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jarquez marquis

from pluto


signed 26 Mar 2024 10:41am | 24214


Hayley Milam

from Sikston MO

"I like the site, the poems are cool, and I actually enjoy them and I don't like poems"

signed 26 Mar 2024 10:31am | 24213




"what's up with the whole marrying the cousin thing?"

signed 26 Mar 2024 9:41am | 24212


Kaylee Glastetter

from Earth

"I think the site gives a lot of information and I like that it shows all the poems and quotes. My favorite poem is Annabel Lee because it's about losing her and loving her always."

signed 26 Mar 2024 9:41am | 24211


Kevin Bowman

from United States

"Thank you for this wonderful site. I'm a musician from Las Vegas, Nevada."

signed 26 Mar 2024 9:00am | 24210


Brody Wendorff

from USA, Minnesota, Mars

"I think Edgar is a very good poet in the horror genre."

signed 25 Mar 2024 6:57pm | 24209



from minnesota

"I think that this site is very reliable and shows many different things about poe and how he is a great author and his different styles."

signed 25 Mar 2024 12:07pm | 24208



from usa florida earth

"I enjoyed learning about Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 25 Mar 2024 10:39am | 24207


Mr yez

from Dimension 20

"I lived in the 20th dimension now I have forgotten where the portal was so I have lost my self in this universe."

signed 25 Mar 2024 9:58am | 24206



from mars

"let this site be protected by them and not let the hackers in I hope this site will be protected by all and I hope you all do well."

signed 25 Mar 2024 9:36am | 24205


Mark Lambert

from Polk City, Iowa

"I discovered Poe when I was in 7th grade. I'm now in my 60s and still read him often! The Raven is my favorite poem. As for short stories, I couldn't possibly pick just one as a favorite!"

signed 24 Mar 2024 8:52pm | 24204



from Minnesota

"Your site is very informational about the life of Mr. Poe and I like that all of his poems are in one spot and easy to find."

signed 22 Mar 2024 3:48pm | 24203




"kind and school appropriate"

signed 22 Mar 2024 3:40pm | 24202


Avah K

from Earth, United States, Minnesota

"I think that Poe as an author was very creative and smart in the way he wrote things."

signed 22 Mar 2024 3:08pm | 24201


Joe Biden

from Unite States of America, on earth.

"Skibidi toilet"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
uh... thanks Joe.

Skibidi Toilet is a machinima web series of YouTube videos and shorts created by Alexey Gerasimov

signed 22 Mar 2024 3:02pm | 24200


Janesa Ellanson

from united state,minnesota

"The raven is my favorite book because of all the cool things that happen over time and all the interesting thing that go on."

signed 22 Mar 2024 2:53pm | 24199



from earth

"I think that this site is cool and I think that there are a lot of cool things about it like how there is this where you can write to the people that make it and give them your feedback and I don't read that much so I don't have a favorite book or story from Edger Allan Poe."

signed 22 Mar 2024 2:45pm | 24198


Izzy Higgins

from Mars

"I love Edgar Allen Poe's poems but why did he marry a 13 year old when he was 27??? Like bro that's wild."

signed 21 Mar 2024 4:02pm | 24197



from mars

"he was a great poet."

signed 21 Mar 2024 10:31am | 24196



from United States

"this is a pretty good site and my favorite poem by Edgar Poe is Alone."

signed 20 Mar 2024 8:57pm | 24195



from new jersey, gotham city, earth

"Poe had inspired many people with his poetry. A lot of people really like reading his poetry because it has a deep meaning. He puts a lot of meaning into his poetry."

signed 20 Mar 2024 10:42am | 24194


grace ramirez

from united states

"edgar allen poe obviously put a lot of meaning into his poems, he is a very respectable author."

signed 19 Mar 2024 10:53am | 24193



from Georgia

"Edgar Allen Poe writes, emotional and complicated pieces with a deep understanding of a problem. He has an original imagination."

signed 19 Mar 2024 9:12am | 24192


Hannah Trotter

from United States

"He has a message to give out it might be in a dark and creepy way or simple, but he gets it out there for people to learn from. you can tell that the poems he wrote are things that he has learn from and showing his experience through his stories and art."

signed 19 Mar 2024 1:40am | 24191


Juliana Ramcheran

from france

"Edgar Allen Poe, I enjoy your stories, I read them in my Ela class, although they are very gruesome, more than what I would casually read. They have a good moral and storyline with them."

signed 18 Mar 2024 9:28pm | 24190


Sadie Mello

from United States

"He was a great author and i like his dark and intense thoughts."

signed 18 Mar 2024 8:50pm | 24189



from USA

"If you were still alive, I would say to you that I could feel the pain you have been through and could relate to some of the stories you wrote."

