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from maple valley usa earth

"thank you for this! im glad you put this together because this is great for my assignment I'm doing! thanks so much! (:"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You're welcome!! (:

signed 08 Nov 2023 3:28pm | 23809



from California

"I'd signed the Guestbook, great story if I am being honest ."

signed 08 Nov 2023 12:05pm | 23808




"may you have a creepy Halloween"

signed 08 Nov 2023 11:09am | 23807



from WMS

"Edgar Allan Poe was a poet whose poems had deep meanings and inspired a lot of people with his writing."

signed 08 Nov 2023 1:00am | 23805


Connor Sidinger

from United States of America, Colorado, Earth.

"Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore.""

signed 08 Nov 2023 12:24am | 23804


Christian Gonzales

from America New Jersey

"This website is fun and I got to know more about Edgar Allan Poe. Also it helped me know when he did all the stuff he did in the past"

signed 07 Nov 2023 9:51pm | 23803



from Virginia

"Poe is cool"

signed 07 Nov 2023 8:25pm | 23802



from California

"have a good day"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thanks! You too

signed 07 Nov 2023 4:11pm | 23800


elizabeth rademacher


"he is kinda dark but i think it was hard for him growing up without a mother."

signed 07 Nov 2023 1:36pm | 23799




"i think he is a weirdo for dating his relatives"

signed 07 Nov 2023 12:43pm | 23798



from ohio

"this is a cool website"

signed 07 Nov 2023 12:23pm | 23797


Ian Kelley

from United Sates of Mars, Ohio , Mars

"What an interesting life!"

signed 07 Nov 2023 12:13pm | 23796



from America


signed 06 Nov 2023 7:31pm | 23795


kameya alston

from oak hills california


signed 06 Nov 2023 7:23pm | 23794


Tiffany Gaines

from Detroit, MI USA

"My favorite poem is Annabel Lee. Just watched the Netflix series The Fall of the House of Usher and enjoyed it so much, it lead me to this website. Now I can read my favorite poems."

signed 06 Nov 2023 7:23pm | 23793



from Florida

"This is a good website."

signed 06 Nov 2023 6:04pm | 23792


Harsh Patel


"I personally liked the site more than any other because it is easy to navigate around the website. I heard the Raven is a really good poem and I would love to read it one day."

signed 06 Nov 2023 5:42pm | 23791


Jason Moreno

from Earth Hesperia CA

"I think the site is cool. I think its nice you can see all the stories and it just shows all the cool things he did in life."

signed 06 Nov 2023 4:12pm | 23790



from usa

"( * *)
(# #)"

signed 06 Nov 2023 4:00pm | 23789



from minnesota

"awesome job :)"

signed 06 Nov 2023 3:21pm | 23788



from OakHillsC.A

"Hi I am just doing this for school work during class."

signed 06 Nov 2023 2:43pm | 23787


Jovan Taylor

from Oak Hills

"Just wanted to tell yall God loves you turn to him repent God bless."

signed 06 Nov 2023 2:27pm | 23786


david vernon

from oak hills ca

"pretty cool"

signed 06 Nov 2023 2:13pm | 23785



from Earth

"Poe has faced many hardships and was able to turn feelings into art."

signed 06 Nov 2023 1:40pm | 23784


Aidan Stowell

from earth

"I have always loved horror stories and Poe's are my favorite. They sound scary without cliches, (and the cliches they do have he started), he can also be creepy but not full-on scary. He is an artist and his work a masterpiece."

signed 06 Nov 2023 8:50am | 23783


Jocelys Isaac

from Florida

"This is such a in-depth informational site about Edgar Allen Poe :) Thank you for sharing the facts, stories, and lessons of his life!"

signed 05 Nov 2023 4:47pm | 23782



from New Orleans, Louisiana

"Doing some research for my own short story, thrilled to have stumbled across this! Lovely compilation."

signed 05 Nov 2023 3:53pm | 23781



from Mars

"I like Poe as an author and I enjoyed reading the Raven."

