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from Pluto (yes, It is a planet)

"greetings from pluto. this website rox"

signed 23 Dec 2007 4:13pm | 980


Andy Leeck

from Iowa

"This is a very professional, educational website and I cant thank you enough for posting all of this free of charge. This has helped me greatly thank you. Good job."

signed 20 Dec 2007 9:35am | 979


G Bechman

from Des Moines, Iowa

"Great site, very informative and well designed page. Thanks for taking the time to create it."

signed 20 Dec 2007 3:23am | 978



from United States, Illinois.


signed 19 Dec 2007 8:45pm | 977



from Cluj

"This is the best Edgar Allan Poe site that I have found, after searching extensively for a couple of days. My favorite of his works is The Fall of the House of Usher. It's perfectly written, and wonderful to read on a dark night."

signed 18 Dec 2007 9:08pm | 976


Christy Alvarado

from Santa Maria, California, USA

"Edgar Allan Poe has his dark writing style that is freaky on some level but is also interesting and i appreciate his work."

signed 18 Dec 2007 2:41pm | 975



from Buffalo, New York

"I'm doing a research project on Poe and I was the first one to pick him. He's a good writer and should have had a better life then the one he had. I might do a movie short for my class."

signed 18 Dec 2007 9:11am | 974


Jack Michael Lowery

from Knoxville, TN

"Officially used for my 11th grade poetry research paper."

signed 17 Dec 2007 9:26pm | 973


B. Blackburn

from Colorado

"Thanks so much for this site, it is very organized and I found exactly what I needed for my paper. Great job! The design of the site is quite spectacular as well."

signed 17 Dec 2007 4:47pm | 972



from Romania

"I admire your fine site. It's appropriate for such a great writer."

signed 17 Dec 2007 2:59pm | 971


marco casanova

from italy

"Edgar Allen Poe is a great writer."

signed 17 Dec 2007 1:12pm | 970



from Mars, Sagnasty

"I am doing a research project on Edgar Allan Poe, and this is about the third time. I just love his work! I hope to one day see one of the museums. He really speaks to me. I could read everything that he has written, and still want more!"

signed 16 Dec 2007 4:21pm | 969



from US,Tx

"even though i'm only 15 i'm fascinated with Poe's work"

signed 16 Dec 2007 1:20pm | 968



from brazil

"Allan Poe is a great writer. i love his short stores."

signed 15 Dec 2007 5:14pm | 967


sheelagh ullivan

from louisiana

"Just happened by, I think it's a very good source. Thanks."

signed 14 Dec 2007 11:31pm | 966



from Fairfield,Ohio

"It is a very good site to get pictures for the school project"

signed 14 Dec 2007 4:07pm | 965



from bloody hills, California

"Edgar Allan Poe was one hell of writer... I like the poem The Raven because it's very descriptive and mysterious."

signed 14 Dec 2007 1:03pm | 964



from las vegas nevada

"The poem Annabel Lee was given to me by my husband when we were dating. He loved it, and this Christmas day will be our 37th wedding anniversary. I had it in my wallet for years till it faded. Never thought of checking here for it. Thank you so much. We will both have it."

signed 14 Dec 2007 11:34am | 963



from R.Macedonia

"this site is great. I just love Poe and I'm very happy that i found a site like this."

signed 14 Dec 2007 5:09am | 961



from somewhere, cali, u.s

"poe is a very strange writer which makes his stories quite interesting! :)"

signed 14 Dec 2007 12:46am | 960


Akito Blackwolf

from Douglasville

"Edgar Allen Poe is the absolute greatest writer ever! I absolutely love the poem Annabel Lee. Its beautiful and romantic but at the same time very dark. Just like everything he writes!"

signed 13 Dec 2007 7:13pm | 959



from California

"This site was a great resource for my recent research paper. I'll forget this site "Nevermore""

signed 13 Dec 2007 3:59pm | 958


Natasta Norrod

from USA, GA., Earth (Duh)

"Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite Romanticism Author. He Rocks!!!"

signed 13 Dec 2007 3:00pm | 957


meighgan ashli dempsey

from florence

"poe your stories are phenomenal and exciting and full of suspense. i was in awe when i read your tales. what year did you start writing your stories? I love reading your stories"

signed 13 Dec 2007 12:53pm | 956



from South Carolina

"I really enjoy this website, everything is really organized although I didn't seem to find the story "William Wilson" on here."

signed 13 Dec 2007 10:21am | 955



from California

"By far the best story by Poe is the Tell tale heart. It owns."

signed 12 Dec 2007 6:35pm | 954



from Poland

"Thank you for this website! I'm writing my MA thesis on Poe."

signed 11 Dec 2007 4:29pm | 953



from U.S.

"Awesome site! I'm using this site to help me with my report. I'm crediting you of course."

signed 11 Dec 2007 3:00pm | 952



from united states

"this is the best poe site i've seen thank you"

signed 11 Dec 2007 2:19pm | 951


Andrea Banks

from U.s. Earth...

"Yea this site is pretty cool and it helped me in my homework quite a bit so thanks! Poe is a genius so you did a good job at showing it."

signed 10 Dec 2007 3:15pm | 950



from Hearne tx

"These poems rock"

signed 10 Dec 2007 11:35am | 948


AD sabry

from cairo,egypt

"my favorite story for poe is "masque of the red death", i think its best story poe ever wrote, the idea; description; everything."

signed 10 Dec 2007 1:53am | 947



from Pittsbrugh, Pa.

"Poe always finds some way to relax me..."

signed 09 Dec 2007 10:22pm | 946



from Earth

"I'm only a young teenager but i still love his writing. We have just started this topic in my Lit. class and i felt something different with this poet. I love his deep, dark thoughts. This has opened my eyes to a different type of poetry"

signed 09 Dec 2007 1:57pm | 945


Zaynah May

from new jersery

"Edgar Allan Poe is the greatest writer of all time. When i read his poetry i feel like i'm somewhere else. Sometimes i can even relate to them. His writing has even effected my writing style. Edgar Allan Poe is inspiration to writers everywhere."

signed 08 Dec 2007 3:07pm | 944



from South Carolina

"Edgar Allen Poe is a great writer. His thoughts are well thought out. I love his poem Dream within a Dream. It really makes you think about life in a different perspective."

signed 07 Dec 2007 2:14pm | 942



from U.S.

"Dream Within A Dream really spoke to me and even now i can relate to it. He took something and made it so that whatever time period it is, it still is an inspiration."

signed 07 Dec 2007 1:15pm | 941



from Wichita Ks

"I luv Edgar Allan Poe so much... He totally rocks!!!!"

signed 07 Dec 2007 12:49pm | 940


Ro0d!e H.

from Pluto

"I like the Raven because its holding so much meaning that you have to reveal yourself. its very well written and the story has more to it than what meets the eye."

signed 06 Dec 2007 9:48pm | 939



from michgan

"Can anyone tell me how he died?"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Read this article

signed 06 Dec 2007 6:26pm | 938


Michael Kulibabo

from Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA

"I love Edgar Allan Poe, he is one of my favorite macabre authors. He will never be forgotten."

signed 04 Dec 2007 7:04pm | 935



from Griffin,Georgia

"Edgar Allen Poe is a very good poem writer. i really like his poems!"

signed 04 Dec 2007 5:47pm | 934


Stephanie Baka

from pennsylvania usa

"This site is great... it helped a lot on my English project... thanks"

signed 04 Dec 2007 9:16am | 933


Briana Bickel

from La Junta Co

"You do have a way with words... You know the way a crazy person thinks."

signed 03 Dec 2007 5:05pm | 932



from Foley, Alabama

"Edgar Allan Poe is so awesome. His poems rock!"