signed 18 Mar 2024 12:04pm | 24188


Isiah Currey

from Pennsylvania

"Edgar Allen Poe is such a great writer to me because he writes with passion, whether his heart is grey or filled with joy. I see a part of him in everything he writes"

signed 16 Mar 2024 8:35am | 24187


Ryder Krieg

from United States

"Thank you"

signed 15 Mar 2024 1:13pm | 24186


Luke Martin

from Kennesaw Georgia

"Poe is one interesting poet that is very dark and loved for his unique and evil thoughts."

signed 15 Mar 2024 12:33pm | 24185


Zoe Peek

from Kennesaw, Georgia

"This is a great website for any information about Edgar Allen Poe. You can read all of his poems, short stories and find about out about his entire life."

signed 15 Mar 2024 11:07am | 24184



from United states

"I think he is a good writer because he always has good endings that no one who of thought would happen."

signed 15 Mar 2024 10:55am | 24183


Cameron Turner

from United States

"Thank you for writing these poems so we can learn that the world is a dark place."

signed 15 Mar 2024 10:05am | 24182


Jashraaj Singh

from GA

"Edgar Allen Poe was a great writer. With his grim stories and his greatness of building suspense."

signed 14 Mar 2024 7:22pm | 24181


natalia ferreira farias

from US

"I really like your writing style, especially the spooky parts."

signed 14 Mar 2024 9:04am | 24180


Riayn Smith

from Georgia

"I think Poe is a very good author because he gives a lot of good detail when writing so the reader can visualize the real action taking place. I can have people thinking about it."

signed 14 Mar 2024 4:28am | 24179



from earth

"I really like his writing style and how he isn't boring or straight to the point. He adds extra things to the writings that gives it personality."

signed 13 Mar 2024 6:28pm | 24178



from Canada

"Hi, I visited here to read The Black Cat.
I will be attending a workshop on Literary Devices and this is the piece we will be referring to.

signed 13 Mar 2024 1:19pm | 24177


Lyra Belauret

from U.S. Georgia, Earth

"Poe is a very interesting writer and has an interesting state of mind in his writing."

signed 13 Mar 2024 9:25am | 24176


Caroline Knight

from Georgia

"Thank you for the interesting facts about Edgar Allan Poe. It was so cool to see the history of him and learning about his famous poems."

signed 13 Mar 2024 9:05am | 24175


Jordan Wall

from United States

"I think Poe was a tremendous author and deserves honor in his role as one of the best poets to this day. However, Poe was a man unlike any other in which he comes across as horrific or like the human equivalent to Dracula and i believe his case needs further looking."

signed 13 Mar 2024 8:37am | 24174


jahzare dawkins

from United States

"thank you for fearlessly sharing your deepest fears and anxieties through your writing."

signed 13 Mar 2024 12:27am | 24173


tanzanite harris

from USA, Georgia, earth

"Edgar Allan Poe's mastery of the macabre and exploration of human emotion make him a truly unforgettable and influential author in the world of literature. His haunting prose and darkly poetic verses continue to captivate readers, inviting us to delve into the depths of the human experience. Poe's legacy as a writer endures through the timeless appeal of his stories and poems, solidifying his place as an essential figure in the literary world."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Well said!!

signed 12 Mar 2024 9:41pm | 24172


Aiden Williams

from Earth,America,Georgia

"Poe left his mark on history, may not be exactly kid friendly but he remade the genre. And created the first modern detective story. His death is a greatly contested topic, even his death was a mystery to be solved."

signed 12 Mar 2024 7:58pm | 24171



from United States

"He's such a talented author!"

signed 12 Mar 2024 7:46pm | 24170


Jessica VA

from North Carolina

""The Pit and the Pendulum" was such a great story, it usually takes me some time to get into a story, even if it's just a short story. This story got my attention on the first page, it helped that it started that he was sentenced to death at the beginning of the story."

signed 12 Mar 2024 7:30pm | 24169


Allie Jarvis

from Gorgia

"Thank you for sharing i love learning about this. It makes me think about it now and write about it"

signed 12 Mar 2024 3:20pm | 24168



from Georga

"Dont know you yet but get well soon"

signed 12 Mar 2024 3:11pm | 24167



from mars

"My ELA teacher told me to do this."

signed 12 Mar 2024 3:06pm | 24166


Maddie Tarnowski

from United States

"Poe's amazingly creepy stories have grabbed a hold of me to start up horror movies and books about true stories that have happened in the U.S."

signed 12 Mar 2024 11:45am | 24165




"The masque of the red death"

signed 12 Mar 2024 11:44am | 24164


lee ki

from earth

"very fun and interesting detective stories"

signed 12 Mar 2024 11:01am | 24163


Zumeriah Jackson Perry

from Georgia

"Poe is a very mystical man and has a very unpleasing background."

