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Dakota fletcher

from United States


signed 26 Sep 2012 7:38am 


Sara Christopher

from Uniontown, Pa

"I love Edgar Allan Poe. He is a complete and utter genius. His work is fantastic and he is a big inspiration to me as a writer."

signed 26 Sep 2012 4:58am 



from from yangdon

"He really is a legendary poet. I wonder where did he got such talent? I want to have too. Thank you so much for doing this. I able to read his stories!"

signed 25 Sep 2012 10:00pm 


Christine Azuara

from Earth

"My favorite story would have to be "The Raven""

signed 25 Sep 2012 4:46pm 


Joseph O.

from New York

"Poe encompasses the beauty of darkenss in it's purest form. He perfectly grasped the importance of each syllable and letter in every one of the words he conjured. He was truly a remarkable individual and writer."

signed 25 Sep 2012 4:29pm 



from Pluto (ITS A PLANET OKAY?!0

"Poe is okay, if a bit demonic."

signed 25 Sep 2012 8:33am 



from Florida, Earth

"I love the Tell Tale Heart! It's a great story and a concert piece! It's what brought my band to first place in Massachussets last year! :)"

signed 25 Sep 2012 7:03am 



from earth


signed 24 Sep 2012 8:46pm 


Andreanna D. McCafferty

from South Carolina

"I am really impressed by what you have accomplished with this website! Now I can read 'The Raven' and 'The Bells' a Halloween to my children and grands without hurting the tome I own! Thanks!"

signed 24 Sep 2012 8:21pm 


hayley thompson

from delaware

"it's hayley thompson sorry i submitted this late"

signed 24 Sep 2012 7:19pm 



from earth

"love this author"

signed 24 Sep 2012 6:20pm 



from Jupiter

"this website helped me so much with my research paper so much.... thank you"

signed 24 Sep 2012 5:40pm 


Robert Knutsen

from Milford, Delaware

"Edgar Allen Poe's short stories are awesome."

signed 24 Sep 2012 12:55pm 


Hunter Wilson

from USA Iowa

"I love the Tell Tale Heart. It is a very good story"

signed 24 Sep 2012 11:37am 



from earth


signed 24 Sep 2012 11:31am 


Lauren Talley

from Kentucky


signed 24 Sep 2012 8:54am 



from earth

"im only doing this because of a web quest"

signed 24 Sep 2012 8:01am 



from Uranus

"Im sexy and i know it"

signed 24 Sep 2012 7:57am 


Brisnns Redlich

from delaware

"good stories"

signed 24 Sep 2012 7:46am 



from USA

"i love how creepy poe's poetry is. well at least some of it anyway."

signed 24 Sep 2012 7:27am 


Tyler Przybysz

from Illinois

"Poe is a great writer and even though he has been dead for a long time, his stories are sill great"

signed 24 Sep 2012 6:13am 


jordan kelley

from U.S,mass

"I like alone and this is very informational"

signed 23 Sep 2012 5:19pm 


Madi Audette

from Spencer


signed 23 Sep 2012 2:19pm 


LillyStarr Perron

from Massachusetts

"this site told me a lot about a person that i didn't even know existed."

signed 23 Sep 2012 12:23pm 


Ryan Beford

from USA,MA,Earth,Milkyway Galaxy.

"I like poe a lot. His stories are very articulate. Well written :)"

signed 22 Sep 2012 4:24pm 


Annabel Lee

from Earth

"Although Poe had a hard life, he never stopped trying to achieve his dream. His hard work has paid off."

signed 22 Sep 2012 11:03am 



from Massachusetts

"Edgar is a very... Interesting person."

signed 22 Sep 2012 7:36am 



from mars

"it was ok i guess"

signed 21 Sep 2012 2:06pm 


Matthew Toomey

from Earth


signed 21 Sep 2012 10:46am 


kathryn labauve

from baton rouge louisiana

"i love the poe stories its so amazing to read his stories"

signed 21 Sep 2012 10:37am 


Cassidy, Kirsten, Corinne

from USA

"We <3 Edgar Allen Poe that we spent Manditory English Class period actually enjoying reading about him. RIP Edgar Allen Poe"

signed 21 Sep 2012 10:36am 


skylaar Foolbear

from cannonball north dakota

"Skyy'laar was here to saay HI"

signed 21 Sep 2012 9:19am 



from Your mom

"I can't believe how much I like Edgar Allan poe. His stories are so dark and creepy. I first read the Tell-Tale Heart in English class a few years ago. And we also read the raven. His stories are very well written :)"

signed 20 Sep 2012 4:26pm 



from My mind


signed 20 Sep 2012 1:17pm 



from Venus

"I haven't read many of his books, but I feel like he is a really good writer. I hope I have the change to read all of his writing soon."

