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from United State

"interesting layout. I like. Familiarizing myself with Mr. Poe's work."

signed 23 Jan 2011 3:25am 



from somewhere

"I really liked the Premature Burial and the Masque of the Red Death and William Wilson and Hop-Frog and the Cask of Amontillado and the poem a Valentine because of how it has the name Frances Sargent Osgood if you count the letters in a certain pattern."

signed 22 Jan 2011 12:16am 



from U.S.

"Great site! Thanks!"

signed 21 Jan 2011 7:29pm 


Mike Spahr

from Colorado

"Poe was a genius."

signed 21 Jan 2011 7:05pm 


Adileny Garcia

from East Wenatchee,WA

"Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing writer. all his poems show feeling and can make you imagine what is happening in the story with his use of words."

signed 21 Jan 2011 3:14pm 



from mars

"hey i'm in the guestbook and my class is researching this dude!!:)"

signed 21 Jan 2011 12:48pm 



from West Virginia

"Annabel Lee is my special poem."

signed 21 Jan 2011 2:39am 



from las vegas

"woooooooooooooooot I love POE!"

signed 21 Jan 2011 2:38am 


Dale Heath

from England

"Fabulous Site, I shall spend many a dark night looking through it. Many Thanks."

signed 20 Jan 2011 10:24pm 


sharon gallant

from canada

"excellent site yeah I love edgar allan poe!!!! its fun reading his poetry and short stories! very enlightening!!!! food for thought"

signed 20 Jan 2011 5:42pm 



from USA

"Read Poe as a teenager. Printing out stories at work to take home. Glad I found this site. Thank You"

signed 20 Jan 2011 2:03pm 



from Somewhere lost in space

"Poe is my favorite writer ever. I think I'd rather have "on a dark and stormy night," rather than "In a land far, far away," anytime. Thanks to whoever created this site with its great resources and actually /having/ his writings available to read. -Tris"

signed 19 Jan 2011 11:05pm 


michele plant

from midland michigan usa

"i love reading your books they are very good."

signed 19 Jan 2011 10:30pm 


Kate Mull

from Arkansas

"OMG i love poe he is the greatest writer ever"

signed 19 Jan 2011 8:24pm 



from u.s. oregon portland

"This is so awesome i am doing a project on him and this site is so helpful"

signed 19 Jan 2011 6:29pm 


Debra S. Teerlinck

from U.S.A., Illinois, Earth ???

"I have been an E. A. Poe junkie for the past 43 years. I have a ceramic wall plaque of a raven, sitting, holding it's head while a circle of stars revolves around it's head... The quote reads, " I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity. " - E.A.Poe Thank You for"

signed 19 Jan 2011 3:19pm 



from USA, CO, Earth, Now.

"Against whose portal she hath thrown, In childhood, many an idle stone... Gets me every time :)"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
from The Sleeper, one of my favorites too. =)

signed 19 Jan 2011 2:50pm 



from indiana

"this is an awesome site. i got to read some short stories that i have often heard about but never had the opportunity to read. i also just discovered that my niece shares the same birthday with Mr. Poe. her name coincidentally is Raven. This my sister had no knowledge of."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
My niece's birthday is January 19 as well. =)

signed 19 Jan 2011 1:18pm 


Karen Harrison

from Corsicana TX

"Ive been to Richmond VA many times but haven't been to the Poe museum. Now I know the 1st place I'm going next time I'm in town."

signed 19 Jan 2011 12:58pm 



from Cambridge, UK

"Should I mourn the passing Of Edgar Allan Poe Or should I delight in the tidbits your site doth show? A man of great insight and mystery A vast selection of works his legacy And now thanks to the many hours of your dedication Millions of us are comfortable with satisfaction."

signed 19 Jan 2011 11:33am 


Rani and Sarah

from Earth

"~Rani and Sarah were here and are completing #14 on the packet. We love TELL TALE HEART~"

signed 19 Jan 2011 10:59am 


Debbie Blanks

from Little Rock, Arkansas

"Happy 201st Birthday Mr. Poe, where ever you may be. Great site. Glad I found it."

