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gLadyZ Lim

from phiLippinEs

"tHanK U u MadE me fEeL gReAT!"

signed 14 Aug 2007 10:00am | 645



from Dirt St and Filth Ave

"There will never be poems or short stories as half as great as the dark works of Edgar Allan Poe. They are as deep and complex as the man himself. This is a site that he would be very proud of."

signed 07 Aug 2007 12:21am | 643


Sally Kraus

from Boston, USA, MA

"cool site."

signed 07 Aug 2007 12:02am | 642


Richard Felix

from Calexico Ca, 92232 US

"This site is really good. I love all the poems and stories that are shown."

signed 31 Jul 2007 2:11pm | 641



from philippines

"i love the ANABEL LEE... love story of edgar was very much interesting... no doubt about that..."

signed 29 Jul 2007 10:27pm | 640


Andoni Rodriguez

from Arizona, USA

"I love Poe, he's my favorite writer... I hope to one day write something that can be at least compared to his"

signed 28 Jul 2007 8:15pm | 639



from Philippines,South East Asia

"I'm sorry i cant tell you my name however i wish to tell you this site is helping me on my book reports and i encourage my friends to visit this as well."

signed 25 Jul 2007 6:14am | 638


Giovanni Vargas

from Bogotá - Colombia


signed 21 Jul 2007 3:30pm | 637



from umm, earth, u.s., mississippi

"I enjoy the site. I believe i like Edgar's stories because they make you think deeply about his point of view. I believe most of the comments below are from those people, like me, who secretly pleasured riddles and mind games."

signed 20 Jul 2007 4:22pm | 636


frank sydney

from lagos nigeria africa

"i really find this site as a very interesting site i have to work with because it provides all necessary action for the needs and the entire world as a token of love towards their fans throughout the world. from frank."

signed 20 Jul 2007 2:12pm | 635



from Ohio

"I love Poe's poetry and writing (the black cat being my favorite for I own a black cat just like pluto!) He inspires my writing and makes me try and better myself to be just half as good as him (for there will never be another poe.)"

signed 18 Jul 2007 5:47pm | 634



from Poland, Stargard

"first my meeting with Poe was when i was watching the Simpsons. i hate poems but what i saw was marvelous. from that moment i have love his poems!! my favourite poem is the raven"

signed 18 Jul 2007 4:22pm | 633



from Orleans, MI, US, Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is the best and I love all of his stuff. I read Poe at night and I love it."

signed 17 Jul 2007 1:40pm | 632



from New york

"Amazing site, loved it all. Thanks a lot for making such a site ~Ajiv"

signed 17 Jul 2007 8:54am | 631



from nasir

"English is not my language but if I ever liked a story in English it will be by this great Writer. I like The Tell_Tale Heart because it is the first work that I read and now I am making research about him. thanks for you"

signed 09 Jul 2007 6:45pm | 630



from Chile

"Great Site! I loved! :)"

signed 08 Jul 2007 2:31pm | 629



from USA

"i like your site but you don't have any of the dates that the stories where written. You have the dates that they were published, but for someone looking to appreciate the true meaning behind every one of poe's stories you have to know when it was written and what he was going through."

signed 07 Jul 2007 2:04pm | 628



from from georgia

"this is a great site and i have a E.A.P. book that was printed in 1856 and i like to compare ref. and have found site useful."

signed 06 Jul 2007 8:02pm | 627


jennifer haley

from philippines


signed 04 Jul 2007 12:34pm | 626



from Boerne, Texas, Earth

"love the site... great job. my favorite is "the tell-tale heart". i couldn't tell you why though. out of ALL the books i have read as an adult as well as throughout school this is the one that carries on in my mind. maybe it just freaked me out when i was younger i don't know but I LOVE IT!!"

signed 03 Jul 2007 4:13pm | 625


Lady Sonatine Martinez

from Philippines

"cool website.. edgar allan poe is really such a great writer.. nice works he got.. and this site.. nice.. ^_^"

signed 01 Jul 2007 5:52pm | 624


Some swiss student

from Switzerland

"Hey there! Good site, i like the graphism and the fact u have all the stories and poems in here! Just a bit disappointed there is no analysis for each story which could be very useful for us students ;-) Hope i'll find something in your links... but still, great job!"

signed 01 Jul 2007 9:07am | 623



from Germany

"This is a really great site, I don't need any books anymore... I'm studying for an oral examination in the university and you guys have been a great help to me! Thank you again"

signed 01 Jul 2007 7:31am | 622



from Evansville Indiana


signed 30 Jun 2007 1:19am | 621



from dasmariñas, cavite, MILIMINAS

"thanks for the site! it really pak's!!"

