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from Atlanta, GA

"This is a great site! Thanks for all your hard work!!! I appreciate not being the only Poe fanatic, they are too few and far between..."

signed 2010.07.17 11:30pm 




"Great website!"

signed 2010.07.15 12:57pm 



from Earth

"I absolutely love Edgar Allan Poe!!!"

signed 2010.07.14 11:41pm 



from Malaysia

"Dear Poe, What a sad life you had there :'("

signed 2010.07.14 10:24pm 



from michigan

"His stories are cool."

signed 2010.07.14 4:49pm 



from ohio usa

"love annabel lee"

signed 2010.07.13 4:05pm 


amber izer

from des moines ia

"this should be good i love poe"

signed 2010.07.12 7:13pm 



from USA Arkansas

"I only read a couple of the the poems but i really like his stuff so far. The main reason I looked up his stuff is because I am related to him on my grandmothers side."

signed 2010.07.11 5:31am 


Dave Bradley

from USA, Pa., Earth

"Awesome site!!!"

signed 2010.07.11 12:11am 



from USA

"I love your stories"

signed 2010.07.10 1:52am 


Ann Bernadette Hilon

from United States

"Annabel Lee my favorite"

signed 2010.07.09 4:24pm 


Carlos Diaz

from San Jose,CA

"The tell tale heart is an amazing story and Edgar Allen Poe is my favorite author ever"

signed 2010.07.09 12:22am 


Josh Nava

from United States, Texas

"the site is great. Poe is an amazing writer, my favorite out of all. i'd have to say that i like "tell tale heart" the most cuz it's influenced my writing with that feeling of everything is spinning around you and it feels like things are closing in on you and it's such a great way to get to readers"

signed 2010.07.08 10:41pm 



from U.S.A, Georgia, Planet earth

"Edgar was a brilliant genius!!! i read him everyday"

signed 2010.07.08 6:58pm 



from Phoenix, AZ

"As of the moment I write just as a hobby but ultimately hope to make a career from it and have to say Edgar Allan Poe has made a huge influence on me. I really enjoy coming to this site its very well put together and very helpful."

signed 2010.07.07 6:38pm 


carson holmes

from 1942 plum branch rd concord,va

"great site.glad i found you."

signed 2010.07.07 11:22am 


Natalie Vargas

from Hatillo, PR

"Could some one tell me where can i buy the book?"

signed 2010.07.07 1:01am 



from Canada

"Poe is awesome."

signed 2010.07.06 8:59pm 



from Canada

"interesting man"

signed 2010.07.06 7:46am 


mike F

from Canada

"I am a Poe procrastinator, no more. Great site, very well laid out and easy to use."

signed 2010.07.06 2:07am 



from canada

"His stories are strangely interesting"

signed 2010.07.06 1:17am 



from Canada

"Enjoyed the website! cool picture gallery"

signed 2010.07.06 12:41am 


James Jeong

from London

"I really liked The Tell-Tale Heart by Poe, because it can show how your own actions can make you feel guilt so much that you confess yourself in the end. This was a story that was intense and also a story that many people can relate to their own experiences. I liked this site a lot."

signed 2010.07.06 12:31am 


Lena H

from London,On

"Its great to see that there is a well put together fan site for such a historic poet. Nice to see his work lives on and that many from today's generation still appreciate his work"

signed 2010.07.05 10:39pm 


Nicole Omoruwa

from London, Ontario

"i like stories by Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 2010.07.05 10:35pm 


Sarah May

from Canada, ON, Earth

"This site is very helpful and I enjoyed it!"

signed 2010.07.05 10:01pm 


Michael X

from London

"Poe is awesome!"

signed 2010.07.05 9:56pm 


Juan carrillo

from Canada, ON

"POe Rocks my world"

signed 2010.07.05 9:43pm 



from canada

"Love the site, learned a lot about this important literary figure! I will definitely be checking out more of his works."

