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Lauryn Hadlund

from Minnesota

"Love Poe... he's such an inspiration, even though he's morbid. Sometimes I think that he saw more beauty in everything than most people do today."

signed 13 Nov 2008 12:14am 



from California, twin planet

"I really love Poe's work, before I didn't know much, but this website has really helped me out a lot! So Thanks! My fav poem is the black cat! haha. U rock and so does poe!!! =D"

signed 12 Nov 2008 10:11pm 



from Earth

"Edgar Allen Poe is quite something. His stories in a way are kind of disturbing, but I still love them!! :) He's an amazing author!!"

signed 12 Nov 2008 9:52pm 


Nadia Skye

from Newbury Park, California

"Great site! I'm actually an 8th grader and I'm writing a report on Poe. I'm intrigued by literature and my friend is, too. Even though I'm usually into more "upbeat" stories, my friend isn't so he's been reading these to me since we were in 3rd grade, so they have a special place in my heart."

signed 12 Nov 2008 8:14pm 


valentina vertemara

from milpitas california

"well im doing one of poes stories as a project n its really easy bc he writes his stories so well"

signed 12 Nov 2008 7:27pm 


tory courtright

from kansas city, ks usa,earth

"this is an awesome website"

signed 12 Nov 2008 5:40pm 


Hannah M.

from Coatesville, PA

"Poe's stories are amazing. he puts great detail and realism into them that no writer will ever be able to achieve."

signed 12 Nov 2008 4:11pm 


Brianna Garcia

from Odessa Texas

"THis site was very helpful for my literature essay. Poe was a weird man, but a good writer!"

signed 12 Nov 2008 2:14pm 


Thomas Baker

from Salisbury, Missouri, USA

"Poe's works ranks in the top 5 of all time poets in my book. I'm doing my English3 report on him. His life if very fascinating. Thanks for the site, its my main source for my report. <br /><br />All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry. -- Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 11 Nov 2008 10:26pm 


Tyler Matlage

from Branson Missouri Earth

"Yeah Masque of the Red Death is PIMP YEAH!! =)=)=)"

signed 11 Nov 2008 6:44pm 



from west chester

"i love edgar allen poe hes my idol for writing"

signed 11 Nov 2008 6:37pm 



from earth. bahhhhh

"edgar allan poee rockssss! the black cat is my fav"

signed 11 Nov 2008 6:25pm 



from California

"Thank God I found this site! Not only has it helped me immensely on my Edgar Allan Poe report, but it includes the majority of his brilliance. May it be remembered forever."

signed 11 Nov 2008 4:33pm 



from Washington

"very scary stuff...."

signed 11 Nov 2008 3:34pm 


Michael Kellogg

from Minnesota

"I like the layout as well as the "atmosphere" created by this site!"

signed 11 Nov 2008 12:21pm 


amanda peterson

from USA!!!

"this really helped with my English homework...thanks!!!"

signed 10 Nov 2008 7:36pm 



from louisiana

"his stories are the best"

signed 10 Nov 2008 6:46pm 




"awesome stories!!! (CHUY LOCO)"

signed 10 Nov 2008 1:58pm 


Ryan Cady

from Earth, U.S, KS,Manhattan

"blah blah blah"

signed 10 Nov 2008 12:07pm 


Bonnie Foxall

from Alabama

"I didn't really know Poe. Neat site. I'll have to read more. :) I've been looking for something for my son to read and write an essay. I think he will find Poe very interesting! Thank you. :)"

signed 09 Nov 2008 4:29pm 



from california, USA, earth

"I'm so in love with your poetries they inspire me to write some of my own!!! :) YOU SO MUCH INSPIRE ME!!!!"

signed 09 Nov 2008 1:22am 



from Bradenton, Florida

"About a week ago my English class read a short story by Poe, if I remember correctly it was The Tell-Tale Heart. After my class finished the story everyone was asking the teacher where they could find more by him. He was an EXCELLENT writer!"