signed 28 Jun 2007 7:38am | 620


Carl Savich

from Detroit, MI, USA

"Poe was much more influential than Hawthorne, Melville, or Emerson and had a major global impact. An NFL football team was even named after a Poe poem, the Baltimore Ravens."

signed 25 Jun 2007 4:41pm | 619



from Singapore, Earth

"This is a great site! And the vocab list is really useful - saves me the trouble of referring to the dictionary. I love "The Pit and the Pendulum", "The Oval Portrait", "The Tell-tale Heart" and "The Purloined Letter". His stories are too good for me to have only one favourite. :)"

signed 25 Jun 2007 4:13am | 618


Camille Norton

from Stockton, California

"Splendid work, Robert. Edgar would be pleased."

signed 24 Jun 2007 11:08pm | 617



from milpitas ca,

"very cool site, i just started reading edgar allan poe's story's and this site filled a lot in for me. thanks!"

signed 22 Jun 2007 1:12pm | 616



from Philly

"Great site!! Well done. Thanks for sharing."

signed 20 Jun 2007 11:18am | 615


Cindy Cslixtro

from United States

"This is a Great Site"

signed 19 Jun 2007 12:55am | 614


josh barnes

from PA british columbia, canada

"i like these stories, i have printed off a hell of a lot"

signed 12 Jun 2007 4:01pm | 613


Sally Kraus

from USA, MA, Boston

"I liked your site."

signed 11 Jun 2007 5:57am | 611



from lahore, paklstan

"i am Ali and live in pakistan. Poe is a great writer and thinker so that i want to read it more and trying to get a lot of information about his works i have go through some work but i want to know more and more about it so that one can get a complete command over his work."

signed 10 Jun 2007 3:13pm | 610


kimberly rose

from north carolina

"beautifully executed. much appreciated."

signed 05 Jun 2007 5:14pm | 609


gloria lanutan

from zamboanga del Sur Philippines

"I am interested to learn more about the works of Poe because I want to share also all of these to my students who are very eager and interested to know better the father of American literature"

signed 03 Jun 2007 3:40am | 608



from Eastern Shore of Maryland

"visiting this site is as exciting as visiting his grave site, which I take the time to do whenever I am in Baltimore- I feel his spirit."

signed 31 May 2007 9:42pm | 607



from My Coffin

"I have to say Edgar has a way with words, I mean the man is pure genius! He is not afraid to show his sick and twisted mind. Thats what I love about him. I have to say I love his work. It's always great to have to read his work in school, others think it is punishment, but I think it is a pleasure!"

signed 31 May 2007 10:20am | 605


Claire Saunders

from Westerville, Ohio

"This site was a really cool one. I never knew that there was so much to know about Poe. Thanks to whoever set this up."

signed 30 May 2007 11:40am | 604



from Sweden

"Edgar was a strange guy. Really love his work. The Raven is kinda scary though. I really would like to meet him. Thanks for an awesome site! Greetings from Sweden!"

signed 28 May 2007 6:48am | 603



from federal way, WA

"Very cool and helpful site, I'm writing a book and Poe's stories inspire me. Thanks Poe you rock!"

signed 26 May 2007 1:22pm | 602



from Thailand

"I think "Loss of Breath," "How to Write a Blackwood Article" and "A Predicament" are some of the funniest stories I've ever read. Does anyone else think his comedy stories are perfect?"

signed 26 May 2007 5:11am | 601



from cedar rapids iowa


signed 24 May 2007 3:12pm | 600


Michal Lyons

from Wallingford

"I thought he was so cool because he writes so many good stories. Plus my Language Arts class is studying about him and his life. So I am happy that there is a site about him."

signed 21 May 2007 3:47pm | 599



from Somewhere In Time, NJ

"This site kicks ass! The Black Cat is by far the best story written by Poe and The Raven is by far the best poem. XD"

signed 16 May 2007 4:07pm | 598



from kuala lumpur, malaysia

"love dis site.. it's cool... really need it for my research... =)"

signed 15 May 2007 10:33pm | 597


Sean Maloney

from Orland Park, Illinois

"this is the best website in the world"

signed 15 May 2007 1:21pm | 596


Patince Krupinski

from Earth

"poe rocks"

signed 15 May 2007 10:43am | 595


Joana Westenbarger


"I am so glad that I ran into this site! I have been a Poe fan since I was 10 yrs. old! He is my fave author of all time! His amazing talent and narrative style with all his works make him who he is!!! My fave story is "The Spectacles" and fave poem is "Annabelle Lee"!!! He is AMAZING!!! I LUV U POE!"

