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Gabby Morton

from idaho

"your stories and poems are great"

signed 29 Oct 2008 11:14pm 



from california

"i love the cask of amontillado"

signed 29 Oct 2008 9:18pm 



from earth, usa

"i love Edgar Allan Poe. He is an amazing writer. he expresses himself the way some poets and writers should write"

signed 29 Oct 2008 6:36pm 



from Saint Louis

"really really nice. i love Poe's work"

signed 29 Oct 2008 6:32pm 


lilly mercury

from mars

"this "poe" stuff is hard to understand."

signed 29 Oct 2008 4:48pm 



from Louisiana

"I love these stories."

signed 29 Oct 2008 4:24pm 



from Frno

"I like cake .-. YAY FOR EDGAR ALLAN POE!!!! :3 He scares meh T.T"

signed 29 Oct 2008 3:05pm 



from medina

"i love the poems the raven and annabel lee"

signed 29 Oct 2008 2:45pm 



from austrailia

"this site really helped me a lot. i love POE!!"

signed 29 Oct 2008 2:43pm 



from pennsylvania

"<3 edgar allen poe =)"

signed 29 Oct 2008 1:04pm 



from The Ring

"Hello I am Master Chief lololol"

signed 29 Oct 2008 12:33pm 




"One creepy guy"

signed 29 Oct 2008 12:13pm 



from charlotte

"i was born on the same day as POE!!!!! scarry"

signed 29 Oct 2008 10:28am 


sara somers

from ohio

"i think it is great 4 english reports"

signed 29 Oct 2008 9:31am 



from Saint Louis, Missouri

"I love Mr. Poe's work... He's Awesome"

signed 28 Oct 2008 11:51pm 




"We read the cask of amontillado in english"

signed 28 Oct 2008 10:27pm 


Nana Olsen

from New York, New York

"His short stories and interesting poems have inspired many young writers all over the world. He truly was a great writer."

signed 28 Oct 2008 6:10pm 


Derek Scott Hesselgesser

from U.S. NV, Earth

"I liked this site it really gave me all the information i needed to use for my report on Edgar Allen Poe."

signed 28 Oct 2008 4:46pm 



from california


signed 28 Oct 2008 1:48pm 


cayla bess

from earth

"it was good"

signed 28 Oct 2008 1:01pm 




"Hi hi hi Nice guestbook"

signed 28 Oct 2008 12:33pm 


Evan Cote

from pluto

"youre cool"

signed 28 Oct 2008 11:47am 


savannah maille

from florida fruitland park

"i has a rough childhood"

signed 28 Oct 2008 11:21am 


morella's soul

from north africa

"thanx 4 taking my msg, i'm glad u didn't reject it, just one last thing plz, about the poem the raven, Mallarme didn't traduce it, but Charles Baudelaire, he was mad about Poe! and we understand his veneration ur website is great! i wish u more success, POEtically yours, morella."

signed 28 Oct 2008 10:20am 


jhessikha marcos camza-peyes

from 130 puliwes, baguio city, phil


signed 28 Oct 2008 1:21am 



from Planet Earth

"This website was very useful. It is reliable and has everything that I needed for my college thesis paper about the mood of edgar allan poe in all of his short stories and poems."

signed 27 Oct 2008 8:15pm 


lauren ashton brown

from united states of america

"this website was sooooo helpful"

signed 27 Oct 2008 7:39pm 


amanda amell

from port allegany, PA, U.S

"Edgar Allen Poe is one the most brilliant poets that i have heard of i love the poem "The Raven"."

signed 27 Oct 2008 4:42pm 


Bali Sanford

from Honduras

"hong ching chong edgar allen poe!"

signed 27 Oct 2008 11:26am 




"hey what's up brittany, amber, haley, corey, mrs. teacher, amanda, libby, nick, josh, and everyone else that is in this class.!!!!!!!!!!"

