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Aydan Baldwin

from Australia

"Who doesn't love his work?"

signed 05 Jun 2014 12:13pm 


Debi K

from AZ USA Venus

"Very informative! I'm in college English. Thank you!"

signed 04 Jun 2014 1:16pm 


Ash Piercefield

from Pluto

"Yay!! (^ ^)"

signed 03 Jun 2014 7:31pm 



from malaysia

"Wanted to check out some of poe's poems"

signed 03 Jun 2014 1:05am 



from Earth

"Amazing, original, and truly magnificent."

signed 31 May 2014 11:42pm 



from Unites States of America

"I really just love all of his books, he is my favorite horror wirter."

signed 29 May 2014 1:11pm 


Kelly Smith Yeryar

from Earth,USA,Indiana,Bloomington

"MMMMmmmhahahamwhahaha mwhahaha hahaha...I don't know, it just seemed right."

signed 29 May 2014 11:28am 



from Southwest Morgue

"Well. I'm a senior in high school and I've been obsessed with Poe for a few days now. He fits my love of English and my love for all things creepy. I did my report on necrophilia and cannibalism and came across Poe in the process. His literature will always live in this world. I think they should start teaching him instead of J.D. Salinger."

signed 29 May 2014 11:07am 



from canada

"awesome stories just doing a school project :)"

signed 28 May 2014 3:12pm 



from Texas, United States

"Thank you for the information on Edger Allan Poe. I have always found his writing to be fascinating."

signed 27 May 2014 9:10am 


Elliot J. Stamler

from New York, NY USA

"I am so glad to have discovered this website; you are doing such a service by herein publishing Poe's works. His poems especially, which I've not read for years, are the apex of lyrical beauty and each time I read some of them my heart is touched by the ineffable sadness of Poe's life."

signed 26 May 2014 1:38am 


George Osborne

from Daphne Al. USA Earth

"It is indeed a pleasure to visit this site and go back in time. Thank you"

signed 25 May 2014 3:49pm 


Greg Kensington

from US, NY

"Love your site. Lots of free Poe work."

signed 24 May 2014 9:14am 



from Planet Zorgon

"Bleebloger gath bothel hargle tecka letsor kilwato agobloo."

signed 23 May 2014 11:16am 


Corpse Vurzylia Sterling

from Earth, Canton Ohio

"I love this website. It is an easy way to access one of my favorite writer's work."

signed 22 May 2014 12:00pm 


Inez Ketron

from Chattanooga, TN, USA

"Using your site to enhance Poe unit in eleventh grade English"

signed 22 May 2014 9:55am 



from China, earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorite writers. I've visited this marvelous site two years ago. Now I'm working on my dissertation, the topic of which is of no doubt about Poe and his works!"

signed 22 May 2014 7:50am 



from michigan

"i was here"

signed 20 May 2014 6:51pm 



from Canada

"I think that this website is very interesting, and Edgar Allan Poe was a fantastic poet."

signed 20 May 2014 3:51pm 


ruth bates

from florida

"I heard about Mr Poe and became intrigued."

signed 19 May 2014 10:46pm 



from Alturas California

"I am nothing more than an empty head senior trying to learn something! I am also a artist which i go by seanmcchapman. Now I shall pick a book to read OMO"

signed 17 May 2014 12:12pm 


Maria Schmidt

from Ocala, FL

"Would like to introduce all your subscribers to our POE BALL in Ocala Florida this June 14, 2014. Please contact me for more information. Thank you!"

signed 17 May 2014 1:52am 



from Salem, MA

"Thank you for your fabulous website (which was introduced to me by my literature professor), and for showcasing this spectacular writer! Believe it or not, at the age of 50, I had never before read any of Poe's works - so glad he was one of the assigned authors in my class! Keep up the good work!"

signed 16 May 2014 3:19pm 


Todd Allen

from USA CO Raxacoricofallapatorius

"Edgar Allan Poe is an amazing writer and i love his work. My favorite would have to be The Masque of the Red Death the fear they all had over the sickness was very complex. And then the ending was morbid yet beautiful."

