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Adan S

from Carteret, Us, earth

"I really like Poe as a author because he is the reason that horror books are way better then they were back then."

signed 06 May 2024 1:16pm | 24303


Harjot Singh

from United States of America

"My name is Harjot Singh. I really like this site because it is informative and helpful. It is also very educational. A poem from Edgar Allan Poe that I really like is "The Bells", It brings a happy vibe and theme."

signed 06 May 2024 1:14pm | 24302


Michael Delossantis

from Carteret

"Edgar allan poe was a renowned american author who was known for being great and his great contributions to the genres of horror, mystery, and suspense. His writing style is amazing and he gives off amazing detail with good imagery to think of that gives his poems a good setting."

signed 06 May 2024 1:06pm | 24301


harjot kaur

from Carteret NJ USA

"I love how Edger Allan poems are so bone chilling and grim yet you still want to keep reading. Good examples is Pluto"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Yes, Pluto is featured in The Black Cat

signed 06 May 2024 9:19am | 24300


Makenzie Castor

from Earth

"I really liked the poem, "Spirits of the Dead" because the name hooked me, and i also love reading about ghost stories or anything similar."

signed 06 May 2024 9:13am | 24299


Miguel Henriques

from Mars carteret new jersey

"yo this is pretty cool"

signed 06 May 2024 9:02am | 24298



from Istanbul, Turkey

"I study American Culture and Literature so I've benefited from this website quite a bit. Thank you."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
This is AWESOME and it really makes me happy to hear things like this!!

signed 02 May 2024 2:46pm | 24297



from Florida by way of Victorian England circa 1840

"Currently working on an adaptation of Fall of the House of Usher as it is one of my all time favorites by Poe. He really had a knack for scaring/intriguing you in the most unexpected ways."

signed 01 May 2024 11:08am | 24296



from Arizona

"This was amazing for my school research paper"

signed 30 Apr 2024 3:41pm | 24295



from Earth


signed 30 Apr 2024 11:22am | 24294


Miriam Benabdi

from Earth,New Jersey,US

"I wish I could meet Edgar Allan Poe, he's my favorite author. This website is one of my favorites."

signed 29 Apr 2024 8:01am | 24293


joshua knowles

from HOUSTON Texas The usa

"I love your works its very informative I'm a big fan of your works. you're cool"

signed 25 Apr 2024 12:27pm | 24292



from USA

"I love these stories so much"

signed 23 Apr 2024 2:42pm | 24291



from USA, Earth

"This site meets, or rather, exceeds my expectations. I admire the creators' willingness and desire to spread the word of Poe. Due to the character limit, I'll type here...
"Quoth The Raven, 'Nevermore.'""

signed 23 Apr 2024 11:37am | 24290



from Colony 16, lower-west quad., mars

"I've been using this website for ages, as a fic writer. I love using lines from poems as titles, or chapter titles! Thank you so much for making everything so accessible! It's so hard to get his works out here :("

signed 22 Apr 2024 9:17am | 24288


Derrick Baksa

from Archbold, Ohio, USA

"Hello! I am a sophomore English teacher at a small high school in Ohio. Every year for our poetry section, I spend about 2 weeks just in Edgar Allan Poe's works. I actually have my students all go to this site on their devices to read daily. The clickable words that show you a brief definition and how all of his pieces I would like to read are in one, easy to navigate place.

So, thank you on behalf of my sophomore classes every year for the past 4-5 years! I hope to continue using this site for my students!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thank you so much!! I love hearing comments like yours!

signed 22 Apr 2024 8:43am | 24287


Sarge randles

from mars

"i want to **** you Edgar please date me"

signed 19 Apr 2024 1:55pm | 24286



from earth

"hi there I love your books"

signed 18 Apr 2024 12:37pm | 24285



from USA

"What an absolutely cool website. I love the embedded definitions of difficult words or dated references. I'm so glad that websites like this exist!"

signed 17 Apr 2024 9:57pm | 24284


Suzanne Law

from USA, Maryland, Earth

"Tonight at a game night, a member of the group was restlessly rocking an object which brought to my recollection Poe's "The Pit and the Pendulum."