signed 27 Oct 2008 11:06am 



from shelbyville


signed 27 Oct 2008 10:51am 


jabree harris

from mobile alabama

"i really enjoyed reading information about edgar allen poe's life time"

signed 27 Oct 2008 10:33am 


dakotah keaton

from 181mahogany dr northeast md 21

"i love the stories that he made very great"

signed 27 Oct 2008 9:42am 


Pam P


"Poe rocks... like stones"

signed 27 Oct 2008 9:29am 


talia glinka

from massachusets us chicopee mars

"this website is perfect for info i need"

signed 27 Oct 2008 9:29am 


Bill Geschenshlag Smith

from Kudelsburg, Iowa

"Happy belated Edgar."

signed 27 Oct 2008 7:15am 



from Earth, United States

"This has been a really helpful site for my English class and I really enjoyed reading his stuff. Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite Author/Poet. My favorite poem by him is: "Annabel Lee" Its Amazing! :D"

signed 26 Oct 2008 3:40pm 


Daniela Amado

from Panama City, Panama

"Edgar Allan Poe is the best short story writer of all time. I honestly have read "The Masque of Red Death" and "The Cask of Amontillado" more than 20 times each. I don't know which one of those is my favorite. It's amazing how even though Poe lived 150 years ago, his stories are still so alive."

signed 26 Oct 2008 10:04am 


Sagirah Roots

from Zama City, Japan

"Love the site used it for a paper in ENGL LIT. Thanks for the help the site is put together very well."

signed 26 Oct 2008 12:39am 



from The Woodlands Texas

"OMG I love poe he is my favorite Poet/short story writer."

signed 25 Oct 2008 8:27pm 



from Anchorage, Ak

"Poe was a great poet. Such a shame that people didn't notice his work when he was ALIVE. They only notice when they're dead [the best Poets that is]. Anyways, Great Site. I needed to know about his life for my English project. Thank you person who made this site."

signed 25 Oct 2008 1:19am 


Teresa Petke

from Yucca Valley, CA

"This has been a very helpful site for preparing for a college presentation. I chose Poe knowing very little about him and this will help immensely."

signed 24 Oct 2008 9:34pm 


verna vancouver

from bali

"The Tell Tale Heart is a very good short story... its supsenseful! SAW is my name... not verna!"

signed 24 Oct 2008 1:12pm 



from Connecticut, USA, Earth (Haha)

"Sweet site. I'm currently studying Poe, and this site was really helpful."

signed 24 Oct 2008 11:08am 



from us, illinois chicago

"not bad"

signed 23 Oct 2008 11:38pm 


Alicia Ferguson

from U.S,Ohio,Earth

"Happy Birthday Edgar!!!!!&lt;br />&lt;br />[Edit: Edgar's birthday is January 19th]"

signed 23 Oct 2008 8:13pm 


ashley e

from West Virginia

"I love Edgar Allen Poe's work. He is so amazing. Yes, he was a little sick and twisted, but what kind of world would this be if we didn't have people like Poe in it. My favorite of Poe's work would have to be Hop Frog. The king and his [friends] got what they deserved and Hop Frog got his revenge."

signed 23 Oct 2008 2:41pm 


Phillip de Valcourt

from Louisiana

"Man you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe..."

signed 23 Oct 2008 11:27am 



from Asia

"Hey, I'm back. Pam will probably be on here next time, but o, well. Poe is awesome!!!!!"

signed 23 Oct 2008 10:33am 


jacob R

from alabama

"this page is Hottttttt!!!!!"

signed 23 Oct 2008 9:58am 


sam stafford

from Earth usa dahlonega

"I personally love Edgar Allan Poe. his dark stories and mysterious poems send me utter joy and happiness, something I do not feel often since I am emo I hate that he can't live on like the rest of us but one day we shall meet if not forever and ever."

signed 22 Oct 2008 7:27pm 



from earth

"umm yeah"

signed 22 Oct 2008 2:52pm 



from u.s.a. FL earth

"i am doing a report on this guy..."

signed 22 Oct 2008 2:45pm 



from philadelphia

"i love your stories."

signed 22 Oct 2008 2:14pm 



from U.S.