signed 08 Nov 2008 11:42pm 



from CT, America, Earth

"Poe has touched my life and influenced me in so many ways. He has helped me realize my dream; I am a short story writer myself. No one has mastered short story writing like Poe...stories are the medium between poems and novellas. It's a pity they are so underrated. I intend to resurrect the art."

signed 08 Nov 2008 11:30pm 


Teacher Claudio

from Brazil, São Paulo, SP

"Edgar Allan Poe was a genius in the American Literature. His poems and short stories amaze people throughout the world. Teacher Claudio"

signed 08 Nov 2008 9:47pm 


Casey henson

from Charlotte, NC

"Take this kiss upon the brow!"

signed 08 Nov 2008 6:54pm 



from Naples,Florida,Earth

"I love edgar allan poe's stories!!!! :)"

signed 08 Nov 2008 2:04pm 


Jacquelyn Tello

from Lakeland, Florida

"In school in my English honors class I read the raven and I thought it was a pretty decent story. Then I read all his other poems and I like them. I have to look through the site more though! I'm going to buy one of his books!"

signed 08 Nov 2008 1:21pm 


Cliff Rudnick

from Folsom, California, USA

"I have always been a Poe fan and love this site. What a cool find. By the way, I am an old English teacher, so I now have time to enjoy literature more so than in the past."

signed 08 Nov 2008 9:59am 


Jen Miller

from My Mom

"Great stories, too bad Edgar is dead, lol i would read every story. My fav story of his is "The Tell-Tale Heart" it is about when he stalks and kills an old man. he buries him under the floor then cops come and he could hear a heart beat he is guilty so he tears the floor up and admits what he did"

signed 08 Nov 2008 9:42am 


Zexion the reader

from The kingdom by the sea

"The Raven is by far my favorite"

signed 08 Nov 2008 12:03am 



from Wilmington, Delaware - Earth

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful site. It satisfied my urges for Poe during Samhain! Blessings!"

signed 07 Nov 2008 6:55pm 



from maine

"i like his poems a lot!"

signed 07 Nov 2008 9:18am 



from Ohio

"This website is put together very well!!!!!"

signed 07 Nov 2008 8:47am 



from ohio

"i love the oval portrait story"

signed 07 Nov 2008 8:13am 


loh annie

from Singapore


signed 06 Nov 2008 10:54pm 


yajhaira arredondo

from las vegas,nv planet earth

"oh my god thank you for having this here i finally read the poem annabel lee it was sad, but beautiful at the same time i have never read such a good poem until now. i will tell my friends to come to this website. it is also good that you have all kinds of information for edgar allan poe. thank you"

signed 06 Nov 2008 8:59pm 



from NY!!!!!

"greetings from NY!!"

signed 06 Nov 2008 7:22pm 


rachael abbott

from texas

"i love edgar's books"

signed 06 Nov 2008 5:16pm 


Dalton White

from Haysville, kansas, 67060

"i love his stories and wish there were more"

signed 06 Nov 2008 4:37pm 


Mia garland

from grove city ohio

"Amazing website ! (:"

signed 06 Nov 2008 11:49am 



from wichita ks

"great resource"

signed 06 Nov 2008 10:21am 


Hallie MArie

from Everwhere and nowhere

"OMG i love his work"

signed 05 Nov 2008 11:10pm 



from earth

"just checking out the page.. looks good.. i am looking for a specific poem by poe, unsure of the name. I am very intrigued by poe and his work..."

signed 05 Nov 2008 10:05pm 



from USA, Ohio, Earth

"I love Poe!! His poems are amazing and his stories are the best!! I understand some of them, the feelings I mean, but some of them are far beyond my years of intellect"

signed 05 Nov 2008 8:18pm 


Jacob Conklin

from U.S., R.I. Earth

"I found my senior quote on this site!"

signed 05 Nov 2008 8:03pm 



from Venus

"i love edgar allen poes poetry and short stories... most people think im crazy because i thought some of his stories were funny but i love them... hes absolutely intelligent!! i only wish i couldve met him..."

