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from michigan

"this was a very useful website(: thank you!"

signed 22 Nov 2010 10:41pm 



from U.S.

"helped with english packet."

signed 22 Nov 2010 10:39pm 


Griffin Lige

from Baltimore,MD

"I LOVE "The Raven""

signed 22 Nov 2010 8:45pm 


Dustin Berry

from Trenton, OHIO, Middletown

"The Tell-Tale Heart- It is my favorite out of many reasons, out of which the most important is the way it made me feel. It gave me the impression of a hallucinating world, restrained to the obsessive-compulsive outlook of a man who may or may not be mad. The homodiegetic narrator gets the lecture"

signed 22 Nov 2010 7:04pm 


holly hill zahn

from wayland ny

"I really enjoy his short stories"

signed 22 Nov 2010 6:11pm 



from Iowa, United States

"Cool site"

signed 22 Nov 2010 3:32pm 


santana bolvin

from corry pa

"tell tale heart.."

signed 22 Nov 2010 1:49pm 


Austin Heims

from Iowa

"His writings are... interesting."

signed 22 Nov 2010 12:21pm 



from Raymond

"I just downloaded all his work to my Kindle on my phone and I can't stop reading it. He is so good."

signed 22 Nov 2010 12:18pm 


Casey Wood

from Boaz Alabama

"Poe is very Dependent and an Interesting Guy."

signed 22 Nov 2010 11:57am 


jordon daigle

from louisiana

"i had to do this for english class"

signed 22 Nov 2010 10:55am 


Mackenzie Harbaugh

from Manchester IA

"It was a very interesting website, and I learned a lot about Poe!"

signed 22 Nov 2010 10:14am 


Eli W.

from Schenectady NY

"I love stories by Edger A. Poe he was a true author"

signed 22 Nov 2010 9:05am 


meharich mustapha

from ouedzem morocco

"thank u for dedicating your time to create this site"

signed 22 Nov 2010 5:38am 


Alex Williams

from Wisconsin

"The Raven is the best story"

signed 21 Nov 2010 10:19pm 



from usa, fl

"he was the best"

signed 21 Nov 2010 7:37pm 



from U.S,LA,Earth,

"i love his writing!"

signed 21 Nov 2010 7:30pm 



from Colorado

"it was very useful. we are doing a project in school and this is the website our teacher is recommending to us."

signed 21 Nov 2010 6:21pm 



from USA,Texas,Earth

"These stories are so intriguing!"

signed 21 Nov 2010 5:23pm 


Vanessa Berkley

from Eunice, Louisiana, U.S.

"I don't have a favorite story, novel, or poem yet, but I find Edgar Allan Poe to be a very diverse and interesting person whom I have become deeply fascinated with."

signed 21 Nov 2010 4:01pm 


Sarah Brown

from Minnesota

"I love Edgar Allan Poe's work"

signed 21 Nov 2010 3:59pm 


Angel Lewis

from Louisiana

"This site really helped me learn more about Edgar Allan Poe's poetry and stories."

signed 21 Nov 2010 3:14pm 



from U.S.A

"i have never read the black cat or the the raven those two seem like they would be the most interesting to me hope to read them soon."

signed 21 Nov 2010 3:10pm 


Tessa Miller

from USA

"I love Edgar Allen Poe's work he is an inspiration"

signed 21 Nov 2010 2:52pm 


Nick Flayhart

from Maryland

"bla bla bla"

signed 21 Nov 2010 2:28pm 



from Virginia

"Masque of the Red Death has always been my favorite. Would make a great movie."

signed 21 Nov 2010 6:00am 



from Mobile, AL

"Amazingly good, clean site you have here! Am really glad I discovered it by chance!!"

signed 21 Nov 2010 12:17am 



from maryland

"go poe!"

signed 20 Nov 2010 1:16am 


stephanie james

from texas

"My favorite story is Berenice... i never knew there was a horror story about teeth!"

signed 20 Nov 2010 12:44am 



from south africa

"his death i see as a terrific loss to all of mankind, he knew his soul would from that shadow that lies floating on the floor shall be lifted... nevermore!"

signed 19 Nov 2010 5:34pm 


john morris

from Eunice,LA

"whats up poe"

signed 19 Nov 2010 5:28pm 



from mo st.louis

"i love this website. i get to read some of poes stories and poems i have never heard of! they are great"

signed 19 Nov 2010 1:54pm 


Adam Ketchuck

from Kinston, North Carolina

"I really liked reading edgar's stories, but my favorite one is most likely "The Black Cat""

signed 19 Nov 2010 1:10pm 


destiny yarbrough

from united states

"edgar rocks"

signed 19 Nov 2010 1:01pm 


Christina Angel Pacheco

from Lane Tech, Chicago, Ill, Earth

"Thank you. I got through my report with this site :)."

signed 19 Nov 2010 12:00pm 



from USA

"Really cool forum web side! :)"

signed 19 Nov 2010 9:52am 


jennifer warren

from polk county, florida, usa

"poe has always been morbidly fascinating to me...."