signed 2010.07.05 9:42pm 



from London, ON

"I really enjoyed The Raven. I like the mysterious effects in the setting."

signed 2010.07.05 9:31pm 


Juan Neira

from London, ON

"This website is really helpful for people like me that are just starting to know this author. It has tons of information about him and his creations. Thanks"

signed 2010.07.05 9:18pm 



from Canada

"A great website, full of information. Great resource."

signed 2010.07.05 9:05pm 



from canada

"i found this website very useful."

signed 2010.07.05 8:57pm 


Derek Lee

from Ontario

"Thanks to this website. Information on this site really helped my assignment! :)"

signed 2010.07.05 8:43pm 


Adriano Gonzaga

from Belo Horizonte Brazil

"This is my first visit to this site. All I can say is that I`m gonna like it a lot."

signed 2010.07.05 8:37pm 



from canada

"This site is extremely informative and helped me out a lot with my work, thanks."

signed 2010.07.05 8:21pm 


Hiwa Yousif

from Canada

"Edgar Allan Poe's work is beyond description. He has contributed nothing but outstanding work to the literary world. This website is a great representation of that. [Shout out to Mrs. Stavraky!!]"

signed 2010.07.05 8:20pm 



from Canada

"This website gave me tons of information on Edgar Allan Poe!!"

signed 2010.07.05 7:36pm 


Nada C

from Canada, Ontario, Earth

"Great and very helpful website :) Very well put together."

signed 2010.07.05 7:13pm 


Frank Marquez

from San Diego, Ca

"This site is wonderful fun, like having tea with the Addams family. Poe is great and has been a great influence on so many writers, he is the American Shakespeare."

signed 2010.07.05 7:12pm 



from Ontario

"This web site is well organized and knowledge-packed."

signed 2010.07.05 6:05pm 


Thomas E

from Ontario, Canada

"Awesome site! A great source!"

signed 2010.07.05 5:26pm 


Phillip Mills

from London, Ontario, Canada

"Edgar Allen Poe is very interesting and I liked learning more about him and his stories."

signed 2010.07.05 5:17pm 


Matt Adams

from Canada

"This is a very informative website, which helped me out a lot."

signed 2010.07.05 4:30pm 


Madhavi Prasad

from Canada

"This is a great site!"

signed 2010.07.05 4:23pm 


Ascencion Rodriguez

from United state, Texas, Earth

"Just found this website and couldnt love it more. I wish it had commentary so it could tell me.. tell me forever more Besides that i love everything i read especially the gore. keep the website going and tell me... tell me forever more.."

signed 2010.07.04 8:55pm 


michael king

from USA Texas Earth

"Great site"

signed 2010.07.04 12:31pm 



from philippines

"i learned from the book of michael connelly that happened to consider your poems in his book the poet.. i feel i have to read your poems and book if ever.."

signed 2010.07.04 7:27am 



from United States

"I love Edgar A. Poe! He was an amazing poet and writer. He inspired me to start writing poetry. He will always be remembered."

signed 2010.07.04 12:07am 


Brent Battey

from Boston MA

"Poe was brilliant; thank you for this site. God rest his soul."

signed 2010.07.03 4:01pm 


Rebecca Cline

from united states, oklahoma, Earth

"I love this site. My personal favorite poem as of right now is Alone. Of course there are many, many other Poe works that I enjoy."

signed 2010.07.03 5:26am 


Kendra Summitt

from Earth, Tennessee, USA

"I LOVE EDGAR ALLEN POE!!! His stories and poems are simply masterpieces and amazing works of art!!!"

signed 2010.07.02 2:35am 


Mercy Sellers

from Tuscaloosa,Alabama

"I love Poe's stories and his poems."

signed 2010.07.02 1:53am 


william a hall

from spokane wa

"I was born in Richmond Va. [1959]. And I have always admired Edgar Allan Poe. My favorite is The Pit and the Pendulum"

signed 2010.07.01 3:37am 



from West Virginia

"I love this site! Thanks for all of the information."

