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from ogden,utah

"well this was a very good thing for me to learn for my report that i do in a couple days. this taught me a lot thanks this is a very cool site"

signed 18 Oct 2007 7:54pm | 759


R. Preston

from Coral Springs Florida

"I love this man...."

signed 18 Oct 2007 4:17pm | 758



from earth

"I <33333 POE!!!! with a passion"

signed 18 Oct 2007 12:19pm | 757



from Temesvar, Romania, Planet Hell

"Cheers Rob, this site is just brilliant. Very informative and easy to navigate. Good old Poe would have been proud himself. As for myself, I am fortunate to have stumbled upon this site while looking up some info on EAP... lucky me :D"

signed 17 Oct 2007 11:22am | 756



from Mars, Outer Space

"I <3 this site! It is sooo helpful! I'm not so much into Poe. In our reading class we have to do a report on one of his short stories that isn't a poem, the Tell-Tale-Heart, The Black Cat, or The Cask of Amontillado. All of his stories really do have some BIG words."

signed 16 Oct 2007 5:49pm | 755



from Portugal

"El Gato Negro es uno de los más conocidos cuentos siniestros de Poe, así como uno de sus grandes relatos psicológicos. La combinación de ambos elementos, horror y psicología, parece conducir directamente a la expresión!!!!!"

signed 16 Oct 2007 4:13pm | 754


Sierra L.

from Kentucky

"Although I'm not a Poe fan, I found this site helpful in my research for a school paper!"

signed 16 Oct 2007 4:12pm | 753



from planet mars

"hi, I just got on your website and it is pretty kool."

signed 16 Oct 2007 10:00am | 752



from Wilkes-Barre, PA, US

"Nice Website!"

signed 16 Oct 2007 7:56am | 751



from california

"i love your poems Poe! my favs are "Alone" and "Dream Within a Dream""

signed 15 Oct 2007 9:39pm | 750


ian hancock

from bryn mawr, PA, USA

"POE ROCKS HE IS THE BEST AUTHOR EVER and i think u guys do a really nice job with portraying him and giving good info on his life."

signed 15 Oct 2007 9:08pm | 749





signed 15 Oct 2007 7:27pm | 748



from Washington

"I love Edgar Allen Poe's short stories and poems... he is such an amazing writer! I wish i was as good as him, although he is my inspiration."

signed 15 Oct 2007 3:34pm | 747



from london uk

"hello everyone"

signed 15 Oct 2007 11:10am | 746


aarpn douglas

from oklahoma,earth

"I like your stories that i've read so far."

signed 15 Oct 2007 10:09am | 745



from Georgia

"Wow, this site helped me so much with learning about Poe. He's the most talented horror writer who ever lived. I wish I had his talent. Thank you so much for all the information, the timeline, and the summaries!"

signed 14 Oct 2007 10:38pm | 744


mindy harris

from nc usa

"i loved the tale-tell heart"

signed 14 Oct 2007 2:22pm | 743



from school texas dallas

"you rock poe!!!!!!!! -.-"

signed 12 Oct 2007 12:10pm | 741



from Canada

"Very useful! Thank you!"

signed 12 Oct 2007 12:02am | 740



from Basalt, Co 81621

"if only Poe was still alive, he would make the world scarier than it is right now"

signed 11 Oct 2007 11:07pm | 739



from new york

"WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your site is just fab!!!!!!!!!!!! I am making a project about Poe, but before i did not know so much bout him. Your website is really helpful. Thank you sooooooooooooo much!!!!"

signed 11 Oct 2007 8:57pm | 738



from Tn. united states

"Poe works are awesome."

signed 11 Oct 2007 2:04pm | 737



from tempe, az

"go poe! great writings"

signed 11 Oct 2007 5:58am | 736


ery libby

from washington

"all my life i got pushed into reading... i always hated it until about a week ago i started reading a book called the lost boy and i love it. my teacher got me into "Poe" and when i am done reading it, i would love to read one of his books, i can only get into weird books from what i've read, nice PG"

signed 10 Oct 2007 10:51pm | 735



from ohio

"EAP is the best author that ever lived! you did a great tribute to him!"

signed 10 Oct 2007 7:37pm | 734



from USA,NC

"I Love EAP. My favorite is "the raven" so sad and so thrilling all at the same time!"

signed 10 Oct 2007 6:13pm | 733


dylan ravellette

from huron sd

"i never knew how great of a poet he really is"

signed 10 Oct 2007 2:21pm | 732



from india,kerala

"it's nice"

signed 10 Oct 2007 5:34am | 731



from nova scotia

"i love this guy."