signed 20 Sep 2012 1:01pm 


alanna bridgette

from Nebraska, USA, earth

"To take a trip in his mind, I wish."

signed 20 Sep 2012 10:49am 


Jorge Villarrel

from US,NC,earth

"i signed it"

signed 20 Sep 2012 9:27am 


tyler clayfield

from united states of america

"i love you poe~!!!!!!~~~~ youre the best!!!!!!!!!! hi ms. Bushe!!!!!!!!"

signed 20 Sep 2012 5:58am 



from Soviet Russia

"I love Poe because of his amazing writings like "The Raven" and many more."

signed 19 Sep 2012 8:45pm 


Adriane de Simone

from earth

"Great site! I teach English as a foreign language and it's helped me a lot in my classes. Thank you!"

signed 19 Sep 2012 7:41pm 



from north carolina

"my favorite story is the tell-tale heart because its creepy but really good!"

signed 19 Sep 2012 7:08pm 


Emma McQueen

from North Carolina

"I think that this site is really cool and gives a lot of interesting facts about Poe!"

signed 19 Sep 2012 3:24pm 



from Venus

"I haven't read many one his books, but this book I read recently is all about him and how he died. It's fantasy kinda and is a love story. It's called Nevermore. My favorite story is The Tell-Tale Heart."

signed 19 Sep 2012 1:43pm 



from North Carolina

"Edgar Allen Poe is a great inspiration for young writers looking for a way to express themselves in poetry. He truly is a great role model for many people."

signed 19 Sep 2012 12:54pm 


Vladimir Ruduke

from Texas

"I love your site!!!! Edgar Allen Poe writes wonderful and lovely poems and short stories."

signed 19 Sep 2012 11:49am 



from mcnairy,tn,eath

"really great book i love the raven"

signed 19 Sep 2012 11:06am 


Spencer Moffitt

from United States Asheboro NC

"Edgar Allen Poe had to be a freak to write stories like he did"

signed 18 Sep 2012 7:43pm 


Kelly Bender

from Earth

"I love da poepoe!"

signed 18 Sep 2012 6:33pm 


Justin Padmos

from North Carolina

"I love Poe"

signed 18 Sep 2012 4:54pm 


Sandhyadevi Param

from California,USA,Earth

"I think the Tell-Tale Heart was my favorite story.My english teacher bought a CD with the story on it and it was amazing to hear. Edgar Allen Poe is a terrific writer who I think people should look up to."

signed 18 Sep 2012 4:46pm 


Jamie Pennix

from North Carolina

"Hai Guyz"

signed 18 Sep 2012 11:17am 


Raquel Ruin

from Gotham City

"Edgar Allen Poe was a mad genius and i look up to no one as much as i do to him!"

signed 18 Sep 2012 7:59am 



from Gaul

"Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite poet because of his mysterious ways of writing his stories."

signed 18 Sep 2012 6:06am 


Allison Brittingham

from North Carolina

"Edgar allan Poe was a talented writer who wrote short stories and poems that were very dark."

signed 17 Sep 2012 4:35pm 



from Asheboro


signed 17 Sep 2012 11:31am 


Monica O.

from United States

"This is a good site to use for a project."

signed 17 Sep 2012 10:21am 


Spencer Woll

from USA


signed 17 Sep 2012 10:13am 



from Mexico


signed 17 Sep 2012 8:54am 



from Georgia

"All of Poe's stories and poems are wonderful. Very good and different. But I got to say the Black Cat is my favorite. The Tell Tale Heart is always a fav!"

signed 17 Sep 2012 8:51am 



from NC - North Carolina

"Poe has a very strong will and imagination. he has an outlook of life different from most people. I just love his work i feel at home when i read his stories and poems. my favorite is "Alone"."

signed 17 Sep 2012 5:03am 





signed 16 Sep 2012 8:20pm 


Alexis Peterson

from United States

"I just love Edgar Allan Poe. I think he writes very good like no one else can. I would love to be able to write like him someday because he expressed different things in his poems and stories in such unique ways. I think he is very talented in many ways and I think of him as a dignified person."

signed 16 Sep 2012 8:11pm 


Bailey Stephens

from Tennessee, United states

"Edgar Allan Poe. I love them all. point blank. Period."

signed 16 Sep 2012 5:30pm 



from Alternia

"I just did this for school..."

signed 16 Sep 2012 4:28pm 


Butch West

from Cordova, Alaska

"I'm from a town with lots of storms and even more ravens."

signed 16 Sep 2012 1:00pm 


Deja Santiago

from Milford,Delaware

"He was a very great poet."