signed 15 May 2014 5:41pm 


Lillie Thrasher

from Kentucky,Usa, Earth

"Poe is amazing <3"

signed 15 May 2014 11:51am 



from Planet Earth


signed 14 May 2014 4:07pm 



from Mars


signed 13 May 2014 9:31am 


Kayla Renee

from Virginia

"Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite author for so many reasons. I believe my favorite work by him would have to be The Cask of Amontillado."

signed 12 May 2014 10:59am 


Kaitlynd horror

from Kentucky

"Edgar has such an amazing a mysterious mind, I wish I could just pick at it all day."

signed 11 May 2014 8:31pm 


beth ibarra

from san antonio, texas

"My fav short story auth. Tell tale Heart and Raven are my favorite reads. I honor him playing DCUNIVERSE online as several of my hero characters are poe themed."

signed 08 May 2014 1:15pm 


tyler brown

from australia nsw broken hill

"i love edagr allan poe he wrote some good stories and poems"

signed 07 May 2014 9:45pm 



from Texas

"I love your website mostly due to the fact that it actually has the poetry and stories available where as other wbesites only offer tid-bits and ads for where you can buy the books. My favorite story is pretty cliched, "The Tell-Tale Heart" I've loved it since the very first time I read it 5 years ago. I've purchased a book containing most of his works and have read them but none speak more to me."

signed 07 May 2014 9:13pm 



from Nirvana

"I can´t even put into words how much I adore Edgar Allan Poe. One of my favourite poems is "Annabel Lee". I mean, try reading it out loudly, it sounds silken. AND GODDAMN I LOVE THIS WEBSITE, because of you I can feed my own "hungry heart" with so much Edgar A. Poe!"

signed 07 May 2014 7:00pm 



from ST,Louis

"I've learned many things about Edgar Allen Poe. Somethings I have already known about, but there are also many things I didn't know. Here are some of those things I hadn't known about him. I had no idea that Poes work was so famous and had inspired so many things such as movies,tv shows,novels and more. I found him very interesting and fun to learn about."

signed 05 May 2014 2:52pm 



from Australia

"Interesting site.. :)"

signed 04 May 2014 1:42pm 



from Sewell, NJ

"Using in my college research paper that analyzes websites in order to give the reader an understanding of what is necessary of a website in order for it to be effective. This website is one of the very effective ones I am using."

signed 03 May 2014 1:28pm 


Branden Poe

from Onalaska, Wisconsin, USA, Eart

"I would love to see a book of his complete collection with illustrations in it by Tim Burton."

signed 02 May 2014 1:13pm 



from United States of America

"I am learning about poetry at my junior high school, and I believe that Edgar Allan Poe is one of the best and most influential poets."

signed 30 Apr 2014 3:13pm 



from uae

"Adore these books : mezmerized by these mindblowing idea Minnie ... were learning about edgar allan poe the story is the red masque of death didnt read it but guessing its astonishing:D!!"

signed 30 Apr 2014 1:07pm 



from UAE

"Brilliant site. Edgar Allan Poe shall remain a legend forever."

signed 30 Apr 2014 10:24am 



from dubai

"i adore the way he shows the evil in humans and illustrates the dark side of things and the fact that no happy endings are required to keep me craving more of his art x"

signed 30 Apr 2014 8:56am 



from Owensboro, ky, USA, Earth...

"Hello, i am making an essay on poe and i would find it very helpful if you had the names of the people mentioned in his life. like his past wives names, his mother, just anyone who passed in his life. i apologiz if thats a struggle for you..."

signed 29 Apr 2014 3:30pm 


Donna Wham

from Sussex County, Delaware

"I am a writer but though I may intend to write a novel, my stories tend to be short. I was searching for Poe's quote on how a story should be able to be read in one sitting."

signed 29 Apr 2014 9:05am 


girl you don't know

from fa-la-la land

"uumm....I'm doing a research paper on Gothic Period with special focus on Edgar Allan Poe and I happened to click on this site. Cool thing you guys are doing!!!"

signed 29 Apr 2014 7:55am 


Sarah Lister

from Florida

"Analysis of poetry would be nice, I enjoyed the biography."

