"Favorite Poe Story?"

by Robert Giordano, created 10 Mar 2006 4:13pm


Tell us which one of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories you like the best. Explain why its your favorite. Did it make you think? Did it frighten you? Did you see any parallels to your own life?

Please include the name of the story in your post! Thanks =)

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The Fall of the House of Usher

11 Mar 2006 4:49am, esthu246

"I loved this story because of the way Poe describes the characters and their surroundings. You can imagine you are there in that house."


The Tell-Tale Heart

11 Mar 2006 2:03pm, kalyiel

"It is my favorite out of many reasons, out of which the most important is the way it made me feel. It gave me the impression of a hallucinating world, restrained to the obsessive-compulsive outlook of a man who may or may not be mad. The homodiegetical narrator gets the lecturer so deeply implied in the narrative that he/she ends up asking himself/herself what madness is and if generaly accepted conceptions truly apply to each and every one of us, or to the world itself, for that matter. Another element that keeps me true to this story, is the circumstances in which I came to read it. It was the first story by E.A. Poe I ever read, and I read it on the date of his death, having no idea about it, and out of sheer necessity. Yes, I felt the need of reading this particular story on the date of E.A. Poe's death, without knowing what had happened that day, years ago. So there are strange circumstances linking me to it, as well."


The Black Cat

23 Mar 2006 8:32pm, katfish1990

"The Black Cat is my favorite because of the many theories about the second cat. The story stated that the cat had a white spot. Could this be the plaster from the wall? It is possible that the cat was not dead despite being hanged. The ironic justice that befalls the narrator and the loose ends left over make for an exciting experience."


Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether

31 Mar 2006 10:52am, shawneebud

"I particularly enjoyed this story, it makes you wonder who's mad and who isn't. This story requires you to think and it describes everything clearly and plainly. This is a logical work of art."


The Premature Burial

10 Jul 2006 6:21pm, gdfreak_1

"I love this story, probably because of the way he wrote it. The details of how the people felt made me feel like Iwas right there with them. I read on another website that being buried alive was one of Poe's greatest fears, so I guess that's what drew me to the story in the first place."



07 Aug 2006 11:41am, harrypotter_h19

"The Tell-Tale Heart is my favorite story"


All of 'em

18 Oct 2006 2:50pm, silviu_1502

"I think all of them are quite interesting and unique in their own way. I can't really decide which one is my favorite.."



19 Oct 2006 9:32pm, izzy_isbourne

"Personally, I enjoyed Hop-Frog. It had a pity taste to it, and it showed the cruelty of some people. I also liked the burning part. That was particularly my favorite."



13 Nov 2006 5:56pm, ksumccoy

"I can't really justify this choice as it is probably not one of his best technical or deepest works, but I always love to read it. It seems so bright at first sight, but there is only one character that is not dark or disgusting and even she is in on the brutal murder of those that beat her and Hop-Frog. Also, I love to read this story with my biographical analysis glasses on. Hop-Frog=Poe. Tripetta=1st Cousin/Wife. 12 Fat Men=Editors? Creditors?. Crowds=Reading Audience. Reaction to Alcohol=Reaction to Alcohol. Etcetera."


The Raven, though it is a poem.

17 Nov 2006 9:25am, mmcilroga

"I love "The Raven." To this day, it still stands the test of time, and it's really a horrifying story. It is a poem, but it feels more like a story, in my opinion. I just love it. Now "The Black Cat" is my favorite STORY, because it's also terrifying. Poe's work is so imaginative."


The Masque of The Red Death

05 Dec 2006 3:21am, nirmalmonkey

"This story feeds my interest in an actual, current time, virus called ebola. The allegorical interpretation, characters that challenge the traditional 'plot graph', and the demise of Prince Prospero are all very intriguing. Imagery is excellent, it would looks and flow fantastically as a short film (ah, one day)."


The Purloined Letter

03 Jan 2007 3:17am, aluxeterna

"This story surprised me with its depth and insight into human psychology as well as the modern world's easy worship of that eminently slippery concept we like to think of as 'pure reason'."


The Pit and the Pendulum

05 Mar 2007 7:19pm, lokirs

"I loved "The Pit and the Pendulum" because of the way he describes it. I love the suspense in it and the way the story progresses."


Premature Burial

12 Mar 2007 11:48pm, Rebdeb54

"This scared me so badly when I was in Junior High that I decided right then and there I would be cremated when I died and, to this day, 40 years later, it is well known that I will be cremated and not buried! Poe has a way that makes your heart beat faster and your hair stand on end and still you read him over and over again. His work will continue to freak people out for many generations to come. My absolute favorite author of all times! I also need to mention the last poem that Poe wrote, Annabel Lee. Even though it is a poem, it also is a favorite of mine and definately deserves mention on this wonderful site. Thank you for providing it for all us Poe lovers out here!"


The Cask Of Amontillado

07 Apr 2007 9:25pm, pollatorenator

"My favourite Poe story. I enjoyed it very much, I think it's almost humorous the way the main character behaves."



12 Jun 2007 4:25am, craigtuckwell

"My like fav story is gotta be The Black Cat because it's like wtf... that is seriously one freaky cat.. innit. Also the whole resurrection thing when the 2nd cat comes along with 1 eye. I could really feel the cat wanted revenge. x"


Eleonora is the one I love

18 Aug 2007 10:57am, bcg_ivy10

"I love it. It was best read while listening to what matters most by Kenny Rankin. thanks to the maker of this site"


Tell-Tale Heart

05 Sep 2007 8:43pm, kate315109

"I will always have a place in my heart for this story. It was the first story of Poe's that I have ever read so it is and always will be my favorite. I didn't believe it to be scary but I loved the way that Poe reflected a lesson out of it. "You do something bad and you'll get caught" or "Your guilt will drive you mad unless you confess" is basically the moral of the story. I also loved in the beginning when he made the character try to explain that he wasn't crazy while he was talking about a crazy murder plan. It almost seemed humorous in a way."



11 Sep 2007 7:21pm, dumasfan01

"I love this story, and I've never known why. It thrills me i suppose, but i fell in love with it and i read it over and over so much i have it known by heart. If you have never read it then you must!!! And if you have never read anything by Edgar Allan Poe, well do it cause i promise it will chill you to the bone or make you wonder how many sane people have truly lost their minds!!"


But his Evil Eye

29 Sep 2007 2:13am, Silhouette_Son

"Tell-Tale Heart speaks so loudly above all that I have read. The first time I read it I couldn't fathom it. It was hard to understand some things at a young age. But I made sure to re-read it, taking notes in my head. Picturing it perfectly to every detail. Understanding it to my highest knowledge. I can say I loved it even, for the story is re-readable, and always gives you a different feeling every time, unlike any other. It ties into my life only in my mind, in the deepest corners. To whom I dislike, every time I look upon them, its like the eye. But I sense no fear- I feel anger, rage, emotions that can't be handled with a simple mistake of murder. There the ones I have to heal, which the character, placed behind because he was the smart ass and a foolish madman. Once something is over, it can never really be. I can ramble on about the meanings of my thoughts to it. But my characters and shrinking into fewer, and my body is tired. Thank you for listening. -Roman"


none like it

30 Sep 2007 11:19am, missmelancholy_merupur

"I love the poem Annabel Lee. It is soft and melancholy. It proves that children love just like adults."



05 Oct 2007 1:19pm, redrockprisoner

"I have to say that all of Poe's stories are wonderful. In each of his stories that I have read it seems to emanate a sort of air that is mysterious and it just makes me think. Also, I feel a sort of thrill, like a roller coaster ride, yah know? I have sort of a morbid curiosity and his stories fit well with that. He is my favorite author!!!"


The Imp Of Perverse

14 Oct 2007 12:21pm, bethany_jf

"This one is my favourite, because its written so beautifully, and i fully understand whats is happening to that man. It also has in it one of the most moving paragraphs i have ever read, "We stand upon the brink of a precipice..." it really makes you think."



23 Oct 2007 10:24am, i_love_you

"ELEONORA is so romantic i think there should be more stories like this in our world of poetry. i think i could fall in love with this story :)"


The Masque of the Red Death

24 Oct 2007 8:53pm, cmoe22

"I loved the symbolism of the ebony clock and how the plague quickly spread from room to room. Chuck"


The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar

03 Nov 2007 6:27pm,

"My favorite Poe story is "The Facts in the Case Of M. Valdemar", because it seems to me that there you may find a kind of "hideous intelligence" which is not so easily found in any other of his works, especially in the details of description, certainly among those of the best Poe could ever achieve in his writings. Valdemar and the way he ended up are as strange and as likely to disturb as the circumstances surrounding the very death of Poe, and the particular touch it has so, at least for me, and this sort of web connection, a web of a dangerous spider, make its being the narrative by his pen I enjoy the most a natural thing."


The Oval Portrait

09 Nov 2007 7:50pm, concretehearts

"I love this story. Its worded very well and it has one of Poe's famous twists at the end. Plus its beautiful how much the young woman in the story was so in love with her husband. The Oval Portrait is definitely one of Poe's greatest stories!!"


Tell Tale Heart

14 Nov 2007 10:26am, mylove4counrty

"I think that The Tell Tale Heart is the best of the Poe Short Stories!!!"


The Masque of the Red Death

14 Nov 2007 7:52pm, lawsons818stuff

"I must definitely say that the "Masque of the Red Death" is my favorite short story. It proves a very good point that no matter what you do, it is impossible to escape the clutches of death. As a Christian I also say that it supports the verse that quotes "the last enemy to be defeated is death""



29 Nov 2007 12:12pm, awesomemegan

"I really liked The Fall of the House Of Usher and The Tell-Tale Heart. The Tell-Tale Heart is really good. It makes you think how a mad-man would really act. The murder drove him mad. Edgar Allan Poe is a great writer. Some things are a little strange and disturbing, but all in all they're all really good."


The Black Cat

05 Dec 2007 5:49am, annicka_aries089

"Wow, this is a gory tale! I haven't read all his stories yet but this is good! What are other really cool stories by E. A. Poe?"


The Tale-Tell Heart

10 Dec 2007 12:36pm, desi_93mustang

"I love this story, it is by far my favorite of all Poe Stories!!!!!!!!!!"


The Pit and the Pendulum

14 Dec 2007 5:14am, bojceva

"This is the story I like the most. It is full of horror, feelings and misery. I love the way Poe is managing the events to bring us a story with so many terrifying moments. Poe has inspired me to write horror short stories. I admire him."


Meredith Beckham

03 Jan 2008 4:24pm, mereallybeck

"I love Hop Frog! I have always loved and adored this short story. Most people read and enjoy EAP's more frightening and horrific short stories but I really enjoy his more revengeful and sarcastic pieces, such as Hop Frog."


The Cask of Amontillado

08 Jan 2008 5:47pm, jujuwuzhere44

"I loved this story for many reasons but the main reason is that from the beginning the main character tries to act innocent and pure, while in actuality he is a cold blooded murderer. He is trying to declare why he killed and why he was the victim, and how he tries to trick the reader. I love the suprising ending (although I had a feeling that would happen) also. The characters were so well thought out and described."


The Masque of the Red Death

09 Jan 2008 11:34pm, Spidermans_girl55

"this story had an interesting tale about the prince, but it is still one om my favorite stories as is The Black Cat, but i will never forget this one for i have told it to my fellow class mates in school. i still wish he were alive."


Poe in Horseshoe lounge, Baltimore

18 Jan 2008 4:07am, dillonroch

"circa feb, 1962, Eddie was seen in a dying cocktail lounge adjacent to Trailways bus station, downtown baltimore. He gave me an antique coke bottle stopped with a cork in the men's room, and invited me to share with him a "true nectar of the gods-- " "this is bell's 12 year old scotch", said he!!!! That whiskey was the most delicious i have ever tasted, and i will never forget that wonderful moment when his eyes locked onto mine, and I realized by his dress, and proper manner of speech, just who it was i was talking to. Eventually when all money had run out between us, he shook my hand, bundled himself in his worn and dirty black and grey colored raiment, snugged his large brimmed hat on his head, glided through the room, opened the door, turned right, in the direction of amity street. He disappeared from my view through the barren window, into the freezing rain of that night."


So hard to pick...

18 Jan 2008 12:03pm, deatheater24601

"I personally loved the Tell-Tale Heart, the Black Cat, and the Raven--I think they're all wonderfully can actually picture being there in your mind, and you actually feel what the narrator is feeling, part of the time. I also liked Spirits of the Dead, though out of all his work...I would have to say the Raven and the Tell-Tale Heart are my favorites."


cask of amontilado

22 Jan 2008 8:43pm, mattduh24

"i like this story because it leaves u wondering if Fortunato was really there... or if it was a metaphor for closing off a part of him... or his wife or everyone else that died around him"


The Angel of the Odd

08 Feb 2008 3:34am, indie_last

"A story that i could relate to :D"


premature burial

17 Feb 2008 10:25am, sireneangel

"i got interested in this story, because of the events that he cited on those people that were buried alive... creepy... just imagine yourself in their place..."


The Angel of the Odd

20 Mar 2008 12:33pm, Oddangel

"Angel of the Odd, The Oval Portrait, Mesmeric Revelation, Eureka!, The predicament, The Power of Words, Descent into the Maelstrom, The Island of the Fay... how do you truly choose? The depth of his visions and literary descriptions go far beyond his tales and to merely choose one of those is impossible. "De Angel ov de odd" is fantastically whimsical and as ironic as the Angel himself. To understand his fiction is to know him, and to know him is to love him... Every tale is a trip into his minds eye."


TaleTell Heart. Pit and Pendulum

25 Mar 2008 4:38pm, xx.tainted.lover.xx

"These two stories capture the darkest part of the mind and seem to set it free. Both fill you with terror, sorrow and even a guilt of your own. I love the way that Poe writes his stories, he is among my favorites to read. His skill and the emotion that seeps from each and every line fascinates me to constantly. I chose these stories for that reason. I believe that of all the great stories Poe had written, these two are among the best. If only the writers of today had the skill of the greatest writers of yesterday."



