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from Saint Lucia

"WOW!!!! i feel like his past had something to do with his story "The Fall Of the house of Usher". He is really great indeed, and i look forward to reading more of his stories (although i found this one boring.. but that's when i couldn't understand) and poems. Nice site by the way."

signed 2010.09.23 2:03pm 


brian payne

from united states, indiana, earth,

"your poems are great and you were a amazing writer."

signed 2010.09.23 1:26pm 


Mary Preece

from West Virginia


signed 2010.09.23 1:25pm 


whitney evans

from delbarton, wv

"Edgar Allan Poe had some real problems !"

signed 2010.09.23 1:24pm 


ryan preece

from kermit usa wv

"he wrote some really weird books and he had a sick mind"

signed 2010.09.23 1:23pm 


Alexandria Elkins

from Nagatuck West Virginia,,,,USA

"My favorite story is the Tell-Tale Heart because it is very suspenseful and ironic. I never thought i would like edgar allan poe until i started to read his stories. Now i just cant stop reading them....."

signed 2010.09.23 1:23pm 


Tug valley high school

from usa, wv, earth

"adam n whitney was here"

signed 2010.09.23 1:12pm 



from Venus

"He is the original."

signed 2010.09.23 12:41pm 



from Earth

"Long live poe"

signed 2010.09.23 12:24pm 



from norvell


signed 2010.09.23 11:47am 


Tacara Simmons

from Lakeland, Florida, Earth


signed 2010.09.23 10:23am 


Jordon Mounts and Courtney

from Tug Valley High School

"poe is awesome"

signed 2010.09.23 10:20am 


Santasia Woodby

from Tug Valley High School

"Poe's storie are the BOMB!!!!!!"

signed 2010.09.23 10:13am 


Whitney Sturgell

from Tug Vsllry

"Poe is a great author, I love his stories and poems!"

signed 2010.09.23 10:11am 


Josh b

from USA WV

"Poe's poems have influenced my own writing. P.S. cool web site"

signed 2010.09.23 10:10am 



from Colson

"I've always enjoyed the works of Mr. Poe. The Raven was read to me as a child."

signed 2010.09.23 10:09am 


Nomvula Alford

from Earth

"He is a great writer!!"

signed 2010.09.23 10:09am 


Brooke Hanshaw

from West Virginia

"Very good website for Poe fans."

signed 2010.09.23 10:08am 


Matt Jones

from West Virginia

"Edgar Allen Poe, you have great stories."

signed 2010.09.23 10:02am 


shaunda murphy

from lenore, Wv

"I love Poe's stories, they are crazy."

signed 2010.09.23 9:59am 


Kayla Dunn

from Florida

"Whoot Whoot Edgar Allen Poe!!!"

signed 2010.09.23 9:56am 


Madison Runoyn

from Kermit

"I <3 Poe!"

signed 2010.09.23 9:32am 


Taylor Runyon

from Lenore, West Virginia

"I love poe. :)"

signed 2010.09.23 9:21am 


Ryan Donlan

from Chicago, Illinois

"website with good information"

signed 2010.09.23 9:18am 


Kirsten Stark

from earth

"i love poes stories. He is a very interesting person to learn about. He is one of my favorite poets."

signed 2010.09.23 9:17am 


Chelsea Sturgell

from Tug VAlley, WV,earth

"I think Poe stories are very good, but so far my favorite book would have to be "The Raven"."

signed 2010.09.23 8:29am 


haiden deramcy

from kermit wv


signed 2010.09.23 8:24am 


Carrie Coleman

from WV.

"The story that I like the most so far, is "Masque of the Red Death". It's unpredictable, suspenseful, and very detailed... my favorite!"

signed 2010.09.23 8:24am 


Dylan Miller

from Lenore, WV

"Edgar Allan Poe is the man!"

signed 2010.09.23 8:18am 


Paul little cuban W

from U.S., Florida, Mars, ect

"Poe makes me feel like a true angsty teenager. :D Yay for Poe."

signed 2010.09.23 8:11am 


Michelle B.

from USA

"I like Edgar Allan Poe's stories."

signed 2010.09.23 12:17am 


Biagio Greco

from USA, Illinois

"I LOVE POE!!! Amazing stories, keep you on your seat, and never fails to shock you in the end!"

signed 2010.09.23 12:16am 


Lois Emily Helena Little Tuman

from Illinois, United States, Earth

"I love Poe because I like mess-with-your-mind-in-that-subtle-way horror and that's what I see in his work."

signed 2010.09.23 12:05am 



from Chicago

"Learning about Poe is actually interesting =^D"

signed 2010.09.23 12:04am 



from Earth

"I like "The Cask of Amontillado.""