signed 16 Sep 2012 9:59am 


Daphne Leighty

from Earth

"Poe was an amazing writer and poet, his work will go on forever as a legend and as a example for writers everywhere."

signed 16 Sep 2012 8:09am 



from Gotham


signed 16 Sep 2012 7:50am 



from CHINA, planet Earth ..i think

"this site is very helpful to gain knowledge about Poe.."

signed 16 Sep 2012 3:48am 



from New Mexico

"Poe Is My Faveorite Writer Bacause His Poems though Scary And Creepy Are Fun to Read."

signed 15 Sep 2012 6:57pm 



from delaware


signed 15 Sep 2012 9:21am 


Anjenee Cannon

from United States of America

"From Ms. Mauro's IntroLit class."

signed 15 Sep 2012 8:13am 



from Asheboro, Nc

"He's one of the greatest writers I've heard of, And can influence me to write with more creativity, reading this will give me more ways and ways to be creative like him."

signed 15 Sep 2012 6:47am 



from China

"Great site, wonderful resources!"

signed 15 Sep 2012 4:26am 


Allison Yang

from China

"Great website! I learned a lot about many different aspects of Poe's life. Thanks for all the reliable information."

signed 15 Sep 2012 2:30am 


hi hello

from earth

"what's up bros i'm only here for my ee"

signed 14 Sep 2012 10:46pm 



from China

"Poe was an amazing writer!"

signed 14 Sep 2012 7:44pm 



from USA

"i am learning about Edgar Allen Poe in school and we are doing a project about him."

signed 14 Sep 2012 6:09pm 


nathaniel kohl

from delaware

"edgar was da bomb"

signed 14 Sep 2012 12:58pm 


Monica O.

from United States

"This is a good website to use for a project about Poe on his stories."

signed 14 Sep 2012 10:06am 


Seth Tucker

from Fond du Lac,WI


signed 14 Sep 2012 9:25am 



from Delaware

"I am doing this for an assignment."

signed 14 Sep 2012 9:09am 



from Delaware

"I think the Tell-Tale Heart is the best Poe story because of the suspense and creepiness of it. I loved the ending when the narrator admits he was the murderer after seemingly hearing the victims heart rapidly beating through the floorboards."

signed 14 Sep 2012 8:35am 


ethan wheatley

from united states, delawre,milford

"this site has a lot of valuable info ."

signed 14 Sep 2012 8:10am 


Bryce Warren

from United States Of America

"My favorite Poe piece is The Tell-Tale Heart"

signed 14 Sep 2012 8:10am 



from Pigfarts, Mars

"Poe's a cool dude, but his stories are a little weird, ya'know? And the describing details are a little...Anyways, he is actually pretty darn cool. c:"

signed 14 Sep 2012 7:50am 



from Clfton, VA...Earth

"Do you know if Poe actually wrote the poem used in the Disney Movie, "Hocus Pocus" Perhaps it was incorporated in a story rather than in a book of poems? Thanks so much."

signed 13 Sep 2012 6:47pm 


Don Scott

from Delaware, USA

"I respect Poe in some ways, and some ways I don't. Overall, I think he is a good writer."

signed 13 Sep 2012 6:25pm 



from earth


signed 13 Sep 2012 5:27pm 



from Illing Middle School

"I never read any stories from Edgar A.Poe and would like to read one"

signed 13 Sep 2012 4:49pm 



from connecticut

"My teacher had me do this dont send me any spam messages please"

signed 13 Sep 2012 2:29pm 



from Asheboro

"weird person"

signed 13 Sep 2012 12:10pm 


Keyia Evans

from United States, Indiana

"I love every last one of Edgar Allan Poe's stories and poems."

signed 13 Sep 2012 11:43am 


Tayler Snell

from Wisconsin

"Great man."

signed 13 Sep 2012 9:44am 



from your mind

"I've always known of Poe, but until I took a Creative Writing class this past year did I start reading him. I love his work. Although often depressing, it brings light to life and how tragic it can be. I very much enjoy reading his work."

signed 13 Sep 2012 9:27am 


noah becker

from connecticut

"hi allen poe"

signed 13 Sep 2012 7:31am 



from USA, Connecticut, Earth

"I love the story, "The Black Cat" my favorite story even though I didn't read the other stories."

signed 13 Sep 2012 4:30am 



from United States

"It's a cool site filled with lots of information!"

signed 12 Sep 2012 8:06pm 



from Connecticut

"Hello :)"

signed 12 Sep 2012 6:31pm 


riley schiebel

from mt.dora,fl

"i live in fl. i am a movie star"

signed 12 Sep 2012 6:26pm 


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