31 Mar 2008 5:16pm, misstooghetto

"i like it because it makes him seem so mad and many shows have alluded this and its just so funny"


The black cat

31 Mar 2008 8:32pm, theo

"RAAAAWr i enjoy the story the black cat. because i dont like cats."


The Cask of Amontillado!

01 Apr 2008 6:12pm,

"I <3 this one sooooo much! It's one of the best stories he's ever written. This quote always makes me laugh... "Luchresi cannot tell Amontillado from Sherry!" :P"


The Tell-Tale Heart

02 Apr 2008 8:25am, adamhusted33

"This story always gives me quivers up my spine. My favorite part is when he kills the old man. Makes me giggle every time."


The Pit and the Pendulum

16 Apr 2008 10:54pm, Anonymou

"Poe does such a great job of describing the entire torture chamber, and really explains parts of the Spanish Inquisition really well. At the same time he is able to establish a mood like no other. Hopelessness, dread, etc. Plus he is able to write this entire story with only one character, who is facing an ominous pendulum. Though "The Tell-Tale Heart" is also amazing, I still think that "The Pit and the Pendulum" is Poe at his best."


The tell-tale heart

22 Apr 2008 5:13pm, katieinfinity

"oh man, tell tale heart owns all. i really think it might be his best story. then again it's hard to compare to masque of the red death, but it's an amazing piece of work nonetheless; and will always be loved."


The Tell-Tale Heart

25 Apr 2008 4:08pm, ironmaidensweetheart

"I love this story because it was the first story that i've read about him and that one made me keep reading his literature."


The Masque Of The Red Death

29 Apr 2008 1:47pm, iloveyoudeary143 at

"i am in love with this story. its detailed description of every moment leaves you clutching the story begging for more. it makes you feel as though you were there. i draw many inspirations for my stories from Poe's works and this is a huge one."


The Tell Tale Heart

09 May 2008 7:07pm, naya_591

"It has almost become a cliche liking this AMAZING short story."


The Masque of the Red Death

09 May 2008 8:44pm, ilic500

"I love this short story because it shows that no matter how much people try to escape their destiny, ultimately they cannot. The Prince and his courtiers walled themselves up from all of reality and tried to block everything undesirable out, but life cannot be controlled that way. In the end, the vicious plague wins."


The 1002 Tale of Schecherazade

19 May 2008 4:32am, aldis_puce

"On the contrary to the idea of Poe popular with the general public being that of 'horror writer' I find his irony ingenious. Because it takes even greater genius to create SUBTLE IRONY, requiring from the reader a similar level of ability to reason. Actually there are more stories of this kind, but I find "Schecherazade" one of the finest examples of it (if not the single best)!"


The Tell Tale Heart

07 Jun 2008 10:57am, emily.rose5

"The tell tale Heart is exquisite and it is incredible what the value of guilt can have on a man."


the raven

08 Jun 2008 8:40pm, scene_kid_2

"the raven is such a great read haha i love it although i found it mildly racist against the chinese i love everyone thank u"


Tell-Tale Heart

25 Jun 2008 1:45am, makasha95

"i first heard it in my language arts class. i love it"


The Raven

11 Jul 2008 7:22pm, dj_pinto

"I've forever been a Tim Burton fan and I know that Burton's favourite poet was Edgar A. Poe. So I searched some poems of Edgar A. Poe and the very first poem that I read was 'The Raven'. I've also seen a video on YouTube, which has Vincent Price (another Burton 'hero') reciting this particular poem of Poe. It's something... don't have the words to explain... My only... how should I say this... Sorrow, is that I'm Portuguese and the books of Allan Poe are rare being sold here and of course... Poe uses an 'Ancient English' that makes it more difficult for me to understand the true meaning of the poem/story. Well... that's my comment. By the way, excellent site this one."


The Premature Burial -Anon.

14 Jul 2008 1:13am, cashpare

"The Premature Burial is my favorite for many reasons. The topic it is based on is not only real but scary and thrilling. The way Poe writes about it is bone-chilling. Combine such a scary idea with one of the world's best writers, a classic is guaranteed."


I'm so predictable

31 Jul 2008 8:48pm, tol0006

"Ok, call me predictable, but my favorite was one of his later works, The Tell-Tale Heart. I just died after reading it!"


Three Way Tie...

21 Aug 2008 1:18am, plumberxangie

"I really love all of Poe's short horror stories, but my favorite is between three, "The Black Cat", "The Premature Burial" and "The Tell-Tale Heart". They're all just so twisted, yet logical. Imagine being in situations like any of those? Being any of the characters? They make you think about life and how the human body works, be it mind or heart... or any other organ, joint, muscle, follicle etc. I mean, think about it... in both The Telltale Heart and The Black Cat, something random and obscure drives the man to insanity and homicide. The Premature Burial just all around scared me, I shutter to think about that happening to me."


The Tell Tale Heart

22 Aug 2008 2:05pm, MUNIRA_OMARI86

"this story was the first story i enjoyed so it has a very special place in my heart."



09 Sep 2008 2:33am, emmathejademoon

"Among Poe's stories titled with female names, say Berenice, Eleonora, Ligeia etc, Morella is my most favorite. It is hard to tell whether it's a story of love or revenge. Maybe it combined both? I love it cuz the ending is really fabulous. Pretty powerful and impressive. And that is Poe's style. Isn't it?"



21 Sep 2008 3:49pm, Robert Giordan

"I'll have to add the story, "Morella". Thanks for your comment."


Annabel Lee -story within a poem

21 Sep 2008 11:13pm, briarrose72

""Annabel Lee" is lovely due to both its literary genius and the pathos of its storyline. Poe's gorgeous use of poetic device underlines the tragedy of the lovers' situation. And I guess the hopelessness of the situation appeals to something in me. It is beautiful."



24 Sep 2008 6:16pm, maycangirl1

"The stories in which Dupin stars are my favorites. I love Dupin because he apparently was an inspiration for Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, and I love Sherlock too. I really enjoy the way Poe discusses Dupin's psychological observance and 'ratiocination'."


Tell-Tale Heart

01 Oct 2008 9:59am, Skittelsb123

"I'm a high school student and i read the story last year. Ever since then i have become a Poe fan. i am completely in love with the opening in this story. it is my life. please, feel free to converse with me about this story."


The Tell-Tale Heart

06 Oct 2008 10:06pm, jaseywu

"This is a story I will remember for the rest of my life. Not only because this was the first Poe short story I read, but also this was something so completely absurd and terrifying that it can not be erased from my mind. It's great that the story is not extremely long, so I can suggest it to my friends, and most likely, they will take a few minutes to read it. Even though the descriptions in the story are not lengthy, I can see exactly what is going on, through my mind's eye. To me, that's the important thing about an amazing short story."


poe stories

07 Oct 2008 10:47pm, carly.roitz

"i would have to say my fav is the Tell Tale Heart or The Black Cat"


Murders in the Rue Morgue

21 Oct 2008 6:22pm, babyjo11d

"This has got to be my fav cuz i mean that monkey jumped outta no where it wuz like WTH WTF is dat."


Tell Tale Heart

22 Oct 2008 9:49pm, zman254

"Tell Tale Heart is my favorite it is so emotional and also creepy."


The Tell-Tale Heart

27 Oct 2008 1:46pm, rainfire93

"Wow, this story was one of the best I have read. I mean, I am only in the 9th grade and for school we HAD to read one and I was searching for the best one to read. I am so glad I found this one! It makes me think, and it gets you wondering what he is going to do next. I just love when things do that, because it makes me want to keep reading. I say, I think i'm going to read it again to get a better feel for it. But I know for a fact, this is a really good story!"



31 Oct 2008 10:25am, kgdmdunn

"Annabel lee... my fav poe"


Oval Portrait

01 Nov 2008 7:54pm, torica

"I enjoyed reading this story because it is such a simple story yet its still interesting and very detailed"


Tell-Tale Heart

01 Nov 2008 10:56pm, kristy_fake

"By far my favorite Poe story is "Tell-Tale Heart". In this story Poe makes the readers feel as if they are a part of these events of which are happening inside of his story... With every mention of the man's heart beat, you hear the pounding in your ears and feel it inside of your own head. As the story progresses you feel the guilt of the murder along-side the narrator. Every last one of Poe's stories and poems are pure art. He has a unique talent of making his readers feel the emotions being protrayed in his stories. I must admit that I am exponentially jealous of his talents because I, too, wish to be a journalist/writer some day and can't help but envy his natural-born gift. --Kristy K"


John Doe

04 Nov 2008 12:19pm, tromboneboy

"My Favorite would have to be The Raven because it's one of the stories that is like a horror story but not scary."


The Tell-Tale Heart

12 Nov 2008 11:18pm, regantang

"I really love this story, because of all of the action the narrator is expressing, and causes tension in my body."


The Fall of the House of Usher

02 Dec 2008 1:24pm, forthread12

"The Fall of the House of Usher is excellent and is currently probably my favorite Poe story. I have not read all his stories yet though. Masque of the Red Death and Cask of Amontillado are interesting also. The Raven is a great poem too."


the oval portrait

06 Dec 2008 7:38am, xrosseu_impx

"i love this story because it awakened my 7th sense."


Favorite Poe Stories

10 Dec 2008 1:04pm, Shawnte15

"I love The Tell Tale Heart. It was a masterpiece!"


The Tell-Tale Heart

08 Jan 2009 3:28pm, tacobell193

"I think that all of his stories are great and well written, but The Tell-Tale Heart just stands out. In today's society there is some element of truth to the story."



09 Jan 2009 2:21pm, searover44

"It's always been "The Raven""



18 Jan 2009 8:01pm, papaspuffin2222



Some words with a mummy

19 Jan 2009 9:43am, charmoprh

"Some words with a Mummy. This along with the tell tale heart and the premature burial are my favorite tales. Edgar Allan Poes pure genius in creating stories that, even today, still can chill the bones and excite you. The tell tale heart sends chills down my spine every time i read it. The way everything is so vividly described, the way you can "hear" the heart beating, as if you were in the same room. Some Words with a Mummy is one of my favorites because of the humor. While reading it i hadn't read much but his tales of terror, and stumbling upon something (although morbidly) humorous completely surprised me! I found the tale wonderful and and have since been reading through all of his tales to find something just as funny. The Premature Burial was amazing. The way in which each account of a premature burial was described made my heart race. Some points in the story were funny while others were dark. Unfortunately i'm running out of letters so i cannot say more."


Annabel Lee

25 Jan 2009 7:53pm, hey.look.a.chicken

"Annabel Lee is not really a short story, it's a poem, but it's by far my favorite. I am 13 years old and have loved Edgar Allan Poe since I have been 9 or 10, thanks to my dad!"


The Fall of the House of Usher

31 Jan 2009 9:29pm, bellheather2

"This story is probably my favorite. I thought perhaps the twins were schizophrenic as it seemed the sister was getting catatonic and he couldn't escape his fate to get it too. It seems like some sort of mental illness. I liked how the house was really built up as if to seem alive. Very spooky and well written."


The Pit and the Pendulum

01 Feb 2009 2:49pm, emyster9416

"I think The Pit and the Pendulum is one of his best works because it combines really a lot of his literacy like in The Tell Tale Heart. I uses like scary story like and a sorta mystery type"


The Tell-Tale Heart speifer10

07 Feb 2009 10:05am, chatty_1094

"The Tell Tale Heart is one of my favorite short stories because it shows a great deal of original literary work from Poe. It's amazing how Poe differentiates the point of view of the characters. Instead of being the victim, you feel like you are the suspect. It's also pretty interesting how he delivers his stories with such success and feeling that you actually feel that you are in the character's situation."


The Gold Bug

09 Feb 2009 1:34pm, olvvvvlo

"I like all the Poe Histories, they are so dark, this is true horror, psychological horror, that makes you feel inside of your heath all the feelings. I like the gold bug because the narrative of the environment is excellent, but was difficult to choose between this history and the black cat. I think that Poe's narrative is one of the best characteristics of his histories."


Hans Pfaall

13 Feb 2009 12:17am, ibtrippen

"Going to the moon in a baloon? How can you not love that?"


The Lady Ligeia

16 Feb 2009 4:07pm, www.emma_2007

"Ligeia is my personal favorite because of the atmosphere, subject matter and the details. That bridal room is so creepy. No wonder Lady Rowena started to see and hear things! There's so much symbolism in that room and in Ligeia's description. She has everything- brains, beauty and power. The only thing she wasn't knowledgable on was death. So she had to die. So sad. They loved each other so much too. It's like the only thing the narrator needed to bring back his love was a body- and here we meet Rowena. She never had a chance. The ending is so ambiguous but I believe that Ligeia does come back from the dead. It's a great story. The Raven, William Wilson- he actually kills his conscience- and The Masque of the Red Death are fabulous too! I was a little disappointed when I found out that the narrator of William Wilson doesn't actually kill anyone. The story made way more sense if you look at it that way though. Poe was so well leant. I love him!"


Tell Tale Heart

18 Feb 2009 4:37pm, cooperking5

"The Tell Tale Heart is my favorite storie becouse 1: it was the story that got me hooked on poe and 2: it gives a poetic sense to the story that makes it amazing to be hear it read aluod. And if you are the one doing the reading, it doesn't matter if you have had experience in reading/acting, you automaticaly get into character. you feel the life seep from the dead man, you hear the beating of the beating of the dammed heart, and you the sense the insanity creeping up on you. that's why i think the tell tale heart is the best."


The Cask of Amontillado

22 Feb 2009 7:34pm, varishabreaker

""This story was phenomonal. Why exactly? Because it tells the tale of pure revenge, and how sick and twisted Poe can make mankind seem. Out of any of us animals on earth. We are the biggest animal of all.""