signed 05 Nov 2008 7:00pm 


Life's Miss Tery

from california

"i luv the poem A dream within a dream. it makes you question life and what it really means. this man didn't deserve to die. he touched my soul like no other human being could ever."

signed 05 Nov 2008 12:44pm 



from serbia Belgrade

"This site helped me in doing my homework"

signed 05 Nov 2008 9:57am 


Tiffany Porter

from North Carolina

"This site is AWESOME!"

signed 05 Nov 2008 9:34am 



from Michigan

"Hi nice biography"

signed 05 Nov 2008 9:11am 


Alicia W.

from Cherokee, NC

"Nice website. I'm a huge fan of Poe. :) Peece Owt! :D"

signed 05 Nov 2008 1:26am 



from Taiwan

"This site is realllyyyy helpful, thanks! :D"

signed 04 Nov 2008 9:16pm 



from From Rhode island, Jamestown

"Waz up"

signed 04 Nov 2008 7:56pm 



from baton rouge, louisiana

"i like this site. i love reading poe's stories!!!!"

signed 04 Nov 2008 7:25pm 



from Earth, generally

"Page is exquisite!"

signed 04 Nov 2008 2:06pm 



from planet earth london uk

"i have just come across an illustrated hard back edition tales of mystery and imagination and it fascinating. its about 75 years old the pictures in there are so lovely out of interest have been looking for information on poe"

signed 04 Nov 2008 1:30pm 


Sha'Darrian Hall

from Alabama

"i enjoy this website"

signed 04 Nov 2008 12:46pm 


Vian AlHosseiny

from U.K London earth

"i want to if you can explain those stories into Dutch. I am too interested in his stories."

signed 04 Nov 2008 12:24pm 


ligeia's soul

from never never land

"Poe's house is wonderful like him! if one day I'll be rich, I will buy it and live there in order 2 meet Poe's soul! we'll make a big cursed party lol!"

signed 04 Nov 2008 10:52am 


angel brown

from bronx, ny, earth, milkyway

"i love edgar allan poe his short storis are so in depth"

signed 04 Nov 2008 10:47am 



from lakeland, fl.

"I thought this site was well put together. it is verry helpfull. Thank you, Tori"

signed 04 Nov 2008 10:46am 


Rachael Davenport

from Belleview,Florida

"I Adore Your Site! I've Decided To Read All Of His Work Well All That I Can Get My Hands On And Your Site Has So Many....I Cant Wait! xDDDD <3333 Racahel"

signed 03 Nov 2008 9:57pm 



from Konoha


signed 03 Nov 2008 7:51pm 



from florida, crosby!!!


signed 03 Nov 2008 6:40pm 


Vanessa Purvey

from USA, Florida, Earth, Milky Way

"Great site! Your pictures are awesome too by the way! :]"

signed 03 Nov 2008 5:41pm 



from Greene on Earth

"I <3 Poe he's amazing!!"

signed 03 Nov 2008 1:52pm 


Kristy K

from North Dakota

"This site is great!! Edgar Allen Poe is my inspiration. With his natural talent i cant help but be jealous of his abilities. I just hope that one day i will become as amazing of a writer as he. <3 always, Kristy"

signed 02 Nov 2008 8:48pm 



from Nassau county


signed 02 Nov 2008 8:38pm 



from texas

"Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorite writers for in his writing, he puts so many bizzare and mysterious things. He is like my role model because I love writing about mysteries and he's have plenty of suspense. He also shows his emotions in his stories and poems in a variety of ways! U ROCK EDGAR A.P."

signed 02 Nov 2008 8:03pm 



from Earth- i think

"@ first i LUVD poe, now i do even more- awesome website!"

signed 02 Nov 2008 4:45pm 



from germany

"Informative site, helpful, ty =)"

signed 02 Nov 2008 2:12pm 


Maime Clevans

from The Zoo


signed 02 Nov 2008 1:50pm 



from Colorado

"i LOVE Poe!!! he is an inspiration and an amazing author."

