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from phoenix az u.s.a

"the raven"

signed 17 Apr 2007 10:55am | 541



from america

"hello i'm doin a report on edgar allan poe!!! yay and im gona get an "a""

signed 17 Apr 2007 9:11am | 540



from planet of the confused

"I love Edgar Allan Poe and this site makes me love him all the more."

signed 16 Apr 2007 9:40pm | 539



from Ohio

"Poe is definitely my idol. hes so dark but yet has so much heart... just like me..."

signed 16 Apr 2007 9:12am | 538



from coldwater, mi, us

"your website is wonderful it has everything you need. and you don't have to go to the library! Thanks!"

signed 16 Apr 2007 12:45am | 537


Frank Roman

from SE USA

"I can still recall with deep fondness those long solitary hours in the city library, in my favorite alcove and barely a teen, lost in reverie with the works of Edgar Allan Poe. What a wonderful website."

signed 15 Apr 2007 11:55pm | 536



from us florida

"i love the raven !!!!!!! i love his work !!!! and i love this site good job !!!!!!!!"

signed 15 Apr 2007 9:21am | 535


K. M. Srinivasan

from Kerala, India

"I'm a big fan of Poe's work. And this site is just great! Its very informative. Thanks."

signed 14 Apr 2007 5:41pm | 534


Jill, aka Ace

from Texas

"Great site you have here!! Poe is truly an incredible writer and such an inspiration for a humble artist. :)"

signed 12 Apr 2007 10:56pm | 533


david dalby

from us tucson ,az

"i love edgar allan poe with my whole heart he makes me smile"

signed 12 Apr 2007 5:16pm | 532


Anderson Volpato

from Brazil São Paulo

"Hello! congratulations for this site. It is very organized and clear."

signed 11 Apr 2007 3:19pm | 531



from Mauritius

"Yeah I think I should tell that "The Fall of The House of Usher" is outstanding. When I read it for the first time it was boring but when I read it some more it became slowly an addict of reading it more. Well it was simply unbeatable..."

signed 10 Apr 2007 1:31am | 530



from Richmond, Virginia USA

"High school teacher, just browsing. Looks great so far!"

signed 09 Apr 2007 11:41pm | 529



from mars

"Wow, this site is awesome!"

signed 09 Apr 2007 11:40pm | 528



from Richmond, Virginia USA

"High school teacher, just browsing. Looks great so far!"

signed 09 Apr 2007 9:59pm | 527



from Sacramento

"I read the story about The Tell-Tale Heart and I thought I was going to have a heart attack my heart was beating so fast, thanks for the story I really enjoyed it and hate to read."

signed 09 Apr 2007 12:56pm | 526



from Winnipeg

"Edgar is amazing"

signed 05 Apr 2007 1:53pm | 524


Lydia m. M.


"I am SOOOOO truly grateful for such a complete site on all of anything on mr. Poe. I cannot believe what a tragic and beautiful life he led. I've been reading his works since 4th grade when I first heard of him I am a junior in high school. Bless the creator of this lovely lovely site!!!"

signed 05 Apr 2007 1:03pm | 523


Elizabeth McBee

from United States

"Having to do a Style Essay on Poe finding this site has been a life saver. It's like a one stop shopping place all about Poe. I sent it to my classmates to help them as well. Thanks... the Website is awesome... very well put together."

signed 03 Apr 2007 10:27pm | 522


brianna stacy

from mars

"this site is cool. we're cooler. that bird looks like he is pooping. EA Poe was kinda emo. hey that rhymed. woo. yeah. so. hmmmm. we rock. i spelled that wrong 3 times, but i fixed it. no worries. we rock, you're jelaous. k bye."

signed 03 Apr 2007 10:20am | 520


Kristine S.