A Descent into the Maelstrom

07 Jul 2009 12:04am, dfghbrg

"How can it be that none has mentioned this classic? This story is easily one of Poes greatest works. It tells of an old fishermen, now a guide, recalling a horrific experience to a younger man. For those of you that arent sure what a maelstrom is, its a monsterous natural whirlpool created by the choppiness of huge waves of water in the middle of giant black and beetling cliffs or protuberances. He's caught on his fishing boat with his 2 brothers and the pull of the outer most borders of the whirlpool are sucking them closer and closer towards the vortex which funnels down 6 miles into the abyss! What happens? READ IT! Imagine this setting.. now imagine it through the words of Edgar Allan Poe."


Maximus Yellow

11 Sep 2017 6:34pm, Myellow.biade

"The stories by Poe are very great. The first story i read was 'The Fall of the House of Usher'. When i read the story, i thought of him as a great story writer."



12 Sep 2017 10:07am, vkelly

"the black cat is my favorite story"


The Tell-Tale Heart

13 Sep 2017 6:17pm, kmorales

"The Tell-Tale Heart is my favorite Edgar Allen Poe story because it was intriguing seeing how the main character planned out the murder of the elderly man he was caring for, while continuingly stating how he was not mad. The story really makes me think about the lengths of measures people would take and how a mad man might believe in their perspective of life, that they are the sanest out of all people. The story both frightened and brought great excitement to me in regards to the constant fear of the care taker getting caught by the old man in the act of trying to complete a murder and getting caught by the officers when the arrived at the premise. Overall, this had to be one of the best pieces of writings by Poe that I've ever read."


Iyana Parker

13 Sep 2017 11:23pm, Iparker

"My favorite short story by Edgar Alan Poe is Tell Tale Heart because it is really scary, mysterious, and interesting."


The raven

14 Sep 2017 12:24am, omarshalash2

"My favorite Edgar Allan Poe story is the raven"



14 Sep 2017 10:34am, jrojas

"My favorite Poe story is probably the "The Tell-Tale Heart" because it was scary and entertaining."


the cask of amontillado

21 Sep 2017 9:48am, bobbyroberts371101

"the cask of amontillado is my favorite poe short storie combines revenge with mystrey"



21 Sep 2017 9:48am, corwinramsey02

"The cast of amontillado was a suspenseful, edgy story that kept you hooked the whole time."


Samantha Potter

22 Sep 2017 7:56am, pottersamantha14

"My favorite Poe story is the Tell Tale Heart, it was very interesting to read and I enjoyed it."


The Tell-Tale Heart

25 Sep 2017 2:19pm, nythepegasus84

"I enjoyed this story because of how crazy the person is. I don't know what it is, but I enjoy a crazy character once in a while. Especially the part where he is talking to the cops, and he is sure they could hear the heart too, and they were just toying with him before they turned him in."



25 Sep 2017 7:11pm, jcamp52536

"I like the Raven, because it describes how Poe felt an it was a good book."


The Tell Tale Heart

26 Sep 2017 4:05pm, kentk

"it was my favorite because even after reading it over and over I still get chills down my neck reading it"



26 Sep 2017 7:37pm, sydneykatz

"I like all, but especially The Raven because since 6th grade, all my language arts teachers have read and done activities on it"


Kyley henry

27 Sep 2017 10:58am, 21khenry

"The Raven This is my favorite story because I was able to watch the play of it, it really made me more interested in his work."


EZekiel Goldstein

27 Sep 2017 11:29am, zekigold

"I haven't read a Poe story yet but i'm excited to start reading his books and see what his imagination is really about."


Poe Favorite Story

27 Sep 2017 8:57pm, bob

"My favorite Poe story is "The Raven." When i first read this story in class in 6th grade, i was a bit confused at the beginning because i was unfamiliar with the way he wrote but then i kept rereading it and the vision became clearer every time. It was very much in my genre of stories so i got attached to it."


The Tell-Tale Heart

27 Sep 2017 10:49pm, 21tshadrick

"My favorite story by Edgar Allen Poe is probably The Tell-Tale Heart. I like this story the most because I like stories that get my heart pumping, and because it's the only story I have read of his."


Addyson Murphey

28 Sep 2017 11:05am, 21amurphey

"My favorite Poe story was the Tell-Tale Heart. This is because it shows the guilt that someone has after doing a terrible thing."


The Tell-Tale Heart

28 Sep 2017 11:13am, Anonymous

"I liked the "Tell-Tale Heart" because of the suspense and the plot twist where the guy was about to get away wit it but turned himself in."


The masque of the red death

28 Sep 2017 9:00pm, mariedorismond22

"My favorite Poe story if, "The Masque of the Red Death", I love how Poe used a theme and applied it into the story's settings. For example, the seven different colored rooms represents a human life time or time line, from birth to death. The theme that Poe used was that death is the inevitable and can not be escaped. I also think Poe had a great use of vocabulary in this short story."


Madelyn R.

29 Sep 2017 12:40pm, 21mruszala

"The Raven is my favorite Edgar Allan Poe story. The old man had great sorrow because his wife died. My favorite part of the story is when the old man asks if he will see his wife in heaven and the raven says nevermore."



30 Sep 2017 10:59am, pmishcon

"My favorite story that Poe wrote was the Raven. I like the style of writing in this book."


The Raven

01 Oct 2017 4:54pm, dylanmat1112

"The Raven is my favorite Poe story because it's well written and shows a great deal of artistic detail. The symbolism is amazing has a very important meaning."


The Raven

01 Oct 2017 11:26pm, qwsedrfgtyhjn

"My favorite poe story would have to be the raven because of the beautiful detail and tone it sets."



02 Oct 2017 10:57am, 21dgotsch

"My favorite Poe story is The Raven."



02 Oct 2017 6:45pm, koshy7865

"the raven"



02 Oct 2017 7:09pm, deoxys4000

"I really like the Raven. It is so in depth and moody! When I first read it I felt like there was a Raven on my shoulder staring me down! I really loved this story. It's a classic!"


Favorite Poe Story

02 Oct 2017 7:12pm, catbutt032804

"A great story out of all ones published by Edgar is most likely "Masque of the Red Death". This has to be one of his best works, as he superbly executed the grotesque feel he wanted to give the reader. His form of literature in the story is dense with words that so well helps the reader understand exactly what Edgar is trying to portray. Not only is the writing stupendous, but the originality definitely blows me away. Letting the characters try to escape an inevitable death by running from room to room of different shades of color, is a luring concept, as I wonder waht could possibly happen to the untouchable, wealthy, people. He definitely did a good job leaving the reader horrified with such a short story."


The raven

02 Oct 2017 7:39pm, strikeranjan

"The raven is by far my favorite story because it leaves so much to the unknown. It is up to the reader to interpret and predict the unknown parts. Because of this, the reader uses his/her imagination to create an explanation. This also means that no reader will dislike it because it is left up to them to decide."


Masque of the Red Death

02 Oct 2017 10:12pm, 21dbell

"Masque of the Red Death. This Poe story still remains one of my favorites today. I absolutely love that it represents the stages of life and greed/ignorance of those fortunate few."


Dream Land

02 Oct 2017 10:26pm, cutepuppies286

"I like Dream Land by Edgar Allen Poe because of how whimsical the poem is, and how the reader can use their imagination, while picturing his dream land while reading."



02 Oct 2017 11:07pm, 22cvanness

"My favorite Poe story is definitely The Raven. It's so interesting and his wording and details make you want to keep reading. I love how it has a deeper meaning that you have dig out from between the lines to truly understand. It really is a wonderful story characterized by fear, suspense, sorrow, pain, and guilt."



03 Oct 2017 9:39pm, aniyasamson7

"My favorite story was berenice because its shows not all horror genre are all the same because usually i would think it would be spooky scary but it wasnt it at all it was depress, passionate, and hurt."



04 Oct 2017 12:57pm, delinm070

"i love the raven even though its the most well known one its the best."


The Tell-Tale Heart

04 Oct 2017 5:49pm, bvfjldvbj

"My favorite Poe story is "The Tell-Tale Heart""


favorite story

05 Oct 2017 7:42am, 12127881

"I like the raven because its popular and it seems lke a good book"



05 Oct 2017 9:03am, 123storyaboutacat

"The black cat. It is about a cat so how could it not be great."


The Masque of the red death

05 Oct 2017 7:01pm, Nikky.ghysels4

"The Masque of the red death. I loved this story because it gave me more reason to think deeper in reading a book and the scenes that it casts into the story gives poetry a whole another different meaning and story. This short story was something that changed the meaning of the plague and how also someone so rich in that time was so selfish which led to them locking themselves from a disease that couldn't be kept away from everyone."



05 Oct 2017 9:31pm, abbyanim18

"My favorie story is the " Tale-Tell Heart", because its just unqiu and weird but it is a good kind of weird. It always me to think outside the box as to why he did what he did."


Matthew Wong

06 Oct 2017 2:50am, FakeEmail

"My favorite Poe story by far would be "Annabel Lee". It expresses many emotions of sadness but also shows how much Poe loved his Annabel lee most likely talking about his wife. The line of "And this maiden she lived with no other thought than to love and be loved by me." This establishes that Poe's love with Annabel was inseparable. I like how it emphasis that their love was so great the angels even were jealous of their love. "Coveted her and me". This Poe story is centered around love and how love is everlasting and inseperable. In the new lines, the angels end up killing Annabel lee, however, even that cannot separate their love. "But our love it was stronger by far than the love of those who were older than we-Of many far wiser than we-And neither the angels in heaven above or Nor the Demons down under the sea can ever dissever my soul from the soul of the beautiful Annabel lee." I appreciate how Poe uses Alliteration to add an effect. Overall, the poem is about everlasting love."


Angela Needham

06 Oct 2017 8:41am, ANee5002

"My favorite story is the cask of amontillado, because it's very mysterious. The suspense builds up more and more as you get deeper into the story."


The Tell Tale Heart

06 Oct 2017 6:13pm, ztsportsgirl

""The Tell-Tale Heart" was my favorite story because the detail of how the man acted and what he was feeling was very powerful and intriguing."


The Pit and the Pendulum

07 Oct 2017 2:29pm, Debrahenderson38

"The Pit and the Pendulum is an exciting story that causes the reader to try, along with the author, to come up with ways to escape the torture. The story is so engaging that the reader is made to feel like the things that are happening to the author are happening to the reader as well. The story leads the reader on an emotional journey and the ending is such a surprise that you can’t help but,smile. However, I do wonder what the author did to get himself in such a situation and what happened after he was rescued if he had committed a crime worthy of the torturous situation that he was in."



09 Oct 2017 9:34am, Wesley072903

"It's just really interesting."


The Tell-Tale Heart

09 Oct 2017 10:30am, katiekel21

"When I first read this story, I was somewhat hesitant about it since I had to read it for school. But, after reading it, I discovered that I highly enjoyed it and loved its horror and psychotic additions."



09 Oct 2017 12:33pm, send

"The Tell-Tale Heart book is by far my favorite book by him, it stands out to me very well. He's did a great job on that story."


Tell-Tale Heart

09 Oct 2017 5:00pm, katiekel21

"I highly enjoyed "Tell-Tale Heart" and how the narrator was portrayed as a psychopath and untrustworthy, which is hard for me to find in a story and also fully comprehend the story at the same time. But, for this story, I enjoyed it and understood what Poe was saying."


The Black Cat

09 Oct 2017 5:38pm, burnsyd21

""The Black Cat" was always my favorite story when I first read it. Even though it's a sad and scary story, I was always on the edge of my feet and it got more interesting throughout the story."


Alexis C.

09 Oct 2017 6:36pm, Planetpals

"My favorite Poe story is "The Raven" because I've know it/known of it since I was little. My sister did a project on it when she was in high school and so I knew the story then."


Annabel Lee

09 Oct 2017 6:40pm, emtschool

"I love Annabel Lee because I have heard it so many times and I have always thought of it as beautiful and poetic. Although, it ends in death, I still find it an extraordinary poem. After hearing about the history of the poem recently, I have found a deeper appreciation for it. This poem is truly a work of art."


The Tell-Tale Heart

09 Oct 2017 7:22pm, Audrey.maddix

"My favorite Poe story is definitely The Tell-Tale Heart. I love how the narrator tries to convince us of his sanity as he describes a previous murder he has committed. Over all, it’s just an amazing story."


My favorite EAP story

09 Oct 2017 8:20pm, morris610

"I think my favorite EAP short story is The Tell-Tale Heart."


all of them!

09 Oct 2017 9:23pm, murphsn

"I couldn't pick a favourite if my life depended on it. maybe Masque of the Red Death? but the Raven is also so good. The Tell-Tale Heart is up there, too. I grew up on Poe from my elementary school teachers."


Tell Tale Heart

09 Oct 2017 9:26pm, bella_distefan

"The Tell Tale Heart is my favorite Edgar Allan Poe story because it is very creepy and the thought of it is shivering how the character stalk the old man how he is driven to believe that the old man has evil eyes. The thought off it is terrifying and it is supposed to be."


tell tale heart

09 Oct 2017 9:29pm, brookedicarlo03

"the story of tell tale heart is peculiar. he kills a man for his eye in his sleep and chops his body up and hides it under the floor boards. the story is very interesting and was by far my favorite!"



09 Oct 2017 9:56pm, nathan.jaureguizar

"I like the raven our teacher is letting us learn about Poe and today is the first time I've read any of the stories"


Cant Really Choose

09 Oct 2017 11:49pm, Gabriel.rocha

"I can’t really decide on one becuase all of them are interesting and dark in their own way . If I had to pick I might either pick the black cat or the premature burial do to my huge fear of being buried alive . Another story that kind of looked interesting to me just from other people’s comments was the Masque of the Red Death ."


The Black Cat

10 Oct 2017 7:33am, izabella.brewton

"The Black Cat. I love the creepy, and eerily odd relationship between a man and his cat. The story was very suspenseful and creepy. I have never read something that weird before. Its different from what you usually read."