signed 09 Oct 2007 10:32am | 730


Julie Spires

from Frostproof, FL

"Just wanted to say - this site has been a wonderful resource for my drama class this term... we are doing "Tableaus of Terror" from "Tell-Tale", "Amontillado," and "Masque of the Red Death" this Halloween and the terms and stories here have made for fast and easy lesson plan ideas. Thanks!"

signed 08 Oct 2007 3:02pm | 729



from Mason, Ohio, Pluto

"OMG!!! Poe is my RFL!!! We totally BFFs!! You should see him breakdance!! We went to this party last night and it was off the chain!! We was rockin till dawn!! Poe can do a mean kittenflip!!"

signed 08 Oct 2007 1:50pm | 728



from Someplace somewhere i think

"I love EAP hes my hero"

signed 08 Oct 2007 12:46pm | 727


for creeps

from U.S.

"Hi poe's stories are very confusing but they have a good point and are a little scary!!"

signed 07 Oct 2007 11:51am | 726



from Arizona

"Poe is awesome! I love his short stories!"

signed 05 Oct 2007 6:30pm | 725



from North America

"All hail the EAP!!"

signed 05 Oct 2007 1:39pm | 724



from USA

"This may be the greatest tribute to Poe ever. Keep up the great work!"

signed 04 Oct 2007 1:20pm | 722



from Pittsburgh, PA

"I Love Edgar Allan Poe!! I have read all of his work, He is my idol!! My favorite poem of Poe's is "The Raven" I just love atmosphere it brings and how poetic and mysterious the words are! I quote "Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary" constantly! I Love Poe!"

signed 04 Oct 2007 12:48pm | 721



from Louisiana

"this is simply awesome. i am fourteen years old and a freshman in high school. i love Edgar Allan Poe stories. thank you very much for making this website so i can explore it and read my favorite author's stories."

signed 03 Oct 2007 9:03pm | 720



from Lagrange, GA

"This is site is the best."

signed 03 Oct 2007 8:51pm | 719



from California

"Edgar Allan Poe rocks!"

signed 03 Oct 2007 8:11pm | 718


call me isma

from Planet mars

"I love Edgar and his stories and poems. And I have to say you've made a good website about him and his works. Keep up the good work!! ^^"

signed 03 Oct 2007 12:05pm | 717



from planet mars

"hehe nice. :) i loved the story TELL TALE-HEART!!! it is my fav."

signed 02 Oct 2007 7:56pm | 716



from USA

"I LOVE Poe's work! My favorite pieces are The Tell-Tale Heart and The Raven. They are both absolutely brilliant! I think he was a visionary for poetry and story writers!"

signed 02 Oct 2007 8:45am | 713



from New York

"Hey, we are learning about Poe in literature and i came here to find information. boy did it give me some (: he's a very very interesting man :) have a good day"

signed 01 Oct 2007 10:11pm | 712



from tucson, AZ

"Edgar Allan Poe is the best horror fiction writer of all time."

signed 01 Oct 2007 8:58pm | 711




"I am still scared of his horror stories"

signed 01 Oct 2007 8:34pm | 710



from teh unit ed setates of america

"OMG i loooove this site.. its such a nice layout very well done... BUT plzzz if u can put more of his literary works, this site is quite lacking..."

signed 01 Oct 2007 1:32am | 709



from monterrey, mexico, earth

"many people don't like Poe's stories because they think they are creepy and psycho, every time i hear that from my classmates, i just want to scream and tell them that not everything in this life is perfect, Poe knew how to interpret this in a wonderful and beautiful way. thanks for making this site"

signed 30 Sep 2007 8:03pm | 708



from Canada

"I really like his stories..."

signed 30 Sep 2007 2:04pm | 707


Yung Quez

from Tha Hood

"Mane i needed this fo my report on thez cask of amantiado thankks for sho i hope i get at leasts a D thanss agaain ffrom ya local hodd nigga Lil Quez a.k.a. Tha Don of Tha Hood"

signed 30 Sep 2007 2:00pm | 706




"This site is awesome! I love all of Poe's stories. Great author, and he is one of my favorite authors. Especially "The Raven" very suspicious!!!! I love mysterious stories!!!!!!"

signed 29 Sep 2007 1:33pm | 704



from Canada

"Poe's life wasn't great as we can see, but he left us his work, and truly sad, terrifying, but wonderful work. Thank you for the site."

signed 29 Sep 2007 1:55am | 702


Lauren R.

from Jesup, Iowa

"I think Poe lead a hard life, and it shows in his stories. I mean, come on! His dad LEFT before he was born, his mom DIED when he was two, and his stepfather forced him to go to a military school. That would suck. At least he got to vent through these amazingly well written stories."