signed 03 Dec 2007 9:49am | 931



from Alabama

"i loved this site. i like to read EAP's work. he is one of my favorite authors!!!!!!! he is AWESOME!"

signed 02 Dec 2007 10:28pm | 930


Michelle Jacobs

from United Kingdom

"I recently bought a book of Daguerreotypes, which features one of Poe. It was my search for more Daguerreotypes of Poe that led me here. Your site is true gold mine of information and a wonderful shrine to Poe's memory. Thank you!"

signed 02 Dec 2007 12:35pm | 929



from Texas, Earth

"Deep pain, deep emotion, deep suffering, deep love it makes me fear my own tears. RIP Edgar Allen Poe."

signed 01 Dec 2007 1:47pm | 928



from lawrence

"i love his stories and i want to know way more"

signed 01 Dec 2007 12:56pm | 927


Summer Morphine

from Washington

"Poe is an amazing writer and poet. If i could be like anyone i would love to be like him. What Poe writes seriously like grabs you attention from start to finish. I'm so glad this site is up because it gives me the opportunity to read all of his amazing work and pass it on to my friends. =] Summer <3"

signed 30 Nov 2007 10:59pm | 925


Evan Hellman

from Findlay Ohio, Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is still I think the best writer I have read from. I am not one to read a lot but when I sit down and read something written by him I won't put it down until I have read it two or three times. Then, I'll read something else by Poe."

signed 30 Nov 2007 12:08pm | 923



from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Poe's writing has inspired me and my lil sis who is 14 to write stories and books which has deep meanings. just like Poe's"

signed 30 Nov 2007 4:58am | 922



from Earth

"This website is so cool. I found all the stuff I need for my English project. I think I will get a 100% on this 60pt. project. My teacher will be so proud."

signed 29 Nov 2007 8:36pm | 921


Rachel Lossianas

from Djibouti, England

"I am currently in grade 10, and am doing a power point presentation on Edgar Allan Poe. Your site has a vast collection of his work, and I greatly appreciate it! Poe was and is a wonderful poet and literary genius! Keep up the good work!"

signed 29 Nov 2007 8:04pm | 920



from tucson az

"I found "The system of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Feather" to be very confusing at first glance. I now understand the story but only after much thought. It now makes complete and total sense to me. I often find myself wondering how Poe was able to come up with his stories."

signed 29 Nov 2007 2:54pm | 919



from Planet Earth, Poland

"I love Edgar Allan Poe. he is so cool and writes really well! Ashley thinks he is cute, I just know that he is a really good writer. I have read all of his poems, and I'm working on his stories. We did a unit in school and I can not wait to rent his movies! Give him a try he is great. He had a hard life."

signed 29 Nov 2007 12:17pm | 918



from Florida, USA

"Edgar Allan Poe is a great writer. Its really cool reading his poems and short stories because the writing is just so good. Its indescribable. A few things are a little too dark and strange or demented for me, but the rest are really good. I love to read his stories."

signed 29 Nov 2007 12:15pm | 917



from chicago, ill, 60617

"i love your poetry!!!"

signed 29 Nov 2007 11:11am | 915


Jessi Allen Parkenson

from Unkown currently...

"Wonderful site. It really adds what is needed in Poe's fan's wishlists. Be that none of the others, though slain into depths of no farther than hell, though not the latter, are as bright and witted as none than thyself. -JAP"

signed 29 Nov 2007 10:31am | 914



from New Jersey

"Edgar Allan Poe is my hero. i want to be a writer similar to him, but i'm failing most of my classes to focus on my writing. i feel as if i no longer care about my school work. all i do is write short stories and poems. i write things like he did. when im older i want to write short horror stories like him.."

