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from America, Michigan, Earth

"Poe's work always makes me think about the world I live in and how superficial it is. It's quite refreshing."

signed 2006.10.20 1:00pm 


davin wells

from lumberton,north carolina

"great stories"

signed 2006.10.20 12:34pm 



from the Y.O.

"This is a great website man. kthxby"

signed 2006.10.20 12:32pm 





signed 2006.10.19 2:32pm 


Denise Poltavski

from California

"I love poe's stories and this is a great website for me, because i can read all the stories he wrote."

signed 2006.10.17 6:17pm 


Joanna Horner

from Titusville, PA

"I am doing a research paper on Edgar Allan Poe. I chose him because he is one of my favorite poets. If you have any extra information on him it is greatly appreciated. Thanks"

signed 2006.10.16 8:32pm 


anthony meringolo

from new york

"loved tell tale heart. It was so mysterious. I was actually kind of scared."

signed 2006.10.16 2:55pm 



from earth. and. hobbiton

"this has helped me wonderfully in my tests on poe and his awesomeness. i love all his works actually, and i enjoy reading them time and time again. i wish they could do what you did for all the authors. Thx."

signed 2006.10.12 3:31pm 


Sean D

from USA, NJ, Earth

"Great Site!! I am using it for I project I am doing in Language. It's full of good times. It is so frikken amazing! LOL LOL Good Times!"

signed 2006.10.11 1:36pm 



from Ontario

"Im lovin your poem the dream within a dream."

signed 2006.10.11 11:23am 



from Dirtyy Jerseyyy

"I have to do some research on Poe and you just made this a whole lot easier. thanks son. thank you for being the cool man that you are. whoa ur cool. psh. yea. u are so bringing sexy back. Get ur sexy on."

signed 2006.10.10 8:10am 


Lorie Crawford

from United States, NM, Earth

"No message at this time."

signed 2006.10.09 4:03pm 



from Pennsylvania

"I've searched and searched and there is only one site that I honestly find to have Poe's best writing, and it's this one. Poe is the only author I can read without getting bored. Everything is so real and disturbing. I love this site. Thank you for creating it, and sharing Poe with everyone."

signed 2006.10.06 4:57pm 



from arkansas

"Poe is a master of the stories of the time. Many modern day stories can be traced back to his."

signed 2006.10.05 12:29pm 



from PMMS 27041

"I love Ed!"

signed 2006.10.05 12:22pm 


Andrea Nuzzo

from Litchfield, Maine 04350

"I just read my first Poe stort story and it won't be my last. It's for a literature class and I wanted more information about Poe. Thanks"

signed 2006.10.04 10:43pm 



from Canada

"how did edgar allan poe die? like no one knows thats why i hate him... i wish someone knew"

signed 2006.10.04 6:37pm 



from san juan texas

"i thought this a very good site compared to the others i have seen. my fav poem is the raven cause it seems so creepy and haunted."

signed 2006.10.04 1:21pm 


natasha k.

from Nanaimo, BC, Canada

"Until I visited this site, I believed of Poe as I had heard of him. I've heard from my former teachers and anyone who would talk about E.A.P that he was just psychotic. However, his sadness and ability to express himself through his work is truly inspirational."

signed 2006.10.03 11:03pm 


Erica Phifer

from USA Indiana, Earth lol

"I am not a huge fan of poems becuz I can never find ones that... intrigue me. But Edgar Allan Poe has got to me. Every one of his poems has made me want to hold on to every special person in my life and never let go. For someone to be as talented as Edgar it is a shame to hear he called life a fever."

signed 2006.10.03 9:57pm 



from Kentucky

"Poe really gets you by the heart and literally rips it out of your chest. I love Poe, he explains how he truly feels in life unlike some authors. This site is awesome, its definitely going on my favorite list."

signed 2006.09.14 6:26pm 


Keok Williams

from Suitland, MD

"I love this site...I love EDGAR...he is so captivating, with each word...and his tendenciy to throw you off, and keep you interestes..."I must say this and nothing more" I AM A BIG FAN!!!! I love the story "Man in the Crowd" I believe that some people cant be read...and this was a story to me of he"

signed 2006.09.14 9:39am 


kaitlyn reyn

from belle plaine iowa

"hey my name is kaitlyn im studing edgar for a projiect in school n i want to say i love his work"

signed 2006.09.13 4:36pm 



from Florida

"this is an awesome site, i love it"

signed 2006.09.13 2:43pm 



from USA

"This site is beautiful - I think Edgar would be pleased. I can't name a favorite work, though The Masque of the Red Death is gorgeous. A brilliant mind who suffered terrible hardships to triumph in his art."