signed 28 Apr 2014 12:32pm 



from merced

"Edgar Allan poe is my favorite"

signed 28 Apr 2014 11:20am 


Madison Ervin

from Georgia

"Hail Hydra"

signed 28 Apr 2014 9:05am 


Nathaniel Drennen

from Merced,Ca

"After visiting this website I feel I know a lot more about Poe and the meaning behind his poems and short stories"

signed 28 Apr 2014 2:17am 



from merced california

"i think this website gives you really good information about Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 27 Apr 2014 9:50pm 


zoya wood

from Merced California

"Great website it has a lot of information about Edgar Allan Poe! love it!"

signed 27 Apr 2014 2:38pm 


Tierney B.C.

from Earth

"I love Poe's story "The Tell-Tale Heart"."

signed 27 Apr 2014 2:32pm 


Jesse Rojas

from Merced

"Edgar Allan Poe is a good poetry writer. And i cant wait to read his poem the raven in class next week."

signed 26 Apr 2014 11:00am 



from USA

"Great poet."

signed 25 Apr 2014 4:52pm 



from Merced CA

"Great Poems He writes !"

signed 24 Apr 2014 7:56pm 



from Florida

"I'm so inspired by Poe, the way he writes drives me up the wall. I love it. I've been writing lately and theyre really looking good. I hope to become as good as him one day. I'm doing a research project for him right now for a class."

signed 24 Apr 2014 7:37am 



from Dimension 23-B

"Ay, Demoman here. A great bloody site ya got goin on here, mate. Good shot lad, keep it up."

signed 23 Apr 2014 7:27pm 



from Earth

"Very Helpful while I was doing research for a paper! Thanks a million."

signed 23 Apr 2014 10:28am 


Mike Hunt

from Boofoo

"There's only two things I like. Dead cats and Edgar Allan Poe! Great site!"

signed 23 Apr 2014 10:02am 


Eko Monderai

from Washington

"A fantastic author of his time, and even now. He will be forever remembered as one of the best authors ever to be."

signed 22 Apr 2014 8:56pm 



from Minnesota

"Poe is simply captivating. No other poet has captured my thoughts and soul like this man has. His views on death and love reflect that of mine, so I feel such a connection with him. Indulging in his works is pure pleasure."

signed 22 Apr 2014 5:16pm 



from Merced ca.

"Thank you for this amazing site. I think his site is great for new learners and readers of Poe."

signed 20 Apr 2014 4:52pm 



from Kuwait

"Edgar Allan Poe, your writing eases my restless soul."

signed 19 Apr 2014 12:32pm 


Matthew S Roberts

from North Carolina

"It is good and helpful for papers"

signed 18 Apr 2014 4:30pm 


Taylor Tusler

from America,Iowa, Mars

"Hey Edgar Allan Poe was soooo crazy!! I mean, marrying his first cousin when she was 13 years old?!? Come On!! He still wrote VERY good poems and stories."

signed 17 Apr 2014 4:31pm 


Adam L. Beckum

from South Carolina

"Poe was a literary genius, but his stories have much of the same. He was a sick man with creativity. Which is a great combination for entertainment."

signed 17 Apr 2014 12:09pm 


Jessie Zhu

from Moon

"Come here to bite on a great soul."

signed 17 Apr 2014 1:47am 


Tiffany Barnett

from Texas

"I love teaching Poe to my 5th graders. They love it, too! They wanted to read "The Tell Tale Heart" twice!"

signed 16 Apr 2014 5:39pm 


Mustapha J.

from Leb.

"I highly recommend "The Masque of the Red Death". One of his best, i believe."

signed 16 Apr 2014 4:55pm 


Emily Kruse

from Croatia

"I like the tell tale heart because of how well it reads and because the reader feels what he is feeling. I especially like it because it reminds us that man has a conscience and who put it there."

signed 15 Apr 2014 8:04pm 


Bryce Bellar

from U.S.


signed 15 Apr 2014 8:24am 


Ashley Do

from Dubai,UAE

"I have a feeling that poe's soul is still roaming around :P if it is, Sir. bless your soul you are truly a legend."

signed 15 Apr 2014 2:58am 


Jade M. T.

from USA, Alabama

"Love this site. I'm writing a paper on Edgar and this page has really helped. Poe is my favorite poet, i love his stories also."

