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from Charlotte,NC

"Could read here for hours!!!"

signed 30 Nov 2010 8:04pm 



from United States, Alabama, Daphne

"I think the Edgar Allan Poe books are interesting. But, they can sometimes be confusing! Most of them have meaning though, even when they are a little bit eerie!!"

signed 30 Nov 2010 7:52pm 



from Alabama

"I read The Tell-Tale Heart and I loved it!"

signed 30 Nov 2010 7:51pm 


Collin Springs

from Usa,Alabama,Daphne

"Hi! I just wanted to say I really liked "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe. It was scary and exciting!"

signed 30 Nov 2010 7:46pm 



from United states

"Whas up peoplz Allen in the house"

signed 30 Nov 2010 7:41pm 



from Florence AL

"Wonderful site"

signed 30 Nov 2010 7:36pm 


Christopher Walding

from Alabama, U.S., Earth

"Good Books"

signed 30 Nov 2010 7:28pm 


Eryn Doyle

from United States

"Poe is an amazing writer."

signed 30 Nov 2010 7:22pm 


lauren fox

from alabama

"go poe!"

signed 30 Nov 2010 7:20pm 


jimi nicholas

from mars

"book was great"

signed 30 Nov 2010 7:17pm 


mathew riffel

from united stated, indiana, earth

"edgar allan poe strange man he was but cool"

signed 30 Nov 2010 7:14pm 



from alabama


signed 30 Nov 2010 7:13pm 


Carder Dransfield

from Alabama

"Great site!"

signed 30 Nov 2010 6:59pm 


J.Michael Riley

from Earth, United States, Alabama

"Very crazy stories so far that I have read."

signed 30 Nov 2010 6:58pm 



from daohne

"school project"

signed 30 Nov 2010 6:52pm 


Harper weed

from alabama

"your stories are awesome"

signed 30 Nov 2010 6:13pm 


Grham Simmons

from Daphne, Alabama

"My favorite book is a Tell-Tale Heart!"

signed 30 Nov 2010 6:12pm 



from Alabama

"Love the tell tale heart!! it was freaky how he described the man's eyes!!!!!!"

signed 30 Nov 2010 5:57pm 


Connor Fulton

from Earth

"I like the Tell Tale Heart."

signed 30 Nov 2010 5:47pm 


Savannah Mnuel

from Earth


signed 30 Nov 2010 5:34pm 


karole terry

from canada

"to describe EAP would require words and no words that i can pinpoint and arrange could adequately capture his worth and magic.... fantastic site btw- nice to get all the info on one site instead of strewn amongst thousands"

signed 30 Nov 2010 5:26pm 




"i cant wait to read poe's biography to learn more about him."

signed 30 Nov 2010 3:48pm 



from USA, GA, Earth


signed 30 Nov 2010 3:34pm 


Sadie West

from Eunice, LA

"I like the "Tall-Tale Heart" because it is creepy and suspenseful. I have not read many of his stories though so I don't know which other story of his I enjoy."

signed 30 Nov 2010 3:13pm 



from United states

"??!!!! Edgar allan poe"

signed 30 Nov 2010 2:28pm 



from USA,Tx.,Earth

"He is very smart"

signed 30 Nov 2010 12:35pm 




"I cant believe his mother died when he was just 2 years old."

signed 30 Nov 2010 11:18am 



from Earth

"Dear Poe, While I like your stories, I find you to be an odd man. We have a Poe doll in class, so your memory lives on."

signed 30 Nov 2010 11:17am 


Jordan Saltmarsh

from U.S., Iowa, Earth

"I love your work it is really good."

signed 30 Nov 2010 11:11am 


bradley rouse

from united states,nc

"i like poe stories"

signed 30 Nov 2010 11:05am 



from roxboro nc earth


signed 30 Nov 2010 9:36am 


Scott Lafleur

from Eunice, Louisiana

"Poe was a very interesting person."

signed 30 Nov 2010 3:07am 


Matthew S. Pitre

from Eunice, La, USA

"Poe wrote many weird stories."

signed 30 Nov 2010 12:54am 


Roy Tyrone Boykins

from US Virginia, Chesapeake

"big fan of Poe"

signed 29 Nov 2010 11:44pm 


Lourdes D.

from California

"Dream-Land would have to be my favorite out of all Poe's writings."

signed 29 Nov 2010 10:44pm 



from doodlebar, egreen

"edgar allen poe. 1 word: NUT JOB!!!! sorry 2 words"

signed 29 Nov 2010 9:06pm 


laci leger

from eunice la

"i learned so many new facts about Poe from this website. It's great!!!!"

