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corey owens

from peterstown, wv,united states,

"edgar allen poe is a fantastic writer and writes with passion"

signed 27 Oct 2010 12:20pm 


Megan Haubner

from KY

"i love this web site it helps so much with my homework thank you"

signed 27 Oct 2010 12:18pm 


abby lamar

from kentucky usa earth

"Poe stories are very different. I enjoy this website. It is very helpful! Thanks so much!"

signed 27 Oct 2010 11:53am 



from eldorado springs, missouri,usa

"i dont have a message"

signed 27 Oct 2010 11:21am 



from under your sheetsboxers

"This site is for Nerds<br /><br />Love, Bethany"

signed 27 Oct 2010 10:55am 


Chelsea Engeholm

from United States


signed 27 Oct 2010 10:31am 


Billy Pomerich

from Noob town lolololol

"I love mr. POE!"

signed 27 Oct 2010 10:26am 


alan anspach

from ohio

"very good site about Poe!"

signed 27 Oct 2010 10:10am 


jasmine stone

from uranus

"i just looooove love love this site ?lolololololol and i love books with big writing and pretty pictures and the color of poopy green"

signed 27 Oct 2010 10:09am 



from Ohio

"oh yeah, edgar allan poe yeah ! ;D"

signed 27 Oct 2010 10:08am 



from Neverland

"This site is awesome! I might just read all of his stories. Thank you for posting them. :)"

signed 27 Oct 2010 9:37am 



from United States

"Edgar Allan Poe is a very intriguing writer, I really like "The Tell-Tale Heart.""

signed 27 Oct 2010 9:22am 


Nicole Cutshaw

from earth, united states, indiana


signed 27 Oct 2010 8:30am 


B. Carson

from ohio

"B. Carson"

signed 27 Oct 2010 8:22am 


Caren Wambui

from Greenwood, IN

"I never knew much about Edgar Allan Poe until now!!"

signed 27 Oct 2010 8:20am 



from Indiana

"poe is awesome"

signed 27 Oct 2010 8:17am 



from U.S.A, Indiana, Earth

"I think that this website is really interesting and so full of interesting facts. I especially like the quotes and the summaries of the stories"

signed 27 Oct 2010 8:16am 



from IN. Usa

"This site is interesting and helpful"

signed 27 Oct 2010 8:15am 



from Indiana

"interesting website and photos"

signed 26 Oct 2010 10:09pm 



from Earth

"i love Edgar Allan Poe's stories!!!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 9:55pm 



from Earth

"poe is coool"

signed 26 Oct 2010 9:20pm 


Madison Dolen

from U.S., Indiana

"Awesome website (:"

signed 26 Oct 2010 9:18pm 



from Indiana

"Hello world!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 9:16pm 



from United States, IN, MaRs,

"This website is good and interesting... (: and the poems too.."

signed 26 Oct 2010 9:08pm 



from Massachusetts

"I've always known about Poe's works... I just never took the time to read and study them! That's going to change..."

signed 26 Oct 2010 9:02pm 


Hugh Grection

from myanus MD

"go poe :P"

signed 26 Oct 2010 8:44pm 



from earth


signed 26 Oct 2010 8:43pm 


Rhiannon Rains

from pryor, oklahoma, u.s.a.

"YEA!!! I'm on page 51!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 8:39pm 



from America, Ohio

"edgar allan poe ... WOOOT WOOOT :D !"

signed 26 Oct 2010 8:37pm 





signed 26 Oct 2010 8:08pm 



from brownsville, Texas

"The Black Cat scared the hell out of me!!!!!!!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 8:05pm 


Gabby S.

from Ohio

"Since we are doing a whole tribute/lesson on Edgar Allan Poe for halloween in Language Arts, i find this website very helpful when doing my papers about the different poems and stories. I find his work very captivating too!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 7:55pm 


chandler hunt

from pryor usa oklahoma earth

"Hi I am chandler hunt this is cool"

signed 26 Oct 2010 7:55pm 


Aislynn (aka Dream)

from Kansas, USA on planet Earth

"i <3 edgar allen poe! he rox my sox off!!!! He is so totally awesome and the raven is the best poem of all time!!!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 7:33pm 



from USA,Indiana,

"What makes Edgar Allan Poe so important? All he did is publish some popular eccentric short stories/poems."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Yes, but he did it 200 years ago! He created new styles of literature that have inspired countless other writers to this day. Both H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King were inspired by Poe's works. Poe created detective fiction, where the main character solves a crime by looking at clues. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was inspired by Poe and went on to create Sherlock Holmes.

