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"Poe is cool"

signed 30 Jan 2024 9:54am | 24013


Adventure Hermit

from Denver, Colorado

"I stumbled upon your site after seeing my daughter in a live performance of The system of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether.

I have long been a fan of Mr. Poes work. Seeing this collection and all the history you have collected has been a great treat.

Thank you for all the effort you have put into the site."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You're welcome!! And The system of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether is such a great story!

signed 27 Jan 2024 10:55am | 24012


Melissa Barnes

from United States

"would like the paragraphs numbered"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I might be able to do that in the future!

signed 25 Jan 2024 9:38pm | 24011



from canada

"edgar poe is so cool fr.."

signed 25 Jan 2024 2:32pm | 24010



from Ohio

"I love Poe and the book i have has some but not all the stories so i did some deep diving (on the school computer as much as i could) and ended up here :)"

signed 23 Jan 2024 11:04pm | 24009


Jay Du


"Possibly, likely even, that Edgar was
Enraptured by pallid beauty.
What a way to leave
A mark, in just 40 years,
Setting a lasting standard for goth beauty.
Here I want to thank you,
Everyone before me did too.
Robert Giordano,
Edgar immortalised.

None of that rhymes or follows any poetic rules, I just felt in acrostic mood after reading his letters on another site. Thanks for your efforts!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
POEWASHERE!!! I love it!!

signed 23 Jan 2024 10:59am | 24008



from Indiana

"He was a good man."

signed 22 Jan 2024 12:14pm | 24006


Brian Ellis

from Indiana

"Edgar Allen Poe was a very talented poet and had a good way with words."

signed 22 Jan 2024 12:44am | 24005


bee ditmore

from florida

"This site is very helpful and full of information. I enjoy most of Poe's work although most people do not."

signed 21 Jan 2024 8:27pm | 24004



from Garrett

"Edgar Allen Poe was not a good influence, but he was a good poet."

signed 20 Jan 2024 2:14am | 24003


Keigan Mountz

from Indiana, United States

"My favorite poem by him is The Raven because it is about grieving over lost loved ones just like he did."

signed 20 Jan 2024 12:02am | 24002


Trevor Thomas

from Indiana

"I'm not a fan of poetry but, when we go over poetry literature lessons, I try my best to understand the poem. Trying to understand Poe's writing can be a bit tough but, once you get this gist of the piece, you can see the bigger picture."

signed 19 Jan 2024 11:47am | 24001


Luke Fuller


"Mr. Edgar Allen Poe I think your poems are really good And i hope you have good time in the afterlife."

signed 17 Jan 2024 7:51pm | 24000


Shiloh Petty

from the milky way

"Poe was not an impressive man; however, his writings are impacted with great feeling. He is one of my favorite poets to read and study about."

signed 17 Jan 2024 1:41pm | 23999


Marleigh Johnson

from USA

"This is a good source to get information for any project about Edgar Allen Poe."

signed 17 Jan 2024 12:11pm | 23998


Dawson Hedges

from United States, Indiana, Earth

"Edgar is amazing, and has amazing poems that are still great till this day"

signed 17 Jan 2024 11:56am | 23997



from Texas,USA

"I am Leslie and i'm in 7th grade, I think the The Haunted palace is the best poem. I love this site. It gives a lot of information about Edger Allan Poe."

signed 16 Jan 2024 11:48pm | 23996



from Earth,Texas

"Do many people relate to his poems or find it familiar with their own emotions."

signed 16 Jan 2024 3:55pm | 23995



from Indiana

"This website is very organized and well designed in a way that I can briefly understand and learn about Edgar Allen Poe. I hope that his works will continue to inspire me as much as they inspired others."

signed 16 Jan 2024 2:33pm | 23994


Abbi Werling

from United Stated

"Poe was a very talented author and writer. It is too bad he has passed because he wrote very interesting stories and poems."

signed 16 Jan 2024 12:38pm | 23993


Brenna Orth

from USA

"The site is very nice. I like the poem Alone because I like the way he uses his word in it."

signed 16 Jan 2024 11:49am | 23992


Autumn Kennedy

from United States

"This is a good website because it gives you plenty of interesting and important facts that are good to know about Edgar Allen Poe."