I looked for it on my phone using duckduckgo and found your site. Breathless and heart pounding!

I had no idea that Poe wrote in such diverse fields. I look forward to exploring them. Thank you!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I'm so glad you found the site! See the SUMMARIES page for a quick overview of each story!

signed 17 Apr 2024 1:19am | 24283


Miriam Benabdi

from New Jersey US.

"I love this site with all of my heart. While I love the library, I can't be there all the time, so this is the best way to read all of Poe's work. I admire this site a lot because everything about it is wonderful! Edgar Allan Poe is love. Thank you for everything. It's totally goth, by the way."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thank you so much!! When I was designing the site, I knew it HAD TO have a goth theme!

signed 16 Apr 2024 2:25pm | 24282


eli king

from omaha nebraska

"I really appreciate how much time and effort you guys put into this website to inform young students who are ready to learn about poetry from the great Edgar Allen Poe. thank you for all that you do. -sincerely eli king"

signed 15 Apr 2024 11:06pm | 24281



from mn

"hi i loved alone good poetry"

signed 15 Apr 2024 7:31pm | 24280



from Minnesota

"I like the poetry that he wrote on Bells it was a good Poe and interesting to read and hear about"

signed 15 Apr 2024 9:35am | 24279




"this site gives easy access to all of Poe's work!"

signed 15 Apr 2024 9:19am | 24278



from usa

"Poe was a good author."

signed 14 Apr 2024 8:12pm | 24277


Zoey Jones

from dixon Illnois

"My favorite poem is either Anabelle Lee or Dream-land. And they are my favorite because they feel really deep and just really cool. The coolest ones I have ever read."

signed 12 Apr 2024 1:59pm | 24276


Hailey Phillips

from Illinois

"He wrote very interesting poems that got me intrigued in poetry. I really like his poems a lot some are confusing though but I still enjoy them"

signed 12 Apr 2024 1:33pm | 24275


Sean seibel

from usa Illinois earth

"hello hope he founded his love in heaven"

signed 12 Apr 2024 12:39pm | 24274


Lainey Thomas

from Illinois

"He must have put a lot of hard work into his poems."

signed 11 Apr 2024 8:56pm | 24273


Ruby Adelle

from Georgia, united states

"I have only read two of Poe's poems, but he is one of my favorite authors already. The poems that I have read are Alone and A tell-tale heart, and they are both truly incredible poems. I loved tell-tale heart best because my English class did a mock trial where we tried the narrator for insanity and that was really fun to do."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
The mock trial sounds like a really fun idea!

signed 11 Apr 2024 8:47pm | 24272


Athea Victor

from Illinois,American,Earth

"I love finding the meanings in poe's poems."

signed 11 Apr 2024 7:56pm | 24271


Melanie Gurney

from USA Illinois venus

"he slays
love the poems
rip Annabell lee"

signed 11 Apr 2024 4:53pm | 24270



from United States

"I love Edgar Allen Poe so much to the point I have a poster of him hanging up in my room and I named my black cat Pluto from the "The Black cat""

signed 11 Apr 2024 2:13pm | 24269



from mars

"awesome site tysm"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
you're welcome!!

signed 10 Apr 2024 9:55am | 24268


Jeffery Gregory

from United States

"Always was a fan of the tell tale heart, the way that he slowly descends into madness seemed so real to me that I thought it was a modern poem. When i discovered it was wrote in 1843 I was surprised to say the least. I do wonder how the neighbor told the police that quickly being that there were no phones or rapid communication systems at that time unless they used a telegraph but only Poe knows."

signed 09 Apr 2024 9:31pm | 24267


cindy Wright

from Edgar Allan Planet

"My favorite poem is the tell tale heart. I first heard it in 3rd grade and have loved reading his poems before school! Thank you for creating this easy to use site to find Edgar Allan Poe poems! Have a great day!"

signed 05 Apr 2024 9:53am | 24265



from Canada

"I like to call Poe Father Poe. He's the father of gothic poetry / stories"

signed 03 Apr 2024 1:01pm | 24264


William Stevens

from Maryland, United States of America

"Came here in 2009 as a student teacher to support my ninth grade students; back again in 2024 to support my eleventh grade students. Love the site, love the stories!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thank you so much!! I love hearing things like this!!

