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from Tennessee

"I just love the poem The Tell-tale Heart!!! My fifth grade teacher read it to the class one day!!! Till this day, and I'm in the eighth grade now, I still remember that poem like it was yesterday. It's like my favorite poem ever!!! I didn't know there was a Edgar Allan Poe web site till today!!!! thanks"

signed 25 Mar 2008 5:57pm 


Karen C.

from Los Angeles, CA

"This site is awesome and I am glad that I found it. My favorite poem is "A Dream Within A Dream". Poe's poetry is an inspiration to me. I enjoy his gothic yet sad, depressing, and loving poems."

signed 25 Mar 2008 5:15pm 



from mims

"i love this man to death. i wish i could have met him"

signed 25 Mar 2008 3:04pm 



from Indiana

"This is a cool site but it needs a little more pictures."

signed 25 Mar 2008 1:21pm 


Seong Wook

from Seoul, South Korea

"In fact, I could visit here by accident. My professor set a task to make a profound study about Poe and submit it. As a result, I can iron out the wrinkles and experience the BEST WEBSITE!"

signed 25 Mar 2008 7:20am 


Desiree Sage

from Canada

"very short and concise as well as informative. genius."

signed 24 Mar 2008 10:36pm 



from Earth

"I love edgar allan poe's poems! I mean they speak to me! I understand them!"

signed 24 Mar 2008 5:50pm 


Pat Williams

from USA,MA

"Cool site."

signed 24 Mar 2008 12:51am 



from Kentucky

"This is an great site! I have to do a project one one of five authors, and have chosen Poe. I have to make a scrapbook and so far, this site has been the most helpful!"

signed 20 Mar 2008 9:20pm 



from us, nc, earth, galaxy,milkyway

"i really like the raven by edgar allan poe. I used this website for a class project and it worked really well thanks."

signed 20 Mar 2008 6:54pm 



from USA, MA

"this site is great and so is Poe!"

signed 19 Mar 2008 4:32pm 



from United States, Utah, Earth

"Lovely lovely is this man's work. Truly a complicated guest book... Exhilarating and extremely ravishing. Mainly, I love this website. Good deal with Jax Jenson. -Dylan, and Laikin."

signed 19 Mar 2008 12:13pm 



from aurora, il

"hey so my name is nidya im 13 and my favorite poem by edgar allan poe is alone. i read it in a book and i love the way it sounds for some reason"

signed 18 Mar 2008 8:11pm 



from CA, USA

"i'm in middle school and i just started reading one of his works. i like the raven the most XD. he's truly amazing 8D"

signed 18 Mar 2008 7:36pm 


tsuyu hyuga

from u.s.a, north america, the earth!

"soooooooooooooooooo amazing! edgar allan poe rocks poetry! he even beats shel silverstein! yay. hooray"

signed 18 Mar 2008 6:43pm 



from US, SC, Earth

"Edgar Allen Poe Rocks!! I like this website"

signed 18 Mar 2008 11:14am 



from WV, USA


signed 17 Mar 2008 12:18pm 



from United States

"I completely agree with Dean. The raven is amazing! I also really liked Annabel lee and a tell-tale heart."

signed 17 Mar 2008 11:56am 


AZlicia B

from US, New Mexico

"I love edgar allen poe's literature! So amazing!! JUST LOVE It"

signed 16 Mar 2008 12:36am 



from Boston, Massachusetts, USA

"I love Edgar Allan Poe and his works. I'm only in 8th grade, but have read many of his works, and my favorite is The Pit and The Pendulum. I'd like to extend my thanks to the webmaster!"

signed 15 Mar 2008 10:19pm 



from Korea, Seoul

"This site is good. It is first time reading poestories, it's creepy and mysterious"

signed 15 Mar 2008 9:19pm 



from philippines

"ang cute u poe sana tau na"

signed 14 Mar 2008 11:51pm 


nicole Pickowicz

from Gilmanton NH

"Thank you for being such a great writer you gave me the thrill of my life!"

signed 14 Mar 2008 11:59am 


ALEX Mcjohn

from fort lauderhill FL.