signed 05 Nov 2023 3:07pm | 23780


michaela williams

from louisvile,ky earth

"i love your poems and how much thought and feeling you put into them"

signed 05 Nov 2023 11:53am | 23779


Avery Vanhorn

from Jonestown PA, USA

"I really enjoyed learning about Poe and his life. I hope to visit a museum."

signed 05 Nov 2023 10:47am | 23778


Norman Sickle

from Belleville. Cape Town. South Africa

"Thanks for such an informative website about Poe and the treasure of his life's works. I am appreciative."

signed 04 Nov 2023 12:15pm | 23777


Elliott Price

from America, Kentucky, Earth

"Poe had a "traumatic" life causing his works to be darker than others of the time."

signed 04 Nov 2023 11:45am | 23776



from minnesota

"this was very interesting"

signed 03 Nov 2023 3:21pm | 23775


Taylor K

from Virginia

""This website is very cool, I found some nice books that I would like to read. Thanks a lot for making it.""

signed 03 Nov 2023 3:17pm | 23774


dewayne monroe

from mars

"hello hi there im your mommy and im going to get the milk"

signed 03 Nov 2023 3:15pm | 23773


Julian Anderson

from U.S.A., Virginia, Earth

"Hi there live your life well."

signed 03 Nov 2023 3:11pm | 23772


Taylor K

from Virginia

"I love reading Poe's poems!!"

signed 03 Nov 2023 3:01pm | 23771


Logan Mendoza

from Florida

"I think that Edgar allen POE IS A GOOD AUTHOR the reason is because he writes about all genres"

signed 03 Nov 2023 2:37pm | 23770



from Louisville

"Poe is a very good poem writer that has a very diverse variety of poems."

signed 03 Nov 2023 2:27pm | 23769



from Louisville, Kentucky

"I think that Poe is a wonderful author and he wrote about different emotions that he felt which I think is cool and if he did it even longer he could have been even better."

signed 03 Nov 2023 2:16pm | 23768



from United States, Virginia

"I think Edgar Alan Poe in cool"

signed 03 Nov 2023 2:06pm | 23767



from kentuky

"Poe was a great author he went through a lot in his life but i think he was probably a great person."

signed 03 Nov 2023 2:04pm | 23766



from idk

"poe is very good"

signed 03 Nov 2023 2:00pm | 23765



from Virgina

""The Spectacles" looks really good because I like comedy and romance."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Such a fun story

signed 03 Nov 2023 1:47pm | 23764


Elaine Zhao

from Earth,USA, Virginia

"Edgar Allan poe is cool"

signed 03 Nov 2023 1:35pm | 23763


benjaminium the third jamal daddy

from ur moms house

"cut my life to pieces this is my last resort suffocation no breathing..."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Lyrics from the song "Last Resort" by Papa Roach. It first appeared on the soundtrack to the 2000 film Ready to Rumble.

signed 03 Nov 2023 1:08pm | 23762


Billy Hall

from USA, Texas, Earth

"Hi thanks for this amazing info."

signed 03 Nov 2023 12:25pm | 23761


Lewis Thompson

from Louisville, KY

"I love Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 03 Nov 2023 12:21pm | 23760



from earth

"Edgar Allen Poe was a funny yet scary writer"

signed 03 Nov 2023 12:01pm | 23759



from new jersy

"I like Edgar Allan Poe because I like spooky stuff and he is like the king of it"

signed 03 Nov 2023 11:27am | 23758


Leyla De Jesus Roman

from New Jersey

"I appreciate how hard Poe worked to entertain his fans. His work inspires me to continue writing my book from almost 3 whole years ago, and still encourages me to keep writing and reading horror genres."

signed 03 Nov 2023 11:01am | 23757




"Poe as an Author brings you through journeys of sadness and fear that is quite relatable. I really appreciate his work."

signed 03 Nov 2023 10:12am | 23756



from united states

"hi sup"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
nm just going though these posts =)

signed 03 Nov 2023 9:40am | 23755



from Virginia

"I thought the Black Cat was so sad when he killed the cat, but I also liked how it came back to haunt him. I feel like it is payback for what he did to the cat."

signed 03 Nov 2023 9:29am | 23754


Kaley Cozadd

from United States

"I loved Poe's short story The Raven. Especially how it honored his dead wife."