signed 03 Apr 2024 12:40pm | 24263




"Edgar Allen Poe was a great poet and inspired many people with his poems"

signed 03 Apr 2024 11:22am | 24262


Rizzeh Tah

from Missouri, USA

"Thank you for keeping his dreams alive."

signed 02 Apr 2024 4:33pm | 24261



from MA

"I have been to the Poe locations in both Virginia and Maryland. Very interesting. What a great writer he was."

signed 01 Apr 2024 2:14pm | 24260


Donna D James

from AR

"I'm an English teacher. I admire them all. My favorite to teach are the poems "The Raven" and "Annabel Lee". But I love all his stories and teach his biography. He is a gift to the literate world. The Tell-Tale Heart is also a favorite of my 8th graders!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
It makes me so happy to hear this!

signed 31 Mar 2024 1:07am | 24259




"Poe was a good poet and writer he always had good messages behind his writing."

signed 29 Mar 2024 11:43am | 24258


Scott Haight

from Earth

"Edgar is a great poet and I hope that his poems and stories continue to be read in the future."

signed 29 Mar 2024 10:25am | 24257



from neberska

"Poe was an amazing author he wrote many meaningful poems that meant a lot to some people and more to others."

signed 28 Mar 2024 11:12pm | 24256



from nebraska

"Edgar Allan Poe in my opinion was a great poet and author, but a very questionable man. He wrote great stories and many great poems. He also was a odd (for our time) as he married his cousin who was 13 he was 27 and had a sad background of being torn from love twice and losing both parents by the age of two. In the end Edgar Allen Poe was an overall decent man in my opinion with some good good stories."

signed 28 Mar 2024 10:34pm | 24255




"I think that his work is very weird but it might have been acceptable and cool back then. But otherwise I love your work."

signed 28 Mar 2024 9:27pm | 24254



from Georgia, United States

"I really love how you have all these fun and interesting facts about Edgar Allen Poe. I did not know that Poe was a poets, music and art influencer. My favorite poem was "A Valentine". This is because it seems like it was an encouraging poem about going through life and find to love people no matter what obstacles come your way with that person."

signed 28 Mar 2024 7:08pm | 24253


Bristal Strong

from USA, NE, earth

"I bet he changed many people lives and impacted good things."

signed 28 Mar 2024 4:19pm | 24252




"I think Edgar Allan Poe is a really good writer. I think he's very good at setting a mood in a story."

signed 28 Mar 2024 3:56pm | 24251


Luella Bosley

from NE USA

"Edgar Allan Poe is an amazing author with an interesting life and backstory."

signed 28 Mar 2024 3:04pm | 24250



from Omaha Nebraska

"Edgar Allan Poe seems like a very inspirational poet that inspires people today."

signed 28 Mar 2024 2:44pm | 24249


Addison M

from U.S.A.,Earth

"Dear Mr. Poe (and whoever is reading this),

Your poems are very nice. There are very confusing though. I don't understand all of them. My favorite poem of yours is "Annabel Lee". It's very pretty, but a little creepy too. Just saying."

signed 28 Mar 2024 2:03pm | 24248


emmett halsey

from Nebraska

"I like how many options I have to choose from between the poems."

signed 28 Mar 2024 1:52pm | 24247


callie carrell


"Poe is truly a fantastic poet and writer. I bet he has made a huge impact in the writing world and he will not be forgotten."

signed 28 Mar 2024 1:18pm | 24246


Holden Townsley

from Nabraska

"Poe always made his poems relatable, easy to understand, and great for all ages to read."

signed 28 Mar 2024 12:20pm | 24245


Brandon Hoffman

from Nebraska

"I think Poe was a great writer and that he wrote so many poems about love horror and he just expressed what he wanted to I found him a amazing poet and I love his poem Annabel Lee."

signed 28 Mar 2024 11:49am | 24244


Jose Angel Gabriel Martinez

from North Carolina

"Edgar Allan Poe, thank you. Thank you for proposing and setting standards for Gothic literature!"

