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Charles Bowers

from Monaca, PA

"I vomited the first time I read "The Tell-Tale Heart"."

signed 13 Oct 2010 1:53pm 



from Austria


signed 13 Oct 2010 1:45pm 



from MD, USA

"I grew up reading and sometimes memorizing lines from some of his works"

signed 13 Oct 2010 1:31pm 


Melony Martinez

from U.S. Kansas Bunker Hill Earth

"I love the tell tale heart I am a huge fan of Poe!"

signed 13 Oct 2010 1:17pm 



from richmond va

"i like him"

signed 13 Oct 2010 11:55am 


Adeniran O. Arimoro

from Nigeria, Lagos, Earth

"I read Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven" in 8th grade at EAB as part of literature and drama class. A colleague just reminded me of him! And this web page is just him- Poestatic!!! Well done."

signed 13 Oct 2010 11:53am 


eva, alli, gabi

from nonyabussines

"edgar allen poe wrote great poetry :)"

signed 13 Oct 2010 9:03am 



from USA

"His stories are indeed interesting"

signed 13 Oct 2010 2:23am 



from miami gardens,florida

"first time here. so far i like it"

signed 13 Oct 2010 12:06am 



from U.S.A

"We are learning about Edgar Allan Poe in english and I wanted to know more! He is a very strange interesting person!"

signed 12 Oct 2010 8:39pm 


Michelle Lira

from Texas

"I don't pick favorites because I LOVE all of Edgar Allen Poe's work. He was an amazing writer and anyone who thinks differently is mental. thank you."

signed 12 Oct 2010 7:13pm 


jehan merle

from planet poe

"Edgar Allan Poe inspired me to write poetry, because his poems intrigued me, and this site helped me research my idol. I love it!!!"

signed 12 Oct 2010 5:22pm 



from Michigan, United States

"His style of writing is beautiful and unmistakable. What a brilliant man."

signed 12 Oct 2010 4:27pm 


Paris Mayfield

from Texas


signed 12 Oct 2010 3:09pm 


cody beavers

from mars!

"am i a snob?"

signed 12 Oct 2010 2:53pm 



from Bogota, NJ

"Great site! I do a unit on EA Poe in my enrichment elementary classes. I'm trying to locate an EA Poe book I used many years ago. It is a hardcover thin book of his short stories for kids. Has a thin funny picture of him. I liked the way the stories were rewritten for children. Do you know of this book?"

signed 12 Oct 2010 11:32am 



from India

"I found the whole information about Edgar Allan Poe all over nice web site."

signed 12 Oct 2010 6:44am 


Nic Little

from Hi Hat, KY

"The site was amazing."

signed 12 Oct 2010 2:09am 


Vivian Gintz

from Pinville,Louisiana,USA

"i love poe (:"

signed 11 Oct 2010 11:20pm 


lindsay a engels

from earth

"I love this site! I have been looking 4 an Edgar Allan Poe site for so long im glad someone made one!!!! :D"

signed 11 Oct 2010 11:19pm 



from North Carolina

"This man was truly something to marvel out I enjoy all of his work and am excited to see from his point of view. if only I could have met him face to face I would have instantly fell in love."

signed 11 Oct 2010 9:02pm 



from Earth

"I adore Edgar Allan Poe. He's so much unlike other poets. His work was more grim and gloomy. But I like that, he was an amazing writer. His work inspires me."

signed 11 Oct 2010 8:05pm 


a remedy for darkness

from modesto

"edgal allan poe is awesome"

signed 11 Oct 2010 5:48pm 


Cindy Crawford

from United States

"great work."

signed 11 Oct 2010 4:08pm 



from New York

"Reading his biography lets me know more about Poe, not just as a story writer, but an actual person."

signed 11 Oct 2010 3:55pm 


Tricia Ireland

from mooresville,mo, USA

"love all his work! definitely an amazing writer!!!!"

signed 11 Oct 2010 1:31pm 


Anni G

from Irland

"Just love the guy"

signed 11 Oct 2010 8:06am 


Thess Camacho

from Saipan

"looking for a nice short story for my daughter to use in the competition..."

signed 11 Oct 2010 7:07am 



from Sydney, Australia

"E.A.POE is one of the most inspirational poet/writers. Admirable."

signed 11 Oct 2010 12:02am 



from Earth! Hahah!

"Amazing Man [:"

signed 10 Oct 2010 5:27pm 



from Lousiana

"Thank Goodness this site is back up!"

signed 10 Oct 2010 4:32pm 


taz t

from the place where know one knows

"this is AWESOME EVEN tho i aint a goth, cuz im doing english hw on here so yep."

signed 10 Oct 2010 11:41am 



from Jupiter.