signed 2006.09.10 2:05am 



from Taunton, MA

"FINALLY a website that knows its stuff about Edgar A. Poe. I'm reading yet another biography on him right now as my obsession with this fascinating man has compelled me to do so and it is so refreshing to see how others share my passion for this man's intellect and absolute GENIUS writing ability!!"

signed 2006.09.09 1:01am 


charlese sterling

from liberty,texas

"when you write a poem you put your life into it or how some one else lived and that makes them wake up and tell them that there is more to life than to just sit and wait for someone to lead you in the right direction."

signed 2006.09.08 11:35am 



from wales cardiff

"i love all the Poe stories. the best has to be The Fall of the House of Usher though!i LOVE it."

signed 2006.09.07 5:04pm 



from united states

"I liked reading the stories, they reminded me of reading it in high school."

signed 2006.09.05 10:04pm 



from usa


signed 2006.09.03 3:36pm 


roanne cabiling

from philippines

"i want to live by edgar allan poe"

signed 2006.09.02 9:55pm 



from u.s, oklahoma

"well, my best friend and i love adgar allan poe. he was so amazing. ther aren't words to describe him. he's fantastic."

signed 2006.09.01 12:46pm 


Jim Galon

from USA SC Mars

"I do some tutoring in English, and I always use Poe to illustrate word choice, and symbolism. This site is wonderful for them to brush up on vocab; thanks for all the efforts."

signed 2006.08.30 5:29pm 



from mercury, duh

"Finally, a site that has the archaic and other difficult language explained in the site opposed to having to use another site for translations. Great site! Finally i can read my poe in peace w/o a white background."

signed 2006.08.29 11:14pm 



from Illinois

"This is an awesome site. I love Poe!!"

signed 2006.08.29 5:58pm 


RB de Guzman

from Philippines

"I cannot thank you enough Mr. Robert... Great site! Keep up the good work!"

signed 2006.08.28 9:58am 



from australia, sydney

"all i have to say is thank you this is an awesome website n im happy to see some real information for once. keep up the good work :)"

signed 2006.08.28 6:04am 



from Germany

"hi I just started reading Poe and I love this website and the word explanations... I have only read like 3 or 4 short stories and a couple of poems so far but he's already inspiring me a lot!!! also big big compliment to you for this site.. bye, seven"

signed 2006.08.27 4:10pm 


paul e anderson 2

from las vegas nv

"thank you for this site. it is really good that there are people out there that enjoy a great writer as poe. I am 41 years younger and I still and always read edgar's stories, poetry and letters to his family. his writings still amaze me. thank you again. PAUL"

signed 2006.08.26 12:49am 


nathan bruce

from usa,california,earth,universe

"i love the raven and the tell-tale heart"

signed 2006.08.25 12:08am 


Savana Smith

from virginia

"this is a great site. there is so much stuff you can find about Poe. i love reading the poems and stories. they're so cool. i can feel the way he feels. it is so awesome. i learned a lot. thanks"

signed 2006.08.24 2:48pm 



from India

"Great Site, easy to read. Great ambience too. Loved the Raven. Fav story would be the Black Cat and the Masque of the Red Death. Why? Simply Poe!!!"

signed 2006.08.23 7:31am 



from PA, USA

"This is a fantastic website. Stories, vocabulary, and some great information. I refer my students to here to learn about one of their favorite authors. Keep up the great work!"

signed 2006.08.21 12:53pm 


Elizabeth Rodriguez

from Puerto Rico

"The Tell- tale Heart"

signed 2006.08.19 11:46pm 



from philippines

"first encountered Poe in the Cask of Amontillado a few years back and instantly became hooked. good site.. I won't be able to resist visiting it time and again."

signed 2006.08.18 7:49am 



from USA

"Edgar allan poe is one of my favorite authors, i love his work and his love for stories and poetry. this is one of the best sites for him and his work. he will always be remembered..."

signed 2006.08.11 5:44pm 


Tori M.

from USA, Florida

"I've only read one story and one poem by Edgar A. Poe, but what I did read, I was amazed by."

signed 2006.08.08 6:57pm 



from New York

"Cool site!!!"

signed 2006.08.08 1:43pm 



from Jimbo

"Great, simple but so informative for others, keep-it-up."

signed 2006.08.08 3:19am 


Emily Matkin

from USA

"Haven't found a better site online for Poe fans... and future fans."

