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from boston ma

"its a good website i liked how it was set up"

signed 08 Nov 2007 10:59am | 867


Reed McCord

from california

"good site"

signed 07 Nov 2007 10:46pm | 866



from usa

"poems are cool"

signed 07 Nov 2007 5:54pm | 865



from Pleasntville, Iowa, Earth

"hi hi hi hi ?? faoiwhef coaixjc fesxcypf szxcjfae lk afjoiwerj f iasodjfaoi wdfjais odfjoiawe fhpoiawuer fpoawiej opfaiwe fjoaerij foi efjio wjpeoif jweoif iwejf klas dfjlkasd jfoisdjf awoie fiowjeriofjweri fjwoiejrfoiw"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
At first I thought this might be a "Poe style" cryptogram but upon closer inspection, it appears there are too many of the same letter patterns. If anyone finds something different, email me.

signed 07 Nov 2007 3:06pm | 864



from rome

"hey poe is a really kool person"

signed 07 Nov 2007 9:30am | 862




"I think that Edgar Allen Poe was a great author and an inspiration to many great authors like himself. i also think its a shame that he died so early and how terrible his life was, but if it wasn't for these tragic events I think he wouldn't of written so well."

signed 07 Nov 2007 8:54am | 861



from US, MA

"i'm a big fan of poe, and this website is great."

signed 07 Nov 2007 8:35am | 860



from at a desk staring at a box

"poe is an inspiration to me and a lot of the people in my life. its sad that he died at such a young age. he could have done many more great things"

signed 06 Nov 2007 4:51pm | 859



from Texas

"i think edgar allan poe's stories r awesome. Theyre scary n mysterious n a great thing to read especially the tell tale heart n the black cat. we need more writers like him in america n around the world. Keep it up!!!!!!!!"

signed 06 Nov 2007 1:56pm | 858


Rayes Lopez

from SantaFe NM


signed 06 Nov 2007 1:19pm | 857


María Amelia Giles

from Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I'm a teacher of English at primary school and at an institute where students from a 4th level are reading Poe's stories. We're analyzing and discussing them. They are fascinated with Poe's sad life and the way he wrote such master pieces!"

signed 06 Nov 2007 1:01pm | 856


Shayla J. Jackson

from Columbus, Ohio U.S.A.

"Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorites because he was a normal person who went through their ups and downs just like any other person."

signed 06 Nov 2007 12:50pm | 855



from Georgia

"I like his work. His work is like horror written on paper."

signed 06 Nov 2007 10:12am | 854


Lyndsie duncan

from u.s.a.

"hey yawl!!! This is awesome!!!!!!"

signed 06 Nov 2007 8:34am | 853


carlo olivo

from Philippines


signed 06 Nov 2007 4:33am | 852


catherine a.baldos

from manila, philippines

"It was nice having found this site. I love reading works of Edgar Allan Poe, in fact it was my undergraduate thesis in college when I was taking up Bachelor of Arts major in English... thanks a lot"

signed 05 Nov 2007 7:34pm | 851


Tammie Regelean

from Sachse, TX

"Would love to see some video."

signed 05 Nov 2007 6:10pm | 850



from mars

"I am from mars and i love this web-site it is so accurate. i was his second wife they just don't write about me much."

signed 05 Nov 2007 3:24pm | 849


krystal melissa

from luella high

"geez. i love everything about poe. the way he looks... his style.. the way he writes... oh yes i love it all."

signed 05 Nov 2007 1:37pm | 848



from United states

"Very helpful site"

signed 05 Nov 2007 1:04pm | 847



from somewhereoutthere

"love this site, im also very curious about the coffin pic. Mr. Poe is by far the most intelligent, intriguing person in history. his genius is still not recognized enough. :)"

signed 05 Nov 2007 1:01pm | 846


Octavia Watts

from U.S. Texas Earth


signed 05 Nov 2007 11:49am | 845


Samantha Capito

from U.S. Kentucky, Earth.