"I Love "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Raven" <3"

signed 09 Oct 2010 7:52pm 



from u.s.a ohio earth

"i love edgar allan poe"

signed 09 Oct 2010 10:57am 



from Florida

"I just love your work!!! You are my most favorite poet writer in the world!!!"

signed 09 Oct 2010 8:26am 


John Rudisill

from Charlotte, Meck. Co., NC, USA

"What a great website! Lou Reed's The Raven would be a great link."

signed 09 Oct 2010 5:14am 



from East Coast, US

"Fell in love with this site! I just love Edgar A. Poe. Site is well laid out too."

signed 08 Oct 2010 11:23pm 


hunter grace.

from toleodo, ohio.

"this site is great(:"

signed 08 Oct 2010 10:48pm 



from Portland Oregon USA

"Nice site!"

signed 08 Oct 2010 7:00pm 


guillermo alzate

from colombia, tolima, earth.

"hey hey hey Im thanksful for this page ... edgar allan poe was a soo cool writer, poet, and I thinks so that also a person..!"

signed 08 Oct 2010 6:52pm 


Joule Mag

from Seville

"To me, The Black Cat is one of the stories I enjoyed most. Great website !!"

signed 08 Oct 2010 5:56pm 


EAP reader

from U.S.A. (earth)

"Ok, nothing about Poe, dont get me wrong, he was a great man. But why does the guestbook need your planet?"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
It doesn't. "Planet" is optional. But if someone visiting this site is from another planet, I'd like to know =)

signed 08 Oct 2010 3:45pm 



from Indiana


signed 08 Oct 2010 2:42pm 


blakely walts

from melbourne,fl

"The Edgar Allen Poe Stories are awesome. I thought some of them were funny!!!!!!! I had a lot of fun reading "The Bells.""

signed 08 Oct 2010 2:15pm 


janell day

from oakdale, california, earth.

"i love edgar allan poe he is my life people call me crazy but he is a genius it sucks that he is dead we would be besties."

signed 08 Oct 2010 12:11pm 



from America

"I loVe Edagr Allan Poe. His poems and stories are amazing."

signed 08 Oct 2010 11:48am 


Matt H.

from Earth

"The Game."

signed 08 Oct 2010 11:39am 



from united states earth

"poe is awesome"

signed 08 Oct 2010 9:27am 


Mandy Hall

from Abingdon, VA

"I've loved Poe since high school."

signed 08 Oct 2010 2:04am 



from Louisiana

"freshman at tioga high school and the site is awesome because it displays a lot of information about poes life who is one of the best authors of all-time."

signed 07 Oct 2010 11:31pm 


Annabel Lee

from London,Earth

"WOW! This site is inspirational! Thanks to the creators who made this site! It's very easy to locate things and has lots of AWESOME information! ~Thanks P.S. YOU ROCK EDGAR A. POE!!!!"

signed 07 Oct 2010 10:46pm 


demetrius clark

from alenadria,louisiana

"i love edgar allen poe's books it very interesting to read."

signed 07 Oct 2010 8:11pm 


Ashley gardner

from Mars JK

"Poe has some of the best creations I could imagine!!"

signed 07 Oct 2010 7:06pm 



from USA, Colorado, Earth

"Brilliant. This totally helps me with my schoolwork."

signed 07 Oct 2010 4:35pm 


Rachel Haug

from Missouri

"Hi I am learning about Edgar Allan Poe in my reading class and i am very excited."

signed 07 Oct 2010 3:11pm 


eric duncan

from oh toledo


signed 07 Oct 2010 1:22pm 



from EARTH


signed 07 Oct 2010 1:02pm 



from USA

"love the site, very helpful for school"

signed 07 Oct 2010 12:05pm 



from lafayette, louisina

"love poes wok"

signed 07 Oct 2010 10:18am 



from toledo

"hey, old man."

signed 07 Oct 2010 9:06am 


Griffin Watson

from Dripping Springs, TX

"My favorite poem of Edgar Allan Poe's is The Raven."

signed 06 Oct 2010 10:40pm 


Ashley T

from United States

"I can't even express how much I appreciate Poe's work. He is my favorite author of all time and I will always enjoy reading and thinking about his works"

signed 06 Oct 2010 10:40pm 



from Amarillo

"I think this site is extremely amazing, I even bookmarked the page <3"

signed 06 Oct 2010 10:26pm 


Samuel Ya

from North Carolina

"Its cool that they have a website all about Poe."

signed 06 Oct 2010 6:17pm 


Jamie Alessandrini

from Philadelphia Pa

"I love the site!! Poe was an amazing poet. The way he expressed himself in his poems is unreal. I fell in love with (The Raven and The Fall of the house of Usher). I am lucky enough to live in Philadelphia close to Poe's House. I do the tour like twice a year, and still love it every time.."

signed 06 Oct 2010 5:27pm 


Dwayne darrell

from NC, Greensboro

"Edgar Allan Poe was a very crazy person"

signed 06 Oct 2010 4:01pm 


Stephen Sprague

from Ohio, United States

"Great website. So much information thank you oh so much. "Once upon a midnight dreary...""

signed 06 Oct 2010 3:03pm 


kasey corley

from louisiana.