signed 28 Mar 2024 10:33am | 24243


anna bertsch

from omaha nebraska, earth

"Poe is a really awesome poet, who makes fun and interesting poems, like stories to read. He makes reading more fun and appealing, and has some deep and greater meanings within his poems."

signed 27 Mar 2024 10:22pm | 24242


Ayden Saxe

from Siler City

"Edgar Allen Poe was a pretty weird and kinda bad person, but at least he could write an enthralling story."

signed 27 Mar 2024 10:21pm | 24241


Reagan G

from Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is a fantastic writer. I really enjoy reading his poems and seeing the powerful themes he writes about. He uses such amazing words that are are very powerful."

signed 27 Mar 2024 10:14pm | 24240



from Nebraska

"Poe had many accomplishments including how he wrote many poems and stories that people now get to read and enjoy. He also wrote many poems around the same time that again many people get to experience reading."

signed 27 Mar 2024 10:11pm | 24239


Carson G

from Nebraska

"Edgar Allan Poe is an amazing American author who wrote poems like "The Raven" and "Eureka"."

signed 27 Mar 2024 9:30pm | 24238


Aleigha Ortega

from United States

"The site is very easy to access and get around on. My favorite poem is probably "A Valentine" or "Annabel Lee" both poems were great and fun to read. Poe is/was an amazing author he wrote amazing poems and songs."

signed 27 Mar 2024 8:46pm | 24237


Presley dAllemand

from Nebraska, USA

"Hello! My name is Presley. I thought this site was pretty cool because it gives you many facts about Poe and helps you explore his poems. Overall, Poe is an amazing poet and has written many interesting poems. My favorite poem written by Poe is Annabel Lee because I love the way he expresses his love for Annabel."

signed 27 Mar 2024 8:09pm | 24236




"Poe was talented with his poetry without his 2 parents."

signed 27 Mar 2024 7:59pm | 24235



from Nebraska

"I like these poems he made when he was alive. The poems really connected to me. Even though some were a bit chilling, the poems were amazing."

signed 27 Mar 2024 6:21pm | 24234


Addison Goshorn


"Edgar Allan Poe was a very passionate and good writer. He changed the horror genre for the good and wrote so many great literary works. He will always be remembered."

signed 27 Mar 2024 6:05pm | 24233



from Omaha, Nebraska, United States

"I really enjoyed this website and learning about Edgar Allen Poe. My favorite poem out of what I read was "To the River". Poe was a very interesting man and certainly had a unique outlook on life that people could learn a lot from."

signed 27 Mar 2024 4:36pm | 24232



from United States

"Poe was a very good poet and brought many new and well known ideas to poetry. Poe wrote many great kinds of poetry and is a great influence."

signed 27 Mar 2024 3:32pm | 24231



from earth nebraska omaha

"he was a great author who wrote many poems"

signed 27 Mar 2024 2:44pm | 24230


Blake Beranek

from Minnesota


signed 27 Mar 2024 2:28pm | 24229


Immanuel Brownell


"Poe was a legend and I always respect a legend."

signed 27 Mar 2024 1:22pm | 24228


Tory Anderson

from Omaha, NE

"I really like Edger Allan Poe. He writes beautiful and meaningful poems about all kinds of different stuff. All his poems have a good story and theme, and he writes in so many different kinds of genres."

signed 27 Mar 2024 11:42am | 24227


Christiana Koula

from USA, Earth

"This site helped complete an assignment for school and I guess I found a few interesting facts that are actually interesting about Poe."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I'm so happy you connected with Poe beyond the assignment!

signed 26 Mar 2024 11:28pm | 24226



from United States

"Edgar Allan Poe is a smart person, who was just too broke to go any further with his intellect, Poe's poems, at least the ones I've read, revolve around death and are all more negative, and he seems really interesting, and I hope to keep researching him in the future."

signed 26 Mar 2024 10:29pm | 24225



from florida

"have a good day."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You too!

signed 26 Mar 2024 7:42pm | 24224



from United states

"Poe is a very good poet and he is very inspiring. He is a different poet to other ones he is different and writes good poems."

signed 26 Mar 2024 5:54pm | 24223



from California

"Thank you for a great Poe site! I love how thorough and informative it is.