"this site helped me with my english project."

signed 05 Nov 2007 10:58am | 844


David P-F

from Columbia City, Indiana

"I'm working on a research paper, and I think Poe is AWESOME!!"

signed 05 Nov 2007 10:46am | 843



from japan

"this is an awesome site!! we love poe!!"

signed 05 Nov 2007 10:15am | 842


Deny Haynes

from Ft. Worth TX

"Raven. #1, nothing less. Perfect symmetry, can be recited with a 4/4 beat, you can reach exciting high points again and again. It's filled with powerful descriptive words; "grim, ungainly, ghastly gaunt and ominous bird". Besides the symbolisms everyone can read about and the simple sad story. wow"

signed 04 Nov 2007 9:35pm | 841



from Austria, Europe

"I love Edgar Allen Poe and his books rock... OH KOOL PAGE!!"

signed 04 Nov 2007 8:17pm | 840



from Whitman, Massachusetts, USA

"Great collection of stories. I love using the vocabulary, though some of the words have changed meaning since the 1800's."

signed 04 Nov 2007 7:05pm | 839



from pennsylvania

"thank you so much. i am writing a poe-esque story for my American Lit class and your word list helped me tremendously. thank you for your dedication and hard work!"

signed 04 Nov 2007 11:11am | 838


jezeren alvarez

from philipines

"i love the horror stories im just 15 yrs old but i love EDGAR ALLAN POES BOOKS ...i love u p0e :p more p0wer thanks a lot!!!!!"

signed 04 Nov 2007 12:00am | 837



from Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorite artists. But some of his work is a little CREEPY!!!"

signed 03 Nov 2007 9:57pm | 836



from north carolina

"Edgar is my man of mystery. i also have a black cat named Pluto. i love e.a.p, i would die for this man. One day we shall be together forever!!"

signed 03 Nov 2007 8:23pm | 835


abygail garcia

from San antonio, TX

"Man i love Edgar Allan Poe's poems, and my favorite is Annabell Lee! We miss you and your talent!"

signed 02 Nov 2007 10:21pm | 833



from U.S.A, LA

"I've never been one to read in my whole life until i read his poems! They are truly magnificent."

signed 02 Nov 2007 7:45pm | 832


michele garcia

from miami

"i think his stories and poems are very powerful and only understood if u take the time and read them thoroughly. i love his writing."

signed 02 Nov 2007 7:34pm | 831



from USA, PA, Earth

"This website is awesome! Poe if you visit this website that's awesome! I love all of your work!!! : )"

signed 02 Nov 2007 7:21pm | 830


Tristen H.

from U.S.

"Edgar allen poe is the best ever. my favs are the tell-tale heart and the black cat!!!!!"

signed 02 Nov 2007 6:17pm | 829


Dayla James

from USA, Mo., Earth duh.

"I am 13 years old and in my literary class we read two short stories written by him and ever since i've been interested"

signed 02 Nov 2007 5:34pm | 828


Cady Cooper

from U.S.A

"Yea my English class read the "Black Cat" and I was sooo interested that I had to read more of his work."

signed 02 Nov 2007 4:46pm | 827



from romania

"edgar allan poe is great"

signed 02 Nov 2007 2:26pm | 826


corey leddon

from georgia, us

"well organized site"

signed 02 Nov 2007 8:00am | 825



from Mobile Alabama

"We Bryant High School Drama Students just finished performing Poe, Poe, Poe! which was about his life and some of his works. We were all very upset at how this man was treated and I love his stories, poems, everything. We will never forget Edgar Allan Poe here in BHS Drama."

signed 02 Nov 2007 7:36am | 824



from Edmondon ab Canada

"i like his writing since school"

signed 01 Nov 2007 11:50pm | 823



from washington

"i love edger allan poe. i read a tell tale heart and loved it and then i read the raven and i wanted to read more and i plan to read them all."

signed 01 Nov 2007 8:47pm | 822



from The Land of Awesome

"Ah, Poe how beautiful his writings are."

signed 01 Nov 2007 2:40pm | 821


Jeffrey Shoemaker

from Lima, Ohio

"I throughly enjoyed your website. I love that at the end of each story is the definitions. I am a teacher, and it helps to have the definitions when trying to help students with comprehension. Poe has always been one of my favorite authors. I love the suspense, irony, and horror of his stories."

signed 01 Nov 2007 9:16am | 820



from new york

"hey i love ur books *angie*"

signed 01 Nov 2007 8:51am | 819



from In my house

"I just started to like edgar!! he's so awesome and such a good writer! our english teacher let us watch a documentary of edgar allan poe!! >.< ...he's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<"

signed 01 Nov 2007 12:53am | 818



from US, MA

"Just a fan of Poe, and this is a great web site."

signed 31 Oct 2007 2:44pm | 817



from united states virginia earth


signed 31 Oct 2007 12:00pm | 816


Jorden Marsengill

from USA North C, Earth lol

"you site rocks! i used it to finish one of my projects! ty!"

signed 31 Oct 2007 11:51am | 815



from Maryland

"I am a home school mom and I'm introducing Mr. Poe's short stories. They are learning that Mr. Poe was a master in having the five elements of a short story."