from TRF, Minnesota

"I love this website! I'm currently studying Edgar Allan Poe and all his great work. For my American Literature Project, I'm doing mine on Poe. He's very inspiring and most of all a very talented writer. Even though he isn't physically alive, his soul on all his writings still lives on even after his"

signed 31 Mar 2007 4:39pm | 519


Melanie P. Lohfink

from Louisiana, USA

"As a high school English teacher who absolutely adores POE, I love your website. I teach a good bit of his poems and his short stories including "The Sphinx," "The Oval Portrait," "The Black Cat" to only name a few. I have a link to your site on my class's webpage. Thanks for a great site!"

signed 29 Mar 2007 3:10pm | 518


Poe JR

from Brooklyn

"cool site."

signed 26 Mar 2007 9:08pm | 517



from egypt

"hi all, thank you for ur great efforts done in this wonderful job. this work will stay as a reference for generation after generation.
good luck thanks"

signed 26 Mar 2007 1:49pm | 516



from West Virginia

"I love all his stories but the one i like the best is The Tale Tell Heart"

signed 26 Mar 2007 9:06am | 515


Omar Hammodat

from Jordan, Amman

"Well .. i'm Omar Hammodat, Designer and Communications eng. i like this site and stories inside .. Thank you, yours Omar"

signed 26 Mar 2007 2:58am | 514



from New York

"Thanks for the great, well organized Poe site! Beautiful to look at and great for research."

signed 25 Mar 2007 12:30am | 513


Christina Tringides

from Ames, IA

"If Poe was alive now, the world would be amazing. My favorite work is The Raven. The Genius of this author is intertwined amongst every word... wow!"

signed 24 Mar 2007 11:15pm | 512


Michelle Brownlee

from Florida Keys, FL, USA

"I find this site fascinating. I have really enjoyed coming into it over and over to see what I missed before.. I used to buy corned beef from the deli across the street from Poe's house in Baltimore (where I'm from), I've always been fascinated with Poe's complexity as a poet & simplicity as a man."

signed 23 Mar 2007 12:45pm | 511



from us ohio earth


signed 23 Mar 2007 7:12am | 510



from United States, New Mexico

"f**k yeah!"

signed 20 Mar 2007 4:08pm | 509


shelley poe thames

from crestview,fl

"i'm from fl and on this website to get some information for my children about poe so that they know more about him. my son is very interested in him because of the relation to him so any info will be appreciated."

signed 15 Mar 2007 10:10pm | 507



from USA, NE, Earth

"finally!! a site that has Edgar Allan Poe! but you need more poems!"

signed 15 Mar 2007 8:46am | 506


Debra Goodson~Brown

from The Great State of Texas

"This site is the BEST! Thanks so much for providing it. It is greatly appreciated. As for Edgar, there will never be another author that will touch so many so deeply as he has and will continue to do for centuries to come. He was/is the best ever! Thanks again!"

signed 13 Mar 2007 12:01am | 505


jeff philpott

from va,usa

"nice work...."

signed 12 Mar 2007 8:23am | 503


Matt Calabrese

from Waterbury, CT

"I am a fan of Poe and find this site useful when teaching about him to my 6th grade Language Arts class. Thanks!!"

signed 09 Mar 2007 1:28pm | 502



from P-dizzle CA

"Moe is most inspiring. Especially his work on Annabel Lee."

signed 08 Mar 2007 6:35pm | 501


King Anthony The Great

from Buffalo NY

"Don't know much about him, don't know all of his stories and poems but I am learning and I like what I have read so far. I have read the Raven, Tell tale heart, Masque of red death and I am currently reading the Murders in the Rue Morgue in my English class at school. Thats all I have to say so by for now"

signed 08 Mar 2007 5:58pm | 500



from New Jersey

"Edgar Poe <3 King of American Gothic Literature! Beautiful Madness!"

signed 08 Mar 2007 11:54am | 499


Christina Nunez

from United states, Wauseon, Ohio e

"i of course am a big fan of Mr. Poe and am doing a report on him for my 8th grade reading class. My favorites of his would be "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" and most of the goth stories... i guess u can say i'm goth... i love Edgar Allan Poe's work and wish he was still living so i could meet him!"