"he is soo cool"

signed 14 Mar 2008 10:14am 



from kyneton


signed 14 Mar 2008 8:01am 



from newman ca

"i had to read one of your books for one of ma class. it was cool i liked it but ma teacher got mad at me cuz i fall asleep lol. but i liked it. peace yo."

signed 13 Mar 2008 1:22pm 


C.D. Muller

from United States, Arizona

"I have been a fan of Poe since I was about twelve years old! I like many of his works, but my all time favorite is the Raven. Edgar Allan Poe is my idol and favorite writer of all time."

signed 13 Mar 2008 6:54am 


Isela Hearn

from Houston, Texas

"I found the site to be very interesting and I will visit it again."

signed 12 Mar 2008 5:23pm 


Chelsea Kennedy

from north carolina

"I love Poe and all of his writings. it's amazing how people don't realize how great something is until it's gone."

signed 12 Mar 2008 9:21am 



from Texas

"I just started getting interested in Poe and he is really one of the greatest writers of all time. My favorites are "The Raven" (My absolute favorite), "The Tell-Tale Heart", and "Annabel Lee". I respect and admire him and I feel that he was a great man despite his horrible life."

signed 11 Mar 2008 9:30pm 


casey b.

from mobile alabama

"Annabel Lee is my favorite because i too lost a loved one. his favorite place was the beach."

signed 11 Mar 2008 6:16pm 



from St.Johns, Newfoundland, Canada

"I Love The Oval Portrait. Even though it was short, it was a wonderful story to hear"

signed 11 Mar 2008 3:07pm 



from Jackson, MS

"Edgar Allen Poe is the best. I enjoy reading his poems and stories. His work inspired me to write my own poems and stories. I just hope one day my writing will be as great as his."

signed 11 Mar 2008 11:03am 



from Ohio

"I can't get off this website, it's somehow addicting. I know every possible fact about the man of horror! I am therefore and foremost the number one fan of Edgar A.Poe, my idol and inspiration. I truly respect Poe and every short story and poem."

signed 11 Mar 2008 7:51am 



from Makati, philippines, earth

"Edgar is amazing, one day i will continue his work!!!"

signed 11 Mar 2008 7:18am 


Jill Richard

from United States, Arizona


signed 10 Mar 2008 5:29pm 


Emily Crutchfield

from Florida

"I love this site. it's my favorite from now on. I think the most awesome poem of Poe's was Annabel Lee. I just love how it's about love and that he would be so devoted to her that he would die with her."

signed 10 Mar 2008 11:18am 



from Mars

"This is awesome. I got so much info for my report. You ALL ROCK!!!!!!"

signed 10 Mar 2008 10:36am 


Slayer Shi

from North Carolina

"Sup peoples"

signed 10 Mar 2008 9:56am 


Brett Reed

from Satern

"Where to start? I have been reading Edgar for at least five years now. With every story I read it is more chilling than the last."

signed 10 Mar 2008 9:41am 



from Maribor, Slovenia, Europe

"In my opinion "the Raven" is one of the greatest poems that Poe has ever written, I just love to read it over and over again. I respect and admire Poe! He truly was (and still is) a great man! He is very much known is Europe as well as he is in U.S. Great site - I love it!!!"

signed 07 Mar 2008 3:22pm 



from Untied States , Ohio

"Edgar A. Poe is the man of horror. The guy who created a genre, one day kids in the future will read his great work such as The Black Cat or The Raven, one of my personal favorite stories. Edgar is such an inspiration to my own poetry. R.I.P Edgar."

signed 07 Mar 2008 8:44am 


Tahmara A.

from USA

"I've been lover of Poe's works since junior high and He is one of my inspirations to becoming a writer myself."

signed 07 Mar 2008 6:20am 



from USA

"I love Edgar Allan Poe. He is amazing <33"

signed 06 Mar 2008 9:50pm 



from usa pa earth

"i love your web site. i'm twelve doing a project on him and he rocks i like Eldorado, because it has a very interesting meaning. if Edgar's ghost does come tell me"

signed 06 Mar 2008 5:36pm 


Andrew Sharp

from Altoona Pa

"Thanks for a one hit website on all things Edgar Allan Poe. Tis this and nothing more."

signed 06 Mar 2008 5:21pm 


Austin Daniel

from Chester, tn

"Poe, i am your #1 fan Love you"

signed 06 Mar 2008 3:51pm 


Corey Moore

from Boone County, WV

"These poems are awesome, i can actually understand them..."

signed 06 Mar 2008 10:12am 


Willis Vincent

from US, Louisiana

"Hey, I work at a State Correctional Facility and I use Poe's stories and this web site to expose my guys that I teach to classical literature that most of them have never experienced. Thanks. Poe is an American treasure."