signed 16 Jan 2024 11:30am | 23991



from the deep dark


REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Will LEGO Fortnite be the new Minecraft?? I wonder what Poe would say...

signed 15 Jan 2024 11:35pm | 23990


Hailey Murphy

from Texas, United States of America, Earth

"I am Hailey Murphy, and I think this site is very informative. I like how it contains pretty much everything you would want to know about Edgar Allan Poe so you don't have to search the internet endlessly for answers.
If I had to choose a favorite poem of Poe's, I'd say it was "Alone," mainly because "Alone," is really revealing about how Poe felt about himself. It's almost like a window letting readers see what Poe's mind really looked like, what he struggled with.
Like I said above, this site is one of the best informational sites I've seen, and I'd definitely recommend it to others."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thank you! I find it interesting that Poe never submitted Alone to be published!

signed 14 Jan 2024 2:29pm | 23989


Gilbert Malarkey

from Vatican City, Vatican City, eatrh

"My favorite story is Silence- a fable..."

signed 13 Jan 2024 5:43pm | 23988


Rilyn Flotow

from USA

"I haven't read much of Poes work but I think it is very interesting and I like some of the horror in some of his pieces."

signed 13 Jan 2024 5:12pm | 23987


Kerry Owens

from United States

"Hello, This is a Great website it gives me plenty of information on Edgar Poe, and this helps me to understand him as a character himself this website is beneficial, Thank You."

signed 12 Jan 2024 11:58pm | 23986



from United States

"Edgar Allan Poe used very descriptive and vivid words to describe both the characters and setting of the poem. This made making mental images very clear and easy to imagine."

signed 12 Jan 2024 7:11pm | 23985


Davaney Collins

from Indiana

"I think Poe is a great author. I like how in his writing/ poems they come from the heart and are deep."

signed 12 Jan 2024 6:57pm | 23984


Ty Hayes

from Kennedale

"Poe was an amazing author. He used skilled words in certain places that no one else could've thought of. It's just amazing how much of a bright and intelligent author he was, and he will always be remembered."

signed 12 Jan 2024 6:30pm | 23983



from Indiana

"This is a very useful website when learning about Poe. It has a lot of useful information."

signed 12 Jan 2024 5:08pm | 23982


ava b

from united states, mars

"the site was very detailed and helped me learn more about edgar allen poe."

signed 12 Jan 2024 1:44pm | 23981



from Indiana

"Poe is such an amazing author he really takes his own words and turns them into a whole story of his life and everything that is going on in his life. He is such an incredible writer as well all of his story's are so put into detail and so precious. It breaks my heart for him to have to watch his family and basically his life die right in front of him. He is just an incredible author and person."

signed 12 Jan 2024 1:26pm | 23980


Bennett markham

from united states, texas, earth

"Poe is a amazing writer and means a lot in his writings, i personally think he is a good writer and people should notice him."

signed 12 Jan 2024 12:48pm | 23979


Addisyn Terry

from United States, Indiana, Earth

"I have learned a lot about Edgar Allan Poe from this website. It comes with a lot of his work and i love how it shows his work on here too. My favorite poem that I have read of his is by far The Valley of Unrest. It is a very beautiful yet melancholy poem."

signed 12 Jan 2024 12:37pm | 23978


Alistair Walker

from Florida

"This website is the Goat of websites for fans of Poe."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:

signed 12 Jan 2024 12:34pm | 23977


The Man whose name shouldnt be said jk i

from USA, FL of Earth in the Sol 3 system in the OrionCygnus Arm

"I like chimichangas"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I prefer tacos

signed 12 Jan 2024 12:10pm | 23976


cooper denton

from earth

"the conqueror worm theme is human mortality
all that we seem to see is all but a dream within a dream"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Its like Poe was thinking of The Matrix or Inception almost 200 years before those films were made!

signed 12 Jan 2024 10:22am | 23975


Noah Villagomez

from United States, Texas, Earth

"Hey Edgar Allan Poe, I'm sorry for what you had to go through during your childhood."

signed 12 Jan 2024 10:12am | 23974



from United States, Georgia

"Edgar Allan Poe made many works of art with his writing but made many odd life decisions."