signed 08 Mar 2007 11:03am | 498


Katieryagoilh Faliuertlknafgio

from Goodliss IDAHO

"You are my HERO!!! I love your work!!!"

signed 08 Mar 2007 10:43am | 497



from the core of the earth

"i absolutely love this website, helped me a ton with the report i have to do"

signed 07 Mar 2007 5:44pm | 496



from athens, greece

"I love Poe's writing style. I don't have a favourite story or poem- they are all great! and this is a great site! thank you!"

signed 07 Mar 2007 4:28am | 495



from Illinois

"I absolutely love Edgar Allan Poe's work. He is an amazing writer and I am actually doing my junior research paper on him and how he does such a great job at creating an image with using so little effort. And how he can paint such a vivid picture in his readers' minds."

signed 07 Mar 2007 3:16am | 494



from Earth

"I love his style of writing. "The Raven" and The Pit and the Pendulum are my favorite."

signed 05 Mar 2007 7:23pm | 493



from San Antonio, TX

"This site is great! It gives me great ideas to incorporate into my classroom."

signed 05 Mar 2007 12:43pm | 491



from usa, texas

"i love his stories"

signed 04 Mar 2007 8:28pm | 489


Kimberly Martel

from Out of this world.

"this site was the most helpful one i found! Thanks a bunch!"

signed 04 Mar 2007 5:57pm | 488



from Dublin Ireland

"The Raven is a favorite"

signed 03 Mar 2007 1:42pm | 487


jean elinor

from red ribbon metropolis

"i really adore the works of edgar allan poe. i enjoy reading horrifying and poignant stories. he's so clever."

signed 02 Mar 2007 12:32pm | 486


James E Jackson

from virginia

"This site is great, thank you for everything."

signed 02 Mar 2007 1:40am | 485


David Mancini

from Abyss of Nonexistence

"I am a junior in High School, suffering the drama of having procrastinated *cough cough* so long that I must do an eight page essay on Poe by tomorrow. I am impressed greatly by your site content's rich variety. The info and the experience are outstanding. Your graphic design is *excellent* as well!"

signed 28 Feb 2007 6:36am | 484


Cody MacKenn

from Earth

"I like this website because this can help a lot of students like me with research projects."

signed 27 Feb 2007 10:00pm | 483


Joshua Avery Maxwell-Moore

from Colorado

"Edgar Allan Poe is the greatest poet ever, no one else could be as deep with their poetry as Poe. He, like most poets lived a misunderstood and very depressing life, but his misery inspired some of his greatest work. And for that I give him my undying-respect and gratitude."

signed 27 Feb 2007 4:25pm | 482


ashley wolgamott

from usa tulsa ok

"i love Edgar Allan Poe. He is the best writer to ever live!!!!!!!!"

signed 27 Feb 2007 11:22am | 481


Jim Dobson

from USA,MA

"I liked your site."

signed 26 Feb 2007 3:30am | 480



from U.S.A.,Ca,Earth

"I love the literature... I love you people who put it all together!!!"

signed 24 Feb 2007 6:02pm | 479



from thailand


signed 24 Feb 2007 8:57am | 478



from Philippines

"Best Site.. Thanks For the Information.. very Helpful.."

signed 24 Feb 2007 6:50am | 477



from Deep Wooded Area

"I have enjoyed your fine collection. I would have liked to have stumbled upon this eerie place long ago. I plan to share my discovery with others in appreciation. I am looking for a specific story, without knowing a title, only knowing its theme having to do with a painting, one not found here."

signed 23 Feb 2007 4:28pm | 476


Ally Sirotakrem

from Wisconsin

"I came here for a school project and it gave a lot of information on Poe that no other web site had. Thanks a bunch!"

signed 23 Feb 2007 11:08am | 475



from Romania

"Thank you for doing a website about one of my favorite authors. I have really enjoyed it."