signed 26 Oct 2010 7:24pm 



from USA ky earth

"This site is the most helpful one I have found so far. It's really good. You are doing wonderful work!! keep it up. Thank you for your effort."

signed 26 Oct 2010 7:22pm 


Dalton McCorkle

from U.S.A

"this was a good reference and i will refer to other people"

signed 26 Oct 2010 7:10pm 



from usa, tn, earth

"this is me! i love him. his stories are amazing!!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 7:07pm 


Mike Pascuzzo

from USA

"poe is muy loco"

signed 26 Oct 2010 7:04pm 


Joey Mannella

from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

"The site was very well done it has a lot of facts about Edgar Allan Poe and his life."

signed 26 Oct 2010 6:42pm 



from universe

"poe is wacky and crazy why would u mary ur 13 yr old cousin"

signed 26 Oct 2010 6:36pm 


lucy smyth

from Indiana

"woo! hi"

signed 26 Oct 2010 6:26pm 


Purva Patel

from indiana, USA

"My favorite story is the Tell-Tale Heart."

signed 26 Oct 2010 6:04pm 



from Cuyahoga Falls

"I love edgar allan poe. He is a great poet and author. i greatly admire him. he is one of my many heros"

signed 26 Oct 2010 5:58pm 


Allison Sutton

from Indiana, USA


signed 26 Oct 2010 5:50pm 



from United States

"The site it very cool!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 5:34pm 


Brad Salpietro

from Indiana

"Yay! Go Poe!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 5:17pm 


Ashura Powell

from United States,Ohio,Earth

"Tell Tale Heart is my favorite Short story written by Edgar Allan Poe. I enjoy this story for several reasons: 1 I thought it was creative the way he had the narrator confess he was guilty on his own. 2 It was gory. and 3 I enjoyed the humorous way how the narrator tried to convince he was sane."

signed 26 Oct 2010 5:14pm 



from Indiana


signed 26 Oct 2010 5:10pm 


Rory Capriola

from Cuyahoga Falls

"I really like this site, and I really like the story "Tell Tale Heart""

signed 26 Oct 2010 5:08pm 



from Usa, IN, Earth

"Very helpful for my school project. :)"

signed 26 Oct 2010 5:04pm 



from Indiana, US

"This is a really great site, and i absolutely love Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Raven.' It is an example of Poe's talent; the way he created the poem so you yourself can decide how the man went mad. It is a truly amazing story."

signed 26 Oct 2010 5:03pm 



from EARTH

"I like the story tell tale heart because at the beginning the reader knows whats going on and so does the murderer but the police don't know yet. The reader just has to go back and forth thinking about what each character is thinking. A the end everything is clear though. I like a lot more too."

signed 26 Oct 2010 4:55pm 


Sammie Forester

from ohio

"i like your site."

signed 26 Oct 2010 4:52pm 



from Earth

"Great website about Edgar Allan Poe!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 4:49pm 



from cuyahoga falls ohio

"good website"

signed 26 Oct 2010 4:48pm 



from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

"I really enjoy reading Edgar's stories, they are mysterious and creepy, you can never predict what will happen."

signed 26 Oct 2010 4:20pm 



from USA

"I love the poems. They are kinda dark but i still like them."

signed 26 Oct 2010 4:11pm 


Alex K.