The Raven, The Cask of Amontillado and The Masque of the Red Death are my favorites."

signed 26 Mar 2024 5:36pm | 24222


conner elrod

from United States

"I love the work"

signed 26 Mar 2024 4:28pm | 24221


Mia DAgosto

from Omaha Nebraska

"My favorite poem by Edgar Allen Poe is Annabelle Lee. It is so well written and it shows how much love he had!"

signed 26 Mar 2024 3:51pm | 24220


Gavin Jelinek

from United States of America

"Wowzers! This guy sure is interesting!"

signed 26 Mar 2024 3:41pm | 24219



from Nebraska

"I think Edgar Allen Poe was a Very great guy who loved poetry and was very good at it but had it rough."

signed 26 Mar 2024 3:03pm | 24218


Jad Elkhatib

from Nebraska

"I think Poe is a great author. I like how Poe makes a poem with a theme in a fun but understandable way. I really liked the poem "Eldorado" as I watched the movie too."

signed 26 Mar 2024 2:11pm | 24217


Natalie Porter

from Nebraska, Definitely Planet Earth.

"Edgar Allen Poe's "Alone" is one of my favorite poems in existence. I feel like though it had a certain solemnity to it, the poem is the kind of poem that you can relate to. My favorite story of his, however, was "The Murders in the Rue Morgue." I feel like if he hadn't passed away, our late poet would have gone on further, and written much more for the world to enjoy."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I agree with you on both of your choices! Did you know "The Murders in the Rue Morgue." was the first real detective story where the main character solves crimes when the police can't? Poe's detective inspired Arthur Conan Doyle to write Sherlock Holmes, almost 50 years later!

signed 26 Mar 2024 1:55pm | 24216



from U.S.A, Nebraska, Earth

"very good information it is very useful if you want to learn poetry"

signed 26 Mar 2024 1:08pm | 24215


jarquez marquis

from pluto


signed 26 Mar 2024 10:41am | 24214


Hayley Milam

from Sikston MO

"I like the site, the poems are cool, and I actually enjoy them and I don't like poems"

signed 26 Mar 2024 10:31am | 24213




"what's up with the whole marrying the cousin thing?"

signed 26 Mar 2024 9:41am | 24212


Kaylee Glastetter

from Earth

"I think the site gives a lot of information and I like that it shows all the poems and quotes. My favorite poem is Annabel Lee because it's about losing her and loving her always."

signed 26 Mar 2024 9:41am | 24211


Kevin Bowman

from United States

"Thank you for this wonderful site. I'm a musician from Las Vegas, Nevada."

signed 26 Mar 2024 9:00am | 24210


Brody Wendorff

from USA, Minnesota, Mars

"I think Edgar is a very good poet in the horror genre."

signed 25 Mar 2024 6:57pm | 24209



from minnesota

"I think that this site is very reliable and shows many different things about poe and how he is a great author and his different styles."

signed 25 Mar 2024 12:07pm | 24208



from usa florida earth

"I enjoyed learning about Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 25 Mar 2024 10:39am | 24207


Mr yez

from Dimension 20

"I lived in the 20th dimension now I have forgotten where the portal was so I have lost my self in this universe."

signed 25 Mar 2024 9:58am | 24206



from mars

"let this site be protected by them and not let the hackers in I hope this site will be protected by all and I hope you all do well."

signed 25 Mar 2024 9:36am | 24205


Mark Lambert

from Polk City, Iowa

"I discovered Poe when I was in 7th grade. I'm now in my 60s and still read him often! The Raven is my favorite poem. As for short stories, I couldn't possibly pick just one as a favorite!"

signed 24 Mar 2024 8:52pm | 24204



from Minnesota

"Your site is very informational about the life of Mr. Poe and I like that all of his poems are in one spot and easy to find."

signed 22 Mar 2024 3:48pm | 24203




"kind and school appropriate"

signed 22 Mar 2024 3:40pm | 24202


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