signed 18 Nov 2010 11:19pm 



from stanton

"i loved tell tale heart"

signed 18 Nov 2010 9:57pm 


peace imarerenezor

from glenwood IL 60425

"i think edgar allen poe was a trying man. I really like the tell tale heart it held me in suspense and made me think what else could have happened and what drove the man to kill an old man who lived with that eye his whole entire life?"

signed 18 Nov 2010 9:08pm 



from Sioux Falls, SD

"Edgar Allen Poe has never ceased to creep me out. I love all of the poems and stories. My two favorite so far happen to be some of the more famous... The Raven and The Tell Tale Heart."

signed 18 Nov 2010 6:54pm 


Carlee Myers

from United States, Louisiana

"I like the story "Tell-Tale Heart" because it is a very good story and I like the suspense in it."

signed 18 Nov 2010 6:44pm 


charles cox

from united state,nc,earth

"ya boy charles yea its me i like edgar allan poems theyre deep as hell real talk"

signed 18 Nov 2010 2:54pm 



from i dont know

"i am doing my homework at lunch"

signed 18 Nov 2010 2:05pm 


cody hall

from vancleave mississippi on earth

"this web site is amazing i cannot believe what this site has to offer i thank those who created this and i hope that many others can find and learn from this site"

signed 18 Nov 2010 1:51pm 


Lila Ann Marie

from USA Ohio Earth

"I love the poem Annabel Lee its my fave Edgar Allan Poe you are the best!"

signed 18 Nov 2010 12:50pm 


Lauren Yacks

from USA

"Poe is a great writer and I love how he builds suspense"

signed 18 Nov 2010 10:58am 



from Louisiana

"hello, i like poe stories"

signed 18 Nov 2010 10:40am 


maria esther cabanas fernandez

from michigan

"i liked the way that he left us with suspicion at the end of his short story called "the Pit and the Pendulum""

signed 18 Nov 2010 10:06am 


Jared Williams

from United States, Louisiana, Earth

"I really like Edgar Allan Poe's dark humor."

signed 17 Nov 2010 11:06pm 


Logan E.

from Earth, Sol, Milky Way Galaxy

"Learning about Poe in 8th grade Literature, he's my absolute favorite poet. I especially like "The Raven", "The Tell Tale Heart", and "The Masque of The Red Death""

signed 17 Nov 2010 11:01pm 


Sierra T (P.F.T)

from Louisiana

"I really like Poe's works. They always leave me swept off my feet and gasping for more!"

signed 17 Nov 2010 10:54pm 


Ariel Walker

from Louisiana, USA, Earth

"My favorite story was "The Tell-Tale Heart" because it talked about how an insane man who said he wasn't insane was aggravated by an old man's "evil eye" or "vulture eye". This story was great to read and other people should read it also just to see how much I liked it and I hope they like it too. :)"

signed 17 Nov 2010 10:34pm 



from Canada

"This site is a great resource - I'm doing a research project on Poe, and it's been really helpful. Thanks!"

signed 17 Nov 2010 9:21pm 


Jason Hall

from Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe has one of the best stories of all time like "The Tell-Tale Heart"."

signed 17 Nov 2010 8:41pm 


Jeong Nam

from brighton, michigan.

"Hey, hi, Imma korean."

signed 17 Nov 2010 8:26pm 



from North Carolina

"I love Poe and his works :) he was such an amazing poet"

signed 17 Nov 2010 8:19pm 


baylor evans

from metairie, louisiana

"this site helped me with my homework. my favorite story by edgar allen poe is the cask of amontillado because i liked the end of the story on how he lets the guy suffer."

signed 17 Nov 2010 8:09pm 



from Florida, US

"The Raven and the Tell tale Heart where the first stories i read. In class i learned of his tragic life and how it deeply effected his life and works. Sometimes i wish he pursued his artistic side. I couldn't imagine what he could have created. His life should inspire us all to look at our dark side."

signed 17 Nov 2010 7:52pm 


Dillon Yost

from United States

"This is an awesome site and my favorite story of Poe's is The Tell-Tale Heart."

signed 17 Nov 2010 7:46pm 


Keegan Falanga

from New Orleans,Louisiana,USA

"I Love Poe's stories. They are so good, I have imagery effects when I read them."

signed 17 Nov 2010 7:30pm 



from gila bend, az,

"he has one of the awesomest poems ever...."

signed 17 Nov 2010 6:17pm 


Karissa Galmon

from Marrero, Louisiana


signed 17 Nov 2010 6:05pm 


Anthony Roberts

from Topeka Ks,

"What's Up"

signed 17 Nov 2010 3:45pm 



from dallas texas

"the man was a genius. puuure genius!"

signed 17 Nov 2010 2:59pm 


Jeriacah and Kylie

from Earth.