signed 2010.09.22 11:26pm 


Lexie Schieber

from Earth

"Lexie Was Here"

signed 2010.09.22 11:16pm 



from illinois

"Poe is amazing"

signed 2010.09.22 11:12pm 


Mary Jo Toohey

from Chicago, IL

"I am a high school student and this site is very informative about Poe's life."

signed 2010.09.22 10:38pm 


Anna D'Alessandro

from U.S. Illinois Earth

"this site gives a lot of information about poe, which is good if you are interested and like learning about him"

signed 2010.09.22 10:36pm 



from Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is a GREAT writer!!!!!!!!!!"

signed 2010.09.22 10:28pm 



from Illinois

"My favorite Poe story is definitely The Pit and the Pendulum."

signed 2010.09.22 9:52pm 


Kevin Salgado

from Chicago, Illinios, USA Earth

"Poe :)"

signed 2010.09.22 9:32pm 


Gino Fasso

from Chicago, Il

"I thought Hop-Frog was interesting. It showed humor and revenge at the same time. I liked the way Hop-Frog got back at the king for humiliating him, and that Hop-Frog and Trippetta left together, never to be seen again."

signed 2010.09.22 9:32pm 



from EARTH

"I love Poe!"

signed 2010.09.22 9:24pm 


Ryan Donlan

from Chicago, Illinois

"good website"

signed 2010.09.22 8:57pm 


Lindsey A

from Chicago

"There's so much info on this site! It's the best place to go for Poe info. Keep it up!"

signed 2010.09.22 8:49pm 


Colleen Walsh

from Illinois, USA, Earth

"I like this site, it gives a lot of good information on Edgar Allan Poe. My favorite story is the Tell-Tale Heart because it shows that even though the man took the most precautions in the killing of the older man, his guilt got him to confess his deed."

signed 2010.09.22 8:40pm 


Carlie Nissen

from Chicago, IL

"It is very informational"

signed 2010.09.22 8:31pm 


Alyssa Duff

from Earth..

"i thought this site was very helpful, i learned a lot about E.A.P. I don't have a favorite story, i think all of them are good."

signed 2010.09.22 7:36pm 



from indiana

"edgar allen poe is awesome!! <3"

signed 2010.09.22 1:55pm 


Jared Turner

from United States, Indiana, Earth


signed 2010.09.22 1:39pm 



from Dysfunctional, Pluto

"i love edgar allen poe, all his stories and poetry but, wouldn't it be great if they put his short stories all into a movie? like goosebumps or some sort? just a thought."

signed 2010.09.22 1:25pm 



from Sioux Falls, SD, USA, Earth


signed 2010.09.22 11:21am 


emmanuel jamias

from Philippines manila


signed 2010.09.22 7:38am 


Joshua Erhardt

from hazen nd

"edgar was an amazing amazing writer"

signed 2010.09.22 1:12am 



from USA,PA

"i think that the stories this man wrote are amazing and they kinda show what he was like but my fav story by him is the raven or a tell-tale heart."

signed 2010.09.22 12:59am 



from mckeesport

"sounds like some good books i think ima read one of them"

signed 2010.09.21 9:19pm 


kassy klosed

from brownsville, texas, usa, earth

"I found edgar allan poe to be one strange, creepy, sad, but wise and great man."

signed 2010.09.21 7:51pm 



from USA, TN, earth


signed 2010.09.21 3:49pm 


Anthony Wilson

from Mckeesport

"everything happens for a reason and we are fortunate that god gives a reason to wake up everyday"

signed 2010.09.21 2:59pm 



from USA

"Love the stories, especially The Tell-Tale Heart."

signed 2010.09.21 2:52pm 



from United States

"Poe is cool"

signed 2010.09.21 9:34am 


alexandra cruz

from lebanon PA

"fave poems or short stories: annabel lee, the black cat, the tell-tale heart, romance, the raven and way more!"

signed 2010.09.21 9:33am 



from Pennslyvania

"The Tell-Tale Heart was my favorite Edgar Allan Poe story"

signed 2010.09.21 9:24am 


emily leighton

from alaska

"heyy very good site. I LOVE Edger Allan Poe."

signed 2010.09.20 6:35pm 



from USA, Texas, Houston

"I'm doing a research project for this guy and I chose him because he is an amazing writer :D thank you so much for this web site!"