signed 19 Jan 2011 10:40am 



from virginia, usa, earth

"LOVE POE. Happy Birthday to the most UNDERPAID literary genius."

signed 19 Jan 2011 10:29am 


santana pyles

from indiana

"amazing web site! very well put together. :) and it helped me sooo much will my term paper!! haha"

signed 19 Jan 2011 9:55am 


roger taylor sr.

from michugan, usa

"this is a outstanding site. tky for the great job"

signed 19 Jan 2011 8:47am 


shannon roberts

from baltimore, md, earth

"i did not know that he died in baltimore only due to getting on the wrong train! pretty funny."

signed 19 Jan 2011 7:06am 


Fernando A Dejesus

from Puerto Rico (USA)

"I really like his writings. Weird, but great writings."

signed 19 Jan 2011 4:43am 



from jupiter

"im an alien"

signed 19 Jan 2011 1:10am 


savanna batty

from little rock ar. earth

"hey i love your poems so much i cant believe you actually wrote such a thing. im a big fan wish u couldve kept it up well gots to go thanks your fan forever always savanna elaine batty aka skeetlez or lucky charm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and machae my sis likes them too anyways talk to you later bye...."

signed 18 Jan 2011 2:46pm 


Michael Alan White

from Texas

"I am a great Poe fan, and I would like very much to know more about your site. It's hard to say what would be my favorite story, maybe The Tell-Tale Heart. And who doesn't love The Raven?"

signed 18 Jan 2011 12:10am 



from michigan

"i liked the raven."

signed 17 Jan 2011 8:22pm 


Michelle S

from Rochester, New York, USA

"I love tell-tale heart. Always have since I was little. I never knew this site existed, glad I do now! Thought of looking him up because of a game on Big Fish Games called, "The Black Cat"."

signed 17 Jan 2011 3:53pm 



from algeria


signed 17 Jan 2011 3:02pm 


FreeBird 02

from Oklahoma, USA

"I am as they say computer illiterate; therefore, it brings me great pride in finding your site. Since I was a child, back in the 1960-70's, I have absolutely been astonished by Poe's authentic self imaging work. Thank you for bringing him closer to folks like myself. FreeBird 02"

signed 16 Jan 2011 10:42pm 


Nathalie Quintana

from Michigan

"We're learning about Allan Poe in my English class. This site helps out a lot."

signed 16 Jan 2011 10:34pm 



from Algonac MI

"I was told to sign this for my college composition class! :D so yea here is my signature! But I do enjoy some of Poe's work! Pure genius."

signed 16 Jan 2011 10:29pm 


Jimmy Trebilcock

from Fair Haven, Michigan

"My favorite story is The Tell-Tale Heart."

signed 16 Jan 2011 9:38pm 


jacob t

from algonac


signed 16 Jan 2011 3:41pm 


Andria Laila Zaidan

from michigan

"Your stories were inspiring."

signed 16 Jan 2011 3:16pm 


Danielle Radulski

from Michigan

"Edgar Allen Poe has some great stories."

signed 16 Jan 2011 3:15pm 



from usa, texas, the moon

"i love poe's stories! thanks for this website, especially the wordlist, because poe uses words that i have no idea what they mean!"

signed 16 Jan 2011 12:35am 


Alexus Dion

from Kansas

"Funny how I found him. I was playing a video game of Mysteries with him. I never knew who he was then.. 1 month later, I'm in Honors English Learning about him. Now I can't stop reading his stories. VERY Ironic. Now I want the game. His stories are absolutely AMAZING."