signed 2010.06.30 10:55am 



from earth

"She lived for no other reason than to love and be loved by me..."

signed 2010.06.29 12:14pm 



from USA, Michigan

"This site is sweet! :)"

signed 2010.06.29 2:09am 


leslie perkins

from arizona

"i love edgar allan, thanks for the web site"

signed 2010.06.28 10:10pm 



from United States, Illinois, Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is a genius!"

signed 2010.06.28 8:35pm 



from texas

"mr. poe was a definite thug and genius... i love all his work."

signed 2010.06.28 1:38pm 



from Alaska

"I have just recently started getting interested in Edgar Allan Poe's stories, and I'm glad that I found this site. The first story I heard by him was The Tell-Tale Heart, and I liked it very much. I am excited to read more from him. :]"

signed 2010.06.28 10:27am 



from The Attic

"Love his stories, love his poetry but most of all love HIM and his eccentric idiocracy <3"

signed 2010.06.27 9:51am 



from Puerto Rico

"I've never heard of E.A. Poe until I read his Poem "A Dream Within a Dream" He is amazing and a shout out to everybody who read this!!!!!"

signed 2010.06.26 8:37pm 


Kelly Jones

from Liverpool, England

""All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream" POE ROCKS!!!! Edgar Allan Poe is my favourite writer. I love his stories and poetry."

signed 2010.06.26 4:00pm 



from Houston, TX

"I can't wait to use your site with my students in the fall! This is absolutely an amazing resource!"

signed 2010.06.26 9:12am 



from Earth

"The biography was awesome. Sited it in a report for school. Really easy to understand and didn't take forever to read. Thanks!!!"

signed 2010.06.25 1:34am 


Randie Housley

from Texas

"I love each and every poem! Poe's poems open the mind to a deeper way of thinking..."

signed 2010.06.24 6:25pm 


Racheal Marie Maus

from AZ USA

"My favorite is 'Alone'. Such an innovative way to arrange phrases... quite beautiful to read again and again!"

signed 2010.06.23 2:58pm 


Dawn Davis

from Geneva, Fl

"His short stories are the best I have ever read."

signed 2010.06.23 1:56pm 



from Illinois

"great site... clean layout, and extremely functional. i can appreciate that. keep up the good work."

signed 2010.06.23 1:03pm 



from philippines, Earth

"i love you Poe because of literature..."

signed 2010.06.23 2:18am 


alexander daughtrey

from new mexico usa

"I've read poe since i was little and i love his style of writing."

signed 2010.06.22 2:12pm 


mallory brown

from salina, kansas

"amazing. simply amazing."

signed 2010.06.21 12:21pm 


vergielyn h.

from cebu philippines

"i am huge fan of dark side genre works.. for me mr. poe's work is such a great contribution and inspiration to the modern writers of this genre =)"

signed 2010.06.21 1:00am 


Sergio Valdez

from United States, Chicago, IL

"Love the web site and all of Edgar allan Poe's work."

signed 2010.06.20 11:41pm 


John Doe

from Uranus

"Awesome site - great source of reference for Poe's works - although, I really think Robert should add more and more of Poe's works to the site..."

signed 2010.06.19 12:56am 


Jamie Clark

from Springfield, MA USA

"Great place for to the point Poe info"

signed 2010.06.18 12:53pm 


Kix Young

from Coulumbus, Ohio

"My favorite poem would probably have to be annabell-lee. This poem is just a great poem of love and fate, and it just gets to me whenever i read it. Poe was an amazing writer and we all know his spirit lives on, roaming among young poets."

signed 2010.06.18 2:20am 



from U.S,Delaware

"i Am A 13 Yearr Old Blackk Girl WHo Absolutely LOVESSS Edqar Allan Poe... Hisx Storiesx And Poemsx Are So Darkk ANd Twistedd... iLove That Kinda Stuff"

signed 2010.06.17 1:36pm 


Jenica V Bendixen

from Des Moines, IA US Earth

"I really enjoy this site. I used to read Poe in high school, a lot. I owned several books with his stories and collections. Now, several years later, I am doing a presentation about him for class in college. I now remember the enjoyment I had reading his works."