signed 29 Nov 2010 9:01pm 


Tyler Goebel

from manchester, ia, earth

"school project"

signed 29 Nov 2010 7:36pm 



from whitmore lake


signed 29 Nov 2010 5:49pm 


Chris Devaney

from Manchester,England

"My favourite ever poet and writer in general, his work is up there alongside that of Shakespeare’s and I am glad his work is getting the credit that it deserves."

signed 29 Nov 2010 4:20pm 


Bianca Yanez

from Merced, CA.


signed 29 Nov 2010 3:44pm 


Adrien Blanchard

from United States

"Poe was awesome"

signed 29 Nov 2010 3:23pm 



from united states

"yay! i signed it!"

signed 29 Nov 2010 1:06pm 


christina dilen

from whitmore lake

"i love Poe"

signed 29 Nov 2010 12:10pm 



from Beavercreek, OH

":3.......X3 freaking love poe"

signed 29 Nov 2010 9:16am 


Brittany Stephens

from USA, VA, earth

"Edgar Allen Poe was a great writer"

signed 29 Nov 2010 9:13am 



from asturias spain

"I'd like to have a look"

signed 29 Nov 2010 4:18am 


woahhhhsha jonas

from planet nick

"creepy stories much?"

signed 29 Nov 2010 12:59am 


Allison Bellard

from Earth

"I like Edgar Allan Poe's poems and short stories. My favorite is The Raven."

signed 29 Nov 2010 12:18am 


Ashley Laramore

from Lil Weezy Ana

"Are we supposed to put a message.....? Oh well."

signed 28 Nov 2010 11:09pm 


Kate Mclemore

from louisiana, usa

"school project"

signed 28 Nov 2010 11:02pm 


Caitlin M.

from Alabama

"Poe's stories are very freaky, but also very good!"

signed 28 Nov 2010 10:16pm 


brittany sonnier

from louisiana

"I think Poe's stories are good"

signed 28 Nov 2010 8:57pm 



from Alabama, U.S.A

"I'm excited to continue reading his short stories in class."

signed 28 Nov 2010 8:57pm 





signed 28 Nov 2010 8:39pm 


Caitlin Rohlfs

from USA, AL

"The Tell-Tale Heart is my favorite."

signed 28 Nov 2010 7:06pm 


Anna Parrish

from Boaz, Alabama

"Poes stories are creepy and unusually wierd. Not the type of stories I would read outside of class."

signed 28 Nov 2010 6:42pm 


Leslie Jenkins

from Alabama

"This is a great website. It helped me a lot."

signed 28 Nov 2010 5:49pm 



from Louisiana

"He's a freak"

signed 28 Nov 2010 4:21pm 


Dylan Bertrand

from Louisiana

""The Raven" is my favorite writing by Poe."

signed 28 Nov 2010 3:04pm 


Malenski K.J. Thomas

from Eunice,Louisiana,U.S.,Earth

"Read Poe, he is the STUFF."

signed 28 Nov 2010 1:54pm 


Nonya Bennett

from Uraness


signed 28 Nov 2010 9:18am 


ayanna martin

from south point,oh 45680

"To all those who are madly in love with Poe poems; like myself, or you simply never heard of him then this is the RIGHT site for you to go to for you will find poems, or stories you never heard of before. I declare Poe to be the best poet of all time"

signed 28 Nov 2010 12:19am 


keonna clark

from usa, eunice, louisiana, 70535

"i love me somee poe!"

signed 27 Nov 2010 11:25pm 


Andrei C.

from Charlotte, North Carolina

"I love Edgar Allan Poe! "Berenice" is fantastically weird. Poe is the master of words and ideas!"

signed 27 Nov 2010 10:25pm 


Sylvia St. James

from Alpha Centauri

"Thank you very much for uploading the works of this genius onto the internet. It makes it at much easier to read him when I want to. Cheers!"

signed 27 Nov 2010 9:17pm 


kayley sonnier

from louisiana

"Heyyy Edgar Allan Poe you seem like a pretty freaky guy but I mean it's all good we can still be friends if you were still alive!!! love you lots -kayley sonnier"

signed 27 Nov 2010 6:53pm 



from USA,Tennessee,Johnson city

"I Love Edgar Allan Poe His stories and poems are great I only wish he was still alive to share more poetry and stories But alas one can only wish....."

signed 27 Nov 2010 8:03am 


Jake Sonnier

from Eunice, La

"I am a 14 year old boy that lives in Eunice, Louisiana. I have read a lot about Poe while doing an English project from my English teacher."