signed 15 Jan 2011 12:12pm 


Giovangelo Hernandez

from Burbank, Il USA

"thanks for this awesome site. you just made my life a whole lot easier"

signed 15 Jan 2011 4:22am 



from Pennsylvania

"a wonderful, my favorite, twisted poet that is very abstract poet I give my respects to him and Annabel Lee i hope they are happy up there I quote from Annabel Lee: I and my Annabel Lee"

signed 15 Jan 2011 3:48am 



from philppines

"i really love the all poetry of edgar allan poe"

signed 14 Jan 2011 10:08pm 


Gabrielle Marie

from Decatur, AL

"I love this site! So much of my favorite literature in one place, not to mention one esthetically pleasing place! Great work :)"

signed 14 Jan 2011 8:16pm 



from U.S, Virginia

"I've always loved Edgar Allan Poe. This website gives me instant access to his stories and poetry, and I love it!(:"

signed 14 Jan 2011 7:03pm 


janet poe

from mars

"Edgar Poe was a mastermind and his stuff is amazing."

signed 13 Jan 2011 10:42pm 



from USA


signed 13 Jan 2011 2:46pm 


Derek Olsen

from East Wenatchee, WA.

"Poe Rocks!!!!!!!!!!"

signed 13 Jan 2011 2:02pm 


Jenay Moran

from United States, Michigan, Earth


signed 13 Jan 2011 10:58am 



from Mars and places

"I absolutely adore Edgar Allan Poes work he has inspired me to write my own stories and poems my favorite by him is Lenore the little dead girl."

signed 13 Jan 2011 8:59am 



from united kingdom

"I found this website really helpful, it was easy to find and i love reading Edgar Allan Poes work. Thanks {:"

signed 13 Jan 2011 7:30am 



from North Carolina

"Edgar Allan Poe is amazing i love his poems and stories. He is my favorite author/poet."

signed 13 Jan 2011 4:41am 



from Philippines

"The accidentally read a part of Mr. Edgar Allan Poe's poem in the book of Mr. Michael Connelly entitled The Poet. to my curiosity i search for his poems and stories.. and now i really want to have a copy of his book.. I will print one of his stories and try to read one of this days.. God Bless."

signed 13 Jan 2011 12:29am 


Kelly Bechtold

from USA,Michigan

"After reading Poe's story "The Masque of the Red Death" It was was a bit disturbing that the Red Death was an actual character, and not, a disease. And the fact that many of Poe's stories are like this, may describe his life."

signed 12 Jan 2011 5:32pm 


Raul Castillo

from United States, Colorado

"Great stories and i like how easy it is to find"

signed 12 Jan 2011 4:59pm 


Mercedes Gray

from california

"your writing is amazing!!!!!!!!!"

signed 12 Jan 2011 3:04pm 


nathanial tincknell

from germany, heidelberg, jupitor

"whats up ?"

signed 12 Jan 2011 12:13pm 


Mariqueen Tenedero

from Philippines, Earth

"I love this site, because it's a place where you can express your feelings and thoughts about the famous, Mr. Allan Edgar Poe. My first impression about his books/poets was its kind of creepy but cool."

signed 12 Jan 2011 9:01am 


Daniel LeJeune

from Europe


signed 12 Jan 2011 6:53am 


Nathan Scott

from United States, Michigan, Earth

"I hate college composition."

signed 11 Jan 2011 6:21pm 


Brandon Abrazado

from Germany

"Older literature isn't really a very interesting subject for me, but Edgar Allan Poe is one of the very few exceptions."

signed 11 Jan 2011 1:56pm 


Justin B.

from Earth

"Edgar, you have some interesting material"

signed 11 Jan 2011 12:33pm 


Joshua Bush

from Algonac, Michigan

"Hi I like to read stories that were written by poor, poverty struck, dead guys. :D"

signed 11 Jan 2011 11:58am 



from mass

"yayyy! :)"

signed 11 Jan 2011 11:40am 


Matthew Twyman

from United States

"I like this site of Edgar Allan Poe and find it very interesting"

signed 11 Jan 2011 11:34am 



from Inside a Cheesecake

"Poe has pretty good stories =3"

signed 11 Jan 2011 11:17am 


TaVian Daniels

from Heidleberg, Germany

"Very interesting"

signed 11 Jan 2011 10:29am 


greg shannon

from pittsburgh pa 15227

"i loved the raven and tale tale heart because they both have a evil and awesome ending i love poe books"

signed 11 Jan 2011 10:19am 



from United States

"I <3 POE!! He is an exquisite writer and knows how to communicate with his audience."