signed 14 May 2007 3:25am | 594



from hartlepool

"hello Poe i think your stories are really good especially the murder of the rue morgue and the purloined letter and the pit and the pendulum. i am doing an exam on your stories and i hope i do ok and i would really like a reply from you to tell me how i can get good marks on my exam?"

signed 11 May 2007 7:20am | 593


Samantha Capito

from Louisville Ky, earth

"This site is amazing. I love Edgar Allan Poe. He is an amazing writer, and he leaves the people wondering and pondering... but yes. This site has helped me with my breakups, and my homework many of times. thanks bye"

signed 10 May 2007 10:28am | 592



from United States

"Great Site. Keep up the good work."

signed 10 May 2007 4:37am | 591


Jose A Machado

from America, Florida, Earth


signed 08 May 2007 2:37pm | 590



from milwaulkee

"I think edgar allan poe is one of the most talented authors that ever lived. He sent chills down my spine that few authors have succeeded in doing."

signed 08 May 2007 8:55am | 589



from New Mexico, US, Mars

"I love goth stories and i knew that Edgar Allan Poe would have some so i was just looking for a good web site [cuz i am too lazy to go to the library] and i found this one and ya its really good"

signed 07 May 2007 7:32pm | 588


bob pacella

from new eagle pa.

"great site. Poe was one of the all time greats. What a deep individual. The poem "Alone", is my most recent favorite."

signed 07 May 2007 12:56am | 587


catherine colon

from tallahassee

"this is a real cool website my class is studying edgar and i wanted to know as much as i can it is great"

signed 05 May 2007 8:45pm | 586



from Bronx, NY, Planet Earth

"Awesome site!"

signed 05 May 2007 7:12pm | 585



from Virginia

"I have just started reading Poe's works and I find this site an amazing help. I can't determine a favorite, I enjoy them all. Thank you, this is a great place!!"

signed 05 May 2007 1:39pm | 584


david gonzalez

from mexico,nuevo leon

"i like love poems to say them to the girls i know and double my dating and make them fall in love"

signed 04 May 2007 7:59pm | 583



from calafornia


signed 04 May 2007 5:59pm | 582



from Canada


signed 04 May 2007 3:26pm | 581



from mars

"hey whats up edgar i know yur dead and everything but what have you been up to?"

signed 03 May 2007 4:26pm | 580



from Uzbekistan, Tashkent

"I like your site. even though Poe is American writer students all over the world read his stories and I, an uzbek girl like his stories very much."

signed 03 May 2007 3:01pm | 579


Jorge Luis Ayarza

from Peru

"I like Poe's stories because they are interesting and have suspense."

signed 02 May 2007 7:51pm | 578



from NC, Bible Belt

"Thank you Robert this will be a great site for my research paper."

signed 02 May 2007 5:10pm | 577



from U.S.A., Chattanooga,TN

"thanks for the information for Mrs. Marters 5th block!!!!"

signed 02 May 2007 3:42pm | 576


Ridge L. Herrington

from Delhi,Louisiana

"Just needed help on my homework thanks"

signed 02 May 2007 11:46am | 575



from planet earth or mars forgot

"Hey this web site is kick butt. look'n good so far"

signed 01 May 2007 4:45pm | 574



from Norway

"I love the work of Edgar A. Poe. My favourite story is "the Black Cat". You have done some excellent work with this site. Regards, Oskar A. Næss"

signed 01 May 2007 5:44am | 573



from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Hi i love Edgar Allan Poe stories, especially the Raven and Tell-Tale Heart, i've never read the black cat so i'm going to read it tonight. By the way, i'm 14 years old! Great Site!"

signed 30 Apr 2007 10:48pm | 572


Sally Nelson

from Clinton, Iowa

"Thank you for this interesting and complete site. I am creating a webquest as an education assignment and am thrilled to link to your site."

signed 30 Apr 2007 12:03pm | 571




"Thank you very much for your homage to Poe. I'm also a Poe lover from Spain (not the Spain of The Pit and the Pendulum!!):D Like many others visitors Poe has been walking by my side, until my PhD. Your website is fantastic!! Congratulations Mery"

signed 29 Apr 2007 6:14pm | 570


Olivia Muniz

from Bronx, New York, 10466

"Edgar Allan Poe inspired me to write poetry the way I do, my favorite poem from him is "The Pit And The Pendulum" and "Alone". In the poem "Alone" you can have a mental vision of what he's saying."