signed 05 Mar 2008 8:22pm 


miss jones engish class

from chbg

"thanks for all the help with our project!!!!"

signed 05 Mar 2008 7:00pm 



from USA, MO, Mars

"Hey! Its emma! I love poe! Ever since I started reading his work in 6th grade! Thank you Mrs. Dann for teaching me about this amazing writer!"

signed 05 Mar 2008 6:02pm 



from guaynabo, puerto ricoo

"love the site! helped me mountains!"

signed 05 Mar 2008 12:37pm 



from Ontario, Canada

"Wow. This website does not cease to amaze me. =) I can't get over about how much of an amazing writer Poe is. Speaking of which, his name's so original, It amuses me. ^_^. and his poems are so good. most of them anyway. anyway, i'll comment again, eventually."

signed 04 Mar 2008 3:58pm 



from texas

"my favorite poem of his is spirits of the dead, my favorite short story is a tell-tale heart and the pit and the pendulum because they're some of his best non-over-used poems! and if his ghost does pass by all i ask for is some inspiration for my own poetry so that i will be idolized too"

signed 04 Mar 2008 10:45am 



from maryland

"well just in case poe is reading this i love u and the raven and i think that u are a great author hope that u rest in peace!!!!"

signed 03 Mar 2008 7:59pm 



from Atlanta GA

"I have been fascinated By Edgar since I was 12. He has inspired me to pursue a career in the human mind."

signed 03 Mar 2008 2:02pm 



from oklahoma

"This is by far the best Poe site i have yet seen."

signed 29 Feb 2008 11:21pm 



from Florida

"I am doing a report on Edgar and this site is the best yet. Plus I love Edgar's written stuff too. Thanks!"

signed 29 Feb 2008 8:54am 



from USA FLorida

"This website is great. I've found a lot and more than I was looking for. Def. a good place for students."

signed 28 Feb 2008 8:14pm 


james lawrie

from virginia, usa, earth

"Poe is Amazing. Poe pumps me up!!! Hooah!!! C187 fot jackson King Cobra Strikes Hard!!! Hooah!!!"

signed 28 Feb 2008 11:17am 



from United Sataes, California

"Hello, my name is Hannah... and in case Poe's ghost happens to be reading this, i LOVE your poems! <3 My favorites would have to be "The Raven" and also "A Dream Within A Dream"... and "The Fall of the House of Usher" and also "The Masque of the Red Death"."

signed 27 Feb 2008 3:33pm 



from Arkansas, U.S.

"this site is amazing!!!! it helped me so much. plus i love Poe."

signed 27 Feb 2008 3:23pm 



from Maryland

"I read "The Imp of the Perverse" last night and was blown away... I never knew he wrote stuff like that."

signed 27 Feb 2008 10:33am 



from U.S., Tn

"Kool Site! Poe iz the GREATEST poet of all tyme!"

signed 27 Feb 2008 10:22am 



from pluto

"love! it helped me lots on my project"

signed 27 Feb 2008 10:15am 



from VA, USA

"Oh! Wonderful site. It's full of many more reasons for me (and others) to love E. A. Poe ^_^"

signed 27 Feb 2008 1:10am 


Carol J. Vaughn

from Joelton, TN, USA

"Fell in love with Poe when I was in Junior High - still love him. Your site is very "Poeish"."

signed 26 Feb 2008 11:29pm 



from Mississippi, USA

"I think Edgar was brilliant. I'm so glad to see so many of his fans on here; the ones who think he was brilliant, rather than insane. He was such a talented person, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. Truly amazing work, every bit of it. I LOVE this site, So glad I found it. -Glitch- :)"

signed 26 Feb 2008 8:15pm 



from El Salvador

"me encantan las historias de Poe, te llenan de suspenso y miedo, pero son demasiado interesantes para dejar de leerlas!!!!"

signed 26 Feb 2008 5:26pm 



from albany, GA

"your site really helped me on my project. i needed a 10 pg report and a 20 min oral presentation and u had all the info in one place"

signed 26 Feb 2008 12:43pm 



from FLorida, USA

"I love Edgar Allan Poe. Lol K bye"

signed 25 Feb 2008 9:08pm 


Bobby Naperatz

from USA

"I love the site!!! I am a big poe fan."

signed 25 Feb 2008 2:18pm 



from arizona

"great author"

signed 25 Feb 2008 2:09pm 



from Colorado

""Poe has a certain brilliance about him that i just think is... fascinating." Nicely said =)"

signed 22 Feb 2008 7:58am 



from Meepsville

"Poe has a certain brilliance about him that i just think is... fascinating."