signed 2006.08.07 2:01am 



from texarkana,texas

"great site... i love poe!!!!"

signed 2006.08.06 3:53pm 



from NJ, Earth

"cool site. Wanted to pass along one of my Grad school management classes discussed Descent Into The Maelstrom for its management overtones. The central character operates under the law of the situation (mary parker follet) to solve the situation he finds himself in (don't want to give away the end)"

signed 2006.07.31 11:52pm 


Rb de Guzman

from Philippines

"Wow! Poe, the best there is... He rocks! Even 14 year olds like me loves his works... I hope he still writes stories in heaven... ^^"

signed 2006.07.23 10:10pm 



from usa, michigan, earth

"wow thanks i needed these 4 a summer assignment...great site."

signed 2006.07.22 10:34am 


Dene Gibson

from UK, Northampton

"I love this website! What got me interested in Edgar Allan Poe was seeing "The Simpsons" version of "The Raven". Who says watching cartoons is a waste of time eh? lol"

signed 2006.07.21 10:50am 



from new york

"great reading as always"

signed 2006.07.20 8:27pm 



from Ohio

"Wow, this place has stories I've never even heard of! Keep it up."

signed 2006.07.19 10:30pm 



from Guatemala

""The Raven" is the best."

signed 2006.07.18 12:44pm 



from Verona, Italy

"This is one of the best sites that I've ever found about Edgar Poe! Thank you! I recommend "The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym", the only novel by this wonderful poet!! Ciao! :)"

signed 2006.07.18 12:26pm 



from lithuania

"this is a very handy site to explore more of poe's stories. i have, up 'till now, only read a tell tale heart and the cask of Amontillado. both very neat stories. i just wonder what was going on in the head of Poe. Were they merely tales of the imagination or was there a past?"

signed 2006.07.11 10:36pm 


Sarah Campbell

from USA, Oklahoma, Earth

"hey, kewl site. definitely informative. i like it. ^_^ ~*SRC*~"

signed 2006.07.10 6:06pm 


Ruth Ann Bougher

from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

"Very Nice Web Site........... RAB"

signed 2006.07.04 11:41pm 


Brandon Blair

from Arkansas


signed 2006.06.28 12:42am 


Peter Jones

from MA USA

"i like your site"

signed 2006.06.26 7:31am 



from argentina

"kool site mate! .. Allan Poe is the only writer that i like from usa ... one of my favourite stories is MORELLA lol! u didnt put it and course the angel of the odd .. good really goods! now am reading THE STOLEN LETTER ..well i think is its original name.. well just u did a good work!"

signed 2006.06.22 1:24pm 


sarah keltner

from ky usa

"i love poe's stories"

signed 2006.06.20 11:35pm 


celeste elizabeth winn

from california

"your site was excellent i liked it"

signed 2006.06.17 2:19am 


tyler nail

from nc usa

"edgar allan poe is one of the greatest american writers ever, and probobly the greatest male poet ever. by the way, you should read "The Poe Shadow", by matthew pearl. its about poe, but its a fiction... about his death. its really good, i recommend it."

signed 2006.06.13 2:25pm 


jean roth

from greenfield indiana

"I have a book of the raven that is a first edition If anyone has any knowledge of this book please contact me at I can not find info on it anywhere"

signed 2006.06.13 10:06am 


nina c.

from u.s. florida

"This site is so wonderful. Poe is one of my favorite authors and you have done such a great job of representing him. Sometimes I would get a little lost in his stories but you've helped me understand them so much better. thanks so much and keep up the great work!!"

signed 2006.06.11 9:44pm 


Jeff Shumate

from N.Wilkesboro N.C.

"Love this site! Lenore said Nevermore."

signed 2006.06.11 4:54pm 



from Connecticut

""Poe is truly one of the most inspiring authors ever to pick up a pen. I think that this site is one of the few about him that really does him justice. Thank you for your time in creating this site and keep up the great work.""

signed 2006.06.06 10:43pm 



from tallahassee,florida

"Just wanted to let you know that you have a great site, and it has helped me a lot for my summer class of american literature. It was a required humanities, and with the help of your site, I was able to provide more than enough information on him... Thank You :-)"

signed 2006.06.05 5:02pm 



from Bangalore, India

"My favorite!!!!"