signed 23 Feb 2007 10:25am | 474


Alexis Renee

from Earth USA

"umm cool site i love EAP he is the bomb i wish he was still here to write more wonderful poems"

signed 21 Feb 2007 7:09pm | 473



from USA

"omg thnx sooo much 4 making this site.. it really helped"

signed 21 Feb 2007 6:45pm | 472


alexy gallegos

from texas

"very awesome website, enjoyed it a lot! love poetry and writing and love his work!! very kool!!"

signed 21 Feb 2007 11:07am | 471



from Purgatory, Hell

"Effectually constructed."

signed 21 Feb 2007 6:15am | 470


Christine Enriquez

from Philippines

"I love the story- "The Cask of Amontillado". It's very interesting! : )"

signed 18 Feb 2007 6:56pm | 469


Kelly Goodrich

from Concord University

"This is one of the best put together Poe sites i have been to in a while. Thank you."

signed 18 Feb 2007 4:34pm | 468


Adrian Daniels

from South Africa.Or my imagination

"Holy Mother of Jahova! Poe's brilliance is astounding! He was the guy that got me writing. I'm going to ask God if I can come back as Poe in my next life... Check my written work on search under Grotesque46. What an inspiration..."

signed 18 Feb 2007 7:14am | 467



from texas

"why does poe write such sad stories?"

signed 16 Feb 2007 10:27am | 466


Kimerly Brown

from Birmingham, Alabama

"Enjoyed your site, very interesting."

signed 15 Feb 2007 12:46pm | 465


Johsua Lee Muniz

from Texas

"I love your boooooooooks poe and i love your attitude... :) lv u"

signed 09 Feb 2007 12:39pm | 462



from NY, US

"I'm 13 and I love Poe. Thanks for making this site whoever did it. =]"

signed 07 Feb 2007 7:09pm | 461



from hell

"I really do not like poe, but you made me see that he was a great writer of his time. Poe scares me sometimes but he's also cool! =()"

signed 06 Feb 2007 3:41pm | 460



from Mpls, MN

"Thank you so much. This is a wonderful site. I don't know the complexities of web-building, but it would be wonderful if there could be an option to simply get a list of all the words and their definitions separated by each story. thank you so much for your work."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Many of the vocabulary words appear in more than one story. What you can do is look for the "Print this page" link to print any of the stories or poems. Another page will open with the story or poem on a white background with all of the vocabulary words and definitions listed at the bottom.

signed 05 Feb 2007 6:06pm | 459



from Baguio city Philippines

"This site is very helpful. Thank you for coming up with this site."

signed 03 Feb 2007 10:07pm | 458


Eisha Zulkifli

from Malaysia

"I have been reading his works since I could read. Love them. I think this website this great and reflects the man and his works. Well done!!"

signed 01 Feb 2007 4:00am | 457



from Earth....mostly

"That action figure is one of the most amusing things I have ever encountered. That made my day! And got me an A on my Edgar Allan Poe assignment!! Thanks!!!"

signed 01 Feb 2007 12:14am | 456



from Outside your window


signed 31 Jan 2007 4:17pm | 455


Rick Styles

from College Station, Texas

"What a wonderful site, you have done an excellant job in creating this. I forsee many hours being spent memorizing your wordlist."

signed 30 Jan 2007 3:51pm | 454


Venessa Valo

from lasara, Texas

"I love your poems"

signed 30 Jan 2007 2:24pm | 453


M. Lemoine

from Merrimack NH

"As I wrap up the first segment of my Poe project (which will eventually become a full-blown research paper), I have to thank for introducing me to some of Poe's more obscure works. I used to spend hours in libraries looking for a particular Poe story... To those days, I say NEVERMORE!"

signed 28 Jan 2007 9:30pm | 452



from USA

"I am an 8th grade student. I have come to love Mr. Poe's chilling stories. I'm glad I found this site."

signed 27 Jan 2007 8:41pm | 451


I heart My Sarah

from ...i taste death in every kiss

"this is one of the most 'complete' websites i have seen... very nice... i heart this place with a firey burning passion, and yea woo yay... how terribly female of me..."

signed 26 Jan 2007 11:07pm | 450



from America, Kansas, Planet Earth

"I came to this site to get information on a history day project that me and my partner are doing. The subjuct has to have both triumph and tragedy."

signed 26 Jan 2007 7:00pm | 449


donald young jr.