"This is a great site. He is the author of the project i'm doing in English. I worked at the haunted house "The Chambers Of Edgar Allen Poe" last year in Missouri. AMAZING. I felt so.... so alive there. His stories just give me a great feeling. Not to mention his famous poem, "The Raven." Love it!"

signed 22 Oct 2008 1:47pm 



from hers

"hey he is interesting how did he die exactly"

signed 22 Oct 2008 11:17am 



from Asia

"Poe is awesome. He is the author of my project."

signed 22 Oct 2008 10:37am 



from Tennessee

"The first Poe story I read was "The Cask of Amontillado" and I've been hooked ever since. Poe is the best horror writer (I actually think he's better than S.K.)."

signed 22 Oct 2008 7:43am 



from merced

"i love poes stories because their mysterious. he is the best author ever"

signed 21 Oct 2008 10:54pm 



from south carolina

"i am a student doing a project about Poe this site is soooooo cool i love it. do you guys have a video of the story HOP-FROG?"

signed 21 Oct 2008 10:03pm 


GodKing of The headband

from h town

"thanks for all the references fo class"

signed 21 Oct 2008 7:30pm 



from USA Biloxi MS earth

"wow. love the site! its great! you should add some more poems though like.. An Enigma or The Valley of Unrest or Dreamland... to name some of my favs!"

signed 21 Oct 2008 5:40pm 


steve s. sammuel

from sammy land

"sammy land and poe rock"

signed 21 Oct 2008 2:36pm 



from Alabama

"hello my name is Celery I AM DRINKING COFFEE GOOD BYE"

signed 21 Oct 2008 2:16pm 



from earth


signed 21 Oct 2008 1:16pm 


erin saxton

from alabama

"i love your books"

signed 21 Oct 2008 1:09pm 


lakita clemmons

from bowling green, kentucky

"hey love ur story peace dudes!!!"

signed 21 Oct 2008 10:35am 


morella's soul

from paradise

"sorry 4 my mistake of yesterday, I should've said: "in Poe we trust" should be written on the us bill, thanx 4 all ur precious information and beautiful pix about that great genius! I'm sure he would've been a huge scientist in the NASA, his brain is amazing! have a POEtic sunny funny day!"

signed 21 Oct 2008 9:27am 



from baton rouge, la

"This website is great! I'm a civil engineer and love to read Poe stories instead of working!"

signed 21 Oct 2008 12:48am 



from Mars(just kidding! NC)

"omg i love edgar allen poe because he is so deep and yet he was a drunkard which explains his genius yet twisted mind and traumatizing stories, especially (my favorite) eleonora and the fall of the house of usher :) i love all of his stories because horror is my favorite genre. i just love this site!"

signed 20 Oct 2008 10:12pm 



from Sparr, Florida

"The information that I got from this website was very helpful. Thank you so much for providing this information."

signed 20 Oct 2008 6:11pm 


Heather Hahn

from Akron, OH USA

"Thank you for taking the time to manage a lovely site. Enjoying my time spent here."

signed 20 Oct 2008 1:40pm 



from Madagascar

"This is one of the best sites that I've found on Edgar Allen Poe! Congrats for having around a thousand guestbook signatures! :D"

signed 20 Oct 2008 12:48pm 


morella's soul

from north africa

"Poe is a great genius! he's the god of fiction literature, he's more creative than creativity itself! "in Poe we trust" should figure on the us bill, I wish I could visit his holy grave, blessed is the day he was born in! (sorry 4 my modest english, I'm more skillful with french)"

signed 20 Oct 2008 12:27pm 


Mr. Dotson

from Nowhere, Smalltown, USA

"Poe is my idol ;p"

signed 20 Oct 2008 12:04pm 


schaeffer broeske

from schaeffer land


signed 20 Oct 2008 11:57am 


Jared Schroeder

from texas

"I m checking it out"

signed 19 Oct 2008 8:37pm 



from Richmond, Virginia, USA

"I teach at a middle school and plan to introduce my students to some wonderful, scary tales by Mr. Poe this Halloween 2008. We are very lucky to have a Poe Museum in Richmond, VA. Mr. Poe spent time here off and on. Love your site!"

