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Skye Cook

from USA

"I love Poe's dark dramatic style and his word choice. I love so many of Poe's stories it is so hard to choose which one is my favorite!"

signed 2010.09.01 10:53pm 


Jewell Simonson

from Earth, USA, ND

"EAP is my favorite writer in the world! Finding this site was a dream com true!"

signed 2010.09.01 10:45pm 


Dashon J

from United Website

"enjoyed the website very much!!!"

signed 2010.09.01 7:44pm 



from Usa, Alaska, Earth.

"I love the poem Alone. I don't know why. Also I like reading stories like his. He was an amazing guy. RIP."

signed 2010.09.01 7:20pm 



from usa

"POE ROCKS!!!! :)"

signed 2010.09.01 8:21am 



from kasachstan

"poe = roed groed med floede"

signed 2010.09.01 3:15am 



from earth


signed 2010.08.31 8:07pm 


joe carden

from south east mo, usa

"iv been in love with this site for ab two yr love it and love poe thanks !"

signed 2010.08.31 12:59pm 


larissa mitchell

from kansas

"Edgar Allan Poe is a very fantastic poet. I enjoy reading him poems they are beautiful!"

signed 2010.08.31 10:08am 


Hope Salloum

from North America, Georgia, Earth

"waddduupp? I was supposed to sign this for something??? Idk whyyy and i'm not sure what to put for the page thingy soo imma just put a random number... k?? Oh, and i think everyone who goes to this site lives on EARTH!!"

signed 2010.08.31 8:50am 



from New York

"i like stories by Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 2010.08.31 8:15am 


Becky Sandland

from Fort Yates, ND USA

"Edgar Allan Poe was one of my favorites."

signed 2010.08.31 1:19am 


Jessica Johnson

from Eastern Plains CO

"What a cool site! I am putting together a "Poe Day" (Jan 19th of course) in my high school classroom, and this site has given me many ideas to make both the decoration and content memorable for the students and honorable to our first great American author."

signed 2010.08.30 11:25pm 



from Planet Hello

"I was looking for inspiration for a story and I think I found it..."

signed 2010.08.30 3:50pm 



from vagge

"there is no man like him"

signed 2010.08.29 11:40pm 



from earth

" E.A.P... since i found a book from him in a hospital library for kids... maybe it was accidentally there... or destiny??... i was nearly 8y. [1970 / 71] and fascinated from the 'Raven'-Poem... since, then i am a 'Fan'....."

signed 2010.08.29 3:04pm 


Ely Rangel

from Robstown, Texas

"Hi like the poem raven"

signed 2010.08.29 2:16pm 




"John Cusack... was asking for info on Poe as he has taken on the role in a movie called 'The Raven'... I tweeted him the link here... his twitter page... is 'him' there... I love your site... It is the best one on the net... XOXO"

signed 2010.08.29 5:17am 



from Earth

"Edgar allan Poe Is So Awesome In My Opinion He's The Best Author Ever!!!"

signed 2010.08.28 3:42pm 


Jasmine Quash

from Indpls, In

"ever since i took english honors my freshmen year, i've always loved Poe, his poems have meaning and talk about problems anyone can relate to today: incest, 'madness', murder, depression, revenge.. etc.."

signed 2010.08.28 10:14am 



from philippines

"hes very interesting to write a scary story but why edgar allan poe wrote a story?"

signed 2010.08.27 11:04pm 



from usa fl earth

"nice site"

signed 2010.08.26 2:04pm 


Gary Kins

from Wisconsin

"I first read The Raven and it is my favorite. I just like the way the words flow and build upon one another. >>> Gary"

signed 2010.08.26 10:37am 



from Colombia

"Hi, I'm from Colombia and I'm trying to practice my English. I had read translations of some Poe's poems and tales, but I think that a translation is like reading the 70 percent of the real work. So thanks, you really caught me with the welcome."

signed 2010.08.26 9:58am 


brianna mariska

from georgia

"i like edgar allen poe"

signed 2010.08.25 5:54pm 


james harrison

from owensboro ky

"my favorite poem by Edgar Allan Poe is The Raven because of its dark nature and presence"

signed 2010.08.25 3:05pm 



from Casper Wy U.S. N.A. Earth

"I'm doing a web quest and i'm in Mrs Heckfeldt's class right now"

signed 2010.08.25 12:21pm 


Taryn Brown

from Usa...PA...Earth yay!