signed 28 Apr 2007 10:27pm | 569



from del rio tx

"i fkin love u!!!"

signed 28 Apr 2007 4:00am | 568


lil nelly

from st.paul

"my fav poem is A Dream Within A Dream. the reason why i like this poem is because it shows a whole nother world through his eyes and when i read it i really saw it and it made me think about all of my dreams. everyone who has dreams it show them about their life and i think that is really cool."

signed 26 Apr 2007 2:37pm | 567



from united states


signed 26 Apr 2007 1:03pm | 566


Shmee, the rad

from Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe wrote wonderful stories and poety. And I like your site. Plus I get my name in a guestbook. Why shouldn't I sign?"

signed 26 Apr 2007 12:23pm | 565


Alana Rocha

from Brazil

"Great website! Love his stories ;D o/"

signed 25 Apr 2007 7:27pm | 564


Patricia Garcia

from El Paso Texas

"this site was very useful to me. I was doing research for a lit paper and needed some quick, easy to read material on Poe and this was just the right thing. THANKS! ! !"

signed 25 Apr 2007 1:19pm | 563


Sally Kraus

from MA USA

"I liked your site."

signed 25 Apr 2007 2:18am | 562



from Batesville, Arkansas

"Very good information about Poe and his life... used this site as a secondary source for a research paper, and I found it very helpful."

signed 24 Apr 2007 6:45pm | 561



from pluto

"i pretty much love this site... it is so cool i love freaks like edgar allan poe... I LOVE IT... BY GOD I LOVE THIS SITE...."

signed 24 Apr 2007 3:23pm | 560


Alicia Smith

from Canfield

"I really like the poem "Annabell Lee"!"

signed 24 Apr 2007 11:42am | 559



from georgia

"this website is awesome"

signed 24 Apr 2007 11:34am | 558


Toni Caivano

from Tennessee

"I just want to say that this site is absolutely amazing, perfect! It has everything I need to enjoy Poe! It's very clean and organized, along with being very well informed! I'm a sophomore in HS obsessed with his works, and this site is everything I've ever wanted and needed to write my term paper!"

signed 24 Apr 2007 10:40am | 557



from Colorado

"my favorite poem is Annabel Lee I think it tells the sadness of losing Virginia"

signed 24 Apr 2007 10:30am | 556



from Italy, Earth

"useful & beautiful :D bookmarked, tagged, shared, etc..."

signed 20 Apr 2007 11:20am | 554



from Michigan

"Awesome page, great source to find Poe poems to read and have reference to for english class. I am a high school student, looking for a few poems to help finish an english poetry project, this site is in my work cited page"

signed 20 Apr 2007 12:03am | 553


Sandy Wannabe

from Pluto (the non-planet)

"I rock... that is all. you super tanker!"

signed 19 Apr 2007 3:03pm | 552


arthur berger

from aventura, fl

"We met when you saw my play at the Galt Ocean Mile Library. I'd like to chat with you"

signed 19 Apr 2007 11:59am | 551


Jennifer kiruba Jawahar

from India

"At work and trying to revive memories from when i was young!"

signed 19 Apr 2007 2:47am | 550



from Chicago, IL

"Amazing site! I'm a huge Edgar Allan Poe fan!"

signed 18 Apr 2007 9:00pm | 549


heather crawford

from Sequatchie Tn 37374,USA

"very interesting pictures"

signed 18 Apr 2007 7:42pm | 548



from mandland

"I love his stories. so good!"

signed 18 Apr 2007 1:47pm | 547


Claudia Haase

from South Africa

"Thank you!!"

signed 18 Apr 2007 11:36am | 546



from mississippi

"this is a wonderful site... it really has lots of information that i needed about poe..."

signed 18 Apr 2007 9:15am | 545


Seymore Nuts

from Throatthrobe, PA

"I love this site, Poe is such a stud! If i was alive back then i'd smoke a bowl and write stories with him. I would've gotten him so baked i would steal his work and take all his credit. After he sobered up i would offer him a colt 45 forty and a shot of morphine just to help him ease his pain."

signed 17 Apr 2007 7:47pm | 544


lolla ahmed

from eygpt, alex

"great site guys . it's sooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooool . ok wish u all the best :D"

signed 17 Apr 2007 4:05pm | 543



from U.S, GA, Earth

"I am having to do a research project in english and this website is kick ass"

signed 17 Apr 2007 11:35am | 542


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