 11:47pm 


Hannah Sullivan

from United States

"Thanks to the site I FINISHED MY PROJECT."

signed 10 May 2010 11:42pm 


Jonathan Gunn

from Alabama

"Signing this because my Literature Teacher told us to on this project. I know more about Edgar Allan Poe now than he knew bout himself"

signed 10 May 2010 9:46pm 


Stetson Brown

from United States

"I found out a lot of information from this web page that I did not know about Edger Allen Poe."

signed 10 May 2010 7:11pm 


Deborah Smith

from Saint Louis, Mo

"I keep falling into Poe."

signed 10 May 2010 7:02pm 


Rachelle Holyfield

from America, Alabama, Earth

"I really liked reading "The Raven." Edgar Allan Poe has written some very interesting stories!"

signed 10 May 2010 6:27pm 



from Chile

"alguien me puede dar el significado de Magi, Dedona y Delos porfavor! gracias"

signed 10 May 2010 5:01pm 


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