signed 29 Nov 2007 9:56am | 913


concepcion gomez

from from houston, txas

"edgar allan poe is a great writer i love his work. im sort of a writer myself but what i write and what he writes is so different that i dont really know why i like his work but anyway his work is great"

signed 28 Nov 2007 4:51pm | 912



from San Antonio Texas Earth

"your website is the best. thanks. =)"

signed 28 Nov 2007 1:46pm | 911


ZJ olsen

from USA

"Great site. Really helpful"

signed 27 Nov 2007 2:52pm | 910



from new york

"Edgar Allan Poe can write about things from deep within and that makes him a really good writer. he is soo deep and shows what would be ur fear."

signed 26 Nov 2007 10:22pm | 909



from Colorado, USA

"Edgar Allan Poe is a great writer!! I love how he is so descriptive and puts vivid descriptions in your head. I am doing a persuasive essay in English on Poe. I am supporting the idea that he was a genius.

"Convinced myself, I seek not to convince."
-Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 26 Nov 2007 9:45pm | 908



from California

"Edgar Allen Poe is an amazing author. His stories and poems are not only fun to read, but they take hold over you. Once you start reading, its nearly impossible to stop. The Tell-Tale Heart totally rocks. I just finished my report about it. lol"

signed 26 Nov 2007 9:33pm | 907



from robe

"i see dead people"

signed 26 Nov 2007 2:31pm | 906


baydaa gaber

from cairo


signed 26 Nov 2007 1:57pm | 905



from usa, florida

"loved the story about the insane asylum. insanity to me is a form of possession (demonic) so it always has a scary supernatural feel around it. the screams... the laughter thats not so funny... those eyes... there's nothing sweet about a lunatic..."

signed 26 Nov 2007 7:07am | 904



from Slovakia

"I added this website to my bookmarks lol"

signed 25 Nov 2007 12:33am | 903


hananish joy g. odarve

from philippines

"poe is the best... and this site gives justice to all his works"

signed 22 Nov 2007 4:48am | 902



from USA, NY, 10926

"I Love Edgar Allen Poe, He must have been a genius to have written such enticing stories & poems. I read a collection of his stories, and I read it like three times. I Love E.A.P!!"

signed 21 Nov 2007 4:40pm | 901



from new jersey

"edgar allan poe is just amazing! we just read a tell-tale heart in class and it's totally my favorite short story! i'm doing my english report on him!"

signed 20 Nov 2007 12:51pm | 900



from pacific, MO

"i just love edgar allan poe's stories. they just grab a hold of you and never let go."

signed 19 Nov 2007 6:36pm | 899



from The Dark Heart

"Edgar Allen Poe I must say is one of the best writers there are in the world of poets. I'm almost like a Mr. Poe myself. But he is totally awesome and his work is outstanding."

signed 19 Nov 2007 4:20pm | 898



from Croatia

"E.A.Poe is a genius, and this site just proves it, and is a great portal into the work and mind of one of the most mysterious and bizarre enigmas this world has ever seen. Thanks for making the site and maintaining it, I've been using it as a reliable source of info for some time now. :)"

signed 19 Nov 2007 3:49pm | 897


Tyler Chappell

from Alabama

"Edgar Allan Poe is one of the weirdest artists "in a good way" that I have every read."

signed 19 Nov 2007 2:41pm | 896



from creedmoor, northcarolina

"Poe had a twisted mind but i think that's what i like about his stories. i sometimes think like that too."

signed 19 Nov 2007 8:55am | 894


Brittany Beaver

from hayesville n.c

"i love EAP with all my heart, and i try to learn as much as i can about him. i do not only use this website just to get a good report, my school does not even study poetry!! i write my own poetry, it is all dark romance or eap. what can i say? ...i'm obsessed!! i am his real lenore!!!"

signed 18 Nov 2007 8:18pm | 893


Zachary Lawson

from Spamalot, Jupiter

"Poe is a good teacher of the fact that man is is own enemy in bringing about his downfall. The Black Cat is a good example. He is undoubtedly the best horror writer of the 19th century."