signed 11 Jan 2011 9:28am 


A Hogwarts Student

from Hogwarts

"I love Edgar Allan Poe!"

signed 11 Jan 2011 1:45am 


Austin Wirgau

from Algotrash, MI

"Go Poe!!"

signed 11 Jan 2011 12:01am 


tyeler wright

from Uncle sams mitten

"love this site"

signed 10 Jan 2011 9:49pm 


Meredith Wykowski

from USA

"It was a nice site :)"

signed 10 Jan 2011 9:19pm 



from united states, MI, earth

"I love Edgar Allan Poe books. They are so chilling and horrifying yet so good to read that u cant stop reading them. My favorite ones are the tell-tale heart and the raven."

signed 10 Jan 2011 8:39pm 



from Mass

"this is awesome, i love Poe... i write like him too... thanks, this rocks xD"

signed 10 Jan 2011 4:30pm 


Ashley Coleman

from Washington, La

"I like Poe's stories."

signed 10 Jan 2011 3:49pm 



from a place

"this is a very nice website"

signed 10 Jan 2011 1:19pm 


Patrick Shannahan

from Pluto

"I heard that Edgar Allan Poe was the best human writer ever!"

signed 10 Jan 2011 12:16pm 


Taylor Hornbacher

from usa,michigan,earth


signed 10 Jan 2011 12:09pm 



from earth

"poe is very depressed and his writings are a little odd.."

signed 10 Jan 2011 11:54am 



from maine


signed 10 Jan 2011 10:22am 


Gabby Thais

from Mars

"I love your poems the best. Im a high school student and you inspire me. You're Awesome!!!!!!!"

signed 10 Jan 2011 9:18am 



from Heidelberg, Germany

"This was a beautiful website."

signed 10 Jan 2011 7:42am 



from united states


signed 09 Jan 2011 11:33pm 


Jared G.

from Mvill

"You write some pretty sweet stories broski."

signed 09 Jan 2011 8:43pm 


Matt Russell

from Michigan

"Hola, me llamo Matt. Yo soy en Ingles 10"

signed 09 Jan 2011 8:24pm 



from Earth

"I have a 1856 print of 'Poems of Edgar Allan Poe with Memoir' if any one knows anything about this book or the value of it please contact me. My contact is ebe121809 at yahoo with subject EAP Book. Thank You."

signed 09 Jan 2011 3:55pm 



from Greenville, SOUTH CAROLINA

"love the site! all of poe's written work in one place is AMAZING!"

signed 09 Jan 2011 2:44pm 



from Marysville


signed 09 Jan 2011 2:02pm 


Emily Gerrow

from Michigan

"i like poe because he is considered the master of the psychological thriller"

signed 09 Jan 2011 1:53pm 



from Michigan

"i like the story "Murder in the Rue Morgue""

signed 09 Jan 2011 1:21pm 


Karley K

from US, Michigan, Earth

"researching edgar allen poe"

signed 08 Jan 2011 6:43pm 



from Earth

"I have learn a lot from I learned new facts about Edgar Allan Poe's short life. He is a very interesting person that makes him very cool."

signed 07 Jan 2011 8:45pm 


Eric Huseman

from Ocala Florida

"Thank you Edgar for your time and effort put forth on our behalf's- The readers of the world. For those who have not found your works may they do so in time. The great source of your literary talent is your sheer sadness within. I thank you Sir...."

signed 07 Jan 2011 8:44pm 


Joshua Arryn Plum

from Rochester, PA

"This Site Is Great, Big Edgar Fan. The Raven Is My Favorite."

signed 07 Jan 2011 6:33am 



from south dakota

"i love the poem annabel lee"

signed 06 Jan 2011 11:01pm 



from Minneapolis

"My favorite poem of his, is Annabel is beautiful, spiritual, and beyond words..upon reading it for the first time, many years made me cry and touched my spirit deeply!"

signed 06 Jan 2011 9:29pm 



from usa florida earth

"i love the raven by edgar allan poe!!!!!!!!"

signed 06 Jan 2011 6:41pm 


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