signed 11 Jan 2024 9:08am | 23973




"My favorite story is Valentine because I feel like its a guys thoughts about this women that he adores and I feel like it I interesting."

signed 11 Jan 2024 7:16am | 23972



from united states

"Poe was a very strange man but I believe that him being so unusual is what made his work so amazing and eye catching."

signed 10 Jan 2024 8:22pm | 23971


Emily Dickinson

from Tennessee

"I would like to stay in your most expensive room and would like to add all of your add-ons. And will you bring a strawberry dipped in chocolate please? I will need that everyday at 1:00 because that is when i will come to the room everyday. I also need to have two robes and a fruit platter everyday at 5:00. Sorry if that is a little much but i will pay whatever for it. Hope you have a good day. Bye"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Of course Madam!

signed 10 Jan 2024 5:03pm | 23970


Bailee Thomas

from Georgia

"I really like the site although i felt its confusing to read the quotes"

signed 10 Jan 2024 11:19am | 23969


Joel Barnes

from Mars

"I think edgar allan poe is the best horror in history and I would have liked to meet him.."

signed 10 Jan 2024 9:56am | 23968


Logan Brassfield

from United States

"Poe was a great author even though he was an odd person. Even if he was odd, his stories don't disappoint."

signed 10 Jan 2024 9:44am | 23967


LoriAnn Iles

from USA, GA, Earth

"Poe is definitely a very different soul. He is very creative and very admirable in his work. He's a very intelligent man and did good in his timeline."

signed 10 Jan 2024 9:17am | 23966


Lily Clark

from United States

"Edgar Allen Poe was a great author, and even though he had hardships throughout his life, he persevered and became one of the best poets of all time."

signed 10 Jan 2024 9:10am | 23965



from Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe was a very talented and skilled author. He wrote many amazing poems/stories of many genre"

signed 10 Jan 2024 8:15am | 23964



from georgia

"It is sad that he had a rough life with his parents dying and more, but that is what drove him to be a excellent writer."

signed 10 Jan 2024 7:11am | 23963



from Unites states GA

"I like poe as an author because he wrote in a bunch of different genres so there is something for everyone."

signed 10 Jan 2024 6:38am | 23962



from USA, Georgia, Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe had an intense, difficult life and he managed to put his difficulties into writing. He was a talented man who went through a lot. He set records in the literature world. He is still used for education almost two centuries later."

signed 09 Jan 2024 11:32pm | 23961



from usa

"he is a very skilled writer and has a great vocabulary"

signed 09 Jan 2024 11:07pm | 23960



from georgia

"I like how he uses deeper level thinking, and there is a lot of takeaways from his work."

signed 09 Jan 2024 11:01pm | 23959



from United States

"I think that Poe was a great writer and used his writing as his own therapy or way of showing how he felt. His writing wasn't just for entertainment but also dug deep into his feelings and maybe even encouraged other people express themselves in different ways like poems, short story's, etc."

signed 09 Jan 2024 10:41pm | 23958



from georgia

"i think that edgar alan poe is a very interesting author with many different personalities"

signed 09 Jan 2024 10:31pm | 23957


Asher Rizzo

from United States, Georgia, Earth I hope.

"Poe seemed a man who must have had many states of emotion concluding from poems and stories he wrote. Poe was an evocative and critical author who really developed great qualities in his mysteries."

signed 09 Jan 2024 10:25pm | 23956


sophie whelply

from georgia

"poems poems poems"

signed 09 Jan 2024 10:15pm | 23955


sofia figueiredo

from georgia

"Poes life was very intriguing. though some parts are sad, he really changed the world of literature."

signed 09 Jan 2024 9:59pm | 23954


Wyatt McConkey

from Georgia, USA, North America, Earth, the Solar System

"Edgar Allen Poe, despite seemingly losing his mind and writing about murder, was highly expressive in his words and has made works of art. ALSO, Kamryn from Washington- this is also for schoolwork, and i highly enjoyed this subject despite MY area of expertise being invested in the Paleoart community. I do implore you to attempt to be from alex, who resides from Washington U.S.A, located on Earth. A beautiful smile you have implemented in your work, good sir, i do hope to see later revisions of our work become titled with these small bits of art, monsieur.