signed 17 Nov 2007 11:07pm | 892



from chicago

"he inspires me"

signed 17 Nov 2007 9:27pm | 891



from Fayetteville, North Carolina

"Though his life and death was tragic... his work will live "Forevermore". This site is one of the best I've seen."

signed 17 Nov 2007 9:02pm | 890



from Missoula, MT

"This place is ABSOLUTELY perfect!!! We are doing a huge project on Poe, and this is the only place I have been going for everything!!! The Purloined Letter, it's just so intricate; most definitely not turning out how I expected. It's magnificent!"

signed 16 Nov 2007 9:46pm | 889




"edgar allan poe is the best author i've ever read. he knew how to make your mind wonder."

signed 15 Nov 2007 7:24pm | 888



from west salem ohio

"the dream within in a dream was the best poem i have ever read! i also liked the romance poem he wrote!!"

signed 15 Nov 2007 1:25pm | 887


Ima Weener

from Tallahasee Utah, USA

"This website is the best ever!"

signed 14 Nov 2007 8:44pm | 886



from Australia

"Thank you for this excellent site. It really helped me complete my assignment"

signed 14 Nov 2007 6:27pm | 884


Lisa Mondragon

from South America, US, human

"Hey what's up dew. What is it like to be death? Why the HELL did you do all this crazy sh*t while you was alive? Keep in touch dew where ever the hell you are at!!!"

signed 14 Nov 2007 11:30am | 882


Neil White

from United States

"Edgar Allan Poe is the S**T. I like some of his poems but i really like the horror stories. Oh yeah one more thing i heard that Virginia was 12 years old not 13.

[Edit: Virginia Clemm was born on August 22, 1822. They were married before her 14th birthday, in May of 1836. -Rob G]"

signed 14 Nov 2007 8:53am | 880



from Iowa

"I love this site. Now I can read more of his stories which is great."

signed 13 Nov 2007 10:01pm | 879



from australia

"i love his stories and books!!!! THEY ARE SO AWESOME!!!! ANYWAYZ.... HE IS SO COOL... AND RATED "R" HAHAHAHAHA =)"

signed 13 Nov 2007 5:29pm | 878


Taylor A. S.

from Sumter,South Carolina, Mars

"I love this site. It is the best Edgar Allan Poe site I have found. It helped me a lot with my report."

signed 12 Nov 2007 8:22pm | 877


ms. ramlah yaman

from johore, west malaysia

"I am an Eng teacher and an avid reader of short stories. I love to read works by the early writers like Maupassant and Poe. Poe's language forces me to use the dictionary thus enriches my lexis. This is an informative site."

signed 12 Nov 2007 7:33pm | 876



from ohio

"edgar allan poe had the amazing ability to reach into the depths of mans mind and find the one thing thing man fears..... fear itself. enveloped in paradox and irony poe is one of the most phenomenal writers that has ever called earth home."

signed 11 Nov 2007 10:14pm | 875



from earth

"Edgar Allen Poe is the best horror short story writer i have ever heard of. i love his stories especially the tell tale heart! that one is my favorite!!!"

signed 10 Nov 2007 9:46pm | 874


sebastian shockey

from cheatham tn

"i love him"

signed 09 Nov 2007 5:45pm | 872


Joseph Sheahan

from Springfield, Georgia

"if ya got the stories on audio that would be the s**t... i hate to read the best stories... it takes the scare away. =-p"

signed 09 Nov 2007 2:34pm | 871



from decatur ill

"i jus luv Edgar Allan Poe he is so awesome."

signed 09 Nov 2007 2:10pm | 870



from new york

"my favorite story from edgar allen poe's collection is the pit and the pendulum. he is one of my most favorite authors. he knows how to scare the @$#& out of u"

signed 09 Nov 2007 9:26am | 869


Kandyce Martin

from Planet Earth

"I think that the man was disturbed but thats just me"

signed 08 Nov 2007 6:35pm | 868


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100 signatures per page - 17,887 total