from IN, USA

"Best Website on Poe so far!!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 4:07pm 


shanya jones

from maumelle,AR earth


signed 26 Oct 2010 4:03pm 


Trevor Craig

from Lexington, Kentucky

"Poe Rules"

signed 26 Oct 2010 4:02pm 


tanner tucker

from tennessee


signed 26 Oct 2010 4:00pm 


dillon clark

from joelton tn us


signed 26 Oct 2010 3:56pm 


Antonia Greet

from Earth

"This is a fantastic website with great, accurate, and interesting information!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 3:56pm 


amanda cannon

from pleaSANT VIEW

"The raven is a great story!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 3:50pm 



from Earth


signed 26 Oct 2010 2:57pm 


carie glanville

from U.S., NC, Mars


signed 26 Oct 2010 2:55pm 


jacob lynch

from earth

"i love poe"

signed 26 Oct 2010 2:40pm 



from united states cuyahoga falls

"the site is okay its just something i wouldnt look at everyday im only looking at it for an assignment"

signed 26 Oct 2010 2:35pm 



from United States, Oklahoma, Earth

"I think this is a great site. Lots of good work that someone has put into the history of Edgar."

signed 26 Oct 2010 2:35pm 



from 44221

"The Masque of the Red Death was great because it shows that you cant escape the clutches of death no matter what you do in life you will die."

signed 26 Oct 2010 2:34pm 



from Kentucky

"Thank you so much for all of your efforts in making this site! It was a huge help!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 2:33pm 


Caela Bedillion

from United States, Ohio, Earth

"this website is AWESOME !"

signed 26 Oct 2010 2:25pm 


Zac Reynolds

from United states


signed 26 Oct 2010 2:21pm 



from USA

"Poe was a very interesting man."

signed 26 Oct 2010 2:11pm 



from NorthCarolina


signed 26 Oct 2010 2:03pm 



from oklahoma

"hello i enjoyed the story tell tale heart"

signed 26 Oct 2010 1:57pm 



from Kansas, USA on Earth

"i <3 edgar allen poe! he rox my sox!!!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 1:45pm 



from Earth.


signed 26 Oct 2010 1:35pm 



from tennessee

"hi how are you today"

signed 26 Oct 2010 1:34pm 


brandon snyder

from Pluto


signed 26 Oct 2010 1:08pm 


Cece Denby

from north carolina

"I feel pretty bad about him dying... i just wish he could've written a few more before he died!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 12:45pm 


Brittney Hedden

from United States Of America

"The only thing I have read by Edgar Allan Poe is Annabel Lee, and I loved it. I would really like to read more of his stories."

signed 26 Oct 2010 12:44pm 


alex l

from united states ohio earth

"hey good stories"

signed 26 Oct 2010 12:36pm 



from Earth


signed 26 Oct 2010 12:32pm 


Kyle B.

from U.S.A

"i like this site"

signed 26 Oct 2010 12:30pm 


Sydney Dubensky

from Pennsylvania

"This site is very useful and very well organized!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 11:34am 



from Huntley, IL

"this site is cool"

signed 26 Oct 2010 11:19am 



from Camden,Nc

"Poe stories are interesting"

signed 26 Oct 2010 10:52am 


Aleksander Dotson

from Ohio

"Poe is a very good writer that writes a lot about his life. He also writes a lot of scary stories that can be hard to understand."

signed 26 Oct 2010 10:52am 


alexis pollard

from north america,ohio,cf

"this website was great"

signed 26 Oct 2010 10:47am 


Alex Bevak

from Pennsylvania

"Poe was a terrific writer"

signed 26 Oct 2010 10:42am 



from Earth

"Poe is a very interesting writer. He wrote many good poems and stories."

signed 26 Oct 2010 10:41am 



from earth

"i love tell tale heart its so cool"

signed 26 Oct 2010 10:40am 


Jordan Lunsford

from Ohio, U.S

"I Like The Tell Tale Heart"

signed 26 Oct 2010 10:38am 



from knorzer

"i love this website"

signed 26 Oct 2010 10:37am 


Dylan Paratore

from MARS


signed 26 Oct 2010 10:29am 



from United States

"Love A Tell-Tale Heart!!! and the Raven!"

signed 26 Oct 2010 10:05am 


brett abbaticchio

from waxhaw nc usa earth


signed 26 Oct 2010 9:30am 



from DS,MKUjra


signed 26 Oct 2010 9:28am 


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