BTW, the character limit stopp"

signed 09 Jan 2024 9:50pm | 23953


Samik Raina

from Georgia

"To me, Edgar Allan Poe stands as icon to writing world. He has influenced so many writers for example, the works of detective stories."

signed 09 Jan 2024 9:34pm | 23952


Ethan T

from United States

"I love it very much."

signed 09 Jan 2024 9:32pm | 23951



from United States

"This site is great. My favorite poem by Edgar Allen Poe is "Eldorado"."

signed 09 Jan 2024 8:59pm | 23950


caleb kiernan

from united states, georgia, earth


signed 09 Jan 2024 8:57pm | 23949



from usa

"Poe was a weird but interesting author. His poems were interesting because they showed how Poe felt in his life, for example he had a romance poem, and he did fall in love with his cousin and married her."

signed 09 Jan 2024 8:51pm | 23948


Dillon Liscio

from Georgia, United States, Earth

"I think that this is a very interesting website because of its vast extent of knowledge about Edgar Allan Poe and literature, one of the largest that I have seen. I personally enjoy "The Raven" as it is a classic of Poe's Writings, and I like how he pays attention to every single word and detail that he writes!"

signed 09 Jan 2024 8:51pm | 23947


Collins Canup

from United States

"This website was very easy to use and provides many ways to learn more about Edgar Allan Poe and his stories."

signed 09 Jan 2024 8:44pm | 23946



from United States

"I think Poe was a very imaginative and creative author who created many amazing poems throughout his lifetime. I Believe from a young age, he was a very smart and hardworking person who had a very eventful life. I think Poe wrote very powerful poems."

signed 09 Jan 2024 8:14pm | 23945



from United States

"If I had to say one thing to Edgar Allan Poe, I would tell him that he really is an inspiration. Poe took poems to a whole new level. He showed people life was hard and scary in a beautiful arrangement of words and lines."

signed 09 Jan 2024 7:58pm | 23944


Sam Edwards


"Poe was a great author, he had some weird traits to him like dating his 13 year old cousin. He was a odd person all around but his stories didn't seem to disappoint."

signed 09 Jan 2024 7:58pm | 23943


Isabella K

from Georgia, United States

"This site has a wide variety of Allan Poe's literacy works! Out of all the poems, "The Valley of Unrest" stuck out to me most. The poem shifts quickly from a calm setting to one raging of chaos. I can view the whole poem in a metaphorical way, seeing the "valley" as a person instead. War brings destruction in not only a physical way, but also internally, which leaves a scar in one's soul. The poem illustrates that subject exceptionally!"

signed 09 Jan 2024 7:51pm | 23942



from Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe had a talent for turning simple things and events into inspiring quotes and stories. He used distinguished words to make a significant point. Many can learn off be motivated off of the incredible and famous work he has produced. He always had something to say and said it."

signed 09 Jan 2024 7:42pm | 23941



from Europa

"This is a great site with good information. This website helped me find my favorite story by Poe which is Silence- A Fable. I love the quote, "It was night, and the rain fell; and falling, it was rain. but having fallen, it was blood" because I view it as someone who is watching someone else "fall" when they have traveled that same path themselves."

signed 09 Jan 2024 7:33pm | 23940




"I think even though Poe can be a very dark writer or a very humors writer, he is a very deep thinker and his writing are very serious thinking and depth."

signed 09 Jan 2024 7:16pm | 23939



from Georgia

"Edgar Allen Poe is an amazing poet, and his work is very inspirational to future authors everywhere. I would love to visit this museum to learn more about him in person!"

signed 09 Jan 2024 6:33pm | 23938



from Georgia

"Edgar Allan Poe, in my opinion, is a very talented writer. He basically designed the first horror related poem. But he was weird for marrying his 13 year old cousin. But he is a piece of history."

signed 09 Jan 2024 6:30pm | 23937


Emmerson Carter

from USA

"his painful but sometimes relatable work gives me hope, but time for grief."

signed 09 Jan 2024 6:08pm | 23936




"Edgar Allan Poe is an incredible poet. His ideas and the way he put them down on paper and created such beautiful works of poetry and short stories shows just how much creativity was in his mind."

signed 09 Jan 2024 6:08pm | 23935


Brayden Causey

from United States

"Poe was a very talented writer his legacy shall live on."