"Thanks for the wonderful site!"

signed 26 Jan 2007 3:36pm | 448



from earth

"I love Edgar Allan POE! He rocks with the spooky and horryfing but full of sense short stories!!!!! just love it!"

signed 24 Jan 2007 8:33pm | 447


Christa Meeks

from grundy county tennessee

"I just love to read his short stories and poems."

signed 23 Jan 2007 10:02am | 446



from the mouse house

"happy birthday, e.a.p."

signed 19 Jan 2007 2:39pm | 445



from Copenhagen, Denmark

"I love this site. You've done a great job building this, and I though you should know... you rock! This layout is just sweet. ^_^ Great job! As for Poe... He's incredible. All his stories have got that nice dark touch.... I guess that's why we all love him, right? Cheers!"

signed 17 Jan 2007 1:04pm | 444



from faraway fantasy of my mind(TN)

"Simply stunning, nicely done, no other Poe website is quite as comely as this one. I have a horrid research project for my 9th grade teacher who's allergic to Puffs tissues--poor deary, the jumpy one of the class has sent her to the nurse 10 times already--which is quite unfortunate, serves her right"

signed 16 Jan 2007 8:55pm | 443



from Sunshine Coast Oz

"I'm now a Poe convert! Thanks"

signed 16 Jan 2007 1:05am | 442


Fargoth Evermore

from Never more

"This site really helped me on my report.I have been interested in Poe's short stories and poems since I first read Telltale in the 4th grade. I'm currently working to be a writer with Poe as one of my inspirations."

signed 15 Jan 2007 1:28pm | 440



from Middle River MD

"I just moved to Baltimore County from Alabama. The schools there never bothered telling me that Poe was buried in Maryland, much less even this county! I am SO going to visit the site soon! Poe has always been my favorite poet/writer!"

signed 14 Jan 2007 6:08pm | 439


blazingblood Nitsrek

from over the rainbow

"I love all he has to say, his words are feathers to my ears. Yet twisted. There is one poem that I'm studying and it wonder to the world and this poem would be named FAIRY-LAND.. As for this site, it's well put together and gentle to my eyes! thanx for your time, R.I.P Poe!"

signed 13 Jan 2007 12:36am | 438


Cliff Johnson

from State of Denial

"As I nodded nearly napping, I came across this imbroglio of a web site and I must say, Well Done! I'm currently slaving away at 9 collaborative art pieces for my 11th grade AP Art concentration of our dear Mr. Poe. You people here just help me fufill that! Cliff Johnson Devotee of Furry Goldfish"

signed 12 Jan 2007 10:39am | 437


Sable Hicks

from Florida

"I love Poe's work. He's twisted and yet quite a genius. I think he's one of the best poets of his period."

signed 11 Jan 2007 3:49pm | 436



from philippines, earth

"i've known poe from our english 4 subject in my college years and absolutely, his poems and stories really encourage me!! he's awesomely amazing!! i'm glad i've been tagged with this site!! :)"

signed 11 Jan 2007 2:55am | 435



from My Computer Chair

"I've found even more of his work here!!! I have looked all over for a site dedicated to Poe... this one is the best yet!!! Thanks! And well done!!"

signed 10 Jan 2007 4:20pm | 434



from Chicag, IL

"I was named for the poem and poe has always been my favorite of all writers"

signed 10 Jan 2007 3:31pm | 433


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100 signatures per page - 17,887 total