signed 12 Mar 2024 9:02am | 24162


Emma Durso

from Lost Mountain, GA

"Thank you for sharing this information about Edgar Allen Poe. He sounded like an interesting man with a crazy life."

signed 11 Mar 2024 9:49pm | 24161


Rae Woodard

from United States

"His poems inspired many other poets to create a well-known genre we know as psychological horror. This genre is adored by many, and we have Edgar Allen Poe to thank."

signed 11 Mar 2024 9:22pm | 24160



from GA, USA

"Hope Allan sees this message :)"

signed 11 Mar 2024 8:16pm | 24159



from louisana


signed 11 Mar 2024 9:30am | 24158


Christopher Lavariega Zarate

from North Carolina

"I think he was very influential."

signed 09 Mar 2024 4:22pm | 24157


Zemonte Roddy

from Br

"I like dogs"

signed 08 Mar 2024 1:19pm | 24156



from Br

"Cool dude"

signed 08 Mar 2024 1:16pm | 24155


Jeyson Ramirez

from North Carolina

"Poe, a person full of darkness, loneliness, and Isolation, was a person that expressed himself properly throughout his writings. We can't really blame him for being the way he was because the death of his wife, Virginia; brought his mental health really down. Maybe with Virginia by his side, he could've become better..."

signed 08 Mar 2024 9:47am | 24154



from United States of America

"very bomb poetry and paintings (thumbs up)"

signed 08 Mar 2024 8:08am | 24153


Stella Winter

from Somewhere in the southern hemisphere

"I find myself frequenting this site often, so I felt that I'd finally fill this in. I enjoy reading Poe's stories in my free time (often during boring classes - why can't we study his work in English?) so thank you for setting this website up. My favourite story would be Ligeia. I adore his love stories, but I feel as if they all end with the love interest dying - but, in Ligeia, she comes back to life, in such a strange way. I am always debating with myself whether she came back to life or if it was an opium-induced hallucination. Anyway it brings me hope. I have almost run out of characters so"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I imagine she is the undead- a vampire

signed 07 Mar 2024 11:11pm | 24152


Joseph Myers

from Pennsylvania

"This website is brilliant! Thank you for continuing to uphold Edgar Allan Poe's legacy."

signed 07 Mar 2024 10:58pm | 24151


Jace rister

from Earth, USA, LOUSIANA

"Edgar Allan Poe is very unique with his writing, he's a great author and a very interesting one!"

signed 07 Mar 2024 8:56am | 24150


Carolyn Lucero Santiago

from North Carolina

"My name is Carolyn, and I adore this site for its remarkable collection of Edgar Allan Poe's literary work and the intriguing enigma surrounding his death. Among all of his writings, "A Dream Within a Dream" is my favorite poem. Although his compositions often have a dark tone, they are still captivating to read, and I find his stories to be highly entertaining."

signed 06 Mar 2024 4:48pm | 24149



from North Carolina

"You had great, unique, poetry. Your legacy shall forever live on Mr. Poe."

signed 06 Mar 2024 2:05pm | 24148


Abby Cockrum

from North Carolina

"Poe, while flawed as everyone is, still wrote some amazing works. His works may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I find myself enjoying them from time to time."

signed 06 Mar 2024 1:55pm | 24147


Sam Recker

from Iowa

"Edgar Allan Poe is a great writer. I enjoyed reading The Tell-Tale Heart and The Monkey's Paw."

signed 06 Mar 2024 11:02am | 24146


Olivia Grace Ceci

from United States

"i like reading edgar allen poe more than i like to talk to my family"

signed 06 Mar 2024 8:24am | 24145




"I think this site is informative."

signed 05 Mar 2024 11:39pm | 24144



from Georgia country, earth

"Much love"

signed 05 Mar 2024 8:48pm | 24143


Alonso Arballo

from California

"Persian Souls
Dearest see how dim that ray is here?
How lovely it is to look away as so farover
As autumn seems as thus upon a sign so even
Who left such gorgeous halls leaves much from mourning
To an eve when arriving has its day so indigenous now
The sun-ray drops as an idea, as if from a spell
Clues on about the carvings of a gildd call
Wherein I sate on the draperied walls
And on my eyelids is its heavy light
How drowsily it weighs one into a night
On flowers beyond, before that mist as love ran
Are as Persian souls like flying carpets on the sand...
Since steals over my senses..."

signed 05 Mar 2024 7:22pm | 24142


Kinley Jones

from Saturn

"Poe wrote his stories often dark and mysterious. He did this most likely because his life was depressing and a lot of people that he cared about died from tuberculosis."

signed 05 Mar 2024 12:34pm | 24141


Brynn Simpson

from Nebraska

"I like how Poe writes scary and suspenseful books."

signed 05 Mar 2024 12:21pm | 24140



from United States, Nebraska Earth...