signed 27 Sep 2007 7:25pm | 701



from united states


signed 27 Sep 2007 11:49am | 700



from India, Tamil Nadu, Karaikudi

"Dear Sir, You have done a wonderful job. Thank you very much. I have a blog devoted to short stories, wherein I have posted a detailed reference to your site for the benefit of Short Story Lovers who visit my blog.
- Suri"

signed 27 Sep 2007 7:28am | 699


PJ Brown

from W Haven, Connecticut USA

"It appears this site has struck gold with the "English class" set. Appreciate that we're still exposing the kids to EAP. It's the only way some of them would ever know a Poe short story or poem and it would be a shame for that to be missed. GREAT job keeping Poe alive - you do him a deserved justice!"

signed 26 Sep 2007 11:24pm | 698


montay karim blake

from sioux falls, south dakota

"hi ur my hero... i wish u were alive so i could meet the best author ever"

signed 26 Sep 2007 2:35pm | 697



from west seneca ny US

"poe was very crazy but a good story teller"

signed 26 Sep 2007 10:45am | 696



from Miami Beach, FL

"I think Poe is a genius, I mean the guy is like an extremely good psychoanalyst of the dark side of the human heart. love him"

signed 26 Sep 2007 10:10am | 695


Will Vehrs

from Richmond, VA

"On October 7th 2007, the Poe Museum here will commemorate Poe's death in 1849 with a recreation of his funeral, horse-drawn hearse rides, and a reading of the famous "Ludwig" obituary."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:

signed 25 Sep 2007 11:41am | 694



from california

"hey homie i think ur awesome"

signed 25 Sep 2007 9:53am | 693



from U.S., Fl.,Earth or Mars

"This is amazing. Edgar Allan Poe was a incredible writer. In some of his stories, people thought that he actually did these things!"

signed 24 Sep 2007 9:12pm | 692



from Ashland, KY, U.S., Earth

"I've read a lot of Poe's stories and poems and I must say, this guy seemed nuts. I feel sorry for him. His stories were deep and I got a lot out of them. And I love reading poems, especially his. I understand almost everything I read out of these poems, which is odd, because I'm only in 8th grade. -E"

signed 24 Sep 2007 6:39pm | 691


Kenny Walker

from u.s., idaho, neptune

"i love this site its perfect for anything poe"

signed 21 Sep 2007 7:46pm | 690


justin preyer

from cottonwood CA

"this site is very good indeed. my favorite story that i can read time and time again is the tell tale heart. he just describes it so throughly, it is so gruesome, and yet it makes me happy."

signed 21 Sep 2007 6:47pm | 689



from Virginia

"I really like this site. I like that we can read all of the stories on the site. I like the web design also."

signed 21 Sep 2007 11:12am | 688


buena lagrana

from las-ud tagudin ilocos sur

"i need the poem of annabell lee"

signed 21 Sep 2007 5:27am | 687



from indonesia

"i think poe's writing is great especially the black cat. despite his sanity he's a great guy"

signed 21 Sep 2007 2:05am | 686



from earth, n. america, california

"i immensely enjoyed this site. i am a huge fan of mr. poe and feel that the quotes, summaries, vocab, etc... was very beneficial to my research and enjoyment. keep up the good work!"

signed 19 Sep 2007 11:33pm | 684



from United States

"I used this site for English homework and its great. My favorite Poe story has to be The Tell-Tale Heart. It's creepy and very dark. Something i like."

signed 19 Sep 2007 7:40pm | 683


Jill Kloimwieder

from Dayton,Ohio,USA

"My 6th graders are going to love Mr.Poe"

signed 19 Sep 2007 12:06pm | 681


Brandon R.

from Indiana

"Before I discovered this site, I knew hardly anything about Edgar Allan Poe. After reading several short stories and poems, I decided to buy a comprehensive text of a majority of his works on I really enjoyed the Pit and The Pendulum and the Cask of Amontillado."

signed 18 Sep 2007 8:48pm | 680



from wilburton OK, U.S

"I think Poe was a lonely and crazy guy. I feel sorry for him."

signed 18 Sep 2007 2:35pm | 679



from United states

"This is an awesome site! It has really helped me with my research!"

signed 18 Sep 2007 12:21pm | 678


mikie .C.

from Virginia

"Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorite writers, I like the Raven."

signed 17 Sep 2007 6:40pm | 677


Jennifer Gratz

from United States, FL, Earth

"Hi! It's your friend/fellow artist Jen from the local coffee shops we enjoy frequenting. What a pleasure it was to meet you at these venues, and I hope you continue on all of your exciting endeavors with the creative passion and research and enjoyment of life that we all know and appreciate from you!"

signed 17 Sep 2007 11:25am | 676



from Earth, the Milky Way, etc.