"This is a great site for edgar allan poe!!"

signed 06 Oct 2010 2:06pm 


Harley McGee

from Myerstown

"i love Edgar Allen Poe his poems are the best"

signed 06 Oct 2010 1:50pm 


Steve S.

from United States

"Weird guy"

signed 06 Oct 2010 1:09pm 



from missouri

"i like reading about you, you are very interesting"

signed 06 Oct 2010 1:02pm 



from wichita ks


signed 06 Oct 2010 12:37pm 



from Dripping Springs, TX

"The study of Poe and his works has been a great unit for my class."

signed 06 Oct 2010 12:01pm 



from america

"Poe is a very interesting soul..."

signed 06 Oct 2010 11:31am 



from Space Camp

"Poe is the sexiest man I've ever seen in my life."

signed 06 Oct 2010 11:01am 


leo yang

from california

"thanks, great website, really helped me for skool"

signed 06 Oct 2010 10:10am 


Alissa Williams

from Louisiana

"You're doing a great job getting superb literature out and back into the world. This website is amazing and easy to use. Thanks for creating this. Yours truly, Alissa"

signed 06 Oct 2010 9:54am 



from smileyface

"edgar allen poe is the shizz :D -L<3VE Ember Smlieyface (;"

signed 05 Oct 2010 10:42pm 



from Minnesota

"we're studying him in school"

signed 05 Oct 2010 9:02pm 



from Earth

"Everybody needs to read Tell-Tale Heart for it gave me chills up my spine! How ingenious he was! some might think he was mad but he was smarter then i would've been."

signed 05 Oct 2010 6:41pm 


Alayna Cox

from United States, Louisiana

"Edgar Allan Poe is my most absolute favorite writer of allllllll time!"

signed 05 Oct 2010 6:31pm 



from Earth

"Poe is kinda crazy but a good writer at heart... or is he?!?!?"

signed 05 Oct 2010 5:45pm 


Alexis Denny

from Ball, louisiana

"When I read his stories, i think of how weird he was. He has some good stories, we are reading in class a couple of them. they are very interesting."

signed 05 Oct 2010 5:43pm 


arron fish

from toledo,ohio the U.S.A

"this site's pretty cool. it has lots of info on edgar and cool photos, too."

signed 03 Oct 2010 11:09pm 


stephanie thomas

from toledo, ohio

"i thought your stories were amazing"

signed 03 Oct 2010 9:19pm 


zachary skelly

from u.s,ohio,earth,human

"this guy ain't that bad. i think i like him."

signed 03 Oct 2010 9:02pm 


Haley Mullins

from Australia

"I'm a huge Edgar Allan Poe fan. I absolutely love his work and hope that one day I can write as amazingly as he once did. Let his poetry and stories be passed down to generations ahead!"

signed 03 Oct 2010 7:38pm 


Kainan McCloud

from West Virginia

"This guy is messed up."

signed 03 Oct 2010 7:07pm 


Vanessa Xaver

from USA,Toledo,Ohio

"He wrote very interesting stories."

signed 03 Oct 2010 5:10pm 


Bryce Kaw-uh

from Turkey

"I wonder what it would have been like to get inside Poe's mind... If he actually thought the way he wrote..."

signed 03 Oct 2010 2:10pm 


Kristal Shanahan

from USA, Olathe, KS.

"I have always had a fascination with Edgar Allan Poe. I am writing lesson plans on his works and love the poem "The Raven"."

signed 02 Oct 2010 11:58pm 



from United states

"I like this website because it actually explains most of his life story and my favorite book by him is the black cat"

signed 02 Oct 2010 5:36pm 


Bonnie Wood

from hurlock,maryland

"Poe is a dark and mysterious writer that most of the time I do not understand."

signed 02 Oct 2010 4:29pm 



from Mr Horaists class

"(: Poe rocks."

signed 02 Oct 2010 3:05pm 


Rebecca Goodman

from toledo

"poe is a weird but good writer."

signed 02 Oct 2010 1:15pm 


Jamie Hermon

from United States, Georgia, Earth

"I absolutely adore this site! Thank-you for honoring one of my favorite authors and poets!"

signed 02 Oct 2010 7:16am 


Kailee Wood

from U.S, Ohio, earth

"the only thing i have to say is that this guy is really creepy, but he writes great stories and poems!! bye."

signed 01 Oct 2010 11:18pm 


Nick Gullatt

from pineville,louisiana

"Poe was an amazing writer of his time. Even though his works were overlooked during his life time. Poe's stories continue to inspire the young authors of today."

signed 01 Oct 2010 11:03pm 


Jacalyn Duncan

from Toledo,Ohio. USA,Earth

"I absolutely love the works of Edgar Allan Poe!!! My favorite would have to be "The Raven"..."

signed 01 Oct 2010 7:58pm 



from west virginia

"I love the stories and poems by Edgar Allan Poe. I love "The Tell-Tale Heart""

signed 01 Oct 2010 5:53pm 


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100 signatures per page - 14,531 total