"Kylie Dawson, Jeriacah Lemons"

signed 17 Nov 2010 2:46pm 



from u.s.a

"edgar allen poe is the greatest writer ever!!!"

signed 17 Nov 2010 2:11pm 



from mars


signed 17 Nov 2010 1:42pm 



from USA, MN

"This site is very helpful. I am doing a 12 sentence paragraph and a bibliography for school and someone suggested that I should use this website. It has been very helpful. Thank you to whoever made this!!! I am very grateful! =D"

signed 17 Nov 2010 1:22pm 



from Here


signed 17 Nov 2010 1:12pm 


shana Martinez

from Charlotte Texas

"i liked the site it gave a lot of info and helps out with research on my favorite poet"

signed 17 Nov 2010 12:33pm 


Jerry Allen Crumbo

from Atlantic Beach, FL

"Good stuff"

signed 17 Nov 2010 12:08pm 


Shiloh and Rachel

from Earth

"His poems are creepy but they hold a sort of appeal that keeps readers coming for more. The story on how he died was one of my favorites because, though sad, it was a real mystery... i like it."

signed 17 Nov 2010 12:07pm 



from colorado

"poe was a good writer and his poems were really good."

signed 17 Nov 2010 12:05pm 


Jacob B.

from USA, MI

"Favorite is The Pit and The Pendulum because it is well written."

signed 17 Nov 2010 11:57am 



from Arkansas,US,Planet Earth

"I love Edgar Allan Poe and all of his work that I have read. This is an amazing site, that I happened to stumble onto this morning. Love Love Love it!"

signed 17 Nov 2010 11:41am 



from kinston, nc

"wat guccie poe wat yu been up 2too but i read some of yur stories nd they were guuud"

signed 17 Nov 2010 11:26am 


Andrew and Molly

from North Carolina, US

"Edgar Allan Poe is freaking amazing. We wish you would come back alive so you can show the entire world how real poetry and stories are written!"

signed 17 Nov 2010 11:11am 



from Brooklynn,New York

"I loved The Raven and Annabell Lee. They made me think of the love of my life and how I can not fathom ever losing her (The Raven). Annabell Lee made me think about How much I love my girlfriend and can not wait to marry her I lie down by the side of my darling- my darling my bride."

signed 17 Nov 2010 10:40am 



from Bulgaria

"This site is amazing, thank you so much for creating it. Poe is one of the most original and inspiring writers of all time. I like all of his stories and poems, amongst my favorites are A Dream Within A Dream and Ligeia. Again, thank you."

signed 17 Nov 2010 12:52am 


Grant Wallace

from U.S.A., IL, Earth

"this is really cool even though I thought that it was going to be slightly boring."

signed 16 Nov 2010 10:49pm 



from Asheboro NC

"Edgar Allen Poe, is the best author I know of"

signed 16 Nov 2010 5:43pm 


Daniel A. Porter

from Whitehall PA

"Great Website! Keep up the Good work. This is part of our American History you know. D.A. Porter"

signed 16 Nov 2010 5:20pm 



from florida

"the tell tale heart is awesome"

signed 16 Nov 2010 5:13pm 


savanna Gonzalez

from mustang, ok

"this is an amazing site keep up the good work!!"

signed 16 Nov 2010 4:42pm 


Barbara Romphf

from Canada

"wow, great site and very helpful. Thanks for the info for those of us who have to cite our work."

signed 16 Nov 2010 4:21pm 


cecilia handsome

from Dallas, TX 75210

"Hi I am a G.E.D student and now I need to know about poetry I really want to understand it well thank you for your time."

signed 16 Nov 2010 4:04pm 


Jordan Rae Thrasher

from earth, u.s.a, alabama, wevaer

"lol we are studying him in english class we love you miss segrest class of 2014"

signed 16 Nov 2010 3:06pm 



from Missouri


signed 16 Nov 2010 2:58pm 



from from earth

"I love all Edger Allen Poe's stories and poems"

signed 16 Nov 2010 2:50pm 


Cody Parker

from Mesa, Arizona, Earth

"Some of the best poetry ever. Just beautifully written"

signed 16 Nov 2010 2:44pm 


Hunter Hoag

from whitmore lake michigan US of A

"pit and the pendulum was great"

signed 16 Nov 2010 2:35pm 



from abel

"I like pie"

signed 16 Nov 2010 1:15pm 



from earth

"the raven its a beautifully written poem ..."

signed 16 Nov 2010 12:36pm 


Ben McGehee

from US - Texas

"This is a really good site - It helped me with my poe project a LOT :D i HAVE FOUND MANY THINGS ON MY BELLYBUTTON, INCLUDING MUFFIN BUTTER"

signed 16 Nov 2010 12:25pm 



from United States, MO, Bevier

"It's Kayla"

signed 16 Nov 2010 12:14pm 


Maelynn Lightfoot

from Dayton Kentucky, USA

"hey bye"

signed 16 Nov 2010 8:54am 



from California

"My favorite short story by Edgar Allan Poe is the tell tale heart and my favorite poem is Annabel Lee"

signed 16 Nov 2010 1:40am 



from Us, MI, Earth


signed 15 Nov 2010 8:48pm 



from USA

"Trying to find a good poem to recite... can't wait to read the ones I searched!!!"

signed 15 Nov 2010 7:11pm 



from united states

"i love tell-tale heart the suspense in the story makes me want to write an ending!!!!!"

signed 15 Nov 2010 5:29pm 


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100 signatures per page - 14,598 total