signed 19 Oct 2008 5:56pm 


brittany wellisley

from ironwood

"Edgar allen poe inspires me. i love his writings, and his thoughts. when i read about his life in my english class in high school i just fell in love with his words. i went home that night inspired to read more of his stories and poems. thank you for being my inspiration"

signed 18 Oct 2008 12:16am 


Heather Deweese

from Alabama

"Hmmm i love edgar allan poes works i think ppl who called him mad where simply unaware of how creative he really was i would love for the creator of this site to email me some time i would love to learn more about this wonderful man"

signed 17 Oct 2008 10:09pm 


Edilson Francioni Coelho

from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

"Congratulations, I have just entered your site through Wikipedia and I've really enjoyed its content and form. I was pleased to see that there's a preoccupation with compatibility - it's a pity nowadays there's so much flash and special codes for doing "magic things" instead of good simple content."

signed 17 Oct 2008 7:05pm 



from New York

"we are learning about poe in our seventh grade class. He is a very intriguing author. However I believe that his stories are top class and you won't find a better horror writer than him... excluding stephen king. Poe is a very good short story writer. His poems are fine but i love the stories the most"

signed 17 Oct 2008 5:51pm 


Polly, AKA Morella

from Baltimore (Yes, really)

"Edgar Allan Poe is nothing if not the best author ever!"

signed 17 Oct 2008 4:58pm 


Omar Carmona

from Olathe, CO

"I like Poes stories. They're freaky and they will make you get goosebumps. If you like good poetry i recommend you reading Poes poems. I really recommend "Alone"!"

signed 17 Oct 2008 3:29pm 



from Michigan

"I Love edgar allan poe so much i wish he was alive i would marry him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

signed 17 Oct 2008 2:20pm 


Bria King

from Ellisville Mississippi Earth

"I love this web site it is very interesting"

signed 17 Oct 2008 1:18pm 





signed 17 Oct 2008 12:35pm 


Danielle W.

from FL Ingils

"Thanks, This website actually helped me on my school project. I do admire Poe, What a wonderful Artist and writer he was...."

signed 17 Oct 2008 12:35pm 



from hell

"Poe is AWESOME!!!!!!!!"

signed 17 Oct 2008 11:39am 


christopher silver

from United States, NH, Mars

"i like how descriptive you are!"

signed 17 Oct 2008 8:38am 



from Mars

"Fantastic writer! I Love his Poems!"

signed 17 Oct 2008 2:50am 


jackielynn hartmann

from usa sd earth

"hey poe! i love reading your poems and stories! you remind me a lot of myself, i love writing about death and dark nights... did you know that you were born the same day as me... but totally different years?! january 19, 1994 for me..:D:D"

signed 16 Oct 2008 5:10pm 


Amena Ziegler

from Great Falls ,MT

"Edgar Allen Poe is a great writer. I like For Annie. And The Raven. I like poems about death, it's weird"

signed 16 Oct 2008 12:58pm 



from you no here


signed 16 Oct 2008 12:41pm 


Adrian Valdez

from US, New Mexico, Earth

"I like the Tales of Mystery and Terror. It's a flippn sweet book and very spooky. I love scary stories and these are AWESOME!!!! Hi Poe lets get together and get some coffee sometime if your in the area. lol"

signed 16 Oct 2008 12:28pm 


kayla trimarco

from Seabrook, nh


signed 16 Oct 2008 10:09am 



from united states,il

"i really admire his work!"

signed 16 Oct 2008 9:44am 



from united states, ga

"edgar allen poe was great. love the poem the raven"

signed 15 Oct 2008 9:54pm 


Peter Harris

from England

"Really helped me on a project i was doing on the man himself, thank you."

signed 15 Oct 2008 5:17pm 


youurr moom!

from united states of bite me!

"i loooovve this site <3 :)"

signed 15 Oct 2008 2:01pm 


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