signed 21 Feb 2008 11:32pm 


DevO D.

from Canada

"Very awesome site."

signed 21 Feb 2008 9:58pm 


annabel lee

from the haunted place


signed 21 Feb 2008 9:58pm 



from United States

"This is a great website! I helped so much with my homework for class. I am amazed about Edgar Allan Poe's history and writing and I will definitely come visit this site again!"

signed 20 Feb 2008 4:54pm 


Luke Skyewalker

from Universe

"i think that his poem touches my heart with the force of the dark side"

signed 20 Feb 2008 3:51pm 



from Oklahoma

"edgar allan poe is awesome"

signed 20 Feb 2008 11:31am 


Rb de Guzman

from Philippines

"EAP is the greatest writer! ^_^"

signed 20 Feb 2008 7:47am 



from united States, Virginia, Earth


signed 19 Feb 2008 8:14pm 


Kylene Campbell

from El Paso, Texas

"Edgar Allan Poe is always my choice when I'm assigned to write about a famous artist in school. He writes with a passion like an artist should. In today's society if it rhymes people will write it on a sheet of paper no matter how much it lacks intellectually. I am 14 years old keep it ^"

signed 19 Feb 2008 3:50pm 



from USA

"thank u this website has been a big help with my poetry project"

signed 18 Feb 2008 6:44pm 



from USA

"Poe has been one of my favorite authors since I read "The Fall of the House of Usher" three or four years ago. This website is incredibly useful- thanks for providing it."

signed 18 Feb 2008 12:09am 



from Pakistan

"I have recently read his story "The Tell-Tale Heart" and after reading that i was the fan of him.. so i searched his name and i found this amazing website.... I will surely read all his stories available on this site.. Thank you So Much...!"

signed 17 Feb 2008 11:33am 



from philippines

"i started reading his stories 5 years ago... until now that i'm 17 yrs old, his stories still mystify me..."

signed 17 Feb 2008 10:19am 



from Minnesota

"I'm in speech so this is a GREAT website!!!!!!!!"

signed 16 Feb 2008 11:22pm 



from Egypt

"I love The Love Stories Very Much"

signed 16 Feb 2008 2:51am 



from Vancouver, Canada

"Great web site, keep up the good work! I wasn't very familiar with EAP until I saw a documentary about him. I started reading his works and I've been a huge fan ever since. My Top 3: The Masque of the Red Death, The Black Cat, The Angel Of The Odd."

signed 16 Feb 2008 12:03am 



from U.S. az


signed 15 Feb 2008 1:48pm 


Chris Dinger

from Ridgway, PA

"This web site is fantastic! It has my #1 best story, The Tell-Tale Heart. This web site, i would recommend it to all of my friends and family. I am a Poe fan for the past 2 1/2 years. The more i read his stories and/or poems, the more i become a fan."

signed 15 Feb 2008 1:14pm 


Sandra Moreno

from El Paso, Tx

"this is a great site. thank you. it provided all info and detailed history. it is a great learning experience and helped me with school. again thank you."

signed 15 Feb 2008 1:04pm 



from united states

"I have always admired Edgar Allan Poe. He is an awesome writer and a very interesting person."

signed 14 Feb 2008 12:03pm 


Kris Casey

from United States, Connecticut

"This site is amazing! It helped a lot with my English term paper! Thanks Again!"

signed 13 Feb 2008 10:40pm 



from pineville, la

"edgar a. poe is pretty much amazing, i did my english project on him &amp; got a 95.. :)"

signed 13 Feb 2008 2:24pm 



from Florida

"amazing! this poetry is really deep and insightful, wow its freaking awesome. some people find this morbid but i don't. pretty sad though for him losing his wife. Did you know he married his cousin?"

signed 13 Feb 2008 1:22pm 



from USA, CA, Earth, Oceanside

"This site was very helpful with my research into poetry. I also would like to thank the people who put this site together."

signed 12 Feb 2008 6:57pm 


Lauren Webb


"THIS website has helped me a lot to learn about Edgar Allan poe! And on google when u can't see the whole story or not the right one i found it on here!! My favorite story is the fall of the house of usher! its so interesting to me i love it!"

signed 12 Feb 2008 11:27am 



from USA

"Great site. It's pleasing to the eyes and I was able to find what I was looking for with ease. :)"

signed 11 Feb 2008 5:51pm 


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