Edgar Allan Poe book from 1882

These images display the cover and pages from "Poems of Edgar Allan Poe", published by Thomas Y. Crowell & Co. in 1882. The first page is a "Preface to the Poems", written by Poe himself. The following pages contain a "Memoir of Edgar Allan Poe".

Even though the memoir takes a slightly different slant from present day biographies of Poe, it's interesting to read a memoir written in 1882. Modern research has uncovered new facts about Poe's life and has also disproven some of the urban legends surrounding his death.

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CoverPreface by E.A.PoeMemoir, page 1Memoir, page 2Memoir, page 3Memoir, page 4Memoir, page 5Memoir, page 6Memoir, page 7Memoir, page 8Memoir, page 9Memoir, page 10Memoir, page 11Memoir, page 12



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Edgar Allan Poe book from 1882
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