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Ray chindler

from Louisiana, U.S. earth

"Edgar allen poe is a beast."

signed 01 Oct 2010 5:45pm 


Toby Alba

from Dripping Springs, TX, 78620

"its good"

signed 01 Oct 2010 5:35pm 


Brandon Reger

from columbia heights, minnesota

"I <3 Edgar Allen Poe!"

signed 01 Oct 2010 3:34pm 



from USA, Houston, TX. Earth

"I love this site. My professor thinks Poe was a "madman" but I think otherwise and this site has really shown me how amazing and interesting Poe really was. Not to mention that some people do not give Poe the recognition he deserves. Great Site!"

signed 01 Oct 2010 3:12pm 


rachel kight

from louisianna

"Poe is an amazing writer! He inspires others with his great and emotional stories. One day ii to wish i could be good at writing stories!:)"

signed 01 Oct 2010 12:06pm 


wyatt gene whitfield

from northwoodmidleschool sherwood

"i like the fall of the house of usher"

signed 01 Oct 2010 10:24am 


Chells Nance

from Alabama

"This website is Good - It really tells and shows a lot about him ! This is a good site to get information from!"

signed 30 Sep 2010 7:45pm 


Jarret J.

from U.S., Ohio, Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is CREEPY! Marriage to your cousin is a NO NO! He always has bags under his eyes [shiver] like he didn't get enough sleep or something. Don't get me wrong I like his stories although they are very sad =,-(! Oh, and IF you are reading this Edgar hello!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Yeah, I don't think he slept much.

signed 30 Sep 2010 7:11pm 



from United States, Ohio and earth

""I am impressed of how young Edgar Allan Poe was when he was a writer""

signed 30 Sep 2010 4:34pm 



from New Mexico

"Poe's poetry is amazing"

signed 30 Sep 2010 4:30pm 



from earth

"I love your stories"

signed 30 Sep 2010 3:48pm 


Bob Saget

from Segettown

"Hello, don't forget to mention that he was married to a 13-year old cousin at the age 27. Good day. -Bob Saget."

signed 30 Sep 2010 3:08pm 


Taylor Kuron

from united states,ohio


signed 30 Sep 2010 1:45pm 


Mercedes Canterbury

from Woodlawn, Tennessee, USA, Mars

"This site is amazing!!"

signed 30 Sep 2010 1:11pm 


Aleena Khan

from Lahore,Punjab, pakistan, earth

"Most interesting books everr"

signed 30 Sep 2010 12:18pm 


summit academy 9th grade.

from romulus, michigan, USA

"this site is the best ok. we used it for our english lesson. (:"

signed 30 Sep 2010 10:53am 



from dayton,ohio

"i love edgar allen poe and i think that its great that someone like me likes him enough to make a kind-of social network of him:)"

signed 30 Sep 2010 10:16am 



from usa


signed 30 Sep 2010 9:52am 


Robby F

from Maryland

"Poe is a great writer and I truly enjoy his stories."

signed 29 Sep 2010 11:59pm 



from Maryland

"Poe's stories are very interesting."

signed 29 Sep 2010 10:13pm 



from MD, USA

"very nice site; easy to use."

signed 29 Sep 2010 9:58pm 



from earth


signed 29 Sep 2010 6:54pm 



from greece

"love poe"

signed 29 Sep 2010 6:46pm 


Diana Booth

from WVa.

"i love edgar allan poe !"

signed 29 Sep 2010 5:13pm 


Josh White

from west virginia

"i like your work"

signed 29 Sep 2010 4:24pm 


Cathy Rodrigue

from DSHS

"I like the Simpson's version of The Raven."

signed 29 Sep 2010 4:23pm 



from Maryland

"I love The Tell-Tale Heart story. Its my favorite story!"

signed 29 Sep 2010 3:31pm 


Michael M.


"Yea I live on earth. Awesome stories."

signed 29 Sep 2010 2:18pm 


Victoria Ooten

from WV United States

"i loved the poem the Raven, it was very good. i encourage you to read it. (:"

signed 29 Sep 2010 2:11pm 



from Tug Valley High School


signed 29 Sep 2010 2:06pm 


Noah Conner

from Maryland

"this web site is cool"

signed 29 Sep 2010 1:35pm 


Shelby Jensen

from washington, missouri.

