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Sarah O'Gara

from Indiana

"I like The Tell-Tale Hearts story. You have to think about how it is told. It has lots of foreshadowing. It's one of the only Poe stories i've ever read and i like how deep it is, like i like how he describes everything"

signed 2010.09.15 5:10pm 


kelsea osterman

from Colfax,Wi

"I have loved Edgar Allan Poe since I started reading poetry!!! He is the best I know"

signed 2010.09.15 3:38pm 


Allie McLaughin

from Paris, Texas

"He's very strange.."

signed 2010.09.15 2:47pm 



from kalamazoo,michigan

"hi i really like this website its awesome ....."

signed 2010.09.15 11:38am 



from Evansville, IN

"Stumbled across this site, love it!"

signed 2010.09.15 9:40am 


Billy Heldman

from United States,Indiana

"The website is great!!!"

signed 2010.09.15 9:38am 


leah thompson

from USA

"i love edgar allen poe's poetry :)"

signed 2010.09.15 8:48am 



from Earth

"I remember reading "The Raven" and "Tell-Tale Heart", they were very interesting stories. From "The Raven" I remember that the man in the story lost his wife, and a Raven came to visit. He thought nothing of the raven until he believed he was talking. The man was annoyed with the bird and committed suicide."

signed 2010.09.15 1:01am 


Travis Gnapinski

from North Carolina


signed 2010.09.14 10:13am 


De'Driona Q.

from Brooklyn

"Poe Is Awesome !!"

signed 2010.09.14 10:08am 




"The book the raven is wonderful"

signed 2010.09.14 10:01am 



from Indiana

"Edgar Allan Poe's work seems to be incredibly well thought out in great detail. I personally liked "The Tell-Tale Heart" because it was ingeniously crazy!"

signed 2010.09.13 10:30pm 


Cynthia Martinez

from Texas Howdy

"You must get this a lot but I am so into his poems "Alone" "The Raven" "A dream within a dream" and of course some of his stories "The tell-tale heart" "the Fall of the house of Usher" I dig the Black Raven. Had to do more research about Mr.Poe and I found this site informative. Thank You."

signed 2010.09.13 7:47pm 


Staci Brandner

from Chadron, Nebraska

"I love Edgar Allen Poe!"

signed 2010.09.13 6:51pm 



from Earth USA KS Nowheresvile

"I Like Tell Tell HEART"

signed 2010.09.13 4:18pm 


Virginia A.

from United States

"Love Poe! Great writer!"

signed 2010.09.13 2:42pm 


patrick holloway

from north pulaski

"hes good"

signed 2010.09.13 11:28am 


Kamerin *Justin Bieber* Greer

from USA


signed 2010.09.13 11:10am 


Ali Martin

from Indiana

"Oh Edgar Allan Poe, what an inspiration you are to myself, and all the writers out there. Thank you."

signed 2010.09.13 10:01am 


carissa maynard

from kermit wv

"I really like poe's book "The Tell-Tale Heart" a lot!"

signed 2010.09.12 9:36pm 


Diana Molina

from Colombia

"Edgar Allan Poe was and still is really influencing literature. He was an interesting man but he took his work very seriously."

signed 2010.09.12 4:38pm 


Júnior Araújo

from Arapiraca, Alagoas, Brazil

"I found out this site, and it's quite amazing!!! I'm a teacher of English, and I'm studying literature as well... Very good site!!!"

signed 2010.09.12 3:16pm 


Daniel Altamar

from Colombia


signed 2010.09.12 12:23pm 



from earth

"i love the story the pit and the pendulum"

signed 2010.09.11 7:36pm 



from arkansas

"I think this site is very nice.. it helps me very much on my work."

signed 2010.09.10 2:42pm 


Maria Pardo

from Colombia, La Guajira, Earth

"Hi... I like Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 2010.09.10 12:26pm 



from kansas

"i like this site"

signed 2010.09.10 12:05pm 


Adam Lewis

from United States, Arkansas,Earth

"I just love Edgar A. Poe. He's by far my absolute favorite author."

signed 2010.09.10 11:33am 



from U.S. Kansas

"I was here! WAHOO!"

signed 2010.09.09 11:47pm 


Mariah Kinderknecht

from Earth United States Kansas


signed 2010.09.09 11:05pm 


Christine Thompson

from United States

"I was told to sign this because it is part of my worksheet that I am supposed to do for English."

signed 2010.09.09 10:23pm 



from US, Somewhere....