The Masque of Red Death

10 Oct 2017 7:52am, Livcapri

"My favorite of Poe’s stories is the Masque of the Red Death. I enjoy this because the topic this story is built on interests me. He also does a magnificent job at describing things. He does it in a way that you can picture everything happening in your head."



10 Oct 2017 7:59am, brennabug203

"My favorite story would have to be the Tell-Tale Heart because of the story behind it and how Poe goes about with the story. There is always a sense of darkness and everything is very mysterious like in his other stories. In some parts you are also able to predict what will happen next."



10 Oct 2017 8:03am, whitneym02

"My favorite Poe story is the tell tale heart because you can analyze the mental state of the narrator. You could debate on whether he was a psychopath or something else entirely. I find these debates interesting."


Matlock Reves

10 Oct 2017 10:10am, matlock.reves

"The Raven because it sounds cool like he is rapping."


Favorite Poe story

10 Oct 2017 10:57am, Lily.oliveira

"My favorite Poe story is the raven. It is very interesting."


Skeeter garza

10 Oct 2017 12:03pm, Datboioverdere123

"" The Tell-Tale Heart " is my favorite story because the amount of detail he includes in the story about how the man went absolutely crazy was incredible."


The tell tale hear

10 Oct 2017 6:04pm, YO BOY IDK

"I love tell tale heart because it shows that guilt will always prevail maybe not then maybe not next day but it will"


The Raven

10 Oct 2017 7:10pm, Shane.marsh

"My favorite story from Poe, Edgar A. Is “The Raven” because it such an inticing story and has many turns that really make feel involved in the story as thought you too have seen the raven and have shared fair expieriences with Poe in this grim tale of death and fate."


Evalyn Gonzalez

11 Oct 2017 2:48pm, mdnbghgh

"i liked his stories"


The Masque of the Red Death

11 Oct 2017 2:49pm, jasminegarcia2020

"My favorite Edgar Allan Poe story was the Masque of the Red Death. The story is about a kingdom dying off of the red death and the prince doesn't even care. The prince holds a costume party, and when the clock strikes midnight, everyone grows silent. Enters a masked man who looks as if he is a corpse killed off by the Red Death. The "Red Death" walks towards the black room and the outraged prince follows him. Upon reaching the black room, the "Red Death" turns towards the prince and the prince suddenly dies on the spot. The party guests throw themselves at the masked stranger only to find there is nothing underneath the mask. One by one, the guests die off and soon there is nobody left. The candles go out and there is nothing remaining in the room but "darkness, and the Red Death."."


Annabelle lee

11 Oct 2017 8:23pm, Hannah.sierdsma

"Even thought it’s a poem , Annabelle Lee is my favorite. It is really neat but quite odd as well. His wY of confession to his love is interesting and a but disturbing. Even thought he had a strange life. This was still a great poem"



11 Oct 2017 9:38pm, Ethan.brandt

"My favorite story of his is the Raven, it’s a very sad and happy story at the same time. As I read people a typically got scared of the novel. They said that they actually imagined a raven flying through there window."



12 Oct 2017 10:25pm, Dkandnsj

"Annabel Lee has been one of my favorite Poe stories! He explains how much he loves his "Annabel lee" and really makes you feel like you're with him living his life!"



16 Oct 2017 4:17pm, kafong9

"My favorite Edgar Allen Poe Story would have to be Berenice. I like this story because it is so dark. I like the mystery of the narrator trying to figure out what happened to his cousin/fiancee. I also like that it related to Edgar Allan Poe's life in that he also married his cousin, except he didn't remove all of his cousin's teeth."


mah fave is...

16 Oct 2017 7:32pm, tinymanmidget

"mah fave is The Pit And The Pendulum!!!"


Tell-tale heart

17 Oct 2017 9:58am, Myranda_zielonka99

"The story was a good one."


The tell tale heart

17 Oct 2017 10:00am, Shaymorgan912

"I live this story because it’s so mysterious and undecided. You never know what’s going to happen. It’s sends chills up everyone’s back because we’re hanging on our seats. I can’t wait to see more stories that I haven’t read!!"


Annabel Lee

17 Oct 2017 10:40pm, brigittem2901

"Annabelle Lee is a beautiful, deep, gothic story that depicts an intense love story. The narrator and Annabel fall in love in a so called kingodm over the sea. The lovers souls will forever be together, while Annabel lays dead."


The Tell Tale Heart

17 Oct 2017 11:01pm, kennamcrose02

"I enjoy this story because I like the way he portraits the character's crumbling sanity. I like how it portraits the man as not being aware of his madness, to him his "illness" has made him more aware and sharp. It is interesting because when you are reading you are aware that this man is crazy but he is simultaneously explaining it how it is a sane idea to murder the old man. As he explaining he is saying how only a sane man can commit such crime but the reader is aware the the very notion of murder is an insane action especially if it is only because of someones eye"


The Black Cat

17 Oct 2017 11:04pm, cassielianto

"The Black Cat was a very interesting story with morbid details that made me want to continue reading. It frightened me because of the vivid descriptions and imagery. I really enjoyed analyzing this story and I have come to the conclusion that Pluto is a symbol of a child. The narrator and his wife do not have any kids, and for some reason the narrator singles out Pluto. The idea of a child comes from the general idea of the story being about family, home, and children, and animals. Pluto is the substitute for the abused child, and Poe even goes far as to compare the cries of Pluto as, "the sobbing of a child"."


The Tell-Tale Heart

18 Oct 2017 2:56am, madram550

"This is my favorite short story by Poe for a number of reasons. First of all, I enjoy the story because of progression of madness within the narrator. This not only is great because of the suspense it builds but also the irony it creates because the narrator's beginning statement was meant to prove that he is not mad. I especially love the overall irony to the piece since he tries to convince the audience that he is not mad because of the precautions he took in murdering and concealing the body of someone when he's really just proving himself to be quite mad. I also really like the use of hyphens and incomplete phrases since it really simulates the idea of a first-person narrative through the progression of thought within someone's brain. I just really love the story because of how suspenseful and twisted that it is. I also find that the story being told by an unreliable narrator makes it all the more interesting and unique."


the tell tale heart.

18 Oct 2017 9:02am, pettrya21

"I enjoyed the story the tell tale heart because you never knew what would happen next. I read the short story and saw the play in middle school which was a great production. I really like his works but this is my favorite."


The tell tale heart

18 Oct 2017 6:43pm, hi

"I like the tell tale heart :)."


Lia Love

18 Oct 2017 8:04pm, ljailove13

"My favorite story is The Tell-Tale heart. I like this story because of the use of repetition and plot. It is very interesting and suspenseful which are all elements I love!"


Jaylah Dorman

18 Oct 2017 11:48pm, jdorman885

"My favorite Poe story is "The Black Cat." It is such a dynamic story with twists and turns. It keeps me on my toes but also has clever foreshadowing."


Black Cat Creighton Bowen

19 Oct 2017 10:34am, bowejo01

"I think "The Black Cat" is the best because it is very symbolic. It is also very mysterious and has unexpected twists."


The fall of the house of usher

20 Oct 2017 10:22am, Cassidycostner

"The fall of the house of usher was cool man"


His Only Novel

20 Oct 2017 12:56pm, urmamassweettits420

"The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket is not even mentioned on this site man. But its so good. If you haven't yet read it you have to. I don't wanna spoil the whole thing but I mean come on... Cannibalism? Sweet."


Mariela Ramirez

23 Oct 2017 9:19am, 031229

"I enjoy reading "The tell-tale Heart", because it includes scary things. Horror is a one of my favorite genres to read."


Max Jervis Is Awesome

23 Oct 2017 12:24pm, maxwell.jervis

"My favorite edgar allen poe story is The Tell-Tale Heart"


The Pit and the Pendulum

23 Oct 2017 12:48pm, 171025226

"The Pit and the Pendulum. I like this story because Poe created horror,suspense,and misery. He also used great details."



23 Oct 2017 4:30pm, emily.damron

""The Tell-Tale Heart" is my favorite right now."



23 Oct 2017 7:03pm, carter.dotson

"Alone really shows what his childhood was through words it amazing"


The Tell-Tale Heart

23 Oct 2017 7:27pm, katrinaharri

"The Tell-Tale Heart is my favorite story. It keeps you interested, you are never bored with it. The way he wrote it just makes you anxious to read more."



23 Oct 2017 7:29pm, isabellahyden

"My favorite story is " The Tell Tale Heart""


Tell tale heart

23 Oct 2017 8:43pm, wesley.salisbury

"i liked this one over the others because it could go both ways whether he is guilty or if he inst."


Kaitlyn Hunt- Tell-Tale Heart

23 Oct 2017 9:18pm, kaitlyn.hunt

"My favorite Poe story is the Tell-Tale Heart."


Anna Burchett

23 Oct 2017 9:20pm, annaburchett

"My favorite Poe story is the tell-tale heart"



23 Oct 2017 9:27pm, ledaley03

"My favorite story was The Fall of the House of Usher because it describes how the house was empty and it really set the theme."


The Tell Tale Heart

23 Oct 2017 9:38pm, karilynncase

"My favorite story by Edgar Allan Poe is The Tell-Tale heart because of the suspense at the beginning how you are like is this gonna happen and etc."


Annabel Lee and To my mother

23 Oct 2017 10:27pm, honeysenpai0913

"My favorite stories by Edgar Allan Poe are "To my mother" and "Annabel Lee". To my mother was a small story he made in honor of his first wife's mom. Also known as his aunt. Annabel Lee was about one of Edgar Allan Poe's many romances. It was sweet yet alarming if you think hard enough about it."


The Tell-Tale Heart

23 Oct 2017 11:03pm, ryanbrose23

"the tale is the best because it can just pull the audience in both directions of which hes mad or completely sane in which he does his crimes."


Jasmine Perez

24 Oct 2017 7:23am, jp222

"The Tell Tale Heart was so interesting because it was about a murder and i like mysterious"


The Tell-Tale Heart

24 Oct 2017 11:22am, hackworth961

"I love this short story, it goes so in depth on how truly insane the narrator is."


annabel lee

24 Oct 2017 6:56pm, chloesouthern35

"Although it isn't really a story "annabel lee" is my favorite and also has a lot of meaning behind it."


Annabel Lee

24 Oct 2017 7:40pm, avery.irvin

"My personal favorite of the, limited, number of Poe's works I've read is Annabel Lee. The sudden change in the story from a romance to a chilling, tragic story of the death of Annabel stuck with me. I was unaware that an author could so successfully change the mood in that of the drastic way that Poe did. I truly admire his skill and ability to execute the sudden shift that he so wonderfully portrays in his poem, "Annabel lee.""


The Black Cat

24 Oct 2017 8:25pm, 036745

"My favorite story of Poe's is "The Black Cat," I like this story because it is very humorous and it has a lot of details. The story is about a drunk man that kills his cat and after that the cat comes back to haunt him."


the tell-tale heart

25 Oct 2017 12:09am, maggiedoodles

"I love the story "The Tell-Tale Heart" because it’s so creepy and interesting and all around fun! The narrator in the story goes back and forth between mad and sane, but the real question is was he mad when committed the crime."


The Tell-Tale Heart

25 Oct 2017 7:49am, sdlc

"I believe this is his best work from what I've read. I just started to get into Edgar Allan Poe and that was the first one I've read and the one I liked the most out of many others."


The Angel of the Odd Favorite

25 Oct 2017 7:56am, jeffanonymous8

"My favorite was "The Angel of the Odd", a drunk comedy. It really brought life to Edgar's life. I'm 60 and I find it surprising that Poe is still alive to monitor this Website."


favorite poe story

25 Oct 2017 12:20pm, Dyiahkisses

"It's a great story but spooky"


The Raven is my favorite.

25 Oct 2017 5:52pm, mlespinasse

"The Raven is my favorite because of its rhyming. Its weird and irregular and it represent how weird and unregular Poe's Life was. It shows how much his life rubbed on his stories."


Tell-Tale Heart

25 Oct 2017 8:49pm, kbartlett

"My favorite Poe story is The Tell-Tale Heart. I thought it was really interesting."



25 Oct 2017 9:57pm, gvasquez

"My favorite story would have to be Eleonora, it was an amazing story about the way love affects you and the way you view your surroundings. It was a tragic love story that ended in a somewhat peaceful way. He was trying to do everything he could to keep his vow, but the temptations were too much for him. Luckily Eleonora came to him happily and happy that he found someone to love him once again."


Tell Tale Heart

26 Oct 2017 7:49am, mmuskin

"Tell-Tale Heart was a great book for understanding whaat really goes inside in one's head. It was a thrill in order to read whether the man thought he was going insane. The fact that he becomes overbeared by grief says a lot. Reading it was interesting and complex."


Madi M.

26 Oct 2017 8:12am, mmenendez

"My favorite Poe story is The Raven. It is a narrative poem that starts with, "Once upon a midnight dreary.""


Dhruva Patel

26 Oct 2017 8:38am, pateldhruva2

"I enjoyed the Tell-Tale Heart because it even though it seems creepy at first, the emotion and descriptions do intrigue the reader into wanting to know more. I enjoy the suspense build up and some things such as why the police did not find it weird that the author was in the house the night of the murder were never answered."


The Raven

26 Oct 2017 10:22am, rmhBHS

"The Raven. I mean, come on. Could it really be anything else?"


hailey w

26 Oct 2017 11:24pm, lovehorses02

"My favorite story was the Tell Tale Heart. It was a desperate fight against protagonist and the antagonist, which were the same person, to convince himself he was sane. He fought hard and his words were chilling."



27 Oct 2017 9:01am, frater.tristan

"MY favorite Poe story is "The Raven". I don't exactly know why I just favor it out of all his stories that I have read."



27 Oct 2017 9:01am, cloud.thomas

"I like the tale-tell heart."