signed 30 Oct 2007 8:58pm | 814



from Lincoln, IL, U.S., Earth

"I had to do a research paper on Poe, and this was the website I kept going back to. You guys are GREAT!!!!"

signed 30 Oct 2007 7:21pm | 813



from U.S

"i love this site! i am doing a project on Edgar Allan Poe, and this site helped me soo much!!! My favorite short story is the Tell-Tale Heart because it is like a myth that could become actual life. Thanx for letting me be able to use your site! Once again LoVe ThE sItE!!!!"

signed 30 Oct 2007 6:59pm | 812


peter svoboda

from arizona

"I recently purchased a good book with many of edgar allan poe's poems and tales in it called "the complete tales and poems of edgar allan poe". I recommend checking this book out. it has many of his most famous poems like the raven and many good stories like the tell-tale heart. maybe you will like it."

signed 30 Oct 2007 3:43pm | 811


Katie Schmidt

from Slippery Rock Pennsylvania US

"I first read Edgar Allen Poe stories in school and I love them. Thanks for all the great stories for me to read."

signed 30 Oct 2007 2:59pm | 810


kayla davis

from DesArc

"i love edgar allen poe and all of his stories. i wish that i had a chance to meet him it would have been a great pleasure. But i just wanted him to know that he is admired."

signed 30 Oct 2007 2:37pm | 809



from U.S., oregon, earth

"Poe's works are interesting"

signed 30 Oct 2007 1:14pm | 808



from texas

"I love EDGAR ALLAN POES BOOKS they are soooooooooo interesting"

signed 30 Oct 2007 12:03pm | 807



from New Jersey

"I have recently become a lover of Poe as I was tutoring my niece in her English lit classes. I am now hooked!!! Thanks for all the info and your hard work compiling this info."

signed 29 Oct 2007 8:35pm | 806



from Texas, USA

"This site is very useful. I still don't know where Gilead is, though. May want to post something on here to give more info to readers. Keep up the great work! I love the site!"

signed 29 Oct 2007 8:05pm | 805


Violet B.

from nowhere

"I just want to say that there should be more sites like yours. I'm 16 years old and i am one of the few high schoolers in my area who is truly interested in Poe's work. I find him mysterious and frightening, yet relatable. He was truly a literary genius. Thanks so much for this site! ~Violet"

signed 29 Oct 2007 4:11pm | 803


altonika wallace

from orange texas

"i love your page"

signed 29 Oct 2007 12:48pm | 802



from Georgia

"This site helped me alot with my Poe report!!! Thanks!!!"

signed 28 Oct 2007 4:30pm | 801


Susan Hancock

from Birmingham


signed 27 Oct 2007 11:37pm | 800


milDREAD Prometheus Cumberdale

from an oblong box...

"Poe is the LOVE of my life!!!"

signed 26 Oct 2007 2:10pm | 799


Zak armstrong

from oregon

"I love the Angel of the Odd!!! i've never been much on reading until i got a hold of a good teacher and some of Poe's stories, and this site helped me find them! thanks"

signed 26 Oct 2007 12:48pm | 798



from arizona, phoenix

"Edgar Allan Poe, you inspire me."

signed 26 Oct 2007 1:07am | 797


Katie Hunt

from the universe of poe.

"Edgar Allan Poe- A true inspiration to me! Such beautiful writing skills he had, and such a sad life. He is my hero!"

signed 25 Oct 2007 6:06pm | 795



from egypt

"i love edgar allan poe."

signed 25 Oct 2007 11:43am | 794


Andrew Moorehead

from US,FL,Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe rules!"

signed 25 Oct 2007 11:07am | 793



from virginia graham high school

"This site really helped me with my English project and its a great way to learn stuff about poe :)"

signed 25 Oct 2007 11:07am | 792



from Wisconsin

"This site is rocking. I love Poe's works, and this site lets me access them whenever I please. Nice work! And Thanks! Rock On!

signed 24 Oct 2007 3:02pm | 790


brandon handley

from huntsville al

"this site really helped me a lot with research"

signed 24 Oct 2007 9:21am | 789



from maryland

"I want to learn some cool things about edgar allan poe and discovered your web site."

signed 23 Oct 2007 9:38pm | 788



from Sweden

"This is a very great site that makes the works of this innovative writer and poet available. "The Tell-tale Heart" is my favourite story by Poe, and one of the greatest short stories written in the English language. A shame he died young and in misery, recognized posthumously."