signed 2006.06.05 4:26am 



from uzbekistan

"what a wonderful website, not only informative but beautiful. thank you"

signed 2006.06.04 3:15am 



from turkey

"hi it is very fantastic site or no it is for me when i am free i am visiting here BYE"

signed 2006.06.03 7:43am 



from Something

"Poe is an inspiring poet and i could read his poems over and over again! My favorite poem that he has written is the Raven! It is amazing! soooooo deep and daring! I dont think i will ever forget about Poe!"

signed 2006.05.25 4:33pm 



from Earth

"This website really helped me because I had to do a report on Edgar Allan Poe. Thank you, this site gave me most of my information."

signed 2006.05.25 10:03am 



from Washington State

"I love Edgar Allan Poe cuz he wrote my favorite poem called The Haunted Palace!"

signed 2006.05.22 7:12pm 



from broadview heights, ohio

"This July my husband and I are going to the Poe Museum with the Meduim Patrick Matthews for a haunted quest... I will check back in afterwards to let you know if anything interesting happens!!"

signed 2006.05.18 10:16pm 



from Reading PA Earth

"I think its a very cool site. I really enjoy the stories and everything else on this site."

signed 2006.05.18 11:10am 


The Jabberwock

from Orlando, Florida

"Fantastic site. I like your web 2.0 style gizmos. I believe that the word "Porphyrogene" in "The Haunted Palace" is speaking of a mental disorder which results in insanity. Using this definition puts a different perspective on the poem, if you look at the palace as the mind of Usher..."

signed 2006.05.17 5:16pm 


Oliver James

from The land between the big lakes

"Poe, who inspired me the most as a writer. May his works live on forever!"

signed 2006.05.16 12:18am 


the raven

from norway, oslo

"the thing that is so cool about Poe is that he dared to show the passions of his life and some people think "hes so crazy". I just love poes poems and short stories. they are a kind of "spooky""

signed 2006.05.15 10:35am 



from san fransico, NC. URANUS

"i wish there was a poetry analysis for poe's poems here. i tried looking everywhere. not one site has them. if this site does, then it'll be great. P.S. poe really creeps me out."

signed 2006.05.13 10:00pm 



from Scottsdale, AZ

"Poe dares to explore such dark topics that most people only toy with. He is truly an admirable man and will never be forgotten in literature."

signed 2006.05.09 9:09pm 



from Armagh, Northern Ireland

"Great site! I love Edgar Allan Poe's work... I really feel I can relate to it. My favourite? Well, I do like the Raven very much..."

signed 2006.05.05 5:16pm 


Denis Barbieri

from Verona, Italy

"This is the most interessant site I've ever visited, it has been also very useful for my school research..Thanks!!"

signed 2006.04.29 4:26pm 



from U.S.A

"I love his stories they are dark and depressing. That's one thing I love about his stories. He is my favorite author and it's interesting to read about him. This site is awesome."

signed 2006.04.27 1:51pm 



from City of Evil, Bat Country (NY)

"Im a big fan and I'm 13. Ive noticed mostly girls like Poe."

signed 2006.04.26 12:05am 



from Harriisburg

"Thank you very much for all the information on Edgar Allan Poe, he is my fav. poet (and I had an assignment due ^.^)! Thanks again!"

signed 2006.04.25 1:40pm 


Ang Raf

from Philadelphia, PA

"I don't think that I have a favorite story. Everything that I have read so far is mysterious and dark. That is what makes him a great story teller."

signed 2006.04.24 9:26pm 



from pennsylvania

"Great site. Very informative and easy to look around. It helped a lot with an english paper."

signed 2006.04.23 10:52pm 


Mary Lee

from United States California

"Thank you for the information. It helped me a lot on the biography i was doing on him for history. Thank you very much."

signed 2006.04.22 11:53pm 


Heather Lynn Kalmakoff

from US Alaska Egegik

"i am a big fan of edgar and im only 12 years old. i live in the lower alaska in a town called EGEGIK and i moved here from PILOT POINT"

signed 2006.04.20 7:29pm 


Elizabeth K.

from Oregon

"A quite brilliant site, user friendly, informative, and complete"

signed 2006.04.16 10:49pm 



from Jonesboro, Arkansas

"if poe were to see this site he would be truely amazed i loved it"

signed 2006.04.16 9:07pm 



from New Haven, CT

"AWESOME site!! Wonderful information and a beautiful layout, down to the fonts used. Really, really, impressive!"

signed 2006.04.13 2:23pm 



from Spain

"Good work!!! Excellent.. Congratulations from spain. I love this web."

signed 2006.04.13 4:54am 



from MA, USA

"thank you for providing Edgar Allan Poe's literary works!"

signed 2006.04.09 12:11pm 


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