signed 14 Apr 2014 11:02am 



from Indiana

"I think this site has a lot of useful information"

signed 14 Apr 2014 9:05am 


Charlene I.

from Kalispell, Montana

"Poe is the creepiest and weirdest person I know."

signed 13 Apr 2014 1:28pm 


Mary Milat

from Naples, FL

"I've been fascinated by Poe since grade school. My favorite poem is Israfel, and my favorite story is The Black Cat. The website is just fantastic for all admirers of Poe, and an great source for all of those who haven't discovered his writings yet. The word list is a huge help as many of the archaic words Poe uses are unfamiliar and difficult to find in your average dictionary. Thank you!"

signed 12 Apr 2014 5:11pm 



from Not Here


signed 11 Apr 2014 4:39pm 



from Brown

"I Think Poe was nothing but a madman!"

signed 11 Apr 2014 8:34am 



from Earth

""'Tis some visiter," I muttered, "tapping at my chamber door— only this and nothing more." Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 11 Apr 2014 1:31am 


Skyler Farnes

from America, Montana, Earth

"a very interesting poet and story teller."

signed 10 Apr 2014 11:54pm 


Morgan McGilvary

from Montana

"This man was very talented and this website was very helpfull"

signed 10 Apr 2014 11:52pm 


Parker Muonio

from Montana, United States of Amer

"Edgar Allen Poe is the creepiest author I have ever heard of!"

signed 10 Apr 2014 11:38pm 



from USA, Earth

"He is a fascinating author/person."

signed 10 Apr 2014 10:38pm 


Naomi Viera

from Del Rio Tx.

"I don't really know his stories or poems but whenever I listen to one of them, is like if I was living his story as well..."

signed 10 Apr 2014 10:25pm 



from Earth

"Poe is a great writer."

signed 10 Apr 2014 8:30pm 



from USA,MT,Earth,Milky Way

"Edgar Allen Poe is sn awesome author."

signed 10 Apr 2014 8:01pm 


jade sherman

from MT kalispell

"eat lots of icecream and cats!!"

signed 10 Apr 2014 4:41pm 


Kasynda Leigh Eckhoff


"this is a great place to look for information. i have to write a 5 page paper on someone who had an impact on the world. i picked Edgar because my favorite story by him is the tell tale heart. thank you for the information on Edgar Allan Poe. hope you enjoy this message i wrote. the reason i like him is because when i was younger i was asked who i would want to have lunch with, dead or alive, thanks"

signed 10 Apr 2014 11:11am 



from Earth

"Poe is an intelligent man who scares you psychologically. He wasn't a man of blood and gore, but a man of thought."

signed 10 Apr 2014 10:47am 


catilyn mcdowell

from brantley county

"hey nikole && i love your poetry!!"

signed 10 Apr 2014 10:08am 


Bj Gonzales

from California

"this is an amazing website!"

signed 10 Apr 2014 2:04am 


Jessica Peterson

from Montana

"Poe was a great poet. I liked the poem," The Raven" it was different than something I have ever read."

signed 09 Apr 2014 10:50pm 


Emily and Kristen

from Montana, USA

"A very new and interesting genre for me!!!"

signed 09 Apr 2014 10:23pm 


lindsay creighton

from montana


signed 09 Apr 2014 9:30pm 



from Montana

"I think Poe is a very good writer"

signed 09 Apr 2014 6:43pm 


Alex Appelt

from North America, Montana, Earth


signed 09 Apr 2014 3:29pm 



from Mars


signed 09 Apr 2014 9:59am 


edgar sanchez

from delrio tx

"I like your site"

signed 09 Apr 2014 9:18am 


Greg Lofaro

from NY, USA

"Awesome site. I'm using it for a research paper, so thanks for the help. I learned a lot about Poe from this site."

signed 09 Apr 2014 8:49am 


Johnathan Wagner

from Charlotte, NC

"Edgar Allen Poe is the best poet ever!"

signed 09 Apr 2014 7:28am 



from San Diego

"Edgar's work is magnificent, i would recommend anyone who's interested in dark stories any of his books!"

signed 09 Apr 2014 12:24am 


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