signed 23 Oct 2007 5:11pm | 787


ryder cox

from carthage,missouri

"you rock. i love your stories you rock"

signed 23 Oct 2007 2:57pm | 786


Alex Welch

from USA, Oregon, Hillsboro

"I love the tell tale heart, it is my favorite because the first time i heard it was in 8th grade on Halloween. My teacher took us under the stage and into the gun range, the lights were off with only candles burning, the story was to be played off a tape recorder. it was eerie, but a lot of fun."

signed 23 Oct 2007 2:24pm | 785



from shelbyville

"poe rocks!!!!!!!!"

signed 23 Oct 2007 11:14am | 784


Vanika Robinson

from United States, AR, Earth,

"hey jus stoppin bye to show some love to all the poets. I'm one myself. my little sis, best friend, and I all write about 18 poems a day about love and just normal things that go about from day to day. Well hopefully we'll be up here with Edgar one day and have our own website. Wish us luck!!!!!!"

signed 23 Oct 2007 9:38am | 782



from south carolina

"His stories are very interesting, and this site really helped me for a project I have due."

signed 23 Oct 2007 8:45am | 781



from ontario, canada

"I've never read any of Poe's writing, but I had an English Teacher who compared my poetry to Poe. Your site is incredible, I love that I can read so much of his works! Thank you!"

signed 23 Oct 2007 1:16am | 780


Marion Hughes

from de usa

"I'm sure I'll like it!!"

signed 22 Oct 2007 7:14pm | 779



from fort worth,texas,earth

"wow!!!! I like the raven, tell-tale hart and anabel lee! this site helped me a lot!!!!!"

signed 22 Oct 2007 6:24pm | 778



from tennesee

"This site helped me soo much on doing a reading assignment!!! Thank you and my Teacher Mrs Haze says thank you"

signed 22 Oct 2007 1:57pm | 777


Toni Eller

from Little River Ks.

"I re-read The Tell-Tale Heart for the 4th or 5th time since the first; some 20 years ago. It still leaves me with a chill. I love Poe and am so glad he left us with his spine-tingling brilliant writings."

signed 22 Oct 2007 10:59am | 776



from california

"the fall of the house of usher is my favorite.."

signed 22 Oct 2007 9:49am | 775


Briana Wilkes

from United states, ohio,

"I love this site! It is good for research! I got on to find info for a school project. My favorite by Poe is The Raven!!"

signed 21 Oct 2007 6:52pm | 773



from The Beach

"I really don't like poe so much. He has a REALLY big vocabulary and I can't understand his stuff. But that was b4. I had 2 do a report on one of his stories and it couldn't be The Black Cat, The Tell-Tale Heart or the Cask of Amontillado which are the easiest ones. Your site helped me soo much. thx!!"

signed 21 Oct 2007 3:55pm | 772



from Hialeah, Fl, US, North America

"I think Poe was the most talented horror/mystery/whatever writer who ever lived. Too bad his love died and one thing led to another and he died... But he's still great- Living forever in our hearts."

signed 20 Oct 2007 3:22pm | 771


Ariel Gómez

from Argentina, TDF, Ushuaia

"This site is really good, and I can really see how Poe can still be alive through his stories and memories, with the help of people like you."

signed 20 Oct 2007 1:51pm | 770



from Ohio

"Edgar Allan Poe is my inspriation to writing MY poetry."

signed 19 Oct 2007 11:38pm | 768



from powell, tn

"This site helped me figure out who Poe was and understand my reading a little better. Poe is such a great author and taught me a lot. Thank you so much!!!"

signed 19 Oct 2007 8:24pm | 767



from ohio

"This guy wrote many great stories!! my favorite would be Anabel Lee and the Murders of the rue morgue."

signed 19 Oct 2007 4:56pm | 766



from florida

"this a perfect site for information on a report for edgar allan poe"

signed 19 Oct 2007 1:27pm | 765



from El Dorado, KS

"I am taking Children's lit and would like to explore some Poe stories."

signed 19 Oct 2007 11:56am | 764


Brooke Bougher

from Glasgow Pa

"Hey good book. I really like it. Its really nice. Good job. Good going."

signed 19 Oct 2007 11:24am | 763



from united states, delta , ohio

"man i love poe even though he is a little hard to understand"

signed 19 Oct 2007 10:57am | 762



from Clifton park, ny

"I really like this site! i love the works of Edgar allan Poe and it's awesome that this site shows so much about him. I only wish he wrote more before he died. My fav poem of his was the Raven, I think that was kool."

signed 19 Oct 2007 9:32am | 761



from California

"omg omg omg omg I LOVE ZU POE U ROCK"

signed 18 Oct 2007 10:51pm | 760


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