"Im 15 yrs old and i love Poe!"

signed 2010.08.23 5:07pm 



from Australia

"i am visitor 4922911 to this site :P Big fan of Poe. Love his writing style :)"

signed 2010.08.23 12:01am 


Tracey K.

from USA

"Love the site! Was looking for sheer entertainment and was pleasantly surprised! Thank you!"

signed 2010.08.22 4:53pm 



from USA

"Poe is the best writer of all time. His timeless, thrilling, and chilling poems and stories give insight into the darkest depths of the human mind. Poe has gone where few have gone before! I am a state champion actor because of his masterful work!"

signed 2010.08.22 4:12pm 



from new york

"the raven and the tell tale heart are my favorite... i love all of poes stories and poems... wish i had a time machine to go meet him in person...<br /><br /><b>[Reply from Robert Giordano]</b><br />Yes, I wish I had a time machine too! =)"

signed 2010.08.22 2:23pm 



from alabama, usa

"i loved the story "the tell tale heart" we read it in class and i thought it was an odd, great story... i hope to read more and maybe do research on him."

signed 2010.08.21 7:45pm 


glendy hernandez

from philly, pa

"just visited the edgar allen poe house in philly, luv the experience"

signed 2010.08.20 1:08am 



from USA

"Very convenient place to find his stuff ^^ I always come here when I'm in the mood for Poe. I also love that you have complicated words in his stories defined."

signed 2010.08.19 7:04pm 


Ted Mills

from Roanoke, VA

"This entire web page is wonderfully rendered in the style of Poe. Nice work - thanks for your reverence and scholarship."

signed 2010.08.19 2:02pm 


Rebecca Davis

from Florida

"I am a huge Edgar Allen Poe fan, and just found this site. ITs AH mazing. Great job."

signed 2010.08.19 10:57am 


Alex n. Travis

from Pluto

"it is a planet!!!!!!"

signed 2010.08.18 11:41am 


Lew Griffin

from Florida

"I was looking for a theme for my next works of art and came to your site... well done"

signed 2010.08.18 11:12am 



from philadelphia,pennsylvania

"finally i can read all of poes short stories"

signed 2010.08.17 6:19am 



from Washington

"hauntingly beautiful..."

signed 2010.08.16 4:44am 



from alabama


signed 2010.08.15 5:03pm 


Laurie Shortrr

from Mobile, Alabama

"Great site! I'm looking forward to using this with my high school English students. I especially appreciate the word list. Thanks!"

signed 2010.08.15 2:31pm 



from Spain (Madrid)

"A lovely mind, a haunted heart reasons of a wasted hand your ink still lives in my veins forever Poe thank you for all"

signed 2010.08.15 9:41am 


sam mc donald

from largo,usa, florida earth!

"LOVE POE !!!!"

signed 2010.08.14 10:43pm 


Chris Butcher

from Kentucky

"I like the Tell-Tale Heart; Also, the Pit And The Pendulum."

signed 2010.08.14 6:35pm 



from Texas

"This site was very helpful in my research paper on Poe. I deeply appreciate the time and effort you put into this site."

signed 2010.08.13 12:43pm 



from Earth

"He is the most amazing man in forever, I love every single thing he has ever put on paper. Even though he was a drunk, not even the best poets in the world could write like him, he is the best next to William Shakespeare. He inspires me to write every time I read anything he wrote. Hes amazing. <33"

signed 2010.08.12 10:17pm 



from U.S

"Memorized Spirits of the Dead for a contest... got every single word down"

signed 2010.08.12 8:59pm 



from earth

"I couldn't help but read them out loud!! When I read the raven I was afraid that the raven would come to me and quote, "Nevermore"."