The Black Cat

27 Oct 2017 10:22am, asanchez

""The Black Cat" is my favorite short story by Edgar Allen Poe because the second cat was an absolute mystery and had theories aspired around him."



27 Oct 2017 2:30pm, Dakotah.fuller

"We thought that the raven was quite interesting because of the way it was written and the imagery he used."


Ethan Gray

28 Oct 2017 3:07pm, ethan.gray

"My favorite Poe story is Hop-Frog. I enjoy this story because the midget stands up to his bullies. The other people make fun of him for his size and under-estimate him, but he fights back and seeks revenge towards him."


Tell-tale Heart

29 Oct 2017 12:40pm, luv2read0126

"My favorite Poe Story is Tell-tale heart because i like how it portrays the essence of a guilty conscience after they have done wrong and how your conscience and fear can essentially drive you mad."



29 Oct 2017 5:44pm, kelley

"My favorite Poe story so far is "Hop-Frog". It's my favorite because it has wonderful diction and I like reading about people who get revenge on other people for things they did to the victim."


Just his genre in general

29 Oct 2017 8:50pm, spudsthemack

"Macabre has been an interest of mine for years now, and Poe just fuels my love for macabre. :)"


Emma Harrison

29 Oct 2017 9:01pm, emma.harrison

"I personally love the Raven its one of my favorites it keeps you wondering and always on edge."



29 Oct 2017 10:54pm, ashleynicole.b11

"The Balloon Hoax is my favorite short story by Edgar Allan Poe. This is because I really enjoyed reading the story line. I was also fascinated by how Poe was able to write the story based on his imagination."


The Raven

30 Oct 2017 9:10am, 2007165

""The Raven" is my favorite book because it's very descriptive of the necessary aspects of the story, which makes it all the more spooooooky."


The Black cat

30 Oct 2017 11:46am, anna.caine

"The black cat is very creepy and builds suspense throughout the story. It gives you a weird feeling."


Oliver Bain

30 Oct 2017 11:47am, james.bain

"My favorite story from Edgar Allen Poe would be the "Black Cat"."


The Masque of the Red Death

30 Oct 2017 3:45pm, smithmichelle126

"The Masque of The Red Death is easily my favorite piece of Poe's work. It breaks down the basic characteristics of life, and completely encapsulates the reader by silently discussing greed, power, and other topics that are on the dark side of the spectrum of good and evil."


Favorite Story

30 Oct 2017 4:26pm, camdendpeterson

"My favorite Poe story is The Black Cat"



30 Oct 2017 4:41pm, reecehhamilton

"My favorite Poe story is the Tell-Tale Heart because I like how the story builds to the death of the old man and how the narrator gets caught is unique."



30 Oct 2017 6:30pm, yareliibarra8

"I love the black cat because it has a bit of humor but mystery. it also made me want to read it after we stopped reading!!"


Ezekiel Ewulomi

30 Oct 2017 7:25pm, 2007812

"I believe I can honestly state the Tell Tale Heart is my favorite story from Edgar Allan Poe. The story evenly matches my particular preference for a mystery story and contains enough cliff hangers to constantly keep me on edge. Best Poe story in my opinion."


Annabel Lee

30 Oct 2017 9:05pm, hayland.jones

"Annabel Lee is a great story, I haven't truly read it but I've looked over it and I loved it so I should be reading it this summer."


Tell-Tale Heart

31 Oct 2017 9:59am, quintale000

"I really liked this story well all poe stories are amazing."


My favorite Poe story

31 Oct 2017 11:30am, trentmcgrath6

"My favorite Edgar Allan Poe story is the tell-tale heart. this is because it is so dark and scary that it really catches my attention and makes me very engaged with the story"


Destiny Morris

31 Oct 2017 11:51am, destinymorris313

"i love the black cat"


Annabel Lee

31 Oct 2017 12:18pm, calebgearheart

"I like annabel lee because of the way it rhymes"


The Raven

31 Oct 2017 1:11pm, mullibra000

"I enjoyed the raven because it was very odd and kind a new style of writing i've never read before!"


jake devereaux

31 Oct 2017 1:15pm, jakedevereaux27

"The Black Cat its the only one ive read"



31 Oct 2017 1:22pm, undersed000

"The Masque Of The Red Death"


The Tell-Tale Heart

31 Oct 2017 1:27pm, barkemer000

"I like "The Tell-Tale Heart" the best."



31 Oct 2017 6:35pm, danielpert264

"My favorite story is The Tell Tale Heart because it reminds me of when I used to lie awake at night wondering if somebody was watching me."


My Favorite Story

31 Oct 2017 8:24pm, costekev000

"My favorite story is the black cat while I found it disturbing the detail in the story made my visualization of the story more clear. I felt like I was there."



31 Oct 2017 10:48pm, Mussub.abdelqader

"So far the tell-tale heart is my favorite because it goes step by step in a very interesting way. It shows how guilty the murderer is, it explains how frustrating the eye is etc."


The Fall of the House of Usher

01 Nov 2017 4:44pm, icojan04

""The Fall of the House of Usher" is a great story and is currently one of my favorite Poe stories, even though I have not read most of them."


Ashton Bordner

01 Nov 2017 7:33pm, ashton.bordner

"I like the raven"



01 Nov 2017 9:28pm, kendall.stanley

"The Premature burial is my favorite Poe story. It’s creepy, and detailed, and wrote well. It is about being burried alive."



01 Nov 2017 9:42pm, Sunsetlyra7677

"My favorite was the tale tale heart!. I recalled liked it. Not only there was so many imagery in it but it was also so spooky!!. I really enjoyed reading it!."


Paco Jemez

02 Nov 2017 9:09am, Crazymexican69

"The fall of the house of usher"


The Tell-Tale Heart

02 Nov 2017 1:07pm, jaidyn.lemle

"It's my favorite because it's more of a creepy story, but it's entertaining and you can picture in your mind what Poe describes."



02 Nov 2017 3:37pm, Ashlin.Vaughn

"The Raven"


Jason Moine

02 Nov 2017 4:59pm, jason.moine

"My favorite Edgar Allen Poe story is, ‘Tell Tale Heart.’ I enjoy this story because, it is so suspenseful and Poe makes you feel as if you were right there witnessing the whole thing."


The Raven

02 Nov 2017 9:54pm, AngelNatividad734

"I like the raven because by the tone and the ways it's is written and it is very detailed"



02 Nov 2017 11:00pm, Rhinestone2400

"My favorite story is tell-tale heart because it keeps you wondering if the guy is going to do anything to the old man and what the guy was hearing at the end of the story. Maybe it was his own heartbeat or maybe it was his guilty conscience. It all depends on your point of view and I love that about this story because there are so many answers!"


brayden goble

03 Nov 2017 9:05am, brayden.goble

"TEll tale heart is my favorite poe story because i love mystery"


His Biography

03 Nov 2017 9:58am, Turnesea

"His life story seem very interesting and it helps you learn more about him."


Tell tale heart

03 Nov 2017 6:04pm, willlinse

"It was not to long ago that my language arts teacher introduced me to Edgar Allen Poe. My favorite stories from the 4 stories I have read is Tell Tale heart. I love the suspense and the sinister things that narrator does."


Fav Story

05 Nov 2017 8:21pm, Tyhoops

"The Black Cat is my favorite story because it is very exciting and interesting."


The Tell-Tale Heart

06 Nov 2017 6:47pm, Moormich

"My favorite story by Edgar Allan Poe is the Tell-Tale heart because you really feel like your in the mind of the main character and you feel what they feel. The tone and mood of the story is great and the wording makes the story more frightening like the way the main character describes the mans vulture eye."


I like the raven

07 Nov 2017 7:11am, Harrij

"I like the raven because of its fame and its style of writing. Edgar Allan poe really showed his talent in this piece."


The Tell-Tale Heart

07 Nov 2017 7:20pm, hajen

""The Tell-Tale Heart" is my favorite Poe story because I really like how the main character tries to convince the reader that he is not mad and that he has a reason for killing the old man. He acts like the eye was the bad guy and not him, and I think that that is very cool. I also like that the heartbeat drives him insane in the end and he tells the police where he hid the body."



09 Nov 2017 8:24am, brey.aaron

"My favorite Poe story is "The Black Cat". I like this poem so much because it is scary has intense parts and has an interesting plot. It also has some pretty funny parts in it."


The Devil in the Belfry

09 Nov 2017 6:46pm, LWILLIAMS9009

"Reading the Devil in The Belfry sent chills through my spines. In the context of the story, the devil is a troublemaker who destroys the serenity of traditions"


Mesmeric Revelation

10 Nov 2017 4:26pm, asdf

"Mesmeric Revelation is my favorite story. It's almost mystical to think about how a dying, hypnotized man could speak such words about spiritual entities and the universe. It makes you think about what's real, if Poe felt the same way about God and used this story as an excuse to disprove atheists and the like. It reminded me of the creepypasta "The Russian Sleep Experiment", which led me to believe that this is where they got their inspiration to write that story. Nonetheless, a great read indeed with a very deep background that will make you wonder and question the very nature of the universe. E Pluribis Unum."



13 Nov 2017 2:42am, Gabrielkarnes

"My favorite story is the The Raven, I love how it has that great amount of intensity, and creepiness to put chills down your spine"


annabell lee

13 Nov 2017 9:52am, leida

"We liked the story because she died an he still loved her after that an they were both in love. We like romance. Annabell Lee's story was romantic"


Dank memes

14 Nov 2017 11:26am, gabrphil13225

"Hi my doods what is a poppin"


The Fall of the House of Usher

15 Nov 2017 8:26am, BMFehrman

"I enjoyed The Fall of the House of Usher because it was so descriptive that it made me feel like I was there."


Rado Mihajlovic

15 Nov 2017 1:26pm, Ramihajlovic

"My favorite story by Poe is "The Tell Tale Heart." I like this story because it is extremely suspenseful. It has a plot that is very well-written. It brings the reader deeper into the story because of the nature of the narrator's mental health."


Tell-Tale Heart

15 Nov 2017 1:39pm, daenaaschuh

"I personally enjoy Tell-Tale Heart the most because it is an extended metaphor and contains an ending that is unexpected."



15 Nov 2017 3:02pm, vreecethompson

"I like "The Pit and the Pendulum" because of the psychological aspect it puts into play with the main characters mind."



15 Nov 2017 7:41pm, nobody

"I think that the story "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" is interesting because it was unique at the time and many great writers have been inspired by it."


Tell Tale Heart

15 Nov 2017 11:26pm, masdskrez

"I never usually like to read short stories from school, but Tell Tale Heart was the best of them by far. It actually filled me with suspense of what is going to happen next. I absolutely loved it."


Shannon Bolden

16 Nov 2017 7:45am, shax939

"The Raven is my favorite poem because it's scary."


The Cask of Amontillado

16 Nov 2017 9:28am, juliebaby2001

"I could remember reading the Cask of Amontillado in middle school it was very interesting and i also enjoy reading the pit and the pendulum i enjoy the suspense in it."


The Raven

16 Nov 2017 12:03pm, darioni03

"I really liked reading and listening to the Raven because of its mystery. The beginning had a good hook because it kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next. It got into what the Raven was thinking and doing, which I thought was interesting."


The Tell-Tale Heart

16 Nov 2017 7:48pm, bersagelel

"My favorite story is the Tell-Tale Heart. It was the first short story of Poe I had read, and I couldn't figure out exactly what it meant. And I still can't. Anyway it's pretty great."



16 Nov 2017 8:03pm, fryde

"I like The Raven because it's suspenseful and interesting! The raven adds a mysterious aspect to the story"



17 Nov 2017 1:42pm, 20kkuhlman

"Tell Tale HEart :)"


leyonna rupprecht

20 Nov 2017 9:09am, leyonna1227

"the darkness will definetly catch you attention....'Nevermore'."



21 Nov 2017 10:21am, sefiorio

"I personally loved the Tell-Tale Heart, the Black Cat, and the Raven--I think they're all wonderfully can actually picture being there in your mind, and you actually feel what the narrator is feeling, part of the time. I also liked Spirits of the Dead, though out of all his work...I would have to say the Raven and the Tell-Tale Heart are my favorites."



20 Dec 2017 12:23pm, www.johnbuzzelli

"I love the black cat because its so weird. its just really good."


Favorite Poe Story

02 Jan 2018 6:40pm, jueddings

"I love the Tell Tale Heart. It's a common story, but I love it's eerieness. It is a great example of macabe writing. It is especially great when performed as a play/monologe."


The Goldbug

04 Jan 2018 10:08am, kcbseaturtle

"The story "The Gold bug" was amazing, though not as well known or as creepy as most it was a very good mystery story. Also, it was written well. A reason I wanted to read it was because of its mention in " Book Scavenger", a book I read over the summer."



04 Jan 2018 11:06am, shaunabellacicco

""The Black Cat" A man hurts the one he loves the most. And in real life people do that to people. We trust our loves ones and yet we hurt them the most. And just like in the story, our family always comes back. To love and support us."


The Tell-Tale Heart

05 Jan 2018 1:40pm, mariebird234

"The Tell-Tale Heart is one of my favorite pieces from Edgar Allan Poe, mainly because it was the first piece that introduced me to him. While reading the selection I could envision what exactly was going on and I could even feel the emotion that was portrayed as well. I was surprised with how honest and real the selection seemed."


Ian Rybak

05 Jan 2018 1:43pm, irybak

"My favorite Poe story is, "The Tell-Tale Heart." This is so, due to the fact that not only is it one of the more often read stories by him, but it has such a good message on guilt and the way that it affects out lives, mixed in with elements that give it almost a taste of psychological thriller. It makes it an interesting read that I am sure most of us can relate to, as we all carry our secrets and try our best to keep the skeletons in the closet, but we let some things weigh so heavily on our hearts and minds that it just needs to break through at some point. Moreover, a graphic novel version of it was one of the first "adult" books (so to speak) that I read, and it lead me on a quest to find more good content, from Poe and other authors alike, and this gives it a special place in my heart."