"The Raven is my favorite story, i really like it because it reminds me of my family. people say you cannot do things and you do them anyways and people love it, i love this story and i hope you do to.."

signed 29 Sep 2010 1:26pm 


Katheryn and Willaim

from USA West Virginia

"this site is awesome (:"

signed 29 Sep 2010 1:08pm 



from your mom

"I freaking love Edgar Allen Poe. I have been reading his poetry and stories since I was a little girl now. And I love showing off my knowledge of him in my English classes (I am not "Emo" just intellectual.)"

signed 29 Sep 2010 12:36pm 


Lisa Borgens

from Clinch County, Georgia

"Edgar Allan Poe is a fantastic poet. He is actually my favorite poet. Annabel Lee would have to be my favorite poem, because even after death his love was still existent. Edgar Allan Poe's death was surrounded by much mystery, a mystery that may never be solved. A mystery that shall remain a mystery"

signed 29 Sep 2010 12:05pm 


Kiersten Marcum

from West Virginia

"I love Edgar Allan Poes work!(:*"

signed 29 Sep 2010 11:04am 


allen canterbury,dylan blair

from WV,mingo county


signed 29 Sep 2010 11:01am 


Kristin Noel Gillman

from US. WV. planet Earth

"I like some of his stories, but he is really weird. Definitely not one of my favorites."

signed 29 Sep 2010 9:12am 


David and Trevin

from USA, WV, Mingo County

"The oddest man alive."

signed 29 Sep 2010 9:12am 


TylerCollins and NathanDeskins

from West Virginia

"Poe was a very smart man, who's stories are very well known. Poe as a young man had a difficult life but it paid off. Poe lost nearly all of his family of Tuberculosis. Although he wrote many great stories, his most famous were Tell-tale heart and The Raven"

signed 29 Sep 2010 9:07am 


Elizabeth and Kyra

from Earthhhhh

"edgar allan poe is a troubled man who wrote horrific, interesting stories."

signed 29 Sep 2010 9:02am 


Ashley and Cassie

from Naugatuck USA WV planet Earth

"This was an assignment"

signed 29 Sep 2010 8:58am 


Rose Hanville

from South Carolina, United States

"I have to say, this is a Great web site to visit!! My favorite store from poe is "The fall of the house of usher", mainly because when i was in a class for school, we had to read it, and i fell in love with the story!! -- Rose =]"

signed 29 Sep 2010 7:55am 


David Parker

from Pennsylvania

"This is really sweet, nice layout! I'm on here for a research project and you are getting cited TWICE."

signed 28 Sep 2010 8:55pm 


jamie gore

from usa,west virginia,earth,city

"hi, this is jamie my favorite poem of edgar allen poe is the raven because he's expressing his feelings and plus it's a very good poem."

signed 28 Sep 2010 8:15pm 



from eugene oregon


signed 28 Sep 2010 6:31pm 



from Houston, Texas, America, Earth

"Love your website and Poe, thanks for this."

signed 28 Sep 2010 11:35am 


Dorian Gray

from USA, MD, Earth

"Great reference to the man Edgar Allen Poe."

signed 28 Sep 2010 11:22am 


Justin Ayers

from Maryland

"Edgar Allen Poe is an amazing author, and a great story writer."

signed 28 Sep 2010 10:49am 


Nick Scotto

from U.S. md

"I like this website!"

signed 27 Sep 2010 11:26pm 


courtney quave

from usa, massachutts, world

"i love this site!!!!!"

signed 27 Sep 2010 6:38pm 



from Maryland

"My Favorite story of Poe's is "The Clash of Amontillado"."

signed 27 Sep 2010 5:09pm 


Kevin Wagner

from America, Florida, Earth

"Pretty good stuff."

signed 27 Sep 2010 4:34pm 



from Indiana

"I love his shorty stories and poems!"

signed 27 Sep 2010 3:42pm 


diana ketcham

from McCrory,AR USA

"Love his work."

signed 27 Sep 2010 2:28pm 



from United States

"this is a nice site. haven't checked all of it out yet but i will. I love edgar allan poe's poems and short stories especially the raven, anabel lee, the tell-tale heart, and the fall of the house of usher."

signed 27 Sep 2010 2:04pm 



from wallawalla, Mars

"herro im yerro"

signed 27 Sep 2010 11:14am 



from U.S, atlantis

"I am Not really from atlantis, but from florida in the U.S. here on earth, but that does not matter. what does matter is that this site is very well laid out and it is helping me with an english project. thank you. &lt;br />&lt;br />p.s. I dont plagiarize so u can relax. &lt;br />p.s.s. the raven nevermore."

signed 27 Sep 2010 6:35am 


Sarah Marie

from Florida, Mars

"This amazing website really helped me write a paraphrased Poe biography for my English class!! Not to mention the layout is fabulous and i discovered a poem that has been my favorite for a while now, i never knew it was by him! I give this site 3 thumbs up!!"

signed 26 Sep 2010 10:15pm 


Anna Avonne

from North Carolina

"I like the tell tale heart, it is creepy and excited, I honestly LOVE all of Poe's pieces. :)"

signed 26 Sep 2010 4:21pm 


chris brown

from england

"im like the only british dude on here! great website"

signed 26 Sep 2010 9:24am 



from somewhere on Earth

"Just joined. I've searched several web pages for an Edgar Allan Poe site, and I must say, nothing comes near this. It's not only a great reading and learning experience, it has also given inspiration for one of my own poems. Please keep up the great work."