"Good site Helped me finish my homework In fact signing this is #13 in the list of things to do!"

signed 2010.09.09 9:45pm 



from Africa

"He is very creepy."

signed 2010.09.09 7:41pm 


connor wood

from earth

"good books"

signed 2010.09.09 7:31pm 



from Georgia

"My 7 year old son and my favorite story is "The Raven". Great site, glad to see the stories on here."

signed 2010.09.09 6:57pm 


justin poe

from Arkansas

"my favorite story was the raven"

signed 2010.09.09 3:11pm 


isaac parsley

from tug valley


signed 2010.09.09 10:19am 



from Denmark

"love from Amourose xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

signed 2010.09.09 9:28am 



from Tennesee USA

"Edgar Allan Poe, Five!"

signed 2010.09.09 7:56am 


Rachel Forrester

from St.George, Kansas

"Edgar Allen Poe is so amazing! His works are incredible, outstanding what he does."

signed 2010.09.08 10:32pm 



from usa,ks,earth

"weird man"

signed 2010.09.08 9:35pm 


Keldon Fox

from Kansas

"I think its weird that he married his 13 year old cousin."

signed 2010.09.08 9:06pm 


Jose Antonio Granados Wall

from Mexico, Chihuahua, Earth

"I've just read the poem of "The Raven"; it truly was an extraordinary experience having read such script with such sensational language, with a singular expression way. Poe wasn't given the respect he deserved while alive. His work, and his words are admirable."

signed 2010.09.08 8:53pm 


Jackson Goodmiller

from Kansas


signed 2010.09.08 8:53pm 



from Lima, Perú

"very great !! he is one of the most amazing writers of the world!"

signed 2010.09.08 8:12pm 



from united states

"he is very interesting i would have liked to meet him"

signed 2010.09.08 8:04pm 


Kimberley Kavanaugh

from Richmond, KY

"Lovin' some Edgar A Poe. Life long fan, great site!"

signed 2010.09.08 5:07pm 


Darian Adair

from Stilwell,Ok

"awesome stories"

signed 2010.09.08 3:30pm 



from Earth

"I LOVE POE!!! he is my ultimate fav author, next to stephenie meyer of course. but i absolutely love ALONE. it shows how he feels. defo LOVE LOVE LOVE this site!! BEST SITE EVER!! BETTER THAN FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!"

signed 2010.09.08 3:04pm 



from kansas

"hi my name is carol sweensen"

signed 2010.09.08 2:58pm 


serena zapata

from dripping springs tx

"great writer"

signed 2010.09.08 10:28am 


Nancy Taylor

from Oregon

"I recently published a poem called "A Marriage of Poets" about the fictional marriage of Edgar Allan Poe & Elizabeth Barrett Browning! (it's just for fun, but got rejected a bunch of times before it scored. Wonder what Poe or Elizabeth's ghosts would think of it?"

signed 2010.09.08 1:38am 


Savannah Cheyenne

from America

"I love Poe's stories, (:"

signed 2010.09.07 4:32pm 



from United States

"I'm Ivan. I like to draw and learn new things. I am fourteen years old and I speak 3 languages."

signed 2010.09.07 4:18pm 


Sandro Gago

from United States

"Very interesting"

signed 2010.09.07 3:22pm 



from California North America

"Very interesting. Cool stories."

signed 2010.09.07 2:55am 


Tom B

from CA, Usa, Earth

"Love his work."

signed 2010.09.07 2:47am 


Maggie H

from CA, USA

"this site is reallyy helpfull my favorite poem by edgar allan poe is the raven"

signed 2010.09.07 1:57am 



from earth


signed 2010.09.07 1:36am 


Ryan W


"hi mr p."

signed 2010.09.07 1:04am 


Madeline Mitchell

from California

"Nice to meet you all"

signed 2010.09.07 12:50am 


Camille Edwards

from California, US

"I liked this website. It was very straightforward and easy to find information"

signed 2010.09.07 12:26am 


Stefan Kranenburg

from California

"i like his stories."

signed 2010.09.07 12:08am 



from USA

"a very interesting person indeed"

signed 2010.09.07 12:07am 


Clara Lane

from California, USA

"great website! very helpful!"

signed 2010.09.07 12:04am 


Ryan Ward

from Burlingame, CA

""The Facts in the Case of M Valdemar" is about a man, who is put under a trance by a doctor. The trance allows him to be kept alive and talk with the doctor, however when he is released, he crumbles. The "The Tell-Tale Heart" is about a man who wants to kill an old man, just because of his eye."