signed 02 Nov 2023 10:40pm | 23753


Colin Trowbridge

from Kentucky

"Edgar Allen Poe is a very talented, clever, and sad man whose story deserves attention from the mysterious nature of his death to his incredible poetry"

signed 02 Nov 2023 5:45pm | 23752




"I like his poems because they are dark and because i feel like there are things that has happened to him that he try's to contribute in the story"

signed 02 Nov 2023 5:40pm | 23751



from Florida

"Poe is an interesting author and he needs to be more recognized to public poem readers."

signed 02 Nov 2023 2:48pm | 23750



from USA florida earth

"Edgar allen poe is a very strange and odd man but his work is very expressive."

signed 02 Nov 2023 2:16pm | 23749


Eureka Valdez

from Pennsylvania

"Hi, I wanted to give feedback about Poe. Poe is a very interesting person. He is an amazing writer of horrors and comedies. I had a fascinating time reading information about him, including the most interesting fact that I will never forget. He is truly an inspiring person that I might look up to."

signed 02 Nov 2023 2:05pm | 23748



from pluto

"i grew up on mars and then i moved to pluto everyone says that it isnt a planet but if it wasn't then how would i live on it my name is poeboe and i'm an alien"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I totally agree Pluto is a planet! Scientists say Pluto isn't a planet because it "has not cleared its orbit of debris". WHAT?? That's like saying I'm not human if I don't clean my room!

signed 02 Nov 2023 2:05pm | 23747


kaiden patterson

from Country united states of america, state kentucky

"I very much like his poems they're so detailed and enjoyable to read i really enjoyed reading them."

signed 02 Nov 2023 2:02pm | 23746


Taylor E

from New jersey

"I like how Poe was very proper and made every poem and short story seem like a mystery. I also like that he wasn't afraid to dig into the darker stories and horrors."

signed 02 Nov 2023 1:59pm | 23745


Jordanni Infante

from Deltona, FLorida

"He is weird since he married a 14 year old"

signed 02 Nov 2023 1:52pm | 23744


Miguel Manalang

from America, New York

"I really like Edgar Allen Poe's stories. I enjoy reading the story Raven since the rhyming was very cool."

signed 02 Nov 2023 1:49pm | 23743


Peter Bergstresser

from Crozet, VA

"We are learning about Poe in language arts and have to do this. He is creepy."

signed 02 Nov 2023 1:44pm | 23742


Danny Garbrandt

from youngstown ohio US

"I like this class"

signed 02 Nov 2023 12:51pm | 23741



from U.S.A Flordia Earth

"Poe was one of the country's earliest practitioners of the short story, and is considered the inventor of the detective fiction"

signed 02 Nov 2023 12:13pm | 23740



from Illinois

"Poe is a great writer and I love reading his stories!"

signed 02 Nov 2023 12:03pm | 23739



from New Jersey

"I enjoyed the black cat horror story!"

signed 02 Nov 2023 11:57am | 23738


Natt Russo

from New Jersey, USA

"Poe was an excellent writer and I admire his work."

signed 02 Nov 2023 11:43am | 23737



from ivy hawn charter school

"poe your poem is good you're my favorite author. i did a play i was in bells and raven and tale tale heart"

signed 02 Nov 2023 11:43am | 23736



from United States of America

"I'm very curious to learn about Poe's death. We are left with thousands of questions. What happened to Poe? How was he killed? (Loved the information I got, but still very curious) :)"

signed 02 Nov 2023 11:22am | 23735



from Virginia

"It's a great, interesting website! There is lots of useful information on here."

signed 02 Nov 2023 11:02am | 23734



from mars

"Edger Allen Poe has a hard life"

signed 02 Nov 2023 10:39am | 23733



from mars

"I love Edgar and how his poems can really mean something to us. But they meant even more to him. Edgar had a crazy life, and great poems. I read the "Conqueror Worm" and I realized it was about death. Death! He had a crazy life and I love this poem..."