signed 2010.08.12 6:01pm 


A. Andreas, SPd, MPd

from Maumere-NTT province-Indonesia

"I once translated Edgar's short story (entitled: Silence) to be published in our local newspaper "Pos Kupang" in 1992. I really like to get his original storybook in which the short story compiled on."

signed 2010.08.12 7:20am 



from USA

"I love Poe. (: All of his works are amazing. And I love that this site has them available. :D Haha."

signed 2010.08.11 3:13am 


Andres Reyes

from USA, New Mexico

"Amazing in every way from life to death..."

signed 2010.08.10 10:10pm 



from OHIO

"Love the wordlist!"

signed 2010.08.10 9:12pm 



from U.S.

"this is a good site!"

signed 2010.08.10 12:11pm 



from Brazil

"I just loved the site!! Thanks from Brazil o/"

signed 2010.08.10 12:36am 



from United States

"I really like the work of Edgar Allan Poe. He is my favorite author."

signed 2010.08.09 11:11am 


ursula lee thompson

from usa, ut, nv, ca

"nice website. me, excitedly curious. so,thank you very much."

signed 2010.08.08 11:31pm 


yusuf morufu

from nigeria

"The story I like most is the tell-tale heart. The suspense generated is infective."

signed 2010.08.07 9:20pm 



from manila city

"what is the setting"

signed 2010.08.07 8:12pm 


Joi Levine

from United States,Pennsylvannia

"I love this site and the timeless works of Poe."

signed 2010.08.07 3:06pm 



from Ohio

"My favorite poems would be Alone, because I can relate to it, and A Dream Within A Dream, because I love the flow of it. I love Poe's work, he is inspirational and a magnificent man."

signed 2010.08.07 1:55am 


Katanya Patton

from US, NY

"YES!! I truly love and Adore this site, for its sadness, beauty and surrealism that we have all related to sometimes in our lives, tho Edgar lived a life filled with much tragedy, still he is remembered for his memorable writings. My personal fav is Annabelle Lee. For many reasons."

signed 2010.08.06 7:01pm 


Tim Good

from Pennsylvania

"Fascinating... Truly a remarkable man whose mysterious (yet elegant) words parallel his mysterious death."

signed 2010.08.06 12:12pm 



from Somewhere Wv

"His Poems i have always seemed to understand them I first heard of him when i was in the Six Grade we had to do a report on a poet I found the Raven and stuck with it since then. And my quote since then has been never more this is the best website I've found so far"

signed 2010.08.05 6:43pm 



from laredo tx

"my favorite poem of all from the famous edgar allen poe is the Raven"

signed 2010.08.05 11:48am 



from Cape Town South Africa

"This site is awesome!!! Very well done :)"

signed 2010.08.05 10:57am 



from greece

"i love poe. this site helps me learn a lot about him. thank you."

signed 2010.08.03 3:58pm 


yassine bouchane

from Morocco

"Hi, thanks for the site. I enjoyed reading some of the stories. Again many thanks."

signed 2010.08.03 9:55am 


Amy W.

from The Sunshine State

"Very easy to follow! Helping me get through a term paper on Poe:)"

signed 2010.08.02 10:49pm 



from USA, Chicago, IL

"i am blessed to share the birthday of Mr. Poe :)"

signed 2010.08.01 9:05pm 



from USA

"Poe is my favorite writer. I've always been partial to the Dark Romantic Style. He was such an interesting man, and widely misunderstood. "Alone" is my favorite of his poems, though I also love "Eldorado". I come to this site all the time."

signed 2010.07.31 5:46pm 



from Fuquay-Varina, NC, US

"I am uninformed, nevermore"

signed 2010.07.31 10:30am 



from America xD

"I like the poem Annabel Lee (Did I spell that right?) I like his work because its haunting, romantic, and some of its funny :) But most of its not... xD"

signed 2010.07.30 1:33pm 


Angelique Moreno

from Buckeye,AZ

"I love the poem Annabel Lee!"