05 Jan 2018 5:10pm, cgonzalezjr63

"My favorite story has to be the Raven its just one of his great stories"



06 Jan 2018 10:42pm, desiree.sandate

"My Favorite Poe story is "The Tell-Tale Heart." The reason being is that you can really feel the progression of the narrator feeling guilty of the murder. He uses a lot of imagery so that really brings the story to life."


Angel D.

07 Jan 2018 3:03pm, apdimuzio

"my favorite Edger Allen Poe story is "The Tell-Tale Heart" because it shows how something so small can lead a man to hate someone they love. and it how it ability to show how guilty effect a person mentally."


Alina Baeza

07 Jan 2018 11:02pm, Alinabaeza1

"The Tell-Tale Heart was my favorite story of Edgar Allan Poe. I liked it because it showed how crazy you feel when you’re paranoid even if it really isn’t hurting you. It portrays how far people are willing to take certain things just not to be paranoid."



07 Jan 2018 11:07pm, ahde

"Berenice. I love the story because it has like a creepy psychotic feel to it"


Erin Conner and Cassie DeStefano

08 Jan 2018 7:52am, findcassied

"Our favorite Poe story is "The Raven" because it frightened and thrilled us. Poe's diction elevated the sense of the story."


The Cask of Amontillado

09 Jan 2018 9:48am, 210108

"The Cask of Amontillado has a very good story line, and a very well drawn out plot. Also, the characters have very interesting names that add to the story."


The Telltale-Heart Favorite

11 Jan 2018 4:04pm, connorrulez697

"I found this to be one of my favorite stories because of how it displays what going insane can do to a man or woman. Doing something like murdering another human being is a big ol' mallet to a person's mental stability. It was also interesting how at first the narrator starts off by talking about how he is not crazy,though it is obvious that he is truly insane after reading the story."


The Tell-Tale Heart

12 Jan 2018 1:50pm, jdmarquez

"I like this story because it really makes you think is he crazy or did he react the way we would have. It's a crazy weird story that puts quite an image in your head"


Jared S.

20 Jan 2018 2:17pm, JaredPhillips

"I love the story the cask of Amontillado and how it is from the perspective of the deranged killer who lours his victim in with wine just to kill him."


The Secret Garden

06 Feb 2018 11:52am, kylesteinhilber

"The story was very interesting and had lots of description throughout the story"


Poe stories

07 Feb 2018 8:30am, Bribritaytay001

"My favorite poe story was "The Raven" because it was suspenseful and it was really descriptive. I also liked it because it had that supernatural ghostly feeling."


Favorite Poe Story Poem

14 Feb 2018 12:36pm, johnathandilts

"His poem "Alone" is my favorite poem because the first time I read it it felt like he wrote it about me. I was always an outcast at school. So naturally I felt as though "All I lov'd I lov'd alone." And Tale-Tell Heart is my favorite Poe Story because it grips you and doesn't let go until the end."


Kaitlyn Young

12 Mar 2018 11:55am, ykaitlyn55

"The "Tell-Tale Heart" story is a great story and it is very interesting."



19 Mar 2018 4:19pm, ghfdtj

"The Tell-Tale Heart is my favorite Edgar Allen Poe story because it really puts into perspective how someone can be so insane but not at the same time."



19 Mar 2018 4:19pm, 8578451

"I liked "The Gold Bug" because it was so interesting and weird. I felt so intrigued the whole time!"


The Tell-Tale Heart

20 Mar 2018 5:52am, 1drocks93

"This is my favorite Poe story because it gives a murderer's side of the story. In no way am I saying this man is innocent, but it brings a new perspective into things. Also the story is beautifully written."



20 Mar 2018 8:39am, 8599911

"the black cat is a very good story"



23 Mar 2018 12:01pm, ssmith4540

"I don't think I could choose just one. Let me recommend two short stories that most have never read: A Predicament Never Bet the Devil Your Head"


Leah Scarbrough

28 Mar 2018 8:13am, l.scarbrough21

"My favorite story by Poe would have to be The Cask of Amontillado. It is very interesting and keeps you the edge of your seat the whole time you are reading it. It is also a thriller and a mystery and I like those kinds of stories/movies."


Anabel Lee

28 Mar 2018 9:55am, m.stewart02

"The story of Anabel Lee is my favorite. This poem captures the true emotion of love. The story told is a sad, but still a good ending. Most of his stories are about how horrible death is. This poem focuses on the love story between the author and Anabel Lee. Even though Anabel Lee dies in the poem. The poem still achieves its purpose."



31 Mar 2018 11:42pm, carleylee1

"My favorite story is "The Raven." The Raven is mysterious like you wanna continue reading. Everything fits the story matches the mood and tone. The story is also in great detail."


The Tell-Tale Heart

22 Apr 2018 11:52am, alicia.muro04

"I really like this story because the man had the nerve to sit right on top of the dead body right with the police."


tall tale heart

21 Aug 2018 10:14am, lsears153

"I like how poe describes everything so well and make you feel like you are in the story."


The tell-tale Heart

22 Aug 2018 5:07pm, dufordc955

"My favorite of the Edgar Allan Poe stories would be the Tell-Tale Heart. At first it's kind of confusing but I think it's really interesting. It has a very deep meaning to it and quite dark but that's also why I like it."


the Raven

11 Sep 2018 3:37pm, jackp4au

"the raven is the best of all of them"



12 Sep 2018 3:19pm, h0smikel

"I love the poem Annabel Lee. It is deep and dark. Like me..."



19 Sep 2018 7:44pm, 214288144

"My favorite Poe story would have to be "The Tell-Tale Heart" this is my favorite because it is very mysterious and dark."


Masque of the Red Death

20 Sep 2018 7:31pm, 215735195

"There is a lot of creativity put into this and I really admire his writing style. As an amatuer writer, his element of dread is what i hope to achieve in my own stories. Masque of the Red Death just draws me in because of his use of outside sources and, once again, that sense of dread that is present in his stories. I love how he wrote this story in the way to pull you in, it's amazing."


The Raven

21 Sep 2018 1:26pm, jewelsgemdiamond

"The Raven is my favorite poem of Poe because the word choice and how it's worded. I love how you pick stuff apart and how to really focus on it to understand it. It is by far my favorite."



21 Sep 2018 1:34pm, clarissiakelly

"I love the way Edgar Allan Poe wrote the book."


The Masque of the Red Death

23 Sep 2018 8:58pm, humblea30

""The Masque of the Red Death" is my favorite story of Poe's because it explains how terrible it was and how the closest people in his life died from the plague. It made me think how I have such close people in my life and they could be gone just like that. It scared me very much especially because I haven't had anything like this happen to me."


Rose gold

23 Sep 2018 9:35pm, jonesro04

"The masque of the red death. This is because the set up of the story and how on television there are so many spin offs and other creations kinda mimicking it. It sets the scene for other people who have creative ideas ."


The Tell-Tale Heart

23 Sep 2018 9:58pm, shkembid07

"i liked it because the old guy had a big eye ball"



23 Sep 2018 11:06pm, coyj23

"My favorite Poe story is "The Raven" with the fact that the backstory of it had to do with his deceased wife Virginia."


allan poe

26 Sep 2018 10:16am, wolfygaming19086

"he is a very good writer"


the raven

26 Sep 2018 6:22pm, sloverkranston

"I love the raven so much"


The raven

27 Sep 2018 10:41am, Kole.harris

"The Raven was the most known poetry"


Favorite Story

01 Oct 2018 11:06am, example

"I like The Raven the best"


Favorite Poe Story?

04 Oct 2018 9:54am, lr.lowe84

"Tell-Tale Heart"



04 Oct 2018 12:03pm, ckakd

"My favorite Poe story is "Alone" because it reflects his tragic childhood with his parents death and how he felt other people saw him."


Tell Tale Heart

04 Oct 2018 4:43pm, jenniferduong6284

"My favorite Poe story would be Tell Tale Heart. This is because it is very interesting and you have to think about what is happening. It is a very dark and deep story."


Tell-Tale Heart

04 Oct 2018 5:01pm, hahahaha

"The Tell-Tale Heart is my favorite out of Poe's work because it is thrilling, entertaining, and humerus all at the same time."


The Raven

04 Oct 2018 6:30pm, kraft777

"The Raven is about a man's journey and how he got over the loss of his lover. This is relatable to me because I have lost someone in my life who was also very important to me. His journey and how he dealt with his pain is both inspiring and spooky. One being because a bird that was talking about his life made him realize where he wanted to be in the future."


The Tell-Tale Heart

04 Oct 2018 7:18pm, s542852

"The Tell-Tale Heart may have been one of the weirdest stories that I have ever read, but it was very good and kept me interested."


The Tell Tale Heart

04 Oct 2018 10:31pm, 123

""The Tell Tale Heart" is my favorite story by Edgar Allen Poe. It emphasizes the aspect of guilt and how it can deeply effect a person. It has suspense that keeps the reader's attention. It is very descriptive, for example, the heart beat and what is happening in the story."


Favorite Poe Story

04 Oct 2018 10:38pm, carly.miller1

"My favorite Edgar Allan Poe story is "The Tell-Tale Heart" since it depicts an excellent murder story with vivid details and inflicts man vs. self conflict, which I love seeing in writing pieces. I also liked how suspense and drama was added to the story, although the reader knew what was going on, the police did not. I also liked how the different uses of figurative language and characterization all tied together."


The Pit and The Pendulum

05 Oct 2018 7:10am, Rambonugget1

"The Pit and The Pendulum was my first introduction to Poe and if I could only recommend one piece of his work, it would be this one. The way Edgar Allan Poe describes his environment and thought process is captivating and leaves just enough mystery to keep reading. The Pit and The Pendulum tells the story of a prisoner is thrown into a cold, slimey, dungeon. Where he is robbed of light or visual sense. He undergoes unimaginable horrors, made even more frightening when he can only describe it by feel. Although not a philosophical journey as some of his other works, The Pit and The Pendulum is a fantastic summary of the horror genre. Making it my favorite Edgar Allan Poe story."


Auto correct

05 Oct 2018 9:16am, Wi football rock

"He was a pretty cool guy"


Tell Tale Heart

05 Oct 2018 10:45am, maha

"I love this story because its dark and its scary and he shows what he is feeling. You can see the authors tone and mood. This is one of my favorite stories because once you can interpret the story, it is actually very fascinating and mysterious of what this guy was feeling. He was insane!"


grayson s

05 Oct 2018 11:18am, graysonspillman

"tell tale heart"



05 Oct 2018 1:04pm, Kearalynn238

"I absolutely love Poe’s stories and books he inspires me everyday."


The Raven

05 Oct 2018 5:01pm, cegoodnight

"My favorite Edgar A. Poe poem is the Raven. I love the grim story and symbolism. It is a beautiful poem, and I have read it literally to the point of memorization. It is without a doubt the best poem I have ever read."


Tell Tale Heart

05 Oct 2018 5:01pm, bernadettemagaldi

"My favorite Poe story is the "Tell Tale Heart" because it shows one of the first versions of how guilt can affect a character to turn themselves in which made the story a little bit more realistic and somewhat lifelike."


The Tell-Tale Heart

05 Oct 2018 6:00pm, partyhd3

"I loved the "Tell-Tale Heart" for its depth and new look on murder. You get to see a murder from a murderer's eyes and insight on a whole other battle. I never imagined a murderer could have just as hard of a time fighting himself over the guilt."


ALl of them

05 Oct 2018 9:09pm, cristalclear709

"They're all so good."


My favorite Poe story.

05 Oct 2018 9:11pm, batnic2

"My favorite of Poe's work is Eleonora. It really reflects life and you can feel the personal account and deep compassion that went into it. Truly a work of art."


The Tell-Tale Heart

05 Oct 2018 9:36pm, amiya12345

"I love how The Tell-Tale Heart progresses, the eerie feeling that gets more and more intense as you read it..."


Tell-Tale Heart

05 Oct 2018 10:20pm, crockercool

"The tell-tale heart is my favorite story of Poe's. I like the amount of suspense is build before the big reveal at the very end of the story."



05 Oct 2018 10:43pm, amarqueztavera

""The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar" is my favorite story from Poe. This is because it particularly sparked my interests since it involved hypnosis, and how intriguing the overall story works out. The way the details were written, like with many of Poe's stories, allowed me to visualize the story, sometimes making me feel part of it."


Tell-Tale Heart

06 Oct 2018 9:12am, dog

"The story builds suspense very well and it is very entertaining to read."



06 Oct 2018 12:56pm, lorelaihilfiker

"I cant really say which Poe story was my favorite because i have not read very many of his stories. Out of the few i have red i think it would be Tell-Tale Heart because its very unusual and i really enjoy reading scary things even if its a poem."


The Raven

06 Oct 2018 2:26pm, snydste22

"I mean technically 'The Raven' is a poem, but it's still my favorite of all of Poe's works. It's also fun to recite around Halloween."


the raven

06 Oct 2018 7:22pm, scottc10

"the raven is my favorite because, the the story has it all, heart, good words and conflict. It makes me want to ask so many questions,he was a sad and disturbed man. he wrote this and so many others. reading this makes me wan t to read and even write some poetry. "The Raven isnt a normal poem is has more than rhyming words. the story is a literature milestone and a great way to spend your time reading."


The Angel of the Odd

07 Oct 2018 6:19pm, switzerlandgrace

"The Angel of the Odd. The story really made me laugh. It was a little weird but I thought the hallucinations were really random and wacky."


The Raven

07 Oct 2018 6:59pm, amy.makhoul

"My Favorite Poe story is the Raven because it is so well written."



07 Oct 2018 10:24pm, secretplaceps911

"My favorite is Annabel Lee because i love romance. It may be a sad romance but I still enjoy the story."