signed 02 Nov 2023 10:27am | 23732


Adelyn Hardin


"Some of his poems are sad, yet beautiful. They remind me of the G-minor scale."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Interesting comparison! I love it

signed 02 Nov 2023 10:22am | 23731


Jeremiah Norris

from Paris Texas

"Good writer"

signed 02 Nov 2023 10:00am | 23730



from florida

"ur poems are really amazing and rip buddy!"

signed 02 Nov 2023 9:58am | 23729


Aubrey Hoffman

from earth

"I think that your impact on reading impacted many people!!"

signed 02 Nov 2023 9:52am | 23728



from Hyrule (ohio,actually)

"Poes writing is good but he married his teenage cousin which is kinda creepy."

signed 02 Nov 2023 9:45am | 23727



from United States

"Poes literature is very suspenseful."

signed 02 Nov 2023 9:41am | 23726


Andrea Geronimo

from Philadelphia

"Edgar Allan Poe was a great author who had a troubled life. He found inspiration in many things around him, writing many well known poems and short stories. His legacy and stories continue to live on to this day."

signed 01 Nov 2023 10:38pm | 23725



from Kentuky

"Overall Edgar Allen Poe is a very creepy unpredictable and mysterious author. Some of his poems in particular can be very sad and deppresing, while his stories are thirlling and can make you jump out of your seat."

signed 01 Nov 2023 10:10pm | 23724



from Minesota

"he is a good writer and has inspiring poems and quotes."

signed 01 Nov 2023 9:57pm | 23723


Brandon Dudney

from Virginia

"I think poe was a great story writer and hope his legacy will live on."

signed 01 Nov 2023 9:49pm | 23722



from PA

"This site is very interesting. We are learning about Poe in school. This has a lot of information. Thank you."

signed 01 Nov 2023 9:07pm | 23721


Jackson L

from FL

"Poe was an interesting poet who used many different symbols in his poems."

signed 01 Nov 2023 7:29pm | 23720



from paris texas

"for school"

signed 01 Nov 2023 7:05pm | 23719


Madelyn Grier

from United States

"Edgar Allen Poe is such a very in-depth poet with very meaningful poems. I love learning and reading his poems. They always have an impact each time I read them. Most of the people I talk to love his poems as well."

signed 01 Nov 2023 6:19pm | 23718


Anaya Royeen

from Monmouth, Illinois, Earth

"I think this website is the best! My favorite poem was "The City in the Seas". I think it's very beautifully written. I love the gothic and "emo" vibe to it! This site is the best, and I plan on visiting it again."

signed 01 Nov 2023 5:48pm | 23717



from USA

"Edgar Allen Poe is an amazing but dark author some stories are a little confusing but if you can understand them you'll like them."

signed 01 Nov 2023 2:43pm | 23716


Landon Moree

from Powderly, Texas

"go broncos, nuggets and avalanche

***** the cowboys"

signed 01 Nov 2023 2:36pm | 23715


Sheila Petersheim

from Ohio

"Edgar Allen Poe makes good poems even if they are about darkness in life. I like his poems and think that he is a very good writer."

signed 01 Nov 2023 2:34pm | 23714


Jon Kasen

from USA

"i have to do this for english"

signed 01 Nov 2023 2:20pm | 23713


Aaron Saunders

from United Juniur High, United States, Illinous, Earth

"It's cool learning about Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 01 Nov 2023 1:55pm | 23712



from united stats

"I am super surprised that Edgar Allan Poe married a 13 year old but I still would love to read his stories and love to learn about Edgar Allan Poe too."

signed 01 Nov 2023 1:41pm | 23711


Levi Putnam

from Earth, Illinois, United States Of America.

"I think Poe is a wonderful author but his death kinda scares me because I think it's weird how he just ends up in the middle of nowhere I think that his best poem is The Raven which is really good."

signed 01 Nov 2023 12:06pm | 23710


Mia Carson

from Earth

"I think that it is cool how he died. It was fun to learn about his lifestyle and his interesting character. I like how he was mysterious and he was different than other authors at the time."

signed 01 Nov 2023 10:52am | 23709


Brody Stout

from Paris, Texas

"Brody Stout."

signed 01 Nov 2023 10:51am | 23708


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