"I think Poe is a great author but his poems are kind of dark and creepy."

signed 05 Mar 2024 10:33am | 24139


Luke White

from Nebraska

"Edgar was a really good poet and artist."

signed 05 Mar 2024 10:18am | 24138



from North Carolina

"Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing author during the Romantic period. His works of literature on Gothic horror have made him well-known and shaped and influenced modern works of horror."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Yes, Romanticism was at its peak from approximately 1800 to 1850. Poe died in 1849. I made a timeline listing events in Poe's life and other important people during those years.

signed 04 Mar 2024 8:28pm | 24137


Preston J Schroeder

from Iowa

"Edgar Allan Poe is a nice man and I liked his poem alone because I felt like he was sad in his life and I hope that he got better."

signed 04 Mar 2024 4:31pm | 24136


Carson Martin

from IA,USA,Earth

"You're a very cool author that has fathered many modern genres of writing."

signed 04 Mar 2024 4:14pm | 24135



from Southeast Jupiter

"I like stories :3"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I like turtles :3

signed 04 Mar 2024 11:02am | 24134



from Earth

"Poe is a good poet. He has good poems."

signed 04 Mar 2024 10:25am | 24133


Emma Houghton

from ohio

"Edgar Allen Poe actually wrote poems people should read."

signed 04 Mar 2024 12:14am | 24132


Hailey M

from Riverside ca

"I love Edgar Allan Poe so much. He is such a big inspiration for me, and is the reason I take my English class seriously :3."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I love to read comments like this!

signed 03 Mar 2024 12:59am | 24131


Ryan Dean

from USA, Michigan, Planet Earth

"I love the site! So much information! The Gold Bug is my favorite read so far! Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this website!"

signed 02 Mar 2024 9:12pm | 24130


Colton Brierly


"Your poems are interesting."

signed 02 Mar 2024 2:00pm | 24129



from Iowa

"Very good website! Gives great info."

signed 01 Mar 2024 3:53pm | 24128


Isaiah Lockett

from Delaware

"Hello my Favorite Poet"

signed 01 Mar 2024 1:36pm | 24127


Trevor Kreusch


"Thank you Poe and the people of the website for making this all possible and bye-bye!"

signed 01 Mar 2024 12:14pm | 24126



from lousiana,us,earth

"Poe is a very gothic narrator and can be very inspirational at times. His backstory was sad but was very uplifting"

signed 01 Mar 2024 9:43am | 24125


Kavaun Capers

from U.S.A Charleston South Carolina Earth

"I'm in love with Edgar Allen Poe books they are some of the best books i could have ask for"

signed 29 Feb 2024 5:54pm | 24124



from Florida

"I love the vibe. Even the font you guys chose is wonderful. The only reason I am here is for an assignment on 'The Cask of Amontillado' for my humanities course but wow, I'm amazed. You don't see sites like this every day."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thank you so much!! I felt the style of the site was very important! I did not want a plain site.

signed 29 Feb 2024 10:17am | 24123


Ellis Ferreira

from Iowa

"I believe that Edgar Allen Poe was a very talented writer. Even though he may have struggled with his own challenges, he used his creative abilities and put them into words. He described his life in poems and books. Now, people might read his publications and think they are scary or he is a crazy man. While in reality his is filled with talent and his writings are very interesting."

signed 28 Feb 2024 8:10pm | 24122


Shayla Smith

from Louisiana, USA, Earth

"Edgar Is a very interesting person and is very mysterious."

signed 28 Feb 2024 5:32pm | 24121


Evette Yukich

from My house USA Florida Earth

"Here for a school Essay"

signed 27 Feb 2024 11:43pm | 24120


Bethelda MO Votio

from Iowa

"I like the poem Valentine, because It kind of has a challenge, and when I figured out the trick and who he was talking about I was surprised and I also like his quotes. Some of them had some deeper meaning that I liked."

signed 27 Feb 2024 10:35pm | 24119


Bella Noble


"Edgar Allan Poe is a very interesting man. He has definitely sparked my interest time and time again. Poe is a magnificent writer and has many inspiring and relatable pieces. One of my favorite poems is "Anabel Lee" because it explains how this little boy fell in love with a girl but he can not have her anymore."

signed 27 Feb 2024 4:31pm | 24118



from United States

"Poe was an amazing writer, with stories and poetry that were mysterious and descriptive, paving the path into the current genre of horror and suspense we know of today."

signed 27 Feb 2024 4:20pm | 24117




"I like this site because it is very well organized and easy to find things"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thank you! In 2024 I'm still surprised how difficult it is to find what you need on some sites

signed 27 Feb 2024 3:52pm | 24116


lydia mikulak

from iowa

"I've always been very passionate about Edgar Allan Poe. I love his poem Alone he's gone through a lot in his life. He was an amazing writer and nobody could be better than him."

signed 27 Feb 2024 12:20pm | 24115


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