The Tell-Tale heart

08 Oct 2018 8:59am, westvirginia

"This is my favorite story by Edgar Allan poe because it hooks you instantly to the story. It has very good details and a lot of emotions to. This is one of his best stories."


Edgar Allan Poe

08 Oct 2018 9:02am, myemail

"I can't wait to read Edgar Allan Poe's stories with my class he seems by what I read to be an awesome poet."



08 Oct 2018 3:21pm, xwilldz

"My favorite Edgar Allan Poe story is “Tell-Tale Heart"


Ben Rosensteel

08 Oct 2018 5:16pm, roseben22

"My favorite story from Poe was The Tell-Tale Heart. It was very gloomy and pretty interesting. You could tell he put a lot of effort into writing it for his audience."


The book was spooky.

09 Oct 2018 10:10am, No thanks

"In 7th grade last year, we watched a little video on one of Edgar Allen Poe's story's where this man had a huge eye, and I think it was a servant of some sort. Was so irritated and afraid of it, it caused him to kill the man with the huge eye, and was pretty insane."


Tell-Tale Heart

09 Oct 2018 3:59pm, Mkpm-m7605

"The story tell-Tale heart is a good mysterious story which makes it interesting!"


black cat

10 Oct 2018 9:39am, blackbare



Not Sure

10 Oct 2018 10:24am, ethan.bourdette

"They are all pretty good, I mean most of them, the ones I have read."



10 Oct 2018 10:49am, cameron.foster2

"My favorite Poe story is The "Tell-Tale Heart." He really expresses his writings and I love the way he describes things. When I first started reading it I became immediately attached."


Isaiah Mason

10 Oct 2018 1:51pm, imason22

"I love "The Raven" and the "Tell-Tale Heart". It it awesome right now because as we approach Halloween it is a great writer that brings out that spooky spirit."


ethan jellots

11 Oct 2018 9:11am, ethanthomas

"My Favorite Poe Story is The Tell Tale Heart, A good lesson comes out of it"


Favorite Poe story

11 Oct 2018 2:17pm, Jake.pimentel

"The Raven is my favorite Edgar Allen Poe story."


Black Cat

11 Oct 2018 10:39pm, Hayley.santos

"Black cat is my favorite story! I find it really interesting!"



11 Oct 2018 11:02pm, Milesbrosseau

"I love the love story! I love Poe’s love for his wife. I was not expecting that it was going to be scary. That made the story 100 times better."


Favorite Story

12 Oct 2018 12:13am, Isaiah.frenes

"My favorite story is “The Raven”. My teacher read this story to us in 7th grade. A sub read this to us with a cloak on, and the story was pretty creepy. It was also pretty weird too."


The Tell-Tale story

12 Oct 2018 12:58am, Mackenzie.thompson

"This specific story is my favorite because of many reasons, especially because the book shows off a lot of emotion. Edgar seemed and sort of confused the readers by making them think he was mad or he wasn’t. He made the readers question how madness was put into perspective and how others could look at that type of emotion differently. I honestly enjoy all of his stories and saying that this must take a lot of curiosity and inspiration because he really knows how to grasp a readers attention."


The Raven

12 Oct 2018 1:42pm, garret.martin

"I really liked “The Raven” because of its old nature and the story really pulled at my heartstrings."



14 Oct 2018 11:12pm, mart.arenivas

"My favorite Poe story is the tell-tale heart, due to its performance of what the narrator is thinking, and their exact moves and thoughts during the whole story."


Favorite Poe Story

15 Oct 2018 10:14am, brademm22

"I do not have a favorite Poe story, they are all great"


Tell-Tale Heart

15 Oct 2018 1:03pm, Lmiller22

"This poem was my favorite because of the suspense."


Alyza gonzales

16 Oct 2018 2:21pm, heckno

"The black cat."



16 Oct 2018 4:38pm, kcbseaturtle

"My favorite probably lies in "Masque of the red death" because of the lurid descriptions."


The Tell-tale Heart

16 Oct 2018 8:07pm, kintaid22

"Honestly, I have never really read any other Poe stories. But I do like the plot and the character. The main character is really clever and smart."


Tell Tale Heart

16 Oct 2018 8:55pm, emily.carpenter

"This is my favorite it either you caught or you drive yourself crazy because of guilt. It is a good story."


The Cask of Amontillado

17 Oct 2018 11:38am, Miguelitordz89898

"The Cask of Amontillado is one of my favorite stories from Poe. The reason I liked this story is because it is very unconscious on how the narrator does to him whenever the other guy is drunk. Thanks Poe for this amazing stories."


leah williams

17 Oct 2018 2:38pm, 312109

"i believe tell-tale heart is the best story of Poe's. I love the suspense and stuff he included. He really raised the bar for other authors."



17 Oct 2018 3:58pm, xanderbritches

"The Tell Tale Heart was an amazing short story to read in 8th grade. It was one of the first unpleasant/uneasy reads that I have ever read and it was really invigorating and suspenseful the entire ride. The slow breakdown to his obvious insanity was both satisfying and perturbing at the same time."


Tell Tale Heart

21 Oct 2018 4:48pm, alexism5996

"My favorite story is Tell Tale Heart because I found it very interesting that it was told from the point of view of the killer. It was extremely detailed and made me think about how people that are mentally insane function. It also left some questions unanswered which I enjoyed because it let the reader decide and infer what happened. I connected to the story in a way because I get very paranoid at times when trying to keep something a secret and just end up confessing."


Tell Tale Heart

21 Oct 2018 5:27pm, Jacobg9280

"The best of all Edgar Allan Poe is Tell Tale Heart not because of the the madness the grief of the character it makes you feel like you are doing these things its about grief and Horror. It's interesting to read and it's very well it has a lot of madness."



21 Oct 2018 6:54pm, isabellal2576

""The Tell Tale Heart" is one of my favorite works from Edgar Allen Poe because its so explicit and provides a generous amount of suspense through out the whole story. You can imagine the setting due to the direct details."


Tell tale heart

21 Oct 2018 10:52pm, JorgeG4793

"My favorite story is tell tale heart because it is intense I like the end where he could hear the Heart beat faster and faster it also cool how he tricks the police"


Kamilah Gonzalez

22 Oct 2018 1:09am, kamilahg4478

"My favorite Edgar Allan Poe story is the "Tell Tale Heart" simply because of the intense mystery and suspense. The first person point of view gave me inner thoughts of the madman and was very intense."


Tell-Tale heart

22 Oct 2018 1:57am, daniaj1000

"I loved the amount of detail it has and the way it has a tempo when reading it i love the mystery and the way how you are in the mind of the killer. Everything about this book is amazing."


The Tell Tale Heart

22 Oct 2018 9:28am, jackson.childers

"This is one of my favorite stories ever, I love Poe."


The Raven

22 Oct 2018 1:37pm, dconnett

"The raven is my favorite story from Edgar Allan Poe."


Tell-Tale heart

22 Oct 2018 7:54pm, mariac3

"I really like this story because it was the first story i read of his and it was very suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat."


Tale-Tell Heart.

22 Oct 2018 8:57pm, jenniferi5502

"My favorite story was the Tell-Tale heart, it was really interesting, The suspense in the story wowed me."



23 Oct 2018 12:16am, jazminp6403

"My favorite Edgar Allan Poe story is Tell-Tale Heart. Th reason is because in the story there is lots of suspense put into it. In nearly every paragraph it explains what's happening in a very descriptive way. Edgar explains how he's feeling and how it is affecting him. In the story he would explain how much he hated the old mans eye. He would describe how he felt when he got rid of the eye and how he showed no agony."


Clark Heeren

23 Oct 2018 3:38pm, heeren5

"I have not read any of Poe's stories."


The Oval Portrait

23 Oct 2018 10:05pm, v.rosales

"The Oval Portrait. I liked this story because of the involvement of art and life, I also like the fact that he made it look like a story within a story. The love story is by far the best part."



24 Oct 2018 9:44am, 8648002

"I loved reading the raven because it shows so much emotion and how much he missed his loved one."


My favorite Poe Story

24 Oct 2018 10:15am, 22vpnigh

"My favorite story by Edgar Allan Poe is "The Cask of Amontillado" because it has good suspense and irony."


The Raven

25 Oct 2018 8:44am, cjellum

"I love "The Raven" so much. The amount of suspense and anticipation that keeps building and building upon itself throughout the story is brilliant writing. The repetition of "nevermore" adds a very creepy tone to the story and the narrators slow descent into madness just adds to the twisted feeling you get in your stomach while reading this. Also, I am a Ravens fan ;)"



25 Oct 2018 12:19pm, 8265735774

"After reading the Annabel Lee poem by Edgar Allen Poe it sounded very interesting. I would recommend reading this poem. It has to deal with the Narrator love with Annabel."


Black Cat

25 Oct 2018 10:50pm, karleeterrell2

"I like the Black Cat by Poe because it is faster paced compared to many from its time period and captures the pure innocence in a young boy's love for his animals."



26 Oct 2018 10:05am, psaini2005

"My favorite Poe story is The Black Cat because it is a cool story about a black cat."


The Black Cat

26 Oct 2018 1:33pm, emumbert.student

"The Black Cat has a horrific beginning that creates anticipation and suspense that keeps the reader engaged with the story. Poe has a great talent in writing stories!"


The Black Cat

26 Oct 2018 6:46pm, awarner

"I thought the story was really good. It had a right good amount of suspense that kept me interested."



27 Oct 2018 11:46am, shilliard

"My favorite short story is "The Black Cat" mostly because it is the only one I've ever read by Edgar Allen Poe. I do like his word choice, and the way he conveys what he wants to say"


The black cat

27 Oct 2018 12:03pm, Itterrell

"It made me scared of cellars for the longest kinda time"


The Black Cat

27 Oct 2018 3:31pm, c.e.holton

"I like The Black Cat because it is super creepy and has many twists and turns."


The Black Cat

27 Oct 2018 4:04pm, pkalashnikov

"This story is very interesting and I loved it. I love some things that give me goosebumps. "The Black Cat" is one of them. It is very suspenseful and I would recommend this story to people who like these kinds of stories."


The Black Cat

27 Oct 2018 4:24pm, mrichadson

"My favorite story is "The Black Cat." Though parts of it are gruesome, I think that, over all, it is a great story. It is full of action and suspense. "The Black Cat" illustrates the danger of drinking in excess. Though the story goes to an extreme, it is a good lesson for us all."


David Shomo

27 Oct 2018 7:24pm, dshomo

"The Poe story "The Black Cat" is an excellent story when talking about suspense and really the affects of alcohol. It is especially interesting looking on Poe's on experiences with alcohol and comparing them to "The Black Cat"."



27 Oct 2018 8:39pm, jlopez.cotaina

"I read "The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar", and it's... definitely unique."



27 Oct 2018 10:18pm, kfellenstein

"I read the "Black Cat" by Edgar Allen Poe. The story made me understand the thought process of intoxicated people. I was able to see that they do not know what they are doing, and when they realize what they have done, they drink more to forget. I think the story did a great job of informing the public the extremes of alcohol."


The Black Cat

28 Oct 2018 2:51pm, gjellum.student

""The Black Cat" is my favorite work by Poe because it really makes you think. It is very mysterious, and there are many questions that arise from reading this story, such as, "What is the meaning of the white spot on the second cat?" and "how did the apparition of Pluto appear on the wall?" This short story is full of excitement, and you don't want to stop reading it. I would definitely recommend this story to anyone who likes mystery, horror, or stories in general."


Favorite Poe Story

29 Oct 2018 4:57pm, mackenzieacleary

"My favorite poe story is "The Tell Tale Heart" because it was the most interesting one I have read."



29 Oct 2018 5:38pm, Ftorres37

"I agree with Esthu246 because it does make you feel like you are in the story."



29 Oct 2018 6:19pm, Sbriseno3

"My favorite Poe story of all time is The Black Cat because it talks about how he can hurt the cat because he is afraid of it. The white shape on his chest forms into a gallow a reminder of his crime."


Favorite Poe Short Story

29 Oct 2018 6:27pm, aramirez393

"My favorite story from Poe is "The Black Cat" because it's weird and unique in its own way. Like, how could the narrator kill his cat? And get a new cat."


the Cask of Amontillado

29 Oct 2018 9:17pm, lol.Jpg

"the Cask of Amontillado was my favorite because it was the most disturbing because it involved an innocent man being trapped inside the french catacombs."


Eric Munoz

29 Oct 2018 9:42pm, emunoz65

"The Masque of the Red Death is my favorite because it is creepy but interesting, especially the seven rooms. I like the unexpected ending even though everyone perishes."



29 Oct 2018 10:48pm, aguzman108

"One of my favorite books is the raven. Its is my favorite mostly because of the tone/mood and it's very detailed."


The Tell-Tale Heart

30 Oct 2018 5:37pm, zawesomekid007

"This story is my favorite story because it has so much detail and in general it has a great suspenseful build up in the story. Overall my favorite story from Poe."


The Raven (Isabella Romo)

30 Oct 2018 6:28pm, iromo3

"I liked "The Raven" because the theme was kind of hard to understand, but in the end I found it very interesting."


the raven

31 Oct 2018 12:29pm, stevenhall9898

"its a good story"


The Tell-Tale Heart

31 Oct 2018 4:25pm, 0610136525

""The Tell-Tall Heart" is my favorite story from Poe because it's slightly funny in a weird way but creepy and extremely suspenseful build up before the end of it. Overall, great story to read."


The Tell-Tale Heart

01 Nov 2018 9:44am, kaitlynrothemich05

"The Tell-Tale Heart is my favorite story I have read so far, it definitely gave me the chills and I also love how these stories are based on his childhood."


The Tell-Tale Heart

01 Nov 2018 11:49am, this.emailisfake

"This one was my favorite, because the main character goes insane. The slow descent into madness the character goes through has a lot of detail, which is really good."


the tall-tale heart

01 Nov 2018 12:23pm, yjuarez6

"I really liked the story a lot. I how the story ends. But i didn't really like how the people talked because i couldn't really understand what some sentences said."