"I think this website is very good and interesting, and I like Edgar Allen Poe and his stories, but I swear he has a larger vocabulary than whoever wrote Webster's Unabridged Dictionary! I just finished reading "The Tell Tale Heart" and "Some Words With a Mummy," and my cat just jumped up on my lap."

signed 16 Sep 2007 6:32pm | 675



from philippines, earth

"Glad that this site was ever created. This will be a big help in my homework. We're being asked to make more than 8 pages of summary on his works. [bite me]"

signed 15 Sep 2007 10:37am | 674



from U.S. Scottsburg, Indiana

"I love Poe. Hes my inspiration, and Im only 14."

signed 13 Sep 2007 8:33pm | 673



from El Paso, texas

"i would have to say this is the best poe web site i have been to. i started learning about him in english, when we read one of his short stories."

signed 12 Sep 2007 11:03pm | 672



from Peru

"first of all i have to say thanks to my english class, because of it i began to read Poe's works. Then, I have to say that its incredible the amazing form of writing. My favorite poem is The Raven. I love it."

signed 12 Sep 2007 10:24pm | 671



from arkansas

"this is so awesome i didn't know any of this!!!"

signed 12 Sep 2007 3:27pm | 670



from thailand

"I really appreciate this kind of site because it helps the readers especially the students to consult some information that would widen their knowledge and get a deeper understanding on their subject they want to refer or research. Information coming from this site benefits everyone."

signed 11 Sep 2007 9:08am | 668



from Alabama

"I love Edgar Allen Poe... his books are spooky yet full of life"

signed 10 Sep 2007 9:59am | 667



from florida


signed 09 Sep 2007 11:28pm | 666


natasha marie dolby

from us arizona earth

"i love your site. this is the greatest thing. i love edgar allen poe, and you have helped me to learn a lot about his work. keep up the great work. your site kicks ass!!! Love always natasha"

signed 06 Sep 2007 5:10pm | 665



from U.S. Lake Charles, Louisiana

"I can honestly say this is the best Poe web site. I started looking into Poe when I was assigned an English project on him and now he is my idol. Although the site was truly helpful I found it a lacking a few minor details, such as his last words and such, I am sorry I am just picky like that. Sorry."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
There are myths about what Poe's last words were, but no one knows for sure.

signed 05 Sep 2007 8:24pm | 663



from oklahoma

"im doing edgar allan poe for english so i figure i should look him up. i love the site"

signed 05 Sep 2007 10:44am | 662



from North Caroilna, USA, Earth

"Ahh, I've been delighted to see Poe's work. I can't wait to read some of the stories I've printed off. Thanks. Moofins ROCK."

signed 04 Sep 2007 4:10pm | 661


BSM Murty

from Varanasi (UP),India

"A great site for a great writer who created the modern short story not only by precept but also by classic examples."

signed 02 Sep 2007 11:05pm | 660



from Missouri, Usa

"This site is awesome, i have to do a report for my ca4 class, and this site has helped so much. THANKS!"

signed 31 Aug 2007 11:06am | 658


Janilee Draney

from america utah

"My favorite Poe poem is the Raven. I have one and all she says is "nevermore". I got her from this old lady and after that I was interested in reading more about Edgar so I got the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe in black leather."

signed 30 Aug 2007 3:40pm | 657



from new orleans

"i love edgar allan poe..."

signed 29 Aug 2007 4:53pm | 656



from india

"hi dere................."

signed 27 Aug 2007 2:37pm | 655


Seth Ramsey

from Tennessee, USA

"This site is amazing. Poe is a great poet and I am glad that this web site has so many of his works."

signed 25 Aug 2007 2:45pm | 654



from Virginia

"I find the information on this site very intriguing. I consider myself very well read on the works of Edgar Allan Poe, however, this site has some information on him and some of his personal works that I have not yet had the privilege to read. So thank you!!!"

signed 22 Aug 2007 8:59pm | 653



from SC, USA

"i love edgar allan poe!!!!!!!!!!!"

signed 22 Aug 2007 7:00pm | 652


Thomas B. Childress

from Indiana, USA

"Never has there been a better resource for an introduction to Mr. Poe and his works. I consider myself a "well read" person and I am astonished at how much I've not read of him. I intend on working my way through all of the poems & stories on this site. Thank you!"

signed 22 Aug 2007 11:59am | 650



from Baltimore, Maryland, US

"was just at his Graveyard 10 mins ago, I work right next to it pretty cool place :)"

signed 16 Aug 2007 3:36pm | 648


Virginia Moon

from Cedartown, Georgia

"I am doing an assignment for my English class on reading and critiquing the works of an author who has been well critiqued by others. I find your site full of information and it helped me to understand Poe's "The Pit and The Pendulum". Before I read your site the story made little sense to me. Thanks"

signed 14 Aug 2007 3:05pm | 646


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