signed 2010.07.28 3:24am 


miriam reed

from usa,texas,earth lol

"I'm a big fan of all poetry.. but there's something bout the way edgar allan poe wrote.. im fascinated with death.. hes pure genius"

signed 2010.07.27 3:35pm 


itzel pearl

from Sweden

"Edgar Allan Poe is an interesting man, with a great mind for stories and poetry."

signed 2010.07.26 8:45pm 



from Asheboro North Carolina

"I love this site, I was doing a summer reading project for 9th grade and this website gave me access to almost all of the stories and poems that the magnificent Edgar Allen Poe has written. This site is greatly appreciated by me and many more. Thanks to this website my project got an A++ (120points)"

signed 2010.07.26 5:33pm 



from california

"the raven is my all-time favorite poem!"

signed 2010.07.26 3:17pm 



from circleville, ohio

"I have always been fascinated with the work of Poe.. This site is wonderful... The Raven has always been a favorite of mine."

signed 2010.07.26 3:13pm 


Kody Shepperd

from USA


signed 2010.07.26 9:26am 


Trihp C. McClvr

from Earth

"'Alone' is a highly inspirational poem! Thank you for sharing this with the world!!"

signed 2010.07.26 7:09am 


Pamela Elaine

from philipphines


signed 2010.07.26 5:50am 


T W Hill

from Indiana, USA

"Enjoyed the site. Well done."

signed 2010.07.25 5:42am 



from New Jersey

"Never was there such an interesting darkness written by such an equally interesting dark character as Poe himself my opinion :) -izzy"

signed 2010.07.24 10:16pm 


Peggy Bair

from Pa. USA

"He was a great author. Enjoyed a lot of his writings."

signed 2010.07.23 7:58pm 



from U.S.A

"I love his stories especially The Tale Tell Heart!"

signed 2010.07.23 1:47pm 


Mia lia

from Iowa City, IA, USA, Earth...

"This is really cool. I am doing this for school, and I love "city in the Sea". I'm 12 :)"

signed 2010.07.23 1:13pm 



from sabah borneo

"weird as well as interesting. i enjoyed it, very much"

signed 2010.07.23 3:55am 


Cindy Hobart

from Maryland

"I love this site. I can't explain why I never read any of Poe's works, but this site has opened my eyes to stories and poems that take my breath away. I especially liked the Pit and the Pendulum. I live near Baltimore so that makes it even more interesting."

signed 2010.07.22 8:36am 



from australia

"interesting life"

signed 2010.07.22 7:21am 



from Montana, U.S.

"I love Edgar Allan Poe. His poetry fascinates me!!!"

signed 2010.07.21 5:37pm 



from West Chester, ohio

"this site is AMAZING! I love edgar allan poe! i love how his poems and stories are so dark."

signed 2010.07.21 3:21pm 


Cameron Dawson

from Australia

"Cool site"

signed 2010.07.20 10:18pm 



from missouri


signed 2010.07.20 10:13pm 


Katelin Krusz

from Collinsville, IL, US, Earth

"I would have liked if, in Annabel Lee, that they had mentioned the alternate last line, "In her tomb by the Sounding Sea", since no one is quite sure which was the original, though this version was the first recognized in May of '49 I believe it was."

signed 2010.07.20 9:25pm 


shannon shora

from Plano Texas United States

"Greatest Quotes Ever!!"

signed 2010.07.20 12:39pm 


David Millikan

from USA

"Excellent layout."

signed 2010.07.19 10:51am 


sandy serna

from Arizona

"I love Poe"

signed 2010.07.18 7:40pm 


Jada Turner

from Spanish Springs,Nevada Mars

"I really like this site. My favorite poems would have to be Alone, Annabel Lee, A Dream Within A Dream, The Haunted Palace. I like them because they give a meaning to me I can't place. He's really good. I can't wait 'till I get his poem book and read it everyday I have a chance."

signed 2010.07.18 9:00am 


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