signed 2010.06.17 10:33am 


Alma Cehajic

from Sarajevo, Bisnia and Hercegovi

"pozdravljam sve"

signed 2010.06.16 2:41am 



from Well I think this is Mars

"This was an awesome website. It helped me a lot on my research. Hey guys."

signed 2010.06.15 5:42pm 


Ashley Monique

from Mars

"I love Edgar Allan Poe! He is such an inspiration to me. I'm really into American Gothic culture right now. I've loved horror movies all my life, and I'm obsessed with death, at the moment. Therefore, I find Poe's stories clever and genius! I have fallen in love with all of his work."

signed 2010.06.14 9:58pm 


Wenda Cheung

from China


signed 2010.06.14 7:34am 


Yuno Ewerts

from Earth

"Yay!!! I love the raven!!!! This site is the best :)"

signed 2010.06.13 11:26pm 


Niladri R. K. Chakraborty

from Calcutta, West Bengal, India

"I like this site. Actually, Poe is my favorite novelist when it comes to thriller, romance, fiction and all. As a book critic, I think he swallowed the primary characters of his works like a tablet. Writers like Sir A. C. Doyle and Agatha Christie have his influence."

signed 2010.06.13 11:45am 


cathy tavenner

from edgar ave

"love all of poe's work grew up in baltimore maryland was a part of our teaching in our schools there of course... the first time i actually sat down an read poe i read it over again and again"

signed 2010.06.13 12:31am 


Katrina Holes

from Canada, BC

"I'm a high school student and I really appreciate this website, it helped a lot on my school project. Thanks!"

signed 2010.06.12 9:29pm 


chandra williams

from USA, Texas

"He was one of the greatest ever to have the knowledge of paper and a pen. His insanity was his gift. For he paved the way for others who's insanity, is well written in their own journals. So his poetry and stories will be forever a lesson to us."

signed 2010.06.12 6:18am 


Cherie Li

from China, Earth

"I really like Edgar Allan Poe and everything he had done(poetry,stories,etc.) And I find this website very useful, thanks to the author to create such a website for us who enjoy it. LOVE IT. NICE WORK AND GREAT JOB! I PRETTY MUCH LOVE ALL OF HIS POEMS,REAL AWESOME. MAKES ME CRY SOMETIMES. AWESOME!!! YAY!!!"

signed 2010.06.11 1:09pm 


norman rebel

from mantua,nj.

"hi hi"

signed 2010.06.11 12:32pm 



from Phoenix

"This website is absolutely awesome. I never would have guessed i'd stumble upon a site like this one, it has everything i need."

signed 2010.06.10 1:11pm 


Andy Park

from Monsenor Oscar Romero Charter

"hello world Edgar Allan Poe is cool"

signed 2010.06.10 12:23pm 



from Ohio

"Wow, Poe, One of the most brilliant poets/authors of all time! "A Dream Within A Dream" is my all time favorite. He turned his inner darkness into poetic beauty."

signed 2010.06.10 5:32am 



from new Jersey

"i like this site. it shows everything about edgar allan poe. it's very helpful and useful (:"

signed 2010.06.09 9:24pm 



from los angeles

"great collection of quotes!"

signed 2010.06.09 9:03pm 


Yoo Mihwa

from Bundang

"there are many information in this site. Thank you"

signed 2010.06.09 1:31pm 


henry davies

from Earth, I am told

"Outstanding site. His prose is timeless."

signed 2010.06.09 12:49pm 


Samantha Ross

from Victoria (Sepparton)

"Edgar Allan Poe was a great man of many talents and i'm sure many of his fans miss very much"

signed 2010.06.09 4:38am 


cherokee thomas

from whichita, kansas(earth)

"poe is the greatest poet in the world."

signed 2010.06.08 10:36am 


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