signed 09 Jan 2024 6:03pm | 23934


lilly b

from earth

"Poe's literary works brought a new flavor of writing to the table. One that was dark, gothic, and eerie as well as one that opened doors for multitudes of aspiring writers. No matter how long or short his pieces of writing are, their words and meanings leave a mark on the reader that will stay with them forever."

signed 09 Jan 2024 6:02pm | 23933


esa navarro

from georgia

"I like that Poe wrote a lot about mysteries and horror. Those are some of my favorite genres."

signed 09 Jan 2024 5:42pm | 23932




"I think Poe was a talented author who faced many challenges in life early on. He wrote poems and books that always had more meaning than meats the eye."

signed 09 Jan 2024 5:31pm | 23931


Tatum Byrdsong

from United States, Georgia, Earth

"Poe was such an interesting case of man. With his work he challenged the norms of his time and caused people to think more in depth about the world. Though his work brought about much criticism, it just shows what an impact his writing has made."

signed 09 Jan 2024 5:28pm | 23930



from Saturn

"Edgar Allan Poe as an author seems very adventurous and likes to change up the theme of his writing"

signed 09 Jan 2024 5:20pm | 23929


Aarav Patel

from United States

"I think Poe was a mysterious being but was interesting. He had an amazing career but is very odd and not normal"

signed 09 Jan 2024 12:11pm | 23928


keegan warren

from US, georgia

"you are a great author and inspire me through your quotes and poems. You really are the definition of keep pushing no matter what."

signed 09 Jan 2024 11:52am | 23927


Jayce Rosenberg

from GA

"thank you for teaching me about Poe and expanding my knowledge of his stories"

signed 09 Jan 2024 11:48am | 23926


Sebastian Watson

from United States

"Edgar Allan Poe was a passionate author who wrote great many things"

signed 09 Jan 2024 11:43am | 23925



from Earth

"I like Poe's work and how they are filled with mystery, kind of like how his death and most of his life is a mystery."

signed 09 Jan 2024 11:09am | 23924



from georgeia

"poe is a very interesting person and author with lots of great works and interesting stories"

signed 09 Jan 2024 10:16am | 23923




"Poe although being insane without a wife is a great writer."

signed 09 Jan 2024 10:11am | 23922


Riley Varner

from Georgia

"Poe was an astonishing author that paved the way for many literary works in the future."

signed 09 Jan 2024 10:05am | 23921


jace davis

from utah

"be kind to everyone around you it could impact your future"

signed 07 Jan 2024 2:12pm | 23920


Francisco Manuel Hernandez

from Spain

My name is Francisco and I just wanted to say I really love this site. You can see how much love you put into this and as a fellow Poe's fan I can only say great job.

My favourite poem is The Raven (obviously, haha) and my favourite short story is The Tell-Tale Heart."

signed 06 Jan 2024 11:20am | 23918


kim :)

from america

""But as in ethics, evil is a consequence of good, so in fact, out of joy is sorrow born. Either the memory of past bliss is the anguish of today, or the agonies which are have their origin in the ecstasies which might have been.""

signed 03 Jan 2024 9:00am | 23916


Oceanna Palmer

from New Hampshire

"Dear Edgar allen Poe, after learning and reading about your story. It has been inspiring, your poems are short but very meaningful."

signed 03 Jan 2024 8:40am | 23915


Ariel Berntsen

from New Hampshire

"Edgar Allen Poe was a revolutionary writer and has written many great things. I enjoyed learning more about Poe and reading a few quotes and poems by him. His Writing is good and it easily grabs interest within the reader."

signed 03 Jan 2024 8:23am | 23914


Ed Champion

from Florida

"Love this site. Thank you for making Poe's work so accessible."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You're Welcome!!

signed 01 Jan 2024 8:24am | 23913



from italy

"hii, I just discovered this website and I already love it sooo much!!
I'm a big fan of the singer Ville Valo from a band called HIM, he talks a lot about Poe in interviews so now I really want to discover his poems and stories:)"

signed 26 Dec 2023 2:40pm | 23912


Julian Guevara

from FL

"Poe was emo before emo was a thing!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:

signed 19 Dec 2023 9:46pm | 23911


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