signed 2010.09.06 11:55pm 



from San Fransico

"I have signed"

signed 2010.09.06 10:36pm 



from north america, ca, earth,

"it is a really informative website. I dont have a favorite story or poem. i dont read a lot."

signed 2010.09.06 9:40pm 


Maddie K

from USA

"Very interesting. I liked the photos. Lots of good information."

signed 2010.09.06 9:18pm 



from McCarthy

"This website is very resourceful and helped me a lot."

signed 2010.09.06 9:12pm 



from United States Georgia Earth

"Edgar Allen Poe is weird and the only reason I am on here is to finish the web quest so i can turn it in tomorrow."

signed 2010.09.06 7:34pm 


Dominic Melchior

from San Francisco, CA

"I think this site is great and it is helpful for all."

signed 2010.09.06 7:18pm 


Tim Chong

from San Francisco, California

"This site helped me a lot in understanding his stories and his life. Thank You."

signed 2010.09.06 5:46pm 


Massimo Sirianni

from Andromeda galaxy

"Go Poe"

signed 2010.09.06 5:46pm 


Sophie Marinaro

from California

"I appreciate his work and enjoy reading about his childhood and personal life."

signed 2010.09.06 2:45pm 


Christian Hall

from United States

"This is a great website. So much information on Poe!!"

signed 2010.09.06 1:54am 


Jessica David

from USA

"Poe's stories are very interesting and exciting to read."

signed 2010.09.06 1:25am 


Gavan Badger

from Australia

"Cool site bro."

signed 2010.09.05 9:01pm 


spencer wilson

from san francisco california

"thank you for your stories mr. poe"

signed 2010.09.05 7:24pm 



from Earth

"Hey! Edgar Allan Poe is the MAN!!!"

signed 2010.09.05 7:15pm 


Sevan Nahabedian

from California

"a lot of useful information on the site"

signed 2010.09.05 6:10pm 



from Ontario, Canada

"You have made a very good site. I can see you have put in a lot of time and care into this project. I hope your site will continue to stay prosperous! I can see another 4,400 people feel the same way!"

signed 2010.09.05 12:48pm 


Luis Mejia

from San Francisco CA

"this site really helped for my web quest given to me for english class"

signed 2010.09.04 6:51pm 



from United States

"great site, really helped me with my research."

signed 2010.09.04 5:15pm 


Rosemary Cagle

from Victorville California

"my favorite??? ...i have a few.. The all time favorite... The Tell Tale Heart and so many others i can't begin nor can i stop to speak of.. thank you for this wonderful site!!!"

signed 2010.09.04 2:26pm 


Star Smith

from Evansville, Indiana

"I'm Star. I'm 14 and I love Poe because for some reason, I find that I understand the way many of his characters feel/think. I love the Black Cat. I'm not sure why, but my guess is that I think it'd be awesome to hide a body in a wall. (Though I'd make sure not to put the cat in there.)"

signed 2010.09.03 5:34pm 



from buford,georgia,earth

"i think poe is a great man"

signed 2010.09.03 2:06pm 



from United States, Ohio

"i <3 poe"

signed 2010.09.03 1:31pm 


Courtney Link

from georgia


signed 2010.09.02 10:44pm 


Jasmine Meraza

from U.S.A Georgia

"what a way to express yourself... but that's in a good way. i do the same... just not that creepy:)"

signed 2010.09.02 9:51pm 


malwin thomas

from united states


signed 2010.09.02 7:40pm 


kelly a

from school

"very interesting man"

signed 2010.09.02 7:12pm 



from USA, Georgia, 3rd Demension


signed 2010.09.02 5:09pm 


bill chmel

from FL USA

"Very interesting"

signed 2010.09.02 3:31pm 



from georgia

"this website was very informing!"

signed 2010.09.02 9:42am 



from United States

"Edgar Allen Poe is creepy"

signed 2010.09.02 6:08am 



from from Russia

"Thanks for your site! The site is wonderful! I am going to be translator and your site helps me to learn English!"

signed 2010.09.02 5:06am 


jocelyne torres

from san jose CA

"i like the tell tale heart"

signed 2010.09.02 12:43am 



from CT, near Hartford

"I think with the upcoming film THE RAVEN, and john cusack playing Mr. Poe, he is looking down upon this earth smiling. A perfect man to relive his last days, and a place that truly pays him his due. His spirit applauds you! As I do."

signed 2010.09.01 11:31pm 



from United States

"Edgar Allen Poe is a very interesting guy and he writes amazing stories!"

signed 2010.09.01 11:02pm 


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