signed 2010.09.20 4:28pm 


Ariel Wolf

from Dark Cold Pit

"i love it. its very well organized. thank you so much for this site"

signed 2010.09.20 4:25pm 


Mandee Sylverstein

from United States of America, MN

"Great site going to use the format for my page"

signed 2010.09.20 3:30pm 



from ramer tn

"poe is sexy"

signed 2010.09.20 2:40pm 


Melony Ann Johnson

from S, Tennessee. US

"i like the website and i may come back to learn more about this interesting man"

signed 2010.09.20 10:57am 



from Tennessee


signed 2010.09.20 10:48am 


Tiffany Winebrenner

from Selmer, Tennessee

":) i signed it! Mrs. Kimmons class!"

signed 2010.09.20 10:46am 


Anna Kate Whitley

from Tennessee

"Poe is C00L :)"

signed 2010.09.20 10:20am 


Octavian Jrda

from USA, GA

"interesting stories"

signed 2010.09.19 9:29pm 



from mars

"yo dogs this site is the shizzle"

signed 2010.09.19 7:56pm 



from Philippines

"all of edgar allan poe's story are good... but i like most of all is the Ligeia... because... it's like a story of apromising love... that never die."

signed 2010.09.19 4:47am 


cynthia stuart

from united states florida

"my name is cynthia stuart i reside in florida, i think the site is a great idea. instead of spending hours in the library reading a poe collection, I can log on and read it in the comfort of my home. my favorite poem Annabel Lee and my favorite story is The Tell-Tale heart."

signed 2010.09.18 3:43pm 



from Earth

"Poe's a great poet of all time."

signed 2010.09.18 3:49am 


Christina Perot

from Ringgold, Louisiana, USA.

"Poe's poetry saved my life... I can never repay him but this is the least I could do."

signed 2010.09.17 4:26pm 


fisch is retarded

from the twilight zone

"i like poe, and grilled cheese, and men with a sensitive side like poe :) :) :) :) :) :)"

signed 2010.09.17 2:19pm 



from guthrie ky

"I love Edgar allan Poe so much, he's so in depth! he speaks to the soul."

signed 2010.09.17 12:21pm 


Lexxyii Sanchez

from U.S Ga Pluto

"love edgar allan poe he is the GREATEST writer EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have all his books quotes and poems hes so dark and demented and and im emo which makes me complete sooooooooooo:) :) *.*"

signed 2010.09.17 11:21am 



from virginia

"Quite nice"

signed 2010.09.17 3:20am 



from Michigan

"Poe, is one of my favorite poets of all time. This is a great site. Since you like The Fall of the House of Usher have you ever seen the film adaptation? It's pretty good."

signed 2010.09.16 5:26pm 



from Tennessee


signed 2010.09.16 1:56pm 


Shanna Lea ....

from US, WV, Earth......

"i was here yahhh"

signed 2010.09.16 1:37pm 


lydia fitchpatrick

from USA, West Virginia, earth

"* lydia was here (:"

signed 2010.09.16 1:34pm 


Zoie Laggis

from Planet Earth

"Buenos Noches!"

signed 2010.09.16 1:32pm 


chace prater

from WV, US

"Poe's insane.."

signed 2010.09.16 10:26am 


Marisa Danielle

from Tug Valley High School, WV

"I love Poe!!!"

signed 2010.09.16 10:18am 


Cheyenne Nicole Baisden

from Tug Valley High School, WV

"i <3 poe!"

signed 2010.09.16 10:18am 


Austin Brewer

from USA West Virginia Earth


signed 2010.09.16 10:08am 


Brandi Evans

from lenore, WV.

"I LOVE POE ! (:"

signed 2010.09.16 9:36am 


Nathan Marcum

from West Virginia

"The best Poe story is the raven."

signed 2010.09.16 9:31am 


Michaella Messer

from West Virginia

"I really don't like Poe but my teacher is making us read it because she loves him."

signed 2010.09.16 9:31am 


tiffany jones

from mingo

"i like the tell-tale heart.. the site is alright, it tells you a lot of things."

signed 2010.09.16 9:28am 


Pamela Booth

from Tug Valley HS WV

"Great site! Poe Rocks!"

signed 2010.09.16 9:21am 


Taylor Brewer

from united states

"my favorite poe story is the tell-tale heart for no particular reason"

signed 2010.09.16 9:20am 


alice lyanna

from india meghalaya shillong

"Im a student of english and i find that E.A.Poe is 1 of the most versatile writers. Very ingenious and his books are so intriguing and captivating nonetheless. A great artist according to me."

signed 2010.09.16 6:23am 


Darkness Abounds

from Chaos

"Edgar Allan Poe is extremely inspiring and I love the darkness and horror he evicts. He is a genius."

signed 2010.09.15 7:44pm 


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