signed 02 Nov 2008 1:37pm 



from u.s california, pittsburg

"i love his stories and hope to be reading more in the future. my favorite is the tell tale heart"

signed 02 Nov 2008 1:30pm 



from my home

"we r reading poes poems in class."

signed 01 Nov 2008 9:05pm 



from Toekio(planet)

"this place is awesome! but if it got the story "the oblong box" and "morella" in the stories then discussed so i could understand it better then it would be... amazing!"

signed 01 Nov 2008 8:19pm 



from Kansas

"~I just really like all of your poems and short stories!!!!!!!!~"

signed 01 Nov 2008 8:16pm 



from Mars

"Poe is absolutely amazing and i have admired him for every one of the 21 years i've been alive. thanks so much for creating this amazing website."

signed 01 Nov 2008 6:21pm 



from New York

""Fairy~Land" was a beautiful poem. I never thought Edgar Allan Poe would write about such a place."

signed 01 Nov 2008 4:37pm 



from NOLA

"thanks for straight A's! your site is really nice and easy to use! drawn-out good not a book but a reference! keep the good work up!!"

signed 01 Nov 2008 2:55pm 



from New Jersey, USA

"Yesterday was Halloween, and 'this thing' appeared on my cell phone... 'It' planted into my imagination a paradox... so creepy It took under a dark place like a cloak draping over me..."

signed 01 Nov 2008 9:50am 



from Ohio

"thanks! this site was a huge help for my school project!"

signed 31 Oct 2008 10:52pm 


tara benjamin

from farmington,saun jaun,nm

"i was in prison for years and learned to read from your books. you saved me from falling back to hell."

signed 31 Oct 2008 2:07pm 



from united states, florida, earth

"the site is good thanks for the poems there cool to see.."

signed 31 Oct 2008 11:30am 



from Tampa, FL

"Love Poe!"

signed 31 Oct 2008 10:39am 



from ft. collins


signed 31 Oct 2008 8:55am 


daniel mata

from santa barbara, ca

"This is a great website! Edgar Allan Poe is the best person ever!"

signed 30 Oct 2008 11:59pm 


Kaitlyn Leigh.

from Tx.

"Poe is such an amazing writer. I love his work. I believe that he could be one of the best writers in the past time. God bless him. : )"

signed 30 Oct 2008 8:15pm 



from Arkansas

"This is a really great website if you're doing a report on Edgar Allan Poe or just trying to get pics!"

signed 30 Oct 2008 7:16pm 


Jessica Lousie

from Virginia

"Thank you for making this website, darling."

signed 30 Oct 2008 4:42pm 



from Clendenin

"Edgar Allen Poe is my favorite author and poet. I tell his stories and poems to my siblings by memory."

signed 30 Oct 2008 4:08pm 



from New Orleans

"Poe is absolutely dark but a brilliant writer! Fantastic writing! Deliverance of Poe's words are amazing, a deep reach! I enjoy his works highly! Poe will continue to live through the interests of those that live through him! He is an amazing author!"

signed 30 Oct 2008 3:01pm 



from DeLeon, Texas

"good site thanks for letting me read the stories"

signed 30 Oct 2008 2:42pm 


Silent Fart

from Uranus

"Very well done."

signed 30 Oct 2008 1:05pm 


larry wright

from new orleans,la

"interesting story i really enjoyed tell tale poe."

signed 30 Oct 2008 12:57pm 



from mars


signed 30 Oct 2008 12:06pm 



from United States, Georgia, Earth

"E.A.P. is a nut and banana sandwich in France he's so awesome. (I apologize in advance for the freaky terminology)"

signed 30 Oct 2008 10:54am 



from GLAND


signed 30 Oct 2008 10:45am 



from Earth, California

"Amazing website! Poe was such a great writer and I love his work."

signed 30 Oct 2008 1:37am 


Jordan Haynes

from Tucson

"This website is amazing it gave me the inspiration to write a paper on him. He has a mystery on himself he should have wrote a book based on his horrific past"

signed 29 Oct 2008 11:44pm 


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