signed 26 Nov 2010 1:55pm 



from C.C Teaxas

"My two most favorite are THE RAVEN and TELL-TALE HEART. Read them at the age of nine. Don't know what freaked me out more. The story/poem or that I loved it so much."

signed 26 Nov 2010 1:12pm 


Goldy Singh

from US, LA, Earth

"Very nice website."

signed 26 Nov 2010 2:04am 


Berkley Simmons

from Virginia

"I LOVE Poe!!!! I think my favorite is the tell-tale heart, but i like everything he wrote."

signed 25 Nov 2010 8:30pm 


Kristi Thibodeaux

from Eunice, L.A. United States

"This site has a lot of useful information I needed for a project."

signed 25 Nov 2010 7:57pm 


Desiray B

from USA, Earth

"I prefer 'The Masque of the Red Death' because in the end death is always the winner"

signed 25 Nov 2010 5:51pm 


amanda dailey

from palm beach gardens

"this website helped me a lot. i was just intrigued by what you guys have on this website. its amazing."

signed 25 Nov 2010 2:26pm 


Victoria Estilette

from Eunice, Louisiana

"My English teacher is awesome!"

signed 25 Nov 2010 12:26pm 



from nova scotia

"I like this site because I like death. it is very cool but sad"

signed 25 Nov 2010 8:29am 


Hank Conditt

from Louisiana


signed 24 Nov 2010 8:52pm 



from Earth, USA, PA

"Awesome site, I love its organization and Poe's stories especially! My favorite is probably Hop-Frog."

signed 24 Nov 2010 8:15pm 



from Canada, Alberta, Earth

"i think poe was an amazing writer!!!"

signed 24 Nov 2010 7:52pm 


Sadie Fontenot

from Earth

"We(my class) read The Tell-Tale Heart by you and thought you were pretty freaky but we need writers like you in this world. We are planning on reading more stories by you. I can't wait."

signed 24 Nov 2010 7:08pm 


madi arrington

from us duh

"hey wats up o and my fave poem is Annabell Lee!"

signed 24 Nov 2010 5:15pm 



from Eunice,LA

"Hey Mrs. Hebert!!"

signed 24 Nov 2010 4:42pm 



from earth


signed 24 Nov 2010 3:00pm 


Terry Alexander III

from US,LA,Pluto

"Poe was a good man but I did this because Shelby wanted me to."

signed 24 Nov 2010 2:33pm 



from pike co ky

"poe was the sh*t"

signed 24 Nov 2010 6:35am 


paige rozas

from louisiana

"ummm, im paige and i just wanted to say what a terrific person allan poe was and what a nice guy he was marrying a 13 year old that was his cousin"

signed 24 Nov 2010 1:04am 


alex thomas

from akron,oh usa

"do u have any long stories??"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Poe mainly wrote short stories because they were published in newspapers and magazines. He did write a longer story, "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket". Check this Wikipedia page for more info.

signed 23 Nov 2010 8:51pm 


Kaliee Lyons

from Louisiana

"My favorite poem written by Edgar is "The Tell-Tale Heart" because i don't know how a person can come up with this story. I think that Poe had a great imagination that occurred from his dramatic childhood. Some people think Poe was weird but I think he was just misunderstood in many ways."

signed 23 Nov 2010 4:14pm 



from Eunice, La.

"Edgar Allan Poe is my idol!! I absolutely love him!!!"

signed 23 Nov 2010 3:32pm 


Sarah H.

from Alabama, USA

"I like "The House of Usher" because of the suspense and atmosphere the plot creates."

signed 23 Nov 2010 2:22pm 


Victoria Henzler

from Windsor

"I love poe"

signed 23 Nov 2010 2:11pm 



from Minnesota

"I love Poe."

signed 23 Nov 2010 1:05pm 


haleighh lynn bishop

from shelll townnn

"gobble gobble (: ahah."

signed 23 Nov 2010 12:52pm 



from Mars.

"i love this website."

signed 23 Nov 2010 10:56am 


Damiane Scott

from canton

"i didn't want you to die"

signed 23 Nov 2010 10:06am 



from Virginia

"Poe is awesome!"

signed 23 Nov 2010 8:56am 


Cristy Albano

from Philippines

"the poem Annabel Lee is awesome. I love how he gave life to a loving heart of someone who lost his beloved."

signed 23 Nov 2010 7:18am 



from Iowa

"This is a good website!"

signed 23 Nov 2010 12:47am 



from USA

"The Raven"

signed 22 Nov 2010 11:54pm 


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100 signatures per page - 14,598 total