The Raven

01 Nov 2018 7:14pm, jocelyneromero

"My favorite poem is the raven because it shows Poe's emotions in many ways."


Josh S.

01 Nov 2018 7:18pm, joshstone3637

"My favorite Poe story is "The Tell-Tale Heart" because it is interesting and frightening."


Ian C

01 Nov 2018 8:58pm,

"My favorite Edgar Allan Poe story is the Raven."


The Tell-Tale Heart

01 Nov 2018 10:42pm, ler395

"This is my favorite story because I find it funny how the guy thinks he isn't crazy and gives many reasons why he is crazy."


The Pit and the Pendulum

03 Nov 2018 5:02pm, abbylouturtles

"My favorite work is The Pit and the Pendulum because it is very dark and descriptive. The way that Poe writes the story makes it easy to imagine and it is very immersive along with being suspenseful and entertaining."


fre sha vaca do

03 Nov 2018 5:09pm, angdur84

""The Tell Tale Heart" is my favorite book of Edgar Allen Poe so far because of it creepiness and mystery. I personally thought it was one of the best horror stories i have even read, apart from books from R.L. Stine."


Favorite Poe story

03 Nov 2018 5:43pm, realty

"My favorite Poe story is 'The Tell-Tale Heart' because it is very suspenseful and a really good murder story. It also is a great story to narrate to!"


the tell tale heart sabrina

04 Nov 2018 1:44am, sabrina912305

"This is one of my favorite stories because of the way it made me feel. I also love the fact you had to infer what the evil eye looked like this gave me a chance to envision the story better and make it feel as if I was there. Another thing I loved was that the story was written from the first point of view."


The Tale-Tell Heart

04 Nov 2018 7:59pm, londonbookworm100

"I really liked reading The Tell-Tale Heart with my class. The main character's lack of sanity and drive for murder over an ugly eye was really interesting. Then how he confesses to the whole thing after he has carefully covered his tracks was a good twist."


The Raven

04 Nov 2018 8:16pm, aubree.hay

""The Raven" is my favorite story written by Edgar Allan Poe. The narrator has lost his beloved Lenore and longs for her only to find out from a raven that he will always have her memories which cause him sorrow. The narrator's soul is trapped beneath the shadow of the raven, and will find peace with itself "Nevermore." It's a beautiful story filled with grief and reminds you not to take life for granted."


favorite Poe story

04 Nov 2018 9:25pm, liliken1224

"my fav story has to be the black cat"


Jackie Wang

04 Nov 2018 10:34pm, wjackiemat

"My favorite poe story is the black cat because it is about a cat"



05 Nov 2018 7:09am, jake_lozano1

"My favorite story is Tell-Tale Heart because it shows how crazy he is too kill someone because of there eye. and how at the end he has to confess what happen since he is hearing things that made him go crazy"


ray parrish

05 Nov 2018 10:45am, rparrish25705p

"I really like The Raven its dark and just overall keeps me on my feet."


Tell Tale Heart

05 Nov 2018 10:45am, tiffany.r.sommers

"My favorite story is Tell Tale Heart. Especially when you hear it on an audio. It sounds cool and mysterious. Thinking about killing someone for their eye is quite weird and stuff. I liked listening to the sound man's voice and it brought out the story and you could really think of seeing it all happen. Like a suspenseful movie."



05 Nov 2018 12:01pm, caroinepullem

"ma fav is cask of amontillado uhh i dont really know why but i like it. i guess i like the story line."


Caden Haught

05 Nov 2018 1:41pm, cadenhotte

"This story is a classic, and one of the best I have ever read. It has had a huge impact on me and has even inspired me to start some writing of my own."


Tell Tale Heart

05 Nov 2018 2:12pm, 0613023493

"I loved how he only killed him because of his eye. And that he cut him up and then later confessed even though that he thought he got away without being caught."


Student of English(Cc)

07 Nov 2018 10:06am, 41000cc

"Tell Tale Heart. I really feel like I'm in the story and it really brings a great atmosphere."



07 Nov 2018 4:26pm, p.g.medina

"My favorite book from Edgar Allan Poe is the tell-tale heart. Its one of my favorites because of how intents it is and how it gets your nerves working"


Cask of Amontillado

07 Nov 2018 5:13pm, nelson.taylor11

"Cask of Amontillado is my favorite because the psychopathic nature of Montresor and the lengths he went through to save his pride gave me chills."


The Raven

07 Nov 2018 8:26pm, ebeal2002

"My favorite Poe story is The Raven because it tells the story of a person seeing a raven outside of his door in a suspenseful way."


The Fall of the House of Usher

08 Nov 2018 9:45am, 1302474

"This was a good story by Poe."


Adriana lara

08 Nov 2018 7:25pm, adriananlara582

"Hi I recently read the Raven because I was forced to for English in fact I'm only writting this because I'm being forced but it was actually really good and sad at the same time... I didn't know how to feel while reading it:("



09 Nov 2018 10:48am, brypickles

"My favorite story is The Black Cat. It is terrifying in multiple ways. The imagery used is top-notch. It is just as shocking as it is horrifying, especially towards the end."


Murders in the Rue Morgue

11 Nov 2018 6:00pm, 0610001371

"My favorite story that was from Edgar Allan Poe is "Murders in the Rue Morgue"."


The Raven

12 Nov 2018 9:37am, aefriend

"My favorite story was The Raven because this story involves the theme of horror. This is the only story that can actually have me at the edge of my seat."


favorite story

12 Nov 2018 9:38am, mlpenwitt

"My favorite story was the Raven because it was a creepy story and different than what I'm used to"


Ryan Luna

13 Nov 2018 1:15pm, r.d.luna

"My favorite story was the tell tale heart it reminded me of a man who believes he is sane but is very mad and doesn't realize this.He killed an old man then the guilt starts to take over till he cant take it anymore."


The Tell-tale Heart

13 Nov 2018 2:57pm, trinitystuckey7

"This is my favorite short story by Edgar Allan Poe. I read it a couple years ago and it was so different than anything I had read before and it interested me on how someone could write someone so insane and still be sane themselves."


The Tell Tale Heart

13 Nov 2018 4:30pm, TMKosinski

"I like this story because some of it relates to the world today. He has a good way of writing so people understand what he's saying."


The Raven

13 Nov 2018 6:48pm, gemadany

"I think The Raven is great poem and well written. In this poem, Poe makes the readers feel sad and dark because He believes that there is a Raven (which is inside of his mind) flying around. The Raven is reminding him of his lost love."


Skylar Mitchell

13 Nov 2018 7:43pm, somitchell

"The Black Cat. The story deals with a man who has a love of animals but equally a terrible temper which becomes agitated whenever he is drunk. The story begins with the hanging of his cat and resulting series of unfortunate events that drag him further into madness, as he believes that the spirit of his dead cat is haunting and exacting vengeance on him. The Black Cat is also interesting because it works on two levels with seemingly paranormal agents, yet probable enough that the reader is left with a distrust of whether they are really there at all. And this is why the story works so great, the subtlety and the explicitness of the horror are in perfect balance."


A dream within a dream

13 Nov 2018 8:01pm, AHRowser

"i didn't really find a story that i liked but when i was going through the poems i found a dream within a dream very intriguing to me."


Paul Jochann

13 Nov 2018 8:04pm, paul.jochmann27

"I hate poetry and literature in general as I find it extremely boring and irritating but Edgar Allan Poe's stories and poems are readable as you can actually understand what he's talking about."


Tell Tale Heart

13 Nov 2018 10:08pm, hcmarkley

"My favorite Poe story is the Tell Tale Heart. I really enjoy this story because of how creepy and descriptive the writing is, and how it shows the narrator's slow descent into madness. It was also the first work of Poe's that I have ever read, so his writing really impressed me adding to why I like this work so much."



14 Nov 2018 12:21am, ALfinle

"I love Edgar Allen poes story The Tell-Tale Heart. It is very thrilling and it keeps the readers attention throughout the entire story. It is both well written and intriguing."



14 Nov 2018 7:45am, zajohnson

"the raven is a really classic tale that is eerie and can be interpreted in many different ways, for example, the way the simpsons did it."



14 Nov 2018 8:01am, mcedano000

"My favorite story by Edgar Allan Poe is probably The Tell Tale Heart. I read this in middle school and I really enjoyed this story because it is a good story but it is a perfect representation of Poe's style of writing. This story is a very dark and creepy story."


The Raven

14 Nov 2018 1:57pm, ramitchell

"My favorite Poe story is The Raven, even though it is a poem. It sets a spooky like tone and I love the terrifying language he uses."


The Masque of The Red Death

14 Nov 2018 9:01pm, meagantruver

"I must definitely say that the "Masque of the Red Death" is my favorite short story. It proves a very good point that no matter what you do, it is impossible to escape the clutches of death. As a Christian I also say that it supports the verse that quotes "the last enemy to be defeated is death"



18 Nov 2018 9:10pm, MRDulski

"My favorite Poe story is "The Raven", Poe really tries to connect to the readers head with imagery and the words he uses in his writings. "The Raven" is one of his most popular poems he has written."


favorite poe story, chandler

19 Nov 2018 10:40pm, 51674

"My favorite Poe Story is The Black Cat because it really shows how karma works in mysterious ways. He got a new cat to fulfill his guilt with killing his previous cat, and the new cat reminds him of what he did and Pluto, the previous cat, and ends up taking his own like life by hanging himself like he did to Pluto. And he killed his wife. I feel like this was a sign of almost honoring his cat in a way, by taking his own life he kind of owed it to Pluto for taking his life because he was angry and drunk."


Jes Awe778

20 Nov 2018 4:57am, 52407

"Poe was an interesting man who had a tough life and it shows in some of his writings. He loved the unknown and what could have been. So I think what he is saying is that matter and the theory of atoms in his time period couldn't have been true because he couldn't believe in something as scientific like that or with so many other theories of that not being true, unlike spirits which he believes actually exists."


The Black Cat

21 Nov 2018 5:36pm, karsyn.carroll

"This story is my favorite because it shows that no matter what you are going through you will still feel pain and sympathy for someone or something. The black cat was Poe's favorite animal and he hurt it. He was angered and upset but still hated what he had done."


Annabel Lee

26 Nov 2018 9:49am, rer8755

"One of my favorite Edgar Allan Poe stories is Annabel lee because it is such an awesome story and you can feel how he feels."


the raven

26 Nov 2018 11:31am, michaelcalloway

"it was a very suspensful and full of mystery"


Isaac white

26 Nov 2018 7:03pm, iww1767

"I love the tell-tale heart because it was made to be scare and it weird to see this person go crazy while you are reading."


The Murders in the Rue Morgue

27 Nov 2018 6:21pm, Baba

"I love this short story because it is the first real detective story. The other detective like Sherlock Holmes, Poitrot, Miss Marple, and more. Also, it is beautifully written with great detail, and it has an interesting format. Poe never went to Paris, but he has great descriptions for it especially for have never going there. On top of that, the details of the murder are rather interesting. Another part of it is I think is wonderful is the beginning of the story how it talks in a scientific manner which is connected throughout the novel. There is also the magnificent idea of ratiocination in the novel, too. I also like the vocabulary, the criminal, and most of all the sleuth."


favorite edger allen poe story

27 Nov 2018 11:35pm, mgi100

"I liked the tell-tale heart poem because I like the scare it gave me."



28 Nov 2018 9:29pm, jth9035

"The Tell-Tale Heart is the best story I ever read Edgar Allen Poe.The story just leaves you in creeps and make you uncertain by him thinking they were hearing the old mans heart.This is why I like the Tell-Tale Heart."


Favorite Poe Story

28 Nov 2018 10:05pm, trj8843

"My favorite Poe story is "The Tell-Tale Hart" because it is very weird and interesting. It is also unlike anything I have ever read. This is why this is my favorite Edgar Allan Poe."


Tell-Tale Heart, Maryn Hutson

04 Dec 2018 6:08pm, hutsonm05

"I think the Tell-Tale Heart is my favorite story because of how the metaphors will make you feel and just how eerie it is, it makes you almost think that he would've had to have been that crazy to think of something that crazy up in the first place. It shows a mood of hallucinations or of some type. It was my first Edgar Allen Poe story, and it sure gave me the perfect first impression."


favorite poe story

10 Dec 2018 12:25pm, helpme

"my favorite poe story is the raven. it is creepy and interesting at the same time."



12 Dec 2018 9:39am, Stephenhicks7701



Isabella M

14 Dec 2018 1:26pm, bellabella92804

"Annabel lee because it was very interesting and I enjoyed reading it."



15 Feb 2019 12:23pm, turntechVicest

"My favorite Poe story is not one of his short stories but his poem, "Alone." Alone is a lovely read for me. I adore its abstractness and its rhyming, an eerie tale that I have read for myself every night, and so strangely relate too on a deep level. It eases yet excites my perturbation in the strangest of ways, and I love to read it."



04 Mar 2019 10:02am, 8716838

"hey my favortie one was a tell tale heart very good story"



04 Mar 2019 1:40pm, 8595969

"My favorite Poe Poem was Original because it gives us an insight of his childhood."


Favorite Story

05 Mar 2019 10:14am, roadhogmain09

"The Cask of Amontillado"


a poe short story

18 Mar 2019 2:17am, ritarick478

"The story is about a girl that doesn't have a dress for a dance. The mother buys one at a second hand store. At the dance the girl gets warmer and warmer wearing the dress. I don't remember what happens afterward but she felt I'll because another girl had died in that dress. Does anybody know what the title of that story is. I read it in school many many years ago and I Don't remember the name. please help."


Favorite poe story

29 Mar 2019 5:32pm, Sullivanrea15

"I like the bells. I memorize every line without looking."


Edgar Allan Poe Fan

09 May 2019 10:06am, alexusc6626

"My Favorite story is "The Black Cat.""


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