signed 26 Sep 2010 7:23am 


Ying Jo Lui

from Hong Kong

"Very useful!! thanks=]"

signed 26 Sep 2010 4:33am 


alam mollah

from bangladesh

"It is a great pleasure to visit once again this great web pages. Poe is an ever great great story teller for all the people of the world."

signed 26 Sep 2010 1:57am 




"Using for report, great site"

signed 25 Sep 2010 11:28pm 



from spokane,wa earth

"i think edgar allan poe is a smart man and i like his short stories and his poetry of poems. my english teacher told the class about him and how do a project of poe about one of his short stories. i pick the tell-tale heart. it is very scary and i like it. i can't wait to buy it."

signed 25 Sep 2010 6:21pm 


Steven W.K.

from jax. Fl

"Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing man and even a more amazing writer."

signed 25 Sep 2010 12:17pm 


Bianca I.

from U.S.A., Illinois, Earth.

"i love Poe. he is my idol. i just wish to become very much famous and an excellent writer as he was. But of course no one can since he is THE ONE AND ONLY Edgar Allan Poe!"

signed 24 Sep 2010 11:27pm 


Olivia Chapman

from West Virginia

"I Think This Site is Good.. I Had To Go On Here For My English Class and Do Research.."

signed 24 Sep 2010 10:33pm 



from USA, Utah, Planet Earth

"I love this site. It has helped me greatly with my English report on this amazing author. Thank-you so much."

signed 24 Sep 2010 5:26pm 


April Norton

from Cincinnati Ohio

"I truly love this website...."

signed 24 Sep 2010 4:38pm 



from Texas


signed 24 Sep 2010 4:37pm 


Dylan Maulucci

from NYC

"Poe's work is singular."

signed 24 Sep 2010 3:15pm 


keith panico

from mckeesport pa usa


signed 24 Sep 2010 3:05pm 



from USA

"I love The Cask of Amontillado and The Masque of the Red Death is a great allegory and another favorite"

signed 24 Sep 2010 3:03pm 


Big white

from united states

"I love EAP his is awesome he had rabies i think he was cool"

signed 24 Sep 2010 1:59pm 


farra and karie

from Lenore wv

"he is a really good artist and writer"

signed 24 Sep 2010 1:39pm 


lori messer

from tugvalley

"kool kool kool kool kool kool kool kool"

signed 24 Sep 2010 1:38pm 


Mike P

from Indiana

"Mike P."

signed 24 Sep 2010 12:27pm 



from kerniville


signed 24 Sep 2010 10:12am 



from earth

"Poe is a good writer and has entertaining, scary stories."

signed 24 Sep 2010 9:33am 



from united states

"i like his stories :D"

signed 24 Sep 2010 9:29am 


alam mollah

from bangladesh

"i appreciate poe as one of the story tellers of the world. thanks for the chance to read him once more. I read a good number of his short stories in my college and university days and later days off and on. His unique style of story telling is truly unparalleled."

signed 24 Sep 2010 9:21am 



from united states

"wats up"

signed 24 Sep 2010 9:08am 



from United States

"website was very useful and informative"

signed 24 Sep 2010 2:10am 


Amy Claire

from louisiana

"Poe's stories are so great and dark and meaningful. He was a great writer and will live on forever."

signed 23 Sep 2010 9:16pm 


Dan Siman

from Illinois

"Edgar Allan Poe was a great writer!"

signed 23 Sep 2010 6:12pm 


La'Shaya Mockabee

from Pennsylvania

"edgar poe is a really great writer he explains a lot about his life and just writes really great stories, and some are short but even the ones that are short have a lot of details and explain a lot and good at the same time . i love his books."

signed 23 Sep 2010 4:06pm 



from United States

"I love Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 23 Sep 2010 3:10pm 


cynthia thompson

from Lenore WV

"I love your stories"

signed 23 Sep 2010 3:10pm 


kasidy marcum

from united states

"this is a great site to read up on poe."

signed 23 Sep 2010 3:08pm 


Lindsey Vance

from United States, West Virginia

"i love all of the stories that i have read written by Poe (:"

signed 23 Sep 2010 3:08pm 


Dallas Adams

from USA, West Virgina, Earth

"poe is cool"

signed 23 Sep 2010 3:08pm 


Britney Marcum

from W.v


signed 23 Sep 2010 3:06pm 


lundy and Kevin

from Lenore WV

"Poe is amazing"

signed 23 Sep 2010 3:06pm 


Breanna Baisden

from west virginia

"I love The Tell-Tale heart the best."

signed 23 Sep 2010 3:04pm 


Abriana and Mikealla

from West Virginia.

"We love Edgar Allen Poe's stories. They are very interesting."

signed 23 Sep 2010 3:04pm 


Chelsey Marcum

from United States , West Virgini

"Edgar was a creepy man, but a good writer"

signed 23 Sep 2010 3:04pm 


racine vance

from pickville ky


signed 23 Sep 2010 3:03pm 


Justin Newsome

from United States, West Virginia,

"cool site"

signed 23 Sep 2010 3:02pm 


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